Disclaimer: The X Men are owned by Marvel Comics & 20th Century Fox. I Haven't met rooster and i don't know them, although i have met McFly, i don't know them and this story isn't in any way implying that either bands are gay.

When i first started these auditions i knew they were going to be hard but this is just stupid, i've been in here for nearly four hours and i haven't found one person for the band yet, most of them can't sing or play guitar and the ones that can just aren't right, they won't fit in with us. We put an advert in the stage and said that the band will be living with mcfly, and that's all people have seemed to read in the ad, they just want to live with the guys... i really wish i hadn't started this now... oh god the next guy is coming in, please be better than the rest, right what's his name? nick atkinson

"hey i'm jake"

"nice to meet you", hey he's got an acoustic identical to mine, right here we go, time to tell him the two things, i hate this part, this is where most people freak

"before we go any further there's a couple of things i need to tell you , first you don't have to worry about it or anything but i... i'm gay"

"i'm fine with that"


"yeah it doesn't bother me at all", cool, "what was the other thing?", man i feel sick now, this is where most people freak out, "are you alright? you look ill"

"i'm just nervous about how you'll react to this one"

"it takes a lot to freak me out dude"

"well i'm a mutant", get ready for the major insults...

"relax i'm not gonna punch you"

"are you insane?"

"yeah but seriously i have nothing against mutants, i think they're cool"

"you're the second person to be alright with that, and the first guy couldn't play anything but b minor"

"oh i'm better than that, i can play b minor and b major", what an idiot

"i guess it's time i heard you", i went and sat on the desk and nick set up, "so how are you gonna put those two wonderful chords to use?"

"hey you're cool, when i walked in here i was shitting myself but you're making me feel like i'm just playing in front of a mate"

"yeah i'm the best"

"you idiot, anyway i'm going to do addicted by enrique iglesias"

"dude you're the first guy to not do something by mcfly, it's bad enough living with them without hearing talent less morons trying to copy them"

"they can't be that bad"

"trust me they are... anyway i better shut up and let you play", there's two ways of playing this song, the easy way and the hard way, nick's gone for the hard way and he's doing great... and he's got a really nice voice too, he's fine about me, he's got a sense of humour, i think he'll fit in with us... phoenix thinks so too, he's now finished the first chorus, "can i stop you there?"

"ah man i sucked didn't i? i knew i should've done something more my..."

"whoa hold your fire! you didn't suck at all, you're fucking good and you're in"

"now who's insane? dude you need to listen to other people first, there's probably some guy out there a lot better than me"

"i doubt it and even if there was, i want you"

"so you're not shitting with me?" he asked, i shook my head, he put his guitar down and came running up to me and hugged me, "dude i love you! thank you so much"

"you won't love me after living with me for a week"

"yeah i will, but talking of that, how will we all fit into one house?"

"when i first met mcfly we became good friends straight away and when we'd decided that i was going to form a band, i sold my house and they sold theirs and we bought a three story ten bed apartment in london"

"and you don't mind us moving in? we're complete strangers"

"hey don't say that, you and whoever else we find aren't being chosen just for your talents, it's because you're going to fit in with us all"

"so what are mcfly like? are they as cool as you?"

"they're a lot cooler than me, anyway you can meet them now if you want, i'm meeting them for some grub in about half an hour"

"and you don't mind me tagging along?"

"nick you're in, you're part of the family now", right i want to show him something, "ready?"

"hang on aren't you going to tell the guys out there you're stopping?"

"i just did", he's looking blank, which he would do i guess, [telepathy], "well they think i just walked out and told them but it was in their minds"

"cool, so are you a telekinetic too?"

"yeah but i'm also a lot more than that, my power makes me copy the powers of every mutant i stand next to... you heard of the x men?", a lot of people have now

"yeah i've seen them on the news a few times"

"well i was... still am in a way, part of them, i've got the powers of everyone of them"

"really? even that fit bird with red hair, the firey god women?"

"you mean jean, yeah i've got that too, it's called phoenix"


"i wanna show you something, just hold on to me", he came up to me and held on to me, "don't be afraid"

"with you? never", i held on to him too so he couldn't let go and ported us to the roof, "how'd you do that?"

