Love Me For A Reason
J o n a t h a n   A n d r e w   Y b a n e z


This is the initial installment of LOVE ME FOR A REASON, a story about boyband BOYZONE MEMBER, RONAN KEATING. I would like to remind you that this is just a part of the imagination of the author and none of these events ever happen. Any similarity between events in the story and situations in somebody else's life is purely and absolutely coincidental, accidental or, just simply, impossible. This story doesn't state anything about RONAN KEATING's sexuality, implicitly or explicitly. Remember this is just a story based totally on the imagination of the author.

If you are a minor, you know the rules. Please don't read this and find something more suitable for you age. But if you reach the age of majority, you can come back. If you're a bigot who just wandered here by mistake, you are allowed to stay. I would like to request you, however, to please keep an open mind.

Please enjoy!!!

Love Me For A Reason
Jonathan Andrew Ybanez

C h a p t e r   1


April 30, 1998: Thursday

I was on my way to North America from a business assignment in Europe. As one of the head financial analyst of Chase Manhattan, I was sent to London and Paris to check our major accounts in Western Europe, along with my group, of course. After the major shake down of Barings Bank, our board of directors decided it was best that there should regular compliance audit of the controls of our international branches.

I consider myself lucky I got Europe, some of my other colleagues got Mexico and Southeast Asia. Sure, I love being in warm places, but to places with heat intensity going to more than a thousand degrees Fahrenheit is just simply ridiculous. If I was on vacation, now that is a different story. Maybe, I'd even enjoy it. But since this trip was purely for business purposes, my pleasure had to wait.

My group was given two weeks to examine all the company accounts. My first week was in Paris and the second one was in London. It was pretty quick, considering that all the records were in order. By the end of my task, I seemed to have a European vacation than work. After all, being in cities known for passionate men and chivalrous gentlemen, I was way enjoying myself to consider this part of the job

After this assignment, I was given a week's vacation. During this short hiatus from work, I planned to go to the Bahamas in the Caribbean. One would have probably asked. "What the hell happened to my 'never-go-to-ridiculously-sweltering-places-with-temperatures-shooting-up-to-a-thousand-degrees-Fahrenheit' attitude?" Well, there's nothing closer to heaven for me than to get a tan among North America's youngest, hottest, sexiest, skimpiest, and most scantily dressed sun-kissed hunks. And like I said, this is for pleasure. And what is pleasure if there would be nothing to satisfy my carnal urges.

I went to London's Heathrow International Airport and took my luggage to the check-in counter. After putting my things into order, I decided have a little snack. So, I went over to the lobby coffee shop and order myself a cup of chocolate expresso and a slice of tiramisu. I contemplated on what I am going to do in Bahamas. I thought. "I've got to get myself a tan when I go back to New York. And this is going to be fun since Roger is meeting me there. But why didn't he call me last night. I wonder if he's okay. He was suppose to call me."

Roger is my lover for over three years now. He is about 30 years old, about six years my senior. We met in Harvard University when I was majoring in Finance. As a preppie son of "old" rich New England parents, I was a spoilt brat back then. And even now that I am almost 24 years old, I still am a spoilt brat. Roger majored in Psychology back in Harvard, so he had a way of calming me down, handling my endless whining, bitching and childish tantrums with tolerance and love, and with such grace, I might add. I guess that's why I love him so much.

But my parents had not accepted my relationship with Roger from the very first time they knew about it, to put it mildly. I can still remember my last conversation with my parents, about two years ago when I came out and informed them about my relationship with Roger. To say that the conversation was like the Armageddon is severely an understatement. It was around 1995 when I came out to them. I can still vividly picture the horrendous incident. It was that unusually calm autumn afternoon, the types that was so uneventful that you'd know a storm is brewing somewhere around the corner. I descended down the cold elaborated granite staircase. Together with Roger, I came down from my room to find our butler. "James!" I shouted to the top of my lungs.

