Love Me For A Reason
J o n a t h a n   A n d r e w   Y b a n e z


This is another installment of LOVE ME FOR A REASON, a story about boyband BOYZONE MEMBER, RONAN KEATING. I would like to remind you that this is just a part of the imagination of the author and none of these events ever happen. Any similarity between events in the story and situations in somebody else’s life is purely and absolutely coincidental, accidental or, just simply, impossible. This story doesn’t state anything about RONAN KEATING’s sexuality, implicitly or explicitly. Remember this is just a story based totally on the imagination of the author.

If you are a minor, you know the rules. Please don't read this and find something more suitable for you age. But if you reach the age of majority, you can come back. If you're a bigot who just wandered here by mistake, you are allowed to stay. I would like to request you, however, to please keep an open mind.

Please enjoy!!!

Love Me For A Reason
Jonathan Andrew Ybanez

C h a p t e r   4



“Wait a minute!” He said waving his hand to stop my screaming. “Let me clarify what you are saying. What do you mean this your room?”

“CLARIFY THIS, YOU IDIOT!!! ” I shouted indignantly. Hissing, I was so angry that I could have bitten his head off. “I was already staying here even before you even step into this hotel! My,.. uhm,.. my friend had already made reservations for this room about a month ago in New York.”

“What do you mean? The front desk clerk said that the guest reserving this room failed to arrive from New York. That’s why they gave me this room! SO WHY THE HELL,...”

“Wait, wait, WAIT!!!” I screamed to shut him up. “HOLD YOU, HORSES, PAL! You mean this is your room now? The hotel staff gave you this room?!!”

“I think that’s what this means. My God, this has got to be the worst trip I ever had!” His strength escaped him as he slumped down on the soft velvety couch. Running his palm on the crease of his forehead, he softly murmured. “Of all the monster I could be stuck with, it had to be you...”

“Your worst trip??!!! This is supposed to be my vacation with my part,... uhm, friend. You mean that you and I are bunked up for the rest of my vacation!!! I couldn’t think of anything worst than this.” I bit my lower lip. Raising my hand in the air in exasperation, I declared loudly. “THERE IS NO GOD!!!”

“I’m going down to the concierge.” He said as he headed to the door. “I’m sure that Geoffrey would straighten this out.”

“I’m going down with you, I will definitely have something to say to the bungling idiot who made this blunder!”

Upon reaching the concierge’s desk, I immediately called for the man behind the counter. He was still on the phone so I pounded on the counter. “Excuse me, there seems to be a problem with my room.” I shouted out to him to gain his attention. “Somehow, one of your staff was incompetent enough to mix things up”

“Let me handle this okay?” Ronan tapped me lightly on the shoulders.

“So what?” I snapped at him. Glaring, I continued. “So that you can have me driven out of my room. No, thank you, Mr. Keating. I am not really ready to be thrown out of my suite because it’s mine and I was here first.”

“Good afternoon, Gentlemen. I am Gerard DuMare, your concierge for today.” A tall, handsome Frenchmen around the age of thirty looked at us with genuine concern. “What seems to be the problem, sir?”

Ronan narrated our plight to the concierge. “There seemed to be some sort of honest human error when...”

“HONEST HUMAN ERROR, BULLSHIT, MY ASS!” I growled then mimicked Ronan’s low and raspy voice. “There was no FUCKING HONEST HUMAN ERROR here. This is clearly a sinister maneuver hatched by Mr. Ronan Keating and HIS FRIEND, Mr. Geoffrey Wake, to evict me from my room and from this hotel.”

“Get real, Chip! Overdramatics just doesn’t match with your complexion!” Ronan groaned as he rolled his eyes upward, running his palm across his face in frustration. He was belittling my side of the story. “Just give him the straight story and without the hysterics, please!”

“SHUT UP, RONAN!!!” I growled at him, through clenched teeth. Ruefully, I, then, added. “I knew that Roger should never had booked our vacation with this hotel! I told him that we should have stayed at the Atlantis! But noooo, he wouldn’t listen me! He insisted in going to this hotel, he considers this as one of the best!”

The concierge said soothingly, to help appease my rage. “Please, let us calm ourselves, Mr. uhmm...”

“Mr. Erickson.” I supplied him with my name. “Mr. Charles Erickson.”

“Yes Mr. Erickson. Could you tell me everything from the very start? It would be very helpful to the hotel if you could tell everything, from the very beginning if you can.”

