Love Me For A Reason
J o n a t h a n   A n d r e w   Y b a n e z


This is another installment of LOVE ME FOR A REASON, a story about boyband BOYZONE MEMBER, RONAN KEATING. I would like to remind you that this is just a part of the imagination of the author and none of these events ever happen. Any similarity between events in the story and situations in somebody else's life is purely and absolutely coincidental, accidental or, just simply, impossible. This story doesn't state anything about RONAN KEATING's sexuality, implicitly or explicitly. Remember this is just a story based totally on the imagination of the author.

If you are a minor, you know the rules. Please don't read this and find something more suitable for you age. But if you reach the age of majority, you can come back. If you're a bigot who just wandered here by mistake, you are allowed to stay. I would like to request you, however, to please keep an open mind.

This installment features a short part of the song "PARADISE" by BOYZONE. It's part of their second album "A DIFFERENT BEAT". This song was written by Keating, Hedges and Brannigan.

Please enjoy!!!

Love Me For A Reason
Jonathan Andrew Ybanez

C h a p t e r   2


Still irritated, I got on the plane. I boarded the plane with very little gusto. Trying hard to make this trip a better one than it really is, I promised myself that I going to have the best damn time in the Bahamas, no matter what it takes. When I found the flight attendant, I presented my ticket to her. She examined my ticket and directed me to my seat. She smiled as she told me. "Sir, seat 3-A is over there, sir, third row on the right. If you need any assistance or anything at all, please don't hesitate to call."

Feeling a little bit better already, I smiled back at her and went on to find my seat. Carrying only my briefcase and a laptop, I decided I don't need to put anything on the overhead compartment. As I headed to my designated seat, I discovered someone sitting on my chair. I couldn't see the person but I was sure there was someone occupying my seat. As calmly as I could, I rushed over there to confront the seat stealer.

When I reached row 3, I still hadn't seen the person face since he was facing outside the window. I decided it was best to use my calmest and most composed voice to deal this situation. "Sir, would you be so kind to move to your real seat." I said as I tapped his shoulder. "You see, this is my seat, Seat 3-A."

He turned around and I realized it was him, Ronan Keating! "Oh, hi! It's you again." He said brightly as he flashed me a smile. "You going to the Bahamas, too?"

"YOU!" My blazing eyes grew to the size of two silver dollars. Surprised and, not to mention, incensed to find him on my flight, I shouted with pure rage and hatred. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON MY SEAT. AS THE MATTER OF FACT, WHAT ARE DOING ON MY FLIGHT." I didn't care if the rest of the passengers in the cabin are staring at me.

Sensing the friction between two passengers, a flight attendant approached us and said. "Sir, may I know what seemed to the problem."

"HE IS!" I pointed to Mr. Keating's direction. I was very angry almost hysterical. "FIRST, HE DESTROYED MY PHONE. THEN, HE'S ON MY FLIGHT, NOW HE STEALS MY SEAT." I, then, turned my face back to Ronan Keating and shouted. "WHAT ARE TRYING TO DO, STALK ME!"

"Sir," the flight attendant talked to me soothingly, trying to calm me down. "Before we can resolve anything. You have to calm down."

I took a deep breath and talked more slowly now. "I specifically asked for a window seat." I started. "Just get him off my seat and transfer to another section. I assure you, I will be happy."

"Sir, we can give you your seat back." The flight attendant started. "Unfortunately, we can't move Mr. Keating to another seat. As you can see, the plane is already fully booked. There is no way we can move him to another section."


"Please, Mister... uhm...." Ronan trying hard to calm me down. He stood up from the window seat and came near me.


"Please, sir, Mr. Ummm...." The flight attendant was trying to get my name.

"Erickson. My name is Charles Erickson" I informed her firmly, showing a certain distaste in my words.

"Yes, of course Mr. Erickson." She begged me. "Please take your seat. I will assure you that Mr. Keating will be in his best behavior." She, then, looked at Ronan and addressed him. "Won't you, Mr. Keating? "

"Of course!" He smiled angelically, giving me a certain tingle reserved only for guy who are giving me the 'raise'.

