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This part is very much like the end of part two but there are also a lot of changes to it so it's best if you read the whole thing or it might get confusing. Thanks to everyone who emailed me with comments and suggestions, i really appreciate it

I am so glad i let the talk me into that! i was shitting bricks to begin with but it's the most fun i've had in a long time, we're now heading back to the dressing room, i need to sit down that was so hyper! i wish i could do it again cause that was... oh fuck not again! it feels like my head is gonna explode, it's that dream about jean but this time it isn't a dream and someone's telling me it's gonna happen today and i've got to stop her, this voice said do the opposite to what you'd normally do... thank god it's stopped [professor?!], come on please answer me, [jake what's wrong?] [i had it again but this time it wasn't a dream, could you send the jet to me please, i'm in newcastle] [i'll send rogue and wolverine...] [no not wolverine, you might need him there] [alright rogue will be with you in about an hour] [tell her to meet me at the metroradio arena]

"jake, what's wrong mate?" harry asked

"it's gonna happen"

"that dream?"

"yeah, the x men are sending the jet over, it'll be here in about an hour"

"but you said she can't be stopped" danny replied, i didn't think he was listening

"i know but i just kinda had the dream again and some women told me i've got to stop her, i'm just not sure how, it said do the opposite to what i'd normally do"

"what's that mean?"

"i don't know, normally i'd go in and kick ass so the opposite would be do nothing but it definitely told me to stop her"

"well whatever it means i'm coming with you"

"and me"

"same here"

"me too", they're doing what?

"no way! it's too dangerous!"

"if you don't stop her the world will end anyway, there's nothing to lose so don't argue, we're coming with you"

"i don't get a say in this?", they all shook their heads, at the moment i don't know whether to love them or hit them, there's a strong chance we'll all die... why do i feel like i've been here before? i'm just getting paranoid! right back to the point jake what do you know about phoenix apart from how to use it... that would be not much, that's it! i've still got my com device, it's hooked up to cerebro and what cerebro doesn't know isn't worth knowing, "cerebro tell me everything you know about phoenix"

"security tag needed", oh it's got a new voice, it sounds human... what the hell does it mean security needed?

"jake emmerson, x man"

"accessing files... phoenix, ancient god, origin unknown, current hosts, jean grey, location, xavier institute for gifted youngsters, salem centre new york, united states of america... jake emmerson, location, metroradio arena, newcastle england... phoenix is the protector of life in this universe, myth tells us that it has turned dark in the past but no sighting has ever been recorded"

"that didn't tell us much... cerebro can phoenix be killed?"

"from the information we have on phoenix, we assume that when it's host is about to die of natural causes such as old age, phoenix leaves it's hosts soul and finds a new soul worthy of it's power, as far as we can tell phoenix can not sense an unnatural death and will die"

"hang on what about this rising from the ashes, it would just be born again" danny said, good thinking

"from the data i have i cannot confirm or deny your statement"

"well if it will destroy the world why not take a blind leap and kill it, it'll either die for good or rise up again"

"danny that would mean killing jean, i can't do that"

"but that'll mean the world ends" dougie replied, this is so hard... or maybe not

"i'll just play it blind and see what happens, the one thing i've learnt is to never let your enemy know what you're planning on doing"

"so if you don't know what you're doing there's no way your enemy can"

"exactly", well i've got a small idea, "cerebro state the current position of the x jet"

"blackbird is currently over the pacific ocean bearing a speed of 427 miles per hour, current course metroradio arena newcastle, eta thirty six minutes and nineteen seconds", alright this small idea is getting bigger

"cerebro activate a link to professor xavier"

"link active", oh that's new

"professor things might get messy so i figure the danger room will be the safest place for the students, set it's defence program to destroy phoenix and get jean outside, the further away she is from the students the better"

"alright jake, myself and the other x men will stay with jean until you and rogue get here, rogue has a new power so she'll come in useful in a fight... have you got an idea of how to win?"

"to be honest sir not really, i'm going on instincts", i guess i better tell him, "professor i'm going to have some visitors, i'm not pleased with it but believe me arguing with these guys is not an option"

"i trust your judgement jake, rogue is almost in england, xavier out", right we need to head out, i started to change into my uniform... damn the guys, right change them into a uniform, shorten their hair and give them a mask

"what are you doing?"

