Loving BSB - Parts 12 & 13

Written by: Josh & Jay

Legal Disclaimer

By this time, I'm sure you know the drill, this is fiction, and all standard formalities and legalities apply.

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Well, here is Parts 12 and 13 already. I really can't believe how fast this story is coming along. If you haven't already, read our new series, Nick & Brian. Also, you may want to take a look at these stories, My Night With Howie D, Brian and Justin, Nick and Adam, Just JC, Kevin and Dustin, Boy Meets BSB, Rob and Lance, and B-Rok's 10000 Promises. All are exceptionally good stories. After writing this story for awhile, and doing a little more research into its celebrity characters, we realized that we never wished a happy birthday to AJ, Joey or Justin. So, even though we know they're not reading this, Happy Belated Birthdays, to AJ McLean of BSB, and Joey Fatone and Justin Timberlake of Nsync. And now on with the story, in the words of the hint keeper in one of our favorite computer games, Phantasmagoria: Pray It's Only A Nightmare, "Enjoy the ha ha ha ha ha, experience!"

Part 12

It's been two weeks since the Vascardi Enterprises corporate jet crashed, and Jayson and Joshua are still in Intensive Care. Although, their conditions have been upgraded from "Severely Critical" to "Critical, but Stable."

The swelling on their brains has begun to go down, and they're breathing without respirators now. Of course Nick and Brian very seldomly leave their bedsides. Kevin talked to management, and cancelled all of BSB's appearances and concerts for two months, and the hospital has set up two cots in Jay and Josh's room for Nick and Brian to use. Greta has been there for them every step of the way, being a very good friend to them. She has given Rob and Lauren time to cool off, and has now asked them to meet her in the hospital cafeteria for lunch.

Greta sits at the table sipping hot tea, as Rob and Lauren walk over to the table and sit down.

"Hello, Rob, and Lauren," says Greta with a smile.

"Hello," says Rob, with what is definitely visible as a forced smile.

"Okay, well, first off, I want to say that I didn't actually remove you from my will," replies Greta, "And that I am giving you both one more chance."

"Isn't it a bit late for that, considering that you have already revoked our inheritances?"

"No, I didn't, Lauren," says Greta as she pulls out an envelope. From within the envelope she removes two completely identical documents and hands them to Rob and asks him to look at them.

After careful examination, Rob realizes that they are both Greta's Last Will and Testament, one with Section 12, Rob and Lauren's inheritance, crossed out with "Revoked" written on, and the other with it still in. He looks at her strangely as if he doesn't understand.

"Look at the front of them," replies Greta.

Rob opens each of them back to the front, and on the one that has his and Lauren's inheritance crossed out, it reads "COPY" in bold print on the front, and the other reads, "ORIGINAL" in bold print on the front.

"So, as you can see, my original will is still intact," says Greta, "But, mind you I am only giving you each one more chance. You have both done things in the past to make me severely angry with you, but I am going to overlook all of those incidents one more time. I warn you though, what you decide to do with this one more chance, is up to you. Should you anger me in any way whatsoever, I will cross out and revoke Section 12 in my original Last Will and Testament, giving your inheritance to charity."

"Thanks, grandma, I don't know what to say," says Rob as he smiles and hands both documents back to Greta, who tears up the copy of the will.

"For starters, you can treat me like a human being, and not a crippled old woman incapable of taking care of herself."

"Done," says Lauren.

"Next, you can treat my future great-grandson-in-laws, Nick and Brian, with respect and dignity, and I will allow you to see your sons."

"Okay, grandmother, whatever you say," replies Rob, a little hesitantly.

"Good, now let's go see Jay and Josh."

Greta, who hasn't told anyone, has been feeling a tad weak lately, so she is using her motorized wheelchair. Greta pushes on the control stick and rolls off to Jay and Josh's hospital room with Rob and Lauren following.

