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Alright i've been down here for two hours, i haven't got a clue how to control this phoenix power, i've only just managed to get some flames out! if something's about to attack me i can use it but i can't call upon it all will, this sucks! it more than sucks! why can't i control this?... [jake?!] [hey what's up?] [get up here quick] [why, what's...] [just get up here bro!], he sounds worried again

"cerebro deactivate program", time to port up there... where is everyone? oh they're outside, oh great the teachers are away and we're being attacked by bunch of mutant haters, where are bobby and rogue... oh they must've gone with the others, keep forgetting they're x men now

"this is a school for mutants and you've decided to attack us at midnight with nothing but a few guns?... get out of here sad acts", go kitty, one of them has just fired at the wall... and vaporised about half of it, "ah", this isn't so good

"don't worry children this won't take long, we're here to get your powers, we know there are no active x men on the premises, mutants and humans aren't supposed to walk this planet, the earth is for a third generation of species, the u men"

"the u men? how original" for once i agree with sean

"you won't be laughing in a minute boy", this is boring, "you mutants don't deserve the powers you're born with", i started walking in front of everyone

"why don't you just get out of here before you see what our powers are?"

"don't be insane emmerson you can't handle them alone, you've just seen what they done to the building", i wish sean would stop this

"your friend is right, i've got to admit it though kid you've got balls to confront us like this... but you've got about three seconds to live", oh god he's aiming the gun thing at me! i need fire, come on, come on, come on.... oh god the beam is coming for me!... come on [phoenix force!!], man this beam is like a tickle, "my god!", [there is only one god in this universe, phoenix! you've come to the wrong place gentlemen], they're firing at me again, this is stupid, don't they realise they can't hurt me? [you must enjoy playing with fire!], and still they're at it, enough of this, [playtime is over, feel the burn!], this is too easy, [your minds are weak!], no! what am i doing? i don't kill people! come on jake cut this out! alright just encase them in my wing and send them home, [i'll let you live but only so you can tell your masters to end their stupid quest or they will feel the hand of phoenix!], there done, i think i'm getting this now

"you were cutting it about close there, another second and you would've been toast"

"to be honest i wasn't sure if i could call on phoenix, until now it's only been reacting to threats to me, but i think i might have got it"

"you think?"

"well i haven't tried it yet....", right come on, [phoenix force!!], oh it worked! the professor will go nuts when he sees the state of the school, i wonder can phoenix?... oh yeah this is cool, i'm somehow repairing the building, "i think i'm getting the hang of this now", well that's typical! "now they decide to come back"

"what're you talking about bro?"

"the jet is about five minutes away", although i don't quite understand it fully yet, this phoenix force is cool! "could we not tell the professor about all that?"

"good thinking emmerson, he'll never leave us on our own again" sean replied, we all started to walk back into the school, "hey emmerson, you got a minute?", ben, kitty and ali have stopped

"it's alright guys, i'll catch you up", they're nervous, [trust me, i'm phoenix], gotta stop that... right they're going in now, "what up?"

"i just wanted to say i'm sorry for all the shit i've given you and especially for earlier, you really can't help this phoenix stuff can you?"

"not yet, it's like i'm sharing my soul with phoenix and it wants to control me... but i'll get it eventually... and i'm sorry for the nearly killing you thing, i really didn't mean to"

"i understand, and if you ever wanna talk... you know like phoenix making you wanna kill people and stuff... well yeah i'm here", wow, never thought i'd here that

"thanks but i think i'll be good now, it's all starting to come to me and it's only when someone pisses me off"

"yeah but we're always gonna have nut jobs like those guys attacking us"

"that's why.... i've been thinking and this has kinda finished it off... i'm gonna leave"

"you're what?! no you can't leave, you need to be here... if it's cause of the shit i give you i'm sorry..."

"sean it's not because of you, jean is supposed to have phoenix, she knows how to control it but i'm not meant to have it and i don't know how to control it"

"all the more reason for you to stay"

"i've got more chance of not being pissed off if i don't have people attacking my home, if i leave i can have time to figure it out without the risk of hurting my friends... i really think leaving will help me learn control"

"the professor won't let you go without a fight"

"i think he'll understand though"

"but what about jelen?..", shit i didn't think of that, "you know he's gonna be pissed"

"man this is gonna be harder than i thought", the jet is now coming in, "well i'm gonna get the professor over with first... man that sounded harsh"

"i know what you meant... so there's nothing any of us can do to make you stay?"