"it's only until we get into the jet", they're confused, "you're about to get into the x men's billion dollar jet", they still don't get it, "i told you i'm not going to take any chances of people knowing you're mutant friendly"

"well you better cover your face too", why would i need to do that? "you just performed with us in front of thousands of people", good thinking, right mask for me

"cerebro what's blackbirds eta?"

"blackbird is on final approach to the metroradio arena"

"right we better go", we left the dressing room, right the quickest way is probably through the arena and out into the foyer... we jumped off the stage, cool this place is empty... but the foyer is packed, damn it! [x men coming through, move it or lose it], that's better, right we're outside and the jet is landing, the hatch opened and we ran in, "go!!", rogue closed the hatch and took off

"welcome back sugah", man i've missed her and i'd like to chat but for this to work she needs to be gone, i turned to face the guys... oh yeah better set them looking like normal again... i think they're more comfortable now, right wave my hands and freeze them, "jake?"

"i've got an idea but i need you to stay with the others"

"but ah've got super strength, i could help you"

"i need you as back up, stay with the students and if i can't stop jean you try take her out", she activated auto pilot and got out of the seat, i walked up her to her and gave her a kiss

"please be careful babe"

"i will", i took her hand and teleported us into the danger room...

"phoenix detected, initiating defence protocol destroy"

"damn it!", i put up a shield around me, "whatever you do rogue don't let the teachers know you're in here", time to port out... i should've realised the danger room would see me as phoenix and start attacking me... idiot! right how am i going to get around rogue not being here? normally i'd use telepathy but i'm going to need all my power... ah forge! he can create any technological device his mind can conceive, so i call on that and make a robot of rogue and implant my knowledge of rogue in it's mind... well hard-drive, to anyone else, including telepaths, that's rogue there... right time to unfreeze the guys, cool they didn't notice the change, "rogue you got here in half the estimated time, can you get us back any quicker?"

"if ah push this baby any harder she'll tear 'part sugah"

"do it, i'll hold her together", oh i made this robot good! it's giving me a worried look just like rogue would, "trust me rogue"

"you're the boss x man", maybe not that good she never calls me that, right the jet's speeding up, "hull integrity at seventy five percent", oh shit, i stretched my mind out and pulled it back together, "it's back to one hundred percent", this isn't too bad.... oh fuck it's that voice again... hurry? how can i hurry?

"we haven't got long, we need to go faster"

"speed is 514 miles per hour, engines are at maximum, blackbird hasn't got any more to give"

"damn we need to get a faster jet after this", right time to give it a push... "ahh!", god using teke in two places is fucking hard! i'm sweating

"hull integrity at fifty percent", damn... alright more force holding her together, "hull back up to ninety percent, speed 755 miles per hour... x man calm it down, the engines will blow", i can't slow us down there isn't time, i just prey the engines won't blow, "x man ah said...", she's looking at me, "jake calm it down you're burning up!", no i've got to hang out! we need to get to jean now, "you can ease up we're nearly there", good this is hurting! "x man ease up or we'll fly past the school!", right time to stop pushing... rogue started to slow her down and i let go of the jet... man i don't feel too good!... oh man the floor is getting closer to me... or i'm getting closer to it... oh danny's stopped me from falling

"you alright?" he asked, no

"yeah i'm fine", well i'm not but i don't want him knowing that nearly killed me... man that look in his eyes, he's really worried about me.... why does this all feel similar? i swear i've been here before... no i just pushed my mind past the extent i thought possible, my head's spinning too much... oh the jets' landed already, we got out and met up with the others... jean's scared, it's alright jean this will be over soon... oh the professor's reading the guys minds, "professor this is danny, tom, dougie and harry, i know they're not mutants but they're good friends and probably the most mutant friendly people on the planet....", oh god not again! shit it's not just the voice, jean's turned dark! now everyone's scared... hell so am i but i need them to be more scared of me, god it's now or never... right jean's floating in the air with black flames, and her uniform has got the phoenix as being black instead of gold.... i hope this is what it meant by opposite, "no!!", if i change like that and raise into the air next to her, i guess this is like where we introduced phoenix.... [hear me x men no longer am i the man you knew! i am fire and death, hate and revenge, incarnate now and forever... i am dark phoenix!!], this is just like when we knew we were phoenix but now the dark version... [from the ashes we rise, we are the destroyer of stars, the earth will feel our power of pure darkness... the power of dark phoenix!], well it seems jean doesn't know the truth... and the look on everyone's face tells me they don't either... god danny looks really scared, i hope he doesn't hate me for this...

