Love Me For A Reason
J o n a t h a n   A n d r e w   Y b a n e z


This is another installment of LOVE ME FOR A REASON, a story about boy band BOYZONE MEMBER, RONAN KEATING. I would like to remind you that this is just a part of the imagination of the author and none of these events ever happen. Any similarity between events in the story and situations in somebody else's life is purely and absolutely coincidental, accidental or, just simply, impossible. This story doesn't state anything about RONAN KEATING's sexuality, implicitly or explicitly. Remember this is just a story based totally on the imagination of the author.

If you are a minor, you know the rules. Please don't read this and find something more suitable for you age. But if you reach the age of majority, you can come back. If you're a bigot who just wandered here by mistake, you are allowed to stay. I would like to request you, however, to please keep an open mind.

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Love Me For A Reason
Jonathan Andrew Ybanez

C h a p t e r   5


He kissed me...

...Ronan kissed me...

…Did he just kiss me?…

Because my mind was still fuzzy from all the sudden turn of event, the breach in my personal space took sometime before that passionate connection between Ronan and me reached and registered in my brain. Still, it took some seconds more before I realized what Ronan was doing to me.

I tried to recount what happened a few moments earlier after I entered my room, before temporary amnesia hit my brain. Still very blurry, I tried to remember what happened... trying hard. I remembered that went up the elevator and entered my room. I remembered that upon opening the doors of my room, I shouted. "Ronan, are you there?"

"I'm in here, I'm taking a bath." I recalled he shouted from the washroom, then, he informed me. "Oh, there's a bottle of Dom Perignon on the table in the receiving area. Management said that it was there way of apologizing for the fiasco earlier."

"Really? That was very nice of them." I did not really listen to what Ronan said, so I replied him absently. Then, I remembered asking him. "Ronan, are you almost done bathing? I need to have a bath soon, just came from the beach and I need to wash the sand, humidity and brine away."

"Almost done." That was his reply. "Just wiping myself."

"Good!" I said as I entered the walk-in closet. 

I remembered feeling so aghast when I saw the entire mess in the closet. I had remembered mess in the clothes cabinet. Seeing my once-neatly arranged clothes, things and bags now cluttered in all direction, from the shelves to the floor simply drove me to madness. I remembered that I abruptly and furiously stormed out of the closet and headed to the bathroom door.


Then, the door opened with Ronan wearing only a rather flimsy white cotton towel loosely and dangerously wrapped around his well-chiseled torso. With his body, he could have been the model of Michelangelo's David, not too much muscle but enough to double as a washboard. His broad chest was covered with very sparse dirty blond hair. In a sense, he was more than a man. Ronan Keating is a god.

"Gee, I'm so sorry about the closet, Chip." He said. I remembered the genuine apologetic look on his face. "But I needed room for my stuff, too."

"Well you could at least be considerate enough to neatly pile your dump in one clean orderly pile without disturbing my clothes." Calmly, I explained to him my side trying hard to avoid staring at his body. "That's really inconsiderate of you."

I remembered going to the receiving room to avoid staring at his near naked body. To win my debate with him, I recalled facing at the couch, concentrating on my case and not on his taut body. Then I recollected that he chased me to the receiving room and still continued to have this verbal match.

"I told you that I am sorry. I will fix it later." He argued

"NO!!! FIX THEM NOW!" I recalled ordering Ronan, partly to avoid seeing him in all of his near-naked glory. "I SAID GO AND FIX THEM NOW OR I AM GOING TO THROW YOU OUT OF THIS ROOM."

"HEY, NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME!" He was angry now, he shouted with such a fury. I remembered how he forcefully pulled me to face him. "YOU SAID ABOUT ME BEING INCOSIDERATE. HOW ABOUT YOU, CHIP? DID ANYBODY TELL YOU HOW BITCHY YOU REALLY ARE!"

"Bitchy??!!! BITCHY!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!" I remember how I shouted fuming. And I also recalled how I pulled his hand to get his grip off his arm. "LET ME GO, YOU FUCKING IDIOT."

"CHIP, YOU LISTEN TO ME." He grabbed me again.



Our fight had become wild, grabbing each other's arm, forcing off each other's grip. In our brawl, I remembered inadvertently pulling the towel off his body, now leaving him in all but his naked glory. The sight was truly something to behold.

"I WILL CALL THE MANAGER TO HAVE THROWN OUT OF THE HOTEL, YOU PERVERT!" I recalled shouting at Ronan but still staring at his dick, flushing and blushing. "YOU'RE A SICKO, RONAN! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!"

