Loving BSB - Parts 14-18

Written By: Jayson & Joshua Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer

By now I'm sure you know the drill, this is fiction and all standard formalities and legalities apply.

Author's Note

Well, here is Parts 14-18 of Loving BSB. This story is really progressing isn't it? We've decided that we are going to take out our family for awhile, and concentrate more on the relationships between Brian and Joshua, Nick and Jayson, Kevin and JC, and Lance and Justin. BSB and Nsync's families will begin to make more guest appearances, and we're going to work on adding more romance, less quickies, and less dramatics.

There will still be drama, but things are going to calm down for a little while. We are also going to begin to speed time up a little. The Christmas of '99 edition of this story will probably be released in July of '99, after we get back from our trip to Europe. After that, we're not sure how much longer we will keep this story going. The double-wedding of Brian and Joshua and of Nick and Jayson will take place in the Christmas of '99 edition, so they will be married couples when we do the New Years edition, which will probably be out in mid to late August of 99.

If you haven't already, you really should read Brian & Justin, Nick & Adam, Nick & Brian, Kevin & Dustin, Brian & Keith, Rob & Lance, Devon & Lance, B-Rok's 10000 Promises, Just JC, My Night With Howie D, Boy Meets BSB, Brian & Cody, and Brian & Zhane, they're all really good stories. Also, on a side note, another story that we think worthy of mention is Ryan's Love, about Ryan Phillippe. It obviously does not involve the Backstreet Boys, or Nsync, but it is our opinion that it is really good. And now, enjoy the ha ha ha ha ha ha ha experience!

Part 14

After eating dinner, everybody retired for the night. Jayson and Joshua gave everybody their own room to sleep in, and then retired themselves. Sleep at the ranch has always been very peaceful, and everybody got a very good nights sleep.

Jackie Littrell wakes up and goes downstairs to the kitchen, to find Jayson and Joshua awake, helping Mrs. Summers make breakfast.

"Good morning," says Jackie with a smile.

"Morning, Jackie," replies Jayson and Joshua in unison.

"Good morning, madam," says Mrs. Summers in a polite tone as she begins pouring blueberry pancake batter onto the griddle.

"Sleep well?" asks Joshua.

"Yes, I did. Very peacefully," replies Jackie.

"That's good."

"Anything I can do to help?"

"Well, Jackie, we have the cooking under control, but if you could set the table?"


"Okay, use the china in the dining room china cabinet."

"Okay," replies Jackie with a smile as she walks into the adjoining dining room and begins removing the very expensive and beautiful red rose patterned china with 24-carat gold edging, and begins to set the table.

One by one, everybody begins to come down, and sits in the living room. After a few minutes, Mrs. Summers comes out and replies, "Breakfast is served."

Everybody gets up and walks into the dining room as Jayson, Joshua, and Jackie carry trays of food out and set them on the table. Every imaginable breakfast food is on the table. Fruit, bacon, eggs, ham, sausage, hash browns, blueberry pancakes, blueberry muffins, apple-cinnamon muffins, banana nut muffins, Belgian waffles, orange juice, grapefruit juice, grape juice, coffee, tea, etc.

Everybody digs into the food and begins eating, well except for Mrs. Summers, who is of course eating her breakfast in the kitchen with the stables master, Jensen Adams. Jayson and Joshua have always told her that she is more then welcome to eat meals with them, but she always refuses, insisting that the help should not dine with the employers.

"So, what are we going to do today?" asks Harold III, "Anything special?"

"Well, I thought maybe we could take a walk through the gardens or take a dip in the pool," says Joshua, "After that, if anyone feels like it, we can go down to the stables, and Jensen can saddle up a few of the Arabians."

"Sounds good," says Kevin with a smile.

Everybody nods, and continues to eat their breakfast. Afterwards, Joshua, Jayson, Jackie, and Brian help carry all the dishes into the kitchen and help Mrs. Summers rinse them and load them into the dishwasher. Jayson and Joshua then lead everybody out the back door and out onto the patio and the gardens.

"This is really nice," says JC, as he sits down in a chase lounge and pulls Kevin down on top of him.

"Yes it is," replies Greta, "Although, my garden back home is even nicer."

"Where is home, Greta?" asks Harold II.

"Athens, Greece," replies Greta with a smile.

"So you are Greek?"

"Well, half Greek and half British," says Greta to JC.

"What are you two?" asks Jackie to Jayson and Joshua, "Vascardi sounds Italian."

"It is. We're half Italian, 1/4 Greek, and 1/4 Australian," replies Joshua.

Austin, tired of just sitting around, takes off his shirt, and jumps into the shallow end of the pool. His late mother had him taking swimming lessons since he was 3, and he's almost 5 now.

Brian and Nick join Austin in the pool, and shortly after, Harold III does as well, followed by Kevin and JC. Jayson, Joshua, Greta, Jackie, and Harold II just sit by the side watching them.

At about noon, everybody gets out of the pool and dries off. Everybody who had been swimming quickly goes upstairs to their rooms to change clothes, and then returns.

"Okay, so should we go down to the stables now?"

"Well, that sounds good."

Jayson and Joshua stand up and walk across the patio and motion for everybody to follow them as the walk down a small flight of stone steps and done a long cobblestone path. Soon the neighing and braying of the Arabians at the stables can be heard, and sure enough a long wooden building comes into view.

There are 15 stalls in all, each with a horse in it. To the side, there's a fenced in yard, where two adult female Arabians prance around, along with 4 ponies.

Above each stall is a number and a name, #1 - Snowflake, #2 - Coalblack, #3 - Briannick, #4 - Thunder, #5 - Lightning, #6 - Angel, #7 - Timberlake, #8 - Viper, #9 - Jewel, #10 - Ceres, #11 - Neptune, #12 - Mercury, #13 - Mars, #14 - Venus, and #15 - Triton." The two adult Arabians in the yard are Titania and Valanice, and the four ponies are Vysantha, Lambeth, Attis, and Sirocco.

