Loving BSB - Part 3

Written By: Jayson and Joshua Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer

This story is fictional and not meant to imply anything about Nick, Brian, and Kevin of the Backstreet Boys, or Lance and Justin of 'Nsync. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now.

Author's Note

This is the third part of our story, Loving BSB. In our last story, we completely accidentally included Brian in his cousin Kevin's fantasy. We did not notice the mistake until after we had mailed the story to the Archive. So, we've decided to hold a vote. If you want to see something happen between Brian and Kevin, email us, subject line Loving BSB Vote, and please keep the body of the letter to a simple 'Yes' or 'No'. We will tally up the votes, and the voting will end once we have issued the fourth story.

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Joshua wakes up from his nap, and not wanting to wake Brian who is still sleeping soundly, gets out of bed very quietly. He walks down the stairs, picking up his clothes and putting them on as he descends them. He walks over to the desk under the stairs, turns on the lamp, and sits down.

He grabs a pen and quickly writes a memo, which he quickly places into the fax machine, types in his secretary's fax number, and presses send. The sound of the fax machine wakes up Jayson, who walks over to his brother.

"What's that?" he whispers to Josh trying not to wake Nick, who is still asleep on the sofa.

"A memo that I asked our secretary to type."

"What about?"

"Our temporary resignation from Vascardi Enterprises, due to personal matters."

"Personal matters?"

"We're going on tour with the Backstreet Boys remember?"

"Oh yeah, Nick asked me if we would."

"Nick asked you what, my love?" replies Nick with a smile as he wakes up.

Jayson just smiles at his lover, and replies, "Remember, you asked us to tour with you?"

"Oh yeah."

"Well, shouldn't we discuss it with the other guys?"

"Yeah, probably."

Jayson and Nick gather their clothes and get dressed just as Brian comes down from upstairs and gets dressed himself. Joshua stands up and heads for the door.

"Where are you going, Josh?" asks Brian.

"I'll be right back," replies Josh as he exits the room.

Josh walks over to Kevin's room and knocks three times. Just as he was about to knock a fourth time, Kevin answers the door, wearing only a blue silk bathrobe.

"Which one are you?"


"Okay, hi Josh, what can I do for you?"

"Put some clothes on and come to the penthouse, Nick and Brian are calling an official meeting of the group."

"Okay, I'll be right there," Kevin replies as he closes his door. Josh walks over to Howie's room, and informs him. Howie just follows him to AJ's room, Josh informs him, and then both Howie and AJ follow Josh to the penthouse.

"Hey Howie, AJ," replies Nick as they walk in.

"Please have a seat," replies Jayson motioning toward the couch.

Just as Howie and AJ sit down, there's a knock on the door, and Brian walks over and answers it.

"Hey cous," replies Brian with a smile.

"Hey," replies Kevin as he comes in and closes the door.

"All right, now that we're all here, what's this about?" asks AJ.

"Well, we have a proposition," replies Nick.

"What?" asks Howie.

"Well, Nick and I have, well, fallen in love with Josh and Jay."

"Let me guess, you want to know if they can tour with us, so you won't have to be apart?" asks Kevin with a smile.

"Exactly," says Brian.

"Well, I have no problems with it," says Kevin.

"I don't either," replies AJ, "What about you Howie?"

"Well, I guess it's okay," replies Howie, "But what about Jayson and Joshua's company? They can't run an international conglomerate while on tour with us."

"Already taken care of," replies Jayson with a smile, " Read it Josh."

"This memo will be distributed to every employee of Vascardi Enterprises, within the hour."

Joshua reads:

"To the organization from Jayson & Joshua Vascardi:

We will be spending considerable time away from the office as we attend to some personal matters. In light of this situation, we are stepping down from our positions as Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer, and leaving the company in control of our cousins, Jonathan and Amanda Vascardi. Please give them the same respect and cooperation you give us. Also, please note that this is only a temporary hiatus, and we will resume our full roles at the earliest possible opportunity. Signed, Jayson Vascardi, Chairman, and Joshua Vascardi, CEO."


