Loving BSB - Part 4

Written By: Jayson & Joshua Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer

This story is fictional and not meant to imply anything about Kevin, Brian, and Nick of the Backstreet Boys, or Lance and Justin of 'Nsync. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise, enjoy the story!

Author's Note

Well, we honestly can't believe that we're on the fourth part already. Thanks to all of our loyal readers who send in their comments and suggestions, we really appreciate it. In the last story, we tried to please some requests that the stories were too short. Well in our attempt to lengthen them, we ended up with only 3 sex scenes. We're going to try to make this story longer again too, but have a lot more sex. However, we're also going to try to add just plain more romance to it. Also, as we said in the footnote of Part 3, we realize that we went severely overboard on the guest list for the gala at Vascardi Manor, but hey oh well, what's done is done.

"You are clear for landing on runway 12," says the control tower to the jet. With that the Vascardi Enterprises Corporate Jet lands on the runway, and is taxied over to a free gate.

"Well, guys, here we are, Los Angeles."

"Thanks, for letting us use your plane guys," says Howie.

"No problem, shall we go?"

All seven passengers grab their carry-on luggage and head off the plane and out into the airport concourse, where they are greeted by thousands of screaming female fans that gathered to await their arrival. Kevin, Nick, Brian, AJ, and Howie are soon surrounded by fans, as Jayson and Josh stand off to the side, laughing.

After a moment, Jayson and Josh leave to go claim all of their other luggage at the baggage claim, and then go sit down in one of the airport restaurants for some coffee.

"So, do you think they'll be back anytime soon?" says Jayson with a smile.

"Judging by all those fans, I'd say probably not."

Just as Jayson and Joshua finish their fourth round of lattes, Kevin and AJ walk over and sit down.

"Where's the others?"

"Still with all the fans, we were able to sneak away though," says AJ with a huge grin.

"Well, believe me, Josh and I know first hand how that feels."

"How?" asks Kevin.

"Well, right after we turned 18, Teen People did an article on us, mainly because we were so rich and also so young."

"Well, anyway, in the article they named us "Most Eligible Bachelors," which we highly resented. Needless to say we had girls surrounding us for a couple of months every time we showed our faces in public."

"Well what changed that?" asks AJ.

"We came out of the closet about being gay," says Josh with a grin.

Kevin gets a weird look on his face, and AJ says, "Don't even think about it Kevin, you have an image to protect," says AJ as if he read Kevin's mind.

"Not to mention that our manager would kill me, if I um "came out" to the public," says Kevin, as he winces in pain from the thought of dying before the age of 30.

Finally after about another hour, Howie, Nick, and Brian arrive at the table and collapse into some chairs.

"Tired?" asks Josh, laughing slightly.

"I swear on every stop on the tour there seems to be more and more screaming girls then at the last stop," says Brian, panting for air.

"Isn't it great? I just love it," says Nick with a huge smile on his face.

"I thought you loved me," Jayson whispers into Nick's ear.

"That's not what I meant, Jay," says Nick, giggling.

"What did you mean, Nicky?" says Howie, still gasping for air himself after running away from all of the screaming fans.

"I meant, I loved all the attention, not the girls," says Nick, "There's only one love of my life, and I'm sure I don't have to name that person."

"I love you too, Nick," says Brian, laughing his head off.

"Not you, you jackass! Him," Nick says as he points to Jayson.

Everyone just laughs, and then gets up and heads out to the limo waiting to take them to the hotel.

As they arrive at the hotel, all they can see was the remains of what was the hotel, before the earthquake. Well, BSB immediately got in touch with their manager, who told them, sorry guys, but all the other hotels in town are booked solid, due to the destruction of this hotel, and your arrival in town.

Well, it looked as though the Backstreet Boys would have to skip Los Angeles and head for the next city on their tour, when suddenly Jayson remembered something. He quickly pulls out his cell phone and calls his Aunt Marie.

"Hello Aunt Marie?"

"Yes, Jayson, what is it? Are you enjoying Los Angeles?"

"Well, there's a small problem."