I thought for a while. "If this guy would behave, maybe,... just maybe,... I can have a little fun. After all he was a little bit cute."

"Okay!" I said calmly. I took a took a very deep breathe and sat down on the seat next to the window. "As long as he doesn't disturb me, he can have the seat next to me."

With a sigh of relief, the flight attendant smiled a smile with mixed victory and gratitude as she informed us. "Well, Mr. Erickson and Mr. Keating, I guess that there wouldn't be any more problems here, I'd best be on my way. The plane is about to lift off any second now. Please enjoy the flight."

As the flight attendant left us, I swear she rolled her eyeballs, in disdain. But I didn't care, I still have a lot of things to do and I do not wish to be disturbed. I, quickly, took my laptop and placed it on the folding table in front of me. Though, officially I was on vacation, I still have to pass my final report to my boss in New York. Thank God for the Internet, I could directly sent the report even if I was still on board the plane. Without caring of the outside world, I turned my laptop on and started to revise my work. Already deviated from my very strict schedule, I planned to send my report earlier, only I didn't anticipate my encounter with Ronan Keating.

Speaking about Ronan, I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Really, I may sound a little paranoid, but he seemed to be really quiet, almost like there was no one sitting next to me. I turned my head to the side to take a look at my neighbor. Much to my surprise, with a pen and paper in his hand, Mr. Keating was listening to his headset and swinging his head from side to side rhythmically. "Immature." I thought scornfully. "But, at least he's not disturbing me in anyway."

I faced the screen of my laptop and continued to work on my report. Finally, after two or three hours worth of revisions and rewriting, I was able to finished editing and making the last changes of my financial status report and credit analysis summary. With a sigh of relief, I sent it to my boss immediately after I was done. "Thank God, I was able to sent it on time." I thought. "Now, I can sent an email to Roger."

I started writing down my email to Roger.



Dear Roger,

I hope your having a better time than I am. Thanks to some very vain idiot (WHO BY THE WAY, THINKS HE'S SOMEBODY FAMOUS. WHAT A MEGALOMANIAC!!!), my phone now is also a casualty of some lumbering nincompoop. I guess the only way that we can communicate is through email. God, I missed you already, I missed your strong but gentle arms you'd put around my shoulders at night, I missed the sound of your soft but sexy voice which comforts me in my loneliness. But, most of all, Roger, I missed your hard manhood as you,... well you know. (HAHAHA)

Oh Roger, I wish you could be with me now, I feel so lonely. Please email me as soon as you get my letter. I miss you.

Love, hugs and kisses,




As I sent the email off its way, a cool and low, but rough and sexy voice called out to me. "Who is Roger, anyway?"

Startled, I slammed my laptop shut and, instinctively, put it away. Hurriedly, I looked to my side. As I expected, the king of irritant just emerged from his world of totally immature head banging and peeped into the email I was writing. "None of your business." I growled at him and sarcastically added. "I know this is a little bit of novelty for you, but don't they have a little thing called privacy back where you came from, whichever crack did you ever crawl out of?"

Ronan sighed tiredly, trying to give me an apologetic look. "Look, Mr. Erickson,..."

"You have already invaded my privacy." I interrupted chillingly. "So don't patronized me. Anyone who doesn't respect my privacy, certainly and clearly doesn't have the manners to call me Mr. Erickson."

"Let's just please stop this... this immature conflict, okay." He told me worn and tired, in exasperation even. "Charles, Mr. Erickson, whatever,... let's just have fresh start, okay. I mean, if we have to be seatmates for the remaining three hours, let's become friends. It would be better that way, please? Okay?"

"Okay?" He asked me again after getting but a cold stare from me. He continued. "I'm not going to stop until you give me a proper answer."

"Okay?" Ronan asked again.

"If you're waiting for an answer," I took a deep breath and said to him curtly. "Don't. I have no time to speak to imbeciles like you."

"Hey, now we're talking." He smiled.

"Did you hear what I said." I said bewildered. "I have no time for idiots like you. I don't want to talk to you. Even if we are the last creature on this godforsaken earth, I wouldn't..."

"So what are you doing right now then." He told me smugly.