Nick and Brian don't even bother to look up when the door opens, and they just keep their eyes fixated on their unconscious fiancés. Rob and Lauren walk in after Greta. Greta wheels herself over to the area between the beds, and rests her left hand in Brian's lap, and her right hand in Nick's lap. Austin, lies on the couch, fast asleep.

A long and awkward silence fills the room, and soon Rob breaks it, "Nick and Brian, I'm sorry for the way Lauren and I acted. We know it wasn't your fault, we were just upset."

"Yes, we know that Jay and Josh really do love you," says Lauren, "And, I've never seen them so happy as they have been since they have been with you guys."

"Well, Mrs. Vascardi, we feel the same way," says Nick, looking up from Jayson, "I love Jayson with all my heart and soul, and I want to spend all eternity with him."

"I feel the same way about Joshua," says Brian with a smile.

Rob and Lauren pull up some chairs and sit down between the beds. Lauren holds Josh's and Brian's hands together in her own, and smiles. Rob does the same with Jay's and Nick's.

Another week passes, and Brian and Nick have yet to leave Jay and Josh's sides for more then a few hours to sleep, or to eat or go to the bathroom. The swelling on Jayson and Joshua's brains is gone now, and the internal bleeding has been stopped. The nurses continue to change the dressings on Jayson and Joshua's burns every day, and they appear to be getting a tad better, although, skin grafting will be necessary, as well as some plastic surgery.

Nick is awoken by the tightening grip on his hand, and notices that Jay's eyes are fluttering open. Nick's heart skips a beat in joy and he says, "Jay, you're awake."

"Where am I?"

"You're in the hospital, Jay. You had me so worried."

"Why do you keep calling me Jay?"

"Because that's your name silly," says Nick with a grin.

"It is? Who are you?"

"What do you mean who am I? It's me your fiancé Nick!" says Nick trying to hold back his laughter, thinking that Jayson is playing some sort of game.

"My fiancé? But, you're a guy! Cute, yes, but a guy! I'm sorry you must have the wrong person, I'm not this Jay that you want."

"Of course you are, you're Jayson Colin Vascardi, my fiancé," replies Nick as he slowly begins to realize that Jayson isn't playing around here, he really doesn't remember!

"I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about. Now please leave me alone," replies Jayson as he lets go of Nick's hand.

Nick gets up, as his eyes well up with tears, and he runs from the room. A moment later, Brian comes out of the room, sobbing also. Dr. Denning comes up to them and asks, "What's wrong guys?"

"Jay and Josh are awake," says Nick between sobs.

"But, that's a good thing, why are you crying?" asks a very confused Dr. Denning.

"Because, they don't remember us!" Brian manages to get out between sobs.

"They don't know us, they don't know who they are, they don't know anything," adds Nick.

"Well, that means they have amnesia, which was one of the possibilities of their swelled brains," replies Dr. Denning, "But at least they only have amnesia, and not loss of sight, or paralysis, or death."

"Well, yes, that's true, but it still hurts like hell," says Brian, "To see the men we love laying there and not knowing who we are."

"Yeah, I know, it does hurt," says Dr. Denning, as his mind begins to wander. Dr. Denning snaps out of his thoughts, and walks over to where Kevin, and AJ are sitting in the waiting room. The others are all at the hotel, but call regularly for updates.

"Dr. Denning? Has there been any change?"

"Yes, AJ, Jay and Josh are conscious."

"Well, that's good."

"Yes and no, Kevin."

"What do you mean Dr. Denning?"

"Well, Kevin, they don't know who they are, they don't know Nick and Brian, and they don't know anything about themselves," says Dr. Denning, "It appears as though they have amnesia, whether temporary or permanent, I don't know."

"You mean, they could permanently lose their memories?"

"Yes, AJ, I've seen it happen before," says Dr. Denning.

"Isn't there anything you can do?"

"I'm sorry, Kevin, but all we can do now is wait and see what happens."