"The hotel that the Backstreet Boys, Josh and I were supposed to stay in, was completely destroyed in an earthquake, late last night."

"Oh, yeah that could be a problem."

"Well, I was calling because I remember that you had a beach house out here, and I was wondering if we could use it?"

"Sure, no problem. I won't be using it any time soon, raising 4 infant children, helping my 4 grown children with their problems, and being the Chief of Staff at the hospital, pretty much makes me unable to take vacations."

"Yeah, I'm sure it would, well, thanks, bye," replies Josh as he puts away his cell phone and walks back over the where the guys a standing.

"Well, come on, I guess we should just get on our tour bus, and head for the next city," replies Kevin.

"Yeah, we'll have management send a notice out to the 15000 ticket holders giving them our regrets, and saying we'll try to get back again."

"That won't me necessary Howie," replies Jayson.

"Why is that?"

"Well, it looks like it's the Vascardi twins to the rescue again," says Jayson, laughing.

"Don't tell me you own a house out here?" asks Brian.

"Well, we don't, but our Aunt Marie does, and she says that we're more then welcome to use her beach house for the duration of our stay in Los Angeles."

"Alright! Let's go," says Nick with a huge smile on his face.

Everybody gets back into the limousine and Jayson gives the driver address. He drives out and stops at a fairly large bi-level house, on the beach with a great view of the ocean, just as the sun begins to dip below the horizon.

"What exactly does you Aunt Marie do?" asks AJ, "Or did you buy this house for her?"

"No, she bought it," says Josh, "She's Chief of Staff at a hospital back home, and our Uncle Anthony is a college professor."

"Oh really, what does he teach?" asks Howie.

"World History, French, and Latin," says Jayson as he gets out of the limo.

The boys help the chauffeur with the luggage and walk up to the deck of the house. Josh takes the key from the mailbox, unlocks the door, and everyone goes inside.

"This is nice," says Kevin with a smile.

"Okay, well, now for sleeping arrangements," says Jayson.

"Fire away, since it's your Aunt's house, we'll sleep where you want us too," says Nick.

"Okay, well there's two bedrooms on this floor, Kevin you take the one on the right, and Howie and AJ do you mind sharing a room?"

"No, that's fine," says Howie.

"Yeah, I don't mind," says AJ.

"Okay, then you two can share the room on the left."

"What about us my darling?"

"Well, Nick, there's two bedrooms upstairs, so you and I can take one, and Brian and Joshua the other."

Everyone nods in agreement, and goes to their rooms to unpack.


The screaming fans who came to greet the Backstreet Boys, are now gone, but have been replaced with screaming fans for 'Nsync. Luckily for them, the airport had increased security after what happened with the Backstreet Boys, because all of those screaming fans, made it impossible to load and unload airplanes arriving at those gates, so the members of 'Nsync were able to escape reasonably quickly after just posing for one picture.

Also, luckily for 'Nsync, their hotel was not destroyed in the previous night's earthquake. They quickly go to the hotel to rest after the long flight, still tired from doing a concert for 10000 screaming fans the day before, plus then attending a party at Vascardi Manor, and giving a concert for 350 more people, and not getting back to the Pfister until 5:30 am.


All seven of the guys sit in the kitchen of the beach house talking.

"Well, I'm getting kind of hungry," says Howie.

"Yeah me too, anything to eat around here?" asks Kevin.

Jayson gets up and looks in the freezer, and refrigerator, both are completely empty, which isn't unreasonable since the beach house hasn't been being used for a couple of months.

"We'll just order out tonight, and then I'll run over to the store tomorrow and by a few essentials," says Joshua with a smile.

"Okay, sounds good to me, babe," says Brian as he leans in and kisses Josh on the lips.

"Excuse me guys, but not everyone here is gay," says AJ with a laugh.

"Well, that's true AJ, but you and Howie are outnumbered, so we'll kiss if we want," says Josh.

