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"jake that's meant to be d sus 4 not sus 2", we're doing adrienne, scott's teaching me

"is it?"

"come on you can do this", i really thought it was sus 2, "jake?", huh? "are you alright?", man my head is spinning like hell, this isn't just a headache it's the mother of headache's

"can we skip this today, i need some air"

"yeah we'll continue it tomorrow", cool, this headache is killing me... perhaps my telepathy is off or something... we put the guitars away and were about to leave when wolverine walked in, "hey", scott and logan have got on better since miss grey died, i think they share the same pain

"hey, you guys are done early today"

"yeah my bad, i'm not up for it"

"you okay kid, you look pale"

"just need some air that's all", man my head is spinning, it's like someone's trying to get in my mind, "scott... i'm coming"

"what?", yeah what? "what did you say?"

"i... i don't know"

"right kid i think you need to see the professor"

"i'm fine logan"

"you just called one eye scott, i've never heard you call him that before", did i? "come on", well i know better than to argue with him, we left the music hall and started heading to the professor's office, "what did you mean i'm coming?"

"is that what i said? i really haven't got a clue"

"your eyes flamed over like..."

"i absorbed her powers, you know sometimes i can't control them"

"what is it? jean didn't show it much"

"to be honest logan i don't know, i don't think jean did either... all i know is it's like a warm energy, it's light and pure but that's all i can make out", oh crap we're already here

"i'll wait here for you"

"thanks logan", i walked up to the door and knocked on it, [come in jake], alright here goes, "morning professor"

"good morning jake, take a seat", i have never been nervous of the professor, he makes us feel at ease, even if he's bollocking us, "you've got scott and logan very worried, they just told me what happened in the music hall, do you know where it came from?"

"sorry professor i don't even remember saying it"

"could it be one of the psyche's you've absorbed?"

"it could be but i couldn't tell you for sure or who it was", what's that? he's got a case out, "you think i'm nuts!"

"of course i don't jake, i've known you practically your whole life, this is just a very expensive stainless steel cutlery set someone ordered for the canteen, i want you to pick up as many pieces as you can, i know there's a lot here but try your best", alright pick them up... there we go, "jake... you're controlling all six hundred and thirty pieces and not showing any signs of strain", [you shouldn't underestimate my power charles xavier], what? was that me? "jake?"

"sorry sir, i'm just doing what comes more naturally everyday"

"i think there may be more to it than this", is there? "tell me, can you feel this?", is he touching a piece of cutlery? bloody hell he is... and i can feel it through the telekinesis

"whoa it's like i can feel your pulse through the metal"

"touch telekinesis, it's not uncommon but to have this much control and still feel me... jake that shouldn't be possible even for an omega class mutant like yourself", now why does that scare me? "alright you can put the pieces down now", there back in the box, "i think your powers might be expanding, faster than we thought, it would explain the way you've been lately, i'd like to run some tests tomorrow in the danger room, but for now i suggest you rest"

"no i can't professor, we've got a major math test on monday, i need to revise"

"i'll tell ororo to make an allowance for you... if your powers are growing you need to take it easy or your body might reject them"

"and by reject them you mean like reject them in the way you said when you found me... my body will burn out and i'll kill myself?"

"i'm afraid so", why me? what the hell have i done wrong? "you'll be okay jake, get some rest and try not to worry"

"alright, thank you professor", i got up and left his office... oh yeah i forgot logan was waiting, "thanks logan"

"how'd it go?"

"well it seems my powers are expanding, the professor said i need to rest or my body might burn up and kill me", i hate being me, "this sucks... i don't wanna spend the day in bed"

"chuck knows best kid", it's not fair, we started heading to the dorms, i wish miss grey was here, she always helped me out, "will you promise me something?"


"promise me if you feel like you're burning up, call on my power so you can try heal"

"if i didn't know any better i'd say you're getting soft"

"i don't wanna lose you kid", he is getting soft... oh we're here, "i'll tell jelen to keep the hell away for a while"

"thanks logan"

"take it easy, see you later kiddo", i can't believe this, it's 3pm on a saturday i'm now going to bed... this sucks major ass big time!

Well that was not worth it! two fucking hours sleep! that's it i'm gonna find mr summers and see if he wants to finish off adrienne, i got out of bed and started to get dressed again... i don't wanna do adrienne, i'm in the mood for something new, as in brand new, i used telekinesis to start writing a new song... why am i doing this? what's it about? it's like my sub consciousness is taking over... oh who gives a fuck, right i'm dressed and the song is done, now where's scott?... he's in the main hall, time to go... oh yeah i can teleport now, right how do i do it? concentrate on being in the hall and... bamf! i done it, woo hoo!

"jake? you should be resting kid"

"nah i couldn't sleep, fancy doing another quick music session?"

"yeah but only if you're up to it"

"i'm good, could we do this please?"

"sure, what is it?", good point, did i name it? yep... oh

"it's called come on but i've just realised it's got piano in it too", man i was looking forward to this

"well i'm not doing much" ororo replied

"cool", right nightcrawler has to touch someone to take them with him so if i touch scott and storm with teke and port... it worked


"it wasn't that hard", man i feel really warm, it's like my heart is on fire... "scott... it won't be long", now what?

