Loving BSB - Parts 19-24

Written by: Joshua & Jayson Vascardi

Co-Authored by: Jonathan Vascardi & Carl Falk

Legal Disclaimer

This is fiction and all standard formalities and legalities apply.

Author's Note

First off, you'll probably notice that Josh and I have co-authors now helping us on this story. Jonathan Vascardi is our cousin, and Carl Falk is his boyfriend\lover. Josh and I taught both of them how to write, so there writing style is a lot like ours, all though they have developed their own styles as well. Jonathan and Carl are going to be helping us from now on with Loving BSB and Nick & Brian to help lighten our workloads. Josh and I will be graduating from high school in June, plus we have part-time jobs, boyfriends, our ridiculously large family, two stories, email from readers, and the list goes on forever, of things that we have to do. So, Jonathan and Carl volunteered to help us, and we gladly accepted the offer.

Carl will take over Loving BSB and Nick & Brian completely for 3 weeks, starting June 15, 1999, as Josh, Jonathan, and I have to go out of the country to visit our relatives in Europe. It would actually be 4 weeks, but we opted not to accompany our parents to visit our Aunt Marie's family in Australia. Jonathan however will have to go visit his mother's family, Aunt Marie isn't giving him a choice, where as Rob and Lauren gave us a choice, since our Aunt Marie's parents and other relatives aren't really any relation to us, at least none that we can think of.

Anyway, Josh, Jon, Carl, and I all hope that you enjoy this installment of Loving BSB! If you haven't already you really should check out the following works, they're all exceptionally well written: My Night With Howie D, Kevin & Dustin, Brian & Justin, Nick & Adam, Nick & Brian, Rob & Lance, Devon & Lance, Brian & Cody, Brian & Zhane, Collision Course with BSB, Boy Meets BSB, B-Rok's 10000 Promises, Just JC, Bad Boy B-Rok, and Ryan's Love. And now on with the story. Also, in the College directory of Nifty, you may want to consider reading, Jason & Taylor, it's also a good story.

This story is written in loving memory of Ashley Nicole Vascardi, December 23, 1998 - April 14, 1999.

Loving BSB - Part 19

Written by: Jay & Josh

Co-authored by: Jon & Carl



"What are you doing here?"

"Taking a cruise?" replies Jeremy with a grin.

"I realize that, but what are you doing on this ship?"

"We were hoping we'd run into you guys again," replies Jon.

"Like I believe that," says Jayson.

"What do you mean?" asks Jeremy and Jon with innocent looks on their faces.

"You probably got in touch with Captain Morrow and First Officer Kensington and told them to contact you when we called and ordered our private stateroom to be prepared," replies Josh.

Jeremy and Jon look at each other then bust out laughing, "Yes, you're right."

The conversation continues for about an hour, before Jayson and Jon go off to talk privately, upon Jon's request. Jeremy just stares at Josh for a moment before he can no longer hold himself back. Jeremy grabs the sides of Josh's head and kisses him passionately on the lips. Josh pushes Jeremy away just in time to see Brian burst into tears and run away.

"Brian wait!" yells Josh, but Brian just keeps running, crying his eyes out.

"Wasn't that?"

"Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys."

"Why did he just run off crying?"

"Because you kissed me."

"Because I kissed you? I don't understand."

"Jeremy, Brian and I are engaged."


"Yes, we will be married on Christmas Day of this year."

"My god I didn't realize."

"Jeremy, can I trust you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Can I trust you not to tell anyone that Brian and I are getting married? It would ruin his career."

"Of course, I won't tell anyone. I know what its like. My career would be ruined if I came out."

"Thank you Jeremy, you're not mad are you?"

"Mad? Why would I be mad?"

"Well that I'm engaged to Brian instead of you?"

"Of course I'm not mad, Josh! I'm very happy for both of you! I just am sorry that I caused a problem between you and your fiancée."

"Thank you, Jeremy, I hope we can at least be friends."

"Well, we could be brother-in-laws if--"

"No, Jeremy, Jay & Jon will never get married."

"Why not?"