Kevin, Nick, Brian, Jayson, and Joshua all get big grins on their faces, while Howie and AJ just give everybody weird looks before they go over and sit on the sofa in the living room to watch television. Well, about half an hour later, a pizza delivery man from Domino's arrives with 4 pizzas and 3 2-liter bottles of Coke. Everybody takes a few slices of their favorite style, and pours themselves some coke, and enjoys their dinner.

After dinner, Kevin retires to his room, and it's not long after that, that Howie and AJ retire to their room. Brian and Joshua go up to their room for some fun, while Nick and Jayson stay in the kitchen to wash the dishes and put away the leftover pizza and soda, before going up to their bedroom for some fun.


Brian and Josh quickly remove their clothes, and lay down on the bed. Brian begins to kiss every inch of Josh's body, as Josh shivers in pleasure and runs his hand through Brian's hair.

After several minutes of this, Brian pushes Josh's legs upward and rests them on his shoulders, before generously lubing up his cock and Josh's hot hole, and begins to make love to him. Josh moans in complete ecstasy as Brian begins ramming his gorgeous 9" cock in and out.

Josh begins to run one had up and down his own, 8 1/2" tool, while running the other through Brian's hair. Brian lets out a load moan of pleasure, as he begins to cum in Josh's ass. The wonderful sensation of his ass filling up with Brian's warm juices, pushes Josh over the edge and he begins to let loose his own load, which lands all over his chest, and some sprays up into Brian's face.

Brian pulls out of Josh, licks up all of his cum, and cuddles up to him, as they get under the silken sheets and fall fast asleep.


Nick and Jay quickly strip down, and then head into the room's private bathroom, to make use of the whirlpool tub. Nick turns on the water to a moderately warm temperature, while Jay turns on the jets, and pops in a cd into the small cd player that his Aunt Marie had built-in to the wall.

As Nick and Jay climb into the tub, the song, "I'll Never Break Your Heart" from BSB begins to play. Nick looks at Jay for a moment, then pulls him close and just holds him close for a few minutes, and sings along with his group's cd.

"I'll never break your heart, I'll never make you cry, I'd rather die then live without you," sings Nick in a quiet voice as he holds Jayson tight to him. When he finishes with his song, he begins to kiss Jayson passionately on the lips, their tongues wrestling in each other's mouths.

After about fifteen minutes in the whirlpool, Nick and Jay get out, and dry each other off, before retiring to the silk sheets of the bed, to rest after a long and somewhat stressful at times, day.


Kevin lays on his bed wearing nothing but an open blue silk bathrobe. His hair still slightly wet from his shower, and his body still glistening with small droplets of water.

Kevin, not able to fall asleep, begins to flip through some issues of Playgirl magazine, and begins to unconsciously rub his cock, which has now grown to it's full 8". He begins going up and down on his cock faster, and faster as he looks at all the gorgeous Playgirl models, before he sets down the magazine as images of Nick, Jayson, and Joshua come into his mind.

Kevin's body tenses up as he begins to cum, thinking about the three hot young men, the cum splattering all over his perfectly sculpted abdomen and chest. Kevin quickly cleans himself up, and then slips under the silk sheets and falls fast asleep, dreaming about Nick, Jayson, and Joshua.


Lance wakes up horny as hell, and looks over to the sleeping Justin. Lance just stares at him for a moment, admiring Justin's body, before pressing his lips to Justin's. As Lance kisses Justin passionately, Justin begins to stir, and then finally he wakes up.

"Hey sexy," says Lance in a seductive voice.

"Hey yourself," says Justin in an equally seductive, if not still a tad sleepy, voice.

"Could you help me with something, you sexy little hunk you?" asks Lance with a big grin.

"Sure, anything to make my gorgeous pal happy," says Justin with a smile, as he leans over and kisses Lance on the lips. After their kiss, Lance sits up and waves his fully erect 9 1/2" cock just under Justin's nose.

Lance moans in ecstasy as Justin swallows the entire length of it, and Lance continues to wonder how he can do it without gagging. Justin goes up and down on Lance's rock hard manmeat for a few minutes, before starting to suck on Lance's balls.

Lance moans in complete pleasure, before saying, "Justin, baby, I'm getting close!"

