Love Thru Chat
By Billy Burrew

This is a work of erotic fiction. It does not reflect on the sexual orientations or proclivities of the band members of NSYNC. If it is illegal to view erotic fan fiction in your area or you are under aged or whatever the reason may be, please move on, otherwise....Please read it and enjoy!

Previously on Love Thru Chat

Bill opened the door and was shocked to see a still damp JC standing there barefoot, wearing just his swimming trunks and holding the paper with Bill's information on it in his hand. Bill's eyes widened as he noticed the tears that ran freely down JC's cheeks.

"JC...JESUS! What happened?" Bill cried out in a worried voice.

Chapter 25: Coming Full Circle In The End

"Bill" JC cried as he fell onto Bill, gripping him in a desperate embrace. "It's over...It's all over."

Bill lifted JC up off the ground and pulled him into the house, closing the door behind him and locking it. Bill took JC, who was shivering slightly from the combination of being wet and from the chill of the night air. Bill carried JC down to the bedroom where he was staying and placed him on the bed, covering him with covers and then running into the bathroom and grabbing a few towels to dry his hair. As Bill emerged from the bathroom, his phone began to ring and he picked it up and said a hasty greeting into the receiver.


"Yes. This is he...and it's 3 am...whatever the reason is that you're calling, it had best be critical...someone had better be on fire and only I can put it out."

"Bill...This is Lance. This is beyond critical. JC just left the hotel in tears and swimtrunks and not much else. He walked in on Justin having sex with Britney Spears."

"Oh my God!"

Bill looked down at JC, who lay on the bed with his hand over his eyes, still sobbing quietly.

"Lance...I'm totally awake now. I'll call you if he shows up here."

"Please do. We're really worried about him. Justin is..."

"Actually the present moment I really don't care how he is. Please give him my number and address and tell him that I would like to meet with him tomorrow before noon. I want to hear his side...and it better be good, too. Oh...Tell him not to wear anything expensive or anything white....blood
is hell to get out of white. GOT ME?!?!"

Lance audibly gulped and replied, "OK...will do. I'll tell him. I'll also make sure he gets a nice last meal and sees a priest beforehand as well."

Bill smiled, " do that, Lance. Talk to you soon. Thanks for calling man. I'll keep my eyes peeled."

Bill hung up and looked down at JC, who was staring back at him with an empty, pathetic look.

"I thought he loved me."

Bill lip quivered slightly and he sat down beside JC and began to dry his hair.

"I thought so too. Josh. I thought so too."

JC grabbed Bill around the waist and squeezed, putting his face into Bill's lap as he cried. Bill looked up as his sister came into the room, having woken up to the commotion. Kathy looked at the scene in front of her and headed back out, coming back a several moments later with a thermometer and a
bowl of chicken soup and some french bread.

Bill leaned down and whispered in JC's ear and he let loose his embrace and sat up on the bed.

Kathy sat down on JC's other side and took his temperature, making sure he hadn't caught a chill or a fever from running around outdoors wet and half naked. Bill grabbed some shorts and a shirt from his bag and called Lance back from Kathy's room, telling him that JC had just arrived and that he would take care of him alone. Lance protested and he heard Justin crying in the background before he lost his temper.

"Look Lance. Josh got here, and is pretty much in shock right now. My sister is making sure he's ok and making sure he gets back to 5 by 5. I think he needs to calm down and I think you need to calm Justin down...and I KNOW...without a shadow of a doubt that the absolute LAST person Josh
wants to see right now is Justin Randall Timberlake. We will see him tomorrow. You make sure he gets here in one piece, tho I cannot guarantee that he will make it back in one. Are we clear?"

Lance sighed, "Crystal. I'll get him there around 11:00 am."

Bill thanked Lance and then hung up and headed back into the bedroom, frowning as he again saw the dull, dead look in Josh's eyes.

Kathy got up and returned with a few more pillows and set them down on the bed and nodded and then went back to bed herself.

Josh looked over at Bill as he got up and walked towards him.

"Sorry to interrupt your time off."

Bill pulled JC up off the bed and into a hug, his arms squeezing Josh into him tightly. Bill let loose the hug and reached over and grabbed the shirt he had gotten for Josh and pulled it over his head, then untied his swimtrunks and pulled them down and handed him the dry pair of shorts he had gotten out of
his bag. Josh put them on and smiled sadly suddenly and pressed close to Bill and hugged Bill tightly to him.