"Alright, everybody who wants to go riding, pick a horse, and Jensen will saddle them up for you," replies Joshua, "Jensen, saddle Coalblack for me."

Surprising everybody, including Greta, decides to go riding. Kevin picks Thunder, JC picks Lightning, Nick picks Viper, Jayson picks Timberlake, Greta picks Titania, Jackie picks Snowflake, Harold III picks Neptune, Harold II picks Mercury, and Austin picks Attis.

Jensen quickly saddles up everybody's horses, and then helps Greta up onto Titania's back.

"A very good choice madam, Titania will ride very calmly, as she just gave birth to Sirocco a week and a half ago."

"Mrs. Summers, Jensen, I want you two to join us. Its time you have some fun, pick a horse and get on," says Jayson.

Mrs. Summers decides not to put up a fight, and Jensen saddles Ceres for her, and Triton for himself.

All twelve of them start to ride down one of the several trails, enjoying the scenery. They ride for about 2 hours, when they all stop by a small pond, and Mrs. Summers surprises them all with a picnic lunch that she packed.

They get off their horses and tie them up, before sitting down on the blanket that Mrs. Summers lays down on the grass for a picnic. Mrs. Summers packed fried chicken, turkey and cheese sandwiches, pickles, coleslaw, potato salad, jello, lemonade, and even a black forest cake for desert.

Everybody eats their fill and then they all just relax for a little while. At about 5pm, everybody gets up, and Mrs. Summers packs up the picnic stuff, and they all get back onto their horses and head back, taking a different trail this time. They arrive back at the stables at about 8:30, and Jensen and his two assistants unsaddle the horses and return them to their stalls for a good rub-down, while everyone else walks back up through the gardens to the main house.

Meanwhile, in Orlando, Justin and Lance arrive at Justin's house and surprise Justin's mom, Lynn, and his brother, Jonathan.

"Justin, Lance! So nice to see you!" says Lynn as she pulls both of them into a hug.

"Nice seeing you to mom," replies Justin, "Hey Jon, how are ya?"


"So how long can you stay?"

"Well, Justin and I can stay for a week, after that we have to go meet Chris, Joey, JC, and the guys of the Backstreet Boys in St. Louis, to continue our tour."

"Okay, well, I'm glad you two could come, and I want to talk to you, just let me put Jonathan to bed."

"But mom--"

"No, buts Jon, its past your bedtime already. Anyway Justin and Lance will still be here tomorrow."

"That's right, Jon, go up to bed. Lance and I will see you tomorrow."

"Oh, okay," says Jonathan with a hint of disappointment and a yawn.

Lance and Justin sit down in the living room while Lynn takes Jonathan up to bed. A couple of minutes later, Lynn comes back down and joins them.

"So, Lance, why didn't you go visit your parents?"

"Well, Lynn, I didn't want to leave Justin."

"Leave Justin? What do you mean?"

"You mean, Justin didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"Mom, Lance and I are um, well, we're, an item, so to speak."

"Oh, I understand."

"So you're not mad?"

"Of course not Justin, if Lance makes you happy, then I'm happy for you."

The conversation continues for a few minutes, before Lynn says she is going to go to bed. Once she leaves, Lance and Justin sit on the couch for a couple of more minutes, kissing, until they finally go up to Justin's bedroom for the night.

Part 15

A week passes, and everybody gathers in the living room to say their good-byes.

"Well, I really should be getting back to Athens," replies Greta, "Oh, and Jayson? Don't worry about Austin here, I'll make sure he gets safely back to Lugano."

"Thanks, great-grandma," replies Jayson as he leans down and gives Greta a gentle hug.

"C-ya Austin, and we'll see you again at Christmas."


"Have fun at the Curiakis Academy for Boys," replies Nick, as he hugs his future step-son.

"Thanks, Nick."

Brian hugs his mother, father, and brother goodbye, and then Jackie, Harold II, and Harold III go out to their car and head home. Kevin, JC, Nick, Jayson, Brian, Joshua, Greta, Austin, and Mrs. Summers head out to the limousine, with Mrs. Summers sitting in the front seat with the chauffeur. The limousine takes the group to the airport, where Austin gets on a flight to Lugano, Switzerland, Greta a flight to Athens, Greece, Mrs. Summers a flight to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Kevin, JC, Nick, Jayson, Brian, and Joshua a flight to St. Louis, Missouri.

The flight from Lexington, Kentucky to St. Louis, Missouri did not take very long, and it seemed like no time that the captain was saying, "We are now preparing to make our final descent into St. Louis. Please fasten your seatbelts and make sure that all seats and tray tables are in their upright positions. Thank you for flying Midwest Express Airlines."

The airplane lands, and the stewardess hold back the people in coach, while the first class passengers, Kevin, JC, Nick, Brian, Jayson, and Joshua, gather their carry-on luggage and vacate the airplane. Unfortunately for Brian, JC, Nick, and Kevin, their fans knew that they would be coming to St. Louis today, so the second they stepped off the plane, they were mobbed by screaming teenage girls.

Joshua and Jayson just stand off to the side, laughing, and then go to collect the luggage at the baggage claim. After they have collected their luggage, as well as Nick's, Kevin's, JC's, and Brian's they walk over to the food court, where they notice Howie, AJ, Chris, Joey, Justin, and Lance, sitting at a table. They walk over to the table and Josh says, "Hello, guys."

"Josh, Jayson, hello!" replies Chris in a somewhat hyper tone.

"Where's Brian, and Nick?"

"And Kevin, and JC?"

"Well, Howie, and AJ, they got mobbed the second they stepped off the plane."