"Yes, Master Chip." The butler hurriedly walked across the marbled hall and approached me. "Coming."

"Please tell mother and father that my friend, Roger, and I would like to meet them in the library." I ordered him in my usual snotty way. "And do hurry, we don't want to be kept waiting"

"Right away, Master Chip!" James turned around and ran across the cold hallway, disappearing to the dark mausoleum called my mansion.

After the butler was out of earshot, Roger whispered. "Do you think this is a good idea, Chip."

"Well, he is the butler." I rolled my eyes as we walked towards the library. "Do you think I should run around and look for my parents in this God-forsaken crypt disguised as a house?"

"No, Chip, what I meant was..." He giggled as we passed by the darkened parlor.

"I perfectly know what you've meant." I interrupted him with a disarming and naughty smile. Then said in a "matter-of-fact"ly fashion, almost cockily. "I know they won't take it that we are lovers. But I am their only son, they have take me as who I am."

"But still I don't think it's still a good idea, Chip." He murmur quietly as if afraid that the walls might hear us. "I mean these people are so closed minded. They're conservative as hell!"

"Believe me, Roger. They will take me for who I am." I said haughtily. "I am their only son. What will they do to me, kick me out?"

We arrived at the library first. When we got in, Roger looked and scoured at the endless walnut bookshelves. I just went over fluffy Lazyboy next to the immense, antique globe near the oak-framed window and beside the roaring red-bricked fireplace. I sat on the Lazyboy and stared at the globe. "Roger, where do you want to go for our honeymoon?" I giggled.

"How about the Bahamas? I heard its really nice there, the sun shine, the beaches." He told me as he was scanning a book about the Caribbean. Then looked back at me and grinned devilishly. "And, most of all, we should never forget the boys."

"Sure the Bahamas would be great, but I heard Phuket, in Thailand is the gayest place to be." I stood up and approached him, sexily I might add. "And, there, you can be as,..." I grabbed him shirt and his crotch, his hard crotch and gave him a hot and passionate kiss and added. "As naughty as you can be." Then continued to kiss him.

In our warm embraced, I rubbed his crotch in hard and rapid motions. Slowly and teasingly I unzipped his slacks and slipped my fingers in pants. Giggling, nervously, he asked me. "Isn't this a little too dangerous."

"No,..." I said with a very mischievous gleam in my eyes. "Not if we don't get caught, of course." Then I grabbed his face and pushed it against mine.

"Really! I'm serious!!!" He said as he pulled away from my kiss. "What if we get caught!"

"No, we won't get caught!" I narrowed my eyes. Then, I inquired him, giggling like a schoolboy, as I tugged his meat. "And wouldn't this be more exciting, knowing that someone might catch us?"

"Well,..." He smiled with naughty twinkle in his eyes. "THEN, KISS ME YOU FOOL!!!"

I giggled and laughed as I grabbed his face and bit his nose lightly. He seized my waist as he laughed. I warped my legs around his. He, then, tickled my ears with his tongue. "Stop!!!" I laughed my brains out. "HAHHAHHAAHA. Stop, I'm hahaha, ticklish, ahahah."

Unbalanced, I grabbed his shirt sending both of us rolling on the carpeted floor of the library. Lying on the floor, I smiled, "I hate you!"

"I hate you, too." He laughed with me. "Now, can we resume our activities?"

"And I thought I was the slut here." I laughed as I ran my fingers across his wide chiseled chest. We kissed and rolled on the warm, floor having me ending on the top. I kissed him and slipped my fingers in the slit of his pants, searching for his snake.

We continued our locks of a passion and I continued squeezing and grabbing his hard, long and throbbing dick. In the heat of desire, we forgot lock the door and failed to notice someone coming in. "AHEM!" I heard a voice behind us.