“Well.” I began telling him my story. “My friend, Mr. Roger DiEvans, had already confirmed our reservation for the suite back in New York since last month. He was supposed to meet me here this very day. I was coming in from London and he would be flying in from New York City. Unfortunately, due to something beyond his control, Mr. DiEvans failed to arrive here but he asked me to proceed in having my vacation anyway. Now, Mr. Keating here was also given the room by one of your staff while I was there anyhow!”

“Mr. Erickson, let me check that room for you.” The concierge said as he clicked on the computer in front of him. “Uhm,.. may I have your room number sir?”

“Room 2812. So is it mine?”

“Well, Mr. Erickson, I am please to announce that the room is indeed yours.” After a few minutes, he came back to us and declared. “There has been some kind confusion since this suite was reserved for a Mr. Roger Erickson and he wasn’t here to sign-in the papers. As you know, it is a hotel formality for the customer to sign-in and out at the front desk upon arrival and departure, respectively. Since there was no signature for that particular room, one of our staff must have mistakenly and accidentally thought that the room was unoccupied. That is why Mr. Keating got the room by mistake.

“I would like to apologize in behalf of the hotel, Mr. Erickson.” He bowed down politely. “If there are any more troubles, sir?...”

“There are no more problems!” I was able to breathe properly. “At least, now, all my problems are solved, I can have my much-deserved rest and relaxation.”

Turning to Ronan, the concierge face was filled with concern. “Unfortunately, Mr. Keating, there wouldn’t be any room available for you today. As for the moment, the whole hotel is fully booked. We are holding eight functions and three conference right now.” The concierge frowned, still staring at the computer screen. He glanced at Ronan, sighed deeply and gave him a very disappointed look. “We just can't house you in this hotel.”

“WHAT!!!” Ronan finally lost his cool, and sighed. “Don’t you have anything, I will just be staying here for one day! Could you just check it one more time? I’m sure there would something in there for me.”

“Let me check my computer again.” He said, turning to his computer again. His brows began to knit and his lips began to curl in anxiety. Shaking his head, he turned back to Ronan and said. “I am really sorry, Mr. Keating, we have no room for you at the moment.”

I looked at Ronan’s face, his now-droopy eyes somehow lost their life, and his used-to-be smiling lips coiled into an unsightly frown. In a very weird way, I feel sorry for him,... I sincerely and truly feel sorry for him. Without even weighting the consequences that might follow, I suddenly approached him. I gently tapped his broad shoulders and motioned him to follow me as I told him. “Come with me!”

“Huh, what?” He snapped out from his deep thought and asked, confused. “Were you talking to me?”

“I said come with me. You need a room?” I told him again then I explained. “Well, I have a room that would fill a whole herd of cattle. It’s a very large suite and I don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night feeling somebody or something is watching me from the very dark corners. I need a roomie. At least with you around, I won't have to be worried about things that go bump in the night. And, besides, the suite has already been paid for two, so the management won't be bugging me for letting you in.”

“Seriously? You mean it?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Are you serious? Are you sure that it’s okay with you?” He said, shocked. Using a low voice and eyeing me suspiciously, Ronan frankly asked me. “Are you going to do something to me?”

“Yes, Ronan, I am a voodoo high priest and I am going to skin you alive as soon as you enter my room and eat your liver and kidneys. And, before the night is over, I am going to sacrifice your heart and your body on a diabolical altar to the goddess Kali!” I rolled my eyes, dripping with sarcasm. “Of course, I won't have a problem with that and, of course, I am dead serious! Why would I invite you to my room if I were not okay with that! I mean it’s not like I had threatened to kill you before.”

His eyes glared at me with total disbelief.

“PLEASE DON’T ANSWER THAT!” Immediately, before he could give me his reply, I told him with clenched teeth and blushing cheeks. “But you have sleep on the couch, I don’t think it would be comfortable for both of us if we sleep together,... I mean, share a bed together. I am a very messy and noisy sleeper.”

“The couch would be fine. I have seen it, lay down on it and I think its soft enough. ” He declared as he stood up. “This is so not like you. Are you sure that you’re still the same guy who nearly threw me off the plane the plane half a day ago?”

“HEY!!!” I narrowed my eyes. “This is something new to me and it’s still just in the experimental phases. If YOU need a place to stay, you will be nice! So don’t be a bad boy or I WILL SEND YOU UP TO MY ROOM.”

