Love Thru Chat
By Billy Burrew

Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. It does not reflect on the sexual orientations or proclivities of the band members of NSYNC. If it is illegal to view erotic fan fiction in your area or you are under aged or whatever the reason may be, please move on, otherwise....Please read it and enjoy!

Previously on Love Thru Chat

A second later, the waiter dropped the check and Bill grabbed it only to have it snatched out of his hands by Lance.

"Hey!", Bill said, "I was just gonna see how much I owe!"

Lance shook his head and pulled out his credit card, "You cooked this is on me."

Bill rolled his eyes and shook his head as the guys all headed out to the SUV after Lance paid the bill and then headed over to Kinko's.

Chapter 13: Trivial Pursuits

Justin watched in amazement as Bill quickly set up his laptop at Kinko's and began to print off his resume and cover letters. Bill then had them copied onto a nice paperstock and printed out matching envelopes. Minutes later, Bill shut his laptop and mailed off the letters containing the copies of his resume and information to the local prospective companies.

Justin grabbed the originals after Bill got his copies back and read through the letter and resume, amazed at the job skills and employment history of the young man. As Bill paid for his prints, Justin silently folded up the originals and put them in his pants pocket. Justin watched Bill chat with the counter guy at Kinko's and reflected back on his earlier private conversation with him. Justin immediately determined that he would try and be as good a friend to Bill as those that he had lost from DC.

Bill grabbed his laptop and walked back over to the computer area where the guys were sitting.

"You seem to know your way around this place.", Justin smiled.

"Yeah. I do actually. I worked at Kinko's in Georgetown and then set up and opened a super store in MD before I moved to North Carolina. I was the head of the Computer Services and Custom/Business Printing Departments."

"Really?", Lance said, "That's pretty cool!" "Yeah. It was an OK job. Some of the customers are...difficult.", Bill said and the co-worker sitting behind the desk nearest to him snorted loudly.

Bill grinned and looked over to the co-worker who then rolled his eyes and looked back at the monitor in front of him as the guys began to laugh. Bill shook his head and then he and the guys headed back to the SUV.

"So Bill", Justin said as Bill slid into the backseat of the SUV beside him, "Did you wanna just hangout for the rest of the night or did you have any plans or anything?"

Bill thought for a second, "I didn't have anything planned. I was gonna get an idea of what areas were good to live in down here and maybe make up a list of apartments to check out while I am here...but I can do that anytime...hanging out sounds more like a fun plan. What are y'all planning on doing?"

Justin giggled "I don't think "we all" had anything planned, JC? What are you doing?"

JC shrugged, "I was just gonna hang out, maybe see later about goin out and getting a latte or mocha or something at a coffee shop. No plans otherwise."

Lance smiled, "Ahhhh....time off...we get so little of it that when we do have some we don't know what to do with it."

Joey and Chris laughed, "Ain't that the truth???"

Bill smiled, "Yeah...this is the first real vacation I've had in....3 years...well...except for the two weeks I was off when I got my gall bladder out back in October...but that was NO vacation...let me tell ya!"

Justin cringed, "Ow...that sucks!"

"Well...I don't remember much of about 3 days there...I was the proud owner of a button activated morphine drip...and I USED IT!"

"They gave you morphine? Whoa! I thought that was a simple operation nowadays." Chris said wide-eyed.

" would have been, but mine was really infected and full of gall stones...they tried doing it the new less invasive, easy way, but then had to abort that and cut it out of me the old fashioned way." Bill replied as he pulled up his t-shirt and pointed to the 12" scar across the lower right side of his stomach and to the smaller cut below his belly button where the initial attempt had been made.

Chris and Joey looked at the scars in awe while JC and Justin grimaced at the sight of the long purplish scar and its smaller companion.

"Jeez!", JC said, "That even looks painful!"

"It was....I was really touch and go there for a while." Bill said with a frown, "I had gotten sick from the infection and ended up going to the ER with a high fever and some severe abdominal pains. They decided it had to come out, but it took them a few days to get the infection under control enough to then be able to take it out. Then it was almost two weeks of recovery time after the operation. I remember the first day I went back to work. I rushed it and went back about a week and a half after I got out of the hospital. I was in my office and I guess I should have been taking it easy cause the VP of the company came in and told me that I looked like shit and that I really didn't have to work a full day if I wasn't feeling up to it."

JC frowned, "You should have just stayed in bed for a few more days."

"Yeah....well...I was better the next day and I just took it easy from then on and it was some time in mid-December before I was really back to a hundred percent.", Bill said with a shrug.

Justin smiled, "You must like your job."

Bill laughed, "No...I had run out of sick and vacation days."

Lance laughed, "Ah...the truth comes out!"

"Well..yeah...I mean...its an OK job...I like it...but IS adult video. I many pix of women's boobs, genitalia and screwing can you really look at before becoming a bit jaded over it all?"

Joey coughed and wriggled his eyebrows and Chris put his finger to his chin as if to ponder the question.

"'re the exceptions then, Chris and Joey.", Bill laughed as he rolled his eyes, "As for me, when it comes to most things female, I am completely disorientee."

JC , Justin and Lance burst into a fit of giggles at Bill's statement. A minute later, Lance parked the SUV in front of Justin's house and everyone began to get out of the vehicle.

JC walked beside Bill and nudged him as they walked. "Are you having an OK time?"

"Oh yeah!", Bill said with a smile, "I am having the MOST fun!!" JC smiled and then put his arm around Bill's shoulders as they headed into the house.