With so much force, I was finally able to tear my eyes off from that magnificent sight. I remembered staring at his grinning face. "What the hell are you smirking for?!" I recalled flushing in embarrassment. "Why the hell are you grinning like a derange hyena, you idiot!"

"I said what the hell are you smiling at, moron." I angrily but firmly ordered him to answer me. "Ronan, I am warning you, stop that! STOP STARING AT ME!!!"

Then with all my might, emotion, and fury rolled into one ball of anger, I screamed at him. "STOP SMILING AT ME!!!"

His enigmatic sphinx-like smile still transfixed on his face. I remembered how the fear crept up my spine and the goose bumps ran across and covered every square inch of my skin. I ordered him to stop but he just kept on smiling. I remembered having lifted my hand and balled it into a fist. I remembered throwing him a powerful punch but Ronan caught my clenched hand with a tight grip.

Then without any given warning, I remembered how he passionately grabbed my face and pulled me forcefully, closer to him and gave me a very long, burning and intense kiss!

He kissed me...

Then it dawned on me. Ronan kissed me.

He kissed me...



Waving my arms wildly and trying hard to get away from him, I pushed him aside and broke the powerful and passionate kiss. Immediately the moment after I got away from his tight clutches, I slapped him hard. "FRESH!!!" I struck him hard across his face as I shouted with rage. "PERVERT!!!"

"HOW DARE YOU, YOU THICK-FACED DEPRAVED SICKO!!!" I screamed and hissed like an incensed banshee. My eyes were now flashing angrily in full fury. "HOW DARE YOU KISS ME! HOW DARE YOU!!!"

Ronan looked shocked himself. Except for that one certain emotion, his face was absent of all empathy though his eyes did say it all. It spelled out an amalgamation of confusion, fear, awe and bewilderment. Still very much angry at him, not only did I demand justice, I seek to extract revenge. I could sense his fear. His terror was so great that I could smell its sweet savory aroma as well as taste its rich mouth-watering texture.

I advanced towards Ronan, as a tiger would approach his prey: slow, calculating and deliberate. As I moved forward towards him, knitted brows, clenched fist, pursed lips and everything, he carefully and slowly moved backwards, anxious to get away from me, fearful of what I might do to him.

Desperately and defensively, Ronan was trying to find a way,... Like a small animal avoiding his predator, He was searching for an escape route without turning his back towards me. Still facing me, he gradually started to move away from me, heading towards the lobby. Nearing the main door, he made a quick glance for his exit.

...BIG MISTAKE!!!...

Sensing this would be my ultimate chance; I briskly moved to make my strike. With one swift but smooth motion, I darted toward Ronan and caught my prize by his dirty blonde wavy locks. He tried to scream. He tried to get away from me but to no avail. Ronan is mine and I am victorious. I was able to grab his head and return to his lips with a smoldering, intense kiss,... something that he wouldn't and won't forget for this lifetime,... or the very next.

At first, he resisted and tried to push me away. He jerked and trashed his arms savagely. After his violent movement began to subside, he began moving in an awkward twitch. But in the end, Ronan melted like velvety chocolate in my mouth. Closing his eyes, he became silly putty in my hand, something I could manipulate with so much ease, with so little effort and with so little of a resistance.

Pursing a duel of tongues between him and me, Ronan moaned loudly and became lost in sweet rapture, forsaking all his present thoughts, surrendering everything, from his body to his very immortal soul, to me and me alone. Midway, I broke away from the kiss and gave him another sharp slap across his face, this time, it was even harder and more forceful than the last one.

"HEY!!!" He winced in pain, as he rubbed his cheeks. They had turned from youthful light pink to deep painful blush. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT!!! WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE HIT ME TWICE. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KISS ME, THEN DON'T JUST DON'T SLAP ME TWICE!!!"

"That's so you won't forget this,..." I narrowed my eyes. "...Ever!"

With the ferocity of a savage tiger, I pounced on top of him. He lost his balance, and we tumbled on the floor of the receiving room. After a few moments of rolling around on the carpeted floor, I ending up on top of Ronan, still very much in control of the situation. I sat on top of his broad, sparsely hairy chest and, then, tore off the tank top off my body. He reached to touch my face and shoulder. His left hand reached to my nipple and twisted it.

I moaned and I groaned.

