Loving BSB - Part 7

Written By: Jayson & Joshua Vascardi

Legal Disclaimer

This story is fictional and not meant to imply anything about Nick, Kevin, and Brian of the Backstreet Boys, or Lance, JC, and Justin of 'Nsync. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now. Otherwise, please enjoy the story!

Authors Note

Well, thank you to all of our readers who wished us a happy birthday, we had a really fun, yet tiresome day. Also thank you for sending in your comments and suggestions, they're appreciated. As a reminder, voting for a relationship between Kevin and Brian ended yesterday (January 28, 1999). The final votes were: 10 Yes, and 14 No. So, sorry to all of you who voted yes, but we will not be doing a relationship between Brian and Kevin, at least not at this time.

About 5 am, Lance and Justin wake up to the sound of knocking from the front door. They quickly get dressed, as Marie Vascardi emerges from the study and answers the door. Marie opens the door wide, as her husband, Anthony, pushes his grandmother's wheelchair in, followed by Samantha, her boyfriend Colin, Amanda, her boyfriend Chad, Nicole, her fiancée Telemachus, Jonathan, his boyfriend Carl, and Jeremy, Kevin, Devin, and Ashley in strollers. Also, Jayson and Josh's parents, Rob and Lauren Vascardi, and a Vascardi family friend, Talynn Windwraith.

"Greta, you know you shouldn't travel so far with your health," says Marie to her 106-year-old grandmother-in-law, Greta Walker-Vascardi.

"Do you honestly think I would stay in Athens, and miss my great-grandsons' 19th birthday?"

"No, I'm glad you came though."

Suddenly, Nicole, Samantha, and Amanda let out small shrieks, and Marie assumes correctly that they've noticed Lance and Justin.

"Oh my god, first we meet the Backstreet Boys in person, and now Lance and Justin of 'Nsync, I'm in heaven!" says Samantha.

"Hello, everyone," says Lance, with a smile.

Kevin and JC emerge from Kevin's room, and AJ, Howie, Chris, and Joey from AJ and Howie's room.

"Yikes! The whole group is here!" says Amanda with a shriek.

"Shhh, you'll wake Nick, Jayson, Joshua, and Brian!"

"Too late," replies Nick as he and Brian descend the stairs.

"Jayson and Josh are still asleep however," says Brian with a grin.

"Alright, BSB you know Samantha, Amanda, Nicole, Jonathan, Kevin, Devin, Ashley, and my husband Anthony," replies Marie.

"Yeah we do," says AJ with a grin.

"Who's all the rest of these people?"

"This is my grandmother, Greta, my brother Rob, and his wife Lauren, Samantha's boyfriend Colin Renfro, Amanda's boyfriend Chad Renfro, Nicole's fiancé Telemachus Rafaelidys, Jonathan's boyfriend Carl Falk and a very good Vascardi family friend, Talynn Windwraith."

Marie turns off the lights, and motions for everybody to hide, because she hears Josh and Jayson upstairs. As they come down and Josh turns on the lights, everybody comes out of hiding and shouts, "SURPRISE!!"

Josh and Jayson just look at each other for a moment, as if they were expecting this, and then thank everyone. Making sure to thank Brian and Nick with kisses. Yes, Josh and Jayson are out of the closet to the entire family, and the entire company, and actually the entire world, and no one appears to have a problem with it.

"Happy birthday you two," says Greta with a smile as she wheels over to Josh and Jay.

Josh and Jayson lean down and give their great-grandmother small hugs, before Jayson replies, "Are you sure it was okay for you to come? Los Angeles, California is a very long trip from Athens, Greece."

"I'm fine, trust me," says Greta, "It won't kill me to do more traveling than my monthly trip to Vatican City for mass."

Josh and Jayson smile before beginning to thank all of the other guests for coming. Once all the guests were thanked, which took a little while, Samantha, Lauren, Marie, and Amanda went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone, and the rest of the assembled sat in the living room.

Nick and Brian sat on one of the sofas, with Josh and Jayson on their laps, along with Josh and Jay's father, Rob. Colin, Chad, and Telemachus sat on the other sofa, Nicole sitting on Tel's lap, and Talynn sitting on the arm of the sofa.

AJ pulled over a few chairs from the dining room table and the members of BSB and 'Nsync all sat down.