We froze,... Roger and I just laid there, as the moments continued to pass us by. Realizing that we have been caught in a rather compromising situation, I quick drew my hand out Roger's pants and stood up to face my impending doom. I turned around, and much to my relief and my anger, to find the butler standing beside door. "JAMES, WHAT DO YOU WANT." I shouted as I wiped the cold sweat dripping down my face.

"Master Chip, you parent will be down in a moment." He spoke in his unusually calm face.

"Thank you, James. You may go." I ordered as I flashed my angry eyes at him. And said in a calm voice. "And I would suggest you to keep this incident under your hat."

"Of course, Master Chip, this rather, uhm, titillating incident will be our very little secret." He continued to speak with his usual deadpan face and wry British butler humor. As he turned around to leave the room, James quickly looked back and bluntly added. "And, Master Chip, I would suggest you to keep your lust inside your pants." Then he left.

After the butler was out of earshot. "Was that a joke?" Roger looked at me with a perplexed expression as he stood up and fixed himself. "Was he trying to be funny or what?"

"James? He's always like that." I told him, quite irked and irritated by James' words. "The usual wry English Steward bullshit attitude."

"But do you trust him?" He said with a twinge of fear evident in his voice.

"I trust him." I shrugged. "He had been in the in the family for decades now."

Moments later, after fixing my shirt and my pants, my parents came in the library. "Good afternoon, Charles, Roger!" My father greeted us in a cheerful manner.

"Good afternoon father, mother." I said as I kissed them on the cheeks.

"Ahh, Good afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Erickson." Roger greeted my parents quite unsure.

"So what is this,... this very important thing that you would want to tell your father and I about?" She asked me. She gave me a thoughtful look then her face broke into a smile. "You are going to get married!!!"

I interjected, with uncertainty. "Mom, actually..."

"Oh, Nathan!" my mother gushed with excitement as she spoke with my father. "Finally, I will be grandmother!"

"Mother!" I tried to catch her attention. Roger could only watch us.

"Of course, Martha, this is a joyous event!" my father started to speak in a thrilled voice. "Definitely, this will be a jumpstart to my political bid for the Governor's seat."

"Father," I begged him. "Please listen to me."

"Charles, Nathan, I think a fall wedding would be just beautiful, simply beautiful." She suddenly stopped and cried. "Oh, Charles, I am so happy"

They approached me and hugged me. I was through holding my breath. "Mother, Father." I pushed them away and calmly said. "I am not getting married."

"You,-- you are not?" My mother asked in confusion, as she moved away to sit on a chair. The smile faded from her face and clearly the disappointment was evident on her face.

"So what is this very important thing that you have to tell us." My father finally returned from his happy hysterics episode and came back to earth.

"Father, mother." I looked at them, and looked at Roger. "I have something very important to tell you."

"What is that, Charles" My father asked me with mixed curiosity and fear in his face

I smiled and took Roger's hand. I squeezed his hand, looked at Roger. He smiled back at me. "Mother, father. I am gay." Calmly, I said then continued. "Roger and I are in love."

"Oh..." the disappointment clearly manifested on his face.

He turned around and faced the wall, trying to collect his composure. My mother, on the other hand, was beyond hysterics. She started crying, and sobbing hard. "How could you. How could you do this to me."

"Mom, it's not my fault." I told her in gritted teeth, quite coldly I might add.

"Honey, it's not your fault." She swallowed hard as she stood up from her chair. Her eyes targeted on Roger. "YOU, HOW DARE YOU!!! I TRUSTED YOU WITH MY SON AS HIS FRIEND." She screamed.

"Mother, please!" I interrupted, trying hard not to cry. "You don't know what you are talking."

"Leave my house, Roger." She said in a calm but cold voice. "Leave now or I shall have you arrested!"

"Mother!" I told her. "Please, I love him! He loves me, we love each other!!!"

"Charles, you don't know what you are talking about." She grabbed me and shook my shoulders as if to drive some sense in my mind. "You are not gay and you are definitely not in love with this,-- this horrible person!!!"