"jake this isn't you sugah", well the robot lives up to rogue, "you have to fight this baby... you can do it! you've got the strength to overcome this evil", right if i use teke to pick it up by the throat and start strangling it

"you pathetic mortal! jake emmerson is no more, i am dark phoenix!", i kept strangling it until it died... well i turned it off but everyone thinks rogue is dead...

"you waste no time" jean said, she still doesn't know, "shall we make it two down?"

"and then destroy this pathetic planet of theirs", oh that's an evil laugh

"you can decide who goes next", good that gives me an opening, i let my claws out and looked at danny as evil as i could... which is hard when you care about someone so much... fuck no i can't do it! i can't let danny think i'm going to kill him! he's my friend! i love him!... this is hurting but it's familiar too... jake stop it you moron! you've only just met them and there is no way on earth you could've been here before! i've got to stick to this and get on with it now or i'll blow my cover

"the weakest here will die next", she's laughing at danny and he's more scared... i'm so sorry i love you... i turned to face jean, "that would be you dark phoenix", i lunged toward her and stabbed her in the stomach and got shot of all the black in my flames... time to be phoenix.... [did you really think your darkness could overcome the pure light of phoenix?!], all her flames dissipated and she started to fall, i flew down and caught her and lowered us down gently... either she's faking like me or it's jean again, i hope it's the latter one

"you stabbed me... i... i'm dieing!"

"stabbing you was the only way to stop dark phoenix"

"i don't wanna die"

"who said anything about you dieing? i'll absorb your mind and hold it in mine... with no mind dark phoenix will leave your body", she's starting to slip away, time to catch her mind... damn it she's being stubborn, "don't hold on anymore, let your body die... it's alright jean i'll catch you, let go!", alright she's letting go, i need a little support from phoenix, i started absorbing her mind... oh god this hurts so much... there i've caught all of her... i think

"jake... is that you in there?"

"i'm fine professor... it's fine, i'm storing jean's entire consciousness in my own memory... but it's okay, it's okay... we're fine charles, jake and i... and i... we can handle this.."

"we need to get you to the medical bay..."

"no time for that professor, dark phoenix is still in jean's... it's in my body charles", oh god this is so messed up, one second it's me and... and then it's me... oh no jake hasn't thought this through!... yeah i have, once dark phoenix leaves your body i can put you back in... no it won't leave! it will 'power' my body, it'll get into my brain and take control, it'll be weak but it can still destroy us all, we haven't got long until it wakes up... that's it jean! if it's weak it'll want an easy way to destroy us, cerebro! i concentrated and started to pull cerebro up through the.. the ground

"what's happening?" storm asked

"i'm bringing... i... jake's pulling cerebro out, he's... i've got an idea", there cerebro is up and i didn't damage it, time to... to... oh shit i can't do this! it feels like there's a tornado in my... my... jake's mind... i can't... he can't hold me...  "i feel sick... jean in me... professor i'm bursting open!.. mind peeling and erupting like rotten apples... dark phoenix is here to kill us, i'm scared!... too sick help me... professor i'm losing jean!... can't remember the smell of grandma's house... or how good it felt to meet mcfly... i can't remember... ninth birthday gone... such a good day with my parents... gone...", oh god this hurts so much i... i ne... jake wants danny, i've got to get him to... no i can't be with him... i love him so much but i mustn't... i started walking to cerebro, "jean's consciousness is much... it's much... too strong for one mind to contain... but maybe... i can split her mind into small pieces and store it in the minds of...", there i'm in cerebro, i put the helmet on and started to find the minds of every human and mutant on the planet... there got them all, now if i split jean... done, i stopped cerebro and got out... what the hell just happened? where's jean? she was in my head and i had an idea but i can't remember what i done to her... "i think it's worked, whatever it was, jean's gone and even my memories of what i've done has gone with her", oh crap jean's body is waking up... it hasn't got any eyes! just black holes

"my host? where is my host?", it turned to look at me, "you! you stabbed me! where is my host?"