Everybody sits and chats for awhile, before they go in and eat breakfast. Then they all get into the three mini-vans parked out front at about noon and head over to Planet Hollywood.

They all find a seat, at a large table, with various members of BSB and 'Nsync saying they'll be right back, until finally all of them are gone, supposedly in the bathroom.

Suddenly the stage lights come on and Leonardo DiCaprio walks up onto the stage.

"Hello everybody, today we have two special guests, the young millionaires, Joshua and Jayson Vascardi, and their family."

The spotlight shines over at their table, as Leonardo says, "Today is a very special day for Josh and Jay, it's their 19th birthday, and to help them celebrate, I now present the music group, 'Nsync."

'Nsync comes out and performs "Forever Young" and "God Must Have Spent (A Little More Time on You)", before heading off to the side of the stage.

Leo comes back and announces the next group, and soon the music to "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" is playing and BSB is out performing. They perform "Everybody" and "Quit Playing Games with My Heart," before 'Nsync comes back into the center of the stage and joins BSB in singing "Happy Birthday."

Everybody in the restaurant claps, as BSB and 'Nsync finish their performance and head back over to the table.

"You guys are very good," says Greta with a smile.

"Thanks, ma'am," says Joey, returning the smile.

"Don't call me ma'am, I don't like it, it makes me feel old."

"Well, what should we call you?" asks Chris.

"My name is Greta, call me that."

"Okay, Greta," says Lance.

Everybody breaks off into separate conversations, and stay and chat for a few hours. Finally, everybody gets up, leaves, and goes back to the beach house.

"Well, its been so nice seeing you Jay and Josh," says Rob, "But Lauren and I have to get grandmother back home."

"Oh, can't I stay in town just one more day, Rob? I hear tomorrow is my future great-grandson-in-law's birthday," says Greta as she points to Nick.

"Yes, it is my birthday tomorrow," says Nick with a huge grin.

"Oh come on Rob, not heading back to Athens today will not kill grandmother, let her stay for Nick's birthday, honey."

"Oh, alright, Lauren, but only one more day, then you have to get back home grandmother," says Rob with a stern look.

"Yes, master," says Greta with a wrinkled grin and a small laugh.

Everybody laughs, and eats dinner. After dinner everybody sits in the living room to talk some more. After another hour or so, Joshua takes out his cell phone and dials the Los Angeles Hilton.

"Los Angeles Hilton, how may I help you?"

"Yes, this is Josh Vascardi, would it be possible for me to reserve a block of rooms for the night?"

"I'm sorry sir, but with the Backstreet Boys and 'Nsync in town we're booked solid."

"Well, that's okay, bye," says Josh as he dials another hotel, and gets the same answer. He calls every hotel in Los Angeles, and he gets the same answer from all of them.

"Well, now we have a problem, every hotel in town is booked solid," says Josh, "and there's no way all of you can stay here for the night, there simply isn't enough room."

"That's not a problem, my late husband Antonio Vascardi won a mansion in Beverly Hills through a very lucky hand at poker, which I inherited and have kept all these years."

Everybody smiles, and everyone except the guys of Nsync, BSB, and Jayson and Josh, leave and head over to Greta's Beverly Hills mansion. The rest of the assembled all retire for the night.


Kevin and JC strip down, and start kissing passionately. JC pushes Kevin against the wall as he grinds his hips into Kevin's. After about five minutes of this, JC drags Kevin over to the bed and pushes him down. JC gets on top of Kevin and continues to kiss him passionately, their tongues wrestling playfully in each other's mouths.

JC begins to lick and kiss his way down Kevin's sculpted chest, stopping to swirl his tongue around on Kevin's hard nipples a few times. JC then continues to kiss down Kevin's washboard abdomen, before he reaches the main event. JC eagerly takes Kevin's rock hard 8" tool into his mouth and begins to slowly and passionately suck on it.

JC gradually gets faster and faster, as Kevin bucks his hips in time with JC's sucking. Kevin moans in ecstasy and begins to softly sing, "You're the one for me, you're my ecstasy, you're the one I need!"

Kevin's body begins to tense up, and he yells JC's name at the top of his lungs as he begins to cum like crazy in JC's awaiting mouth, JC swallowing every last drop.


Nick slowly and seductively removes all of Jayson's clothes and then all of his. Normally, Nick wouldn't do what he was about to do, but since it is Jayson's birthday, he can't resist the temptation. Nick takes a very hard wooden handled hairbrush from the dresser, and makes Jayson lay on his lap.