“WAIT!!!” I thought, as my eyes grew wide. “That absolutely doesn’t SOUND right!”

“Anyway, you could go back to the room, if you want to. You already have a security card.” I told him. I walked away as I continued talking to him. “I am going to hit the beach. I planned to have my tan and I intended to have one by the time I get home. Unless, you want to join me,...”

“No thanks, I just need some rest.” He shook his head and said. “I think I will go up to the room and take a nice long hot bath or maybe a short relaxing nap.”

I walked to the beachfront and placed my towel and things on a plastic table. I sat on a lounging chair beside it and began pouring some tanning lotion on my hand and started rubbing it on my arms, shoulder and legs. I want to bake myself not burn, playing with the sun is certainly dangerous. I proceeded to take off my tank top and massage some of the tanning oil on my chest and my abs. I took my shorts off and exposed my rather daring blue Speedos.

Some girls in skimpy swimsuits and quite a handful of young handsome guys had to get an eyeful of my body as they passed by. “Sorry girls, can't have me.” I muttered to myself. “But you guys can stay, if you dare, hehehe.”

Still bathing myself with the suntan lotion, I tried to reach an area on my back. But to no avail, I just could never reach that particular spot on my. “Damned it!!!” I swore. “I couldn’t have an unsightly white spot on my back! That would certainly be hideous”

“Hi, Mr. Erickson! Nice day, isn't it?” A very deep and familiar voice came from behind me. “You seem to have trouble with that. May I have the pleasure of helping you?”

I turned around to see who was behind me. It was Gavin, the very young and very handsome front desk clerk. “Why, Gavin!” I explained in pleasant surprise. “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

He was wearing a white polo shirt, a pair khaki colored shorts, a pair of white socks and a pair of white sneakers. His beaming smile continued to shine that he looks like a model for a toothpaste advertisement. Still, he looks so damned cute, so damned yuppyish and so darned twinkish in his outfit.

“I hate you!” I gave him the cutest and most adorable frown I could ever conjure up. “You know I was quite disappointed with you after you roomed me up with someone!”

“Forgive me? Please? ” He answered giving a pair of pathetic, begging and sad puppy dog eyes. “I am still relatively new here and quite unfamiliar with the procedures and ropes of this hotel. I promise I won't do that again.”

“I could never forgive you.” I gave him a mocked hurt look. Then I smiled as I handed him the bottle of suntan lotion. “Okay, I would forgive you only if you help me with this one. Pour some on my back. Be thankful that you have a really cute and innocent face or I would have crucified you.”

He started pouring a generous amount of lotion on my back. Slowly, a pair of silky and soft hands touched my back lightly and rubbing delicately in one fluid circling motion. “You know, I never thought I would be seeing you here.” I told him.

“Well, I don’t really work here, Mr. Erickson.” He admitted. “Well, actually, I do work part-time. This is just a internship-cum-summer job. I actually came from Florida. My dad knows one of the Managers here and asked if I could have my internship here. I am actually on my break from my duty right now. On my free hours, I usually hit the beach for the sights, for a good tan and some r and r.”

“Could you stop calling me Mr. Erickson, I don’t think I am any older than you are. Call me Chip.” I laughed. Then, after a few minutes of rubbing, I said as I groaned with pleasure. “You know you could very well become a masseuse.”

“Well, I used to study physical and occupational therapy for about a year in college before I shifted to Culinary Arts and Hotel and Restaurant Management.” He shrugged indifferently. “I’m not really good with my hands.”

“Are you sure with that?” I asked him, still moaning softly as he kneaded my very tired and tense-up back. “Could you just rub my shoulders a little bit harder, it’s a little bit tense from all the travel.”

“Sure, no problem, Chip. No trouble at all.” He lowered himself to my ear and whispered with his sexy low and deep voice. “The pleasure is all mine.”

His subtle and gentle fingers ran from my shoulders to my upper back, kneading my aching muscles and giving it a very forceful but relaxing twist. Slowly, as he continued a rubbing and massaging my back, his soft and able hands began to migrate south and had bordered dangerously close to my ass. I looked up and groggily asking him a question. “Gavin, what are doing?”

“What do YOU think I’m doing?...” He smiled a blend of coy innocence and impish mischief.

