Loving BSB - Part 11

Written By: Joshua and Jayson Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer

This story is fictional, and not meant to imply anything about Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson, Lance Bass, JC Chasez, or Justin Timberlake of the music groups the Backstreet Boys or 'Nsync. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise please enjoy the story!

Authors Note

Well, here it is Part 11. Hope you all are enjoying the story, as much as we are enjoying writing it. In the last story we did add a new character, Steven Marshall, and said that he was Talynn Windwraith's Vice President. Well in real life, Steven is Talynn's boyfriend. Sorry, Talynn, but Steven and I got to talking and we decided to freak you out (lol!) by adding him to the story, don't be too mad! And now enjoy the story! Oh, as an update, our plan to do a collaboration story with the authors of My Night With Howie D (CJ), Nick and Adam (Adam), Brian and Justin (JM) and Matt B-Rok (Jon) have fallen through, at least for the moment. We all live in different time zones, and have lives outside of our writing which made it almost impossible for us all to meet and discuss things. So at least for the moment, there will be no collaboration story. Perhaps in the future, but for now, I'm sorry to say, no.

The jet crashes into the Grand Canyon and bursts into flames. The storm passes, and the smoke from the burning jet draws attention. Within minutes a fire crew is extinguishing the blaze, and the paramedics pull three seemingly lifeless bodies from the wreckage.

The pilot, Jake Kensington, is declared dead on the scene, while Jayson and Joshua Vascardi are barely alive. Suffering 3rd degree burns over 75% of their bodies, severe smoke inhalation, internal bleeding, and severe head injuries, they are rushed to a local hospital.

The hospital gets in contact with Mrs. Summers, who then calls Brian Littrell on his cell phone.

"Hello, this is Brian."

"Hello, Mr. Littrell, this is Mrs. Summers, Jayson and Joshua Vascardi's housekeeper."

"Ah, yes, Mrs. Summers, what can I do for you?"

"You and BSB and Nsync can fly to Colorado immediately."


"There's been an accident."

"Oh, my god, what happened?"

"The Vascardi Enterprises corporate jet crashed into the Grand Canyon, the pilot is dead, and Jayson and Joshua are in critical condition."

"Oh my god, no! We'll fly out immediately."

Kevin walks into the room just in time to catch the last thing Brian says before he puts away his cell phone and breaks out crying. Kevin walks over to Brian and pulls him into his arms, saying, "Bri, what's wrong?"

"Jay and Josh's jet crashed, we need to get to Colorado, immediately."

Kevin's parental instincts kick in again, and he is quickly ushering both BSB and Nsync out to the limousines. They stop on the way to the airport to pick up Talynn and Steve, and Kevin insists they ride in the opposite limo he is in. Nobody really understands the request, but drop it.

The limos arrive at the airport, and BSB and Nsync run to the gate that the awaiting jet is at. They board the jet and quickly take off, and are on their way to Colorado. In what seems like no time, the jet lands in Colorado, and everybody gets off and into the awaiting limos, which take them to the hospital.

All 12 of them run into the emergency room, and flag down a nurse. The nurse gets the attending physician, who explains the situation.

"Jay and Josh are in critical condition. They both suffered 3rd degree burns over 75% of their bodies, severe smoke inhalation, internal bleeding, and severe head injuries," replies Dr. James Denning.

"Can we see them?"

"They're unconscious, and only family can go in and see them."

"Well, Brian and Nick are their fiancés, and their family can't be here until tomorrow."

"Well, by all means, Brian and Nick can go see them, their presence might help, but the rest of you will have to stay here."

Dr. Denning leads Brian and Nick to ICU 2, and leaves them alone. Brian and Nick burst into tears as they see there fiancés laying there in their beds, severely hurt, hooked up to respirators, heart monitors, IV's, and several other life support machines.

Brian and Nick sit on a couch in the room in each other's arms, and cry their eyes out on each other's shoulders. They soon cry themselves to sleep. About twelve hours later, one of the hospital orderlies wakes them up and shoves them out of the room. Brian and Nick are severely confused by this at first, but soon figure it all out.