"haven't a clue" i replied, it's looking in my mind, "look all you like dark phoenix, i really don't know here jean is so you won't find anything in here"

"this time you're telling the truth, no matter, i'm weak without her but i can still destroy you all"

"i thought i'd be scared when you woke up, but i'm not there's only one of you in the whole universe and to tell you the truth... you don't stand a damn chance! you may be expert on fear, isolation, pain and death but you have no idea what friendship is, you don't understand the emotions of people who stick together and support each other, you just seem weak and very vulnerable to me"

"shut up!!", i think i've hit a nerve with it, "i'll make you tear your friends to pieces!... where is jean? all my host ever does is hide from her guilt, i want her here to see this!", she looked past me and saw cerebro... she's walking to it! "that's how i'll destroy you all, cerebro will amplify my thoughts ten fold and allow me direct access into every living mind on the planet", oh crap she's in and got the helmet on, we're done for now... why is cerebro up here anyway? "hello all you pathetic mortals out there, it's time to be destroyed! can you feel me inside your... jean?", what the hell does it mean jean? jean is...

"oh yeah what i just forgot was i broke her consciousness into pieces and stored a little part of jean in every living mind... we were just waiting for you to connect them all back up..."

"NO! white-hot claws tearing through my head... don't...", black flames are coming from jean's body... i get it now jean is pushing it out... i think she's done it, [dark phoenix!], whoa it can still think and stuff

"jake i..."

"it's alright jean you're not the only god in this universe"

"you will die", yeah right

"you wanted to destroy my world, you used my friend who's been like a sister to me and you turned her into something pure evil... you're not welcome in jean's body or this universe dark phoenix, not while i'm here to protect it"

"you can't stop me!"

"bring it on!", oh it's coming for me... [phoenix force!!], there catch it in my wings and destroy it... there it's gone, it's not anywhere, i called phoenix in and went and helped jean out of cerebro... that's good, "phoenix is still with you, the pure phoenix", at least she's still got it, "sorry about the whole stabbing you job"

"who cares about that?! you destroyed dark phoenix!"

"no we destroyed it", i took her hand and we walked back to the others, the first thing scott done was hugged jean but she pulled back and held her stomach, "jean?", she pulled her shirt up and she still had the wounds from where i stabbed her and they're bleeding bad

"you know if you were still a student you'd be in detention for a year", i let a claw out and sliced my hand... ouch that hurt! i let it bleed for a second and then gently rubbed it over her wounds... there it's starting to heal up, "that would get you out of it", it's good to be me, "oh my god!..", what? "rogue!", huh? oh yeah that

"don't panic! it's not really rogue... i needed a diversion so i made a robot of her, rogue's in the danger room with the others"

"jake why didn't you tell us what you were doing? we thought we'd lost you too"

"jean right?" danny asked, "you could shield your true thoughts from her but she would've seen through our thoughts in a second", how did he know that?

"yeah, the only way to pull it off was for everyone to think i'd turned dark too", i'm so glad that is over! my head still hurts, "could someone give us a ride home please? i don't think i'll make the jump with five of us"

"i'll take you", we said bye and went to the jet, the guys sat at the back again and i went to the co-pilots seat, storm closed the hatch and we set off, after a while she put her hand on mine, "that was some display of power back there"

"i'm just glad it was enough"

"are you alright?"

"i can't remember a few things that happened recently, i know i performed with the guys at their gig earlier but i can't remember what i sang"

"when you first started to lose jean you said you can't remember what it felt like to meet them, can you remember now?"

"no... i just know it's probably the best feeling of my life", man i wonder what else i've forgotten, i don't regret that cause it saved jean but i know i've lost a big part of me, "storm, i'm scared... what if i've pushed them away? they're great guys, i couldn't stand to lose them"

"i don't think you will, yes they're probably confused and scared but i'm sure they'll always be around", i hope so, i love them so much, "where did you want dropping?", oh that was quick

"just outside newcastle, there's a travelodge on the A1 northbound, we're staying there", we got there and storm cloaked the jet and landed her in the car park, i used telepathy to make sure no one was outside and then we got out... damn it, [thanks storm] [take care jake] [you too], we walked to the lodge and went up to mine and danny's room... shit! oh well the car will have to wait until the morning

"we better leave you alone, you look like you need a good rest" harry said, they started heading for the door, "see you guys in the morning", once they'd left i locked the door and turned around.... ouch fuck! danny just punched me, and it wasn't messing around like before, he meant this one

"what the fuck did you think you were doing? you're insane jake!", what's he mean i'm insane, he knows why

"i couldn't tell you i was faking it cause jean would've..."

