Loving BSB - Part 2

Written by: Jayson & Joshua Vascardi


Legal Disclaimer

This story is completely fictional and not meant to imply anything about Brian, Nick, and Kevin of the Backstreet Boys, or Lance and Justin of 'Nsync. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now.

Author's Note

This is the second part of our story Loving BSB. In this installment, our focus will shift slightly to a loose relationship between Lance and Justin of 'Nsync. But, all you Backstreet Boys fans don't worry there will still be plenty of sex going on between Brian and Joshua, and Nick and Jayson. As well as a little surprise at the end involving Kevin. We are not sure how long we will carry this story on, but at the moment, we are planning on at least 2 more segments after this. If after those you want to have the story continue, or you have any suggestions whatsoever about the story please let us know.

To those of you waiting for second parts of Second Noah and Pacific Pleasure, and the third part of Lucky & Nikolas, they will come out, however it will take time. Trying to write for 4 different stories at a time is hard. Plus, one week from today (Jan. 12, 1999) is the first day of our high school's midterm exams, so we'll have to spend less time writing our stories, and more time studying. And now, on with the story.

Brian, Nick, Jayson, and Joshua all wake up in the king-size bed of the owner's penthouse, as the morning sunlight pours through the blinds. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door, and Jayson throws on some clothes and goes to answer it, while Brian, Nick, and Jayson get dressed.

When Jayson answers the door, there stands Kevin Richardson, about to knock again. He not knowing that Joshua has a twin, replies, "Hello Josh, have you seen Nick or Brian? We can't find them anywhere."

"Well, first off, Kevin, I'm not Josh."

"What?" asks Kevin with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"I'm Josh's twin brother, Jayson. Please come in."

"Oh, I'm so sorry Jayson, I didn't know Josh had a twin," Kevin replies as he enters the room.

"That's okay, please have a seat."

"Thanks. So have you seen Brian or Nick?" asks Kevin as he sits down on the sofa.

"Well, actually--"

Jayson's sentence is cut off, as Brian, Nick, and Joshua come walking down the stairs from the bedroom. Kevin gets an odd look on his face for a moment, before he realizes what happened.

"Hello, Brian, Nick. You spent the night here didn't you?"

"Yes, we did," replies Brian to his cousin.

"So, I assume, you um, did it with the Vascardi's?" asks Kevin.

"Not that it's really any of your business, Kevin, but yes we did, and we enjoyed it," replies Nick with a big grin.

"All right, well, my brother and I have arranged for the Polaris to serve us all breakfast, so shall we go?" asks Jayson.

"Sounds good, I'll go get Howie and AJ," replies Kevin.

Kevin, Nick, Brian, Jayson, and Joshua leave the penthouse, get Howie and AJ, and then board the elevator to head upstairs to the Polaris.


Milwaukee's Pfister Hotel has special guests of their own, the music group 'Nsync. Upstairs in the 6th floor suite of 'Nsync's Justin, Justin lays in his bed with his lover, Lance.

"Oh, Justin, I love you."

"I know, Lance, I love you too."

The two kiss passionately, before getting dressed, and not a moment too soon, as J.C. comes knocking on Justin's door, saying, "Justin, Lance, come on you two lovebirds! We have to go!"

"We'll be right out, J.C.," replies Lance.

Justin and Lance kiss each other on the lips again briefly, before, leaving to go join J.C., Chris, and Joey for an early rehearsal.


Nick, Brian, Jayson, Joshua, Kevin, Howie, and AJ all sit down to a large breakfast, which they all enjoy very much.

"This food is great," replies Nick.

"Yeah, it is," replies Jayson.

"However, Mrs. Summers cooks even better," replies Joshua, Jayson agrees, and the rest of the group gives questioning looks to Jayson and Joshua.

"Who's Mrs. Summers?" asks AJ.

"Our housekeeper, and cook," replies Jayson and Joshua in unison.

Well, the conversation continues for about another half-an-hour, when Jayson and Joshua excuse themselves from the table, and motion for Nick and Brian to come with them. The four hot young men leave the Polaris, and head downstairs to Jayson and Joshua's penthouse.

As they ascend the penthouse's stairs to the upstairs bedroom, they're pulling their clothes off, leaving them fall all over the stairs. Nick and Jayson lay down on the bed and start kissing passionately. Brian flips on the stereo, and then begins to kiss Joshua passionately.

After a few minutes of kissing, Jayson and Joshua begin to seductively kiss their ways down Brian and Nick's chests. Just before they reach their cocks, Brian and Nick stop them, and Nick says, "No, no. You sucked us last night, it's our turn now."

"Okay," reply Jayson and Joshua.