His right hand reached into my full lips and stuck his middle finger into my mouth. I licked it and suck it as I continued to stare into his eyes, much to his arousal. This only made his shaft even harder, very much to my delight.

I reached down and grabbed his very long man meat. "Ohhhh,... This is going to be painful." Rubbing his manhood up and down, I groaned. I, then, said to him with a naughty wink. "How do you want me to want you, handsome? Do you want your telephone pole up my ass?"

Nodding, Ronan gave me a very crooked grin, and a very sexy one at that.

"Oh, I think you would definitely want that! But first,..." I said as I continued to stare erotically at his eyes. Giving him a cute and playful laugh and throwing my head back with such an over-dramatic, nevertheless, arousing grace, I told him. "But first, there is something that I have to do!"

Growling, I directly went to his sweet tender lips and kissed him passionately. Slowly, I went lower and bit his neck passionately, as Ronan ran his fingers on my, now messy, hair. My lips migrating further south and reached his delectable looking nipples. I worked on them a bit for a while. I suckled on them, tongue them, and gave them some sweet torture. When I heard him moan with sinful delight, I decided I should move on. Moving downward, I reached his navel. Eating it out hard, I tickled and nibbled it with my tongue while running my hands on his sides, moving them with a teasingly light touch. This only bothered him even more, making his hot and wet at least.

After hearing him groaning loudly with pleasure, I decided to go even further south. After a slow descent, I finally reached his equator. Ronan's engorged shaft was nothing I've ever encountered before. At the height of its full strength, it stood proud, hard and strong around eight inches in length. I definitely had trouble putting my fingers around it.

As I jacked it tightly with my fist, with a little bit trouble of course, I sighed. "Blessed be!!!" I sang my ode to his angry manhood. "Praise God for the Irish!!!"

Giving his burning manhood my full and undivided attention, I gave it a light licking on its head, teasing it, nibbling it, and taunting it with my teeth. Just when I thought it wouldn't get any angrier, his dong burned up in full fury, turning from a delicate pink to a furious shade of magenta. Without further ado, I immediately dived right in. Tonguing its full length, I went up and down the entire eight inches of prime beef. He gasped as he grabbed my head and took control of it.

Pushing it deep into his groin, he fucked my face wildly. Grinding and burying my head, I nearly gagged if I didn't have control over my throat muscles. He started to moan like a mad man, pushed my head in place as he lifted his loins off the ground, his heels dug forcefully into the floor. Holding my head in place, Ronan just pushed himself up and down.

Devastating and ravaging my mouth with his frenzied actions, I could do nothing but oblige to Ronan's demands and, maybe, breathe through my ears. I tried my best to pull myself away from his clutches, but to no avail, his grip was too forceful. And then without any warning he came all over my mouth, filling my entire orifice with his crème de homme. After around seven shots of man juice, he let me go and I was able to inhale and exhale deeply without any hitch. I gasped hard as Ronan's spunk began dripping out of the corners of my mouth.

Lifting my head slowly and ever so coyly, I could see his ecstatic face shining radiantly. As he stared right back at me, Ronan pulled my head close to his and started to lick my face, kissing my lips, tasting his very own honey from my very mouth. The kiss was passionate and flaming, it was fiery and afire. After a quick but frenzied battle of our tongues, I stood up from on top of him and pulled him across the receiving room. I went and knelt on top of the black suede couch. I lifted my ass gently and spread my cheeks.

I peered over my shoulder and asked Ronan challengingly. "And what are you waiting for? An engraved invitation..."

He didn't need to be asked twice after that. He came to me, walking at a very slow but sexy pace. This time he was the predator, Ronan was the attacker. Ronan approached me calmly and deliberately. He positioned himself behind me and disturbed my very person, violated my entire body with his solid eight-inch dagger. He stabbed me hard and he stabbed me good.

I thought that my asshole was going to rip apart like delicate lace. The burning feeling of my ass drove me to near insanity. It was painful,... but I loved the pain, it was searing, it was delicious, it was torture,... it was sweet. I dug my nails into the suede material while Ronan continued to rhythmically ram me down with his mast with mad abandon.

Without any warning, he stopped. Abruptly, Ronan ceased and pulled out his long steel-like cock from my hungry hole. He turned me over and lifted my legs up in the air. Then, he continued from there, screwing me savagely. Ronan fucked me, pursuing the untamed pace of the violin solo of Vivaldi's Four Season, however, with the same artistic and fluid motion. I moaned and groaned like never before,... While Ronan grunted like a crazed bull, I was mumbling something, even I couldn't understand.

"OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!... MMMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!... GOD!!!..." He shouted as he burst inside me.

I could feel his warm juice flowing and filling my entire anal crevice. Ronan fell on top of me, rubbing his face on my smooth chest. He came closer to my face and kissed me lovingly. He ran his face against mine, licking every square inch of my face. Ronan pulled out his manhood off my ass and his jizz just free-flowed out my crack and dripped on the couch.

"Management is going to give us hell for that stain." I quipped.

"They will, won't they?..." he said as he tried to speak between heavy breath. "Do you think we could do that again?"

"Maybe sometime later, once my asshole goes back to normal..."

Ronan ran his fingers on my chest, playing with my nipples as he slowly closed his eyes. I stayed on the couch with Ronan, relinquishing the somewhat fleeting moment, just watching him as he peacefully descended to his slumber. When he started to snore, I stood up from the couch and carried him off to the bedroom. There, I placed him on the bed, after which I took off the bedspread. I positioned him properly, and placed a fluffy pillow under his head. I, then, just gazed on the beauty lying on my bed.

"You look just so adorable and innocent when you are asleep,..." Smiling, I whispered to his ears. "And when you're not, you're just the devil himself."

I pulled the quilt over him to cover his perfectly naked body and tuck the corners. As I kissed him on the forehead, I said to him. "Good night Ronan..."

That was when I heard him muttered. "...mum, is that you?"

"...mum, I missed you..." He continued to talk in his sleep. "...don't leave me mum..."

I could only look at the sleeping Ronan as a tear trickled down his cheeks. I sat on the bed for a moment and just looked at him, wondering what on earth was wrong with him. He looks so serene as he lain on the bed but the was something that was making him sad. I lingered on the bed a little longer as I continued to watch him. Then I stood up and head for the living room area. I took some tissue paper to wipe the wet spot off the couch.

A few minutes later I found myself lying on my warm foamy bubble bath. I was deeply thinking on what just happened this afternoon. The tub was filled to the brim, I soaked myself to relieve my tensed up muscles and aching asshole of their pain. "Of all the strangest and most bizarre events that happened to me lately," I thought to myself, as I, once again, played with the bubbles. "This particular incident takes the entire cake."

"Isn't he just strange?..." I continued thinking, still playing with the bubbles. I found bursting them quite therapeutic. "I wonder what happened? Why did he call out his mother and asking her not to leave him..."

"Should I try to find out about it?..." Still, I thought. "Maybe I should but,... I don't want to be too nosy..."

I scoop out a handful of bubbles and toyed with it. When I thought that I have enough with the bubbles, I squished them all by smashing my hands together, bursting them all in one loud and wet splat!!! I unplugged the bathtub and stood up. I wiped off the excess water off my hair and body. I reached out for the blue cotton bathrobe hanging nearby. Putting the bathrobe on, I got out of the bathroom and went to the walk-in closet.

As I entered the cabinet, I got the second shock of the day. After the very passionate adulterous act I had this afternoon, I had forgotten the mess, the one that Ronan had earlier made. "Boys, boys, boys,... Even dogs are tidier than they are." I said, sighing loudly. "No matter how cute boys are, I'm never going to have one of them when I get married."

Hearing what I just said, I laughed hysterically.

"What the hell am I talking about!!!" When I finally gotten my composure back, I thought, still giggling. "I can never have kids. That is, of course, if by some sort of bizarre, unholy or just plain unbelievable twist, I'd wake up deciding to be straight.... or become pregnant! That's a laugh."

I started picking up my things off the floor and stacking them all in one neat pile. I arranged my things the way they were before Hurricane Ronan hit ground zero. After I finished putting things into order and clearing my shirt and folding pants away, I noticed Ronan's leather binder on one of the shelves. I know I shouldn't touch it but....

I, immediately, rushed over to the shelf and unzipped the leather binder. Searching through every nook and cranny, I carefully examined all the papers. After digging through all of his travel document, passport and British Airways Plane ticket, I came across a picture of a beautiful young blonde lady with some message on the back. It said. 'Meet me in Nevis and St. Kitts. Love you, Yvonne...'

Another picture of Ronan with four other boys of which I assumed this was Boyzone, the boy group he was talking about. Studying the picture carefully, I took note of the little dark-haired guy. I thought to myself. "Nice eyes, great smile, He's cute, in fact very cute!... He's a bit short but cute, nevertheless."