Another three very long weeks pass, and Jay and Josh still do not have their memories back. Although, they did have the skin grafting and plastic surgery done, and today, their bandages are being removed. Nick, Brian, Greta, Rob, Lauren, Chris, AJ, JC, Justin, Joey, Howie, Kevin, Lance, Austin, as well as Jay and Josh's 8 cousins and their Aunt Marie and Uncle Anthony, all stand in the room, as Dr. Denning, and the world-renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Andrews, begin to cut the bandages off of Jay's and Josh's heads.

As their faces are slowly revealed, Nick and Brian sigh with relief as they realize that their fiancés look perfect, just as they did when they fell in love with them. Not that it would have mattered, they would have loved them no matter what they looked like, but they're glad they still have their great and very handsome faces.

Everybody in the room just smiles, and then everybody leaves, except for Brian and Nick, wanting to give them some privacy with Jay and Josh. Jay sits down next to Nick's bedside, and Brian next to Josh's.

"You two look great," says Brian with a huge smile.

"Thank you, Mr. Littrell, wasn't it?" says Josh.

"Yes, but Josh, you can call me Brian," replies Brian with a grin.

"I prefer Mr. Littrell, since I don't know you."

Brian flinches at that comment, and a tear rolls down his cheek, "God, I hate it when you say that, Josh."

"Well, its true."

"No it isn't! You do know me! I love you and you love me! We're engaged to be married!" says Brian as he holds up his hand and shows Josh the ring. After Brian bought Josh the men's ring with the 5 carat hear shaped diamond, surrounded by rubies, Josh went out and bought Brian a perfect copy.

Josh cocks his head, and looks at the ring for a moment, and then a look of realization washes over him. "Brian?"

"Yes, Josh, I'm here, I love you!"

"I love you too!" exclaims Josh as he begins to get his memory back, and he flings his arms around Brian's neck and hugs him.

Nick and Jay watch them for a few minutes, and then Nick hopes that Jay won't be far behind Josh in getting his memory back.

"I'm glad you have your memory back, Mr. Vascardi," says Jay.

"Jay! Call me Josh!"

"I don't know you, why would I call you by your first name?"

"Of course you know me! I'm your twin brother!"

"You are?"

"Yes, and that is your fiancé, Nick!" says Josh as he points to Nick.

Jay looks at them both strangely for a moment, and then about 3 minutes after Josh began getting his memory back, Jay started as well. Coincidence or not? Josh and Jay are both 19, of course, but Josh is exactly 3 minutes older then Jay.

"Nick, oh my god, I'm so sorry!" says Jay as tears begin to well up in his eyes.

"It's okay Jay, I'm here, don't cry," says Nick as he leans over and hugs Jayson.

Brian and Nick get up and head toward the door, and Josh says, "Where are you going?"

"Don't worry, we'll be back soon," says Brian.

"Yeah, we'll be back very soon, " says Nick, "But, I think we should tell your family that you guys are beginning to get your memories back."

With that, Brian and Nick leave the room, and inform everybody of the wonderful news.

Part 13

Another three weeks pass, and Jay and Josh have completely recovered all of their memories. Now, Dr. Denning says that their burns are healed enough that they can be released from the hospital.

"Okay, Jay and Josh, I have your release papers here," replies Dr. Denning with a smile.

"Well, bring them on over here and let us sign!" says Josh.

"Whoa, not so fast their Josh, there's a few things I have to tell you guys before you get out of here."

"Okay, what's up doc?"

"Well, Jay, first of all, you two cannot have sex with Nick and Brian, I'm sure I don't need to tell you that your bodies have gone through a very very serious and painful ordeal."

"Yes, doc, we know. So how long?"

"About 2-3 weeks, or until your burns are completely healed."

"Okay, no sex for 2-3 weeks, or until burns are healed, anything else?"

"Well, this part involves you two, Nick and Brian," replies Dr. Denning as he turns to them.