"i'm a teleporter"

"that's cool... man the wind feels good up here"

"it's like you read my mind, that's why i brought you up here, have you ever wanted to ride the wind"

"yeah all the time, you're gonna think i'm weird now but sometimes, when there's strong winds, i sit outside and imagine that i'm flying high in the clouds"

"there's nothing weird about that... whatever you do don't let go of me until i say, i'm not used to holding anyone but myself"

"what do you mean?", time to start the wind, "jake your eyes!"

"it happens when i control the weather, it's nothing to worry about trust me"

"i'll always trust you", right we're now lifting off of the ground, "whoa... this is so cool!", i'm glad he's enjoying it, right i've got the right strength

"you can let go now", he's reluctant to loosen his grip, "i won't let you fall", there he's breaking free now, the smile on his face tells me he's alright, "the wind is hitting you at the same strength in every direction, lean in to it and fly", there he's got it, "come on we'll fly to where we're meeting the guys", i turned and set off... man i don't ride the wind enough, this is such a great feeling, it's like being free of everything

"hey jake wait up", i said that the first time storm took me out to teach me how to fly like this, she was moving so gracefully and i was struggling to move at all

"feel the wind against your body... become one with it"

"what? how the hell do i do that?", i was lucky, i'd absorbed storm's pysche and i was controlling the wind myself, nick hasn't got the same knowledge of the elements that i had plus he's got me controlling the wind

"you said you used to imagine that you where flying, feel the wind hitting your body and imagine it being absorbed into your skin, imagine that it's yours to control and that it's part of you"

"holy shit!.. how'd you know that?"

"i had a good teacher, come on", hey this time he's keeping up with me, i'm gonna have to do this more often, it's so relaxing... but we're here already, "bugger we're here now"

"where are we going to land?", good point, are the guys there?... yep

"the guys have got a table outside and are waiting for us, we'll land there", and he thinks i'm nuts, "anyone watching will think it's normal", i turned up right and started lowering down... shit nick doesn't know how to land... alright maybe he does, "you're good at this"

"i've got a great teacher", there we've landed, time to calm the wind down, "that was amazing", i'm glad he liked it... i can't believe he's fine with me like this.... oh the guys

"hey guys, this is nick atkinson, the guitarist and only other member of... whatever we'll be called", they said hello and we sat down

"oh jake you left these at home", dougie said giving me my shades, that's better, i felt naked without them

"you've all got the same glasses, are they standard mcfly issue or something?"

"standard x men issue, these are our communication devices, you and whoever else we find have got a pair at home"

"take it auditions aren't going good?" harry asked

"and some, nick is the only guy who can sing and play", and he's blushing, "stop blushing you ponse", "phoenix to x man", oh here we go, "go ahead jean", "you alright? cerebro reported you're using your powers more than usual", "yeah i'm fine, we were just riding the wind", "thank god, i thought you might be in trouble or something.. hey while you're online, i've been experimenting with astral projection while being phoenix, it lets me sense things while in astral form, i've got it mastered here but i haven't tried long distance yet, could i try it now?", sounds like fun, "yeah go for it", "cool, keep thinking my name so i've got something to lock onto", alright then... wow that was quick, she's here

"yay i did it... hi guys"

"hey jeannie", she's noticed nick

"oh jean this is nick atkinson, nick, jean grey", they said hi and shook hands, i think he's a bit star struck at meeting jean.. well i guess he knew he'd meet her just not this soon

"i still can't believe you're forming a band, it's so cute, my little jake's growing up", man she always embarrasses me when she says things like that... what was that scream, we looked down the street and saw a sentinel land, "mark three... want kurt and me to port over and help?", i started changing into my uniform

"you kidding me? mark three is the weakest sentinel they created", i ran down the street a bit then let phoenix out and jumped into the air, [phoenix force!!], i love it when we do that, phoenix force being projected into the air along with a cry makes people notice us... i flew in to the sentinel and raised us high into the sky, i wrapped it in my wings destroying it... that was easy... no too easy... or not easy enough... oh well it's gone now... when we let phoenix in it takes a few seconds for the flames to dissipate, so if i change back into my normal clothes, let phoenix back in and port behind the others, they think i'm still up there, "hey what'd i miss?"