"Mother, please I love him." Tears started to roll down my cheeks. "I really do! And I am gay. Please understand this is not my desire to be gay but my need to be one!"

She looked at my eyes and saw the truth. Like she touched a burning coal, she pushed me away, making me fall on the floor. She screamed and shouted angrily. "GO AHEAD BURN IN HELL, FOR ALL I CARE. GET OUT OF MY SIGHT! THERE IS NO PLACE FOR YOUR KIND HERE IN THIS WORLD MUCH LESS IN MY HOUSE!!!"

I stood up and wiped my tears away. Sadly but with defiance, I stood up from the floor and started "So who would gain this earth mother?" I asked her, challenging her. "The angels like you?"

I didn't get my answer. She remained quiet. I, then, said with a very disdained expression. "Well, mother, answer me, if you can."


"Freak, mother, immoral?" I looked at her mockingly. "Tell me, mother, which one of us is the self-righteous one? Tell me who has a boyfriend on the side just to satisfy her earthly needs when her husband is away?"

Her face paled and she suddenly grabbed the chair and sat down. "CHARLES, THAT IS ENOUGH!!!" My father finally interjected, after standing in front of the wall for a long time. "APOLOGIZE TO HER AT ONCE."

"No, father, I have done nothing wrong." I looked at him square in the eyes. "She doesn't deserve my apologies.'


"Or what, you will disown me?" Gazing at him with steely cold eyes, I said to him "Believe me, that would be no big problem,... no big lose."

With pure anger and deep indignation, he raised his hand to hit me "WHY, YOU SON OF A..."

"Bitch, father?" I interrupted him. I finished his sentence for him. I then asked him in full fury but with a cool and cold expression. "Tell me, you have been with her for a long time now, what do you think? Is she really a bitch?"

His fist stopped mid-air, as he slowly retreated to his place in front of the wall. I walked over to Roger and told him. "I think we have to go now. We definitely have overstayed our welcome."

Roger and I left the 19th century New England Mansion, and we never looked back... I never looked back. I never had any regrets. That was about three years ago. I continued my studies under a scholarship program and with the money I had saved for inevitable events such as this one. Roger was able to graduate earlier than me immediately that year and he helped me in making payments for my education. I managed to graduate with honors after a year and started to work with Chase Manhattan.

At present, Roger works for General Motors as their Customer Relations Officer and is still in Michigan as of the moment. Usually, under the normal circumstances, his work is based in New York. But presently he has to accompany some valued Japanese clients of theirs to their major production plant in Detroit. As he earlier called me, Roger said that he was going to give me a ring in London. He was going to inform me of his flight schedule but he didn't give me a call at all. I was already worried.

After finishing my little pick-me-up, I stood up from my table and went window shopping along the different shop lining the airport lobby. Suddenly, my cellular phone rang, sending me to a hectic and frantic scramble for my phone. "ROGER!" I exclaimed happily. "Hi, honey!"

"Hi, love." He said in his usually low and gentle voice. "How's it going?"

"Fine." I smiled then whined. "I missed you last night. I thought you would call me up. I was up all night waiting for you!"

"I would have called you up, too, but I was up working all night. I didn't even get some sleep." He told me. He gave me a tired yawn. "My boss asked me to do some calculations on the expenses and wanted them right away. I'm not even at the midway, yet."

"That slave driver! Did he hurt my dear little Roger." I laughed playfully. "So when shall I see in the Bahamas?" I pouted. "I hope you will leave your work soon!"

"That's the thing, Chip. I have to cancel my trip. Right now, I'm still up to my neck in paper works." He said apologetically. "I'm really sorry, Chip, I really am."

I didn't answer him. "Chip,... Chip, please answer me." He begged. "Please don't hang up the phone."

