Loving BSB - Part 8

Written By: Jay & Josh

Legal Disclaimer

This story is completely fictional and not meant to imply anything about Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson, Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, or JC Chasez of the music groups BSB and 'Nsync. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now.

Authors Note

Well, here it is Part 8, already! I really can't believe how quickly this story is coming along. I really do hope you are enjoying the story thus far. In our last story, we added some sex scenes involving our cousin Jonathan, and his boyfriend Carl, and our cousins' boyfriends\fiance, Colin, Chad, and Telemachus. As well as a mystery lover encounter for our friend Talynn. If you would like any of these relations to cease let us know, however for some reason I have the feeling the general sentiment will be HELL NO, KEEP THEM IN, (especially from Talynn, no offense meant to you Talynn). Anyway, I hope you are enjoying reading this story as much as we are enjoying writing it.

If you haven't you really should read these series: Brian and Justin, Nick and Adam, My Night with Howie D, and B-Rok's 10,000 Promises, they're all exceptionally good. As always comments and suggestions are always welcome at JJVascardi@aol.com, all emails will be answered. Oh by the way, due to personal matters (we don't want a contact list that's 30 miles long!), we will be changing our ICQ # and not be posting it in our stories. Sorry for the inconvenience. Enjoy the story!

Brian is awoken by somebody shaking him. He almost falls off the sofa, waking up to find that Josh is the one doing the shaking.

"Good morning sleepy head," replies Josh with a huge smile on his face.

"Hey, what are you so happy about?"

"Don't tell me you forgot what today is!"

Brian takes a moment to think, and then gets an evil grin on his face, "Of course I remember, today is the day you and I can start fucking again!"

"Yeah, lets get down to business, shall we?"

"Whoa, not so fast! I want our first time in a week to be very special, I have plans for you later tonight."

"You mean you're going to make me wait until tonight!? Why do you delight in torturing me?"

"I'm not torturing you, I love you."

"Seeing you and not being able to have you is torture!"

"Well, that will all end tonight, until then, this will have to do!"

Brian stands up and kisses Josh on the lips for several minutes, their tongues wrestling in each other's mouths. After that, Brian walks over to the closet and pulls out some clothes and gets dressed. He also removes a large white box with a red-ribbon on it and hands it to Josh.

"What's this?"

"A second birthday gift, slightly belated."

Josh sits down on the bed and rips open the box to find what at first looks like just ordinary clothes, shoes and a bottle of cologne. But upon further inspection he finds that the vest, shirt, jeans, and shoes are identical to what Brian is wearing, and the cologne is Safari, Brian's favorite, and Josh's ever since he read that Brian liked it.

Josh smiles brightly, hugs Brian, and then gets dressed. Josh sprays a small amount of the Safari cologne on himself, and then a little on Brian, before he puts his arm around his waist, and they walk downstairs.

They arrive downstairs to find Jayson and Nick in the living room.

"Hey guys!" says Nick with a huge smile.

"I bet you're very happy Josh!" says Jay.

"Oh and why is that?" asks Jay, playing dumb.

"Well, if my calculations are right, today is the day you and Brian can start having sex again," says Josh with a grin.

"Oh really, was that today?" asks Brian with a shocked look on his face, "I totally forgot!"

Both Brian and Josh look at each other for a moment, and then burst out laughing. Between laughs Josh manages to say, "Of course we remembered!"

After calming down, Brian replies, "Nick, Jay, we don't need you to remind us of that, we've been counting the days!"

"And living in complete misery up until now."

Howie, AJ, Chris, and Joey emerge from their bedroom and come into the living room.

"Good morning guys, where's Lance and Justin?" asks AJ.

"They went out to get breakfast for everybody," says Nick.

"So what's on today's schedule?"

"Well, we have a rehearsal at 10:30, and then the concert starts at 8," says Kevin as he and JC emerge from their room.

"Yeah, and then after that, we come back here to get a few hours sleep, and then board the tour bus and head for Las Vegas, Nevada at 8:30 tomorrow morning."

"Alright, what are we all singing?" asks Howie.

"We're performing Everybody with Nsync, and then we'll also be doing Get Down, We've Got I Going On, If You Want to Be a Good Girl, As Long As You Love Me, and I'll Never Break Your Heart," replies Kevin.