I paused with horrendous thoughts in my mind. As I gritted my teeth in anger, I thought. "Holy shit, I holding a conversation with this moron!!! I'm such a dick head. Aargghhh!!!"

I took a deep breath and said in a low, hoarse and exasperated whisper. "Okay, okay OKAY!!! You got me! YOU WIN!!! So, what are you going to do now? HUH? Bug me to death? HUH!!! Skin me alive?"

"No,.." He told me with a hurt look in his eyes. "I just want to be your friend, at least for the next three or four hours or so."

"So, why do you find me intriguing?" I asked in disinterest, then added mockingly. "I mean if you're such a BIG and FAMOUS star, why find a lowly mortal to occupy your time?"

"Who ever said that I am a big star?" He raised his eyebrow in mixed doubt and confusion. He paused and, then, a thought seemed to dawn to him. "Oh, you mean the lady at the ticketing counter? Oh that was nothing. Actually, I'm part of a boy band based in Ireland."

"Oh gee, oh wow, like I'm soooooooo excited." I said flatly, can't help but reveal my unenthusiastic opinion of Mr. Keating.

"Well, you could show a little bit more enthusiasm than that." He smiled. He has such a beautiful grin, a crossbreed between an angel's smile and a vampire's fangs.

"Well, I could but--" I told him coldly. "But unfortunately, Mr. Keating, I couldn't help by hate you. You've ruined my phone when you made your mad dash across the lobby earlier today at the airport and you weren't kind enough to apologize to me, even half-heartedly. And if that is not punishment enough, I have to sit beside you and be annoyed for the next four hours or so.

"Oh, come on." He reasoned out. "I'm a much better bloke than that."

"Oh you are, really?" I raised my eyebrow.

"Yes, I think I am." He smiled again. "Of course, you have to know me better, first."

"Okay." I rolled my eyes upward to show my total unenthusiastic reaction. "If it pleases you, hit me with your 411."

He looked baffled and said. "Pardon me?"

"Your 411!" I looked at him with much disdain. "You know, your basic information. Like who the hell are you? What the hell's your work? Who the hell do you work with?"

"Could you stop saying 'hell'?" He sighed and gave me the look. Squinting with discomfort, he continued. "It's not really a nice word to say, you know."

"Well, I couldn't help it." I answered in a matter-of-factly voice, trying to give him a difficult time so as to discourage him. "I'm not a nice person, so deal with it. You're the one who want to make conversation."

After a few moments of silence, he sighed with uneasiness and replied in the calmest way possible. "Okay, here's my 411. My full name is Ronan Patrick John Keating. I am the lead vocalist for an Irish band named Boyzone." He paused as he looked at my disinterested face, grimacing. "You're really a tough person to please."

"Yup, tough as nails." I responded emotionlessly then retorted, now smiling a little. "But I'll take that as a left-handed compliment."

"You know you look better if you smile." He giggled.

"Now, really Mr. Keating," I moaned. "Do you honestly believe that you could please me and get on my good side just by handing me empty compliments and flattery?"

"Well, if I score a point," He shrugged, then flashed me a mischievous smile and a naughty wink. "I score a point. So, did I score a point?" He, then laughed a seductive laugh.

Taken aback by his choice of words and much more with the wink and his laugh, I thought. "Score a point? Is this guy for real? Is he trying to flirt with me?" I have to chuckle at the idea. But the thought that this young hot Irish twink has taken fancy of me is a very good thing, though. Now, I'm intrigued.

"Yeah, like, right! An arrow couldn't be straighter than this guy." I giggled at the idea. "But the thought really turned me on though. I mean, Roger isn't here and I need someone to-- nah, too impossible. I'm just assuming the unattainable. He sooooo not gay."

"Just recently, we have released our second album which has gone to the top of the UK charts." He continued talking with a gleam of pride in his blue eyes. "We've taken Europe and Asia by storm."

"So, if your band is really big," I scrutinized his words. "Why haven't I heard about your group in the United States before. I mean it's always the Backstreet Boys or 98."

