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The only problem with Travelodge's is they're next to the motorway, you start getting a peaceful night and then a lorry flies past and the room starts shaking and this lorry seems like a jet... the room is still shaking and it's getting worse.... that's not a lorry... oh shit it's jake! i turned the light on and looked over to the sofa, he's floating in the air and he's got flames around his body but he's still asleep, i think he's having some bad ass nightmare, i got up and ran over to him, luckily the flames are only around the edge of his body, i started shaking on his chest "jake!", crap he's still asleep, i started shaking harder "come on mate wake up!", that's got him, the flames disappeared and he fell to the sofa, ouch that's gotta hurt "are you alright?", he jumped up off the sofa and moved away from me

"keep away from me"


"danny please i'm dangerous when i'm like this" he replied, what ever that dream was about it's messed him up real bad, he looks scared, well i'm not gonna leave him like this, i slowly started walking towards him "i might hurt you"

"i don't care", why am i walking slowly? i don't give a crap if he hurts me, he's scared shitless and looks like he needs a friend, i got up to him and put my arms around him "what was it about?"

"one of my old teachers is part god, i absorbed the powers of the god and lately i keep having these dreams that it turns evil and she starts killing people"

"it's only a dream"

"but what if it means something, phoenix can destroy a whole planet just by flying into it, if it does turn evil there'll be no stopping her she could destroy the world... i'm scared"

"jake i may not have any super assed powers but i'll be there with you, what ever happens i won't ever leave you", whoa where the hell did that come from? i only met him last night yet i'm telling him i'll be there with him when the world gets destroyed, actually i don't care where it came from it's true, i'm not gonna leave him ever, he pulled away from me... i didn't realise he was crying


"i mean it, i'll always be with you", we just stood there for a few minutes looking at each other

"we better get some sleep or you'll be fucked for the show"

"yeah i guess you're right" i replied, he started walking over to the sofa "no way! you're not sleeping on your own now"

"i'm alright"

"i don't care, come on", i pulled him back over to the bed, he got in and then i got in next to him, i put my arm over him and held him close to me, shit i hope he doesn't mind, i just want him to know that i'm here [thanks danny], that's the first time i've had anyone speak in my mind since jake... the other jake [anytime], i know i'm now going to sound like a right moron but in away i kind of love him, i mean he's like a brother.



Man that dream is getting worse, i haven't had it for about a week and i thought it had finally finished, i'm glad danny was there, i don't think i would've been able to sleep again if he wasn't. I looked at the clock, shit it's nearly half nine! i shot up out of bed and danny was on the sofa, he's already fully dressed "why didn't you wake me?"

"i was going to but i figured you probably needed the sleep", he's right i did need the sleep, but we're meant to be hanging out today "i take it you didn't have anymore dreams?"

"no and thanks for last night"

"that's alright"

"most people would've freaked out at that but you stayed with me, it meant a lot to me"

"i've gotta admit i was scared but not about me, when i woke up and saw flames around you i thought you would get hurt or something" he replied, man my sense are going nuts, he really was worried about me

"i'm gonna take a shower so we can start hanging out"

"you sure you're gonna be up for it?"

"yeah i'm fine now" i replied, oh senses going mad again, he's worried about something "what's wrong"

"harry came in earlier, i told him that you were going to hang with us and he said to wake you up... i had to tell him what happened so he knew why i wouldn't wake you"

"is that all?"

"it wasn't for me to say anything"

"don't be daft he's your mate, he has a right to know he's gonna be hanging out with a psycho", oh shit he doesn't like things like that "sorry"

"you will be if you say something like that again, i don't think you're a psycho and the guys won't either"

"have i told you you're great?"

"shut up and get in the shower ya nut", he replied smiling, i went into the bathroom and turned the shower on. Danny really is great, i really don't think there's anyone who would've done what he did last night... well mark probably would be he doesn't know about the dreams, i don't usually share a room with anyone else and it's not the kinda think you bring up in conversation, imagine it, there you are on break chatting to your mates and then you say 'oh yeah i dreamt the world was gonna end last night' it just doesn't work, right this is gonna be a quick one, if i don't hurry the day will be wasted. When i'd finished i dried myself and wrapped the towel around my waist, i forgot to bring clothes in with me, i left the bathroom and the rest of McFly along with mark were there, man i totally forgot about having to port him home, and i guess he could see that on my face

"you idiot! come on, hurry up"

"leave me alone, i'm going as fast as i can", i started changing the towel into some clothes

"told you he's a nut" danny said to the others, i gave him a telekinetic smack around the head "hey!" that'll learn him

"ready?", mark picked up his case and came up to me "see ya in a minute", i touched mark's arm and teleported us to his house "you sure you don't wanna stay?"

"you know kelly, she'll go nuts if i stay away another day", he's got a point there, and no amount of powers will protect us from her "have a good time"

"i will, see ya at work", i teleport back to the room

"that was quick"

"sure beats waiting for a bus", danny's about to call me a nut again "yeah don't even think about it"

"nut!", what did i just say? "anyway we were going to do some shopping if that's alright?"

