Loving BSB
Written by Jayson Vascardi
Legal Disclaimer: This is fiction and not meant to imply anything about any of the celebrities mentioned herein. If you are offended by material of a homosexual nature, or if such material cannot be legally viewed in your area, stop reading this now. Otherwise, I hope that you enjoy reading this work.
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Loving BSB - Chapter 35

(This chapter is dedicated to Sammy, Ad, and Kevinsangel from the #BoyBands chat room, who all helped me to form the storyline for this chapter. Thanks for the help!)

Two weeks have passed since the reading of Greta's will. Nick, Brian, Joshua, and Jayson have all returned to the River Hills mansion. Brian mailed off the charity check from Greta to Lexington for the charity that he founded for children with cardio-vascular problems. Nick mailed off half of his charity check to the Oceanic Resource Foundation, and the other half to the Save the Whales Foundation. Jayson has signed over half of the 21% stock in VEWI that Greta left him to Nick, and the other half to Brian.

Nick did however, have a misfortune the other day, when he was playing basketball, and he tried making a slam dunk. After hanging on the basket for two seconds, he let go, and landed wrong, breaking his leg. So, now Nick is lying in the master bedroom that he shares with Jayson, wearing a cast on his left leg, which has been elevated with a sling-type mechanism. So, Nick is making the best of it, and calmly reads a book while listening to the sounds of the pipe organ in the North Tower being played by his husband and Joshua.

Brian sits downstairs in the living room, also reading a book, when he hears the doorbell ring. Knowing that Mrs. Summers has the day off today, Brian gets up and answers the door.

"Express letter for Jayson and Joshua Vascardi," replies the delivery man, "I need a signature."

"I'll make sure they get it," replies Brian, as he scribbles down his name on the delivery man's pad, and closes the door.

Brian looks at the envelope and sees the word "Urgent" written across the front in bold red lettering. Without even thinking about what he's doing, Brian walks up the grand staircase, and doesn't stop until suddenly he's on the fifth floor of the mansion, standing outside the door to the North Tower. Brian's hands start to shake as he reaches out and places his hand on the door handle and turns it.

Brian has never been able to go into the North Tower, because of the fact that the top room, where Jayson and Joshua's organ is, is made entirely of glass, and with the fact that the North Tower sits on the edge of a cliff of sorts, the tower is roughly 390 feet off the ground. Brian is off course terrified to death of heights, and as he reaches the room just below the top room, where all the pipes for the organ are, Brian really does consider turning back now. His whole body is shaking by this point just thinking about starting up that small circular staircase into the top room.

For a minute, he thinks that he most definitely will turn back, but then, looking down again at the envelope marked "Urgent" in his hands, Brian does the best he can to compose himself, and slowly walks over to the staircase and begins to climb. As he goes up, he quickly shuts his eyes tightly, and soon he's standing at the top of the steps. He knows that the organ is directly in front of him, and he very slowly walks forward, and holds out one hand. He stops when it touches someone's back, the music stopping shortly after that.

"Brian?" asks Jayson.

"Honey, what's wrong?" asks Joshua, highly concerned about what could have been so important that Brian would come up here to the tower, with his fear of heights and all.

"Well, this express letter came for you," replies Brian as he holds out the envelope, his eyes still tightly shut, "I figured since Nick is incapacitated, and Mrs. Summers has the day off, I should bring it up, since it says urgent and all."

Josh pulls his husband into a hug, before replying, "Well, thank you honey. Let's go downstairs and see what this letter says."

Josh carefully leads Brian over to the staircase and they begin their descent back downstairs. Upon returning to the elaborately decorated fifth floor hallway, Joshua whispers into Brian's ear, "You can open your eyes now."

Brian slowly and cautiously opens his eyes, almost as if he thought maybe Josh was playing a trick on him, and he was still standing in a room with a good view of how high up he was. The truth of the matter is, Brian despite being on the fifth, fourth, and even third floors of the mansion several times, has never actually been in any of the rooms on those floors. This is mainly because most of the rooms on those floors have at least two sets of floor to ceiling windows. Add to that the fact that the first floor of the mansion sits 6 feet above the ground, and the fact that all the floors in the house have 12ft high vaulted ceilings, Brian does sometimes have a very hard time spending time in this house.

