Loving BSB - Parts 9 & 10

Written by: Josh & Jay

Legal Disclaimer

This story is completely fictional and not meant to imply anything about Nick Carter, Brian Littrell, Kevin Richardson, JC Chasez, Lance Bass, or Justin Timberlake. If you are under the age of 18, offended by homosexual material, or it is illegal to view in your area, you should be leaving now, otherwise enjoy the story!

Authors Note

Well, here it is Parts 9 & 10. We will probably start issuing 2 parts with each installment from now on, so the stories may take a little bit longer, but I assure you that they will all be worth the wait. Also, as in early warning, come June 15, 1999, no new stories will be posted for 3 weeks, as Jay and I will be out of the country visiting our family in Athens, Rome, and Milan. We will be working on an installment on our laptop, but can't post it until we get back. That installment will probably be the longest installment we post to date, but only time will tell, lol.

We would like to wish everybody a Happy Valentine's Day, and even though we know he's not reading this (as much as we would love it if he was), we would like to wish a very happy 24th birthday to Brian "B-Rok" Littrell on February 20, 1999.

Part 9

Josh wakes up and looks at the clock, which says 5:30 am. Josh leans over and kisses Brian on the lips, and Brian slowly begins to wake up himself.

"Good morning," says Josh with a smile.

"Hey, what time is it?"

"5:30 am, I figure we should get up, since we still have packing to do before we leave at 8:30."

"Actually, I took care of all of that last night, we're all packed and ready to go," says Brian with a grin, "But the others might not be, so I suppose we should go wake them all."

Brian and Josh kiss each other on the lips, before they get out of bed. After both of them shower, they shower separately because they know they wouldn't get out of the shower until Christmas if they went in together, they pull on their matching midnight blue silk boxers, and their midnight blue silk robes, and walk across the hall to Nick and Jay's room.

Brian and Josh let themselves in to find Nick and Jay fast asleep in each other's arms.

"Isn't that cute?" Brian asks Josh in a whisper.

"Yeah, too bad we have to wake them," Josh whispers back.

Brian walks over to one side of the bed and begins to shake Nick, while Josh walks over to the other and begins to shake Jay. Slowly, both Nick and Jay wake up.

"Oh, what time is it?" asks Nick, still half-asleep.

"5:30 am," answers Brian.

Nick and Jay look at each other before laying their heads back on their pillows and going back to sleep. Josh gets an idea, and whispers it into Brian's ear, who laughs softly to himself. Josh goes into the bathroom for a moment, and comes back with a pan of cold water.

Brian pulls all of the blankets off of Nick and Jay, and Josh throws the cold water on them. They both wake up with a start.

"Hey!" says Nick, "What was that for?!"

"Its 5:30, and you guys should get up and start packing if you haven't already, we have to leave in 3 hours," says Brian.

"Oh, alright, nice outfits guys," says Jay as he gets out of bed. Just as Nick and Jay were about to enter the bathroom to clean up, the light of the rising sun catches the ring on Josh's finger, and both Nick and Jay notice is sparkling.

"Whoa, what's that?"

"Well, Jay, you and Nick are not the only ones engaged, now. Brian proposed to me and I accepted," says Josh as he holds up his hand to show off the ring, the 5 carat heart shaped diamond and the 1/2 carat rubies shining and sparkling in the light of the rising sun.

"Cool, you guys," says Nick.

Nick and Jay give both Brian and Josh a hug, before entering the bathroom to clean up. They come back out about ten minutes later and put on matching green silk boxers and silk robes.

Nick, Jay, Josh, and Brian go downstairs, and wake up Lance and Justin, and then JC, Howie, AJ, Chris, and Joey.

"Where's Kevin?"

"I don't know Brian," says JC with a frown.

"What do you mean you don't know? You're his boyfriend aren't you?"

"Yes, Nick, I am, but I don't know where he is."

Suddenly, the door opens and Kevin walks in with breakfast for everyone. They all smile, sit down and eat breakfast, before going to their rooms to pack, get dressed, and get ready to leave.

8:30 comes along quickly, and soon Kevin, AJ, Howie, Nick, Brian, Joshua, Jayson, Lance, Chris, Justin, Joey, and JC board the tour bus. Howie, AJ, Chris, and Joey get into their bunks and close the curtains, as everyone else makes their way to the rear lounge. The bus starts up, and is soon on its way out of Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

At about 8:30 the next morning, the tour bus arrives in Las Vegas. BSB and Nsync do not have hotel accommodations, as they only have rehearsals today, then leave tonight after their concert, and head for Phoenix, Arizona. Once in Phoenix they get a two days off, before moving on.

The day went by pretty quickly, and before they even realize what is happening, BSB and Nsync have finished their concert and are heading back to the tour bus.