"Because Jay is engaged to Nickolas Carter of the Backstreet Boys."

"Wow, are all of them gay or something?"

"No, AJ and Howie aren't, but Brian's cousin Kevin is."

"Oh, is he seeing anybody?" says Jeremy with a hopeful look on his face.

"Well, he's been dating Joshua Chasez of Nsync, but I don't think its going to last."

"Damn, you know Nsync too?"

"Yes, Jay and I have been touring with BSB, Nsync, Britney Spears, and Aaron Carter."

"How? Don't you have an international conglomerate to run?"

"Nope, Jay and I left our cousins, Amanda and Jonathan, in charge of Vascardi Enterprises."

"Oh, so are any of the other members of Nsync available?"

"Nope, Lance Bass and Justin Timberlake are dating each other, and Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick are straighter then a straight edge."

"Do you think Lance and Justin will last?"

"I'm not really sure. They do seem to love each other, but I really don't know."

The conversation continues like this for several minutes before Jeremy and Joshua go looking for Brian to explain.

Meanwhile, in a secluded booth in a dark corner of the Coral Lounge, Jon and Jayson sit down talking.

"As I said I was hoping I'd run into you and that we could pick up where we left off."

"Pick up where we left off?"

"Yeah, Jayson, you know," replies Jon as he gets up from his seat across from Jay, and sits down next to him. Jon grabs Jay's thigh and squeezes it, running his hand near Jay's crotch. Jay pushes Jon's hand away and replies, "Sorry to disappoint you, but I've moved on."

"What?!" asks Jon in disbelief.

"Just as I said, I've moved on."

"You mean I've been waiting, hoping, and praying to see you again for the past year since the last cruise, and you've moved on?" asks Jon with a look of anger and at the same time, devastation, on his face.

"Yes, I thought I made it clear when we parted the last time that I wasn't interested in anything long term with you, Jon. I mean you’re a gorgeous guy, I'm sure you could have your pick of any number of guys!"

"But I don't want any other guys, I want you, Jayson!"

"Well, I'm sorry, Jon, but you can't have me. I'm dating a very nice, very good-looking guy, and we're engaged to be married on Christmas Day."

Jay stands up and starts to leave. Jon jumps up grabs Jay, and forces him into a kiss. Jay pushes Jon off of him, knocking him to the floor.

"I told you, I'm not interested in picking up where we left off!"

Jay walks out of the Coral Lounge, heading towards his stateroom. Jon lays there for several minutes, before he gets up, bursts into tears, and runs after Jay.

Meanwhile, Josh and Jeremy frantically search the entire ship for Brian, before they finally find him sitting on a catwalk, his legs dangling over the edge, in the engine room of all places. Josh walks over to him and sits on his right, and Jeremy on his left.

"Go away!"

"No, Brian, you have to hear this," says Jeremy.

"Brian, I love you, not Jeremy. We were a couple at one time, but that was over a long time ago."

"Then why were you kissing?"

"That was my fault, Brian. I forced that kiss on Josh, I still love him, but I know in my heart that he loves you and only you. He wouldn't be marrying you if he didn't."

"You told him?"

"Yes, Brian, he knows we're engaged."

"Don't worry Brian, I know why you don't want anyone to find out, and I understand that it would ruin your singing career. I totally understand, because if I came out of the closet, it would ruin my acting career."

"Wait a minute, I thought you looked familiar. Didn't you play "Danny" on Second Noah?"

"No, that was my twin brother, Jon, I played "Ranny," says Jeremy with a grin.

The conversation continues for another minute or so, and then Jeremy, Brian, and Josh get up and head back up to the main decks, and get out of the noisiness of the ship's engine room.

Meanwhile, Jayson arrives back at First Class Stateroom #1153, just as Nick emerges from the room.

"Hey, I've been looking for you, where were you?" asks Nick as he wraps his arms around Jayson's waist and kisses his neck.

"I was in the Coral Lounge, and ran into an old friend."

Just then, Jon appears and replies through his sobs, "Old friend? Old friend? We're a lot more then that, Jayson Colin Vascardi!"