Josh and Brian walk hand in hand down the corridor, with Jayson following close behind, and eventually find themselves in the master bedroom, with Nick.

"Hey, babe, how you doing?" asks Jayson as he lays down on the bed next to Nick.

"As well as can be expected, I guess," replies Nick, as he carefully adjusts himself on the bed to get into a slightly more comfortable position.

"Alright, well, let's see what this letter says, shall we?" asks Josh, as he rips open the letter, and reads it aloud.

Josh reads:

Dear Messrs. Vascardi,

We would like to thank you for inviting us to the gala ball that you will be hosting at your home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina next weekend. We deeply regret that we shall not be able to attend. However, Their Royal Highnesses Princes William and Henry, are eager to attend, and wish to stay on in America for a time. This is why we write to you. We wish to seek your assurance that Their Royal Highnesses will be kept safe from any media presence, as they are deeply concerned about this matter. We anxiously await your reply.

Kindest Regards,

Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith

"Wow, that's quite a long title," replies Josh as he finishes reading the letter, and takes a few deep breaths, "Give me a minute to catch my breath."

"Well, I suppose that we should get a reply out asap," replies Jayson as he gets up, walks over to the desk, and sits down. He pulls out a piece of his best parchment stationary and an envelope, and prepares to write a letter in reply.

Jayson writes:

Your Majesty,

We will be honored by the presence of Their Royal Highnesses, and will take all necessary precautions to make sure that their presence here is kept quiet. We will order the security at our Chapel Hill mansion doubled for the entire length of their stay. The society page of the local newspaper has reported that we are hosting a gala ball at our Chapel Hill mansion this weekend, however, it is strictly by invitation only, and they do not have a copy of the guest list. So, to avoid any chance of the media finding out, if Their Highnesses' schedules permit, we should like to fly them in two days early. We have enclosed the coordinates to our Chapel Hill mansion's private air strip.

We remain your most humble servants,

Jayson Colin Vascardi
CEO, Vascardi Enterprises Worldwide, Inc.
Joshua Corin Vascardi
Chairman, Vascardi Enterprises Worldwide, Inc.

After Josh signs his name on the letter, Jayson carefully folds it, places it in the already addressed envelope, and places it in the outgoing mail basket, with a note attached to mail it express mail, for Mrs. Summers to mail in tomorrow's mail.

Jayson kisses Nick on the lips, and Joshua kisses Brian on the lips, before they both head back upstairs to the North Tower to continue playing the organ. Brian lies down on the bed next to Nick, and the two of them go back to reading their books.

The following Wednesday, the Vascardi Enterprises Worldwide Incorporated corporate jet touches down on the private landing strip at Joshua and Jayson's home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Everybody quickly gets off the jet and heads up to the main house, all of them tired after the flight from River Hills, Wisconsin, and knowing that they all should get some sleep since Their Royal Highnesses Princes William and Henry will arrive on an unmarked private jet tomorrow morning.

Upon entering the house, Jayson replies to Mrs. Summers, who flew in yesterday to open up the estate and start cleaning up, "Mrs. Summers, by tomorrow morning this house must be spotless and sparkling, as Their Royal Highnesses will be arriving. I shall also require a breakfast buffet to be on the dining room sideboard no later then 8:30am."

"Yes, sir," replies Mrs. Summers as she curtsies, "So it shall be done."

Jayson and Joshua nod to their trusted housekeeper, before heading up the marble staircase with their husbands and the members of BSB and NSYNC in tow. Josh and Jay quickly show everyone to their bedrooms, before they too retire for the night.

Kevin and JC have gotten back together now. As hard as it was to do, JC has forgiven Kevin for sleeping with Talynn that one time, and their relationship is now stronger then ever. However, Lance and Justin have parted romantic company forever at this point. They managed to salvage their friendship, but they have both agreed that their relationship will not develop into anything more then friendship.

The next morning at around 6:45am, Joshua and Jayson both wake up, to find their husbands still sleeping peacefully. They both leave their rooms and head directly upstairs to the third floor of the mansion and head into the turret room. Jayson and Joshua have a pipe organ in every one of their homes, as they love playing it.