"Well, I never said we hit the United States of America." Facing me, he shrugged with tinge of displeasure, then turn away. After a few moment of silence, he quickly faced me and said. "I never thought that you would be a Backstreet or 98 fan. I thought you yuppie types belong to the jazzy songs."

"Did I say anything? How quick for you to assume that I would be immature enough to follow childish bands" I retorted defensively. Actually, I had thing for Kevin Richardson but even Roger doesn't know that.

Realizing that I sounded a little bit too defensive for comfort, I decided it was best to change the subject. "So now, what are your plans for your group any." I tried to say the words as flat and cool as possible. My intrigued for this sweet looking angel is certainly and definitely on the rise. And that's not the only thing that's rising. "And, besides, aren't boybands supposed to travel together?"

"If you must know, Mr. Erickson, I'm presently taking sometime off from work. Call this a very much needed short vacation from things." He sighed trying to hide some sadness in his face. He continued with a different subject, trying to divert my attention from my second question. "I also write songs for the band too, you know. Well, you know the "Mr. Bean" movie soundtrack?"

"You mean 'Yesterday'?" I asked, then added, laughing. "And please call me Chip, I don't like to sound like your uncle or something."

"No, I could have written that. It was written by the Beatles." He laughed in a boyish manner, which only he could do. "And, beside that track was sung by a British band, WetWetWet."

"What's the difference?" I asked in an "air-head" fashion. "Aren't British and Irish the same?"

"Yeah, right!" he answered sarcastically in fits of giggles. "British and Irish are not the same."

"Whatever." I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

"The song was 'Picture of you,' actually." He started. "It's really good, you know."

I asked without too much emotions "So aside from songwriting, what do you do for you band."

"I'm one of the lead vocals." He said a matter-of-factly.

"Interesting." I said, feigning unenthusiasm for Ronan. "Got any favorite song in your list."

"Actually," He grinned. "There was this one song that I have co-written entitled "Paradise." It's one of my favorites. Care to listen for yourself."

"Sure, why not?" I told him, blankly. "If it pleases you and if you must"

"Okay, here it goes." He said then clear his throat.

It's not often that you find someone
Who can fulfill all your dreams inside.
It's like an angel from above
She was the one for me believe

But it doesn't wither like a flower in the snow
I always wanted you to know

We're going to build a bridge
Between our hearts
Going to cross the river of love
Into paradise, paradise

Going to walk up the road,
Hand in hand
To the castle in the sky
Where we're gonna live
Gonna live, yeah
In paradise...

Stunned, I was simply speechless. It was as if one of lead angel of heaven's choir came inside the plane and sang. I wasn't the only one who was dazzled. All the passengers and crew in the first class area began clapping and cheering. Ronan stood up, took a bow and smile. He took his seat and asked. "So how was it?"

"WOW, I'm impressed!" I answered in awe. "Where did you learn to sing like that?"

"I guess it's just a part of me." He shrugged.

Now, I was really intrigued with this guy. "How old are you really? I mean you seem to have done a lot of things in your life already and I think you could be older than 25 years old?"

He blushed, and said. "I just turn 21 last march."

My eyes grew wide in surprise. "When I was your age, I was still figuring what to do with my life." I was now gushing. "WOW, I couldn't believe it, I am sitting beside one of the world's biggest stars! How do you do it?"

"With the right food and diet, enough sleep and sufficient exercise." He joked and smiled. "you can certainly achieve all of these, too."

"Hahaha," I rolled by eyes, feigning laughter. "That's really funny!"

As we were talking, a flight attendant came to us and gave us our menu. "What do you want for lunch?" He asked me as he opened his menu. "Let me see the choices: the chicken on fettuccini with carbonara sauce or lamb with curry rice?"

"I think I will take the lamb." I glanced and said to the flight attendant. "I'll also have a glass of Dom Perignon, please."

"I'll take the chicken. I just love pasta. And the a mug of Guinness." He told the lady. When she was out of earshot, he added to me. "Of course, all airline food taste like chicken." He made a face and continued. "So why should I choose another dish. At least with this one, you can really be sure that it is chicken"

"Your just simply evil." I laughed as the flight attendant handed us our meal. "So what are your plans now?"