"Lance, wake up!" replies Justin as he shakes him.

"Just five more minutes," replies Lance as he puts the pillow over his head.

"Lance, get up now, or I'll never fuck you ever again!" threatens Justin.

Lance quickly removes the pillow from over his head and springs out of bed.

"Don't even play like that! That's not funny!"

"Well, I had to do something to wake you up, we have a concert to do!"

"Oh yeah, I don't suppose you could give me something to tide me over until after the concert could you, my darling Justin?"

Justin pushes Lance down on the bed, and kisses him passionately on the lips, and their tongues wrestle briefly.

"Well, that will have to do, we have to get out of here now, or JC and the others will have our hides!"

"Alright, alright," says Lance as he quickly gets dressed.

Lance and Justin open the door just as JC was about to knock.

"It's about time, you two lovebirds came out here, the concert starts in 20 minutes!"

Justin and Lance's jaws drop and they run with JC to the waiting elevator. Luckily, the theatre they were performing in wasn't all that far away, and they made it in time.


"Wow, you two are certainly efficient," replies Howie with a smile.

"Well, we don't even have to think twice about something like this," replies Jayson, "Touring with the Backstreet Boys or sitting in our office working out corporate buy-outs, mergers, and preparing for shareholders meetings."

"Touring with you guys wins, no contest," says Josh with a big grin.

"Yeah, our jobs seems a lot more fun then yours," says AJ, "No offense meant."

"None taken, running an international conglomerate is very boring."

Joshua walks over to the desk and glances down at his daily planner, hurriedly pulls out his golden pocket watch, and says, "Oh shit!"

"What's wrong, darling?" asks Brian with a concerned look on his face.

"Jayson remember the gala we are supposed to host at our house?"

"Yeah, Josh, but that's not until... Oh my god! Tonight!"

"Yeah, tonight at exactly 7 p.m., there will be 350 guests arriving at our mansion, and it's already 3pm."

Jayson and Joshua bolt up the stairs to pack their bags, while the Backstreet Boys just sit there looking dumbfounded. A few minutes later, Jayson and Josh come back down the stairs with their bags all packed. Josh pulls out his cell phone and calls the front desk.

"Hello, concierge, this is Josh Vascardi. Get a limo out front immediately, and a bellhop to our penthouse, immediately!" Josh puts away his cell phone, and looks at the Backstreet Boys.

"Well, we have to go," replies Josh sadly.

"You're welcome to come with us, but if you do, we have to go, now!"

"I'm going with you," says Brian as he quickly gets up and goes to his own room to pack.

"We'll all go," says Kevin as he motions for Nick, Howie, and AJ to all leave and go their rooms to pack.

"Okay, meet us out front, in 20 minutes," replies Josh.

"Yes, and please hurry, we live in River Hills, and if we don't hurry, we'll get caught in rush hour traffic on the freeway."

Kevin, AJ, Howie, and Nick all nod, and bolt out the door. Shortly after, the bellhop arrives and takes Jayson and Josh's bags out to a baggage cart in the hall. Jayson tells him to wait there, and take the baggage of the Backstreet Boys down too, and Josh slips him a $200 tip.

20 minutes later, Nick, Howie, AJ, Brian, and Kevin emerge from the hotel and get into the awaiting limousine with Jayson and Josh, as the bellhop and the chauffeur quickly pack the luggage.

The chauffeur then gets into the limousine, and Jayson puts the window between the passenger seats and driver's seat down.

"Driver, to Vascardi Manor in River Hills, and step on it!"

"Yes, sir," the chauffeur manages to say before the window goes up.

"So who's all going to be at this party babe?" asks Nick as he lays his hand on Josh's thigh.

"Oh lots of important and famous people," says Josh.

"Anybody we know?" asks Kevin.

"Well, 'Nsync will be there, as well as Devon Sawa, Leonardo DiCaprio, Victoria Morsell, Julia Roberts, Garth Brooks, and several other actors and musicians."