"And then we're performing Forever Young, For the Girl Who Has Everything, Here We Go, I Want You Back, Crazy For You, and then the concert will finish with God Must Have Spend A Little More Time On You, which we will be performing with BSB," replies JC, out of breath.

"Sounds very tiring," says Chris.

Lance and Justin walk in through the front door carrying some shopping bags and take them into the kitchen. Then they come back out.

"Okay, we got the food, Jay, Josh, go cook please!" says Justin with a laugh.

Jayson and Joshua laugh and then go into the kitchen to whip up a breakfast fit a for a god, or in this case 10 gods, 3 cousin's significant others, a friend, and themselves. The 10 gods being the members of BSB and Nsync of course.

About half an hour later, Jay sticks his head into the living room and replies, "Breakfast is almost ready, we'll set up a buffet on the dining room table."

Five minutes later, Josh and Jay finish laying out the last of the platters on the table, and no sooner do they finish, does 14 hungry people descend on the table. Jay and Josh laugh for a moment, and help themselves. Breakfast consisted of several items, including: bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, French toast, blueberry muffins, apple-cinnamon muffins, omelets, orange juice, and several other items.

Everybody stuffed themselves with as much as they possibly could eat without exploding, before they all sit back down in the living room.

"You guys are really good cooks," comments Joey.

"Yeah, why do you employ Mrs. Summers to cook for you?" asks Kevin, "When you guys can cook so well?"

"She cooks for us Monday through Friday, when we are too tired to cook after work, we cook our dinner on Saturday and Sunday," replies Jayson with a smile.

The conversation continues in this manner for about an hour, when Kevin and JC look at their watches.

"Okay, time to go to rehearsals," says JC.

Everybody, except Talynn, Chad, Colin, and Telemachus go to the BSB and Nsync rehearsals. Talynn, who has a room at a local hotel, goes to his hotel, and Chad, Colin, and Telemachus decide to go back home to be with Amanda, Samantha, and Nicole, after all.

The two black stretch limousines pull into the stadium and everybody gets out. Kevin, AJ, Howie, Nick, Brian, Joey, JC, Lance, Justin, and Chris walk over to the stage and begin rehearsals with Fatima and the other choreographers, while Jay and Josh sit in the front row to watch.

BSB practices Everybody with Nsync, and Nsync practices God Must Have Spent A Little Time On You with BSB. Then they are granted a 15 minute break.

Everybody jumps down from the stage and gets a cool drink from the cooler and rests.

"So, you think we'll be ready by tonight?" asks Justin.

"Yeah, Justin, you are doing very well, all of you are," says Kevin with a smile as he leans in to kiss JC on the lips.

Following Kevin's lead, Nick kisses Jayson, Brian kisses Josh, and Lance kisses Justin, as Howie, AJ, Chris, and Joey just look at them like they're gone insane.

Rehearsals continue for about 6 hours, before Josh, Jayson, BSB, and 'Nsync all get into their two limousines and go out for dinner, before its time to go to the arena for the concert.

They arrive at a rather upscale restaurant, and all walk in. The maitre-d comes up and says, "Yes, may I help you gentleman?"

"Yes, reservation for 12," says Brian.

"Name sir?"

"Littrell, Brian Littrell."

"Ah, yes, you table is ready Mr. Littrell, please follow me," says the maitre-d as he leads the group to a large, secluded table. Everybody sits down and begins to look at their menus, a moment later, a young waiter comes up to the table, and begins taking orders.

About an hour later, all their food is brought out and they begin to eat. They finish eating at about 6:30. Jayson and Joshua insist on paying the bill which totals $235. They give the waiter the $235, plus a $150 tip. Everybody gets up and walks out to the limos. The limos then take them to the arena in which their concert will begin in an hour and a half.

As BSB and Nsync enter, they are surrounded by security and PR before they are ushered into wardrobe and make-up, before going to sound check. An hour and a half later the announcer comes on.

"And now ladies and gentleman, I am proud to present the one and only Backstreet Boys performing Everybody with Nsync!"

'Nsync and BSB come out and perform "Everybody" together. All the fans scream their heads off as the ten gorgeous guys sing and dance on the stage. Nsync runs off the stage, and use towels to wipe away all the sweat, and get some cool drinks to cool down as BSB performs "Get Down," and "I'll Never Break Your Heart."