He gave me a puzzled expression and then answered, unsurely. "Gee, uhm... I'm not really sure but I think I'm going to eat now." Then, his face broke into a sweet smile.

"Arhhhhgggg, I hate you." I said in mock displeasure. I continued to ask him as took a sip of my champagne. "Really, I am not kidding."

"Wekd, kddiio dkosocol fjdo." He mumbled with his mouth full of chicken, making gesture with his hands. "tjiodilad skoidkd, itrjj."

"Your simply incorrigible." I told him, rolling my eyes. "Cute but incorrigible."

"Well, you did asked for it." He replied as he made huge movements with his hands, still hold his mug of Guinness. His beer began spewing away, spilling everywhere.

"HEY, WATCH OUT!!!" I screamed as I impulsively stood up. My food tray began spilling to the sides. "YOU CLUMSY OAF! LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!!"

"Hey, I 'm so sorry. Please, let me help you." His face was lined with genuine concern. He called out for assistance, as he pushed one of the buttons on the side of the arms of the seat. "Flight Attendant, we need some help over here."

"I THINK YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH! JUST GET OUT OF MY SIGHT." I shouted in hysterics. I took a deep breath and realized something "MY LAPTOP!!! OH MY GOD,... OH MY GOD!"

A flight attendant came rushing to our seat. "Excuse me sir, what had..."

"Shhh,..." I hushed her up. "Shhh,..."

I quickly grab my computer from its place. It was all covered with lamb, sauce and all the crap that I was eating. I wiped away the mess and the grime and opened computer. The tense feeling in my heart and my stomach was expanding every moment. I pushed the "power on" button of the computer. It lit up. The sick feeling in my stomach began to subside. With a sigh of relief, I took a deep breath.

When I moved to turn it off, I realized that the start menu didn't pop up. The stomach began to turn. "Oh no, oh no, holy shit, holy shit, holy FUCK!!!" I shouted. Then in a weak and tired voice, I muttered. "All my plans, strategies,... they are all gone. They are all gone..."

My knees felt weak, like foam, I fell on my chair, tired and spent. I continue to mutter. "All my work, they're all gone..."

"Chip..." Ronan called to me. "I..."

"You!" My eyes glared in fits of rage. "You,... you caused all these. YOU CAUSED ALL THESE!!! YOU DESTROYED MY PHONE!!! YOU DESTROYED MY LAPTOP!!! NOW... NOW, YOU DESTROYED MY LIFE'S WORK!!!"

"Chip, please, I wasn't the one who..." Ronan groan.

"YOU DESTROYED MY LAPTOP!!! HERE!!!" I literally shoved my dirty laptop under his nose and shouted. "WAKE UP AND SMELL THE GUINESS!!!"

"Chip, please..." he moaned

"WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO, ANYWAY?" I was beyond hysterics. "HOW DARE YOU..."

"Sir," the flight attendant interrupted me. "Please calm down."


"Sir, what seems to be the problem?" the flight attendant asked in earnest. "Please talk to me."

I pointed towards Ronan's direction. "THIS..."

"Sir, I need you to calm down." She said in a very soft and calm voice. "I wouldn't be able to understand you unless you calm down."

I took a deep breath and calmly said. "Mr. Keating, over there, had destroyed my phone back in the airport. And now he just destroyed my laptop. He also destroyed all my work and documents."

"Mr. Keating did you do this?" She looked him.

"Hey, it was an accident." He said defensively.

"ACCIDENT? AN ACCIDENT!" I screamed at him, not even flinching when the people around us were already staring with curiosity. "IF YOU WEREN'T WAVING YOUR HANDS LIKE A MAD MAN, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE SPILT YOUR GUINESS ON ME AND ON MY COMPUTER!!!"

"Sir, please calm down." she said calmly and soothingly. "Mr. Erickson, we have only less than two hours left before we land in the Bahamas. Couldn't you just wait for a little more than an hour?"

"NOOO!" I look at her as I rolled my eyes. "I HAVE NO PLANS TO SEAT BESIDE A BARBARIAN"

"Sir, just this once." She pleaded. "I promise you that there would be no more problems with Mr. Keating. I will assure you that."