Nick turns Jayson over so his back is pointing up, and holds him down with one arm and one leg. Jayson confused for a moment asks, "What are you doing, love?"

"Giving you your birthday spankings," says Nick with a huge grin and a laugh.

"Oh no you're not!" says Jayson as he tries in vain to get free of Nick, but Nick's grasp on him is very tight. Nick raises the brush, and brings it down on Jayson's bare ass, softly at first, getting gradually harder and harder, until finally he's slamming it down onto Jayson's ass. Jayson reels in slight pain, and even more pleasure.

As Nick slams the hairbrush against Jayson's ass for the 20th time, Jayson replies, "Okay Nick, that's enough, I'm only 19!"

"I know, but I'm going to give you double that," says Nick with a grin, as he slams the brush down for the 21st time. Upon finishing the 38th spanking, Nick lets go off Jayson, who gets up slowly due to his ass which is on fire with pain. Jayson pins Nick on the bed, and says, "You just wait Nick my love, I'm paying you back for this tomorrow!"

"I sure hope you do," says Nick with a grin as he kisses Jayson passionately. The two of them cuddle for a moment, before Nick begins to plant soft wet kisses all over Jayson's body, making sure to give his very tender ass nineteen of them. Nick then lies down, on his back, and Jay gets on top of him facing in the other direction, as they take each other's fully erect and very hard tools into each other's mouths and begin to suck on them.

Nick and Jayson go up and down on each other for a few minutes, before finally both of their bodies tense up, and they send several loads of warm cum cascading into each other's mouths simultaneously.

They get off of each other, cuddle up, kiss one more time, before falling fast asleep.


Jonathan and Carl lay on the bed completely naked, in each other's arms. Carl leans over and kisses Jon passionately on the lips, their tongues playfully wrestling in each other's mouths.

Jon and Carl caress each other's sculpted and muscular bodies passionately, for several minutes. Carl then pulls away, pushes Jon's legs up, and begins to ease his 9" manmeat into Jon's ass, as Jon moans with pleasure. As Carl works his way in and out of Jon's ass, Jon uses one hard to start jacking his perfect 9 1/2" tool, and the other to play with Carl's shoulder-length ash blonde hair.

Carl leans down and kisses Jonathan passionately on the lips as he fucks him, and begins playing with Jon's hair, which matches Carl's. Suddenly Carl's body tenses up and he begins to shoot load after load of his warm succulent juice into Jon's waiting ass as Jon screams Carl's name, thank god all the rooms are soundproofed!

The wonderful feeling of Carl's juice cascading into his ass, send Jon over the edge and his own manmeat begins to shoot cum like crazy, most of it landing on his chest, but Carl did manage to catch a load or two in his mouth.

Carl pulls out of Jon and they kiss passionately, sharing Jon's cum. Jon stares into Carl's sapphire blue eyes, and Carl stares back into Jon's emerald green eyes, as they fall fast asleep.


Lance and Justin lay on the sofa bed cuddling and kissing each other passionately. Justin begins to kiss all the way down Lance's hot and sculpted chest, stopping to swirl his tongue around first the left, then the right nipple. Justin then continues down until he arrives at Lance's throbbing 9 1/2" member.

Justin swallows it in its entirety, and Lance moans as Justin begins to work his way up and down. Justin continues to go up and down on Lance's hot member as Lance rubs his hands through Justin's curly hair.

After a few minutes, Lance yells Justin's name in total ecstasy as his body tenses up and he begins to shoot several loads into Justin's eager mouth. Justin drinks as much of the cum as he can, having to let some spill out onto Lance's chest to avoid choking.

Justin leans down and kisses Lance full on the lips, allowing half of Lance's cum to fill Lance's mouth. They continue to kiss for several more minutes, before they fall asleep in each other's arms.


Nick finally decides to wake up, to find Jayson gone. Nick showers, gets dressed and heads downstairs, to find everyone in the living room.

"Hey, look who finally decided to wake up," says Telemachus, "Happy B-day Nick."

"Happy Birthday Nick," reply Colin and Chad in unison.

"Happy Birthday Nick," reply Rob, Lauren, Joshua, Brian, Kevin, Howie, AJ, Chris, Joey, JC, Justin, Lance, Talynn, and Greta.

