Love Thru Chat
By Billy Burrew

Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. It does not reflect on the sexual orientations or proclivities of the band members of NSYNC. If it is illegal to view erotic fan fiction in your area or you are under aged or whatever the reason may be, please move on, otherwise....Please read it and enjoy!

Previously on Love Thru Chat

Bill stood up and walked over to the restroom quickly closing the door behind him. Lance shook his head and sipped his shake. A few minutes later, Lance looked up as Bill re-emerged from the restroom and walked over to meet up with him. "Something to drink?", Lance asked with a half smile. Bill giggled and responded in a drunk cartoon voice, "No more for me thanks <hiccup>...I'm driving!"

Chapter 15: Albino Bonding Time and Other Strange Nonesuch

Lance laughed and walked Bill out to his Durango, then chatted amicably as they drove.

"So where are we heading to now.", Lance smiled.

"We are heading back to drop me off at my hotel. I think it's best that I just stay around my place tonight and get prepared for doing some interviews and looking at some apartments."

Lance nodded, "Sorry about the whole coffee/Justin/JC thing."

"Accidents happen. I have other clothes I can wear.", Bill said with a shrug.

"Do you mind if I hang out with you a while? Give JC and Justin a chance to get whatever is going on straightened out."

Bill nodded, "Not at all, Lance. I'd love to have some company."

Lance and Bill pulled into the parking lot of the hotel a few moments later and then headed up to Bill's room. Lance smiled as Bill flipped open his suitcase and took out a change of clothes and headed into the bathroom.

A few minutes later, he emerged with a smile. "That's much better!", Bill smiled, "even tho I seemed to wear coffee well....I prefer my clothes without."

Lance chuckled, "So what did you wanna do? I just realized that your laptop is back at Justin's house."

"Oh.", Bill said, his eyebrow raising up thought, "let's just hang out then and talk for a while and watch a movie."

Lance smiled as Bill grabbed a pillow off the top of the bed and lay down on it on his side beside him, positioning himself eye to eye with him.

"So...what DID happen at the coffeehouse tonight do you think?"

Lance shook his head, "I have no idea. Justin looked like a scared deer and JC looked just as bad."

"So...he finally kissed him, huh?"

Lance's eyes widened, "What?"

"Justin kinda was acting funny, I least that is what JC had said. My guess is that Justin has had feelings for JC and now that everyone's sexuality is out in the open, he decided to act on them."

Lance's eyes widened and his head tipped backwards as he pondered the idea. "That would certainly explain Justin's actions and behaviors...but what about JC?"

Bill shook his head, "I am not totally sure....tho my guess would be that he didn't have ANY clue and Justin totally surprised and shocked him."

Lance nodded, "I'd say so. That'd shock the hell outta me too!"

"Well...I hope it works itself out in the end. Those guys seem too tight to have anything come between them.", Bill said.

Lance nodded, "So tell me more about you. I feel like I know you...but I don't know you."

Bill smiled, "That's cause you just met me yesterday. Well...I grew up in...." Bill proceeded to relate the facts of his childhood and adult life up to the present time to a captivated Lance.

"So are you ever gonna use your degree?", Lance asked. Bill shrugged, "I dunno. Maybe one day, I'll wake up and say, I feel like going back and doing that again. Right now, tho, I am happy working in graphic design."

Lance nodded, "Your stuff looks really awesome. I don't think you'll have a problem getting a job down here. I think Jive will prolly hire you, even without our influence."

"That would be nice. That kind of a job would give me an opportunity to try out new looks that I wouldn't have used in my older stuff."

"So. How do you like Orlando so far?", Lance smiled.

Bill nodded, "I like it a lot actually. It seems that in the two days I've been here, I've met and become friends with more people than I did the entire time I've lived in North Carolina."

Lance's eyes widened, "Wow! Why is that? You seem really friendly."

"I've really gotten kinda shy, I guess.", Bill said with a shrug, "I used to have a lot of friends in college. I was really outgoing and gregarious...but not really anymore.

When I left DC, I kinda lost touch with all my friends there, except my one best friend, and he died very unexpectedly last year."

"Oh...I'm so sorry to hear that.", Lance said with a sad expression.

"Don't sweat it. So I guess that since he died, I just haven't gone outta my way to make friends."

Lance put his hand on Bill's back. "I am glad I met you, you've done so much to really get everything out in the open for us and get us all back to being totally up front with each other."

Bill smiled, "That's the funny part, I didn't do anything. You guys just started talking to each other. That is really what was important...that you guys are able to communicate the really important things to each other."

Lance nodded then grabbed Bill into a hug, "Thank-you anyways."

Bill smiled and hugged Lance back. "No problem at all. I am glad you guys let me hang around with you and all."

Lance grinned, "So what do you wanna watch?"

Lance and Bill looked on the Preview Channel until they found a movie they both hadn't seen and wanted to. About twenty minutes into the movie, Lance looked over to Bill and smiled, noting that his new friend was fast asleep. Lance stood up and walked over to the television and turned it off, then back to Bill's bed where he pulled the covers up over Bill's shoulders for warmth. Lance ran a finger down the side of Bill's cheek, tracing an outline of his jaw and sighed, "I hope that JC doesn't end up hurting you if he and Justin get together. If they do, I'll be here for you. Maybe I'll stand a chance...maybe you'll fall for me then..."

Lance jumped as Bill turned over onto his side, inhaling sharply in his sleep. Lance watched his sleeping friend silently for a few minutes more before turning around and heading out the door and back to Justin's house.

As the door closed, Bill's eyes opened slightly from his place in bed. His last vocal thought before he entered unconsciousness proved that he had been somewhat cognizant for Lance's parting thoughts, "He's really sweet, but I hope my writing never sounds THAT corny."

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