"It's back to you and me, huh? We've come full circle...we both loved and lost, and now it's back to just the two of us."

Bill looked in Josh's eyes and nodded, "Let's get this mess with you and Justin cleared up before we even consider an "us"."

JC nodded and Bill walked over and shut the bedroom light off and climbed into bed beside him. JC turned over next to him and put his arm around his waist and pulled in close to him, resting his head on Bill's chest. Moments later, both boys were fast asleep.

The next morning, Bill awoke before Josh, and he got out of bed and got showered and cleaned up, waking Josh after he had finished so that he could get cleaned up as well. Bill made some quick breakfast while Josh showered and dressed and then sat down at the table with two plates full of food.

Josh came out of the bedroom and sat down at the table and began eating. Bill finished up his breakfast and waited on Josh to finish his. Josh finished and looked up at Bill and smiled a half-hearted smile.

"So...what now?"

Bill shrugged, "Justin is going to come over here in an hour or so and try to explain himself, and then, if after that he is still amongst the living, he will attempt to apologize to you and set everything straight between the two of you. Bur first, I would like to hear your side of the story, so I can get both

Josh nodded numbly and began to tell of the events that transpired after the concert.

"Well...we finished up the concert and didn't really want to go out, so we headed back to the hotel and I told the guys I needed to go unwind. Justin suggested I workout, swim, spend some time in the sauna and relax that way. I said that would be a good idea and that I'd see him in a few hours. I went down to the front desk and they let me into th gym and pool area but told me that the sauna and whirlpool was out of order. So I did a few sets on a few of the nautilus machines and then did about 20 laps in the pool. I dried off a little and then decided to head back up to the room. As I reached the room, I heard some noise and figured Justin was watching TV. I opened the door and walked into the bedroom and saw him pumping into Britney as she cried out his name. I dropped my towel and he must have seen it cause he looked over and saw me and looked shocked. I...I....I didn't stick around to hear the explanation. I just grabbed your address and my wallet from the night table and ran out of the hotel and took a cab here."

Bill put his hands over his eyes and shook his head back and forth.

"And you're positive they were fucking?"

JC's eyes welled up with tears and he nodded, "I stepped on the open condom foil pack at the edge of the room. At least he was safe."

Bill groaned and then jumped as he heard the doorbell ring. Bill got up and opened the door to see Justin and Lance standing there. Lance looked tired and Justin looked awful, unshaven and distraught. Bill let them in and they all sat down at the table in silence. Justin and JC both looked at Bill and he

"OK. Josh just finished telling me what he saw last night. have the floor...let's hear your side."

Justin gulped and coughed.

"I....I've been foolin' around with Britney for months now...long before Josh and I got together. I wanted to explore the gay side of me, but I still loved hookin up with girls. I thought if I played it right, I could have the best of both worlds, ya know?"

Justin stopped talking and his eyes widened as he looked up at Bill's angry facial statement and noticed that he was drumming his fingers on the table so hard that at any moment he expected to see the tips of his fingernails begin to dig out pieces of the wooden table top.

Bill looked over at JC and became even more angry as he saw the look of pain and shock and helplessness that he had last night return in full force.

"So, despite the fact that he's your best friend and the he went into this relationship thinking that you were as committed to it as he was, you still thought it would be OK to continue seeing Britney."

"No man...I wasn't seeing her....we were just hookin up. It was just a sex thing."

Lance, JC and Bill looked over at Justin who shrugged and began to squirm in his seat under the intense scrutiny of the three men's gaze.

"I think I am gonna just shut up now...I'm not helping anything here by talking."

Bill shook his head, "Oh're not...Trust me.....shutting up might be the only thing that gets you out of here in time to live to see the hospital that Lance is gonna have to rush you to."

JC and Lance looked from Justin to Bill and their eyes widened as they saw him begin to unbutton the wrist buttons of his button down shirt and roll each sleeve up to the elbow.

"Justin...." Bill said as he rolled up his right sleeve, "At ANY time, did you stop to think about how much this would hurt JC...or Britney for that matter? Does SHE know that you kinda go for guys too?"

Justin shook his head, "No. I don't think she'd like that too much."

"And at any time did you think that JC would be real keen if he knew that you and she were knockin' boot?"

JC coughed and spoke up in a sad voice, "No. I thought Justin loved me. You said you loved me."

Justin cringed as if he had just been struck with a baseball bat.

"Jaycee...I do love you man."

Bill watched as JC stood up and slammed his hand into Justin's face, knocking him backwards off his chair and to the ground.

