Loving BSB

Written By: Joshua Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer

If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. This story is fictional and not meant to imply anything about Nick Carter or Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys.

Jayson is still recovering from his fall, but he will regain his position as co-author for the next installment of this story.

I leaned against the counter in the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel in Milwaukee, which my brother and I recently bought (only in this story), waiting for our guests of honor to arrive. Our guests of honor where non other than the Backstreet Boys. Well, first let me explain a few things about my brother and I. We're only 18, but already have a net worth of 235 million, own a cruise ship, as well as the Hyatt Hotel, and the semi-famous rotating restaurant on top of the Hyatt, the Polaris.

We became filthy rich when we were 17, and our grandmother died; she left us her entire estate. Jayson and I stand 6'3", with muscular figures, blonde (bleached) hair with 2' long braided tails, and crystal blue eyes. We each had a suntan, but that's hard to keep in Milwaukee, during Winter.

I looked at my watch and thought, `I hope they get here soon, I'll have to go check on Jayson soon.' When I say check on Jayson, at the moment I can only wish that meant sex. He's had a very bad migraine headache all day, and was now resting in our penthouse suite on the 10th floor, which also houses the rooms we've reserved for the Backstreet Boys.

Suddenly, the crowd of girls outside starts screaming their heads off, and I realize that the Backstreet Boys must have arrived. Sure enough, thanks to the security force of 100 security guards I posted outside to keep the crowds from mobbing them, they soon walked into the hotel, and headed for the counter.

"Hello," I replied as I walked over to them.

"Hi," replies Kevin.

"No need to bother the desk clerk, I have your room keys right here," I said as I held them up.

They all look at me strangely, before Brian asks, "How'd you get them?"

"Easy, I told the desk clerk to give them to me," I said with a grin.

"And she just gave them to you?" asks AJ.

"Yes, AJ, she had too," I replied, "Otherwise, I'd fire her."

The guys look at me strangely again, and I reply, "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Josh Vascardi, owner of the Hyatt Hotel."

"Oh, okay," replies Howie.

"Aren't you a little young to own a hotel?" asks Nick.

"Well, here are your keys, I'll answer that question in the elevator Nick."

We all walked over to the elevator and waited. As the doors opened we all stepped in, and I hit the button for the 10th floor, and the elevator began to go up. I explained to the Backstreet Boys how it was possible for me to own a hotel, the only thing I didn't mention, was the fact that I was gay, or that I had a twin brother.

As we got off the elevator, and I handed everyone their room keys before asking, "Any of you care to join me upstairs for a bite to eat, at the Polaris?"

"Maybe some other time, I'm tired," replies Kevin.

"Yeah me too," replies AJ.

Howie said the same, and Kevin, AJ, and Howie all entered their suites. I flashed Brian and Nick a smile, before asking, "What about you two?"

"Sure, I'd love to," replies Nick.

"Yeah, sounds good," says Brian.

I just smiled, motioned for them to follow me, and headed back to the elevator. I pressed the button marked `Polaris', and the elevator continued upward to the rotating Polaris restaurant.

"Okay, guys be careful," I said as I got out of the elevator, "the Polaris rotates."

As was my orders, the entire restaurant was empty. The maitre-d came up and seated us at a table, and brought us three menus. We just talked for awhile, and ordered some coffee and cheesecake.

"So, Josh, do you have a girlfriend?" asks Nick.

"No, actually, I don't."

"An attractive, young, rich guy like yourself has no girlfriend?" asks Brian, "I find that a little hard to believe."

"Oh trust me there's several girls who want to be my girlfriend," I reply, "But, what they don't know is that I prefer men."

Nick and Brian flash each other huge smiles, and then Brian says, "Which of us do you like better?"

"What? Is this some kind of sick joke?"

"No, Brian and I are gay too," replies Nick, "So which of us do you like better?"

"Well, you're both gorgeous, but if I had to choose, I would have to choose Brian."

Brian smiles and pushes his chair closer to mine, as he leans in and kisses me passionately. Nick watches us kiss for a moment and then gets up to leave. I see this out of the corner of my eye, and pull away from the kiss with Brian, and say, "Wait a minute Nick."