"Thanks all," says Nick, again with a huge grin on his face.

"Okay, everybody, time for presents," says Amanda, "Jay, Josh, and Nick, time to open your presents."

"Sorry, we're late in giving you your presents Jay and Josh," says Nicole with a grin.

"Better late then never," reply Jay and Josh in unison.

Nick, Jayson, and Joshua open Greta's gifts first. Greta bought Nick a gold necklace, Jayson a Nintendo 64 with 10 games and 4 controllers, and Josh a laptop computer.

Nick, Jayson, and Joshua opened all the rest of their gifts, getting a lot of clothes, but also a lot of other items that they really liked. After the gifts were all opened, they all ate lunch, and broke into conversation groups. Nick, Jayson, Joshua, and Brian talking with Greta; Rob, Lauren, Samantha, and Colin talking to Kevin and JC; Chad, Nicole, Telemachus, Amanda, and Justin talking with Marie, Anthony, Lance, Chris, and Joey; and so on.

After about 3 hours, Colin stands up.

"Okay, birthday boys, its time for cake!" says Colin with a huge grin.

Everybody stand up and walks into the kitchen. Rob, Lauren, and Marie, each set a 3-layer cake in front of Nick, Jayson, and Joshua. Once all 57 candles were lit (19 candles on each of the three cakes), everybody started singing Happy Birthday to Nick, Jayson, and Joshua.

Upon the conclusion of the song, Nick, Jayson, and Joshua all took deep breaths and blew out all of their candles.

"Alright, who wants what?" asks Rob.

"We have vanilla cake, marble cake, and chocolate cake," says Lauren.

"As well as your choice of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or mint ice cream," adds Carl.

Everybody takes their cake and ice cream, and everybody tries to get Nick, Jayson, and Joshua to talk while they're eating their first slices of cake. But, Nick, Jay, and Josh know of the old saying, "If you talk, your wishes won't come true," so they don't talk at all until they are finished with their cake.

Everyone goes back into the living room, and just as everybody was about to break into their normal conversation groups, Greta stands up, and speaks.

"Hell no, are you all going to sit down and talk! This is a party, I think its time we dance, not talk, dance!" says Greta with a huge grin as she walks over to the stereo, turns on some BSB music and sends it blaring through the Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound System.

Everybody decides that Greta is right, and they all get up and dance. After awhile, BSB breaks off and starts their dance to Everybody, with Jayson and Joshua doing it too. After a few minutes, everybody is shocked to see Greta join in on the Everybody dancing, doing it just as well as Brian, Nick, Kevin, AJ, and Howie.

She senses this, and replies, "Just because I'm 106 doesn't mean that I don't know how to have a good time. Besides my doctor is always saying that I'm as healthy as I was when I was 20, despite all of you who assume that just because I'm 106 that I am in poor and failing health."

Everybody laughs, and continues dancing for a few hours, before everybody sits down and rests. They all chat some more, before finally starting the good-byes.

"Well, now I guess I should be getting back to Athens," replies Greta as she puts on her Russian sable fur coat, with matching hat, hand warmer, and purse, "Come on Rob, get me to the airport, I want to be back in time to fly to Vatican City for mass on Sunday."

"Well, I think I'll stay here for awhile longer," replies Talynn.

"Yeah, I'm going to stay here too, I want to see a little more of Los Angeles," says Telemachus.

"You mean you're going to make me go all the way back to Milwaukee alone?" asks Nicole with a sad puppy face.

"I'll be back by the time you finish your exams, Nicole," says Telemachus, "Anyway, we couldn't spend much time together with all of those exams you have."

Nicole nods in agreement, hugs her fiancé, and walks out with the rest of the family, Chad and Colin also deciding to stay, for a few days.

Once the entire Vascardi family is gone, AJ, Howie, Chris, and Joey all go into their bedroom, and everybody else sits down in the living room.

"So why did you guys stay?" asks JC.

"Well, there's something that nobody but us knows," says Chad, "But Colin, Tel, and I have decided that we can tell you guys, if you promise not to tell anybody else."

"Sure, we promise," says Brian, with everybody else following his lead.

"Well, Colin, Chad, and I are all bi-sexual, and unknown to our significant others, Samantha, Amanda, and Nicole, we've sort of been cheating on them, with each other."

"You've been cheating on them with each other?" asks Justin.

"Yes," replies Colin in a nonchalant voice.