“Not here!” I hissed, hoarsely. This innocent angel doesn’t seem to be as innocent as I first perceived him to be. I then sat up and whisper to his ear. “Too many people watching!”

“Take off your clothes and come with me.” I ordered him as stood up and stretched my back. I began running to the beach and dived right into the crystal clear waters. “Gavin, come here and join me. The water’s fine!”

Without a hitch, he took of his white shirt with such grace and nimbleness. Even at a distance, I could see that his rippling chest was absolutely smooth and hairless. His young legs were well form and well toned and they still had no hint of hair on them. On this particularly treasured chest, a pair of tasty nipples was attached. He started to take off his pants, revealing a pair of black speedos with a very bulky and heavy lump in them. He started to run awkwardly, almost as if he was limping, as fast as he can to the water area.

When he reached to me at a safe and secluded but deepwater area behind a huge but smooth boulder segregating us from the noisy beach line, I could understand why he had trouble running. As he hugged and pressed himself against me behind the refuge of a huge rock separating us from the shallow beach line, I could feel his huge rock-hard boner. I grabbed it, rubbed it tightly in my fist and whispered to his ear in a very coquettish manner, nibbling and licking it between words. “You want to me to play with it, don’t you!”

“Yes,...” He gasped.

“You don’t want me to do it.” I said giving him a hurt expression. I began to swim away.

“No, I want you do it.” He gasped with a sudden terror on his face, quickly grabbing my arm to get me back. “I need you to do it for me!”

“THAT HURTS!” I shouted.

“I’m sorry!” He quickly let go of my arm as his lips trembled. Genuine panic crossed all over his face as he continued to apologize. “I’m sorry,... I need you to do it

“Then beg me,” I said, giving him a hard time. “Beg me to do it!”

“Please, I want you, I need you to....” He cried out. His young, handsome face was full of fear as he continued to gasp. “Give it to me please.”

“Say it, like a good boy.” I ordered him. I wanted to corrupt this seemingly innocent,.. this adorable twink. “Say that you want my lips all over your cock!”

“PLEASE! I want you have your lips,...” He stop and started to blush a deep shade of blood red. “I want your lips,...

“Just as I thought, you don’t want me.” I said with a sneer. I thought to myself. “Good, a fresh twink! I hadn't had one in a very long while. And a virgin one at that, I never had one like that before.”

“PLEASE!!! Please,...” He pleaded as he faced the water. “Please, I need you to have your lips all over my cock!”

“Good boy. Now be obedient and hold on to this rock or we might just float a way.” I said smiling triumphantly as I gasped for air and dodged down underwater. I grabbed the waistband of his skimpy trunks and pulled it down his long legs. I took it off and held it in my left hand. My right hand is grabbing on his eight inches worth of fresh cut man meat. It’s huge and had bright pink head and shaft. Hungrily, I gobbled it all. Definitely, I could feel the cool water temperatures surging a few Celsius. Moving my hands to his ass, I bobbed up and down for a couple of times. After that, I had to rise above sea level for a breath of fresh air.

“What do you think about that, Gavin.” I gasped as I looked at his now flushed face. “Still want more?”

All he could do was nodded. His innocent face couldn’t register any other emotion except being overwhelmed by unexplainable indulgence. And that was all the encouragement I would ever need. “Aye aye, Admiral. I definitely think your submarine is in dire need of some assistance.” I said as I handed him a small, seductive salute. Giving him a naughty wink, I continued by saying. “I think I need to go down underwater again to see what’s the problem about. And see if I could give a big hand, or maybe a tongue, in finding the solution”

I took for some air again and when down below the water again, and worked on his sub. Licking his big dick, I gave all I had. Tonguing it, nibbling on it, giving it the third degree, I pleasured it every way I could possibly think of. After giving his shaft my full attention, I then move down to his ball, taking it all in my mouth, keeping them in my mouth for a while giving it a tongue bath inside my orifice. If only I could see the look on Gavin’s face.

Having little air in my lungs, again I broke the water’s edge. Climbing up to Gavin, I asked him. “Are you ready for more, Gavin.”

“Yes, Please!” He panted breathlessly. “Please,... PLEASE!”

With that, I find no need for more encouragement to go further. I gulped another big gasp of wind and submerged in the hot water below. Descending down, I hang on his totally erect dong. After having a stopover and deep throating his dick, I continued my journey to the bottom,... to his bottom.