"Well, doc, you know I think that other part sorta involved us too," says Brian with a grin.

"Yeah, you're right Brian, it did," says Dr. Denning with a smile.

"Okay, what?"

"Well, Nick, you and Brian are going to have to change the dressings on Nick and Brian's legs and arms every day, until they're healed."

"No problem, we'll do anything we can to make those two gorgeous hunks over their regain perfect health."

Dr. Denning laughs and replies, "I'm sure you will, I'm sure you will."

Dr. Denning hands both Joshua and Jayson a clipboard, and they take the pens and quickly sign their names at the bottoms of their release papers.

"Okay, well if there's nothing else, I'll be on my way," replies Dr. Denning as he walks toward the door.

"Oh, Dr. Denning? I called the bank, and they're going to wire the money for Jay's and my hospital bills from our private account into the hospital's account."

"Okay, Josh, hopefully I'll c-ya again, but under better circumstances."

"Déjà vu! Isn't that what Dr. Nikki Harburg said when she released you from the hospital Josh, after your ruptured appendix?"

"Yes, something like that, Jay," replies Josh.

Dr. Denning just smiles, and leaves the room. Brian and Nick walk over and Brian says, "Okay, lets get you two out of here!"

"No complaints here, I just hate hospital food!"

Nick just grins at Jay, and then helps him out of bed. Brian helps Josh out of bed, and they help them get dressed. Since Brian and Nick didn't have keys to Jay and Josh's house, and they didn't leave any loose fitting clothes at the hotel room, Brian and Nick grabbed some of their own clothes for Jay and Josh to wear. Josh is wearing a Kentucky sweatshirt, and sweatpants, and Jay is wearing a New York sweatshirt and sweatpants.

Josh grins and says, "First time in a long time that we haven't dressed alike."

"Yeah, well Josh, we didn't have anything else for ya to wear, and Nick and I don't normally buy clothes to wear so that we're dressed like identical twins, despite the fact that we're best friends."

Everybody just laughs, and then Brian and Nick sling two shoulder bags over their shoulders with Jay and Josh's belongings in them, and then push their fiancés out of the hospital in wheelchairs. Now that Jay and Josh are being released from the hospital, everybody is going back home. Rob, Lauren, Anthony, Samantha, Amanda, Nicole, Jonathan, Jeremy, Kevin, Devin, Ashley, Marie, and Anthony Vascardi all head to the airport to fly out to Milwaukee. BSB and Nsync say their good-byes to each other, as they are all going home for a week or so to visit their families over the Easter holidays.

Nick, Brian, Kevin, JC, Jay, Josh, Austin, and Greta head for the airport, and book a flight to Lexington, Kentucky. Brian wants Josh to meet his parents and his brother, and Nick, Jay, JC, Austin, and Greta are I guess you could say going along for the ride. Brian does not wish his mother and family to have heart attacks when he shows up in Lexington, unannounced, so Brian calls his mother on his cell phone on the plane.

"Hello?" asks Jackie Littrell.

"Hey, mom, this is Brian."

"Brian! How are you? I heard about your boyfriend's jet crash, is he okay?"

"Yeah, Josh and his twin, Jay, were released from the hospital today."

"That's good. So, to what can I credit your call?"

"Well, I thought I'd call and tell you that Kevin and I are coming home for Easter."

"Oh, that's wonderful, when will you arrive?"

"We're on the plane right now."

"Okay, I'll prepare your rooms."

"That won't be necessary, mom. You know that very large private ranch outside of town?"


"Well, Josh and Jay own it. We thought we'd stay there."

"Just the two of you?"

"No, Josh is accompanying me, Kevin's boyfriend JC is accompanying him, Nick is coming too, with Jay, and then Jay's 5-year-old son Austin, and Josh and Jay's 106-year-old great-grandmother Greta are with us."

"Kevin's boyfriend JC?"