I pushed the 'end call' button on my phone. I was so angry. It had been a long time since we had a vacation together, I mean this was supposed to be our honeymoon! The phone rang again but I chose to ignore it. I really felt deserted. It's always been his job first for him, and nothing else. It seems he didn't have time for me,... for both of us anymore. The ringing stopped and then, after a few moments, it rang again. I decided that this time I would answer it. "I hate you!" I told him, pouting.

"Really, Chip, I didn't mean this to happen." He said in a very sincere and apologetic tone. "I'll try to make it up to you, I promised!"

"Promise?" I asked trying to sound as hurt as possible.

"I promise." He answered soothingly. "Cross my heart."

"So, how will you make it up to me?" I giggled.

"What will you say if we go to Thailand next year?" He continued speaking using his soothing voice, trying to make this as calm a situation as possible.

"THAILAND!!!" I practically screamed with joy, not caring if I captured the stares of the rest of the people in the airport lobby.

"I promise you, Chip, it will be the best damn vacation you'll ever have in your life." He continued to talk using his smooth voice. And then he added, giggling. "And you can be as naughty as you want."

"But I want you to go with me to the Bahamas now." I begged, playfully. "Please, Roger, you know I won't have any fun without you."

"You know I can't just leave the paper work here." He replied gently. "I promise! We'll go to Thailand next year. Do we have a deal?"

"Oh, okay..." I moaned playfully. "But you know what, Roger."

"What!" I could hear his voice. He was definitely smiling.

"Bahamas is going to be a very lonely place without you!" I giggled again.

Roger laughed and quipped. "Don't worry, you won't be lonely. There will a lot of hot and handsome hunks there for you." He paused then laughed again. "Now, I'M jealous!"

I laughed. "I'm monogamous, okay. I only want you." I whined and giggled as I continued. "So, I guess, I'll just have my five best friends to replace you."

"Very funny!" He laughed. He paused then told me in a serious voice. "By the way, I have gained some news about your parents."

"Like I am sooooo interested!" I said bluntly, in pure disinterest.

"Chip, this is serious!" He told me gravely. "A friend of mine was passing through Connecticut and he gotten hold of some news. There was a certain Mrs. Martha Erickson who is dying of some heart disease."

"And you're point being." I asked in utter boredom.

He sighed. "Shouldn't you at least give them a call to say hi?"

"Roger, we have talked about this a lot of times already." I replied chillingly. "I don't want to talk to them. I mean they have considered me dead them a long time ago. So I am giving them a favor by not letting them know that I am still alive."

"Charles Erickson!" Roger finally told me in a calm but strict tone. "You will call them!"

I didn't say anything. With a pursed mouth, my facial expression was enraged and incensed enough to scare a pride of hunting lionesses. Again, I pushed the end button of my phone. After a few minutes, the phone started to ring again. I answered it. "Chip, I'm sorry for raising my voice." Roger said apologetically. "Please call them, Chip. Do it for me?"

"Okay! Okay!" I whined. "I thought you were on my side."

"I am." He told me. "But this is different."

I frowned and answered, as I rolled my eyes. "Okay, I'll call them when I come back. I don't want to ruin my vacation. Please don't remind me okay."

"Charlie, you are a bitch" He laughed in exasperation.

"But I am your good bitch." I laughed.

"So you will call them?" Roger asked me.

I didn't answer him. He didn't say anything back. After a few minutes of painful silence, I told him. "I hope you are not waiting for an answer."

"Well, I have all the time in the world." He said smiling, I can definitely tell he was smiling. "I can wait for an answer."

"Well, if you are, you won't get it." I said in a hard and strict voice. "Besides, this phone is running and it's your wallet that's going to get hurt."

"No, not if I am going to use the money for our trip to Thailand. I mean I can use the money for the trip as payment for this phone call." He laughed. "I don't have the need to go to Bangkok, Phuket or Patpong. And you know, I don't take no for an answer."

"I hate you." I said then took a deep breath. "Okay you win!!! I will go to my parents after this trip. Are you happy now?"

"Very happy!" He was gloating over this victory.