"Not any more, Jonathan Michael Torgerson! That was over a long time ago, and as I already told you, I'm engaged to be married and I am not interested in picking up where we left off. So for all I care you can go fuck yourself!" replies Jayson, visibly pissed off.

Jon starts sobbing harder and slides down the wall to the floor, burying his face in his arms. Nick looks at Jon crumpled up on the floor for a moment, and then helps him to stand up, and pushes both Jayson and Jonathan into stateroom 1153, and closes the door behind them.

Loving BSB - Part 20

Written by: Jay & Josh

Co-Authored by: Jon & Carl

It's been three days since Jayson and Joshua found out that Jeremy and Jon are on the ship. Jon has finally admitted to himself that he doesn't stand a chance against Nick Carter, and settles for Jay's friendship. Brian, Josh, Nick, Jay, Jeremy, and Jon all sit on the observation deck, chatting.

"You know, I've been thinking--"

"Nick! You mean you actually can think?" replies Jay, jokingly.

"Shutup," replies Nick as he playfully punches Jay in the arm before kissing him passionately on the lips.

"Anyway, as I was saying, I don't think that we should have our weddings on Christmas Day."

"Why not?" asks Brian.

"Well, think about it. Our families will of course be there, but Kevin, AJ, Howie, Chris, Lance, Justin, Joey, JC, and Britney will probably want to see their friends getting married, but their families will want to spend Christmas Day with them, which means we'd have to invite all of them, and the guest list will exceed seventy-five people."

"You have a point," replies Josh.

"So, any suggestions my darling?"

"Well, yes, Jay. I suggest that we change the date of the wedding."

"To what?"

"Well, Brian, I was thinking the Saturday after Thanksgiving," replies Nick.

Brian, Josh, and Jay contemplate the new date, before Josh replies, "Yeah, sounds good."

"We're invited aren't we?" asks Jeremy.

"Of course, you're invited. As long as you're sure you accept the fact that Jay and Josh are with us now," replies Brian, speaking more to Jon, then Jeremy.

Jon picks up on this and replies, "Yes, Brian, I accept it. I don't like it, but I accept it, and I'll do my best to get over Jay. But, I'm sure that Nick will agree with me on this, Jay is just somebody who is very hard to forget about!"

"That's true, Jon, he is," replies Nick as everyone just starts laughing.

Suddenly, Captain Morrow and First Officer Kensington walk in with very sad looks on their faces.

"What's wrong with you two?" asks Josh.

"We really hate to be the bearers of bad news," replies First Officer Kensington.

"Bad news? What kind of bad news?" asks Brian.

"Joshua, Jayson, your cousin, Ashley, she--she--" replies Captain Morrow.

"She's what?" asks Jayson, a hint of fear in his voice.

"She's dead," replies First Officer Kensington.

"What?!?" asks Jay and Josh in unison.

"Your mother just called, and said that your cousin died on the 14th of July, yesterday, of SIDS. The funeral is tomorrow, and then she will be moved to Athens for entombment in the family crypt."

Josh and Jay burst into tears, and Nick and Brian pull them into hugs, while Jeremy and Jon pull Captain Morrow and First Officer Kensington over.

"How close are we to the next stop?" asks Jeremy.

"We're about an hour and a half from Tahiti," replies First Officer Kensington.

Jon pulls out his cell phone and calls Craig Larsen, Jay and Josh's new pilot.

"Hello, this is Jon Torgerson, I need you to get the Vascardi Corporate Jet to the island of Tahiti, asap."

"I'm sorry, sir, but I can only take orders from the CEO, Chairman of the Board, or a member of the Vascardi Enterprises Worldwide Board of Directors."

Jon, seeing that Josh and Jay are in no condition to talk, gives the phone to Brian and explains the situation.

"Hello, this is Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys, and Joshua Vascardi's fiancé. Josh gave me his proxy, and I order you to get the jet to Tahiti, now!"

"Yes, sir, I'll leave immediately," replies Craig.

Loving BSB - Part 21

Written By: Joshua and Jayson

Co-Authored By: Jonathan and Carl

The next day, the jet touches down in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and everybody rushes to the funeral parlor, having showered and changed on the jet.