"As well, as several US Senators, business associates of ours, foreign diplomats, and, believe it or not, the British royal family," replies Jayson with a smile.

Well, the conversation continues, and about an hour and a half later, the limo stops at the gates of a huge mansion. The driver rolls down the window, pushes a button on the control box, says something, and the gates are opened.

The limousine speeds through the gates and up the very long driveway, before it stops in the circular drive in front of the mansion. Jayson, Joshua, Nick, Howie, AJ, Kevin, and Brian all get out of the limo and walk up to the front doors of the mansion, as the limousine pulls around back to unload the luggage.

A middle-aged woman wearing a black maid's uniform, a white apron, and a small white maid's hat greets the group, as they enter the house.

"Well, it's about time you got here."

"I'm sorry Mrs. Summers, we lost track of time," replies Jayson.

"Um, Mrs. Summers, allow me to introduce Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell, and Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, guys this is our housekeeper and cook, Mrs. Summers."

"Hello, guys, pleased to meet you," replies Mrs. Summers with a smile, "Do any of you require anything, before I go about going insane trying to prepare for the gala tonight?"

"Just set 5 more places at the dining room table, and change the seating arrangements, so that the Nick is sitting next to me, and Brian is sitting next to Josh."

"And try to keep the rest of BSB and the members of 'Nsync near our side of the table."

"Your wish is my command," replies Mrs. Summers as she runs across the massive reception hall into the Grand Dining Room.

"Wow, you guys have a really nice place here," says AJ as he looks around.

"Thanks, come on upstairs," says Josh, "We only have 2 hours to prepare."

Josh and Jayson head up the marble grand staircase, followed by BSB. Josh gives each Backstreet Boy their own room, and tells them they can shower, and to put on a tux. Then Jayson and Josh go into their separate master bedrooms to shower and change themselves.

In what seems like no time at all, the seven hot young men emerge from their rooms all wearing tuxedos. They head downstairs to help Mrs. Summers and the catering crew with last minute preparations.


"Well, here we are, Vascardi Manor," replies JC.

"Yeah, well, it looks like we're the first ones here," says Chris.

"Well, come on it's like 20 degrees out here," says Lance, "Let's get inside where it's warm!"

"Good idea, my love," says Justin, as they all walk up to the door, and Joey pulls the doorbell chain. Mrs. Summers answers it, invites them in, takes their coats, and hands them to the butler, before showing them to the Library.

As soon as she walks out the door of the Library, the doorbell rings again, and she mutters to himself, "Oh good god in heaven, this is going to be a long night!"

Well, eventually, everyone arrives, and just mingles with the assembled. Some of the people their include Garth Brooks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Victoria Morsell, His Royal Highness Prince William, as well as his brother, Harry, his father, Prince Charles, and of course last but not least, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II.

The gala turns out to be a very long and boring affair, but eventually things calm down a little, and Jayson gets everybody's attention, and grabs a microphone.

"Good evening everybody, and welcome to Vascardi Manor," replies Jayson, "My brother and I would like to thank all of you personally for coming, but we'd be here until dooms day if we did."

Everybody, including the royals, laugh at the comment.

"Alright, before dinner, we will be having some entertainment in the theatre," replies Josh.

"The music groups, 'Nsync, the Backstreet Boys, and Garth Brooks have all agreed to perform tonight, however, due to a few requests, my brother and I will first do a performance of our own."

With that, Jayson and Joshua walk across the reception hall and head up the staircase, everybody looking like they don't understand. A second or two later, Mrs. Summers grabs the microphone and says, "Just to fill you all in, we will soon be hearing the pipe organ in the North Tower playing."

Brian and Nick work their way to the back of the crowd, and sneak up the servant's stairs in the kitchen up to the second floor. Brian goes into Josh's master bedroom and Nick into Jayson's master bedroom. Unknown to anyone downstairs, Jayson and Josh are not the ones upstairs playing the pipe organ. They were going to originally, but decided to have the butler do it, so that they could go into their bedrooms and get some from their BSB lovers.