"smart ass", they love me, "right i better get back to my body... hug", i went up to her and hugged her, this isn't right

"my senses can't feel you"

"they will if you astral project"

"jean that isn't normal astral, that's... flamey astral"

"just let phoenix out a bit and astral project", alright here goes, woo hoo i've done it, "see, it's easy", and now i can feel her properly, this is the stuff, "ah damn it! i've really gotta go, we've got a bit of trouble here"

"what kind?"

"just some kids playing up, nothing a little talk from phoenix won't solve... see you boys later", she disappeared and i went back to my body and sat down again, i love jean

"you ordered yet?" danny asked

"yeah done that just before jean called", nick's wondering how, i guess it'll take a while for him to get used to all this, it took the guys a while to... actually i don't think they're fully with it... oh nick, "telepathy", oh harry's chucked me a fag, "thanks"

"you're welcome", he went to light his and i took the flame away, "now what have i told you about doing that?", once i was lit i gave it back to him, "don't do it again", idiot, "oh nick, did you hear about the two nuns..."

"oh god here we go, you'll get used to harry's lame jokes"

"they were driving in transylvania when a vampire jumped on to the bonnet of their car, the first nun turned to the other and said show him your cross, so old girl lowers her window and shouts get off of our car you toothy git"

"that was actually one of the funnier ones"

"hey it was good" nick replied, he thinks? "did you hear about the idiot who stayed up all night wondering where the sun went? it finally dawned on him", god not another one, harry's bad enough

"why did the idiot stand on a chair to sing? so he could reach the high notes"

"pack it in you two"

"come on one more so it's even?" nick asked

"alright but just one"

"cool... harry, how do you keep an idiot in suspense?"

"don't know"

"i'll tell you next week", now that was funny

"you cheeky bastard", nick is so cool... oh our drinks are here, this waitress is rather cute... and my telepathy is running a bit wild, damn i knew i was tired but i must be more tried than i thought

"i'm sorry but we ran out of bottles in the fridge so your beers are a bit warm"

"that's alright" tom replied, she gave a weak smile and walked off, poor cow has had a bad day, "well she was happy"

"her boyfriend dumped her about an hour ago", oh god did i say that loud?... ah crap they're giving me the look, "i'm fine"

"jake if you're picking up random thoughts it means something's wrong"

"i'm tired that's all", do i need a subject changer! oh the beer, i leant down and blew over the glasses chilling them all, "there you go"

"that was sweet!" nick replied

"yeah it's the only reason they like me, i'm the official beer cool...", where am i going? crap i'm phasing through the chair, come on concentrate and pull yourself up... that's better, "just tired, no biggie", i need to get an early night in, as long as nothing else happens they'll let me be.

Damn, we had some grub and a few more beer's while getting to know each other better and we've been here for nearly two hours

"man we should be getting back"

"wow you sound really enthusiastic"

"yeah another few hours of listening to talent less people who are completely tone deaf, hopefully they'll have got pissed off waiting and left", i wish, we left the restaurant and started making our way back to the auditions

"hey do you guys mind if we make a quick stop?" nick asked, we're at the bookies

"i didn't have you down as a gambler" i replied

"i'm not but after making it in to the band i feel lucky... but it doesn't matter" [jake he thinks you don't want him to], what's that mean? it's not up to me

"sure i'm in no hurry to get back", we went in and harry and tom went up to the counter with nick while dougie and danny stayed at the back with me, "so what do you think of nick?"