"Oh, okay, well any way, have a seat," says Justin with a smile.

Josh sits down next to Justin, and Jay sits down next to Lance, and the group starts talking.

"So, how was Lexington?"

"Well, Lance, it was good. Brian's family was really nice, and I don't think they have any problems with Brian dating Josh, or Kevin being with JC."

"Cool," replies Joey with a grin.

"So anything new going on?"

"Yeah, we have a surprise for Nick," says Howie.


"His brother, Aaron Carter, will be joining the tour in Chicago, as well as Brittany Spears."

"Hey, that's great. I would like to meet my future brother-in-law," replies Jayson with a wide grin, to which everybody just smiles and laughs a bit.

The conversation continues for about an hour and a half, when finally, four very tired and disheveled looking forms walk over to the table, exhausted from all of the fans.

"Can we get going to the hotel? After all of those fans screaming at us, and pulling on us and that, I'm kinda tired," says JC.

Nick, Brian, and Kevin, just nod in agreement with JC, too tired to speak. The others just stand up, and head toward their limousines. Howie, AJ, Chris, Joey, Lance and Justin in one, and Kevin, JC, Nick, Jayson, Brian, and Joshua in the other. Once they checked into the hotel, they all got out and entered the lobby of their home for the next two and a half weeks. They all go up to their suites on the 10th floor, unpack, and then crawl into bed for some much needed rest.

About six hours later, Brian wakes up, and kisses Joshua awake. They smile at each other, and kiss a little more, before Brian gets out the surgical tape, and gauze and medicated pads, and begins to cut the dressings off of Josh's legs, so that he can change them. Brian skillfully removes the old dressing from Josh's legs, and arms, and from around his abdomen, and chest, and then begins to redress everything with tender loving care.

After he finishes, he helps Josh to get dressed, and then they go to the hotel restaurant for a bite to eat. Nick wakes up shortly after, and changes the dressings on Jayson's legs, arms, abdomen, and chest, before they head down to the hotel restaurant and join Brian and Joshua.

Brian takes out his cell phone and calls JC's cell number, "Hey JC."

"Hello Brian," says JC, a tad sleepily.

"Still tired?"

"A little, but Kevin is up and about already."

"Well, JC, why don't you gather my cuz, and come on down for breakfast at the hotel restaurant."

"Why? I was kinda hoping to spend our day off in bed with your cuz, Bri, he is so hot."

Brian laughs, and replies, "Well, I certainly have no opinion on that, but at any rate, we have plans to make."


"Don't tell me you forgot. Today is May 1st! Lance's b-day is May 4, we have to do something."

"Oh, yeah, you're right, Kevin and I will be down in a minute."

"Okay, c-ya soon."

Brian turns of his cell, as Nick pulls out his own cell phone and calls AJ, and Howie. Brian calls Chris and Joey. Justin arrives shortly after.

"Hello guys."

"Hey, Justin, where's Lance? We don't want him down here for obvious reasons."

"Yeah, I know, we're planning his b-day, that's why my mom is keeping Lance busy today," says Justin with a smile.

"Oh good, okay, let's just wait for the others, and then we'll get down to business."

Justin sits down, and a few moments later, Kevin and JC appear. Followed by AJ, Chris, Howie, and Joey. They all sit around the table, discussing possible ideas.

"So, what are we going to do for Lance's birthday?" asks Joey.

"Yeah, it has to be something good," says Chris.

"Yeah, but what?" replies JC.

"Well, I certainly know what I want to do for Lance's birthday, but that would involve the two of us and a bed," says Justin, "And I know you all want to help him celebrate his 20th birthday."

"You're right, Justin, we would like to," says Kevin with a grin.

"Okay, come on people, we need ideas here!" says AJ.

"Yeah, no offense, but Justin, you idea well, it's not good," replies Howie.

"I know, I know, I'll save my idea for later in the evening, that is if you guys don't wear him out completely first!" says Justin with a huge grin.

"We'll try not to," says Nick.

"You've been awfully quiet, Jay and Josh, any ideas?" asks Brian.

"Oh, sorry, it's just fun sitting here listening to you guys bicker about something that's already been taken care of," replies Jayson with a grin.

"What do you mean already taken care of?" asks Joey.

"Jay and I called Six Flags St. Louis a week ago, and rented the entire park for May 4," says Josh with a huge grin, "We have all the roller coasters and other rides, etc, to ourselves for the entire day."

Everybody just looks at them in total shock and disbelief for a moment, until Chris finally breaks the silence.

"You're kidding right?"

"Nope, sorry Chris, but this is the truth. The entire park is ours for the day," replies Jayson.

"Cool!" everybody says in unison.

"So, now we have a place, but there's still other things to do, like a cake and stuff," replies JC.

"Also already taken care of. We are at this very moment having a three-layer marble cake with "Happy 20th Birthday Lance" written on it made, and the cake will be delivered the morning of, with 5 gallons of assorted flavors of ice cream."

"Is there anything that you guys haven't taken care of already, Josh?" asks Justin.

"Well, we didn't buy presents for him yet," says Jay with a grin.

"Well, then let's go hit the mall!" says Kevin.

Everybody gets up and walks out to the van that the hotel rented for them, and head out to the local mall to buy presents for Lance's birthday.

Part 16

Lance wakes up on his birthday, to find himself alone in bed. He quickly pulls on a pair of boxers and searches the hotel room, but Justin is nowhere to be found. Lance sits down on the sofa and begins to think. He has been feeling very insecure lately, as nobody seems to remember that today is his birthday.

"Did they really forget that today was my birthday?" Lances thinks to himself.

"No, that's impossible, they wouldn't forget, would they?" replies Lance out loud. Lance decides that whatever the guys have planned for his birthday, he's sure they have something planned, that he'll enjoy it. Of course what he'd really enjoy is to spend all day in bed with Justin, but he knows that that will never happen, because the other guys would want to spend some time with him.