Jayson rips his tux off and Nick does the same as they collapse on top of each other on the bed. Jayson and Nick kiss each other passionately for a second, before Nick puts his legs up on Jayson's shoulders and Jayson begins to passionately fuck Nick. Nick reaches down and begins to jack himself off, and Jayson leans in and kisses Nick passionately, their tongues wrestling.

After a minute, Nick's body tenses up, and he shoots his loads between him and Jayson. Well, this puts Jayson over the edge as he shoots his load into Nick's waiting ass. Jayson pulls out of Nick, and collapses on top of him, and they start to kiss again passionately.

After a few minutes, they get off the bed, and go into the bathroom for a shower, Jayson assuring Nick that the guests downstairs will not hear the shower running over the organ playing.

After showering, Nick and Jayson help each other get dressed, and Nick heads back downstairs via the servant's stairs, and Jayson heads up to the North tower to relieve the butler.


Brian rips Joshua's tux, off before pushing him down onto the bed. They kiss passionately for several seconds before Brian begins to kiss his way down Josh's chest, kissing and sucking each nipple on his way down. Then, Josh points to the beside clock as if to tell Brian that they're working on a limited time schedule, and Brian gets the drift, as he pulls Josh's legs up onto his shoulders and thrusts his gorgeous cock into Josh's waiting ass hole.

Brian fucks Josh as hard as he can, and soon his body tenses up and he begins to shoot several loads of his warm juice into Josh's awaiting ass. Brian then pulls out of Josh, kisses him briefly on the lips before they get dressed again. Brian sneaks back down again via the servant's stairs to the kitchen, and then back out to the main reception hall, while Josh takes the secret passages up the North Tower to join Jayson.

Josh and Jayson finish off their musical number by shocking everyone in the house and playing Beethoven's 5th Symphony on the pipe organ before coming back down the reception hall, and getting a standing ovation. Once everybody's quieted down again, Mrs. Summers speaks into the microphone, "Give it up for Jayson and Joshua Vascardi, the only people I know who can play an entire symphony on one instrument," as she hands the microphone back to Jayson.

"Thank you Mrs. Summers," say Jayson with a smile, "And now, if you'll all follow us into the theatre we will get the rest of our entertainment under way."

Josh pulls out his key ring and inserts a gold key into the highly ornate double doors of the theatre and pushes them open. Everybody begins to file into the room, and take their seats.

"Josh and Jayson ascend the stairs to the theatre stage, and say in unison, alright everybody here is Garth Brooks!"

Garth comes out and performs 3 songs, before taking one final bow and heading backstage. Josh and Jayson come back into view from backstage, and announce the next act.

"Everyone give it up for 'Nsync!"

Just as they finish the sentence, the music for "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You" begins to play and the curtain goes up as 'Nsync performs the song. They follow this up with "For The Girl Who Has Everything" and then "Forever Yong." The guys all bow as they get a standing ovation, just as Garth had, and leave the stage.

"Alright, ladies and gentlemen, and now last but most certainly not least, we give you our good friends, the BACKSTREET BOYS!"

The curtain goes up, and they begin to perform "As Long as You Love Me," followed by "If You Want to be a Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy)", and then they finish up with, "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)". And again, they get a standing ovation.

Well, after the entertainment portion of the gala was over, Jayson and Joshua had everyone file into the Grand Dining room for dinner. Brian leans over to Josh and says, "All these are for me?" he says pointing at all the silverware next to his plate. Josh just smiles and says, "Start at the outside and work your way in."

Dinner was a long, boring, and formal affair, and once everyone had stuffed their faces with as much as they could of Rack of Lamb, Pheasant under glass, caviar, escargot (YUCK!), and all the other entrees everyone excused themselves from the table. Then there was some dancing in the Grand Ballroom, which over flooded out into the Reception Hall, before everyone finally started to leave at about 4 am.