The funeral home is decorated quite beautifully, with roses, carnations, orchids, and several other flowers, and candles. A small oak box lays on a platform at the front of the room, with Ashley's young, lifeless body laying inside, her small head resting on the red silk pillow. Ashley is wearing what would have been her christening gown, and holds a golden rosary in her small hands.

The minister motions for everyone to have a seat and begins the service, by saying, "Gloria Patri, et Filio et Spirito Sancto. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen," which translated into English means, "Glory to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, forever and ever. Amen."

The service ends with the minister closing Ashley's casket, replying, "Deus tecum, Ashley," which means, "God be with you, Ashley."

The following day, after a long flight to Athens, Greece, everybody stands in the Vascardi Family Crypt, an underground private family mausoleum on Greta's estate, in which every Vascardi for the last 100 years is buried.

"Pater noster, qui es is caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo, et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie. Et dimitte nobis debita nostra, sicut et dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo."

The above Latin, translated into English, is the Lord's Prayer.

As Ashley's casket it lowered into the stone sarcophagus and the lid is sealed the minister replies, "Requiescat in pace, Ashley," which means, "Rest in peace, Ashley."

Loving BSB - Part 22

Written By: Joshua and Jayson

Co-Authored By: Jonathan and Carl

A brisk October breeze blows as the members of BSB, Nsync, Joshua, Jayson, Aaron, and Britney get off of their plane in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have two weeks off, although the reason they're not spending them in Orlando, is because Jayson and Joshua are hosting a gala masquerade ball for Halloween at Vascardi Manor, so they all decided it would be fun to attend, plus Aaron and Britney want to see Vascardi Manor.

They all pile into the three awaiting limousines, which quickly leave General Mitchell International Airport and pull onto the freeway, heading towards the suburb of River Hills. After about an hour and a half of driving, the limousines come to a stop at a pair of wrought iron gates. Jayson gets out of the lead limousine and quickly manipulates the gate control box, as the gates begin to open.

Jayson gets back in and the limousines begin to drive through the gates, and then the gates clang shut after the last one. The three limousines drive up the long and twisting driveway, not able to actually see Vascardi Manor sitting up on its hill, except for the North Tower poking through the treetops. Then all at once, the very large, very extravagant manor house does come into view, and Britney and Aaron have looks of awe written all over their faces.

The three limousines stop in the circular driveway in front of the house, and everybody gets out. Jayson, Joshua, and their twelve guests walk up to the front porch, and Jayson quickly unlocks the two smaller iron gates which block the front porch. The group then walks up to the front doors and walks into the house.

As usual, the marble floor of the Grand Reception Hall is gleaming, and all of the exquisite woodwork is freshly polished. The scent of freshly cut flowers lingers in the air, and the crackling of the fire in the fireplace can be heard.

The fourteen people sit down in front of the fireplace and warm up a bit, and Mrs. Summers brings out a silver tray, with two silver coffeepots, fourteen silver coffee cups, and of course the cream pot and sugar bowl, plus a dish of small miniature marshmallows. In one of the coffeepots is coffee, and in the other is hot chocolate.

"So, who is all going to be coming to this masquerade ball tomorrow night?" asks Chris.

"Oh, just a large bunch of our friends from Hollywood and such," replies Josh, nonchalantly.

"Like who?" asks Britney.

"Ryan Phillippe, Reese Witherspoon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Devon Sawa, Brad Pitt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, and several others," replies Jayson.

"Plus, the Vascardi family, a couple of people who work for Vascardi Enterprises Worldwide, Inc., my family, and Nick's family," replies Brian with a grin as he snuggles up to Josh.

"What are we going to do for costumes though?" asks JC.

"That's not a problem," replies Nick, as he presses a nearby intercom button and replies, "Mrs. Summers, could you please bring out the costume catalog that the costume supplier sent over?"

"Yes, right away, Mr. Carter," replies Mrs. Summers sweetly.