Lance stands up and walks over to the bathroom and takes a shower. After he's showered and shaved, he quickly gets dressed, and combs his hair. He then sits down on the sofa, flips on the TV, and decides that somebody will be up eventually to get him. Suddenly a key can be heard in the lock, and Lance figures its Justin.

He's totally surprised when Lynn and Jonathan come into the room.

"Good morning, Lance," says Lynn as she walks over and sits down.

"Good morning, Lynn," replies Lance, "Hey Jonathan."

"Hi," is all Jonathan says before he runs behind the sofa. Before Lance can turn around to see what Jon is doing, a black silk cloth is being pulled over his eyes, and tied.

"What's going on?"

"No questions, come on," replies Lynn as she helps Lance to his feet, and she and Jonathan lead him out of the hotel room.

Lance is lead out of the room and down to the elevator, and then on. He's still wondering what is going on, when Lynn and Jonathan lead him out to the waiting car, and help him in before getting in themselves. Lynn tells the driver to go, and he drives off, apparently already knowing where to go. After a short drive, the limousine stops, and Lynn and Jonathan get out, leaving Lance in the car.

Lance just sits there still wondering what's going on, when a hand reaches in and grabs his hand. The hand helps him out of the car, and then the person it belongs to gives a quick peck on the cheek.


"No questions, come," replies Justin in a low tone.

Justin pulls Lance forward and into the destination. Upon seeing him, Brian, Kevin, Howie, AJ, Chris, Joey, JC, and Justin all burst out singing, "Happy Birthday, Lance."

Still blindfolded, Lance replies, "So you guys didn't forget?"

"Of course we didn't forget!" says Josh, and Jay walks over and pulls the blindfold off of Lance's eyes.

"Welcome to Six Flags St. Louis, Lance!" says everybody in unison.

"The whole park is ours for the day, thanks to Josh and Jay," says Brian.

Lance is obviously speechless. He can't believe that an hour ago, he had thought that his friends had totally forgotten about his birthday.

"Wow, I don't know what to say," says Lance, "I really did think that you guys totally forgot."

"We could never forget such an important day in history," says Chris with a grin, "I mean who could forget the day that James Lance Bass was born?"

Everybody laughs, and then AJ replies, "Well come on, let's hit the coasters."

Everybody except Brian and Josh go running over to ride the first coaster called, Mr. Freeze.

"Go Josh, I'll be fine, go have some fun," says Brian.

"No, I don't want to leave you alone," says Josh.

"Go, I insist, don't let my fear of heights stop you from having fun," says Brian, "I know you love roller-coasters."

"I'm not going to let your fear stop me, I'm going to go ride that roller coaster, and you're coming with me," says Josh with a devilish grin.

Before Brian can say anything, he's being literally dragged over to the roller coaster that everyone else is going on. "No Josh! I hate roller coasters!" says Brian, a very obvious sound of total fear in his voice.

"Sorry, but I'm not giving you any choice, help me Kevin!"

Kevin and Josh strap Brian in, and then Josh gets in on Brian's left, and Kevin gets in on his right, with JC on his left. Once everybody is secured, the ride jerks forward and starts.

Note: Here is a quick overview of the ride in question:

Mr. Freeze - Chilled to perfection, the coolest coaster on the planet is powered by an electromagnetic current. This state-of-the-art thrill ride features new linear induction technology with lightning speed, catapulting passengers from zero to 70 mph in approximately four seconds. Mr. Freeze blasts riders out of a 190-foot icy tunnel, traveling through 1,382 feet of track at spine-chilling speeds of up to 70 mph, into a totally vertical climb while twisting to enter a 180-degree inversion. Mr. Freeze then takes a vertical dive while again twisting into a 130-degree wraparound turn, rocketing passengers 226 breathtaking feet straight up and finally sending them though all 1,382 feet of the entire coaster again--in reverse!

Everybody is screaming, but Brian is too terrified to scream. He's just squeezing his eyes shut, while holding Josh's and Kevin's hands, squeezing them with all his might, completely and utterly terrified.

"Its okay Bri, we're here for you, nothing will happen," says Kevin in a parental tone, "You can open your eyes."

"I think not!" says Brian

"Brian, come on, we promise nothing will happen to you, open your eyes," says Josh.


"Okay, well then Brian, I hate to do this, but if you won't open your eyes, then I can't marry you," says Josh in a serious tone.

Brian's eyes fly wide open in time to see Josh start laughing. Before he can say anything or close his eyes again, Josh and Kevin reach up and hold his eyelids open.

"You little ass! You tricked me!" says Brian.

"Well, Brian, I had to get you to open your eyes, somehow," says Josh, "And I knew that would do the trick."

After awhile, Brian stops being terrified as much as he was when he got on, and starts screaming along with the others. This time only its out of fun, and not sheer terror. As the ride comes to a stop, and everybody starts getting off, JC says, "Now you see Brian, was that so bad?"

"Well, I guess not, but its certainly not something I want to do again," says Brian with a laugh.

"Well, Brian, you're riding all of the others with us," says AJ.

"Oh no I'm not!" protests Brian.

"Yes you are," says Josh, and Jay, Kevin, Nick, and Josh pick Brian up and carry him to the next ride, Batman the Ride.

Note: Another ride overview:

Batman the Ride - A state-of-the-art, looping super coaster featuring five head-over-heels experiences, including a zero gravity roll. Guests soar like the Caped Crusader himself in skilift-style chairs, whisked away from the perils of Gotham City's underground and delivered to the safe confines of Gotham City Park.