Inside a hidden pocket the back of the binder, I was able to locate a handsome picture of an attractive middle-age lady sitting on a sedan chair with Ronan embracing her from behind. On the back, an inscription, written in black ink. 'Whatever you touch will turn to gold, whatever you want, you will do it... Marie Keating'. Still on the reverse side of the picture, on the bottom a date was written in blue ink and a different handwriting 'for the memory of February 2, 1998'.

Marie Keating must be Ronan's mother.

But what happened on February 2, 1998

Filled with great desire to dig out any information, I carefully placed the pictures back in the binder and arranged the documents as they were before. Immediately I finished organized Ronan's things, I went to the office and connected with the World Wide Web. I immediately typed Boyzone at Yahoo and waited for a few minutes before a list of websites appeared on the monitor. I found the Official Boyzone Page and instantly clicked on it. As soon as I entered the web page, I click on news and read everything from top to bottom, there was nothing about February 2, 1998 or about Marie Keating.

"Their website absolutely and majorly sucks!!!..." I cursed as I clicked on the back button. "There is simply no information at all. And they call it their 'Official Website'!"

I clicked on the other sites and finally found a website maintained by one of their fans. I clicked on it and reached the FAQ page. I surveyed every question and query of the other Boyzone fans and still, I gathered no information on that certain date or person. I reached the bottom of the page and found out that I could ask any question pertaining to Boyzone. So I quickly typed down...



Hi there!

I was wondering if February 2, 1998 has a specific importance on the life of Ronan Keating. Also, what is Marie Keating relationship to Ronan Keating? I would grateful if you would reply to my email address Thanks you very much for your assistance.

Yours truly,



After clicking on the "send message" button, I shut the computer down. I stood up and left the heavy handsome wooden table. I switched the lights off and I gone out of the office. Letting out a big yawn, I decided that I, too, was still jetlagged from the trip and not to mention I had performed two very strenuous activities this afternoon. So I guess it was off to the land of nod for me, too.

I entered the bedroom and I could still hear Ronan's peaceful sound of slumber. I went over the window and gazed out for a moment looking at afternoon sun still midway from the Caribbean Horizon. I, then, had the curtains drawn. After which, I walked over to the four-poster bed, where the sleeping boy lain peacefully, dreaming of, possibly, sweet dream.

I pulled the curtain-like sheets over the bed and the gauzy cloth came gently falling down, covering the three sides of the bed. I sat on my side of the mattress for a moment as I observed my cherubim. He snored lightly and serenely. I took off the bathrobe that I was wearing and placed it on a nearby chair. Silently, I lifted the bedcovers. Slowly and quietly slipped in between the sheets, not wanting to disturbed my angel.

Lying down on the bed, I emptied my mind, no thoughts at all. After all that happened today, I just wanted to sleep. I hugged Ronan tightly and,... I just hugged him tightly as I've fallen into my own deep sleep.

I just hugged him tightly,... and my mind was enveloped in darkness.

Then, all I could hear was the sound of sleep...


@);-,'-----     @);-,'-----     @);-,'------


I woke up sometime in early evening, possibly 6:00 in the evening. I began running my hand in the other side of the bed, Ronan was not there. I presumed that he already woke up and gone out or something. I opened my eyes and sat up, the room lights were dimmed downed and the curtains had been opened. I stood up and walked towards the direction of the window.

Looking outside, the sun was just about to set in the pink-orange, scarlet horizon, twilight was not really far away. The full moon was coming out, showing its face upon us. Stars started to twinkle in the far expanse of the heavens, though in the far corner of the late afternoon horizon, a cluster of thick clouds formed and rapidly moved to cover the whole sky.

"There is a storm brewing." I told myself, putting my bathrobe back on. Still gazing outside from my bedroom window, I continued. "I wonder if it's going to rain tonight."

As I headed to the bedroom door, I walked on something,... strange,... something cool, smooth and velvety. I looked down and realized that I was stepping on a carpet of yellow rose petals. The rose petals formed a path leading out of the bedroom. Curious, I followed the general direction of the path. It lead me out of the bedroom and it made a turn at the receiving room towards the library. The door to the office was partly opened and bright light flooded out from the crack.

Instinctively, I pushed the door opened still wondering what,… or who, was in there. As I entered the room, I could only gasp in wonder.


- - -   t o   b e   c o n t i n u e d   - - -


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