Love Thru Chat
By Billy Burrew

Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. It does not reflect on the sexual orientations or proclivities of the band members of NSYNC. If it is illegal to view erotic fan fiction in your area or you are under aged or whatever the reason may be, please move on, otherwise....Please read it and enjoy!

Previously on Love Thru Chat

Lance ran a finger down the side of Bill's cheek, tracing an outline of his jaw and sighed, "I hope that JC doesn't end up hurting you if he and Justin get together. If they do, I'll be here for you. Maybe you'll fall for me then…"

Lance jumped back as Bill turned over onto his side, inhaling sharply in his sleep. Lance watched his sleeping friend silently for a few minutes more before turning around and heading out the door and back to Justin's house.

As the door closed, Bill's eyes opened slightly from his place in bed. His last thought before he entered unconsciousness proved that he had been cognizant for Lance's parting thoughts, "He's really sweet, but I hope my writing never sounds THAT corny."

Chapter 16: The Truth Is...

Lance drove back to Justin's house, taking the more rural routes to get there, giving both Justin and JC as well as himself some time to think things through. Lance was really unsure how he felt about anything anymore.

Lance had spent so much time pushing away keeping his true feelings and emotions a secret that he never had spent any time dealing with them, nor had he planned out or given any thought to how he was going to live his life after the guys found out his sexuality. After an hour of driving all over the orlando equivalent of hell's half acre thinking about the thoughts and feelings that he was having, Lance sighed and turned off the highway on the closest exit to Justin's house and headed inside.

Justin watched from his hiding place around the corner at the end of the long hallway as Lance left Bill's room at the Marriott and headed for home. After running away from, and eventually giving the slip to JC, Justin had decided that the best thing for him to do was to just try to sort through his feelings and try to divine what steps he would need to take next. Justin also realized that he needed to talk to someone…and that thought led him to the hope that Bill would return to his room at the Marriott.

Justin was shocked to overheard Lance's parting comments to Bill as he stood outside of Bill's door, preparing to knock. Justin quickly hurried around the corner to his hiding spot when he heard Lance begin to walk towards the door of the hotel room. Justin waited until he saw Lance's sports UTE pull out of the parking lot from the window, then he walked over to Bill's room and knocked loudly on the door.

A minute later, after a second barrage of knocking, the door swung open and a half asleep looking Bill stood there looking dazed.


"Can we talk…I need someone to talk to."

Bill nodded and ushered Justin into the room, gesturing for him to sit down on the bed. Justin sat down and watched as Bill walked into the bathroom and took a washcloth and soaked it in cold water and washed his face with it. A much more awake looking Bill then joined Justin on the bed.

"So…you kissed him?"

Justin's eyes bugged out and his head snapped up to attention. "Um…yeah. How did you know?"

Bill smiled and put a reassuring hand over Justin's, who had begun to drum his fingers, "It was a logical guess. Josh had said you were acting kinda funny…and that look you had on your face at the coffee shop, the "I just killed my best friend" look combined with Josh's look of "What in the fuck just happened? Holy Shit!" kinda clued me in that was what had happened.

Justin sighed, "I don't know what happened…."

Bill put his hand over Justin's mouth, "Yes you do, Justin, just look inside yourself and the logical explanation is right there."

Justin sighed, "I was so totally in love with him when we were on MMC together. He's been my friend since I was a kid…"

"And you're not a kid now…look who you're talking to there young 'un.", Bill smiled and pinched Justin's cheek.

Justin laughed, "Oh shit….I can't believe I actually did it. I kissed him…tongue and all. When did grow the balls to do that?"

Bill smiled, "When everyone came out the other day, probably."

Justin smile faded, "He…He hates me now."

"Hogwash!", Bill said dismissively, "He just wants to understand what happened….that was totally out of the blue for him….tho I dunno if it was something he wants to pursue or not. You'll have to talk to him."

Justin nodded, "I…I know. Can I ask a favor of you?"

Bill nodded, "Yeah man, whatcha need?"

"Can you come back to my house with me…I don't know if I can handle it alone."

Bill nodded and went over to his small bag and threw in a few changes of clothes as well as his bathroom essentials, then the two men headed down to the lobby and hailed a taxi.

Lance walked into Justin's house and headed into the living room. As he turned the corner, JC jumped up from the sofa.

"Lance….is Justin with you? He gave me the slip and I ended up driving around looking for him before I came back here to wait for him to come home."

Lance shook his head, "Nope…I just dropped Bill off at his hotel and chatted with him for a while before I came back here."

JC sighed and began to pace nervously. "So he kissed you, huh?", Lance asked.

JC tripped and sprawled forward onto the floor in front of the sofa as his brain registered Lance's words.