I took a deep breath and return to my seat. Sensing that I return to normal, Ronan went back to his chair. Uneasily he started to talk to me. "I..."

"Don't even think that you can talk to me." Immediately, I cut him off, calmly but coldly and indifferently.

The next hour, I sat quietly, trying to ignore the thorn, literally, on my side. I watched the monitor to avoid any further conversation with the thorn. On the other hand, Ronan was scribbling something on this a piece of paper. I looked my watch and thought. "If time would move a little bit slower, it would have died."

My very long and much excruciating wait finally ended with the landing of my plane in Nassau. After the flight attendant finished her piece about how pleasurable it was flying with us, I immediately stood up and got of my seat. "Yeah, the pleasure is all yours." I muttered with great disdain.

I took my carry-on luggage and stormed out of the aisle towards the exit but not before I "accidentally" stepped on Ronan's foot.

After locating all my bags and things, I stepped out the airport to find my escort to bring me to the hotel. "Mr. Erickson, wait!" I heard somebody shouting my name. I spun around and there he was, Ronan chasing after me.

"Fuck!!!" I cursed silently. "What does this shit-head wants now?"

"Wait!" He finally caught me

I started to walk away as fast as I could, looking from side to side, desperately and frantically searching for my escort to the hotel. As I made a fast but calm getaway, fast and heavy footsteps followed behind me. Before I knew it, a heavy hand hit my back. "OUCH THAT HURT!!!" I turned around and shouted at him. "WILL YOU STOP FOLLOWING ME? DO YOU WANT ME TO CALL SECURITY!!! DON'T FORCE MY HAND, MR. KEATING, I WILL SHOUT FOR HELP!!!"

"I'm really sorry!" He said, panting a little.

"What do you want?" I asked him as I narrowed my eyes. "You want to kill me now?"

"No, actually I want to return this to you" He handed me a set of my keys. "It must have fallen from your briefcase during the scuffle."

"Uhmm, thanks.... I think" I told him with discomfort.

And I want to apologize." He said sincerely as gave me his card. "Please take my card. I am on vacation right now but I would like to pay you for the damages when I get back to Ireland."

"No need, Mr. Keating! I can afford it." I looked at him with absolute hatred. I took his card and tore it to shreds in front of him. I glanced towards the arrival area and saw my escort. "And there's my ride now."

As I started to walk to the car, he blocked my way again. "What do you want now?" I asked him quite irritated already

He started. "Mr. Erickson..."

"Call me Chip." I interrupted him, quite coldly. "Anybody who has destroyed me in one way or the other, of which I should congratulate you because you seemed to be the first so far, need not call me Mr. Erickson, for very obvious reasons."

"Chip, I just hope we can part as friends." He bowed his head, his voice was almost pleading.

I retorted. "Mr. Keating..."

"Please call me Ronan!" He glanced at me, as if afraid. "It's much..."

"I prefer Mr. Keating." I interrupted him again. "Actually, Mr. Keating, a root canal would be better than seeing you again.

I began to walk away. I stopped and turned around. I looked at this boy with a sad face and an even much sadder pair of eyes and added. "On second thought Mr. Keating, I would enjoy being your friend as much as I would enjoy shoving a blazing piece of coal up my ass!!!"

"I do hope we shall meet again in much better situations." He told me awkwardly

"Sorry Mr. Keating, but my sentiments are not mutual." I said as I started to walk away. "I would never want to see again!" Then I stopped suddenly and added. "And if we do meet again, I would tie you up and burn you."

Then I went inside the limousine and the driver drove me away to my hotel.


- - -   t o   b e   c o n t i n u e d   - - -


Ding, ding, ding. The bells end the second round, lol. For those who has considered it bitchy, at least I touched a nerve somewhere, hahaha, just kidding. Okay, this must be the most mismatched couple in the world but I have plans, don't worry. Anyway, as usual I couldn't have done this episode without the continual help, inspiration and support of my friends, online and on phone. Tonny, Yuli, Gary, Mike, and Francis, you know all of this couldn't have been created without your motivation and assistance. This is dedicated to you guys, and this is a compliment and not an insult, lol.

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