"he seems great, he idolises you" dougie replied


"he thinks you're great, i'd say he's a bigger fan of you than he is us"

"but unless he's been to a gig he hasn't heard me"

"we're not talking about your music dip shit, we mean as a person"

"don't talk like twats, of course he doesn't"

"yeah he does, when your powers were running wild earlier he was as worried about you as we were"

"i told you i'm fine"

"stop changing the subject moron"

"i'm not i just think you're looking into this the wrong way"

"what way are we looking into it then?" danny asked

"i don't know but i know it's the wrong way, nick doesn't idolise me"

"you'll be eating those words later... i guess it's better than eating danny's...", danny hit him and we both gave him an evil look, "you love me", he could get away with murder when he looks at us like that

"i don't believe it"

"come on!!"

"you bastard", well harry and tom are throwing their tickets in the bin and nick's going back up the counter

"i think nicky won"

"nicky?", dougie and danny asked at the same time

"shut up guys, i just called him nicky, what's wrong with that?"

"oh nothing"

"yeah it's cute"

"hey jakey" nick said across the room, [shut it], "these two are majorly pissed that i won, can we ditch the losers?", he's just got a punch from them both, "hey!"

"yeah we need to get back to the auditions"

"eating those words yet mate?" dougie asked as we got up to leave, we said bye and then started back to the auditions, man those two are really looking into this the wrong way, i called him nicky and he called me jakey but that doesn't mean that either one of us idolise the other one... and even if he did idolise me there's nothing wrong with that, i used to idolise scott, well i still do, it's a normal thing

"you were wrong", oh i kinda forgot about nick

"about what?"

"those guys, they're not cooler than you, maybe as cool but definitely not cooler", oh god maybe they are right... no they're just making me paranoid and nick is expecting me to reply

"we better port back, we're really late", i took hold of him and ported us back the auditions, "could you just look on that clip board and see who's next", we both leant against the desk and he looked at the list

"the guys name is sam.... what the hell does this say?" he asked showing me the board


"does it? man who's freaky shit writing is this? it's nearly as bad as mine"


"oh i thought it might be your manager or someone really high up... well i still bloody meant it", man i had to smile, what an idiot, "nah you're cool, love you really", oh god they are right... man he can't idolise me! there's nothing to idolise, "hey are you alright?"

"yeah i'm fine"

"you sure? you look..."

"i said i'm fine!", oh god i just shouted at him, why the hell did i do that?!

"sorry i...", wave my hands and freeze him, man what did i have to shout for? i need some advice, right concentrate hard and port to the school... good shot! i'm outside and all the teachers are here, along with kitty and ben

"ha you guys are in trouble"

"jake!", ben said getting up and hugging me, "dude you're tense, what's up?"

"you know me too well jelen"

"auditions still driving you insane?" jean asked as we sat, kitty put her arm around me and i put mine around her

"hey get off my girl emmerson"

"shut up ben i see you everyday, i never get to see jakey", oh god, "what'd i say"

"it's not you kit, to answer your question jean i haven't been back to the auditions yet, it's nick... no matter how i say this you're gonna think i'm a dick"

"i do anyway" logan replied

"funny, seriously though it seems that nick idolises me and i don't get why"

"why wouldn't he, you're a great guitarist and singer" storm replied

"he hasn't heard me, when dougie and danny first told me i thought they meant that but they meant he thinks i'm the next best thing since marshall amps, and i don't know why but it's bothering me... i just shouted at him"

"first thing kid you need to figure out why it's pissing you off"

"logan's right" professor x replied, but i don't know why, i'm glad the professor's here, he always helps us figure out how we're feeling, "when you first told us that you were forming a band, you were really worried about how people would react to you being a child of the atom"

"yeah but nick's fine with it... oh god that's it, when i told him i thought he was going to curse me but he was the complete opposite, he told me i'm cool"

"that's the problem, you went from expecting a punch to having this guy idolise you"

"man i'm an idiot", why didn't i just think about why it was bothering me instead of saying it was the guys getting it all wrong, "someone kill me... not you logan"

"now you've got to sort out the problem of shouting at him" kitty replied, she's right, "the way i see it there's two things that can happen, he idolises you so he won't care or because of that he's hurt by it"

"he's hurt, you should've seen his face, it was... i can't even explain it but it wasn't good"

"show us then" storm replied, alright one mental projection of nick when i shouted at him, "goddess he is cute!"