"This is the perfect way to make sure that they wake up on time," replies Joshua, "Their Royal Highnesses will be here at 8:45 and they all should be showered and dressed by then."

"Yeah, and this thing projects quite loudly throughout the house," replies Jayson as he sits down with Josh on the organs bench, "So what should we play?"

"Hmm, how about Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries?"

"Isn't that a bit controversial?" asks Jayson, "I mean Hitler did associate Wagner's music with Nazi Germany. I mean I realize that Wagner was long dead by then and probably didn't intend for his music to be used in that way, but still."

"Well, you have a point," replies Josh, "But then too, neither of us are racist. We both believe that what Hitler did was one of the worst atrocities ever committed in the history of mankind. The music shouldn't be outlawed just because of one man with stupid and cruel ideas."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," replies Jayson, "Ride of the Valkyries is fine I guess."

Upon saying this, Jayson makes the necessary adjustments on the pipe organ to get just the right sound, and Josh places the sheet music on the stand. Within minutes, the pipes of the organ are blasting out the sounds of "Ride of the Valkyries" and the whole house is filled with the music. If this doesn't wake up the whole household, nothing will. Considering that this organ actually has a range of about 2 acres in all directions. Of course Josh and Jay aren't worried about bothering anyone else, considering that they own 330 acres of land in all directions around the mansion in the center of the estate.

Josh and Jay are certain that by this point their friends have already woken up, and are probably screaming their heads off with anger about being woken up at 6:45 in the morning, but, Josh and Jay couldn't hear that screaming even if they tried over the sounds of the organ playing. Anyway, both Josh and Jay hope and pray that they all realize why they woke them up so early. They do have to have enough time to get into the shower, and get dressed and presentable by the time Their Royal Highnesses arrive.

Jayson continues to play "Ride of the Valkyries", as Josh goes over to the intercom and transmits the following message throughout the house, which can be heard clearly despite the music being played, "I'm sorry that we woke you all up so early, but Their Royal Highnesses will be arriving in an hour and 45 minutes. I would suggest that you all get showered and dressed, soon. Jayson and I will however continue to play the organ until all of you are showered and dressed, just to make sure that none of you try to go back to sleep."

After completing his message, Josh sits back down and is once again helping Jayson to play the song, which they play from start to finish three times, before stopping. Josh and Jay, still not satisfied that perhaps the rest of the house may have not gone back to bed, quickly make adjustments to the settings on the organ, and quickly start playing another song, this time Bach's "Brandenburg Concerto Number 3."

At 8:30, Josh and Jay stop playing the organ and head downstairs, to find their husbands, and BSB and NSYNC gathered in the grand reception hall. Britney Spears will also be coming to the gala ball, as will Christina Aguilera. Austin Brooks-Vascardi is also flying in, anxious to see his father, and Nick.

"Mrs. Summers!" yells Josh, as he nears the bottom of the stairs, and Mrs. Summers comes running.

"Yes, sir?"

"Get the red carpet onto these stairs, please," replies Josh, "Have Jensen help you, and also tell him to make sure that all of the Arabians are brushed and ready to be ridden at a moments notice. And tell the gardener that she better hurry up and get those fresh floral arrangements into this house in five minutes, or she can look for another job."

"Yes, sir," replies Mrs. Summers, as she runs off to tell the gardener to hurry up, and to get Jensen to help her with getting the red carpet onto the large marble staircase.

"Aren't you being just a little demanding this morning?" asks Howie.

"Howie, I think not," replies Josh, "In case you've forgotten, in about 15 minutes a jet carrying the future King of England is going to land on the private air strip. I think you should be able to understand why I might just be a little demanding this morning. I want everything to be perfect."

"Baby calm down, everything is going to be fine," replies Brian as he pulls Josh into a hug.

To be continued...

Coming up in the next installment, the arrive of Their Royal Highnesses Princes William and Henry. Also, one note on this installment. I realize that Her Majesty would not write a letter, that the lady-in-waiting would do that. But, this is fiction, so I hope you will give me some poetic license.

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