A few minutes later, Mrs. Summers walks in and gently sets a large black and orange catalog down on the coffee table. Everybody looks through the catalog and pick out their costumes. Jayson and Joshua picked out exact replicas of the costume that Leonardo DiCaprio wore to the masquerade ball in the Man and the Iron Mask.

"You two will look good in those, too bad you won't have the long hair," replies Britney.

"Well, we're going to unbraid these things, it will give the effect of long hair," replies Josh as he shows Britney the two-foot long tail, and Jayson does the same.

AJ, Chris, Kevin, and JC decided to follow Jay and Josh's lead and picked out replicas of the uniforms that Gerard Depardieu, Jeremy Irons, Gabriel Byrne, and John Malkovich wore in their portrayals of Porthos, Aremis, D'Artagnan, and Athos in the Man in the Iron Mask.

"Oh what the hell," replies Britney as she picks out her costume, an exquisite ball gown, and exact replica of what the Queen Mother Ann of Austria wore to the masquerade ball in the Iron Mask. So they can somewhat match their fiancés, Brian and Nick pick out replicas of the clothing that Leonardo DiCaprio is wearing during his very first appearance as King Louis in the movie, the outfit with the yellow sash.

"Okay, I think we have enough Iron Mask costumes now, the rest of you, pick some other theme," replies JC with a grin.

Justin picks out a classic vampire costume, while Lance picks out a Phantom of the Opera costume. Joey, being quite predictable, picks out a superman outfit, everybody just laughs, and Howie picks out a Spanish conquistador outfit.

"Okay, Aaron, you're the only one without a costume, see anything you like?" asks Nick.

"Not really, I certainly have no desire to go as a pumpkin, and all the other cool costumes are either sold out, don't come in my size, or require two people," replies Aaron with a frustrated voice.

"Well, maybe I can find something upstairs in the attic, there's a lot of stuff up their, plus I can have a word with the costume shop, maybe there's something they over-looked.

"Okay, sounds good, Jay," replies Aaron with a grin.

Then Mrs. Summers comes in dragging several large boxes behind her.

"What's all this?" asks Justin.

"Could you all help me? I need to turn this house into a Halloween Horror House by tomorrow morning. I may be good at interior design and stuff, but I'm not a miracle worker, and I'm getting on in years," replies Mrs. Summers with a grin.

"Sure, we'd be glad to help you," replies Kevin as he gets up and helps Mrs. Summers with some of the boxes, the rest of the group following Kevin's lead. Soon everybody is doing something to turn the house into a Halloween Horror House.

Lance and Justin work carefully on intertwining fake cobwebs on the grand staircase, and light fixtures. Kevin, JC, and Britney spread theatrical dust all over the place, a first for Vascardi Manor, since the house is normally kept practically dust free. Jayson and Joshua rig up the player piano to play frightening organ music, and stain the ivory keys with fake blood.

Nick, Brian, Joey, Chris, and Howie rig up several holographic projectors to project the images of ghosts in the Grand Reception Hall, and then another one near the top of the stairs to project two images. One of the banshee summoning the death coach, and the other of the death coach. Talk about an elaborate party huh? Well, I guess that's what you get when you put together the imaginations of two young men, with billions of dollars to spend, lol.

The next day, at around 7:45, Greta, Rob, Lauren, and Austin arrive at Vascardi Manor. Greta, Rob, and Lauren have already picked out costumes. Greta will be wearing her very old, yet very extravagant wedding gown from her wedding to her late husband, Antonio Roberto Vascardi, which took place in the summer of 1912, 87 years ago. Lauren, who has always loved fairy tales, convinced Rob to accompany her to the party wearing costumes from "Le Belle et le Bete," which translated means, "Beauty and the Beast."

Lauren is of course doing Beauty, and Rob is the Beast. As for Austin, he does not yet have a costume picked out, he's been busy getting settled in at the Curiakis Academy for Boys in Lugano, Switzerland. Jayson, Nick, and Aaron meet them at the door.

"Happy Halloween!" says Nick with a grin.

Nick, and Jayson give Rob, Lauren, and Greta a hug, before Nick kneels next to Aaron, while Jayson picks up Austin and hugs him.