"Wow, cool," says Lance with an evil grin.

Everybody else agrees, even, to Colin, Chad, and Tel's surprise, Jayson and Joshua. They thought for sure that Jay and Josh would blow up in anger that their cousins boyfriends were cheating on them.

The conversation continues for about half an hour, before Kevin and JC go into their room, Nick, Jayson, Joshua, and Brian head upstairs, Colin, Chad, and Tel head into the study, and Talynn onto the enclosed patio.

Lance pulls out the sofa bed, as Justin strips down. After Lance is done making the bed, Justin strips Lance of all of his clothes, and pushes him down onto the bed. The two wrestle around a little, before Lance takes control and begins to kiss every inch of Justin's perfect body.

Justin moans with pleasure as Lance continues to plant the wet kisses all over his body. Lance stops to swirl his tongue on first Justin's left nipple, then his right, before moving further down his body. Lance continues to kiss Justin all over, until he just can't stand it anymore.

Lance lifts up Justin legs and rests them on his shoulders, he lubes of his cock and Justin's asshole. Justin moans with pleasure and cries out Lance's name as Lance begins to push more and more if his gorgeous 9 1/2" tool into Justin's exceedingly hot body.

Lance moves in and out slowly a couple of times, before gradually increasing the speed until he is ramming his cock in and out, all the while Justin moaning and groaning in complete ecstasy. Justin begins to jack himself off, as Lance leans down and kisses Justin on the lips, their tongues wrestling playfully in each other's mouths.

Lance's body begins to tense up, and he knows that he will shoot soon, so he slows down his pace a little to allow Justin to catch up. A few minutes later, Justin's body begins to tense up and they begin going faster again, until they simultaneously shoot their warm loads of cum. Justin's splattering all over his and Lance's chest, and Lance's filling Justin's ass, as both of them moan with pleasure.

Lance pulls out of Justin, and cuddles up to him. They kiss and hug for a few minutes, before they drift off to sleep.


"Oh god, JC! That feels so good!" says Kevin as JC massages Kevin's entire body with massage oil. JC works his hands first on Kevin's shoulders and alleviates all of the knots, before moving down over his back, his ass, and his legs. The massage lasts about twenty more minutes, before Kevin has had enough, and replies, "Okay, JC, you've succeeded in two things."

"And what would those be, my darling Kevin?"

"A: Relaxing me and getting rid of all of my aching muscles, and B: Making me horny as hell," says Kevin with an evil grin.

Kevin then pushes JC down, and straddles him. Kevin uses some of the massage oil as a lubricant, as he shoves his 8" manmeat into JC's ass. JC moans with pleasure, as Kevin begins to go in and out.

"Oh god Kevin! That feels so good!"

"Anything for my gorgeous hunk of a lover," says Kevin with a laugh.

Kevin continues to ram his cock into JC for several minutes, before he feels his body tense up.

"Get ready JC! I'm cumming!"

Just as Kevin finished the sentence, his loads of cum begin to shoot like a high-powered cannon into JC's awaiting ass, and JC moans with pleasure. Kevin pulls out of JC, and helps him up from the floor. They crawl into bed together, and fall asleep.


Nick and Jayson relax in the whirlpool tub after a long and tiring day of celebrating. Nick still beams with a huge grin, thinking about his party today.

Nick and Jayson sit in the whirlpool for another half an hour, before they get out and go into bedroom. Before Nick can do or say anything, Jayson grabs him and puts him into the same position as Nick had him in the night before. Being a football and baseball player, Jayson is in very good physical condition, and is a whole lot stronger then Nick.

Nick soon realizes this when he tries to get free.

"Whoa! When did you get so strong?"

"Oh, did I forget to tell you? I played football and baseball in high school, and I didn't tell you this last night, but I could have very easily broken out of your grasp, but I didn't really want to."

Nick laughs slightly, knowing what is coming his way. Sure enough, within a few seconds the wooden hairbrush in landing on Nick's ass, gently at first getting gradually harder and harder.

After Jayson does it for the 19th time, Nick replies, "Okay that's enough!"

"Hell no, Nick! You aren't getting out of this that easily, you gave me double my age yesterday, so to get you back, I'm going to give you TRIPLE your age!"

"But that's 57 times!" Nick exclaims as he quickly does the math in his head.

"Who cares?" says Jayson as he starts up again.

