Love Thru Chat
By Billy Burrew

Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. It does not reflect on the sexual orientations or proclivities of the band members of NSYNC. If it is illegal to view erotic fan fiction in your area or you are under aged or whatever the reason may be, please move on, otherwise....Please read it and enjoy!

Previously on Love Thru Chat

Lance giggled and turned to face Bill, his blush beginning to fade to normal levels.

"I do....but I never really looked at anyone else's equipment before... well...on purpose...and knowing what I know now about myself."

Bill smiled, "Really? Well...I didn't know that. I really didn't mean to embarass you. I hope it was a good show."

Bill walked into the bathroom to put on deoderant and Lance exhaled loudly and whispered to himself, "Oh yeah! That show was a blockbuster...that's for sure...Jeez...I think I have to go check my undershorts now."

Chapter 20: Last Minute Details and Confessions

Bill and the guys spent the rest of the day hanging out and talking. Bill smiled as he watched JC and Justin start becoming visibly closer, sitting next to each other and holding hands and kissing every so often. Lance, Bill, Joey and Chris spent most of the time chatting and talking about Lance and Chris's music management projects, FreeLance and FuManSkeeto. As the night grew later and later, Justin and JC smiled as they walked together up the stairs to their room. Bill and Lance bid goodnight to Joey and Chris as they made their way up the stairs to their own room. Bill watched as Lance dressed down to his boxer briefs and wifebeater then crawled onto one side of the bed and patting the other invitingly. Bill grinned and quickly joined him, snuggling up close beside him and placing a light kiss on his neck.

"So did you wanna go explore Disney and Universal Studios tomorrow? It's been ages since we all went there."

Bill smiled, "That'd be fun, I think!"

Lance pressed his body close to Bill and snuggled in his arms.

"So are you excited about moving down here and the new job?"

Bill grinned and nodded, "It's almost overwhelming....but I am really excited. I am really glad that I'll be moving to a place where I already have some friends."

Lance smiled, "And you'll get to see what we're like on the road when we're touring."

Bill grinned, "And I'll get to write all about it..well...all the news that's fit for reporting, that is."

Lance groaned and then giggled pressing his head into the crook of Bill's neck.

"I am so glad we met. I don't have to pretend to be someone I'm not anymore. We're all out in the open with each other and I've met someone I can open up to and be affectionate with."

Bill smiled and leaned his head down and kissed Lance's earlobe as he ran a hand lightly down his back, causing the young blond to moan loudly.

"I like being affectionate with you. Let's take this slowly and not rush things. OK?"

Lance nodded, "I was gonna ask you if that was OK, was raised believing that sex should come after committment."

Bill smiled and put his arms around Lance and the two quickly fell asleep again in each others embrace.

The next two days were filled with fun as Bill and the guys spent the time at Universal Studios and Disney World. JC and Justin insisted on showing Bill where they had filmed the MMC and everyone had a good time.

On the morning that Bill was to fly back to North Carolina, Lance woke up early and cooked breakfast for everyone, letting Bill get dressed and finish packing. As Bill looked around the room he smiled as he thought of the happenings of the last few days. In just over a week's span, he had met up and made 5 new friends, worked through some of his personal problems as well as helping his new friends through some serious ones of their own, interviewed for and gotten a new job, a new boyfriend, and a place to live. Bill shook his head in thought, amazed that his life had taken such a major change in just one week.

The guys split up into two groups, JC and Bill rode in his rental car to the airport terminal to return it while Justin and Lance rode in Lance's Durango. The ride was almost entirely quiet and Bill took a second to glance over to JC, whose face was set in a scowl of deep thought.

"Care to share why your face looks like the inside of a cat's ass, or were you just hoping that it'll stick in that position and act as a defense to get all the girl fans to stop mooning over you."

JC's eyebrow arched up and he let out a depressed sounding, halfhearted giggle.

"It's just that I keep thinking about all that has happened since I met you online. You helped me come out to Justin and the guys, and then you talked to Justin when I thought he was freaked about the whole gay thing, then you did kinda the same thing for Joey and Chris and then stood up to Lance and found out that he was only acting that way as a smokescreen to cover up his own secret. You helped me deal with my emotions when I thought I'd fall apart and you're leaving."