"Rob, Lauren, and Greta Vascardi, I'd like you to meet my brother Aaron. Aaron these are Jayson's parents, and Jayson's great-grandmother."

"Pleased to meet you all," replies Aaron with a smile.

"And Aaron, this is my son, Austin, this is Aaron Carter, Nick's younger brother, and your future Uncle Aaron," replies Jayson as he sets Austin down.

"Hello, Aaron," replies Austin.

"Hello, Austin," replies Aaron.

"Okay, now that these introductions are done, come on people, we have a Halloween party to make work here. Vascardi Enterprises employees will be arriving at noon, and the celebrity guests at 12:30," replies Jayson.

"Oh, Jayson, I talked with your Aunt Marie, Anthony and her will not be coming, they're still mourning Ashley. Samantha, Amanda, Nicole, and Jonathan are coming though, with their boyfriends, and they're bringing Kevin & Devin."

"Okay, when will they be here?"

"Well, they said they'd be here at about 9 or so, and not to worry, they already have their costumes picked out," replies Lauren.

"Okay, then, everything seems to be in order, then."

Greta, Aaron, and Austin go into the Lounge to get to know each other a bit better, Lauren goes off to help Mrs. Summers in the kitchen, and Rob goes off to help Jayson and Nick with some other things that need to be taken care of before the party.

At about 9, Jayson and Joshua's cousins arrive, with their significant others, and then at 9:30, the costume provider arrives to deliver the costumes that everyone ordered, and brought everything they had in Aaron and Austin's sizes. Luckily, the costume shop found some more costumes in the back room in Aaron and Austin's sizes, so they won't have to go with the two-person style of costume, which they are very happy about.

Loving BSB - Part 23

Written By: Joshua & Jayson

Co-Authored By: Jonathan & Carl

At about 11:30, Joshua's voice emits from every intercom speaker in the entire mansion, "Alright people, its 11:30, get into your costumes!" Everybody goes upstairs to their bedrooms, and begins to change clothes into his or her costumes. Lauren and Samantha help Greta to get into her costume, as her arthritis has been bothering her lately.

At about 11:45 a large group of costumed people descend the stairs, lead by Jayson and Joshua, or shall we say King Jayson and King Joshua, as they are dressed like royalty. Everybody looks simply dazzling in their costumes, and they quickly help Mrs. Summers, who will be wearing her usual black and white maid's uniform, with a black half-mask, make the final preparations for the gala, such as setting out a punch bowl and glasses, and a few snacks.

In case you're wondering what the rest of the family is wearing, Samantha Vascardi is wearing the ball gown that Cinderella wore to the ball in the movie, complete with glass slippers. Her boyfriend, Colin, is dressed as Cinderella's Prince. Amanda and her boyfriend Chad are dressed like Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. Nicole and Telemachus are dressed like Penelope, and Odysseus, from Greek Mythology, probably because Telemachus is 1/2 Greek, and Nicole is about a 1/4 Greek.

Jonathan Vascardi and his boyfriend Carl Falk came up with a good combination, something you probably never thought you'd see. Jonathan is Captain James Hook and Carl is Peter Pan. Certainly not two people you would expect to love each other, lol. As for the younger members of the Vascardi family, four-year-old Jeremy Vascardi is a vampire, the costume looking a lot like Justin's, and Kevin & Devin are wearing pumpkin outfits, but considering they're less then a year old, that isn't such a terribly bad thing.

Nick's mom, sister Angel, and Brian's family arrive shortly after noon. "Hello, nice to see you again Jackie, Harold, and Harold," reply Jayson and Joshua in unison.

"And, hello, Mrs. Carter, and Angel," replies Jayson with a smile.

"Please, call me Jane, or mom considering that you're marrying my son," replies Jane Carter with a grin.

"Okay, Jane," replies Jayson with a grin.

"Where's Aaron?" asks Angel, looking around for her twin brother.