BSB then runs off the stage, and does the same thing that Nsync did, while Nsync runs onto the stage and performs "Forever Young," and "For the Girl Who Has Everything," before they leave the stage and BSB comes back out and performs "We've Got It Going On," "All I Have To Give," and "If You Want to Be A Good Girl."

As BSB leaves the stage, the music for "Crazy For You" begins to play and Nsync comes out and performs, "Crazy for You," "I Want You Back," and "Here We Go," before BSB comes back out on stage and performs "God Must Have Spent A Little More On You," with Nsync.

All the guys take one final bow, before they run of the stage and out to the limos, and speed off for the beach house with Jay and Josh.


Kevin and JC strip each other, and collapse on top of each other, kissing passionately, their tongues wrestling playfully in each other's mouths.

"Oh, JC, I love you ever so much!"

"Trust me, Kevin, the feeling is mutual!"

Kevin and JC continue to kiss for several minutes, before JC begins to kiss every square inch of Kevin's hot sculpted body, stopping to swirl his tongue around each of his rock hard nipples.

JC continues to kiss his way down Kevin's chest and abdomen before he finally reaches Kevin's gorgeous 8" tool, and takes the entire thing into his mouth and starts going up and down on it like a lollipop.

After a minute or so, Kevin tenses up and screams, "JC!", as he shoots his load into JC's mouth. JC greedily drinks every last drop of Kevin's hot juice before they switch positions, and Kevin begins to go up and down JC's 10" cock, slowly at first getting gradually faster and faster.

JC moans and groans in pleasure and complete ecstasy as Kevin continues to go up and down on his manmeat, suddenly JC's entire body tenses up and he yells, "Oh Kevin!" as he begins to shoot load after load after load into Kevin's mouth. Kevin, like JC, greedily drinks every last drop

Kevin removes his mouth from JC's now softening member, before crawling up next to him and kissing him on the lips. The two hot young men cuddle for a little while, and fall asleep, Kevin faking sleep, and JC taking a sleeping pill. As soon as he's sure that JC is asleep, Kevin gets out of bed, gets dressed, and borrows one of the mini-vans.


Nick and Jayson sit in their room trying their best to entertain Josh, while Brian is across the hall in his and Josh's room preparing his surprise for Josh. Josh, Jay, and Nick talk for several minutes, before Nick's cell phone rings.

"Hello, this is Nick."

"Hey, Nicky, send Josh over," says Brian.

"Okay, will do, B-Rok," says Nick with a smile as he puts away his cell phone, "Josh Vascardi?"


"You've been summoned, report immediately to the bedroom across the hall," says Nick with a laugh.

Josh bolts out the door and Nick and Jayson begin to undress each other for some pleasure of their own. Nick rests Jay's legs on his shoulders, as he thrusts his 8" cock into Jay's ass and begins to slowly go in and out, and Jay moans with pleasure.

Nick continues his in and out motion getting gradually faster until his body tenses up and he shoots his load into Jay's ass. Nick pulls out of Jay, only to switch positions as he rests his legs on Jay's shoulders and Jay rams his 8 1/2" cock into Nick's ass and begins to go in and out.

This goes on for several minutes before Jay blows his load into Nick's ass as Nick screams in ecstasy. Jay pulls out of Nick, cuddles up to his fiancé, and falls fast asleep in his arms.


Josh walks into the room to find candles lit all over the room, and "As Long As You Love Me", playing softly in the background. Brian lies on the bed wearing a pair of midnight blue silk boxers, a midnight blue silk robe, and a smile. As soon as Brian sees Josh, he gets up and drags him over to the bed. Brian makes Josh sit on the edge of the bed, and kisses him passionately on the lips, as he begins to undress him.

After Brian is done undressing him, he pulls out yet another white box with a red ribbon, and hands it to Josh. Josh opens it to find a midnight blue silk robe, and a pair of midnight blue silk boxers identical to what Brian is wearing. Wanting to play along with Brian, Josh puts them on, and Brian pushes him down onto the bed.

Brian lies down on top of Josh and begins to kiss him passionately, their tongues wrestling in each other's mouths. Earlier at the restaurant Brian had made sure that both him and Josh ate very light, actually Brian insisted that they share a Caesar salad and nothing more. Brian pulls out a tin from under the bed, and opens it. He removes from it a chocolate covered strawberry. He puts it halfway between his lips, putting the other half in Josh's lips. They kiss as they share the delectable treat.