Again, everybody is screaming their heads off, and although he doesn't actually tell anyone, Brian is actually beginning to enjoy himself. As the ride comes to a halt, everybody gets off, and then head over to the next coaster, only this time, Brian went under his own free will.

The next ride is called The Ninja, and everybody quickly gets on and the ride starts.

Note: Yet Another Ride Overview:

The Ninja - This mystifying steel coaster propels riders through 2,430 feet of high-speed spirals, steep drops, a state-of-the-art loop, a mind-bending sidewinder and a double corkscrew.

As the ride comes to a stop, Lance replies, "This is the best birthday I've ever had! And watching Brian actually enjoy these roller coasters makes it even better!"

"Very funny Lance. Oh the things I do to insure my friends have a good time," says Brian with a grin.

Everybody just laughs, and heads over to the next roller coaster, having the time of their lives. They all decide to go and ride the Screamin' Eagle.

Note: Ride Overview:

Screamin' Eagle - The park's only wooden coaster soars a three-quarter mile wooden track at speeds up to 62 miles per hour, climbing 110 feet and racing through drops of 91 feet and 87 feet.

Everybody gets off, and Brian replies, "Okay, please no more!"

"Oh come on Brian, you're going with us on the Tidal Wave!" says Howie with a grin.

"Do I have to?"

"Let me think, yes you do," says Nick with a smile.

Everybody goes over to the Tidal Wave and gets into a 20-person boat, and the ride starts.

Note: Ride Overview, only one more after this!

Tidal Wave - Catch the wave on Tidal Wave as a 20-person boat drops over the 50-foot waterfall into 300,000 gallons of water, creating a wall of water 20 feet high and 80 feet wide. This ride creates a hug refreshing splash for guests in the boat, as well as for spectators on the bridge.

Everybody gets off the ride, soaking wet, but having fun. "Okay, guys one more ride, and then I think its time we meet Lynn and Jonathan for lunch," says Kevin looking at his watch, seeing that its already a little past 11. Lynn and Jonathan have not been accompanying Chris, Joey, Howie, AJ, Kevin, JC, Jayson, Joshua, Nick, Brian, Lance, and Justin on the park's thrill rides. Lynn took Jonathan to the children's areas, as he's to young to get on most of the thrill rides.

Everybody nods in agreement, and head over to Thunder River.

Note: Last Ride Overview in this story

Thunder River - Ride seven acres of the wildest white-water rapids in the Midwest. Guests are guaranteed to be dripping wet when they step off the free-floating circular 12-person raft.

Everybody gets off of Thunder River, soaking wet. They all walk over to the restaurant to meet Lynn and Jonathan, and Lynn just shakes her head. "I knew you guys would end up needing these," says Lynn as she holds up two large bags, full of clothes for them all to change into, "Go to the bathroom, dry off, and change clothes, Jon and I will wait here for you."

"Thanks, Lynn," says Chris.

The guys take the bags and take their changes of clothes, which incidentally are all their own clothes, Lynn must have some how gotten into their rooms, and go to the bathroom to change.

They all come out a few minutes later, for the most part dry, and order their lunches.

"This is the best birthday I've ever had," says Lance with a huge smile on his face.

"I'm so happy you're enjoying it," says Justin as he leans over and gives Lance a quick peck on the cheek, while Jonathan wasn't looking.

"So what's next on the itinerary?"

"Well, Howie, we'll probably head over to the arcade and play a few games a something," replies AJ.

"Yeah, sounds good, we should rest our stomachs after we ate and wait to go back on any of the roller coasters," says JC.

"Yeah, we wouldn't want to throw up all over the place," says Kevin with a grin.

Everybody eats their lunch, and then they all head over to the arcade and start playing the various games. After about 3 hours, Lynn and Jonathan leave with Kevin, JC, and Brian to go prepare the restaurant for the next stem of Lance's birthday surprise. An hour and a half later, Brian comes back and whispers into Josh's ear, "Okay, we're ready, get Lance blindfolded."

Josh nods in agreement, and walks over to where Lance and Justin sit, playing a video game. Justin nods when he sees Josh pull out the black silk cloth from his pocket. In one very quick motion, Josh pulls the cloth over Lance's eyes, causing him to lose the game against Justin.

"Hey no fair!" says Lance in somewhat anger that he lost.

"Come on, Lance, my darling, its time for your next surprise," says Justin.

"Is it a good surprise?"

"What if it is?"

"I'll forgive you for having Josh cheat for you by blindfolding me," says Lance with a laugh.

"I wasn't cheating! And yeah, it is a good surprise, now come on!"

While they were talking, Brian ushered everybody back to the restaurant, and now Josh and Justin are leading the once again blindfolded Lance back to the restaurant.

When they enter, and Justin pulls off the blindfold, everybody yells, "SURPRISE!!!"

Every square inch of the restaurant is elaborately decorated, with a huge banner saying, "Happy 20th Birthday Lance! May Many More Follow."

And sitting on a table in the middle of the room is the huge tri-layer cake that Josh and Jay had made, with 20 candles burning on top. Kevin sits down at a piano on one side of the room, and begins to play the melody for "Happy Birthday" as Chris, Joey, Justin, AJ, Howie, Brian, Nick, JC, Jayson, Joshua, Lynn, Jonathan, and himself all begin to sing.

Lance just smiles a huge smile and thanks everybody once they're done. He then blows out all 20 candles in one breath, and makes his wish. Nick cuts the cake, as AJ and Howie dish out ice cream, and everybody has a jolly good time.

After cake and ice cream, JC says, "Okay, Lance, time for presents! Here's mine," as he hands Lance a medium sized box wrapped in shiny blue paper and a gold ribbon.

Lance rips open JC's gift and thanks him, before he continues on with the other gifts. Then Justin stands up, and has Lance stand up too, as he again blindfolds him.