"Don't ever say that to me again, Justin. Just don't. It's bullshit, man. People that love each other don't do that kind of shit to each other."

Justin shook his head and slowly got up from the floor, rubbing his nose with one hand and the back of his head with the other before taking his chair and righting it onto its legs and sitting back down onto it.

"I deserved that. Josh. I think it would be better if we didn't see each other anymore as a couple. I think maybe we weren't meant to be lovers. I know you don't think that I love you, but I do...and...I failed you...I'm not the guy you deserve to have in your life, the one you deserve to share your love with. I
know that now...that kinda guy wouldn't have done what I did to you. But Josh...."

JC looked over at Justin as he watched the younger man's eyes well up with tears.

"...Please don't throw away our friendship. We may not have been the best couple, but we were great have always been my best friend. I don't wanna lose that, too."

Josh looked at Justin and nodded, "You hurt me Justin. Really badly. I gave you my heart and I guess you just threw it in a pile along with the hearts of all your fans and hoochies. I'll never forgive you for that. But, I'm not about to throw away all the great years we shared as friends. I still love you as a
friend, I just need you to leave me alone for a while. I need some time to get my head straight and let some of these wounds heal. I know it's gonna be hard, expecially since we work and travel together, but if you can give me some space, we can go back to one and start over as friends."

Justin nodded and then gulped loudly as he looked over at Bill.

"Are you gonna kill me now?"

Bill shook his head, "No. You've made told the truth and opened your heart to JC and started the healiing process so that you two can remain friends. This conversation has also let me cool down enough so that I am no longer seeing red....lucky for you. But Justin, if you had been here last night
when Lance called and told me what had happened, I'd have cut your nuts off slowly...with a butter knife. I guess I just don't know you like I thought I did , Justin. I just can't figure out why you would begin a relationship with Josh when you were indecisive about what you wanted. I mean, I can and I
have only dreamed of having someone love me like Josh loved you and you just threw it all away. I dunno Justin, I hope meaningless sex with Britney was worth it. I really do."

Bill sighed and then ended the conversation by getting up and going into the kitchen. Lance walked in behind him a moment later and sighed as he saw Bill leaning against the counter with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes closed.

"Hey. I wanted to make sure you were OK...and to apologize again. I know that part of what you said out there was probably unconsciously directed at me as much as it was at Justin."

Bill's eyes opened and he smiled weakly, "No. Not really. Don't get a guilty conscience over it. You didn't screw around on me with Paul...except in your dreams....and that's excusable. What Justin did, in trying to have both at the same time, now that was inexcusable."

Lance nodded, "You gave up what you and Josh had started for Justin's sake, so I understand why you were so pissed at him and why he was so ready to piss his pants here waiting for you to kick his ass. I am glad you pushed aside your anger and let them deal with it...and I think your parting volley there will keep Justin thinking for a long time."

Bill nodded, "I hope so. For his sake, I hope so. Cause when it comes to this kinda stuff, you can't go back and fix something, you have to go forward and move on."

Lance nodded and then walked out into the dining room and grabbed Justin and headed back to the hotel.

Bill walked out into the dining room as the door closed and sat down beside Josh and sighed as their eyes met and Bill saw the sad look in Josh's eyes.

"Hey...aren't you glad that you did find out about it and that he at least repected you enough to admit he was wrong and to tell you the truth?"

JC shrugged, "If that sauna had been open, I would probably never have known....I'd still be happy with him."

Bill shook his head, "He was slipping would have caught them sometime, if not last night, and it would have gone just as badly then if not worse."

JC nodded and the tears welled up in his eyes, "I suppose."

Bill put his hand on the side of JC's face and stroked it lightly.

"We never know what could have been..but looking back we see, what could have been and never was..."

JC's chin wobbled as the tears ran down his cheeks as he finished the refrain of the song Bill had sang to him so many months earlier, "...was never meant to be."

Bill grabbed JC's arm and pulled him up.

"C'mon Josh. I can delay my vacation from y'all for three more days. Let's go back to your hotel and grab your can stay here with me and Kathy until you have to meet back up with the guys in PA."

Josh smiled and kissed Bill lightly on the cheek. "Thank you. Thanks for watching out for me."

Bill shrugged, "I love you. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else."

Josh grabbed Bill into a tight hug and smiled as he looked deep into Bill's eyes and realized then that the two of them were being given a second chance to be together and that this time Josh wasn't going to let Bill get away for any reason.


-The End-

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