Justin removes his mouth from Lance's succulent balls and returns to sucking on his cock, and soon Lance's body tenses up and sends load after load of warm juice cascading into Justin's waiting mouth, who greedily drinks every last drop.


Jayson wakes up at 8, and decides to go downstairs, to get ready to go to the store and pick up a few things from the store, and just let Nick sleep in. Well, on his way out, Jayson's cell phone rings, and he answers it.

"Hello is this Jayson Vascardi?"

"Yes, it is, who is this?"

"My name is Lauren Parker, I'm with Child Services," says the woman.

"What can I do for you Mrs. Parker?"

"Are you the father of an Austin Colin Brooks?"

"Yes, I am, is there something wrong?"

"Well, there's not easy way to tell you this," Mrs. Parker replies, "His mother and grandparents who involved in a serious car crash."

"Oh my god, how are they?"

"They're dead sir, killed on impact," says Mrs. Parker sadly.

"Oh no!"

"Um, you have to make a decision where your son is concerned."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, with his mother and grandparents dead, you and your brother Joshua Vascardi are Austin's only living relatives."

"I see."

"So, we need to know what you plan on doing, do you want to raise Austin, or do you want to give him up for adoption?"

"Well, I'll raise him, I promised Madeline, that if anything happened to her, that I would take care of our son."

"Okay, then I need you to come here to Toronto and pick him up."

"I'll have my pilot gas up my jet and I'll fly in immediately," replies Jayson as he hangs up the phone.

"Who was that?" asks Josh as he comes down from upstairs.

"Mrs. Lauren Parker from Child Services, Madeline is dead, I have to go to Toronto and get Austin."

"Oh my, go ahead, I'll let the other guys now."

"Thanks, bye," says Jayson as he hurries out of the house.

About an hour later, everyone emerges from their bedrooms to the smell of coffee, eggs, pancakes, bacon, etc, cooking. After Jayson left, Josh quickly ran out to the grocery store to buy the essentials.

Nick notices that Jayson is nowhere to be found and asks, "Where is my darling, Jayson?"

"Well, he had to fly to Toronto, on personal matters," says Josh, trying to avoid the subject.

"What kind of personal matters," asks Kevin, a slight look of concern in his face.

"Well, alright, your will all find out sooner or later, so I might as well tell you," says Josh.

"Tell us what?" asks AJ.

"Well, four years ago, on Jayson's and my birthday, some friends threw a party for us, and the liquor started flowing," says Josh, "Anyway, Jayson had a bit too much to drink, and ended up in bed with Madeline Brooks, a friend of ours from school."

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" asks Howie.

"That night, a child was conceived, Austin Colin Brooks," says Josh, "Austin is now 4 years old and Madeline was killed yesterday in a car crash."

"Oh my god," says Kevin.

"So, seeing as how Jayson and I are now Austin's only living immediate family members, Child Services contacted Jayson this morning, to ask him whether he wanted to raise Austin himself, or give him up for adoption."

"I assume he went to Toronto, because he's to raise him?" asks AJ, looking over to Nick, who is sitting their with a look of utter disbelief in his face.

"Yes, when Jayson comes home, his 4-year-old son Austin, will be with him," says Josh.

"You're lying!" exclaims Nick, "Jayson would have told me about something like this, we told each other everything about ourselves the first night we were together!"

"I'm not lying Nick, and here is the proof," says Josh as he pulls out his wallet, and opens it up to a picture of Jayson, himself, Madeline, and then 2-year-old Austin. Nick looks at the picture, as his eyes flood with tears and he runs up to his room, muttering, "I can't believe he lied to me."

"I'll go talk to him," says Brian as he stands up.

"No, I'll do it," says Kevin.

"Look, Kev, I know you're like the surrogate father of every member of this group, but I dated Nick for almost a year, I know him a lot better then you do," says Brian as he walks up to Nick's room, and Kevin sits back down.


Justin wakes up to find Lance looking down at him and smiling.

"It's finally awake," says Lance with a grin.