"Ya know, this is getting rather old," says Lance as his eye sight is again cut off by the black silk cloth.

"Well, Lance, its time for the first part of my gift to you," says Justin, "Alright, come out!"

As Justin yells that, Lance's mother Diane, his father Jim, and his sister Stacy walk out of the kitchen, and hug Lance. At first he doesn't know who the three people hugging him are, but then, Stacy pulls off the blindfold, and Lance smiles and hugs his family back.

Everybody dances and has a grand old time for a few more hours, until night fall. Then Justin leads everybody out, and onto the Colussus.

Note: Okay, I said Thunder River was the last ride description is this story, I lied.

Colussus - Colussus is an 18-story Ferris Wheel. This giant wheel puts guests' heads in the clouds, as well as giving them a breathtaking view of the entire park. At night, Colussus puts on a show of its own with more then 2,000 lights.

After riding Colussus, Lance says goodbye to his family, and then the members of Nsync, BSB, Jayson and Joshua all go to their hotel. Lynn takes Jonathan back home, and puts him to bed, as it is already several hours past his bedtime.

As Justin and Lance walk through the door to their hotel room, Justin gets a devilish grin on his face and replies, "Lance? Are you too tired for the rest of my birthday present to you?"

"If it involves you, me, and the bed, HELL NO!!!"

Justin just laughs, and pulls Lance into an intimate embrace, kissing his lips passionately, their tongues wrestling in each other's mouths. They slowly make their way from the door to the bed, their lips never stop touching. Lance and Justin slowly lower themselves to the bed, in each other's arms.

Lance and Justin kiss long and deep for several minutes, until they both have to come up for air, and then they start kissing again. Lance's hands are roaming all over Justin's back, his right hand under Justin's shirt, caressing his back, and the other on the back of Justin's neck, holding their heads into their passionate kiss.

Justin rolls over, Lance gets on top of him, and starts to grind his hips into Justin's. The two of them continue this while kissing each other passionately on the lips for several minutes, until I guess they can stand it no longer. Lance breaks away from the kiss and stands up long enough to pull his shirt off, and Justin sits up and does the same. Lance undoes Justin's pants, and Justin undoes Lance's pants. Lance's pants drop to the floor leaving him standing their only in a pair of blue silk boxers, which are sporting a rather large tent, and a smile.

Justin lifts himself off of the bed slightly, so as to allow Lance to pull his pants off of him, leaving him wearing only a pair of black silk boxers, and a smile, the boxers also sporting a very nice tent.

Justin smiles, and pulls Lance down onto the bed next to him, and they begin to kiss each other again, their tongues wrestling. Justin's hands begin roaming all over Lance's strong well-sculpted chest, paying extra attention to his rock hard nipples. Lance's hands are roaming all over Justin's hot body, caressing it. Lance's right hand slowly massages Justin's thigh, and as it works its way up, begins to caress Justin's seven and a half inch package, which is straining and begging for release from the silk material.

Justin pulls away from Lance's lips and begins to kiss his neck softly. Lance adjusts himself in bed, and just lets Justin work his magic. Justin continues to kiss Lance softly on the neck for a few minutes, before he begins to work his way down his well-sculpted chest and abdomen. Justin reaches Lance's package and begins to kiss it through the straining silk of his boxers, as Lance moans a little.

After about a minute or so, Justin grabs the waistband of Lance's silk boxers in his teeth and pulls them off, Lance's rock hard nine and a half inch tool springing to attention. Justin licks the drop of precum from the head, and begins to gently kiss it, while Lance moans and groans in ecstasy.

"Oh, Justin, that feels so good!"

Justin licks his way up and down the shaft for a few moments, until he begins sucking on Lance's balls. Taking first one at a time, then both into his mouth and sucking them passionately before going up to the head of Lance's tool and swallowing it. After a whole lot of practice, Justin has been able to master the art of swallowing all nine and a half inches of Lance, without choking.

Justin works his way up and down Lance's cock, slowly at first, getting gradually faster and more vigorous, as Lance runs his hands through Justin's gorgeous curls.

Justin continues his up and down motion, as Lance begins to buck his hips, pushing his cock further and further into Justin's mouth, until his nose is nestled in Lance's thick blonde pubes. Lance's body begins to tense up, and he manages to say, "Justin, baby, I'm gonna--" before he begins to shoot load after succulent load of his salty sweet cum into Justin's awaiting mouth.

Justin drinks as much as he can of the precious nectar, some of it escaping from the sides of his mouth. When he's sure he's gotten it all, he removes his mouth from Lance's cock and moves up to kiss him. Lance licks his cum off of Justin's chin, and they lock into a passionate kiss, sharing Lance's sweet nectar. They lay their in each other's arms for awhile, before falling fast asleep.

Part 17

Kevin, JC, Chris, Justin, Lance, Joey, AJ, Howie, Brian, Nick, Joshua, and Jayson all sit in Kevin's room eating breakfast. After a moment, Josh gets up from his seat next to Brian and walks over to the telephone.

"Who are you calling, Josh?"

"Greta, it's already about 4pm in Athens, so I should call now," says Josh with a smile to Brian.

Josh picks up the phone and dials the country code and Greta's phone number and the phone rings for a few minutes, before its finally answered.

Josh quickly puts Greta on speaker phone, as Jay walks over.


"Happy Birthday, great-grandmother," says Joshua and Jayson in unison.

"Josh, Jay, so nice to hear from you. Thank you," says Greta.

"Okay, guys, hit it," says Jay with a grin to the members of Nsync and the Backstreet Boys, who quickly realize that he wants them to sing Happy Birthday to Greta over the speaker phone. BSB and Nsync start singing Happy Birthday to Greta, and Jay and Josh join in. Upon finishing, Lance walks over to the phone and replies, "Greta, this is Lance of Nsync, its cool that your birthday is the day after mine."