"that's what i thought when i met him earlier"

"i agree, he is one fine man, jake i think you should get your sexy ass back to that sexy ass and apologise... even better, bring that sexy ass over here to your sexy ass so us girls can drool over him"

"kitty you are not drooling over my guitarist", and ben just hit me

"hey you're meant to say you're not drooling over him because you're seeing my best friend"

"yeah and that one... right i better go, i've still got to find a drummer and bassist as well as sort things out with nick"

"make sure they're as sexy as him"

"will do, thanks guys", right i'm back, man he's hurt... here goes time to unfreeze him, "nick i am so sorry, i didn't mean to hurt you"

"dude i'm fine, you didn't hurt me"

"am i supposed to believe that? nick you're a great singer and guitarist but you're a lousy liar"

"what'd i do?"

"you didn't do anything it was me, i couldn't understand why you thought i was so cool"

"have you thought it's because you are?"

"that's the problem, i didn't think i just shouted, this isn't your fault but i grew up in a small town and when i found out i'm a mutant everyone went nuts, they hated me and forced me to leave and i don't know why but i expect that when people find out i'm a mutant"

"and you couldn't figure out why i wasn't like that", yep, "dude you're stupid, no matter what happens i think you're great and i know i always will, you never have to worry about me hating you cause it's never gonna happen, i love you... oh god i didn't mean like danny loves you i..."

"i know what you meant", he's cool, but he's worried about that, "anyway you couldn't handle me", there he's smiling now

"just because you're a god of time doesn't mean you're the god of sex"

"oh i am too"

"you wish" he replied, he's my friend so i can tell him this

"actually in a way i kinda am... i'm gonna tell you something about...", man this is harder than i thought

"you're turning red dude... look you don't have to tell me"

"no it's alright, it's just not something you normally tell someone... one of the powers i copied is rapid healing and by rapid i mean if you shot me it'd be healed in about twenty seconds... you know when you're on the job, once you've peaked you have to wait a while to recharge?"


"well if i'm calling on that power and i'm getting the right attention i recharge immediately and can keep going"

"and by keep going you mean?"

"one continuous load"

"dude i can't believe you just told me that"

"it isn't that bad"

"no it's sweet but i meant that's the kinda thing you only tell really good friends"

"and you are, i'm sorry for shouting at you nick... i love you too"

"you're the best jake" he replied putting his arm around me, "this is getting too soppy, we better call in this sam moyes dude", good thinking... oh the door, yay it's james, matt and chaz

"jake you're not going to get far if you have them frozen"

"i know that you idiots, we just stopped for a break, anyway what you guys up to?"

"we've been working on staring at the sun and think we've got that last damned chord, we think it could be b minor..."

"oh get that guy back"

"yeah we'll just have to teach him the rest of the song", they think we're nuts, "some guy before me, he could only play b minor"

"right... anyway we think it could be b minor or e minor, wanna try it?"

"yeah sure, can i borrow your guitar nick?"

"go for it dude"

"thanks mate", i levitated it over and started to play... let's try b minor first... no that one, alright e minor.... "damn it!", this sucks, "i think we should just throw it away as a lost cause"

"don't say that jake, it's a good song" charlie replied

"i agree with jake, we've been working on that one fucking chord for a month and still haven't got it"

"i'm with james and jake, it's obvious the song isn't meant to be"

"i guess you're right, damn it's a good song"

"c add nine" nick replied, where'd that come from


"i think c add nine might fit in with the rest of it"

"worth a try, jake?", yeah what is there to lose?... oh my god it sounds good, "sing with it", good point sometimes it doesn't sound right with vocals

I'm tired of staring at the sun

Can't stand the way you burn my eyes so i can't see

Stealing every breath i breathe

You pushed me in to overdrive

But i don't need this kinda high cause now i'm done

You took everything, while i was staring at the sun

Yeah i was staring at the sun

"i don't believe it, that sounded great", and some, "right we better let you get on, we'll start on a few more songs... give it two years and you'll have an album"

"nah the rest will come, no diggity was done in two days"

"yeah and that was harder than staring at the sun" matt replied, yeah it is strange, "anyway we'll see you guys later"

"take care guys"

"so shall we...", i ran up to nick and hugged him, "whoa what's up?"