"Well, I'm beat, I'm going to bed," says Howie as he gets into his bunk and closes the curtains.

AJ, Chris, and Joey all climb into their separate bunks as well. The rest stay up for a little while, trying to unwind after the concert, but soon Lance and Justin excuse themselves and they crawl into Lance's bunk for the night. Shortly there after, everyone turns in, exhausted after a very quick, yet tiring day.

About 3:30 p.m. the next day, they arrive in Phoenix and head for their hotel to unpack and have some fun. AJ, Chris, Howie, and Joey all go shopping, while everyone else decides to stay at the hotel, for some fun.


As soon as they're all unpacked, Lance and Justin begin to rip each other's clothes off as fast as they can. Justin pushes Lance down on to the bed and begins to passionately kiss him all over his hot sculpted body.

Lance moans as Justin begins to lick his nipples, which are now rock hard. Lance thrusts his hips into Justin, causing their cocks to rub together. After several more minutes of this foreplay, Lance can't take it anymore, and he forces Justin to turn around, giving him access to Justin's gorgeous 7.5" tool. Lance engulfs Justin in his mouth, while Justin does the same to Lance.

The two of them go up and down on each other feverishly for several minutes before both of them begin to cum in each other's mouths. They both drink up all the other has to offer, before pulling of each other, and start kissing passionately on the lips again.

Lance and Justin kiss each other for several minutes, their tongues wrestling playfully in each other's hot mouths. During this activity, the both get raging hard ons again, and Lance pulls away from the kiss. Justin rests his legs on Lance's shoulders as Lance lubes of his cock, before he places it against Justin's hot hole, and begins to ease in.

Justin moans with pleasure as Lance finishes pushing his entire 9" manmeat into him. Justin begins to jack his own 7.5" cock, as Lance begins ramming in and out. Lance leans down and kisses Justin passionately on the lips again. Shortly there after Lance's body tenses up, and he shoots load after load of hot juice into Justin's awaiting ass.

The wondrous feeling of Lance's cum exploding into his ass, pushes Justin over the edge and he shoots his load between him and Lance. Lance pulls out of Justin, licks up the cum, and begins to kiss him passionately again.


Nick lays on the bed, as "As Long As You Love Me," plays on the stereo, and Jayson does a strip show in time to the song for Nick, who is really enjoying it. Upon finishing, Jay comes over to Nick and begins to kiss him passionately as he undresses him down to his boxers.

Nick beams with pleasure ad Jayson takes the waistband of his boxers into his mouth and begins to slowly and seductively pull them off. Upon finishing this activity, Jayson begins to lick the precum off the tip of Nick's hot tool, before he takes the whole ting into his mouth and begins to go up and down on it.

Nick moans in pleasure as Jay continues to work his way up and down his manmeat. Suddenly, Nick's body tenses up, and Jay's mouth is soon overflowing with Nick's hot juice. Jay drinks all of it, before removing his mouth from Nick's tool and cuddling up to him. They kiss each other passionately on the lips, their tongues wrestling playfully.


Brian and Joshua sit on the bed kissing each other like there was no tomorrow. They both begin to slowly and seductively pull each other's clothes off. Soon Josh is planting small wet kisses all over Brian's body as he moans in pleasure.

Upon reaching the main event, Brian's 8" tool, Josh takes the entire thing into his mouth and begins to suck on it, slowly at first, getting gradually faster and faster.

Soon, Brian's body begins to tense up, and he begins to shoot load after load of his precious man juice into Josh's mouth who drinks all of it as fast as he can. Josh finishes up drinking all of Brian's sweet cum, pulls off his cock and snuggles up to him. They kiss passionately on the lips for several minutes, before they just start cuddling and playing with each other's hair.


Kevin and JC kiss passionately on the lips for several minutes, before JC begins to kiss Kevin all over his body, and Kevin moans in pleasure. After a few more minutes of this, Kevin takes control and has JC rest his legs on his shoulders, as Kevin begins to push his hot rod into JC's hot hole, as JC moans in complete ecstasy.

Kevin begins his thrusts slowly at first, and gets gradually faster, as JC moans even more. After several minutes of Kevin ramming his manmeat into JC, his body tenses up and he begins to shoot load after load into JC's hot ass as JC yells Kevin's name.

Kevin pulls out of JC and collapses on top of him. They kiss passionately on the lips, their tongues wrestling, and begin to cuddle and hug.


Joey, Howie, Chris, and AJ get back to the hotel after their shopping spree, and all go into AJ's room. There they set up an elaborate Valentines Day celebration, before AJ calls Brian's room, Joey calls Nick's Room, Howie calls Lance's Room, and Chris calls Kevin's room to tell them to all come the AJ's room.