Once everyone was gone, the Backstreet Boys, Jayson, Joshua and Mrs. Summers all collapsed in chairs and sofas in the Lounge.

"Wow, thank god its over!" says Mrs. Summers.

"You can say that again," says Kevin, "Do you guys do this often?"

"Yeah, oh the trials of being rich!" says Jayson with a smile.

After about fifteen minutes of conversation everyone excuses themselves to their rooms to sleep, after a long and tiring night.


"Oh, Lance, I don't know if we can have sex right now, I'm so tired," says Justin with a yawn.

"I know same here!"

"Let's just get out of these clothes and hold each other," says Justin.

"Sounds good," says Lance as he begins to peel off his tux and Justin does the same.

The two hot young men collapse on the bed and get under the covers as they snuggle up to each other and fall fast asleep.


Jayson and Joshua wake up and head downstairs. Jayson and Josh were about to go to the kitchen to tell Mrs. Summers to start preparing a buffet-style brunch in the conservatory, when the doorbell rings. Jayson heads to the kitchen, as Josh answers the door.

"Aunt Marie! Uncle Anthony! And family!" says Josh as his Aunt Marie, Uncle Anthony, and his cousins, Samantha, Amanda, Nicole, and Jonathan walk in. Jonathan helps 3-year-old Jeremy to walk while Samantha, Amanda, and Nicole each carry their newborn, less than a month old, siblings, Kevin, Devin, and Ashley.

"Hello, I hope you don't mind us dropping by."

"No, please come in," says Josh with a smile to his cousin Jonathan.

"Um, please hang your coats up, and wait for me in the Library, I'll be in a minute," replies Joshua as he bolts up the grand staircase.

He finds all the Backstreet Boys talking in the Portrait Gallery on the third floor.

"Hello, guys," says Josh with a smile, "Hi Brian!"

"Hey, darling," says Brian as he leans in and kisses Josh on the lips.

"Okay, we have a problem," says Josh as he pulls away from the kiss.

"What?" asks Kevin, a look of concern on his face.

"My Aunt and Uncle are here, with my 8 cousins, in the Library."

"8 cousins!" exclaims Howie in disbelief.

"Yes, um, Aunt Marie and Uncle Anthony went a tad overboard in the child dept."

"Yeah, it does seem that way."

"Any of them cute girls?" asks AJ with a sly smile.

"Well, there's Samantha who's 22, Amanda who's 19, Nicole who's 18, and Ashley who's less then a month old."

"Really?" says AJ with a big grin.

"Don't get any ideas, AJ, Nicole is engaged, and both Samantha and Amanda are currently very much so monogamous with their boyfriends."

"Why did you say, we have a problem?" asks Nick with a grin on his face, as if he already knows the answer to that question.

"Well, let's just put this way, if you guys go down there, you'll have 3 girls screaming their heads off."

Everyone laughs and then they decide to go down to the Library and meet Josh's family. Josh tells them to go to the theatre for a very short private concert to really freak his cousins out. They all nod, and take the secret passage that Josh and Jayson showed them last night, and go down to the theatre.

Josh calmly walks downstairs and into the Library, to see Jayson and the rest of his family talking, while Mrs. Summers serves coffee.

"Alright, everybody up," says Josh with a smile as he comes in.

"What now?" asks Josh's Aunt Marie with a questioning look on her face.

"Everybody up and into the theatre, we have a little surprise for you."

Jayson gives Joshua a knowing smile as everyone gets up and walks into the theatre. As everyone sits down in the front row, Jayson gets up on stage and smiles.

"Well, by now I'm sure that Amanda and Jon have told you that they all now temporarily running Vascardi Enterprises."

"Yes, they did, what's that all about anyway?" asks Uncle Anthony.

"Well, me and Josh will be out of town for quite some time with 5 good friends of ours, five famous friends."

"Five famous friends? Who are they?" asks Jonathan with a curious look on his face.