"what's up? you just completed the song, you're my hero"

"it was one chord"

"yeah the one chord that we couldn't figure out, if it wasn't for you we would've ditched the whole song"

"well that would've been stupid, that seems like a good song and are you gonna let go of me anytime soon?"

"no, marry me", he pushed me away from him

"come on we... you still need to find a drummer and bassist"

"you had it right first time, you're in nick this isn't just me it's you too, which means you've got to help find a name for us"

"how about rooster?"

"where the hell did that come from?"

"well i got in the band and then won five hundred quid on a horse called rooster booster so i just figured it was a lucky name... never mind, it's lame, how about..."

"it isn't lame... we're called rooster, now call in the next guy"

"thanks dude", he got up and went to the door, "jake? frozen", oh yeah, there they're unfroze now, "sam moyes", he came back and sat on the desk next to me

"you could've said please"

"nah takes too long", idiot, oh sam is here

"hey sam, i'm jake and this is nick"

"nice to meet you", poor bugger's nervous, [he's nervous, shall we let him play first before i tell him about you know what?] [i was nervous but you made me wait] [yeah but sam's more important than you] [i bet you're not gonna tell him about your talents in bed] [no that was just for you] [yay i'm special] [special being the right word] [i'm gonna pretend you didn't think that]

"would you like to show us what you can do?"

"did you want me to do anything in particular?"

"no just do what you'd like to", there that's eased him up a bit... oh he's good, he's very good, [what do you think?] [i'm no drummer but he seems fucking good to me] [i'd say he's in line with harry], oh he's done already... now the bit i hate

"there's a couple of things i need to tell you... i'm gay and... i'm a mutant"

"cool", cool? is that it?

"is that all you're gonna say?"

"well the way i see it if i spent my whole life worrying about every mutant or gay person in the world i'd have no time to live, to me it doesn't matter if you're human or mutant... well everyone's human, it doesn't matter if you've got powers or not or which team you play for, we're all the same", [that was funny] [shut up atkinson]

"so you don't mind that i'm a mutant", he shook his head

"and you don't mind that jake plays for the girls team?"


"what? it was funny", sam's nervous again, [he wants to be part of this] [everyone out there wants to be part of the band] [i know that you idiot, i mean he wants to be part of us, he wants to share the friendship we have] [i wouldn't call you a friend] [if that was funny i would've laughed... do we let him in?] [yeah] [cool, you can tell him] [what? it's...] [our band now tell him], i'll hit him if i have to tell him again, "sam i'm pleased to say you're now the drummer of rooster"

"really?" he asked, we nodded, "guys thank you so much, i promise i won't let you down"

"hey you're in, you've done the part where you have to prove yourself and no matter what happens you won't let us down, the band isn't just anyone of us, it's all of us together, now stop being stupid and come sit here with us", sam got up from the drums and came next to us

"that was very philosophical nicky"

"thank you jakey"

"you're welcome, who's next?"

"right it's err... moore"

"i know there's more you idiot, i mean what's his name"

"moore, as in greg moore you dip shit", oh that was embarrassing

"sorry, who's calling him in?"

"not me, i called in sam"

"and i made the mistake of calling you so...", we turned to look at sam

"man you're already starting to pick on me for being the youngest" he replied getting up and walking to the door

"this is too easy, first you and now sam"

"hey don't worry about it, just put it down to luck", yeah i guess he's right, "oh according to this greg's chosen explosive", man that's a hard one, we gave the bassists a choice of five songs to write the bass line for and it seems greg's gone for the hardest one... and sam's back with him, [your turn], "hey i'm nick and this is sam and jake... how'd you get on with the song?", [you could've given him time to say hi] [nah takes too long], he really is completely nuts

"it was hard but i think i've got it" he replied, cool this should be good... what's he waiting for? why isn't he playing? "i thought we were playing to the music?", damn

"shit yeah, sorry my bad", i got up and put the cd in the stereo

"hey did anyone see that mutant destroying that robot thing earlier? it was well cool", oh god, well might as well get it over with

"there's been a couple of things i've told people and you've just made on of them a lot easier.... that mutant was me"

"no way was it you, it looked like a bird of fire", alright here we go, [phoenix force!!], there he believes me, time to let the phoenix in again, "that was cool"

"so you don't have a problem with it?"