Everybody comes to AJ's room and has a good time partying. After dancing for hours on end, everyone sits down to rest. It's then that Jayson's cellular phone rings.

"Hello this is Jayson."

"Hello, Mr. Vascardi. This is Mrs. Summers," replies Jayson and Josh's trusted housekeeper.

"Ah, Mrs. Summers, what can I do for you?"

"Well, sir, Amanda and Jon have been calling a lot, trying to get in touch with you."

"Do you know why?"

"I don't know the details, but I know that its an urgent matter involving Vascardi Enterprises."

"Okay, well, thanks for the info Mrs. Summers, I'll call Amanda and see what's up. Goodbye."

Jayson hangs up on Mrs. Summers, and calls Amanda.


"Hey, Amanda, this is Jay, what's up?"

"Oh god, Jayson, I'm so glad you called! We are at the verge of a major disaster here at Vascardi Enterprises."

Jay stays on the phone for several more minutes, as Amanda explains what is wrong. After hanging up with Amanda, Jay makes another phone call.

"Hello Jake? This is Jayson Vascardi, fuel up the jet and meet my brother and I at the Las Vegas airport, we need to make an emergency flight back to Milwaukee."

"Yes, sir."

Jay puts away his cell phone and is met with 11 pairs of questioning eyes.

"Emergency flight back to Milwaukee?" asks Nick, "What's wrong Jay?"

"A corporate disaster waiting to happen," says Jay as he squeezes Nick's thigh and looks over to Josh.

"What kind of disaster?"

"Well, Josh, Hunter Technologies has decided not to do business with us anymore, on account of their new owner."

"Who is that?" asks Brian.

"Josh's ex-boyfriend, Matthew Collins."

"Oh, god, he didn't!"

"Should I be jealous, Josh?"

"No Brian, you shouldn't be. I broke up with Matt our junior year in high school," says Josh, "He's just been mad at me ever since."

Josh pulls out his own cell phone and dials a number.

"Ah, voice mail, how nice! I was hoping I wouldn't have to talk to you. Actually I was hoping you were dead and you body had been eaten by vultures, but if not, meet Jay and I tomorrow at Vascardi Enterprises. Wait for us in the conference room right down from accounting."

"Whoa, you really don't like this Matt, do you?" asks Kevin.

"Nope, I hate him with a passion."

"Well, Josh and I should get going. We'll try to be back in time for you b-day B-Rok," says Jay with a laugh.

Everybody says their good byes, and Jay and Josh go to their rooms to pack. After that, they have a bellhop take their bags down to the waiting limousine, and give Brian and Nick very long good bye kisses, before they head down to the limousine.


Part 10


Talynn Windwraith lays on the bed in his hotel room in Las Vegas, dreaming about Kevin. Suddenly theres a knock on the door, and Talynn jumps up to answer it, hoping its Kevin. Well, Talynn was wrong, for the guest was not Kevin.

Talynn owns his own choreography business, well, he owns 49%, and Vascardi Enterprises owns 51% of the company. Anyway, Talynn's Vice President Steven Marshall stands at the door. Without even a word from Talynn, Steven invites himself in.

"You know, Tal, you can't keep running a business from afar like this, and you never officially put anyone else in charge."

"Yeah, I know. So what brings you to Las Vegas, Steve?"

"I missed you," says Steven with a grin.

Steven and Talynn talk for about an hour, before Steven suggests they go out for dinner. Talynn excepts the invitation, somewhat hesitantly, because he doesn't want to miss Kevin, if he comes by. But, eventually, Talynn leaves the hotel with Steven and they go out to dinner.


Its been 4 days since Jay and Josh left, and Brian and Nick have been moping about ever since they left. Kevin's parental tendencies kick in and he calls Brian and Nick into his room to comfort them.

"You two really do love Jay and Josh don't you?" asks Kevin with a smile.

"Well, duh, Kevin! Why the hell do you think we're engaged to them?" says Nick with a very rare (since Jay left) smile.

"Well, are you two going to be okay for the concert tonight?" asks Kevin, "I mean you've been moping about here for days, looking as though you were going to die of heart-break."

"Yeah, Kev, we'll be fine for the concert," says Brian.

Kevin doesn't really look reassured, but drops the subject. Brian, Kevin, and Nick talk for half an hour, before joining Howie, AJ, Chris, Joey, Lance, Justin, and JC for dinner.


Talynn and Steven sit at a table together, just ordering, when Talynn glances up to see BSB and Nsync walk in. He almost faints, but quickly recaptures his cool. Steve is sitting right next to Talynn, and has been rubbing Talynn's thigh ever since they sat down.