Bill pulled into the return area of the car rental agency and looked over to JC, whose eyes were welling up with tears and reached out his hand, his fingers tracing down the side of JC's jawline. JC grabbed Bill's hand in his own and pressed it against his cheek.

"Josh....I'm not leaving. I'm going up north for a week and a half to pack up all my possessions and move them down here. I'll be working with you, living near you, and if you want, hanging out with you. I am sure that sooner than you think, you'll be sick to death of the sight of me."

Josh looked up with a pained expression and shook his head, taking Bill's hand from his cheek and kissing the inside of his palm tenderly.

"I could never get sick of you. I...I..."

JC's statement was interrupted by the knock of the rental car attendant who was waiting to check the car back in. Bill looked wistfully at JC and nodded his head as he stroked the side of his face once more before pulling his hand back and getting out of the car. JC got out as well and the two grabbed the bags from the back seat and trunk and handed the keys to the awaiting attendant who checked the car back in and printed out the receipt. Bill and JC walked down the sidewalk towards the concourse of the airport and smiled as they spied Justin and Lance walking towards them. Being in public, Bill settled for a round of hugs from the guys as his flight was called. Bill smiled as Lance and Justin both told him to call when he arrived in North Carolina so that they knew he got home safe. JC looked at Bill and sighed disappointedly. Bill held up his hands and made a typing motion with his fingers and winked as he told JC to call or chat with him soon. JC nodded and watched as Bill walked down the gate to his plane.

<about a half a week later>

Logging onto

Logging in as billy_burrew

You see here dopie20, sleepy78, jc_1s_hot, krazy15, crunkboy19, timbergirl420, mine15, malena14, b_0_y, vikingsforever1, 1am_here, timbergirl18, JScott77

dopie20 says OMG! BILLY!

you say Hi Everyone!

JScott77 says to you Bill! I am glad you're on here.

1am_here says BILLY! How was Florida? I hear you and JScott met up....what's he REALLY like? Is he cute?

you say to JScott77 I am almost all packed up here...I am glad I have almost no furniture except my grandma's bed and dresser. I'll have to blow a few checks on some sofas and stuff so that you can sit on something besides the floor when you come and visit.

you say Yes...JScott and I met...he's not too hard to rest the old eyeballs on. <GRIN>

dopie20 giggles

vikingsforever1 says BILLY!

you say Hi Vikies!

JScott77 says to you That's cool! Less stuff for you to move. When do you think you'll be getting down here?

JScott77 says Not too hard to rest the eyeballs on?!?! I thought I was more than just that!

You grin at JScott77

You say Well...Remember...Napoleon thought he was unbeatable and all that...until Waterloo. It's a good thing your thoughts, unlike his, won't get you banished to a small island.

Dopie20 says LOL!!

JScott77 rolls his eyes

JScott77 says OK...I walked into that one.

You say to JScott77 Let's talk on the phone.

JScott nods.

You say Hey guys....I am gonna head out of here. I am getting all ready to move so I'll be on and off here when I get some time.

<ring ring>

Bill: Hello Josh?

Josh: Hey's so good to hear your voice. I...I've missed havin you around.

Bill: I've missed being around. I've spent the last 3 days packing all my stuff up and posting my notice at work. They were really cool about it cause I am not leaving them in a lurch or anything....they'll have time to hire and train another artist before the next deadline.

Josh: That's awesome. When are you gonna be heading back down here?

Bill: Prolly the end of this week. I'll just leave from work and head down there after turning in my keys for this place. I'll be there sometime Saturday morning.

Josh: Cool. Ummm...I wanted to tell you about the airport....ahh...I wasn't kidding...I don't think I'd ever get sick of you.

Bill: Josh....what's up....are you ok? You don't sound ok to me.

Josh: Did I do the right thing? About us?

Bill: Hmmm....I don't think you can measure right and wrong in a situation like that...Justin and you have a history together....and you found out that you could be more to each other than just friends and you decided to go for it. You didn't hurt my feelings or brush me off....

Josh: So you aren't upset with me...or think I led you on?

Bill: No. You're not that kinda guy. Don't even think that you did that, Cause you didn't.

Josh: <sigh> Thank you.