"Yeah, Kev, finally found someone. He's dating Joshua Chasez of Nsync, but everybody just calls him JC," says Brian, "Kevin and JC have a lot in common, including their middle names."

"Okay, well, we'll look forward to seeing y'all, talk ta y'all soon," replies Jackie in a Southern drawl.

"Bye, mom, c-y'all soon."

Brian turns off his cell phone and puts it away, just in time to hear the captain reply, "We are getting ready to make our final descent in Lexington, Kentucky, please fasten your seatbelts, and put all tray tables and seats in their upright positions. Thank you for flying American Airlines."

Everybody fastens their seatbelts as the plane lands in Lexington. Nick, Brian, Greta, Kevin, JC, Jay, Austin, and Josh are let off of the plane before everybody else, and since Jackie was the only person who knew they were coming to Lexington, their were no fans waiting on them at the gate. They all climb into the waiting limousine, and head out to Jay and Josh's private ranch.

Nick pulls out his cell phone, and calls the Littrell residence to tell them that they have arrived, Brian's brother Harold answers.

"Hey, Harold, this is Nick."

"Hey Nick, mom told me that you, Brian, and Kevin were coming."

"Yeah, well we're in Lexington now. We're on our way out to Jay and Josh Vascardi's private ranch, just outside of town, where we'll be staying."

"Okay, well, mom, dad, and I were just about to leave, we're anxious to meet your new beaus," says Harold with a laugh.

"Yeah, well, I think you'll like them. Talk to you soon, Harold, bye."

Nick turns off his cell phone and replaces it in his pocket. They continue driving for about an hour, and finally, the limousine turns onto the road out of town, and heads for the ranch. As the limousine approaches the gates, a car can be seen sitting in front of them. The limousine stops in back of it, and Josh Vascardi gets out.

Jackie gets out of the car, and walks over to Josh.

"Hello, I'm Jackie Littrell," she says as she extends her hand.

"Hi, Mrs. Littrell, I'm Joshua Vascardi, Brian's fiancé."

"Nice to meet you," says Jackie as she pulls Josh into a hug, and he winces in pain.

"Um, Mrs. Littrell, could you let go, I'm still recovering from 3rd degree burns."

"Oh, I'm so sorry, and call me Jackie."

"Okay, Jackie, well, if you'll get back in your car, I'll open these gates and we can go up to the main house and talk."

Jackie smiles and gets back into the car, as Josh removes his wallet and his key ring from his pocket. He takes a key and inserts it into the gate control box, followed by a 5-digit code, a card key, and finally presses his thumb against a small thumb pad. The gates shudder and begin to slowly open, as Josh climbs back into the limo, and it follows the Littrell's car onto the ranch, the gates clanging shut after the limousine.

The car and the limousine stop in front of the ranch, and Mrs. Summers comes out to greet them. Nick called Mrs. Summers late last night, and asked her to fly down to Kentucky and open up Jay and Josh's ranch, so she did.

Everybody enters the house, as Mrs. Summers and the stables master, Jensen, bring in the luggage from the limousine. Nick, Brian, Jay, Josh, JC, Austin, Greta, Kevin, Jackie, Brian's father Harold, and Brian's brother Harold, all sit down in the parlor, and start to talk.

"Well, now for introductions," replies Kevin with a smile.

"This is my boyfriend, JC Chasez, this is Brian's boyfriend Joshua Vascardi, this is Nick's boyfriend Jayson Vascardi, this is Jayson's son Austin Brooks, and this is Jayson and Joshua's great-grandmother, Greta Walker-Vascardi," replies Kevin pointing to each one of them, "Vascardi family and JC, this is my Aunt Jackie, my Uncle Harold, and my cousin Harold."

After introductions are complete, everybody just sits in the parlor and talks for about 2 or 3 hours, when Mrs. Summers walks in.

"Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served."

"Thank you Mrs. Summers," replies Jayson as he stands up and walks toward the dining room, with everybody else in tow.

To Be Continued...

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