"We don't want you anywhere near our sons," says Rob Vascardi.

"You two jackasses are the reason they're in here!" says Lauren Vascardi in a distraught tone.

"What are you talking about Mr. and Mrs. Vascardi?" asks Brian with a shocked look on his face.

"Its all your fault that Jay and Josh are in the hospital fighting for their lives!"

"Whoa! And how do you figure that, Mr. Vascardi?" asks Nick, in an angered tone.

"If they had not been touring with you two sons of bitches, then they would have never had to make the emergency flight back to Milwaukee, and they would have never been flying through that storm over the Grand Canyon too meet you in Las Vegas!"

Rob and Lauren Vascardi stare angrily at Brian and Nick for a moment longer, before Lauren goes into her son's hospital room and Rob talks with Dr. Denning, making sure that Brian and Nick can hear what he is saying.

"Dr. Denning, I do not want Brian Thomas Littrell or Nickolas Gene Carter to be admitted in to my sons' hospital room under any circumstances. You let them in and I will sue this hospital for malpractice and have your medical license revoked!"

Rob turns on his heel, glares angrily at Brian and Nick again, before joining his wife in Jay and Josh's room.

Brian and Nick look at each other for a moment, before bursting into tears again, and running outside to a nearby balcony. Kevin notices this and heads out to find out what's wrong.

Kevin walks out onto the balcony to find Brian and Nick hugging each other crying their eyes out. Kevin walks over to them and puts his arms around them, and sincerely says, "What's wrong?"

"Mr. and Mrs. Vascardi have forbidden us to see Josh and Jay," says Brian, still crying.

"They've ordered Dr. Denning not to let us in to their room," says Nick as he continues to sob.

"Why?" asks Kevin, dumbfounded.

"They blame us for their condition."

"Brian that makes no sense," says Kevin to his cousin.

"Well, Kev, its true. They said that had Jay and Josh not been on tour with us, they would have never had to make an emergency flight to Milwaukee, and then they would not have had to fly back to Las Vegas to meet us, and get caught in the storm over the Grand Canyon."

"Well, that's just unfair. I'm going to go talk to them!"

"No Kevin, don't!"

"Sorry, cuz, but you aren't talking me out of this one."

Kevin storms back into the hospital to find Rob and Lauren standing by the nurses' station talking to Dr. Denning.

Kevin walks up and grabs Rob Vascardi and turns him around to face him.

"What the hell is your problem?!"

"You are, Mr. Vascardi! How dare you treat my cousin Brian and my friend Nick so badly! Just who the hell do you think you are?!"

"I'm Jayson and Josh's father, and I really do not care what you have to say Kevin!"

"Look, Rob, Brian and Nick love your sons with all their heats and souls, why the hell do you think they are engaged to be married on Christmas Day?!"

"Not any more they're not!" says Lauren.

"Who are you two to decide who Jay and Josh love? They're 18, and adults!"

"Yes, but due to their condition, they cannot speak for themselves, so Lauren and I must speak for them!"

"You are a smart man, Rob Vascardi, you should realize that Jay and Josh would never say anything like what you are saying!"

"Shut up, Kevin, you fucking son of a bitch! Dr. Denning? I want all members of the Backstreet Boys and Nsync to be removed from this hospital, IMMEDIATELY!!!"

Dr. Denning, reluctantly picks up the phone and dials security. Within minutes 10 security guards forcefully remove Brian, Nick, Kevin, AJ, Howie, Chris, Lance, Justin, Joey, and JC from the hospital and instruct them not to come back.

On the way back to the hotel, after dropping Steve and Talynn off at their hotel, Nick's cell phone rings. Nick struggles to regain composure, before he answers it.

"Hello, this is Nick."

"Hello, Nick, this is Greta Walker-Vascardi, how are you?"

"Not good, at all."

"Why? What's wrong?"

"Your grandson and his wife have forbidden us to see your great-grandsons in the hospital."

"Hospital? What happened?"

"You mean you weren't informed?"

