Love Thru Chat
By Billy Burrew

Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. It does not reflect on the sexual orientations or proclivities of the band members of NSYNC. If it is illegal to view erotic fan fiction in your area or you are under aged or whatever the reason may be, please move on, otherwise....Please read it and enjoy!

Previously on Love Thru Chat

"Ow.....damn...what the hell happened?", Joey moaned as Justin laughed and hit the floor beside them with his hand three times in a pretend three-count.

"Oh...I used to wrestle in high school a little.", Bill said with a lewd smile,

"You can just imagine how advantageous this kinda knowledge is in the sack. Chris laughed and Joey groaned as Bill smiled and got up off of Joey, looking over at JC, who was blushing furiously.

He then noticed Justin shaking his head as he looked at JC.

"Time for a mocha?", JC asked hopefully.

Chapter 14: Coffee Talk

"Mmmmm....a mocha...", Bill said with a smile. "Caffeine is my friend! Lemme go hit the bathroom real quick allergies are acting up on me and I am gonna go take my medication."

As Bill headed up the stairs to the bathroom, Justin turned and raised his eyebrow as he glared at JC.

"Mocha, huh?", Justin grinned maliciously, "That does sound like a tempting offer."

JC began to squirm a little as he thought of a way to ask the guys to bow out so that he could have some time alone with Bill.

"Ummm...yeah", JC said a minute later as a look of defeat crossed over his face, "You coming?" Justin shook his head and grinned,

"Nope...I was just messin' with ya...Scoop and I are gonna go out and grab a smoothie tho...its too late for some of us to have coffee...or we'll be up all night.", Justin replied with a grin.

Lance nodded sagely, "Caffeine makes me piss like a racehorse...and I'd be in the bathroom half the night if I drank some mochas now."

Joey and Chris shook their heads also, "We are gonna fire up his laptop and read those chapters."

JC's face brightened as he realized his friends weren't gonna feel left out if he spent time with Bill "Thanks guys....I owe you one."

Lance grinned as he saw Bill walking back down the stairs, "Yeah? You'll just have to name your kids after us."

JC blushed slightly and walked over to grab the keys to his jeep and then turned to Bill.

"Ready to go?", JC inquired.

"Yep. Who's all going?", Bill said with a smile.

"Just us. Lance and Justin are heading to the smoothie bar and Chris and Joey are gonna stay here and read through your stories on your laptop."

"OK.", Bill smiled, "Lead on....let's get this show on the road." JC and Bill sat on the bench outside the coffee shop as they consumed their respective beverages.

JC had gotten an extra large iced mocha and Bill had gotten a chocolate mocha ice cream shake. JC eyed the drink conspicuously as the lady made it. Bill smiled and grabbed an extra spoon and gave JC a taste after they settled in on the bench. JC nodded as he ate the spoonful of the rich shake, deciding that he'd have to get one of his own next time he was there.

"You're really lucky, you know that?", Bill said suddenly, breaking the moment of comfortable silence they had been enjoying.

"Yeah.", JC smiled, "My career, my life...I've been blessed."

"Yeah...", Bill grinned, "You got some great friends're a pretty awesome bunch of people."

JC smiled, "So you like my friends?"

"They're pretty cool.", Bill smiled, "You can tell you're like brothers to each other."

"Yeah.", JC nodded, "We're a pretty tight group. We look out for each other." Bill giggled as JC walked right into saying what Bill had thought he would say,

"As I said, I can tell...what with Justin and Lance doing their best "Man from UNCLE" impersonations over there, crouching behind that BMW and in those bushes over there like that...don't turn around too quick JC....just casually turn and keep talking to me.

JC's eyes widened and he shook his head, "Sometimes they can be a little over-concerned...a little mother hen-like...jeez!"

Bill nodded, "Better that than them not take notice of you at all."

JC agreed then leaned over to Bill, "Go ahead...wave at them, do something...let's bust up this espionage mission now before we start laughing again."

Bill giggled and leaned next to JC's ear and whispered a plan to him...a second later JC began to giggle as well and he nodded, then they both got up and walked over to the trash to throw away their empty containers. JC looked at Bill and nodded then began to speak loudly and clearly,

" that's a great idea about having a contest where the winner gets to determining the cut and style of Justin's hair. I mean...he's really been letting it go lately....I had to laugh when you said that some people on the message boards had taken to calling him a "washed up 19 year old scrub". I hope they pick someone with some fashion sense. He looked good when he had it short and bleached on top. Now...he just looks like he got lost in some 70's ghetto thrift shop."

Bill's stomach flexed almost noticeably as he tried to hold in his laughter. "Yeah...he used to be such a yummy...but that he's let himself go at least Lance is getting more attention....he needs can barely hear him sing on some of the tracks....but now that he's gonna be the second hottest looking member of the band, things will change for him...and people will stop following him around singing that god-awful song."

JC looked at Bill curiously then replied, "What song?" Bill tuned out of sight of Lance and smiled, "That Poofu Song they sing around him...hopefully his fame in NSYNC will be enough to erase the bad memory of Poofu The Dog, aka our boy Lance Bass."

JC giggled and shook his head, "Naah. Prolly not. I am gonna have to learn that song just to irk does it go again?"

Bill smiled evilly and turned to stand beside the bush where Lance had hid behind, " goes like this...Poofu...Poofu where are you? Please come out...."

The rest of the song was cut off as Lance stood up suddenly behind Bill and clapped his hand over Bill's mouth, muffling the conclusion.

"OK...Allright...that's enough!", Lance groused in mock irritation, "I'm caught! You found me...just never sing that song in public ever again! I just hate that I did that retarded dog skit when I was young."

Bill pulled away from Lance as he and JC began to giggle hysterically.