"yeah, i'm not proud"

"nice one" tom replied, i levitated my keys into my hand "what you're not gonna teleport us?"

"no chance, you guys may be fine with mutants but there's a lot of people who aren't, if i teleport us it could ruin you"

"yeah but people who don't like mutants aren't worth thinking about"

"still i'm not taking any chances"

"thanks, weirdo"


"what? he is!", another smack around the head "hey quit it", alright that's enough messing around for now, we left the room and went downstairs, as we were about to leave the building danny went back to the reception, what's he doing? [hope you don't mind but we're sharing again tonight] oh shit i never thought about booking the room for another night [that'll be cool] i just hope i don't have the dream again, i think it freaked him out more than he's letting on, oh we're in the car park, i've gotta stop dreaming "so nut boy, which one's yours?", i'll let him have that one, i'll get him later, i pushed the button to unlock the car, the lights flashed and the others stopped walking "you're shitting us?"

"nope", alright the idiot's are still standing there gormless "are you guys gonna get in sometime today?", still nothing, okay i'll give them a hand, i used telekinesis to push them, that's woke them up, tom, dougie and harry got in the back and danny stayed up front with me, i started the car and then 'that girl' started blaring out, i used my telepathy to change the disc "that's enough of that old bollocks", oh cool we've got daniel bedingfield now. I wonder if professor xavier is using cerebro? i hope so my telepathy can't stretch that far yet [professor?] [jake?], good he is [yeah it's me, is miss grey alright?] [she's fine why?] [oh no reason] [jake?], bugger! we never could lie to him [it's just i've been having dreams lately and they've been about miss grey, phoenix turns evil and she starts killing everyone, there's probably nothing in them but it's just been worrying me] [it may be nothing but i'll keep an eye open, will we be seeing you anytime soon?] [i'm not sure, i'll definitely be over at christmas] [well you take care jake] [you too sir], shit another punch from danny "hey!"

"what's going on up there?"

"i was talking to an old teacher", alright they look confused "telepathy"

"don't you use phones?" dougie asked, [it's cheaper this way], i think he's trying to do that [just think and i'll hear you] [like this?] [yep] [cool, do you have to start it off or can we just do it] [when you want to, just think of me and then think what you want to say and i should hear, give it a try later]

"crap! we've got paparazzi behind us, man we can't even drive down the A1 without them on our cases, hey jake i don't suppose this thing has weapons like a bond car?"

"nah sorry", i pushed a button and activated night vision "but we have something they don't"

"shit your eyes are white!" harry said, the others started looking at me

"don't worry it happens when i control the weather", i started creating a thick fog "let's see them take pictures in this"

"you are a bloody nut"

"why are you guys calling me a nut?"

"well you're the first person we've met who dreams of the world ending" dougie replied "shit i'm so sorry, i didn't mean anything by it"

"don't worry about it, it's freaking me out and it was my dream"

"no i shouldn't have said that..."

"dougie i'm serious it doesn't matter, i know you didn't mean it and even if you did, when you're seven and you get paid to leave town cause you're a mutant, getting called things doesn't really doesn't bother you"

"you what?", crap now i have to go into a bit of my past that i'd prefer to forget

"i was seven when i first used my powers, the town were freaked out by it and they received a government grant to help with the 'infected child', they decided to give me the money and make me leave town"

"didn't your parents try stop them"

"it was their idea, it was stupid though, what was a seven year old mutant gonna do with 100 thousand dollars? two days later professor x found me and took me to the school, he opened up a bank account and put the cheque in, i said i'd never touch the money but when i came over here i didn't have much choice, i was only fifteen and needed somewhere to live"

"how did you manage to get house at that age?", i opened the glove box and got out my video rental card "a blockbuster card?", i made the card look like a drivers licence with my date of birth as 1975

"there are some advantages to being a mutant", oh shit we nearly went past the exit for the metro centre, i turned off and it didn't take us long to get to the car park, as soon as we were parked up i got rid of the fog.

It was a ten minute walk from the car park to the main centre, i don't know what all the fuss about this place is for, yeah it's big but the malls in America are a lot bigger

"i vote we get some breakfast" harry said receiving a yes from all of us, we headed for the nearest food place and found a free table, a waitress came up to us and asked if we wanted drinks, she got what all the others wanted and then came to me, when i said what i wanted they all stopped looking at the menus "gross!"