"nah i really need to do this"

"well good luck, i hope you get on alright"

"thanks sean", well he's going inside too... that was really weird! right i'm gonna port to the hanger.... this is getting easier every time.... man they landed quick, they're leaving the jet

"jake? you alright sugah?"

"yeah i'm good"

"no you're not sugah... you're leaving?!" what the hell?

"have you absorbed telepathy?"

"no it's written all over your face, you can't leave us"

"look i've been thinking about it for a while now and tonight has kinda finished it off, i love you guys but i really think getting away from here will help me with my powers"

"dude this is mutant high, there's nowhere better than here to help with your powers" bobby replied

"true but that means i copy the powers of everyone who walks through the gate, at least if i get away there's a fifty-fifty chance of not copying anything"

"if you're sure jake, we won't stop you"

"professor! have you lost your mind?! you can't let jake go"

"rogue i don't like it either but we can't stop him, if he wants to leave then we have to respect that"

"no he needs to be here... we need him..."

"yeah hi i'm still here", aw no rogue's crying, "rogue please i feel like i wanna get away from here"

"but ah'll miss you sugah"

"hey i've got one of the strongest minds on the planet, i'll think everyday"

"have you told anyone... ben yet?"

"not yet sir, i wanted to tell you first"

"when did you want to go?"

"i just wanna pack and then leave"

"can't you go tomorrow?"

"sorry i just want to get it over with"

"where are you going?" scott asked, good point

"well i was thinking of crossing the pond... i've always wanted to go to england so why not move there", they don't want me to go, "i'm gonna go pack"

"you sure you won't leave it until the morning?"

"nah i'd prefer to go now"

"alright we'll keep the jet warm" storm replied, right time to port into my room... well ben isn't here, at least that'll give me chance to pack, i'm dreading telling him... right where the hell is my bag? oh yeah under the bed, or not, oh yeah ben had it last... cool it's under his, right time to do this... well this shirt isn't mine, why the heck is it in my wardrobe? oh yeah i borrowed it from ben last week, i walked over to his wardrobe and put it back... that shirt is mine, thieving sod took my favourite shirt, well he loved it so he can keep it, right back to my stuff... ah crap the door, ben walked in and jumped onto his bed

"hey what you doing?... you going on a trip?"


"cool... can i come?", i really wish you could bro, "jake?..", he's figured it, "bro what's going on?"

"i... i've decided to leave"


"cause i am alright!", man i don't wanna shout at him, why is it harder to explain to ben, he's like my brother

"if you're gonna be like that, i'm outta here", he's starting to leave



"please don't make this any harder"

"damn i forgot in jake's world asking why you're leaving is making things hard, my bad"

"ben please..."

"you don't wanna tell me why fine... have a nice life", he's about to walk out, alright just hold the door with teke, "don't do this jake, if it was me doing this you could phase through the door or port or knock me out but i don't have that advantage over you, don't use your catalogue of powers against me", but i'm not... there i've let go of the door... and he's walked out, great that's not how i wanted this to go!


What the hell is going on? why is jake leaving? why wouldn't he tell me? we're best friends... or at least i thought we were, this stinks!

"ben?", great!, "are you alright?"

"get lost sean"

"he told you didn't he?", sean knows?

"just leave me alone please", this hurts, [thanks jake, all the shit sean gives us and you could tell him and not me? what the hell have i done wrong?], he's trying to reply, i really don't wanna hear this

"ben", sean's stepped in front of me, "please listen to me... he needs to do this"

"i don't care any more... i might be able to understand if he just told me"

"what do you mean?"

"he wouldn't tell me why, i asked and he shouted and i never thought that would happen with us"

"he still cares about you ben"

"not enough to explain"

"don't let it end like this, you and jake have gone through so much it's not worth it", then why is he doing this? i'd just like to know why my brother is leaving me, "just think about it yeah?", he's leaving me alone now... thank god, it's the guys, kitty's hugging me


"i love you"

"i love you too baby... it'll be alright"

"you guys know too?", that's a yes, "why the hell won't he tell me?"