"Um....Justin... 'I SPY' is can come out from behind that clever hiding spot. I would never have guessed it was your blond afro sticking up over the hood of that BMW.", JC said sarcastically.

Justin stood up and huffed at being caught so red-handed, then recalled JC and Bill's earlier conversation. "And let me tell you something...there ain't no way in HELL some fan is gonna get to do my hair...I am gonna have to call Jive myself and squash that promotion ASAP. And what the HELL do you mean 'scrub"? I AM NOT A SCRUB! I look good!"

Bill just shook his head and laughed, "Your hair looks like the loofah I use in the shower, there afro-boy."

Justin frowned, "What about corn rows? I could get my hair in braids like..."

"HELL NO!", JC and Bill yelled at once.

Justin smirked at the reaction of the two men and nodded, "Yep...that's definitely what I am gonna do then!"

"So how were your SMOOTHIES?", JC questioned wryly, knowing full well that they hadn't gotten anything.

"Um.....the smoothie place was thought we'd just get something here.", Justin said meekly.

"Really....they're serving drinks over there in the bushes? Now THAT is what I call 110% customer service.", Bill giggled.

Lance blushed and Justin looked down at his feet.

"Well...Lance.", Bill smiled, "Why don't you and Justin go get you something to drink and then we can sit and talk." JC shot Bill a concerned look. Bill brushed it off with a smile and a wink. Justin and Lance nodded and walked into the coffeeshop to order their drinks.

"Why did you do that? This was supposed to be our time to chat together."

Bill smiled, "Cause there's something here that is more than what is plain to see....knowhatImean Vern?"

JC shook his head, "Nope...not a clue...what the hell are you talking about?" Bill rolled his eyes and smiled,

"There's something here that I can't quite put my finger on...with Justin. Just go with me here...and when I figure it out, I'll tell ya, OK?"

JC nodded as Justin and Lance walked out of the coffeeshop and rejoined the two on the benches.

"So what were y'all chatting about?", Justin said as he took a big gulp of his coffee.

"Sex", JC said without blinking an eye, "I was saying that I prefer to be the topman, but I can be versatile for the right guy....and that, you know, I am not a size queen."

Justin gagged and coughed in response to JC's words, and the coffee that had been traveling down his esophagus shot back up and out through his nose.

Bill and JC began to laugh hysterically as they watched Justin shoot coffee out of his nose.

Lance grabbed a napkin and handed it to Justin, pounding him on the back to stop his coughing fit.

"That was so wrong!", Justin said a moment later, his voice a mixture of amusement and embarrassment.

"Sorry Justin", JC smiled, "I didn't realize you'd react so strongly to it."

Bill smiled and offered another napkin to the curly haired blond as he blew out the remains of the coffee from his sinuses. Justin shook his head and then grabbed his coffee from the table and cautiously took another sip of it.

Bill smiled evilly, "It could have been worse, he could have said he was a big ole screaming bottom, you know."

Justin smiled and gulped down the mouthful of coffee and shook his head, "Good try...but I am not gonna repeat that again tonight."

Bill got up and put his hand in his pants pocket. "I am gonna get another drink. JC, you want one too?" JC nodded and Bill set off into the coffeehouse to get the drinks.

Justin turned to JC and looked at him and rolled his eyes. "Topman? Oh yeah! RIGHT!"

JC blushed a deep red as he sat quietly, unable to come back with anything to say. For several moments the two just stared at each other.

"Ahem", Lance said smiliing at the two friends as they stared at each other as he stood up, "I am gonna go see if Bill needs any help."

JC and Justin turned as one and watched Lance turn and enter the coffee shop, then turned back towards each other and continued their staring war.

"What?", JC said as the uncomfortable silence descended upon them again and the intensity of the stare increased. Justin shook his head slightly, then leaned over to JC and kissed him passionately on the lips.

Lance walked into the coffee shop and stood in line behind Bill.

"So whatcha gonna get Lance?", Bill smiled.

"HEY!", Lance uttered, "How did you know I was behind you?"

"I saw your reflection in the glass of the dessert case." Bill smiled and turned to face the smaller blond.

"I was thinking of getting a mocha shake." Lance said with a smile, "I heard you say it was pretty good."

"Mmmm...", Bill smiled, "It is. I'd have another one, but I'd be up all night from the caffeine overload."

"So what are you gonna have?", Lance sniffed.

"Ah.....I am thinking Chamomile tea with honey.", Bill said, "I love tea and that'll get me all drowsy and ready for bed." Lance nodded and then the two boys got into a discussion of teas as it was a favorite drink of both boys. They finally reached the counter and ordered their drinks. A short time later, with drinks in hand, the two headed back outside to the benches.

As they turned the corner Justin flew through the doors and slammed into Bill, knocking him to the floor, the force of the impact knocking the drinks all over him. Justin looked down with tears in his eyes and then bolted for the exit.

"Justin!", JC cried out as he ran inside the coffee shop. JC looked down at Bill who was sitting up, staring down at the front of his clothes, which were totally soaked with a mix of tea and coffee and then over to Lance who stood dumbfounded, staring down at Bill.

"What just happened?", Bill said.

"Uh.....I can't explain it...I've gotta go find Justin. Lance...can you take Bill....?"

"Yeah problem.", Lance replied, then smiled down at Bill, offering him a hand-up.

Bill stood up and walked over to the restroom quickly closing the door behind him. Lance shook his head and sipped his shake. A few minutes later, Lance looked up as Bill re-emerged from the restroom and walked over to meet up with him.

"Something to drink?", Lance asked with a half smile. Bill giggled and responded in a drunk cartoon voice, "No more for me thanks...I'm driving!".

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