"what do you mean it won't be long?", god i don't know!.. how do i get out of this one?

"it won't be long... until dinner", yeah that's good... they think i'm nuts, "i'm hungry", i think they'll leave it there, actually it's only like twenty minutes until dinner anyway, i levitated a copy of the music to storm and she went to the piano, right why did i write the lyrics in different colours? "if i do the lyrics in blue, you do the red ones and we both take the black?"

"sounds good to me", cool, "who wrote this?"

"that would be me"

"but you were surprised that it had piano"

"yeah i got the urge to write something and i let my mind do the work while i got dressed, i didn't really know what i was writing until it was done", they think i'm nuts again, "shall we do this?", scott and me sat down and i brought the guitars over to us, "ready?", storm's really good at piano

And finally the silence, looking out looking back across the sky

Trying to find a meaning, knowing that i just left it all behind

And still i smell her lingering softness

Where did she go how did she go i want i wanna know

I wanna know that she'll be coming, here to me

Come on....

Without you i'll never feel the love inside of me

Come on...

You know that we belong

Come on... come on... come on, come on

I'm thinking back before her, i never knew the meaning of alone

Still the flag is feeling foreign, i live the day to escape into a phone

Speaking of a world not real now

Where did she go how did she go i want i wanna know

I wanna know that she'll be coming, here to me

Come on....

Without you i'll never feel the love inside of me

Come on...

You know that we belong

Come on... come on... come on, come on

Cause each of her kisses, how my heart misses

She's coming... she's coming here to me

I'm needing... desiring... to kiss her now

Well jeannie i'm living for you, breathing for you, singing for your fairytale...

Come on....

Without you i'll never feel the love inside of me

Come on...

I know you won't be long

Come on... come on... come on, come on

Come on...

Without you i'll never feel the love inside of me

Come on... come on... come on... come on

Come home

Oh my god what was i thinking? i really should have looked at the lyrics closer! i just made scott sing a song about jean, he really didn't need that

"i'm so sorry sir, i didn't realise what it was about"

"it's okay jake, that was really nice, i know jean would be proud of you"

"i miss her too", man i am really not helping him here, i need a subject changer... oh adrienne

I've been thinking about you, my love

And all the crazy shit you that you put me through

Well now i'm coming around, throwing it back to you

Were you thinking of me when you kissed him

Could you taste me when you licked his skin

And all the while i showered you with trust and promises

What i'm needing now, is some sweet revenge

To get back all that i lost then

I gave you all i had to give, but i could never reach you

Adrienne, i thought i knew you

But once again, you used me, used me

Adrienne, i should have left you

Long before you used me, used me up

You spent my money drove my car

I treated you like a shining star

But in my sky all burnt out you are

And i'll have the last laugh

When i see walking with some other guy

Cause i know you're gonna end up all alone

So take these words, some good advice

All you done's gonna come back twice

You never cared how much it hurt, i really need to tell you

Well adrienne, i thought i knew you

But once again, you used me, used me

Adrienne, i should have left you

Long before you used me, used me up

What i'm needing now, is some sweet revenge

To get back all that i lost then

I gave you all i had to give, but i could never reach you

Adrienne, i thought i knew you

But once again, you used me, used me

Adrienne, i should have left you

Long before you used me, used me

Adrienne.... long before

Adrienne... oh, oh adrienne - adrienne

You used me, you used me up.

"you still played sus 2 instead of 4"

"leave him alone scott, it was very good jake"

"thanks storm", i must remember to play 4 next time and not 2

"right dinner will be ready now", oh yeah they think i'm waiting for it, i levitated the guitars away and we left to go the dining hall, i feel a bit better than i did earlier, i think i was just tired or something, "the professor told me about your powers, i'll leave your test for a week or so until you're over this"

"thanks storm, i could still do it monday if you want?"

"no i'd prefer you to get fit again first, the test isn't important"

"well why did you tell us you'd create hail in our stomachs if we didn't pass it?"

"because it is important but your health is more important and just because you're not well it doesn't mean i won't create a storm in you if you do fail"

"that's not fair"

"well seeing as how you're my special little guy i'll make it a small one"

"thanks", oh we're here already, "i'll see you guys later... oh and thanks for just now"

"anytime jake, catch you later" scott replied, they went off to the teachers table and i went and sat with the guys... the guys being ben, kitty, rogue, bobby and ali

"where the hell you been all day emmerson? wolverine told me to keep away from our room but he didn't say why, he give me that evil look and i didn't dare ask"

"the professor told me to get alot of rest, my powers are expanding and i could burn my body out"

"you alright sugah?"

"yeah, it is worrying me but hey i get out of the math test monday"

"no fair!"

"it's not all fun, i get out of the test but i do get to spend the next few days in the danger room doing tests to figure what's wrong", something's up with ben, [you alright] [no! i'm worried about you] [there's nothing to worry about] [if you burn up you die, how can i not worry about that? you're like my brother] [yeah and because of that i'm gonna make sure i don't burn up, if i don't shove the powers to the back and try ignore them i'll be alright] [if you need help please let me know] [i will bro], i love ben, "so what tasteless crap are they giving us today?"