"What? You chose Brian. Not much point in me staying."

"Yeah, there is. Sit down a minute."

Nick comes back and sits down, before asking, "What?"

"What would you say if I told you that I know someone who likes you Nick? Someone who is in this hotel, and is also a guy."

"I'd say, where is he?" asks Nick.

"He's resting in my suite, with a migraine headache."

Brian suddenly pulls his hand off my thigh, and says, "You have a boyfriend?"

"No, silly," I said as I pulled Brian's hand back to its previous position on my thigh, "But, I do have an identical twin brother."

"Twin brother?" asks Nick, a smile forming on his face.

"Yeah. He looks exactly like me, and he's gay. The only difference between us is that I have a major crush on Brian, and he has a major crush on you, Nick."

"Wow, can I meet him?"

"Well, just let me call down and see if he's feeling better first."

"Okay," replies Nick with a smile.

Brian continues to massage my thigh as I pull out my cell phone and dial my suite. After about 2 rings, Jayson picks up the phone, and replies, "Hello?"

"Hi, Jayson, this is Josh. Feeling any better?"

"Yeah, my migraine is gone."

"Good, I'm up at the Polaris, could you come up here?"

"Sure, I'll be right there."

"Okay, bye," I reply as I put away my cell phone.

"Well, he'll be here soon."

"Good," replies Nick with a huge smile on his face.

"So have you guys ever had any other boyfriends?"

"Well, we dated each other for awhile, but other then that, no." replies Brian.

"Cool," I said as I leaned in to kiss Brian. Nick looked at us kissing, and then looked towards the elevator, as the doors opened, and a young man, who looked exactly like me walked out and over to our table.

Nick stands up, and says, "Hello, you're Jayson Vascardi, I assume?"

"Yes, I am Nick."

"Nice to meet you, please have a seat."

Brian and I break off from our kiss, and I say, "Hey, Jayson."

"Hey, Josh, Brian."

"As you can see, Brian is gay, and he knows about my crush on him."

"Yeah, I noticed, Josh," says Jayson with a smile.

"And I know about your crush on me, Jayson," replies Nick.

"Oh, um, I hope that doesn't make you uncomfortable. If it does, just let me--"

Jayson's sentence is cut off as Nick leans in and kisses him on the lips. After a moment, Nick pulls away and says, "Well, I'm sure that tells you how I feel about it."

"Yeah, it sure does," replies Jayson as he pulls Nick's lips to his own for a second kiss.

Brian and I kiss again for a third time, before, Jayson replies, "How about we all go down to Josh's and my suite, and take advantage of the king-size bed?"

Everyone smiles, and nods in agreement. We stand up and walk towards the elevator, Jayson and Nick holding hands, and Brian and I holding hands, the entire time.

Jayson and I lead our new loves into our penthouse suite and upstairs to the bedroom. Jayson lies down on the bed, and pulls Nick down on top of him, and they begin kissing passionately as they grind their hips together. I tell Brian to lie down on the other side of the bed, while I turn on the stereo. I quickly turn on the Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound, and from the speakers the song, "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" by the Backstreet Boys begins to play.

I lie down on Brian and begin to kiss him passionately as I begin to remove his shirt. Within moments, all of us have are completely naked, and showing off our massive hard-ons. Jayson begins to suck Nick's 8" cock, while I begin to suck Brian's 9" cock, and they both moan in complete ecstasy. Its only fitting that at that moment, "Everybody" ends, and "Get Down" begins to play, "You're the one for me, you're my ecstasy, you're the one for me!"

Jayson and I go up and down on Nick and Brian's cocks harder and harder, and soon their bodies begin to tense up, and just as they say, "We're going to cum," Jayson and I are drinking load after load of their hot juice.

Jayson and I pull their cocks out of our mouths and cuddle up next to our new lovers, and fall fast asleep.

To Be Continued...

(That is if you want it to be. Email comments and suggestions to JJVascardi@aol.com, all emails will be answered. If we do continue this story, we promise that there will be more sex in the next story!)