With my right hand holding on his dick, I slid down further, spread his legs and took a taste of his very young and smooth crack. With the deep waters below me, I slowly moved in closer to the kill. Leisurely, I took my time as I inched closer to his hole. Even though I was underwater, I could hear him moan with intense pleasure. “Just what I wanted.” I thought as I smiled. “Keeping this young virgin on the verge of orgasm is more of an indulgence than I thought.”

I finally reached the Promised Land and gave his burning hole the aching need that it painfully desired. Still clutching and jacking his dick with my fist, I gave his ass the torturous satisfaction it wished for. The velvety touch of my tongue fondled, touched and covered every hidden spot, every dark cranny, and every concealed or secret corner Gavin never imagined existed, much less could possibly be reached by man and more.

With my free hand, my tongue was replace by my finger. Slowly and gingerly, I pushed and inserted my index finger. The pressure of his virgin hole was so great that I never thought that it could go in it. It took great effort on my part to finally get everything in his hot crevice, all three and a half inches of worth of finger. When I was finally able to break into it, his legs began to jerk wildly. Within a few furious moments, I could feel something warm flowing freely out of his great tower. I grinned as I thought. “Finally, this young boy is now ready for me”

Slowly, I returned back to surface level, gasping, only to find Gavin dumbfounded and thunderstricken. “Now my sweet Gavin, it’s my turn.” I gazed my prize’s eyes and continued. “I will have you.”

“What are you doing.” Wary, he inquired still having that sweet innocent look.

“Something that you had achingly need, Gavin.” I told him, as my stare penetrated his soul. “Today, Gavin, I will make you a man.”

Fear and intrigue was written all over his face. I turned him around and let him faced the boulder. I whispered to his ear. “Hang on to rocks tightly, Gavin, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.”

Still in my hand, I pushed his black trunks in his mouth and corrupted his asshole with my huge dong. As I pierced and entered him, I could feel him tremble and shake violently. He hit his head on the rock a couple of times to dull the intensity and gravity of the pain. His face winced with sweet agony as I continued to push my eight-incher up inside his bowels. “Do you like that, Gavin”

He nodded.

“Do you want more, Gavin!”

He nodded.

Without further ado, I went to hyperdrive: pushing, puncturing and pounding him with all my might. I could see the tears of pleasure and pain flowing down his checks. Ecstasy was the only emotion I could read from this young man’s face. For about what seemed like an eternity, I thrashed Gavin’s ass, beating and grinding it to a pulp. Pumping like doomsday’s coming, I could only hear him grunt and snort and moan and groan and cry with ecstatic yelps. My god, this guy is making me even lustful and carnal by the second.

Then I feel it was time. I whispered to his ear after giving it a lick or two. “I’m coming Gavin. Do you want me to come inside you, Gavin?”

He nodded obediently.

“That’s being a good boy, Gavin.” I then continued to pound him for a couple of times then, with a low grunt, I gave him all that I had. One shot, two shots, three shots, five shots, eight,... then, again, who was counting.

After some heavy breathing and panting and eternity of lust, it was done. Gavin rubbed his smooth cheek on mine as I lick his ears. I pulled his trunks from this mouth. He then gasped for some air and said, smiling. “You are my first. And I don’t know if I would ever be satisfied with my second...”

“Want to do it again?” I smiled.

“Maybe later, after my ass stops hurting.” He winced, though still smiling. “Thank you.”

“The pleasure was all...” I grinned. “ours.”

I pulled myself from his tight dark hole and helped him get back into his black speedos. Slowly, we joined the crowd on the shallow vicinity of the beach and, then, we swam to back to the waterfront. When we got back to our table, we dried ourselves with some towels and put our clothes back on. As we went entered the back of the hotel, he told me. “I would love to see you again.”

“I would love that, too.” I replied. “Maybe we could have dinner tomorrow?”

“No, I mean really soon.” He repeated, giving me an impish grin. “Like right now, in your room.”

“How quick you can recover!!!” I rolled my eyes and said. “Unfortunately, your blunder earlier gave me an unscheduled roommate. And he happens to be straight, sooo....”

“I’m sorry about that.” He smiled sheepishly, then scratching his head. He, then added, trying to hide his feeling of dejection with a pale smile. “I guess that will be dinner tomorrow then.”