"the famously dry chicken"

"well i guess it's better than the beef"

"you mean the leather?" ali asked

"good point", talking of the crap here it comes... oh great we've got the moron's serving the crap tonight

"enjoy your meal losers", that was tame for them, one comment and they're going already... ah logan's looking this way, that would explain it

"man they're jerks"

"a jerk is too good for them... this looks gross! who's gonna try it first?"

"jake should"

"why me?"

"you can heal from the poison sugah, we can't"

"alright", here goes... "it's clean, flavourless and dry but clean", they're eating it now, "actually it's not that bad today", what have they stopped for? "what you looking at?"

"jake your eyes!... they're on fire", are they? alright it's that power again, normally i can turn them on and off at will but i can't with this... go away!

"still there?"

"no it's gone now, you alright bro?"

"yeah just one of the powers, not sure how it works", i really need to figure this one out... oh god i feel sick, damn chicken... man my chest feels like it's on fire... no my whole body feels like it's on fire, "guys!", god this hurts

"jake? what's wrong bro?"

"i don't feel so good", the flames are back in my eyes... what the hell? "phoenix"

"what's phoenix sugah?", i'm not sure, "jake?", oh god the flames are all over me now, "professor!", what's wrong with me? ben's touching me, "ben don't"

"it's okay rogue, it doesn't burn", i won't hurt you bro... whatever this is i won't let it hurt you, "jake what is this?", i don't know!... my body is getting hotter, the professor and teachers are here... what's that voice?

"i will cleanse the earth", i can feel the presence of everything living creature on earth... even... no it can't be "jean?", what the hell? my body... the flames... i am... oh my god i've just shot into the air... [hear me x men, no longer am i the man you knew! i am fire and life, heart and soul, incarnate now and forever... i am phoenix!!], what the hell that voice, it wasn't just me it's... jean... what the hell is she wearing... what am i wearing? it's like our uniforms but they've got a phoenix on the chest instead of the x... [from the ashes we rise, we are the creators of the stars, the earth will feel our power of pure light... the power of phoenix!!], it's all coming to me now, i know who i am... what i am, this power is so strong and pure... oh we're back on the ground now...

"jake do you feel it?"

"yeah, it feels so pure... jean are we really...."

"yes! we're phoenix... we're gods!"

"professor... what's going on?" ben asked, don't worry none about us bro

"i'm not sure, jake... jean, we need to get you to the medical bay"

"it doesn't matter charles, we can explain everything, we all now how jake has got this power but i've had it since conception, i just didn't know of it, my body and soul are one with the god of creation, phoenix, i just didn't know of it until after the lake, we all know about the legend of the phoenix bird, pure fire and reborn from the ashes, i died and came back in fire, that's when i knew about phoenix"

"so the legends are true?" scott asked

"yes my love, when you look and jake and myself, you're looking at the creators of time"

"everything you're saying makes sense jean, i would prefer to run a few simple tests on you both but if you're sure you know what this is?"

"it's fine charles, we're fine"

This power is so great, i've never felt so alive! i can feel the energy beating from the stars... it's great!.. but this isn't, sean and his crew of morons

"how's it going oh mighty phoenix", he really shouldn't say that about me, "what's it like to be the creator of time", yeah and i asked to copy the powers of everyone i stand near, "you're a thief emmerson, that isn't your power.. none of it is, you steal them from everyone else", he's pissing me off... oh no the fire

"sean please don't"

"or what? you'll burn me with your flames? you really think i'm scared of you? i'd beat you in the blink of an....", [you pathetic creature! you dare to challenge a god? i am phoenix! the fire i offer your world can burn as well as warm, kill just as easily as it heals...], what am i doing? i'm suffocating him... come on jake get a grip... there he's safe

"i'm sorry"

"you really are a freak emmerson", what just happened? i need some air.... man it's good to be a teleporter, no one else can get onto the roof of the mansion... where the hell is the jet going? [yo ben?] [where the hell are you? i've been looking all over this place for you] [i'm on the roof] [what the hell are you doing up there? how the hell did you get up there?] [i needed some air and i teleported, where's the jet going?] [didn't you hear the professor? he sent out a telepathic message to everyone] [i didn't catch it] [well there's a massive sentinel attack in new york, he said there's about fifteen of them in times square], whoa that's major, [so who went] [everyone] [so who the hell is in charge?] [no one, the professor said we'd be alright on our own for a while... you coming down here?] [nah i think i'm gonna hit the danger room for a while, i need to try figure out this phoenix thing] [want me to come?] [probably not a good idea bro, i think this is making me dangerous] [don't be stupid, you're not dangerous] [i am if you piss me off] [what do you mean?] [i'm sure sean will soon tell everyone] [jake i'm starting to worry about you] [there's no need, i'm alright, i swear] [alright then, come find me when you're done] [will do, see ya later] [take it easy bro], he worries about me too much.

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