"No, what's wrong?"

"The Vascardi Corporate jet crashed into the Grand Canyon with Jay and Josh onboard."

"Oh my god! Are they all right?"

"Well, they suffered 3rd degree burns over 75% of their bodies, severe smoke inhalation, internal bleeding, and severe head injuries, and are now in comas."

"My god! Why would Rob and Lauren forbid you to see them?"

"They blame us," says Nick as he starts crying again.

Chris takes the phone from Nick and talks to Greta.

"Hello, Greta? This is Chris Kirkpatrick of Nsync, Nick is crying his eyes out again."

"Oh, the poor dear. Why did my grandson and grand-daughter-in-law forbid Nick and Brian from seeing Jay and Josh?"

"Well, as Nick said, they blame him and Brian for what happened. They think that had Jay and Josh not been touring, they would not have had to make an emergency flight to Milwaukee to save Vascardi Enterprises from bankruptcy, and then end up flying back to Las Vegas, getting caught in a storm over the Grand Canyon, and the jet crashing."

"Well, don't get me wrong, I love Rob, and Lauren, but they really are acting like stupid little jackasses right now."

"Yeah, they are. Nick and Brian are devastated. We all hate to see them like this."

"Okay, well, tell them that I am flying in immediately and that I'm bringing Jayson's son Austin with me, they could use a caring face from somebody."

"Okay, Mrs. Walker-Vascardi, I'll tell them immediately."

Chris turns off the cell phone and gently places it back in Nick's coat pocket before replying, "Mrs. Walker-Vascardi is flying in from Athens to provide you moral support, Nick and Brian, and she's bringing Austin back."

Brian and Nick nod, and continue to sob. As the limousines stop in front of the hotel, Kevin gets out and flags the doorman over.

"Yes, Mr. Richardson, what can I do for you?"

"Could you get more security out here? We can't be mobbed right now," says Kevin as he looks around to see all the screaming female fans going crazy and the barriers looking as if they'll break at any second.

"Yes, sir."

Kevin climbs back into the limo and waits. Soon, 100 security guards, and 50 police officers are on the scene holding back the crowds. BSB and Nsync get out of the limos, and walk to the hotel. All the screaming girls stop screaming when they see Nick and Brian with their arms around each other's waists crying their eyes out, and Kevin walking behind them trying to console them.

As BSB and Nsync walk into the hotel, all the fans wonder what is wrong, and why Brian and Nick are sobbing like their was no tomorrow. Everybody walks into the hotel and BSB and Nsync board an elevator and ride up to their floor. Everybody goes to their room, except for Brian and Nick who go into Nick's room, still crying.

Nick and Brian sit down on Nick's bed, and continue to sob. After a few minutes of consoling each other, they stop sobbing. In a moment of weakness and despair, Nick and Brian lean in and kiss each other passionately on the lips. Before they even realize what is happening, Nick and Brian are undressed and making wild, passionate love.

As Brian cums in Nick's ass for the fourth time, he collapses on top of him, and they fall asleep in each other's arms.


Jayson and Joshua lay in their beds, peacefully. Dr. Denning walks in to find Rob and Lauren pacing the floor. He walks over to the x-ray viewer and puts some x-rays on it. He motions for Rob and Lauren to come over as he turns on the viewing light.

"These are Jayson and Joshua's cat scans. As you can see, they both have severe swelling to the brain."

"What does that mean, Dr. Denning?"

"Well, Mrs. Vascardi, it could mean any number of things. They could die, they could end up blind, or even paralyzed."

"Oh god, is there anything you can do?"

"I wish their was Mr. Vascardi, but all we can do is wait."

Rob and Lauren turn away from the x-ray viewer and look at their sons laying there, and listen to the heart monitors and respirators. Suddenly, Jay and Josh enter the throes of very violent seizures. Dr. Denning ushers Rob and Lauren out into the hall way and gets a team in to help him.


