Love Thru Chat
By Billy Burrew

Disclaimer: This is a work of erotic fiction. It does not reflect on the sexual orientations or proclivities of the band members of NSYNC. If it is illegal to view erotic fan fiction in your area or you are under aged or whatever the reason may be, please move on, otherwise....Please read it and enjoy!

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Previously on Love Thru Chat

Josh smiled and kissed Bill lightly on the cheek. "Thank you. Thanks for watching out for me."

Bill shrugged, "I love you. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else."

Josh grabbed Bill into a tight hug and smiled as he looked deep into Bill's eyes and realized then that the two of them were being given a second chance to be together and that this time Josh wasn't going to let Bill get away for any reason.

Love Thru Chat: Epilogue 1

Bill looked over at Josh as the two sat in the packed auditorium. It had been five years since the release of No Strings Attached and although the guys had officially disbanded back in 2003, they had been asked to attend the Grammy awards as they had been nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bill sighed as he looked at his program and noticed that none other than Paul Summerstorm was the presenter for the award in question. Paul had really come a long way since 2000, with 6 straight consecutive smash albums. He had all but eclipsed every record set by Garth Brooks in the 1990's and was considered one of the youngest legendary performers in music.

Bill looked over at Lance, who, despite all he had been through in the last few years, still looked amazingly good. Lance had promised Bill and JC that he would come clean and sober for the event. Bill's breath caught as Lance's gaze met his own and for an instant, Bill saw, in his eyes, the man he once knew and loved emerge. Then, in a blink of the eye, that same man was swallowed back into the frame that stood before him now.

Bill looked away from Lance's now hardened gaze and pointed out that Paul would be presenting the award that night. Bill looked over again at Lance and saw his face soften at the mention of Paul's name, his eyes filling with the haunting combination of love, pain, betrayal and loss that bespoke volumes about everything that had happened between them in the last five years. Bill's eyes filled with tears at the sight and he turned his head, looking over to JC, who had seen and heard the exchange between them and was ready to offer comfort and kind words.

"Bill...this can't be a coincidence. He's up for an award tonight and he's performing after he presents our award. I know how much you worry about Lance...but I really think Paul is gonna try something tonight...try to make everything right between them."

Bill wiped his eyes quickly and nodded.

"I hope so."

JC smiled and leaned in and pecked Bill lightly on the lips, "Hey...I am a real positive person. I just have a good feeling about tonight.."

Bill smiled, "So...did you see the group of girls outside with NSYNC shirts on....they screamed as Justin, Joey and Chris got out of the limo and then got really REALLY quiet when we got out of the limo holding hands. But that group of gay guys behind them...they were goin' crazy!"

JC chuckled, "Yeah...I noticed that...that's pretty cool tho... it's better than when the guys booed us and the girls threw things at you just after I came out publicly."

Bill rolled his eyes and shook his head, "Ugh....I am still wondering who was the bigger target at that or Britney? At least I only got a few somewhat ironic pieces of fruit thrown at me....she got rocks thrown at her."

JC giggled, "It was a pet rock...and that young girl was making an artistic statement....she was comparing Justin's marriage to Britney to a passing fad."

"You could have tried not to laugh so hard. I know you still were kinda bristling over walking in on them having sex when Justin was playing both sides of the court, but you could have covered it a little better and showed some concern."

JC smiled, "Well...if it hadn't bounced off her tit like a rubber ball on a trampoline, I wouldn't have been laughing so hard. I swear it must have shifted her implant around, cause her tits looked out of whack for like two weeks after it happened."

Bill giggled as he looked up to see none other than Justin and Britney walk down the aisle and sit down beside JC.

JC smiled and gave props to Justin and politely hugged Britney as Bill smiled and nodded to both of them from behind JC. The lights dimmed and the television lights flooded the stage as the show began.

Bill stood watching mutely as true to JC's word, Paul did go the distance to show his true feelings towards Lance and win back his love. After his "presentation", which Bill and JC found particularly amusing and moving, Paul's performance in honor of NSYNC left everyone in the audience shocked at the depth of the love he held for Lance...and the extent of his sadness and loss he felt from their break-up.. The crowd stood witness, watching as Paul brushed away his tears and listening as his strong voice became strained and waivered as he sang the last two refrains of the song. Indeed, there truly was not a dry eye in the house.

The standing ovation that the audience gave Paul became a deafening roar of approval as Lance got up and walked down the aisle to the stage. The audience cheered wildly as Lance was immediately engulfed in the arms of his love.

Bill watched through tear-blurred eyes as Lance let the pain and misery that had ruled his heart for the past two years be scoured away by the great abundance of passion, love and need contained within Paul's kiss.

JC watched Lance and Paul's embrace and nodded sagely, knowing instantly and undoubtedly that Paul would never let anything come between himself and Lance ever again. JC knew that look on Paul's face all too well. He had seen that look in his own face five years ago after he'd been given his second chance with Bill.

JC looked over at Bill and smiled as he saw the tears of joy falling freely from his lover's cheeks. Of all the things that JC knew for sure, it was that he loved Bill even more every day. Bill had been by his side through everything, from when they were on the top to when no one would even give them the time of day and he'd never been anything but supportive, loving and caring.

JC reached out and touched his lover's chin, pulling Bill face to face with him. JC smiled as he saw his look of love returned in full force. JC leaned in and kissed Bill softly on the lips, not a short peck as he had before, but a longer, more passionate kiss, causing Bill to moan so softly that only JC could hear. JC pulled back and saw Bill slowly open his eyes and smile lovingly.

JC couldn't even imagine life without Bill, nor did he want to. JC was secure in the knowledge that their love together completed him.


-End of Epilogue 1-

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