"Like I said." I was a little bit angry at him. "I hate you!"

"Oh, by the way, before I forget, there's also one thing I called you about. Please don't call me on my cellular phone." He warned me. "You'd just be wasting your time. Some moron sat on it."

"Did you confront this moron?" I asked in earnest concern.

"I wish I could, but I can't!" He told me, laughing, somewhat, in exasperation. "The moron happened to be one of our valued Japanese customers. But he promised to replace it. Why don't you call me here in the office."

"Sure!" I brightened up. "But, you know, I don't even have your phone number there. Could you give me... HEY, WATCH OUT!"

Someone came running and bumped me, making me drop my phone. I quickly picked up my phone. After checking it, I realized that it got broken. "Some idiot had damaged my phone." I thought angrily. "And, now, that idiot is going to pay."

I hastily ran after him. He was a tall, young man with somewhat long blond hair, no more than the age of twenty-five dashing towards the ticketing counter, as if he was being chased by a thousand herds of buffaloes. I couldn't get a clear picture of his face, but by the way he moved, he seemed really anxious. He was making these huge movements with his arms, I could definitely see something IS wrong.

As I approached the ticketing table, I can't help but overhear the young man's conversation with the lady behind the counter. As she was scanning through the screen of her computer, the lady said to the young blond man. "Sir, I'm sorry but all the flights bounded to Nevis and St. Kitts are fully booked and there isn't any flight until next week. Unless you can wait for the next seven days, there is simply and absolutely no way you can have a direct London-Nevis and St. Kitts flight."

"Oh, no! I have to be in Nevis by Saturday." He groaned in a very troubled manner. Anxiously, the young man asked. "What do you suggest? It's really important that I have to be there by Saturday?" He looked up the ceiling in sheer frustration. He paused and asked, as if attempting to challenge the hands of fate. "Is there any I could be there by Saturday?"

"Well, I could book you a flight to the Bahamas, now." She answered brightly. "From there, you could get another plane to Nevis and St. Kitts. If nothing goes wrong with that schedule, you could be in the Nevis within 24 hours. How does that sound?"

"Great!" He exclaimed. His expression began to lighten up. Then he inquired. "If I take that flight now, when will I arrive in the Bahamas?"

"Let me see, today is Thursdays and your plane leaves around 1:00 PM. Your flight is roughly eight hours and considering the time difference..." She did some calculations, thought carefully and, then finally, replied. "You'd arrived in the Bahamas about Thursday 2:00 PM."

"And to Nevis?" the blond guy asked. He was really cute, now that I had a better view of his profile. He looked a kind of a rugged, rather, playful, if not twinkish-sexy, boy and he has the most handsome face I've ever seen. His blue eyes, boyish charm and his rough Irish accent only added allure to his sex appeal.

"Well, the typical flight from the Bahamas and Nevis and St. Kitts last about an hour or so." The lady continued her calculations. "So you'd be leaving the Bahamas around 4:00 PM Friday and arrive in Nevis approximately 5:30 PM on the same day. How that does sound?"

"That is totally great!" He grinned from ear to ear. "Please book me a seat on the next flight to the Bahamas."

"Yes, sir." The lady began to type something on the keyboard and then handed the young man his plane ticket. "Here you are Mr. Keating."

The young man took his ticket and said sigh of relief. "Thanks you! don't know how much you trouble you've save me and please call me Ronan!" He smiled, winked and turned around.

The blond began to walk away when the lady hesitantly called out. "Oh, Mr. Keating!"

"I've told you before, call me Ronan!" He gave her a playful laugh.

"Okay, Ronan!" The lady laughed with him. She pulled out a piece of shiny paper. It was a photograph of the blonde hunk. "Could I possibly ask you for your autograph. My daughter would simply kill for a signed picture of you. She absolutely adores you!"

"It would be my pleasure!" He gave her a killer smile. "May I ask for your daughter's name?"

"Laurie." She replied.