"i'm not talking about that you moron! i mean putting her mind inside yours! one second it was you and then jean took over and none of us could keep up with it, you had blood running out of your eyes! i thought you were gonna die... you're completely messed up!", i shouldn't have let them come, it was too much for them and now danny hates me

"i better go..."

"yeah i don't ever want to see you again!", fuck what's happened? i thought we'd be friends for life, it feels like my heart's been ripped out... again... no not again! damn i know all day it's felt like i've been here before with them but i haven't, there's no way i could have... "no don't go"

"what the hell do you want from me?"

"i don't want anything from you jake... i love you", he loves me? how come i couldn't sense this?

"i love you too", did i just say that?

"no jake i love you!.. i don't mean as a friend"

"neither do i", that's shocked him, i don't know why it's no different to last time... fuck what last time?! this has not happened!.. danny's waiting for me, "holding jean's mind in mine was fucking hard but the hardest thing was trying to make you think i was gonna kill you, that's when i realised you're more than a friend, i wanted to stop everything and tell you i love you but the dark phoenix would've killed us all and... screw trying to explain this, i don't know how it happened but i love you danny, i love you more than life and i never want to be away from you, i wanna be with you for the rest of my life, i want to fall asleep with you in my arms and wake up in the morning to see your face... i need you"

"you really mean that?" he asked, my mouth won't work, all i can do is nod, "i need you too", he started moving closer to me and kissed me... god his lips are so soft! i don't want this to ever end... oh god no we can't do this! i pulled back from him, why does this have to be so complicated? "what's wrong?", every damn thing's wrong, "jake?.. baby why are you crying?"

"we can't do this, tomorrow i go home and you go to the next gig, we're worlds apart"

"no! we can make this work, i'll leave the band or something but i'm not going to spend another minute of my life without you i love you"

"i love you too but it's not like you're stuck in some crap job like me, you can't quit the band, you've worked too hard to do that", oh my god that's it, "i've still got a lot of money from the pay off from the town and if i sell my house i could quit my job and live with you and i'd still have money to pay my way"

"even better, the label are always looking for 'bodyguards' so you could be ours, there's no one better to protect us that you, you're powerful and more importantly you're our friend"

"they won't want a mutant protecting you"

"who gives a shit? we tell them to let you or we leave, they won't want to loose the money, come on jake we need you... i need you"

"and that way i'll be with you everyday?"

"yeah just you and me... well the others too but at night just you and me", fool

"you're an idiot danny... but you're my idiot, i love you so much", i went to kiss him again but he pulled back

"hold that thought", he ran out of the room leaving me standing there like a weirdo, alright i'm gonna get ready for bed, i got undressed and went into the bathroom... i'm tired so very quick shower this time, i got in and cleaned up and then got out again, i dried off and turned the towel into a pair of boxers and left the bathroom... danny isn't back yet? where the hell did he go?.. oh the door, i turned around and danny walked in with the others, jeez i'm glad i changed into boxers... they're on a mission

"is this a witch hunt?"

"no we've just had a deliberation", never heard that word before but it seems familiar... damn it!

"come again?"

"an idea", now why couldn't harry have just said that? "sod this whole bodyguard thing, it's the lamest idea ever thought of... and that's a major achievement even for danny, we want you to join us", right... what's that mean

"yeah i've just held someone's mind in mine, you're gonna have to explain this"

"we want you to...", oh god! it's all coming back to me

"you want us to go as phoenix"

"are you looking in our minds?"

"no i've been... rooster!... carl!", god how could i forget you guys?

"who?" dougie asked, what do you mean who, carl's your best friend you fool!

"my band and brother"

"you haven't got a band mate", i remember everything, "what's the number to the school? something's happened to you"

"no i'm fine i...", oh god i can't put them through this, not again, "i need to go"

"go? go where?"

"i don't know but i need to leave now before we go any further... you don't want me in your lives"

"what? are you insane?!"

"guys i'm sorry... trust me i have to go now and you need to forget about me"


"we can't forget about you"

"why do you want us to?"