As Bill and JC entered the kitchen, Justin looked up from where he sat the breakfast table, newspaper in hand as he sat reading through the house for rent classifieds. "Hey guys! I thought I'd help Bill out a little looking at these ads since I know the Orlando area a little better. I've marked a couple of ads here for some apartments and some three bedroom houses."

"Thanks Justin!", Bill said as he sat down beside the curly blond, "When I was in college in DC, two friends of mine and I decided to rent a place. We didn't really know the area too well and it looked good during the day...."

JC began to laugh, "But only during the day?"

Bill nodded, "My one roommate got mugged on the sidewalk out in front of the building. It wasn't a good neighborhood at all."

Justin smiled, "Well...all of these places are in nice areas, or are at least in gated communities."

Bill grinned, "Things like gates and locks only keep out the honest people."

Lance's eyebrows shot up and he nodded his head. "Yeah. When we're on tour people are always getting past our security."

The guys all nodded grimly.

"That's because THEY WUV YOU!", Bill said in a shrill teeny-child-like voice, causing all the guys to giggle. "I don't envy you your lack of privacy at all!", Bill grinned ruefully.

Bill and JC and Justin looked through the properties that Justin had circled and narrowed down the list, citing cost or location. A short while later, they had paired it down to four places.

"Well...that gives me something to do this week.", Bill said as he fetched his datebook from his bag.

"JC...what day did you say you had set up that interview?"

"Now that you're here, and we've all met, I'll call them back and tell them to schedule you in day after tomorrow...tho I have this feeling that you're gonna get a job one way or another."

Bill looked up and frowned slightly, "Huh?"

JC's eyes glimmered and he and the guys all smiled conspiratorially.

"No!", Bill said shaking his head, "If they're gonna hire me, I want them to hire me cause I am qualified, not cause I am a friend of so and so. I have seen what can happen when "friends" get their friends a job. I am flattered that you'd do that for me and all, but I'd really rather you didn't. I can be character references, but don't foist me off on them. I wanna know that my ability got me a job, not who I know."

The look of surprise on the faces of the guys showed that Bill's words were unexpected.

"Really guys.", Bill said, "Do you understand where I am coming from? Are we clear?"

JC nodded and the rest of the guys as well.

Justin reached into his pocket and pulled out the one page of Bill's resume and unfolded it. "I looked over your resume and I know that your qualifications alone should land you a nice job down here with no problems."

The next few hours were spent lounging in the media room watching television and relaxing. Joey suggested that they all play a board game and so they all sat on the floor and played Trivial Pursuit. As the game progressed it was apparent that Chris and Bill were leagues above the rest of the guys as they had collected all but one piece of their respective pies to win.

JC's frustration was apparent as he had only gotten two pie pieces, and one with some not so subtle help from Bill. "Ok...How did you know that? I mean...really....that was like the most trivial bit of crap I have ever heard of!"

Bill grinned as he grabbed the pie piece and dropped it into the remaining area. "That's why its called Trivial Pursuit, babe! I you guys play to see who comes in 2nd, and 3rd."

About ten minutes later, Chris answered his final question correctly and got his last piece of pie, coming in second. Justin succeeded a while later in grabbing 3rd place.

"With age comes wisdom I guess.", Chris said as he came back in to the living room with a tray of sodas.

"Thank God I get something out of aging. I'm already losing ground with my youthful beauty.", Bill replied with a grin.

"Losing ground?", Joey said with a grin, "If that's losing ground, I don't wanna see what it looks like when you finally give up and surrender."

Bill's eyes widened and he smiled, " didn't just go there...Chris, tell me that the cockatoo haired guido with the badly trimmed "it was in style...last year" homo facial growth did not just take me there."

Chris giggled, "Yeah he did. He definitely went there."

Joey smirked, "Well Bill...if its any consolation, you don't look nearly as old as Chris does despite that you're only a year younger."

Bill gasped and turned to Chris whose eyes had narrowed to slits, "! It's time for us old guys to open up the jumbo can of "whoop ass" on you."

Joey rolled his eyes, "Just don't throw your backs out."

Chris yelled out a battle cry and jumped on Joey who easily held the much lighter youth at bay. A second later, though, Joey realized that Chris's attack was a distraction as Bill grabbed Joey's legs and yanked them out from under him, causing the red haired youth to fall backwards with Chris on top. A second later Chris and Bill had flipped Joey on his stomach and Bill had straddled his back and as Chris held Joey's arms, Bill poked Joey lightly in the sides and below his ribs, causing him to laugh hysterically.

"I....I....ehehhhehehe...I'm gonna....STOP....I'm gonna piss myself...hehehehe....please....hehehe!"

"Old, huh? At least we still have control of our bladders." Chris smirked as the two got off the red faced redheaded Italian.

"You're not so on took two of you to take me down.", Joey said with a smile as he sat up. Chris rolled his eyes and Bill stepped forward and offered Joey a hand up.

"I dunno, Joe...I coulda taken ya by myself.", Bill said with a smile. Joey's eyebrow lifted and he grabbed hold of Bill's arm and pulled him down off his feet. A few seconds later, Joey realized his mistake as Bill, obviously having some wrestling background, had Joey pinned in a not too comfortable pretzel-like shape.

"Ow.....damn...what the hell happened?", Joey moaned as Justin laughed and hit the floor beside them with his hand three times in a pretend three-count.

"Oh...I used to wrestle in high school a little.", Bill said with a lewd smile, "You can just imagine how advantageous that kinda knowledge is in the sack."

Chris laughed and Joey groaned as Bill smiled and got up off of Joey, looking over at JC, who was blushing furiously.

Bill then noticed Justin shaking his head as he looked at JC.

"Time for a mocha?", JC asked hopefully.