Nick begins to whimper as Jayson gets up to thirty-five, and is tearing by the time he gets to fifty. But, even under all the pain, Nick still enjoys the eroticism and pleasure he's receiving from all of this. Nick sighs with relief as Jayson slaps his ass cheeks with the hairbrush for the fifty-seventh time, and Jayson loosens his grip.

Nick gets up off of Jayson's lap and begins to rub his ass, which at this point is on fire. Jayson comes over to him and lays him on the bed, on his stomach. He then begins to gently caress Nick's very tender ass as he tries to dull the pain a little. Nick soon stops complaining, as the pain fades. Jayson begins to plant kisses up and down Nick's ass and lower back.

Nick moans with pleasure and says, "I'm really tired, could I get a raincheck on tonight's any kind of sexual intercourse you had planned for tonight?"

"Of course, I'm kind of tired myself."

Nick and Jayson cuddle up to each other and fall fast asleep.


Colin, Chad, and Telemachus all sit in each other's arms, completely naked, on the sofa.

"How long do you think we can keep up this affair?" asks Chad.

"I don't know, Nicole and I are due to be married in July, after she gets back from her families' trip to Europe."

"Well, I don't know how long we're going to be able to keep our affair going, but I say we enjoy it while it lasts," says Colin with a smile, as he hugs his brother and Telemachus.

"Yeah, good idea bro," says Chad.

Within minutes, all three of them are off the sofa, and pulling the sofa bed out. Chad and Colin make the bed, while Telemachus puts on some soft music. Colin kneels on the bed. Telemachus grabs the ky jelly, lubes up his cock and Colin's asshole, before handing the lube to Chad. As Tel pushes his gorgeous 7 1/2" cock into Colin's ass, Chad lubes up his cock and Tel's asshole and pushes his own 9" manmeat into Tel.

Colin begins to jack his own 10" cock as Telemachus rams his cock in and out of his ass, and Chad rams his cock in and out of Tel's ass. The three of them get quite a rhythm going, and soon all three of their bodies tense up. Within minutes, Colin is shooting his loads all over the bedsheets, Tel is shooting his loads into Colin's ass, and Chad is shooting his loads in Tel's ass.

They pull out of each other, and cuddle up. Chad kisses Telemachus on the lips, and then Colin. Colin kisses Telemachus on the lips, and then they cuddle up into one big mass of arms and legs as the fall asleep.


Talynn lays on the wicker sofa, completely naked, almost asleep. In the dark he did notice the person approach him. The mystery guest wakes up Talynn, who just smiles. They kiss passionately for a few minutes, before the mystery man begins to suck on Talynn's 8" cock.

Talynn moans in pleasure, as his new mystery lover goes up and down on his cock like a 4-year-old does on a lollipop. Soon Talynn's body tenses up and he shoots load after load into his new lover's mouth.

His new lover, kisses him, and says goodbye, that he must get back. Talynn lays there for a moment, and then pinches himself.

"Nope, it wasn't a dream, I'm awake," says Talynn with a smile, as he again drifts off to sleep.


To Be Continued...

Well, I hope you all enjoyed this segment. A few things to look forward for in the next story are the return of sex scenes between Brian and Josh, and the unveiling of Talynn's new lover.

Oh, and I hope you don't mind that we added action between our cousin Jon Vascardi and his boyfriend Carl, the Colin, Chad, and Telemachus three-way, or the Talynn scene.

In case you're curious here are the new characters stats:

Colin Renfro

Age 24, Brown hair, brown eyes, muscular, 6'3", about 180 lbs., and 10" cock.

Chad Renfro

Age 18, Brown hair, blue eyes, muscular, 6'1", about 173 lbs., and 9" cock.

Telemachus Rafaelidys (He's half-Greek, hence the name)

Age 18, Brown hair, brown eyes, somewhat muscular upper body, 5'8", about 167 lbs., and 7 1/2" cock.

Talynn Windwraith

6'1", Platinum hair, purple eyes, about 180 lbs., swimmers build, 8" cock.

Carl Falk

Age 18, Ash-Blonde hair, blue eyes, 6', muscular upper body, roughly 165-170 lbs., 9" cock.

And last, but certainly not least, our cousin Jonathan Vascardi

Age 18, Ash-blonde hair, green eyes, 6'2", muscular, 173 lbs., 9 1/2" cock.

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