Bill: Speaking of l' is everything going between you and Justin?

Josh: Well...we talk a lot and have started getting pretty affectionate with each other when we're's a big change from the way we used to act towards each other....but it's nice.

Bill: Good....I am glad you guys are getting on so well and that the transition from your friendship to a non-platonic relationship is progressing without any major hang-ups...tho even if you do hit any snags, the friendship and history you share together should help you get through.

Josh: Ummm.....I hope so. I have a question tho, and it's kinda one of the reasons I called....ummm....about the whole sex thing....I can kinda imagine there anything I need to or something? I feel kinda embarassed about asking you this....

Bill: Don't be. Let's see...If I were you and I were planning on preparing for your first encounter, I'd get some condoms, because it's a pretty wise idea to play safe...and it really keeps any mess to a minimum. I'd also get some lubricant if you don't have any already. I like Astroglide. It works really well and you don't need a whole lot of it....and it's pretty hypoallergenic.

Josh: it?? Anything else?

Bill: <snickering> Rubber sheets and handcuffs?

Josh: Umm.....maybe later....if that's what he wants to do...but I am not gonna be caught dead purchasing rubber sheets or handcuffs.

Bill: I think you should start small...and work your way up from there.

Josh: Are you saying something about the size of my endowment? Start small....hmmmm?

Bill: No...As I wasn't all that small that one morning when...

Josh: Ummm..OK....I'm blushing here....we can SO not go there.

Bill: hehehehe......OK. I'll let that one lay.

Josh: Oh...I almost forgot...the other reason I called.....

Bill: It wasn't to <ahem> pump me for sex advice?

Josh: Well....pumping you was just one of the reasons...the other one was to give you a head's up for a surprise visitor.

Bill: Oh?

Josh: Lance is gonna kill me if he finds out I told you he was coming...but I wanted to make sure you were gonna be home when he got there. Surprises are only good when they work.

Bill: Lance is coming here? Kewl!

Josh: He's actually in Greensboro, North Carolina to go see a new act that's been recommended to him for FreeLance...but when he saw how close he was gonna be to Chapel Hill, he got all keyed up and decided on surprising you.

Bill: Aww....that's sweet of him. place is a complete WRECK....did he say when he'd be here?

Josh: He said he'd drop in tonight and try to catch you around 8 pm.

Bill: Oh....8pm....that's good...that gives me....oh....40 minutes to clean up the whole house. Damn!

Josh: <laughing> I don't think he's gonna be too concerned about the mess. He kinda knows you are moving and all.

Bill: I know...but I do subscribe by my parents motto...."Never let them see how you REALLY live!" I'd better get to cleaning some of this crap up.

Josh: So Saturday, huh? I'm gonna clear my schedule off and make sure the guys do too so that we can all help you move in. Oh....did you want to call your new landlady and see if she can get us the key to your new place...Lance and I will go and turn the a/c and fridgerator on a day or two before you get here so that the place isn't musty or anything. We'll get it all aired out.

Bill: Oh! That'd be awesome! I always hate to have to spray Lysol around to clear out that musty smell...if you could do that, I'd really appreciate it...I'll call her tomorrow and tell her to give it to you....she knows you guys...she almost had a when she realized who you were when you came house hunting with me. I think she has a little girl who is a fan.

Josh: Yeah...Annabelle. That was the name we made out the autographs to.

Bill: Oh...I didn't know she hit you up for autographs.

Josh: It was only one...and we were all cool with it.

Bill: Well...I'd better go. Gotta at least pick up the crap that's just laying around on the floor and hide the dirty clothes laying around in the bedroom. Josh....I can't wait to see you again on Saturday....I've missed you.

Josh: Well...I'll see you then....ummm....Bill....I.....I..

Bill: Josh...we're cool. Really...

Josh: <sigh>

Bill: Josh...I love you and I'll see on Saturday, OK?

Josh: Yeah....I...I love you too...and I'll be there on Saturday when you get here. I guess just give me a ring on my cell and I'll come over since I'll have your key.

Bill: Kewl! Will do Josh. Tell Justin and the guys I said hello and that I'll see them soon.

Josh: OK. Remember......act surprised to see Lance there in a few minutes. Bye Bill.

Bill: Bye Josh.

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