Greta laughs, "Oh it is? How nice, I only wish it was really the day after yours, in 1979 I mean, instead of 1892. I'm so old!"

Everybody laughs along with Greta, and each and every one of them wishes Greta a happy birthday before she says that she has to go. They all say goodbye, and Josh turns off the speaker phone.

Everybody continues eating their breakfast, and then they just start chatting for a little while, before they start packing to leave for Chicago later that evening. That evening at 6pm, everybody loads their luggage onto the tour bus, and get settled in for the long drive from St. Louis, Missouri, to Chicago, Illinois. Nick can't wait to get to Chicago because his younger brother Aaron will be joining them on tour, without their mother. Also, Brittany Spears will be joining the tour.

AJ, Howie, Chris, and Joey all climb into their bunks early and try to get some sleep, while JC, Kevin, Lance, Justin, Brian, Nick, Jayson, and Joshua all sit in the rear lounge, watching tv and talking.

Josh seems to be a million miles away, but he suddenly comes to when Brian kisses his cheek and says, "Josh are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh, yeah, my mind was somewhere else."

"Where?" asks Kevin.

"Oh I was thinking about my Aunt Katherine."

"Aunt Katherine?" asks JC.

"You mean we never told you about her?" asks Jayson, suddenly shocked.

"Not that I recall," says Justin, and Lance nods in agreement.

"Well, Katherine was married in 1988, when she was only 16, to a 28-year-old man named Charles Dawson. Anyway, he was not the best husband in the world, and in 1995 they ended up in divorce court. It was then that the shocking truth of what went on in their home came out."

"What shocking truth?" asks Nick, wanting to know more about his future aunt-in-law.

"Charles beat Katherine every day. He denied it in court and called her a lying bitch. I guess something inside her snapped, because she jumped out of her seat, removed a gun from her purse, and shot him in the head. She immediately dropped to her knees, crying her eyes out, and plead insanity. She has been locked up in the Brookhaven Institution for the Criminally Insane ever since."

"Oh, my god, that's terrible," says Brian as he hugs Josh. Everyone agrees and they do their absolute best to change the subject.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Europe at the Brookhaven Institution for the Criminally Insane, 27-year-old Katherine Vascardi-Dawson fights against the leather straps that bind her to a gurney as two orderlies and the Brookhaven Chief-Psychiatrist, Dr. Timothy Evans, lead her down several dark corridors.

"She's having a severe psychotic episode, keep your hands away from her mouth, there's a real potential for violence," replies Dr. Evans as they enter a small room, with what almost looks like a dentist's chair in the center, surrounded by several pieces of machinery.

The two orderlies quickly get Katherine off the gurney and strap her into the chair, as a nurse prepares a tranquilizer shot and hands it to Dr. Evans. Dr. Evans taps the needle once or twice, while saying, "Katherine can you hear me? Katherine you are having a psychotic episode, we are going to help you."

Dr. Evans gives Katherine the tranquilizer shot, as the nurse turns several dials on a nearby machine, and then places two electrodes on the sides of Katherine's head.


Dr. Evans turns the dial on the Electro-shock therapy machine and sends several volts of electricity through Katherine's brain, as she winces in pain and spits out the piece of plastic they put in her mouth to keep her from biting her tongue.

Several hours later, the tour bus comes to a stop outside the venue in Chicago. The members of BSB and Nsync, and Josh and Jay leave the bus and enter the stadium for rehearsals.

"Nick!" shouts Aaron as he runs into his older brother's arms.

"Hey, Aaron," says Nick as he gives Aaron a hug and messes up his hair.

"Hello, guys," replies Brittany as she walks over.

"Hi Brittany," replies Justin.

"Alright, now that you're all here, get on this stage and start rehearsing! You all have that joint concert tomorrow night!" yells Fatima from the stage.

Everybody walks over to the stage, and starts rehearsing, while Jay and Josh sit in the front row watching intently. Kevin, AJ, Howie, Brian, Nick, Aaron, Brittany, JC, Justin, Joey, Lance, and Chris rehearse for their concert tomorrow night for about 4 hours, before they're finally told they can leave for the night.

Brittany made reservations for 14 at a local restaurant, so they all get into the tour bus and head over to eat dinner. They arrive at the restaurant, and Brittany walks over to the maitre-d and replies, "Reservation for 14."


"Spears, Brittany Spears,"

"Ah, yes, Miss Spears! Your table is ready, secluded just as you asked. Please follow me."

Brittany and the rest of the gang follow the maitre-d over to a very secluded table, and he hands them all a menu, before replying, "Enjoy your dinners."

The maitre-d leaves and everybody begins to browse the menu, which has every food imaginable from Mexican to Italian to American to Greek. After a few moments a waiter comes by and says, "Could I take you drink orders, and you can take some more time deciding?"

"Yes, um, I'll have a sprite," replies Brittany.

"Okay, Miss Spears, what about you, Mr. Littrell?"

"Sprite sounds good."

"Okay, Mr. Vascardi, isn't it? What will you have?"

"Coke," replies Josh.

"Okay, and the other Mr. Vascardi?"

"Coke," replies Jay.

"Okay, Mr. Bass?"

"Chocolate shake."

"Okay, Mr. Timberlake?"

"Um, same as Lance."

"Okay, and how about you Mr. Dorough?"

"Same as Brittany and Brian."

"Okay, and you Mr. McLean?"

"I'll have a Coke."

"Okay, and Mr. Kirkpatrick?"

"Cherry Coke."

"Okay, got it, and you Mr. Richardson?"

"Same as my cuz and the pretty lady."

"Okay, and you Mr. Chasez?"

"Strawberry Daiquiri."

"Okay, what can I get for you young Mr. Carter?"

"Root beer," replies Aaron.