He began to scrawl something on the back of the photograph and scribbled his autograph on the front. The blond cutie handed the picture back to the lady behind the counter. "Here we are!" He declared as smiled. He, then, asked. "Do you always carry a 5 X 8 glossy of me?"

"Of course!" She laughed. "Can't neglect the occasion if the chance ever pass me by. Thanks again for the autograph, Mr. Keating. You'll really make my Laurie extremely happy!"

"The pleasure is all mine!" He shouted as he began to walk away. "And, please, call me Ronan."

Fearing that I will miss him, I immediately pushed the person ahead of me in order that I could block Mr. Keating's path. I confronted him. "Excuse me, Mr. Ronan Keating, I presume!"

"Are you talking to me?" He asked me with a dazzling smile.

"I do suppose that's your name!" I gave him the most displeased face I could ever conjure up. But, my god, is he so gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact, that I began to falter in my choice of words. Pulling myself together, I continued. "You bumped me a moment ago and caused me to drop my cellular phone. I want to inform you that the phone cost me a tidy sum of money. So, if you would be so kind to..."

"I'm really sorry!" He interrupted me. "I would really like to chitchat with you right now, unfortunately, I still have a plane to catch. It is going to be leaving anytime soon." He reached inside his pocket, as if trying to dig for something.

He continued to dig into his pocket. Although I know he wasn't acting indifferent, I was so angry and enraged at the moment that I find him impolite and irritating. "Look, here, Mr. Keating, if you are looking for a pen, I assure you that I am not one your fans." I said curtly. "I do not want your autograph. Who do you think you are anyway? A big shot celebrity?"

"I'm really sorry that I destroyed your phone but I'm really in a hurry right now. He told me in an apologetic tone, although I find it a tad insincere. He handed me his calling card. "Please call me about a week from now. I won't be back until then."

"Did you hear what I had just said, Mister Keating?" I asked him, now starting to lose my cool.

"Really, I am sorry! I am sorry if I destroyed your..." He stopped talking as he searched for words. "Wait, what did I destroy again?"

"My phone! Dou destroyed my phone!" I said in an angry tone now. "Have you been listening to what I have been saying?"

"Yes, of course, your phone!" He said as he snapped his fingers. "Tell you what, I am on vacation right now, so I can't attend to that matter right now. But please call me in about two weeks, the number is in calling card, then we can talk. Okay thank you very much." With that he turned around

"But..." As my eyes narrowed further, I could only sputter a few words. "But,... aw you bitch!!!"

Mr. Keating had begun to run away towards the boarding area, leaving me standing on the lobby with his calling card on my hand, wondering if I should chase him or not. On the verge of emotional explosion, I tore up the calling card into shreds and bits. "Hey, if I could afford a trip to Bermuda," I thought angrily, tasting the little bits of sour grapes . "I could buy myself a new phone that won't get damage if it would crash to the floor when an idiot bumps you from behind."

I began to walk towards the boarding area. Still thinking about the blonde young Irish man. "How rude! He could have been more sensitive! If he wasn't so cute, I'd punch across the face." I thought still very angry. Then, I smiled. "But he was cute though. Rude but cute."

As I continued walking to the boarding area, I thought. "Gee, isn't this going to be a great trip!" I thought sarcastically. "First, Roger can't be with me in Bermuda. Now, my phone is broken. What will happen next? The plane crashing, now that's a comforting thought. That's all I need."

Getting my ticket out of my briefcase. "It's just the beginning of my vacation and already two bad things had happened." I grumbled. "This is going to be my best vacation yet."


- - -   t o   b e   c o n t i n u e d   - - -


So this ends the first round, was it bitchy enough? Nah, just pulling your leg. Actually, this is the second story that has a homosexual background I have ever written and posted. The first one is also somewhere in here, too. The title is SIMPLY WORDS, incidentally it is about Stephen Gately, another member of boyband BOYZONE.

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