Brian and Josh take turns feeding each other the chocolate strawberries, and sipping champagne which Brian purchased. They again begin to kiss each other passionately on the lips, and soon they both remove the robes, and begin to kiss each other all over each other's bodies.

Brian suddenly gets up with a grin on his face, as he picks Josh up and carries him into the bathroom. Candles are also lit all over the bathroom, and there is a nice steaming bath in the whirlpool tub. Brian pulls Josh's and his silk boxers off and throws them into the bedroom, before he again picks up Josh and lays him into the whirlpool tub.

Brian leans over and kisses Josh on the lips, before he joins Josh. The steaming water and the whirlpool jets really help to relax both of them after the long and stressful day, as they begin to wash each other.

Brian and Josh finish with their bath, and they get out and dry each other off. Brian takes a clean, dry towel, and they both re-enter the bedroom. Brian lays the towel down on the floor, and has Josh lay down on it. Brian then kneels next to him and opens a vile of massage oil.

Brian begins to gently rub the massage oil all over Josh's back and shoulders. Josh moans in pleasure as he is even further relaxed by the gorgeous Brian Littrell. Josh still sometimes has a hard time believe that he is actually Brian Littrell's lover, but he most certainly enjoys every minute of it, and has fallen head over heels in love.

Brian continues giving Josh a full body massage, as he thinks to himself, 'Oh god, Josh, you're so hot. I've never felt this way about anybody in my life, I can't wait to ask you the question tonight.' Brian finishes the massage, and pulls Josh to his feet in an intimate embrace.

They stand their kissing for several minutes, before Brian again lifts Josh up and sets him on the bed. Josh laughs and Brian looks at him curiously, "What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing, Brian, you just keep lifting me up, almost as though you were practicing carrying me over the threshold," says Josh with a giggle.

Brian smiles, sits on the bed next to Josh, and replies, "Dump the strawberry tin out on the bed."

Josh looks at Brian for a moment, before doing as he's told, he dumps the strawberries out of the tin, and along with them falls a small red velvet box. Brian grabs the box, and kneels on one knee in front of Josh.

"Josh, I've never felt this strongly about anyone in my entire life, and when I couldn't make love to you for a week, it was as you said torture. And I realized that I never want us to not to be able to make love to one another, ever again. What I'm trying to say is, I never want to be without you, Josh. Will you marry me?" Brian replies as he opens the small box to reveal a golden men's ring with a 5 carat heart-shaped diamond set into it, with small 1/2 carat rubies surrounding the diamond.

Josh looks at Brian, then the ring, then back at Brian, before replying, "Yes, of course I will, B-Rok!"

Brian smiles from ear to ear, as he kisses Josh on the lips, and says, "Read the inscription," as he hands Josh the ring.

Josh holds the ring up to the light provided by a nearby candle and reads the words, "Brian & Josh forever." Josh smiles and pulls Brian into another passionate kiss as Brian slips the ring onto Josh's ring finger.

Brian and Josh kiss passionately for several more minutes, before they lay down on the bed. Josh smiles as Brian begins to suck on his 8 1/2" tool. Brian goes up and down on Josh's gorgeous tool slowly at first, gradually gaining more and more speed, as Josh thrusts his cock into Brian's mouth and lovingly plays with his hair.

After several minutes, Josh's body tenses up and he begins to shoot load after load of cum into Brian's mouth. Brian greedily drinks every last drop of it, before he removes his mouth from Josh's softening cock. Brian and Josh switch positions and Josh begins to suck on Brian's 9" cock.

Josh goes up and down on Brian's cock for several minutes, as Brian lovingly plays with Josh's long braided hair tail. Josh continues to suck on Brian's cock, and suddenly his body begins to tense up and he begins to shoot volley after volley of hot cum into Josh's mouth. Josh, as Brian did, greedily drinks every last drop.

Josh pulls off of Brian's cock and begins to kiss him passionately on the lips again. They kiss for several minutes, and eat a few more of the chocolate covered strawberries, before getting into a 69 position.

Brian takes Josh's 8 1/2" tool into his mouth again, and Josh takes Brian's 9" tool into his mouth again, and they begin to go up and down on each other, slowly at first, getting faster and faster. They continue going up and down on each other for several minutes, before both of their bodies begin to tense up, and the simultaneously cum in each other's mouths, greedily drinking all of each other's hot juice.