"Okay, and how about you Mr. Carter?"

"Same as Aaron, that sounds good."

"Okay, I'll be back with your drinks in a few minutes."

The waiter leaves and walks over to the kitchen to fill the drink orders, while everybody continues to look at the menus, trying to decide what to eat. About ten minutes later, the waiter comes back with a large tray and begins to pass out the drinks.

"Okay, are we ready to order?"

"Yes, I think we are, aren't we?"

Everybody nods to Brittany.

"Okay, Miss Spears, what will you have?"

"The grilled chicken plate and a salad."

"Okay, Mr. Littrell?"

"The cheese pizza looks good, and some breadsticks."

"Okay, Mr. Vascardi?"

"Brian's right, that does look good, I'll have that," replies Joshua.

"Okay, Mr. Vascardi?"

"The vegetable beef soup and a grilled ham and cheese sandwich," replies Jay.

"Okay, got it, what can I get for you this evening, Mr. Bass?"

"A double-bacon cheeseburger and fries."

"Okay, and you Mr. Timberlake?"

"Same as Lance."

"Okay, got it, and you Mr. Dorough?"

"The taco platter and the zesty chicken wings."

"Okay, and how about you, Mr. McLean?"

"Same as Jayson."

"Okay, and you Mr. Kirkpatrick?"

"Same as Brittany."

"Okay, and what about you Mr. Richardson?"

"Same as Brittany and Chris."

"Okay, what can I get for you Mr. Chasez?"

"Same as Jayson and AJ."

"Okay, and what can I get for you young Mr. Carter?"

"Same as Brian, and Josh."

"Okay, and you Mr. Carter?"

"The chicken dumping soup and a grilled ham and cheese sandwich."

"Okay, your food will be ready in about half an hour."

The waiter leaves and the group begins a conversation while waiting for their food. Half an hour passes, and the waiter comes back soon carrying a large tray and begins handing out everybody's dinner. They all dig in, and eat more then talk. After everybody is done eating, the waiter comes back and says, "Can I get anybody desert? We have Cherry Cheesecake, Strawberry Cheesecake, Black Forest Cake, Carrot Cake, Dutch Apple Cream cheese pie, Lemon Meringue pie, Cherry pie, Blueberry pie, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mint, and Butter Pecan Ice cream, Tapioca pudding, Rice pudding, and jello."

"I'll have Lemon Meringue pie to go if possible," replies Brittany.

"Of course," replies the waiter.

The waiter takes everybody's desert orders. Brian orders Strawberry Cheesecake to go, Josh orders Cherry Cheesecake to go, Lance, Justin, and JC take Black Forest Cake to go, Howie and AJ take Dutch Apple Cream Cheese pie to go, Nick and Aaron take Blueberry pie to go, Jay, Kevin, Chris, and Joey pass on desert.

Weeks pass, and the guys finish with their performances in Chicago, Illinois; Madison, Wisconsin; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Des Moines, Iowa; and Topeka, Kansas. Management now informs them that they have a month off, before they have to go back and do all the performances that were postponed because of Jay and Josh's jet crash.

"A whole month off? What should we do?" asks Nick.

"Hey, how about a romantic cruise of the Pacific Islands?" asks Jay.

"That sounds good, but can we get tickets for a ship?" asks Brian, "This is the busy time of year for cruises."

"Tickets is no problem. We own the Pacific Pride cruise ship," replies Josh, "Our private stateroom is always kept available."

"Oh, cool, that sounds good!" says Nick.

So, Nick, Brian, Josh, and Jay all decide to go on a cruise of the Pacific islands, while everyone else goes back home to visit with their families.

Part 18

Nick, Brian, Joshua, and Jayson arrive at the docks of Los Angeles, where the Pacific Pride cruise ship is docked boarding its passengers for the normal 14-day cruise of the Pacific. Later that evening, at the captain's table, Josh and Jay, to Nick and Brian's slight displeasure, announce to everyone that they're going to be married to Brian and Nick on Christmas Day.

Afterwards, Nick asks, "How could you do that?"

"Do what, darling?" asks Jay.

"Tell everyone about our engagement like that."

"Don't worry, Captain Morrow certainly has no problem with it," replies Josh, very calmly.

"How do you know?" asks Brian.

"I don't suppose you noticed the gold band that Captain Morrow was wearing on his left finger, or the one that First Officer Kensington was wearing, did you?" asks Jay with a grin.

"Yeah, so?"

"Nick, Captain Morrow and First Officer Kensington are a couple!"

Nick and Brian just stare at Josh and then at Jay for a moment in total disbelief. After awhile, they just laugh it off. They all go to Stateroom 1153 and get some sleep.

Four hours later, Josh and Jay wake up, and seeing Brian and Nick sleeping so peacefully, they decide not to wake them. Josh and Jay leave the stateroom and head down to the Coral Lounge, for a drink.

They both order a rum punch, which even though they are underage, the bartender gladly serves them, since they have the power to fire him. Josh and Jay sit at the bar making idle conversation, drinking their drinks, when suddenly, they both feel a hand on their shoulder.

They turn around, and the glasses of rum punch fall to the floor and shatter.

"Jeremy!" says Josh.

"Jon!" says Jay.

"What are you doing here!?" reply Josh and Jay in unison.


To Be Continued...


What will happen next? Josh and Jay have been reunited with the two cute guys that they did at one point have very strong feelings for, and who they lost their virginity to. Stay tuned for the next installment. Next we will be working on Nick & Brian Parts 5-8. As always, comments and suggestions are always welcome, at JJVascardi@aol.com. All emails will be answered. We will be switching ISP's sometime this next week, March 20, 1999 to March 27, 1999, and David, the Nifty Archivist, has said that as soon as we get our new email address, he will take the time to change the email address in all of our stories.