"black coffee? man what's with you yanks? you chew tobacco and drink black coffee, it's disgusting"

"shut up, you english aren't proper men like us" i replied receiving punches from danny and dougie, oh well telekinetic smack back. About half way through breakfast i noticed two girls on another table looking at us, they must be fans... actually that one is just looking at dougie, i'm surprised the others haven't noticed, they are making it very obvious "dougie you do realise that chick over there is blatantly checking you out", they all turned to look at them, now they're making it obvious

"no she isn't"

"yeah she is, she has been for the past ten minutes"

"her mate's checking you out jake" tom replied, is she? he's right

"come on let's go see them" i replied getting up, dougie wasn't going to until i pulled him up "don't be a pussie"

"we can't just go up to them and tell them they're hot"

"i know that but i absorbed my the powers and psyche of my ex, she's a southern girl through and through, and the southern charm always works, all i've gotta do is call on that and we'll be in there", well nine times out of ten it works, we got up to their table and they looked up at us, alright time to call on rogue, "hey sugah our table is really dull and we were wondering if we could join ya'll here"

"yeah sure", one of them replied, oh they're austrailian which means they've probably never heard of mcfly so they must genuinely think dougie's nice "with an accent like that you can't be from around here"

"right back at ya rerun sugah, but yeah ah'm from america, ah moved over here a couple o' years back", this southern accent is working a treat, "oh ah'm jake and this here's dougie"

"nice to meet you, i'm cindy and this is nicola"

"sweet names t' match sweet faces" [oh that is so corny jake!] [and you just started a telepathic conversation] "ah'm being rude, can we get ya'll a drink o' somethin'?"

"no we're fine thanks, how old are you guys?"

"i'm seventeen and jake's....", at last dougie's speaking, but he doesn't know how old i am

"ah'm eighteen sugah"

"see we were then going to head off to a bar"

"well that's a real shame, it was nice t' meet ya'll though"

"yeah you guys too" nicola replied, we got up and went back to the others

"what happened?" harry asked

"they're goin' t' a bar an' dougie here aint old 'nough"

"why are you talking like a hillbilly?"

"jake called on the psyche of his ex to give him the southern charm and it worked a treat with those girls... actually you can quit it now mate"

"ah can't, not just yet 'nyways, it takes a while for the psyches an' powers t' fade 'way, it's another flaw t' mah power"

"but it does go away right?" danny asked

"yea' sure it does"

"good cause that could get annoying after a while"

"ah ya'll don't know what your talkin' 'bout, there aint nothin' wrong with southern accents", oh bloody hell my voice changed half way through talking, that's never happened before "that's better". We finished breakfast and then started looking around the stores, after about an hour we came to a massive music store, man the stuff they've got in here is unbelievable! harry went straight off to the drums, dougie went to the bass's and i went with tom and danny to the guitars, they started looking around them and then i noticed a really nice electric guitar, it was black with a flame design, man i've only been looking at it for a couple of seconds and a sales assistant came up to me "how much is this one?"

"it's 350 but it comes with an amp and at the moment we've got an offer on it, if you buy this one you get the matching acoustic for half price so it would be 500 for both", hell that's not bad! "would you like to try it?"

"yeah go on then", he took it off of the display and took it over to a free amp

"would you like a plectrum?" he asked

"nah i don't get on with those bloody things", he plugged it in and then gave it to me, right what should i play? i know, ministry of mayhem by noise next door... actually i'm not really in the mood for punk stuff, oh adrienne by the calling, i love that song, i started playing and got to the first chorus when danny and tom came up

"stop!", tom yelled over the amp, bugger i was getting into that "you didn't tell us you could play"

"yeah i can play bass and drums too, i just prefer guitar", that's got some hurt looks from dougie and harry "ah get over it"

"do ya sing too?"

"not really i..."

"you do now!" danny replied, he turned to the sales guy "have you got a mic handy?", the guy went off to get one, man i can't believe i'm gonna do this! hopefully the guy won't find one... bugger! he has! he set it up in front of me "that was adrienne right?"


"i can do that" dougie replied

"me too", harry shouted over

"there sorted", what am i doing? they do this for a living, i'm gonna sound really crap compared to them, harry is counting us in so i can't go back now. Alright that wasn't so bad, i totally forgot about them being here when i got into it and this guitar is nice "you could give alex band a run for his money"

"yeah whatever"

"danny's right, you're very good, have you ever thought about doing it professionally?"

"yeah when i was younger but i didn't know where to start and gave up on it", oh yeah the sales guy, forgot about him "oh sorry, i'll take them both", i unplugged the amp and gave the guitar to him, i followed him to the counter and then he got the acoustic, amp and cases for them, i gave him my credit card and waited for him to put it all through, then dougie came up to me "hey"

"i'm sorry about what i said earlier"

"really it's okay, to be honest it's nice to talk to people about it"

"still it was wrong what i said"

"hey stop beating yourself up about it"

"just promise me that if i say something stupid like that again you'll kick my arse"

"as tempting as it gets i don't do that to friends"

"it's nice to finally meet someone who likes us for being us instead of mcfly" dougie replied, i think we were just being soppy, that could kill a guys rep! oh sales man back

"here's your card and receipt sir", not often i get called sir

"thanks", i put them in my wallet and then picked up the guitar and amp, dougie took the acoustic for me, we walked back to the others and they all had a strange look on their faces, actually dougie has too "why do i get the feeling you guys are conspiring something?"