Josh kneels down next to her, and points in the direction of the theatre doors. "Aaron is over there," replies Josh. Angel, who is dressed as a fairy princess, runs over to where Aaron, who is dressed as a mummy, is talking with Austin Vascardi, who's a werewolf, and Jeremy Vascardi, who's a zombie.

Nick's mom is dressed in a similar costume to what the woman who played Glinda in the Wizard of Oz wore, Jackie and Harold II are wearing costumes similar to Jay and Josh's royalty costumes, only they're more British in style, then French, and Harold III is dressed like a rider that you'd find in the Kentucky Derby.

Josh pulls Brian aside, and starts laughing. "What's so funny?"

"Well, I invited Leigh Ann, but I made sure that the only costume that she could get her hands on was one that suited her perfectly," replies Josh with a devilish grin.

"What's that?"

"Just wait and see, Bri, my love, just wait and see," replies Josh, as he wraps his arm around Brian's waist.

Brian, Josh, Jay, and Nick stand at the front door greeting guests as they arrive, and suddenly a person dressed like Maleficent the Mistress of all Evil from Sleeping Beauty walks in.

Brian leans over to Josh and whispers in his ear, "You were right, that suits her perfectly," as he giggles slightly.

"Hello Leigh Ann," replies Brian as she walks in, looking just great with pale gray skin and horns.

"Hello Brian, Happy Halloween," replies Leigh Ann in an evil cackling voice.

"Okay, begone from my sight, before I have thee burned witch!" replies Brian in a kingly tone, as he is dressed like one.

The party continues, and gradually more and more of the guests arrive. Leonardo DiCaprio arrives on the arm of none other than Devon Sawa to the shock and surprise of some, The party continues until well after midnight, before things begin to die down. The guests slowly leave, and the people who will be spending the night at Vascardi Manor, Jayson, Joshua, Brian, Nick, Kevin, JC, Lance, Justin, Joey, Britney, Chris, Howie, AJ, Aaron, Austin, and Greta all go upstairs to their bedrooms for some much needed sleep after tonight's festivities.

Loving BSB - Part 24

Written By: Joshua & Jayson

Co-Authored By: Jonathan & Carl

Thanksgiving Day came quickly after the Halloween party, and of course with Thanksgiving coming so quickly, also means that the double weddings of Joshua & Brian, and Jayson & Nick are just around the corner on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The Vascardi family, along with the Littrell, Richardson, and Carter families sit down to a large Thanksgiving Day feast at Jayson and Joshua's ranch in Lexington, Kentucky. After stuffing themselves with food, and watching a whole lot of football, everybody falls asleep.

This is probably a good thing, as tomorrow, being the day before the wedding, promises to be a very, very, very busy and hectic day.

To Be Continued...

~~ We're sorry for the shortness of Part 24, and the lack of sex in this part of the story, but don't worry, next installment will involve plenty of sex.

~~ In case you haven't already figured it out, Part 25 is The Wedding, Part 26 is The Wedding Reception, and Part 27 is The Honeymoon!! Where there will be almost constant love-making for Joshua Vascardi-Littrell, Brian Littrell-Vascardi, Jayson Vascardi-Carter, and Nickolas Carter-Vascardi.

~~ As always, comments and suggestions are welcome at JJVascardi@hotmail.com, all emails will be answered. Please send all comments, good or bad!

~~ Also, we'd like to thank all of our friends, JM, CJ, NM, AJ, Shawn, Chris, and most especially our boyfriends, Ryan & Drew for giving us the much needed encouragement to write this part of the story, and for all of their support in the tragic loss of our cousin Ashley.

~~ Okay, if you have to know, Josh is dating Drew, and I (Jay) am dating Ryan, and we are all most certainly happy, so are our co-authors, our cousin Jonathan and his boyfriend Carl, however they did not really offer much in the way of writing to this story, they did help us brainstorm some good ideas, which is also much appreciated.

~~ Next, we will be working on the next installment of Nick & Brian, so as not to leave our readers in total suspense with the major cliffhanger at the end of Parts 13-18 of Nick & Brian, but don't worry we will get Parts 25-27 of Loving BSB, THE WEDDING, ETC., out ASAP!!!