They quickly change positions, and Nick and Brian start going up and down on Jayson and Joshua's completely identical rock hard 8 1/2" tools. Jayson and Joshua moan in ecstasy as they begin to buck their hips in time to Brian and Nick's sucking. Brian begins to play with Josh's balls with his left hand, and uses his right to massage, Josh's left nipple. Nick takes his hands and begins to play with Jay's balls, as Josh and Jay begin to play with Nick and Brian's hair.

All the time that this is going on, Jayson, as well as everyone else, has the nagging thought in their minds, "What happens when BSB has to leave for Los Angeles tomorrow?"


'Nsync finishes their early rehearsal, and their manager tells them that they have the rest of the day off, that is until their concert later tonight. Justin and Lance practically run upstairs to Justin's room.

They rip off each other's clothes, and admire each other's bodies. Perfectly sculpted abdomens, well-defined muscles, and their rock hard cocks.

Lance wraps his arms around Justin, and they pull each other into a passionate kiss. Soon, their tongues are wrestling in each other's mouths. After about 5 minutes of kissing, Justin pulls away, pushes Lance down onto the bed, and retrieves a container of vaseline (economy-sized for all those late night fuck sessions). Justin lubes up his gorgeous 7 1/2" tool, as Lance begins to rub his own 9 1/2" cock.

Justin lubes up Lance's tight asshole, and begins to seductively push first 1, then 2, and then 3 fingers into it to loosen it up a little. Lance then lays his legs on top of Justin's shoulders as Justin positions his cock at the base of Lance's hole and begins to push in. Lance winces in pain for a brief moment, until, the pain is replaced with complete ecstasy and pleasure.

Justin begins to go in and out of Lance's hot hole slowly at first, getting gradually faster, until he's ramming his cock as hard as he can into Lance. Lance just shivers and moans with pleasure as he rubs his hand up and down his own cock.

Soon, Justin's body tenses up, and he begins to cum like crazy in Lance's ass, shooting load after load after load. Well, this pushes Lance over the edge, and his own cock begins to shoot, the cum spattering all over his chest.

Justin pulls out of Lance, and begins to lick up the cum on his chest. After every last drop is gone, he cuddles up to Lance, and they again kiss passionately.


Nick and Brian finish sucking on Jayson and Joshua, and Nick and Jayson go downstairs to the living room to talk, while Joshua and Brian stay up in the bedroom.

"Josh, I'm quickly falling in love with you, which as I'm sure you can figure out, causes a problem."

"Yeah, I know, you have to leave for Los Angeles tomorrow."

"Yes, and I was wondering if somehow you and your brother could get away, and join Nick and I on tour. Could you?"

"You want us to come with you?" asks Joshua somewhat shocked yet all together joyous.

"Yes, I do."

"Well, I'd love too. Just let me take care of something first."

Joshua picks up the phone and dials his secretary, telling her that he will fax her a hand written memo, and that she should type it, and have it distributed to every employee of Vascardi Enterprises, promptly at noon today. He then gets off the phone, and begins to kiss Brian passionately.

Well, the kiss leads to sex, and soon Josh is ramming his cock in and out of Brian's hot ass as Brian moans and groans with pleasure. After about 10 minutes of ramming his cock into Brian, Josh begins to cum, shooting a total of 11 loads into Brian. Josh pulls out of Brian, and collapses on top of him. They kiss passionately on the lips before they fall asleep in each other's arms for a brief nap.


Nick brought up the same question to Jayson, who answered yes without taking any time whatsoever to think about it. They begin to kiss passionately on the lips and massage each other's nipples.

Then, before they even realize what's happening, Nick is fucking Jayson in the ass, and kissing him passionately. Soon, Nick's body tenses, and he begins to shoot his loads of cum into Jayson's ass. They kiss passionately before they too, fall asleep in each other's arms for a nap.


Kevin Richardson lays completely naked on his bed, rubbing his hand up and down his lovely 8" rock hard cock. As he does this, he says aloud, "Oh Nick! Oh Brian! Oh Jayson! Oh Joshua! How I want you all!"

Kevin is visualizing Nick, Brian, Jayson, and Joshua stripping and dancing in front of him while he jacks himself off. After a few minutes, his body tenses up, and he begins to shoot cum like crazy, the cum falling all over his chest.

He takes his finger, runs it though the cum, licks it off, and repeats this, until there isn't any more cum on his chest, and he then drifts off to sleep, dreaming about four hot young men, I shouldn't have to name again.

To Be Continued...

(Well, as usual email comments and suggestions to JJVascardi@aol.com, we will be working on a third part of this story, and we hope to have it posted by Monday, January 18, 1999, that is if our midterm exam studying doesn't get in the way.)