"who us? never, we were..."

"here it comes"

"funny, we want you to join us on stage tonight", now they're being funny, "stop laughing we're serious ya tool"

"don't be stupid!"

"we're not, you're a great singer and it would be cool if you performed tonight" danny replied, man they are serious, this is nuts "please", how can i say no when they're looking at me like puppies?

"but won't you get in trouble for it?"


"alright then", i must be insane!

"cool give us the keys and dougie and me will put these in the car while you three go clothes shopping" harry replied, i gave him the guitar and amp then the keys "we'll meet you back at the car", they went off and we found a clothes shop, danny started hunting through shirts and tom was at trousers and trainers, they soon came back with a load of stuff

"don't i get a say in this?"

"nope, hurry up and try them on, we've got to get to the arena so you can have a sound check", i took the clothes and went into the changing room, well the t shirts fit but these kegs! "how's it going in there?" danny shouted through, i came out and pulled the trousers away from my waist

"tom are you planning on getting in here with me? they're two sizes too big you tart"

"i know that, you can't join us on stage without baggy trousers, here's a belt" he replied hurling a belt at me, i used my telekinesis to catch it "put it on", these guys are complete nuts! i put the belt on, there that should do "raise your arms in the air", what? alright then, i raised my arms in the air, he came up to me and pulled the trousers down a bit "danny?"

"yeah that's fine except you can't wear Calvin's on stage"

"why the hell not?"

"because if the trousers do fall down they show every detail, you need something looser"

"i haven't got anything else"

"that's okay, we're about the same size you can wear a pair of mine", he wants me to wear his boxers? "don't worry they'll be clean, we haven't got time to buy any, come on go change again" he replied pushing me back into the changing room, once i was done we went up to the counter, i was about to get my wallet out when danny stopped me "it's alright i've got it, you paid for the grub last night"

"don't be stupid, a chinese is a lot cheaper than this"

"shut up fool!" he replied, again this is nuts! danny paid for the stuff and then we went back to the car and drove to the arena.


I am so glad i let them talk me into that! i was shitting myself to begin with but it's the most fun i've had for a long time, we're now heading back to the dressing room, i need to sit down that was so hyper! i wish i could do it again cause that was... oh fuck not now, my head feels like it's gonna explode, it's that dream about miss grey but this time it isn't a dream and someone's telling me that it's gonna happen today and i've got to stop her, this voice said do the opposite to what you'd normally do... thank god it's stopped [professor!!], come on sir please answer me [jake? what's wrong?] [i had it again but this time it wasn't a dream, can you send the x jet out to me, i'm in Newcastle] [i'll send rogue and wolverine] [not wolverine, you might need him there] [alright rogue will be with you in an hour] [tell her to meet me at the metroradio arena]

"jake! what's wrong?" harry asked

"it's gonna happen soon"

"that dream?"

"yeah, the x men are sending the jet over, it'll be here in an hour"

"but you said she can't be stopped" danny replied, he was listening

"i know but i just had the dream again and some women told me i've got to stop her, i'm just not sure how, it said do the opposite to what you'd normally do"

"what's that mean?"

"haven't a clue, normally i'd go in and kick ass so the opposite would be do nothing but it definitely told me stop her"

"well what ever it means i'm coming with you"

"and me"

"same here"

"me too", they're doing what?

"no way! it's too dangerous"

"if you don't stop her the world will end anyway, there's nothing to lose so don't argue, we're coming with you"

"i don't get a say in this?", they all shook their heads, at the moment i don't know whether to love them or hit them, there's a strong chance we'll all die... alright jake get back to the point, apparently you've got to stop her but how? what do you know about phoenix? that would be not much, that's it! i've still got my communication device from the x men, it's hooked up to cerebro and what cerebro doesn't know isn't worth knowing "come on", i started running to the dressing room and the others followed me, once we were in i got my com device out and put it on the table "cerebro, tell me everything you know about phoenix"

"accessing files..." oh they've given her a new voice, she sounds more human "phoenix, ancient goddess, origin unknown, current host jean grey, current location xavier institute for gifted youngsters, new york, myth tells us phoenix has turned evil although no sighting has ever been recorded"

"that didn't tell us much" alright so it may have turned evil but no one knows for sure, that doesn't help us now! "cerebro, can phoenix be killed?"