Lance and Justin lay on the bed, fully clothed, in each other's arms. They kiss each other passionately on the lips for several minutes, as their tongues playfully wrestle around with each other in their mouths. Lance pulls away from the kiss and replies, "Justin, baby? I'm really tired, would you mind if we didn't have sex tonight?"

"No, of course not Lance, honey. I was just about to ask you the same thing," says Justin with a yawn.

Lance and Justin smile at each other, kiss briefly, before removing their clothes and putting on matching black silk boxers, and black silk robes. They climb under the covers of the king-size bed, and fall fast asleep in each other's arms.


Theres a knock on Kevin's hotel room door, and Kevin gets up to answer it as JC quickly throws on a blue silk robe and blue silk boxers, identical to what Kevin is wearing. Kevin opens the door and invites Austin Colin Brooks and Greta Walker-Vascardi in.

"Hello, Greta and Austin," says Kevin as he sits down on the bed next to JC.

"Hello, Kevin, and JC," says Greta.

"Hi, Kevin n JC," replies Austin.

"Hi Austin, Hello Greta," replies JC as he puts his arm around Kevin's waist and smiles.

"Okay, well, Kevin, JC, gather the others," replies Greta, "We're going to the hospital."

"Um, Greta, Rob and Lauren have banned us from the hospital."

"Forget about them, I'll handle them, we are going to go the hospital, and Nick and Brian are going to see Jay and Josh, whether my idiot grandson, and bitch granddaughter-in-law like it or not."

Kevin and JC quickly get dressed, and then walk out with Greta and Austin. Kevin quickly gathers all the other members of BSB, and JC gathers all of the members of Nsync. Everybody says hello to Greta and Austin, before they head out to the hospital.

BSB and Nsync walk into the hospital, with Greta and Austin "hiding" behind them. Dr. Denning and Rob see them, and stop them.

"I'm sorry you can't be here!" says Dr. Denning.

"I thought I told you never to come back!" says Rob angrily.

"Well, you're not our master Rob," says Justin.

"You're going to have to leave before I call security," says Dr. Denning as he places his hand on the phone.

"Not so fast Dr. Denning!" says Greta as she steps out from behind BSB and Nsync. Lauren comes out of Jay and Josh's hospital room just as Rob says, "Grandmother? What are you doing here?"

"I came to see my great-grandsons, with Brian and Nick!"

"I'm sorry, but Brian and Nick are not going in to see Jayson and Joshua. You can, but under no circumstances can they."

"Well, I'm so sorry you feel that way, Rob, you leave me no choice."

"What are you talking about?" asks Lauren.

"Rob, as matriarch of the Vascardi family, I hear by disown and disinherit you and your wife."

"You can't do that!"

"Oh no? See for yourself!"

Greta pulls out her Last Will and Testament, and crosses out the section dealing with Rob and Lauren's inheritance and writes "Revoked."

"Oh, you damn, mother-fucking bitch!" says Rob as he explodes with anger and comes at Greta with fists flying.

Kevin and JC quickly step in front of Greta to shield her, and Dr. Denning pulls Rob back. Justin and Lance grab Rob, so that Dr. Denning can call security.

"Security? This is Dr. Denning, send security to ICU immediately."

Within minutes, security arrives, and Dr. Denning has them throw Rob and Lauren out of the hospital.

"Well, Mrs. Vascardi, you and Nick and Brian can go in and see Jay and Josh."

"What about Jayson's son Austin? Can he go in too?"

"Yes, but the rest of you will have to stay here, Jay and Josh are still in critical condition."

Greta, Austin, Nick, and Brian all walk into Intensive Care Unit Room 2, and look at Jay and Josh resting somewhat peacefully.

Nick sits down on a stool to the right of Jayson's bed, and Brian on a stool to the left of Josh's bed. Austin sits on Nick's lap, and Greta stands between Nick and Brian.

"Oh god, please live you two," says Greta.

To Be Continued...

Well, that's it. We hope to get Part 12 out soon, although, we have hit a small bit of writers block. We will do our absolute best to resolve this problem as soon as possible and get the next part written and released. As always, send comments and suggestions to JJVascardi@aol.com, all emails will be answered.