"Well, they're a music group, and we'll be going on tour with them. They've agreed to give you all a private concert, so give it up for the one and only ... BACKSTREET BOYS!"

With that the curtain goes up and the music for "I'll Never Break Your Heart" begins to play. And Amanda, Samantha, and Nicole begin screaming their heads off.

As they finish the song, Josh comes up on stage and takes the microphone.

"Okay, Kevin, Howie, AJ, Nick, and Brian, allow us to introduce our family."

"Okay from left to right, Aunt Marie, Uncle Anthony, Samantha, Amanda, Nicole, Jonathan, Jeremy, Kevin, Devin, and Ashley," says Jayson with a smile as he points to each one, "Vascardi family, meet Kevin, Howie, AJ, Nick, and Brian of the Backstreet Boys."

Once the intros were done, the music for Everybody (Backstreet's Back) begins to play. This is followed by "We've Got It Going On," and finally "As Long As You Love Me."

"Oh my god! I can't believe I'm in the same room with Brian and Nick!"

"Whoa, slow down Samantha, I think there's something you should know, as long as you don't let it out to anyone else," Josh replies.

"What?" asks Samantha.

"You can't have Brian or Nick, they're already taken," replies Jayson with smile, as he leans in and kissed Nick on the lips, and Josh does the same to Brian.

"Well, what about Kevin?" asks Amanda, "He's cute too."

"Sorry, Amanda, but I'm gay too," says Kevin with a smile.

"We're straight though," says Howie, pointing at AJ and himself.

Well the conversation continues for three long hours, before Jayson and Josh's family has to go. Everyone says their good-byes, and Aunt Marie and Uncle Anthony walk out with the rest of the family, having to drag Samantha, Amanda, and Nicole out.


Lance and Justin lay in bed completely naked as usual, kissing each other passionately, while their tongues wrestle in each other's mouths. Lance pulls away from Justin's lips, and begins to kiss his way down Justin's body, stopping to kiss and lick each of Justin's hard nipples.

Then Lance reaches the main event, and the object of his affection, and takes Justin's entire 7 1/2" tool into his mouth, and begins going up and down on it as if his life depended on it.

Justin moans in complete ecstasy for a moment, until he pushes Lance off of him, and motions for Lance to turn around so that they can 69. Lance gladly turns, and then begins to suck on Justin's rock hard tool again, while Justin takes Lance's rock hard and gorgeous 9 1/2" tool into his mouth.

They get a very nice rhythm going, when suddenly both Lance and Justin's bodies tense up and they shoot their loads into each other's mouths at the same time.


Everyone has gone up to their rooms to pack, and get ready to go to their airport. At about 2:00 they all pile into Jayson and Josh's white stretch limousine and take one last look at Vascardi Manor, before leaving River Hills and heading for Mitchell International Airport.

Well, due to a severe accident on the freeway, they didn't get to the airport until 5:20, 20 minutes after their plane took off.

"Damn, now what are we going to do?" asks Nick.

"The next flight to Los Angeles isn't until noon tomorrow, and he have to be there by then," says Kevin.

"Don't be so sure Kev," says Jayson with a smile, as he pulls out his cell phone and quickly dials a number.

"Hello, Jake, this is Jayson Vascardi. I need you to gas up the jet, for a flight to Los Angeles."

Jayson puts away his cell phone, and smiles.

Josh then says, "Well, owning a private corporate jet is just one of the perks of running an international conglomerate."

All the guys just laugh and head over to gate H3, where Jake said he would bring the jet, and they all get on. The jet speeds down the runaway and up into the air on the way to Los Angeles.

To Be Continued?

(Well, I hope this satisfies all of you who have told us that our stories are way too short. Sorry for the fact there was not much sex in this part, there will be more sex, and more drama in the next story. As always, email comments and suggestions to JJVascardi@aol.com, all emails will be answered. And yes, before anyone asks, we realize that we went a tad overboard with the guest list for the gala, but hey oh well.)