"when it's host is about to die of natural causes, phoenix leaves the body to find a new host, phoenix cannot sense death in an unnatural way" that's it, i can't tell anyone though

"well we're screwed"

"it just said it can't sense unnatural death"

"i am not killing miss grey, i don't care if it means the end of the world i can't kill someone", oh fuck it's that voice again, please hurry, how i can i hurry? "cerebro, state current position of the x jet"

"blackbird is currently over the pacific ocean bearing a speed of 427 miles per hour, it's current course metroradio arena Newcastle, ETA thirty six minutes and nineteen seconds", alright time to start clearing my mind and the school

"cerebro activate a link to professor xavier", oh we don't have to beep anymore, cerebro tells us the links active "professor things might get messy so i figure the danger room will be the safest place for the kids and get miss grey outside, the further away from the students she is the better"

"alright jake, myself and the other teachers will stay with jean until you and rogue get here, rogue has a new power so she may come in useful in the fight"

"sir i'm gonna have a few visitors, i'm not pleased with it either but believe me you don't wanna argue with these four"

"i trust your judgement jake, rogue is almost in england, xavier out", alright time for us to head out, i started changing into my uniform and made four holographic inducers, once they were made i gave them to the guys

"what's this for?" dougie asked

"they're holograph devices, while you're wearing that you'll look like members of the x men, it's only until we get into the jet", they're looking blank "i told you i'm not taking any chances of people knowing you like mutants", they put them on and we left the dressing room "cerebro what's blackbird's ETA?"

"blackbird is on final approach to the metroradio arena", alright quickest way out would be through the arena and into the foyer "come on guys", we ran back to the stage and jumped off, the arena is empty but the foyer is packed, alright i'll have to scare people [x men coming through, move it or lose it], well it's got them moving, when we got outside the jet was then landing, the hatch opened and we ran in "go!", rogue closed the hatch and took off

"welcome back sugah", man i've missed her and i'd like to chat but for this to work she needs to be gone, i turned around and the guys had took the inducers off, i guess it was freaking them out a bit, anyway they don't need to see this, i waved my hand and froze them "jake?"

"i've got an idea but i need you to stay with the other students"

"but i've got super strength, i could help you"

"i need you as back up babe, stay with the students and if i can't stop miss grey you give it a try, please trust me Marie", she activated autopilot and got out of the seat, i walked up to her and gave her a kiss

"please be careful jake"

"i will", i teleported us to the danger room, good none of the teachers are in here "what ever you do, don't let the teachers know you're in here, if they come in hide up", i can't wait for a reply, i teleported back to the jet and made sort of like a robot of rogue and implanted my knowledge of rogue into it's fake mind, to anyone else, including telepaths, it's rogue there, then i unfroze the guys, cool they didn't realise "rogue you got here in about half the estimated time, can you get us back any quicker?"

"if i push this baby any harder she'll tear apart sugah"

"do it, i'll hold her together", oh damn i made this robot good! it's giving me a worried look just like rogue would "trust me rogue"

"you're the boss firestorm", crap maybe not that good, rogue never called me that and the guys are giving a confused look

"it's my codename", the jet started speeding up and then tearing up, i stretched my mind out and used my telekinesis to hold her in place "once this is over i'm gonna have to make them a stronger jet, that's if the world still exists", oh fuck it's that voice again "we haven't got long, rogue we need to go faster"

"engines are at full speed", alright time to give it a push, good god! using telekinesis in two places is a hell of a lot harder than it looks! i think i'm sweating "firestorm if we go any faster the engines will blow, we're only ten minutes away from the mansion", good i wanna get this over with! "ease up or we'll fly past the school!", i stopped pushing the jet and then rogue started slowing her down, i can stop holding it together now, i dropped down on my knees, man i'm knackered now, i felt a hand on me, i looked up and it was danny, he helped me get up

"are you alright?" he asked

"yeah i'm fine", well i'm not but i can't tell him that, i don't want him knowing that nearly killed me, the jet landed and we got out, professor xavier, cyclops, nightcrawler, wolverine and storm were there, miss grey was standing back from them, i know she's scared but hopefully there's no need to be, as long as this works, we went up to them and i knew the professor could sense the guys aren't mutants "sir this is danny, tom, harry and dougie and i know they're not mutants but they're good friends and probably the most mutant friendly people on the planet..." fuck not again! oh shit it's not just the voice, it's miss grey, she's turned, now they're scared... hell i am too but they need to be more scared than me, god i hope this works! i looked to miss grey, she's floating in the air with black hair and flames, her uniform has turned from gold and red to gold and black, let's see if i can act, i grabbed my head and started screaming, i let some black flames out, changed my hair and flew up next to miss grey, i hope this is what it meant by opposite, i know what miss grey was about to say so i figure if i say it too it'll make her believe "hear me x men, no longer are we the people you knew, we are fire and death incarnate now and forever, we are dark phoenix!", that's got her and everyone else, danny looks really scared, i hope he doesn't hate me for this, come on miss robot, live up to rogue

"jake this isn't you, stop this please", i picked it up by the throat and started strangling it

"you pathetic mortal, jake emmerson is no more!", i kept strangling it until it died... well until i turned it off but everyone thinks rogue is dead, now for another trick, but this time it's just in the mind, i made an image of kitty on top of the jet

"professor everyone's scared down there"

"for gods sakes kitty get out of here, now girl!"