Brian and Josh remove each other's cocks from their mouths, and cuddle up to each other, for more kissing. After a few minutes, Josh gets up and pulls Brian off of the bed, and has him lay down on the towel on the floor. Josh gives Brian a full body massage with the massage oil just as Brian had done to him earlier.

During this activity both Brian and Josh get raging hard ons again, and they get back up onto the bed. Josh rests his legs on Brian's shoulders as Brian lubes up his cock and Josh's asshole with some of the massage oil.

Josh winces in pain for a moment, as the head of Brian's 9" manmeat pushes into him, but the pain is very quickly replaced with ecstasy. Brian begins to move his cock in and out, slowly at first, gradually increasing his speed, as Josh continues to moan and groan in pleasure.

Brian leans down and kisses Josh on the lips passionately, their tongues wrestling playfully in each other's mouths. After a few more minutes, Brian pulls away from the kiss as his body tenses up, for the third time that night, and he begins to shoot his loads of cum into Josh's awaiting ass, as Josh screams Brian's name in complete ecstasy.

After the orgasm subsides, Brian pulls out of Josh, and the two of them kiss passionately for a moment, before they switch positions. Brian rests his legs on Josh's shoulders, as Josh lubes up his cock and Brian's asshole with the massage oil. Josh begins to push his manmeat into Brian as he moans with pleasure.

Josh begins ramming his cock in and out of Brian and he leans too leans down and kisses him passionately. Soon, Josh's body tenses up and he shoots his load of cum into Brian's ass, as Brian moans and groans in pleasure, and yells, "Oh Josh, oh yes!"

As the orgasm subsides, Josh pulls out of Brian and collapses on top of him. They soon fall asleep in each other's arms, exhausted from the concert and the sex.


Lance and Justin lay on the sofa bed snuggling in each other's arms. Lance and Justin are still very tired from tonight's concert, but that doesn't stop them from jacking each other off.

Lance grabs Justin's 7 1/2" tool and Justin grabs Lance's 9 1/2" tool, and they begin to jack each other off. Each of them moan in pleasure as they jack each other. While they're doing this they passionately kiss each other on the lips, their tongues wrestling in each other's mouths.

After a few minutes, Lance's body tenses up and he shoots his load, which lands all over his chest. A few minutes later, Justin shoots his own load, which lands all over his chest.

Lance and Justin run their fingers through their cum and start feeding each other the hot juice. They continue until there is none left, and kiss on the lips one last time, before falling fast asleep in each other's arms.


Talynn stand in his hotel room getting ready for bed, thinking about the night before. Just as he was about to take off his robe and go to bed, there's a knock on the door.

"Who could that be at this time of night?" Talynn asks himself as he walks over to the door and opens it.

The person at the door comes in closes the door, and kisses Talynn passionately on the lips, before saying, "Hey, Talynn."

"Hello, Kevin," says Talynn with a smile, "Back for more?"

"Yeah, you were so good last night, I just had to have more!"

Talynn smiles, kisses Kevin passionately, and then undresses him. The two of them lay down on the bed, and begin to kiss and massage each other's bodies. After a moment, Talynn pulls away from Kevin and asks, "What about JC? I know he loves you very much, what if he finds out?"

"Well, don't worry about JC, he took a sleeping pill, he'll be out for several hours, and if he does wake up to find me gone, I have that covered."


"After I leave here, I'm going to stop and get everybody breakfast, I'll just say that I woke up early to find JC sleeping soundly, and I didn't want to disturb him, so I got up and went out to get breakfast for everybody."

Talynn just smiles, and resumes kissing Kevin passionately on the lips. This leads to sex, and soon Kevin is ramming his 8" cock in and out of Talynn's ass. Soon, Kevin's body tenses up, and he shoots his load of cum into Talynn's ass, as he moans in pleasure.

Kevin collapses on top of Talynn, and falls fast asleep. Talynn knows that Kevin must be tired after concert, having sex with him, and he assumes JC as well, and just rubs Kevin's head for a few minutes, before he too, falls fast asleep.

To Be Continued...

Well, we hope you enjoyed this installment. The next installment is going to be Parts 9-10, so it may take a little longer, but we promise it will be worth the wait. Until then, email comments and suggestions to JJVascardi@aol.com, all emails will be answered.