"Now how the hell could you have known that?", JC demanded.

"Bill and I were talking about the weirdness that you two were exhibiting and we came up….or rather he came up with that conclusion…man…is he always right or what?" JC shook his head,

"It's uncanny!" "Yeah. Justin leaned over and kissed me…with tongue to boot. I…it was unexpected.", JC stammered.

"But in a good way, huh?", Lance queried.

"Yeah. I had daydreamed about kissing Justin for a while there…he's been a really close friend to me for so long…and I watched him grow up from the kid he was to the sexy guy he's turning into now.", JC admitted.

"So what's the problem?", Lance asked, "We know that Justin likes you…or he wouldn't have tried that…"

"I don't know what the problem is….I think it's more than just ONE problem. I mean…what about Bill. I have feelings for him too…and what if Justin's bisexuality decided to rear its head and he dumps me for a girl? What then?"

Lance made a funny face and then shrugged his shoulders, I don't know. Maybe when you see him again, you two will be able to sit down and talk this all out. I think Bill will understand tho…I think he's already a step ahead of you two and hopefully he won't feel bad if you two decide to remain just friends."

JC looked over to Lance and nodded, "So…you like him too, huh?"

Lance's face dropped as his eyes widened in shock,"How did you know?"

"I've been watching how you two…you seem to be getting on really well…and I guess that we both have Bill in common…he was the guy who helped us figure ourselves out."

Lance nodded and then put his arm around JC's shoulders and hugged him. "I didn't realize that being out would be so hard….this is almost as hard to do as was covering everything up and acting straight."

"Yeah. I know!", JC laughed, "I never knew being out to your closest friends would be so damn difficult."

"But I am glad I came out…and you are glad you did as well! I can tell. A weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can see that one is off yours too. How did we live like that…lying about everything we did or thought?"

"Yeah…no kidding…how DID we do that?", JC said with a sigh.

"We lived that way cause we didn't trust in each other.", Justin spoke suddenly from the doorway of the room, startling both Lance and JC and causing both men to jump.

"We paid lip service to each other, saying we were close and tight, when we wouldn't tell each other just basic truths. And I think we still are doing it…I know I am…and it stops now…right here. Josh. I have had a crush on you since I met you in MMC."

"I only dreamed about what it would be like if you were gay.", Justin continued, "And when I found out that it wasn't a dream, but a reality, I still didn't just sit down and talk with you, instead, I probably shocked the hell out of you by kissing you in a public coffeehouse. I am sorry about that…well…I am sorry that I did something that open in public, but I am not sorry about the kiss, nor will I ever regret taking the chance and kissing you Josh. It has been my dream for many years now and even if nothing comes of it, I can say that I really did kiss you."

Josh and Lance looked on in shock at Justin as he stood his ground, quietly awaiting their response.

"I don't regret the kiss either, but I do regret not being a person that you felt you could have talked to about your feelings.", Josh said quietly as he walked over to Justin and pulled him into a warm hug, "I hope now that we have everything laid out in the open, or at least I think we do, we can work on being the kind of friends that can tell each other everything."

"I'd like that, Josh.", Justin said as his arms tightened around JC's waist. Justin pulled back and smiled at JC, who smiled back warmly.

"Not to interrupt this Hallmark moment", Bill said from the side of the room, "but I am gonna go to bed, I am totally exhausted. I am heading for bed."

Lance's eyes opened wide as he heard the sound of Bill's voice and he grinned happily, "I thought you were asleep before….when I left you…you were asleep."

"Right up until Justin almost pounded his fist through my door.", Bill said, rolling his eyes and grinning.

"Oh please!", Lance joked, "He's weighs all of 140# wet. He'd break himself before he had any luck breaking down your door. He's a girly man!"

"Fuc….", Justin began, his reply cut off as JC put his hand over his mouth. "I think Curly is trying to tell you that you're full of it Lance."

"Tell us something we don't know.", Bill smirked from the doorway.

"HEY!", Lance said with mock surprise, "Who's side are you taking here?"

"That's what I am attempting to find out. I wanna go to sleep in somebody's bed….and I need to know just exactly that.", Bill quipped.

Lance, JC, and Justin blushed and began to look at each other and giggle. A minute later, they shook with laughter as the humor of the situation finally overcame the uneasiness and tension between JC, Justin and Lance.

Bill smiled and then yawned and shook his head, "When you figure it out, have the person who has to share the bed just enter quietly. I'll be sleeping in the room I was in last night."

Bill yawned a second time before leaving the three guys alone to talk out their issues. Bill walked into the bedroom he and JC had shared the previous night and fell down on the bed, immediately asleep.

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