"charles you should know that girls never listen, let me help you with this one" i shouted, i made a stream of black fire leave my hand and started melting the jet, yeah they all think kitty is burning and now the jet is a mass heap of melted metal, i'll have to create a new one

"two down in as many minutes, i wasn't expecting a partner" miss grey said

"my host absorbed you're powers, he is as much god as you"

"shall we make it three down?"

"and then destroy this pathetic planet of theirs"

"I'll let you decide who's next to go" she replied, cool this gives me an opening, i let my claws out and started looking at danny as evil as i could, which is hard when this person is someone you care a lot about... fuck i can't do it, danny's my mate how can i make him think i'm gonna kill him? man i love him i can't do this!... no i've gotta stick to this or there'll be no stopping miss grey, please forgive me danny i don't mean it

"the weakest here shall die next", that's got her, she's laughing at danny, i turned to face her "that would be you jean", i lunged toward her and stabbed her in the stomach, i changed everything back to normal "for a god you aren't half stupid", all her flames disappeared and she started falling to the ground, i caught her and lowered us down gently, either she's putting on a show like me or she's turned back to jean, i hope it's the latter one

"you stabbed me.. i.. i'm dieing"

"it's the only way to stop dark phoenix"

"i don't wanna die"

"i've been clearing my mind so i can hold yours inside mine as soon as your body is dead dark phoenix will leave, trust me miss grey", she's started dieing, alright time to absorb her "don't hold on anymore miss grey, it's time to die... it's alright jean i'll catch you, let go!", alright she's letting go, i'm gonna have to go phoenix for this, i started absorbing her mind, oh god this hurts so much... there i've caught all of her... i think

"jake, is that you in there?"

"i'm fine professor... it's fine, i'm storing jean's entire consciousness in my own memory... but it's okay, it's okay... we're fine charles, jake and i... and i... we can handle this..."

"we've got to get you to the medical bay.."

"no time for that professor, dark phoenix is still in jean's... it's in my body charles", oh god this is so messed up, one second it's me... and then it's me, oh god jake hasn't thought this through!... yeah i have once dark phoenix leaves your body i can put you back in... no it won't leave, it will 'power' my body, it'll get into my brain and take control, it will be weak but it can still destroy us all! we haven't got long before it wakes up... that's it jean, if it's weak it'll want an easy way to destroy us, cerebro! i concentrated and started to pull cerebro up through the ground

"what's happening? storm asked

"i'm bringing... i... jake's pulling cerebro out, he's... i've got an idea", there cerebro is up and i didn't damage it, time to... to... oh shit i can't do this it feels like there's a tornado in my... my... in jake's mind, he can't hold me... "i feel sick.... jean in me... professor i'm bursting open... mind peeling and erupting like rotten apples... dark phoenix is here to kill us, i'm afraid... too sick! help me... professor i'm losing jean... can't remember the smell of grandmothers house... or how good it felt to meet McFly... i can't remember.... ninth birthday gone... such a good day with parents... gone...", oh god this hurts so much i... i ne... jake wants to be near danny, i've got to get him to... no i can't be with him, i started walking to cerebro, "jean's consciousness is much too strong for one mind to contain... but maybe.... i can use cerebro to spilt her, and hope she survives the ordeal", i put cerebro's helmet on and started finding every human and mutant on the planet, as soon as i'd reached them all i gave them part of jean, i stopped cerebro and... i can't remember what i've just done, i know jean was in my head but what happened? i can remember that i had an idea of what do with her "i think it worked! jean's gone and even my memories of what i've done have gone with her", oh crap jean's body is waking up, oh she hasn't got eye's! just black holes

"my host? where is my host?", it turned and looked at me "you! you stabbed me! where is my host?"

"haven't a clue" i replied, i then felt it in my mind searching "look all you like dark phoenix, i really don't know where jean is so you won't find anything in here"

"this time you're telling the truth, no matter i can still destroy you all even without her!", that's what we wanted... i think

"i thought i'd be scared when you woke up, but... but i'm not! there's only one of you in the whole universe and to tell you the truth you don't stand a chance, you may be an expert on fear, isolation, loss, pain and hatred, but you have no idea what friendship is! you don't understand the emotional mechanics of people who stick together and support one another, you just seem really vulnerable to me"

"shut up!", oh i've hit a nerve with it "i'll make you tear your friends to pieces... where is jean? all my host ever does is hide from her guilt, i want her here to see this!", she looked past me and saw cerebro, she started walking towards it "i know how i'll destroy you all! cerebro will amplify my thoughts tenfold and allow direct access into the minds of every creature on this planet, i'll turn your people upon one another, mothers will cannibalise their children, lovers will savage their darlings...", she'd now reached cerebro and put the helmet on "hello all you creatures out there! it's time to be destroyed, can you feel me inside your... jean?", what's she mean jean? jean is...