"hell no, what was the other thing?"

"huh? oh yeah... i'm, gay"

"no problem, i thought you were going to say you're a women or something"

"he's gay, what's the difference?"

"i'm gonna hit you atkinson"

"nah you love me... anyway press play so greg can do his piece", alright here we go.... oh he's good, "i want him"

"me too" sam added, well that was quick

"same here", right i guess we're done then, [this really was too easy] [jake relax, we're all fine with you and we're good musicians... obviously i'm the best] [i'm better than you] [are you hell] [you haven't heard me] [that's not the point, you love me so you've got to agree i'm better] [same goes to you then], ha that's got him, [alright i love you, you love me and we're both the best guitarists in the world] [i agree] [seriously, just put this down as being your lucky day, we're fine... rooster are gonna go down in history] [yeah as having the hottest guitarist] [why thank you, you're not too bad yourself] [i was talking... never mind], oh greg's done

"how did i do?", [sam, you tell him], "was it alright?"

"alright? that was great... you're totally in the rooster"

"seriously?", we all nodded, "man that is great, thank you so much", [they didn't react like you to any of it, not about me or getting in or anything] [well i was up all night with nerves and drank loads of coffee and red bull, i'm on a caffeine high today and i don't know about them but i feel really connected to you, it's like i've known you for years] [yeah same here, it's strange] [maybe it means we're destine to be friends?] [you're being very philosophical] [it's the caffeine], "so what do we do now?"

"actually i'm not sure, better speak to our manager", [yo fletch?] [hey jake, what's up?] [auditions are done, the band is formed and we got a name and everything] [that's great, told you you'd get there] [yeah i didn't think i would earlier but these guys are great, so what do we do know?] [spend the rest of the day chilling and getting to know each other and i'll come see you in the morning, if you guys feel comfortable i'd like you to perform tonight at the gig] [i think we will] [cool, if they don't feel comfortable performing tonight it doesn't matter and i'll see you in the morning] [catch you later] [oh jake? well done, i'm proud of you] [thanks fletch], "well we chill for the rest of the day but they'd like us to perform at the gig with mcfly tonight"

"that soon? i thought it would take longer than that, like we'd have contracts and shit first"

"they're all drawn up ready, between the guys, me and the label this band has been planned for the last eight months"

"really? how come?"

"i signed to the label when i met mcfly and i wanted to form a band but not like mcfly and busted, and the label wanted to put money into a rock band so we all worked our asses off to get it started, the thing that took the longest was placing adverts for auditions in advance... anyway i promised some friends i'd take you to meet them, could we go now?"

"i'm up for it"

"me too"

"count me in"

"cool thanks guys", [hey baby we're done] [really? that's great] [we're going to the school, you guys wanna come?] [sure, can i borrow your powers?] [go for it], that was quick, "guys this is sam and greg", man i can't believe i've done it... pinch me i must be dreaming, but i like the way i'm feeling

"so where we going?" nick asked

"to see the x men"

"sweet", thought he'd like it, "so why did you leave them in the first place?"

"actually that's a good question" harry replied, is it? "you never told us"

"it's a long story, i'll tell you later", i never thought about that, the guys don't really know much about my past, "ready?", that's a yes for all, okay then here we go... damn not as good a shot as earlier, we're behind them and they haven't realised we're here yet, cool that gives me time to try something.... first turn the sky as black as night.... then create some lightning and make it look like the guys with some more writing mcfly underneath it.... and now do the same beside it for us... cool that wasn't too hard, right time to get shot of it

"yo hommie's what up?", now why the heck did dougie call them hommie's, "the best band on the planet have entered the garden... oh yeah rooster are here too", idiot... yay ben and kit are still here, i miss them so much... "jake?!", what?