"he didn't tell them sugah, we did"

"but he still told you"

"ben he was dreading telling you, he's finding it really hard... just give him a chance", jake's trying to thought talk again, i wanna hear it in person... they're all walking off

"where are you going?"

"didn't you hear that? jake's now leaving, he's in the hanger", oh crap

"i blocked him out", that wasn't a good idea, we started heading down to the sub-basement... what am i doing blocking his thoughts? i've never done that before, i love him so much i don't want him to go... man that was a quick walk, we're here already, the jet is running

"ben?", this is making it too real, he's leaving and i can't stop him... i can not do this! "bro?"

"piss off", i need out of here... i won't cry, i won't cry, i won't cry, i won't cry... i wish! that's just great... this is a mansion and i come to my room, the one i share... shared with jake, this isn't fair, together forever... damn it i hate you emmerson! how can you walk out of my life like this? i never want to see you again!


This house is pretty damn cool, i'm so glad the professor gave me the cheque from my town and convinced the estate agents here that i was a legit person, i've only been over here two days but the place is pretty much sorted... yay for teke! can't sleep though, i know why i can't but that doesn't help, i miss him so much... i wonder if he misses me... doubt it, i was really bad to him... i need to sort it out, right if it's four in the morning here it'll be nine there... no wrong way round, i'm in england now we're in front of them, so that means it's eleven at night there... i think... to hell with it! [phoenix force!!], well it worked, he's here

"what am i doing here?"

"i couldn't do this any longer, i need things to be fine with us", he doesn't look impressed, "can they be alright again?"

"depends on if you'll actually tell me why"

"you know why"

"no i don't jake, you won't tell me and no one over there will"

"i thought they would've done..."

"no they said i need to hear it from you and they're right, why the hell wouldn't you tell me?"

"i don't know ben, i just couldn't find the words, i wanted to tell you but i didn't know how and it's pissed me off big time, you're like my brother and i can't find the words to explain why i left, all the things we've talked about and been through but this just wouldn't come out no matter how hard i tried"

"just tell me what you told everyone else, you've already walked out of my life nothing you say will be worse than that"

"ben how can you say i walked out of your life? it's not like i wanted to leave"

"i don't know that cause you won't talk to me!", this isn't going well

"please don't hate me"

"i don't hate you jake, i tried to... fuck i tried hard to hate you... to try make the pain go away but i couldn't, i love you and i always will i just want to know what the fuck happened to make you want to leave so suddenly"

"i got turned into a god, that's what happened, against my own wishes i got turned in to the phoenix, the fucking god of life and i wanted... needed a clean break, i got turned into the god of life and i wanted to try make my own life a little better"

"why didn't you tell me you idiot? i know i've been pissed but if you'd just said that i would've understood"

"i know and i'm sorry... i love you"

"love you too", i'm so stupid, "mind if i stay here a while?"

"i was hoping you would, it's kinda lonely here, damn cool but lonely"

Who'd have thought that just lying on a bed doing nothing but talk with your best friend could be so much fun, damn it i love him, we've talked about everything... well not quite everything, but i think he's fallen asleep

"ben, are you awake?"

"no, leave me alone", idiot

"hey i'm serious bro"

"what have you got against me sleeping?", little sod, "sorry - you're serious and i'm listening"

"i've been thinking since this whole phoenix thing started... and i'm not going to rise from the ashes, i'm only the power of phoenix, i'm not phoenix itself"

"yeah you copied the power from jeannie"

"i still feel like i am phoenix, the fire is such a great feeling and i.... when i die i don't want to be buried"

"you're a morbid freak bro!"

"ben i'm serious, the ground is cold, i want to fly around the world as ash... please don't let them bury me"

"i'd do anything for you bro you know that, but please don't talk like this again, we're gonna be old guys sitting in the mansion telling the x men that they don't know they're born, that in our day magneto would try kill us every other hour, we're gonna die moaning old bastards"

"i look forward to it bro"

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