"oh yeah, what i just forgot was that i broke her consciousness into pieces and stored a little part of jean in every living mind... we were just waiting for you to connect them all back up..."

"NO! white-hot claws tearing through my head... don't...", black flames are coming from jean's body and her eyes are back, oh jean is pushing it out, once it's out i might be able to destroy it, i called on the phoenix power and flames came out of my body... it's not just flames it's the phoenix itself, every time we do this it's actually the phoenix not just flames! the phoenix got bigger and bigger until it was stretching a lot higher and wider than the school, no one will get hurt from it... except from this evil bastard

"you wanted to destroy my world... you used my friend, who's been like a sister to me, and turned her into something pure evil!... you're not welcome in jean's body or this world dark phoenix... not while i'm here to protect it!"

"i'm back! jake my god! dark phoenix is loose! we have to strike while it's hostless!"

"got that one covered jean", i walked up to dark phoenix and caught it in my wings, it let out a scream and then it was gone, completely gone, there's nothing left of it anywhere, alright time to stop the light show, i let phoenix back in and walked up to jean "sorry about the whole stabbing you job"

"who cares about that? you just destroyed dark phoenix!"

"no we destroyed it", i took her hand and we walked back to the others, the first thing scott done was hugged jean, but she pulled back from him and held her stomach "jean?", she pulled her shirt up and she still had the wounds from me stabbing her and they were bleeding very bad

"you know if you were still a student here you'd be in detention for a year", she said smiling

"well maybe this would get me out of it", i let a claw out from my left and slit my right hand, ouch that really hurt! once the blood had run for a few seconds i placed my hand on her stomach and gently rubbed it over the wounds, after a couple of minutes her wounds had healed along with the cut on my hand, but there is a scar on her stomach

"yeah that would get you out of it", oh yeah the blackbird is completely fucked!

"sorry about the jet, give me a minute and you'll have a better one", i started work on making them a new jet, this time i'll make it twice as strong and fast

"jake, what about kitty?", oh yeah forgot about that, "is she really..."

"have a little faith in what you taught me professor i'd never kill anyone, kitty was just a telepathic image and kurt just kick rogue", he gave me a strange look "just do it", he walked up to the rogue and kicked it

"metal mien heir?"

"yep she's a robot, neither of them were here at all, they're in the danger room", there the jet's done, "it's twice as fast and strong as blackbird"

"jake why didn't you tell us what you were doing? i thought we'd lost you too"

"jean right?" danny asked "you could use that phoenix thing to shield your thoughts but she would've seen through the rest of us in a second"

"yep, the only way to pull it off was for everyone to think i'd turned evil too", i'm so glad that's over, "don't suppose someone could give us a ride home please"


"yeah i'll take them professor", we said bye to everyone and then walked over to the new jet "you better sit up front with me" storm said walking to the pilot's seat, she sat down and looked at the controls

"don't worry it's the same as blackbird"

"except the controls aren't as cramped as the other one, this is a lot better", she closed the hatch and then we set off, after a while storm put her hand on mine "that was some display of power back there"

"i'm just glad it was enough"

"are you alright?"

"i just can't remember some things that happened recently, i know tonight i performed with those guys at their concert but i can't remember what i sang"

"when you first started losing jean you said you can't remember what it felt like meeting them, can you remember now?"

"not really i just know it was probably the greatest thing in my life", man i wonder what else i've forgotten, i don't regret doing what i just did cause it helped save jean but i know i've lost part of me, "storm i'm scared, i might have pushed them away, they're nice guys, i couldn't bare losing them"

"i don't think you will, yes they're probably scared but i'm sure they'll always be around", man i hope she's right "where do you want dropping?"

"oh there's a travelodge on the A1 north just outside of newcastle, we're staying there", when we got there storm put the cloak on and landed the jet, i used my telepathy to make sure no one was about and then we got out, bugger! [thanks storm] [take care jake] [you too], we walked to the lodge and went up to mine and danny's room, the car will have to wait until the morning

"we better leave you alone, you look like you need a good rest" harry said, they started heading for the door "see you in the morning", once they'd left i locked the door and turned around... fuck danny just punched me in the face and it wasn't messing around like before, he meant this one

"what the fuck did you think you were doing? you're insane jake!"

"i couldn't tell you i was faking it or jean..."

"i'm not talking about that you moron! i mean putting her mind in yours! one second it was you and then jean took over and none of us could keep up with it, you had blood running out of your eyes, i thought you were gonna die... you're completely messed up!", i shouldn't have let them come, it was too much for them and now danny hates me

"i better go..."

"yeah i don't ever want to see you again", fuck what's happened? i thought we'd be friends for life "no don't go", god make your mind up danny

"what the hell do you want from me?"

"i don't want anything from you jake... i love you", he loves me? how come i couldn't sense this?

"i love you too", did i just say that?