"Oh, shut up and kiss me," says Justin as he pulls Lance's lips to his own and locks him into a passionate kiss.

Lance and Justin kiss passionately for several minutes, before Lance pulls away and lays on his back.

"Justin, will you make love to me?" asks Lance with a smile.

"Of course," says Justin, as he kneels between Lance's legs, before pulling Lance into the "kneeling butterfly position."

(Just a quick note from the author, the kneeling butterfly position is one of the kneeling penetration positions in the Gay Kama Sutra, and the description of it is: The man who penetrates kneels and pulls his partner upon him, so that the partner straddles him like a butterfly poised above a flower. The butterfly is in control, timing the strokes, supported by his hands and feet, while the kneeling partner supports himself behind with his hands. A good kissing position if the butterfly, held in position by his legs, now embraces his lover, an kisses him.)

After a few moments up intense fucking and kissing, Justin's body tenses up and he shoots his loads of warm cum into Lance's ass, as he groans in pleasure. Well, this feeling, pushes Lance over the edge, who never even touched his cock, and he begins to shoot his own loads of cum between him and Justin. They collapse on top of each other, and Justin just smiles and says, "What a wonderful way to wake up!"


"Dad!" shouts Austin as he comes running into Jayson's arms, as Mrs. Parker just smiles.

"Hey, Austin, I missed you," says Jayson as he lifts him up in his arms, and holds him.

"He really does love you, Mr. Vascardi," replies Mrs. Parker with a grin.

Well, the three walk over to a small coffee shop and get all the legal issues in order, before Mrs. Parker says goodbye, and walks back to her car.

"So Austin, you ready to go?"

"Where we going daddy?"

"Well, back to Los Angeles, California, you can see you your Uncle Josh, and some good friends of ours," says Jayson, "We're staying with them at my Aunt Marie's beach house."

"Cool, let's go."

Austin stands about 3'4", weighs roughly 60 lbs., and looks a lot like Jayson, with blonde hair, only his is natural and not bleached, and blue eyes. Jayson takes his four-year-old son to the airport and they board the Vascardi Enterprises Corporate jet and head back to Los Angeles.


"So, Brian, how is Nick doing?" asks Howie.

"Not good, he's still crying his eyes out," says Brian, "He feels betrayed, he thinks Jayson doesn't love him enough to be completely honest with him."

"Well, I don't think he should be alone," says Kevin, "It's time for the group's surrogate father as you so eloquently put it Brian, to tend to his youngest child."

"Okay, but be careful, he's really hurting," says Brian, as Kevin nods and heads upstairs.


Kevin walks in to find Nick facing the wall, balling his eyes out. Kevin walks up and sits on the bed behind him.


"What do you want Kevin?"

"I just wanted to come up and see how you were doing," says Kevin as Nick turns around, tears pouring from his eyes.

"Well, as you can see, I'm not doing well," replies Nick as he continues to cry.

Kevin pulls Nick over to him, and Nick lies his head on Kevin's shoulder, getting his shirt all wet, as Kevin just hugs Nick, gently rubbing his back, trying to console him. After an hour or so, Nick stops crying, and just hugs Kevin for a moment, before both of them go downstairs.


Howie, AJ, Brian and Josh all sit in the living room talking and watching tv. Howie sits in a chair, with AJ on one of the sofas, with Brian and Josh on the other. Josh is sitting, and Brian is laying down, with his head in Josh's lap as Josh plays with Brian's hair.

Nick and Kevin walk in, Nick with his arm around Kevin's waist, as Kevin helps a still very sad Nick to sit down on the sofa next to AJ, and then sits down himself.

"Still hurting Nick?" asks Howie.

"Yeah, I still can't believe it," says Nick, "Jayson has a son, a son that he didn't tell me about, because he doesn't love me enough to be honest with me!"

Nick starts whimpering like a sad puppy, as AJ pulls Nick over to him and says, "There, there Nick, I've seen Jayson around you, he loves you with all of his heart."

"Then why didn't he tell me about, Austin?"

"Maybe he thought you wouldn't love him, if you knew he had a son."