"oh never mind.... dipshit, guys this is nick, greg and sam", oh yeah forgot about that, i'm gonna talk to ben, i went and sat in between him and kitty

"you got it sorted then?" ben asked

"yeah we're good now, i explained to him that i'm a moron, he agreed and now we're sorted"

"i'm glad, you had me worried earlier, i've never seen you so tense", he shouldn't worry about me, "so do i get free tickets?"


"hey you've gotta give me free tickets, i'm your best mate"

"alright then"

"yay you love me"

"ben! jake!", why is storm shouting at us? "now i remember why we never let you two sit together in class"

"yeah talking of that it wasn't fair, you let kitty and rogue sit next to each other"

"we didn't talk like you two did"

"ah you're just jealous" ben replied, yeah she is

"jealous of you two idiots?.. yeah right!", we all know she is, "anyway you've got to sing"

"we haven't played together yet"

"exactly, that's why you've got to sing solo" nick replied, what? "you've heard us but we haven't heard you yet, why don't you do that song you wrote?", he liked that, i'm so glad he finished it off for us

"i'm not really in the mood for guitar"

"then what about come on?" storm added, oh that's a classic

"yeah you wrote it about me but i haven't heard it"

"that was four years ago and besides i haven't got a pian...", and there's one now being formed, "thanks jean"

"you're welcome, now sing kiddo", women, i got up and sat at the piano, i haven't done this one since the day jean came back, right how does it start? oh yeah d sharp, right here we go

And finally the silence, looking out looking back across the sky

Trying to find a meaning, knowing that i just left it all behind

And still i smell her lingering softness

Where did she go how did she go i want i wanna know

I wanna know that she'll be coming, here to me

Come on....

Without you i'll never feel the love inside of me

Come on...

You know that we belong

Come on... come on... come on, come on

Thinking back before her, i never knew the meaning of alone

Still the flag is feeling foreign, live the day to escape into a phone

Speaking of a world not real now

Where did she go how did she go i want i wanna know

I wanna know that she'll be coming, here to me

Come on....

Without you i'll never feel the love inside of me

Come on...

You know that we belong

Come on... come on... come on, come on

Cause each of her kisses, how my heart misses

She's coming... she's coming here to me

I'm needing... desiring... to kiss her now

Well jeannie i'm living for you, breathing for you, baby i'm singing for your fairytale...

Come on....

Without you i'll never feel the love inside of me

Come on...

I know you won't be long

Come on... come on... come on, come on

Come on...

Without you i'll never feel the love inside of me

Come on... come on... come on... come on

Come home

That song makes more sense to me now, at the time i didn't really understand where it come from... well i know where it came from i just didn't know what it meant... why is everyone just sat there looking at me shocked? well scott and ororo aren't but the rest are, actually they look more sad


"that was beautiful dude" nick replied

"yeah it was, why didn't you tell us about it? you didn't say you'd wrote a song before"

"well it was kinda just a one off piece at the time"

"yeah but how did you write it? even now i find it hard to write a song with deep emotion like that and if you wrote that four years ago you would've been fifteen"

"jean had died, or so we thought, at the time none of us knew about phoenix, i didn't even know i'd absorbed it, and like the legend says, phoenix rises from the ashes, we all thought jean was dead and that song came from me and phoenix, it was my way of saying i love jean and missed her and it was phoenix telling us she was rising from the ashes", did that make sense

"yeah and you never gave me the chance to thank you for bringing me home"

"how do you mean?" sam asked

"until the day i came back none of us knew about phoenix, it's been with me since conception and with jake since we met but until i rose from the ash we didn't know of it's existence, we're human and phoenix is of creation, we're child of man and it's creator of stars, when i rose from the ash it was like being born again, phoenix was like a child but jake was like the parent, without knowing he gave me the knowledge to come home... but then the little sod left"

"hey you might as well tell us now" harry replied

"alright then", oh i've got an easier way, "i'll project it into your minds"

"sweet!.. i think", nick's cool

"it'll be like you're me back then, you'll see, hear and think what i did but don't worry it won't hurt", that's a point, "ben?"

"yeah hook me up too"

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