"no jake i love you... i don't mean like a friend"

"i don't either", that's shocked him... actually it's shocked me too "holding jean's mind in mine was fucking hard but the hardest thing was making it seem like i was going to kill you, that's when i realised that you're more than a friend, i wanted to stop everything and tell you i love you but i couldn't cause dark phoenix would've killed us all... screw this trying to explain it, i don't know how it happened but i love you more than life itself and i never want to be away from you, i wanna be with you every night for the rest of my life"

"you really mean that?" danny asked, my gob won't work, all i can do is nod "i need you too", he started moving closer to me and kissed me... god his lips are so soft! i don't want this to ever end but... oh god no we can't do this, i pulled back from him, why does this have to be complicated? "what's wrong?" everything's wrong "jake why are you crying?"

"we can't do this, tomorrow i go home and you guys go to the next arena, we're worlds apart"

"no! we can make this work, i'll leave the band or something but there's no way we're giving up on this", that's it!

"i'll give up work and then i can be with you more"

"even better, the record company are always needing bodyguards so if ours moves to another band you could take his place, think about it there's no one who could protect us better than you, you're not just powerful you're our friend"

"but they won't want a mutant protecting you"

"who gives a shit, we'll them they either let you do it or we quit and after the success we've had so far they won't want to lose the money, come on jake we need you... i need you"

"and that way i'll be with you everyday?"

"yeah just you and me... well the others too but at night just you and me"

"you're an idiot danny... but you're my idiot, i love you so much", i went to kiss him but he pulled back

"hold that thought", he ran out of the room leaving me standing there like a weirdo, alright i'm gonna get ready for bed, i got undressed and went into the bathroom, i'm too shattered for a shower so a wash will have to do, once i'd done i left the bathroom and danny isn't back yet, where's he gone? oh the door, i turned around and danny walked in with the others

"jeez is this a witch hunt or something?"

"no we've just had a deliberation"

"a come again?"

"an idea", why couldn't harry just said that? "sod this whole bodyguard thing it's bollocks, we want you to join us", right and that would mean what exactly?

"yeah i've still got a major headache, you're gonna have to explain this"

"we want you to join the band, we'll get shot of McFly and the five us go as phoenix"

"alright slow this down a bit, you want me to join the band"


"then you want to change the name to phoenix?"


"no, everyone knows you as McFly"

"it'll be like a fresh start, new songs, the five of us together..."

"i mean no to the whole thing, i can't join you guys"

"why not? you can sing and play instruments as good as us" dougie replied

"so can a lot of other people but they don't make it anywhere, you guys have got somewhere and me joining in could mess it all up"

"jake get over this mutant thing you've got going on, we don't give a shit about that"

"i don't just mean that, look at other bands that have had new people join, they get one song out and then it's over, you've come to far to risk all that"

"but we want you with us"

"i will be with you, i'll protect you or carry the guitars, i'll even wipe your asses but i can't join you on stage, i really enjoyed tonight, i think, and a big part of me wants to do this but i'm not going to work off what you've achieved"

"i guess this time we don't get a say in this?" tom asked "how about a compromise? you don't join the band but on tour you be one of the supporting acts", me supporting them?

"yeah i guess that could work"

"good we'll talk better in the morning, you need rest" dougie replied pulling tom and harry out of the room with him, what just happened? that was way too fast

"you're confused aren't you?" danny asked


"good", what the hell does he mean by good? now i'm more confused "cause you are so cute when you're confused", numb nuts, he pushed me onto the bed and then came next to me "jake, how did you kill jean? we couldn't see from down there", i raised my hand and let my claws out "does it hurt?"

"every time bub"


"wolverine always calls people bub", why is he rubbing my chin

"i hit you pretty hard, i thought there'd be a mark"

"rapid healing factor comes as standard with the claws, i've healed from worse bub", oh yeah claws still out so i still talk like logan, i let them back into my hands, danny started rubbing my chest and stomach, then he stopped, i was enjoying that

"what's this?" he asked, i looked down and saw three marks on my stomach "that wasn't there earlier"

"it seems i must've absorbed jean's wounds, that's where i stabbed her"

"but that healing thing"

"technically it isn't my wound so i can't heal properly and it doesn't hurt so i guess it's a scare for life jobbie"

"jake you're talking like it's not important"

"it isn't, nothing's important as long as i've got you", he came down on me and started kissing me [that has to be the sweetest thing ever] [well it's true] [you do realise there'll be times when we're apart] [we don't have to be, i could link our minds together so we always know where each other are] [yeah go for it] [once it's established it will be there for life, there's no getting rid of it, think about it for a while] [i don't need to, i love you jake and i swear i'll be with you for the rest of my life, nothing will ever stop me from loving you, please do it], there it's done, i just hope he's sure he wants it [of course i want it you idiot and you're cute too]  "i love you"

"i love you too" he replied kissing me again, after a while he got undressed and the came and lied down on my chest. That's how we stayed for the rest of the night and i hope we'll be like it every night for the rest of our lives.