"you wouldn't believe me if i told you" i replied

"don't you think we should be the ones to decide that?", i guess they're right but how could they believe i've been here before? "jake come on tell us", i guess i could make them forget about me, "you're telling us that you've got to leave and not come back and to forget about you... don't you think we deserve to know why?"

"alright i'll tell you... i've been here before, we met just like this a few years ago, you wanted us to be phoenix but i said no and we decided that i'd support you instead and then i formed my own band, rooster, but i was still an x man, it caused you all a lot of pain and then i died... but being phoenix i rose from the ashes, phoenix told me that despite what i thought i was truly a phoenix and not just copied jean's powers, she said she'd send me back to the turning point of my life and i guess that's here but i can't put you through pain again... please forget about me now, you're lives will be better without me"

"jake we... what the hell is that?", i turned around, nothing major

"it's alright it's phoenix"

"jake emmerson sometimes i wonder why i bestowed you with the power of phoenix you can be so blind... but you've got the purest heart and right now you're letting your heart blind your judgement, when i sent you back here i told you that in time you'd remember everything, you asked me how you were supposed to live knowing some of your decisions caused pain to the ones you love, i told you that you'd know what to let carry out the same and what to change... this is not one of those times, these boys are your family and you need them in your life just as much as they need you... i now see it was wrong to let you remember everything from your past life and with your permission i want to change that now"

"you mean make me forget about it all?"


"alright but when i audition for rooster will you make sure i choose nick, greg and sam"

"you will anyway my son, they're your family too"

"what about?..."

"carl will come to you again", thank god for that, "i'll leave you now and to make sure you're happy i'll change the reason you came back here, you won't die for that again", cool, we're gonna be fine now, life will....

Danny's walked in with the others, jeez i'm glad i changed into boxers... they're on a mission

"is this a witch hunt?"

"no we've just had a deliberation"

"come again?"

"an idea", now why couldn't harry have just said that? "sod this whole bodyguard thing, it's the lamest idea ever thought of... and that's a major achievement even for danny, we want you to join us", right... what's that mean

"yeah i've just held someone's mind in mine, you're gonna have to explain this"

"we want you to join the band, we'll get shot of mcfly and the five of us go as phoenix"

"alright slow this down a bit, you want me to join the band?"


"then you want to change the name to phoenix?"


"no, everyone knows mcfly"

"it'll be a fresh start, new songs... a new life, the five of us together"

"i mean no to the whole thing, i can't join you guys"

"why the hell not? you can sing and play just as well as us" tom replied

"so can a lot of people but they don't make it anywhere, you guys have got somewhere and me joining could fuck it all up"

"jake... mate will you get over this mutant thing you've got going on, we don't give a shit about that"

"i don't just mean that, other bands have someone new join, they get one single out and then it's over... look at hear'say"

"you're comparing us to hear'say?"

"hell no they're a lot better than you guys... seriously though i can't join you like that"

"but we want you with us"

"i will be with you, i'll protect you or carry your gear... hell i'll even wipe you asses if it comes to it but i can't join you on stage, i really enjoyed tonight, i think, and a big part of me wants to do this but i'm not going to work on what you've achieved"

"i guess this time we don't get a say in this?" dougie asked, "how about a compromise? you don't join the band but on tour you be one of the supporting acts", me support them?

"yeah i guess that could work"

"good we'll talk better in the morning, you need rest" harry replied pulling tom and dougie out of the room with him... what just happened? that was way too fast!

"you're confused aren't you?" danny asked


"good", what the hell does he mean good? how can me being confused be good? and now i'm more confused, "you're so cute when you're confused", numb nuts, he pushed me onto the bed and then came next to me... why is he rubbing my chin? "i hit you pretty hard, i thought there'd be a mark"

"rapid healing factor comes as standard with the claws, i've healed from worse", i love him, "the only thing i couldn't heal from is losing you", [that has to be the sweetest thing ever] [well it's true] [you do realise there will betimes when we're apart] [we don't have to be, or not in our minds at least, i could link our minds together so we always no where each other are] [yeah go for it] [danny it'll be there forever, i won't be able to break it, just think about it for a while] [i don't need to jake, i love you and i swear i always will, nothing could ever stop me from loving you, you're my soul mate... please do it], there it's done, i hope he doesn't regret it... [of course i won't idiot... and you're cute too], "i love you"

"love you too" he replied kissing me again, this time it was more intense... life is finally gonna be good!

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