The maitre-d walks over and sits BSB and Nsync down at a large table right next to the table that Steven and Talynn are sitting at. Kevin walks over to Talynn and says, "Hey Talynn, nice to see you again."

"Yeah, Kevin, same here," says Talynn with a smile.

"Who's your friend?"

"Oh, Kev, this is my b-- my Vice President Steven Marshall."

"Hey, Steven."

"Hello," says Steven, "Talynn since when do you know BSB?"

"Well, Steve, don't let this get out, but Jay and Josh Vascardi are dating Nick and Brian of BSB. We all have become very good friends."

"Oh, okay," says Steven with a grin.

"Why don't you two join us? There's room at our table."

"Okay," says Steve and Talynn with smiles.

They get up and move to BSB and Nsync's table. The seating arrangements are as follows from right to left around the table: Chris, JC, Kevin, Talynn, Steven, Lance, Justin, Brian, Nick, Howie, AJ, and Joey.

The 12 of them all start talking, and having a good time. Half way though dinner, Kevin starts rubbing Talynn's thigh, and Steven starts rubbing Talynn's other thigh, as JC rubs Kevin's thigh.

Dinner went by pretty quickly, as did the concert. Afterwards they all decide to go out to a local club for some dancing. They all make their way to a table, and Kevin and JC go to get some drinks for everybody. No sooner do they arrive back at the table, the announcer comes on and says, "Tonight we have some very special guests, the music groups 'Nsync and the Backstreet Boys!"

Lord cheers and clapping begin to fill the room, as "Everybody" begins playing. BSB gets up and does their dance skit to the song, before the DJ begins playing "Crazy for You", which 'Nsync gladly does their skit to. Both groups get a standing ovation, and cheers like there wasn't going to be a tomorrow.

They stay at the club for roughly 2 more hours dancing, before they go back to their hotel, Brian and Nick still a little upset about not having Jay and Josh, but coping much better. Steven and Talynn go back to Talynn's hotel room as well.


Kevin and JC lay on the bed kissing each other passionately, their tongues wrestling. Kevin rests his legs on JC's shoulders as JC shoves his gorgeous 10" cock into Kevin's ass. Kevin moans in pleasure as JC begins to thrust in and out.

Kevin takes his own 8" tool in his hand and begins to jack himself off as JC continues to thrust himself into Kevin as hard as he possibly can. JC leans down through Kevin's legs and kisses Kevin passionately on the lips.

Suddenly, JC's body tenses up, and he begins to shoot volley after volley of his hot cum into Kevin's ass, as Kevin shouts JC's name. The wondrous feeling of JC cumming in his ass pushes Kevin over the edge and he shoots his own load between JC and himself.

JC pulls out of Kevin, they kiss, and cuddle, before JC takes a sleeping pill again. They fall fast asleep, or at least JC does.


Lance sits in an overstuffed lounge chair completely naked, as Justin does a strip show for him. Upon completing his performance, Justin sits on top of Lance, causing Lance's rock hard 9.5" cock to glide up Justin's ass. As Lance begins to fuck Justin, they begin to kiss passionately.

After several minutes of Lance ramming his gorgeous cock into Justin, he begins to cum, and Justin yells, "Oh, Lance! YES!!!"

The two of them kiss passionately for a few more minutes, before they go off to the bed and collapse on to it in each other's arms. They soon are fast asleep, exhausted.


Talynn lays on the bed, with Steven on top of him, kissing him passionately. They are both so into the activity that they never heard a key in the lock. Kevin, using the key Talynn gave him, walks into the room.

Talynn and Steven look up just in time to see Kevin burst into tears and run from the room towards the elevator. Talynn chases him down the hall, and Steve lays on the bed, knowing what is up, and not liking it for a second.


The Vascardi Enterprises Corporate Jet flies towards Las Vegas, Nevada, carrying only three passengers. The pilot Jake, and the Vascardi twins. Jay and Josh have finished their business in Milwaukee and saved Vascardi Enterprises from bankruptcy and now head back to join the BSB and Nsync, and to help Brian celebrate his 24th birthday, little do they know, they'll never make it.

Before they realize what is happening there are bolts of lightning flashing like crazy and thunder booming outside the jet, as the wind shakes the entire thing. Jake comes onto the speaker and replies, "We're flying through a very bad storm, you two had better buckle up."

Jay and Josh quickly put on their seatbelts, and hope for the best. Well, the best did not occur. About 15 minutes later, lightning strikes three of jet's four engines, and an alarm sounds, as the jet begins to spin out of control. The jet goes into a nose dive, crashes directly into the Grand Canyon, and bursts into flames.

To Be Continued...

I hope you enjoyed Parts 9 and 10. We will get Parts 11 and 12 out as soon as possible. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome at JJVascardi@aol.com, all emails will be answered.