Loving BSB - Part 5

Written By: Jayson and Joshua Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer

This story is fictional and meant to imply anything about Kevin, Nick, and Brian of the Backstreet Boys or Lance and Justin of 'Nsync. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area, your should be leaving now. Otherwise enjoy!

Author's Note

Well, here it is Part 5, already. Okay, first off, in the last story we introduced a new character, 4-year-old Austin Colin Brooks, Jayson's son. Well, Austin will only be in this story, after that, Jayson decides to send him to a Switzerland boarding school, because he cannot get a proper education while on the road touring with the Backstreet Boys. Austin will be back from time to time, such as when we write the Christmas edition of this story, yes, we are going to try to keep this story going until at least Christmas of 99, and the year 2000. After that, we're not sure.

Also, if Nick Carter of BSB is reading this, (which we highly doubt), we would like to wish him a very Happy 19th Birthday, (on Jan. 28). Now please sit back and enjoy the experience!

Nick looks at Jayson in disbelief. 'Did he just say what I think he said?' thinks Nick in total shock.

"Nick? I asked you if you would marry me, will you?" says Jayson smiling, holding up the 4-carat diamond ring.

"Yes, of course!" says Nick, overjoyed.

Jayson gets a huge grin on his face, before he removes the ring from the box and places it on Nick's ring finger. Austin smiles from ear to ear, before saying, "Yuck!" as Nick and Jayson lock in a passionate kiss. Nick and Jayson stop kissing, laugh, and go downstairs to tell everybody the good news. Nick picks up Austin and puts him on his shoulders, as he walks down the stairs.

Kevin, Howie, AJ, and Brian all sit in the living room watching television when Jayson, Joshua, Nick, and Austin come down that stairs. Josh walks over and pulls Brian close to him as he sits down.

"Well, Nick, feeling better?" asks Kevin in a fatherly tone.

"Yes, I am," says Nick grinning from ear to ear.

"Tell them, tell them!" says Austin, as he starts bouncing up and down on Nick's shoulders.

"Tell us what?" asks AJ.

"We have a little announcement to make," says Jayson as he looks at Nick.

Suddenly, Josh grabs his stomach for a minute, and utters a very soft, low moan. Brian notices this and says, "Josh are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, I've just been having some minor stomach cramps for a few days, I'll be fine."

"Are you sure?"

"Brian, yes, I'm sure, I'll be fine, don't worry about me," says Josh with a smile.

"I'll always worry about you, my love," says Brian as he kisses Josh on the cheek.

"So what was this announcement you wanted to make, Nick and Jay?" asks AJ.

Josh walks over to the cd player and turns it on, and positions the 100-disc changer to play Disc 13, Track 2.

"Why tell you, when we can make you guess," says Jayson with a smile.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, Howie, I want you all to listen to this song, and guess what our announcement is."

"Well, okay, play the song," says Kevin.

Jayson walks over to Nick, puts his arm around his waist, and presses the play button on the remote control. It takes a few seconds for the song to start but soon it does. Everyone listens as it begins, at first none of them recognizing the song. Then after a moment, AJ gets a weird look on his face, as if he recognizes the song.

He gets up and turns the stereo off, and says, "If I'm not mistaking, that was the Wedding March from Midsummer's Night Dream."

"You're getting married!?" shouts Kevin.

"Yes, Jayson just proposed, see?" says Nick as he holds up his hand and everyone gasps when they see the golden ring with a 4-carat diamond in it.

"Is that a diamond?" asks Brian.

"Oh what you think I'd give Nick a cubic zirconia? Of course it's a diamond, a 4-carat diamond to be exact," says Jayson with a smile.

"Have you totally lost your mind?" asks Kevin as his paternal instincts kick in again, "You've only been dating for like 3 or 4 days!"

"Yes, Kevin, but I am deeply in love," says Nick.

"So am I," says Jayson, "Anyway, I figure Nick and I could have a long engagement, I was thinking a Christmas wedding would be nice."

"Yeah that would be great, Jay, my love."

"Okay, okay, enough!" says Kevin, "I'll talk to you two later, but for now we have a rehearsal with 'Nsync to go to. Everybody let's go, come on."

Kevin ushers everybody out the door, and all seven of the hot young men, and 4-year-old Austin squeeze into the limo, and goes off to the stadium.


Lance and Justin strip down to their birthday suits as they lay down on the desk and start kissing each other passionately. Justin begins to kiss every inch of Lance's hot body, before he gets off of him, and motions for Lance to sit in the desk chair.

Lance realizing what Justin plans on doing quickly gets off the desk and sits on the chair, as Justin pulls a small tube of vaseline from his jeans pocket. Justin seductively begins to rub the vaseline over Lance's rock hard tool, before he begins to seductively rub the vaseline all over his ass hole. Justin then sits in Lance's lap so that he's facing him, and Lance's tool eases into Justin's ass.

Justin starts to go up and down on Lance's tool, as the kiss each other passionately, and Lance reaches between them and begins to jack Justin off. After a couple of minutes, Lance begins to shoot several loads of his juices into Justin's ass, and about ten seconds later, Justin begins to shoot his own juices between Lance and himself. They continue to kiss each other passionately for a few more seconds, before they get off of each other, clean up, get dressed, kiss one more time, and then get back out to the stage.


Joshua clutches his stomach again as he gets a small pain in his side, and utters a small low moan again.