“Then dinner it is.” I smiled. Encouraging him for his infamous grin, I coaxed. “Come on, Gavin! You can do better than that,... come on and give me a smile. You can do it, give it to me, show that smile”

Finally, Gavin gave me a priceless smile before we parted. I started to walk away, then he pulled me back and embraced me tightly. With his very soft and low velvety voice, Gavin murmured. “Chip, I love you so much...”

I could say nothing. I didn’t say anything and I just headed to the elevator.

I went up the elevator and entered my room. After opening the doors of my room, I shouted. “Ronan, are you there?”

“I’m in here, I’m taking a bath.” He called out from the washroom. “Oh, there’s a bottle of Dom Perignon on the table in the receiving area. Management said that it was there way of apologizing for the fiasco earlier.”

“Really? That was very nice of them.” Not really listening to what Ronan said, I replied absently. Then I asked him. “Ronan, are you almost done bathing? I need to have a bath soon, just came from the beach and I need to wash the sand, humidity and brine away.”

“Almost done.” He replied. “Just wiping myself.”

“Good!” I said as I entered the walk-in closet.

What I saw in the closet simply aghast the hell out of me! The entire cabinet was in total disarray and in utter disorder. My once-neatly arranged clothes are now pushed and piled up in one corner. The rest of my things were just cluttered in all direction, some on the shelves and others were on the floor. Fuming, I stormed out of the closet and headed to the bathroom door. In place of my clothes were his bags and clothes.


The door swung opened and Ronan came out with just a not-so-wide, white cotton towel loosely and dangerously embracing around his well-chiseled torso, not too muscled up but his abs were just to die for. His broad chest was covered with very light blond hair, certainly, nothing twinkish or boyish here but all man!

“Gee, I’m so sorry about the closet, Chip.” He said, looking every way apologetic. “But I needed room for my stuff, too.”

“Well you could at least be considerate enough to neatly pile your dump in one clean orderly pile without disturbing my clothes.” I tried to be calm and at the same time avoid staring at his body. “That’s really inconsiderate of you.”

I decided that it’s better that I don’t face him and his torso, or else I won't have enough concentration to win this argument. I walked away to the receiving area and faced towards the couch. Unfortunately, he chased me to the receiving room and still continued to have this debate. “I told you that I am sorry. I will fix it later.”

“NO!!! FIX THEM NOW!” I ordered him. Hey, it’s my reason to avoid seeing him in all of his near-naked glory. “I SAID GO AND FIX THEM NOW OR I AM GOING TO THROW YOU OUT OF THIS ROOM.”


“Bitchy??!!! BITCHY!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!” I pulled his hand to get his grip off his arm. He had a powerful grip but I was more forceful. “LET ME GO, YOU FUCKING IDIOT.”


Again, he grabbed my arm. “I SAID LET ME GO, MR. KEATING OR I WILL CALL...”


In our scuffle, I accidentally pulled the towel off his body, now leaving him in all but his naked glory. And when I said ‘GLORY’, it was perfectly a sight to behold. His long well-muscled legs met where an incredibly big, thick stick and two absolutely large balls hang.

“I WILL CALL THE MANAGER TO HAVE THROWN OUT OF THE HOTEL, YOU PERVERT!” I shouted at Ronan but still staring at his dick, flushing and blushing. “YOU’RE A SICKO, RONAN! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!”

I was finally able to tear my eyes off from that magnificent sight and stared at his now-grinning face. “What the hell are you smirking for?!” I flushed in embarrassment. “Why the hell are you smiling like a derange hyena, you idiot!”

“I said what the hell are you smiling at, moron.” I angrily but firmly said. “Ronan, I am warning you, stop that! STOP STARING AT ME!!!”

“WIPE THAT LOOK OFF YOUR FACE!!!” With all my might, emotion, and fury rolled into one ball of anger, I screamed at him. “STOP SMILING AT ME!!!”

Like an Egyptian Sphinx, his smile still transfixed on his face. For whatever enigmatic, perverted or just plain bizarre reason he had, Ronan’s smile stayed fixed on his face. He was scaring me. I lifted my hand and balled it into a fist. I threw him a powerful punch but Ronan caught my clenched hand with a grip.

Then without any given warning, he grabbed my face and pulled me forcefully, closer to him and gave me a very long, passionate and intense kiss!

He kissed me...


- - -   t o   b e   c o n t i n u e d   - - -


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