"I would of still loved him, and I would have tried to be a good friend to his son," says Nick, still whimpering, and starting to tear again.

Nick stands up and walks over to where Brian and Josh are sitting.

"Josh, would you mind if I borrowed Brian for a little while?" asks Nick, "He's the only person I feel really comfortable talking to."

"Sure, Nick, its fine with me," says Josh, "I just want you to feel better, and now that Jay loves you with all of his heart and soul."

Brian gets up and takes Nick upstairs to his bedroom, while the other guys just look at each other, before turning their eyes to the television.


Jayson arrives home with Austin and walks into the beach house, to find Josh, Howie, Kevin, and AJ sitting in the living room.

"Hello Josh," says Jayson, "Hello guys."

"Hi," says Kevin.

"Austin you know my brother Josh, I'd like you to meet Howie, Kevin, and AJ of the Backstreet Boys."

"Hello," says Austin, "My mommy listened to your music all the time."

Jayson and Austin walk over to the sofa, Jayson sits down, and then helps Austin up onto the sofa.

"Where's Nick and Brian?" asks Jayson.

"Brian is upstairs trying to console Nick," says Kevin.

"Console him, what's wrong?" asks Jayson, with a very worried look on his face.

"Well, Nick thinks you don't love him enough to be honest with him," says AJ.

"Why would he think that?" asks Jayson confused, "I love Nick with all my heart!"

"Because you didn't tell him about Austin," says Howie, as he looks over and notices that Austin is now sound asleep on the sofa.

"I have to go talk to him," says Jayson as he springs off the sofa and goes upstairs.


Nick lays in a ball on Brian and Josh's bed, crying his eyes out again, while Brian sits in a chair nearby. Jayson walks in, and Brian gets up and leaves.


"Go away Jayson!"

"I will not go away, Nick," says Jayson, "I love you!"

Jayson sits down on the bed next to Nick, and Nick sits up.

"Then why didn't you tell me that you had a son?" asks Nick as he stops crying.

"Because, I was afraid that you wouldn't love me anymore, if you knew."

"That's not true, I would have still loved you," says Nick, "I'm not going to hold it against you that you got drunk and got a girl pregnant."

Nick hugs Jayson, and Jayson says, "I have something for you, Nick, but first Austin wanted me to give you this."

Jayson reaches into his vest pocket and removes a piece of paper, with a drawing on it.

"On the jet back from Toronto, I was telling Austin all about you, and how much I loved you," says Jayson, "And I showed him a picture, of you and the other guys, and then he drew a picture that he wants you to have.

Nick takes the picture from Jayson and looks at it for a moment. It's a picture of Jayson, with Austin in the center, and himself on the other side, with the words `My Family' at the top. Nick starts crying again, and hugs Jayson.

"I love it, and I love you, Jayson," says Nick, "Tell Austin, thank you."

"Why don't you tell him yourself?" asks Josh as he walks in with Austin walking close behind, as Nick stops crying.

"Daddy? Is this Nick?" asks Austin.

"Yes, Austin, this is Nick," says Jayson as Austin runs over and jumps up onto the bed between them.

"Hello, Austin," says Nick with a smile, which is a tad forced.

"Hi Nick," says Austin, "Dad, why don't you give Nick you present now?"

Jayson smiles, and says "Okay, Austin."

Jayson pull a small black velvet box from his pocket, and kneels in front of Nick.

"Nick, I love you, with all my heart," says Jayson, "And I never want us to be apart, will you marry me?"

Jayson opens the box to reveal a golden men's ring with a 4 carat diamond in the center, and Austin just smiles.

To Be Continued...

Well, that's it for this installment, I hope you enjoyed it. Also, just to let you know, Jayson doesn't really have a son, that was just added to this story for a little drama. We plan on having the fifth part of the story finished up by Monday. Also, since it took us such a short period of time to finish this installment, we are going to extend voting for one more week, until next Thursday (January 28, 1999, also known as Nick Carter's 19th birthday). As always, send comments and suggestions to JJVascardi@aol.com, all emails will be answered.