"Josh, those stomach pains are really beginning to worry me," says Brian with concern, "Are you sure you don't want to go the doctor?"

"No really, I'm fine, don't worry about me."

"When you guys get to the stadium, Austin and I have to go to the airport," says Jayson.

"Where are you going?"

"Daddy is sending me to boarding school in Switzerland."


"Well, think about it. What kind of education do you think a 4-year-old could get traveling all over the country touring with a music group, no offense meant to you guys," says Jayson.

"None taken, and you're right. Austin wouldn't be able to get a very good education on the road with us," says Howie with a smile.

"Well, enjoy yourself in Switzerland, Austin," says Kevin as he leans over and gives Austin a hug.

"I'll try," says Austin, as all the guys lean over and give him goodbye hugs, "But, I'm going to feel so terribly alone there."

"You won't be alone Austin," says Josh with a smile, "I'm sure you'll make a lot of friends, plus some of my Aunt Marie's relatives live in Lugano, Switzerland, and they said they'd keep an eye on you."

The conversation continues for another fifteen minutes, before the limousine pulls into the stadium.

"Jayson just come out with Austin for a few minutes, and meet 'Nsync, okay?" asks Nick, flashing Jayson the sad puppy dog face.

"Oh, alright, I can't resist you," says Jayson with a smile, as he kisses Nick on the cheek.

All 8 of them get out of the limo and walk in as the guys of 'Nsync walk up to them, the entire time, Josh has his hand on his stomach, as the cramps get worse.

"Hello, guys," says Chris with a smile.

"Hey, I'm assuming you remember Jayson and Joshua Vascardi, from their party a couple days ago?" asks AJ.

"Yeah, we do, but what are they doing here?"

"Well, guys, we've been good friends for awhile, so I guess we can trust you," says Brian, "Josh is my boyfriend, and Jayson is Nick's fiancé."

"Oh really? Well, that's cool, Justin and I have been seeing each other too," says Lance with a smile.

"Who's this?" asks Joey as he motions towards Austin.

"Oh, Lance, JC, Joey, Justin, and Chris, I'd like you to meet my 4-year-old son, Austin."

"Hey Austin," says all the guys of 'Nsync in unison.

"Wow, my mom used to love listening to your music and BSB's music," says Austin, "That is before she went to sleep forever."

Austin hangs his head and a few tears roll down his cheeks, as Jayson picks him up and hugs him.

"Well, I'll be back, I have to take Austin to the airport and get him on my jet," says Jayson after Austin stops tearing.

"Where's he going?" asks Justin.

"A boarding school near Lugano, Switzerland," says Austin, slightly mispronouncing the words.

The members of 'Nsync, BSB, and Josh all say their final good-byes to Austin, and Jayson and Austin get back into the limousine and speed off the airport.

Three hours later, the limousine pulls back into the stadium, and Jayson emerges to go watch the guys practice. He sits down next to Josh, who is still clutching his stomach and side in pain.

"What's wrong with you bro?" asks Josh, "You've been in pain all day now."

"I'm fine, really, I'm fine."

Josh and Jayson look up to the stage again and watch as the BSB tries to teach 'Nsync their dance to 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back).' Suddenly, Fatima motions for the music to stop and she says, "Okay, that's a wrap, you guys have practiced enough for today, but be back here at 9am tomorrow for another rehearsal."

All ten of the hot young guys get down off the stage, and walk over to the cooler and grab a cool drink, before sitting down in the front row. Lance and Justin lean over and start kissing each other, and Nick and Jayson do the same. Brian and Josh stand up, and start kissing too.

Suddenly, Josh backs away from Brian, and collapses to the ground, screaming at the top of his lungs, as he clutches his side.

"Oh my god what's wrong?" asks JC, as he watches Josh squirm around on the ground in complete agony.

"Call -- an --- ambulance!" Josh manages to say in between his screams.

Lance pulls out his cell phone and dials 911.

"Hello, 911 emergency how can I help you?"

"Yes, please send an ambulance to the stadium immediately," says Lance.

"What is wrong sir?"

"Josh Vascardi just collapsed on the ground, and is screaming his head off as he clutches at his side."

"We'll send an ambulance immediately," says the dispatcher.

About 15 minutes later, sirens can be heard as an ambulance and two fire engines pull into the stadium.

The paramedics get Josh onto a stretcher and into the ambulance, with Jayson getting in too, ass all the other guys get into the limos and follow the ambulance to the hospital emergency room. They get to the emergency room, and all ten of the members of 'Nsync and BSB rush into the hospital with Jayson, as Josh is taken directly to Trauma 1 to be examined.

After a few minutes, a doctor comes out and walks up to the group.

"Excuse me Mr. Vascardi?" asks the doctor, "I need you to sign these."

The doctor hands Jayson some papers, which Jayson quickly signs, before asking, "What is wrong with my brother?"

"His appendix just ruptured," says the doctor.

"Oh my god, is he going to be okay?" asks Brian, concerned.

"Well, we have to get him into emergency surgery now, or he will die," says the doctor as she runs off to prep for surgery.

To Be Continued...

(Well, we were considering writing more, but thought that we would leave you in suspense for a little while. Josh's ruptured appendix is based on truth, his appendix ruptured last summer, and he survived. The question is will he survive now? You'll just have to wait for the next story. As usual send comments and suggestions to JJVascardi@aol.com, all emails will be answered.)