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Disclaimer: The X Men are owned by Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox. I haven't met Rooster and i don't know them Although I've met McFly, I don't know them and this story isn't in any way implying that either bands are gay. Alright now that cack is out of the way, here's the story, enjoy!


Well that's how we met and how i got together with danny, anyway back to tonight, i know i said auditions have only just finished but that's not actually right, they finished about four hours ago but we've been playing together and also decided on a name, rooster. Oh here comes tom, harry and dougie, i guess danny must be doing his solo

"hey how'd auditions go?" harry asked, yeah they can be really dumb sometimes, i pointed to the others "shut up emmerson"

"shut up yourself, anyway guys this is nick, greg and sam"

"you guys gonna come out and sing?"

"no it's too soon"

"but you've been..."

"not for me you idiots..."

"i don't mind singing, it'll be fun" sam said

"same here, we're supporting on the rest of the tour anyway" nick added

"i agree, we might as well start a night early" greg finished, thanks a lot guys, tom, harry and dougie are giving me a 'told you so' look, man i'm never gonna hear the end of this

"yeah alright then"

"great, what you singing?"

"staring at the sun" i replied, well this will decide if we make it anywhere, we've only been together for a few hours so if they like us tonight we should do well, in theory at least

"come on danny's nearly finished" harry said leading us to the back of the stage, hey this is a good time to do it, the only light on the stage is on danny so we can get set up without people seeing us, when danny had finished harry started introducing us, not sure why but he's best at this kinda thing "alright cause we love you guys so much we have a treat for you, this is a band that will be joining us for the rest of the tour, they're great guys and their music is the best... except for us", what a tart! "right over here on bass we have greg, on guitar is nick and jake", he ran to the back of the stage for sam, danny looks really surprised, i guess we could've told him telepathically, oh well i'll make it up to him later "and last, keeping everyone together is the main man, on drums is sam", crap why did we let a drummer have this job? "alright everyone go nuts for..." [Rooster] [thanks] "Rooster and staring at the sun", alright here we go, all the times i've done this and this is the first time i'm nervous, i hope they all like us

Daylight, on my shoulder, makes me feel alive.
You kept me standing in your shadow.
And it's a cold, cold place to hide.
I'm running away from this messed up place.
I'm breaking free, Yeah yeah.
I'm tired of staring at the sun.
Can't stand the way you burn my eyes so I can't see.
Stealing every breath I breathe.
You push me into overdrive.
Well i don't need this kinda high. Cause now i'm done
Cause you took everything while i was staring at the sun.
I know, you won't let me.
Just turn and walk away.
You tie me up, kick me around.
Try to kill my dreams and break me down.
But I won't hang around.
I'm running away from this messed up place.
I'm breaking free, Yeah yeah.
I'm tired of staring at the sun.
Can't stand the way you burn my eyes so I can't see.
Stealing every breath I breathe.
You push me into overdrive.
Well i don't need this kinda high. Cause now i'm done
Cause you took everything while i was staring at the sun.
I was staring at the sun.

Well this is going down really well, i just hope they remember us when we bring out the first single... actually this will make a good debut single, i'll have to put it to the guys later.
Daylight on my shoulder.
I know its time to run.
Yes, I know its time to run.
I'm tired of staring at the sun.
Can't stand the way you burn my eyes so I can't see.
Stealing every breath I breathe.
You push me into overdrive.
Well i don't need this kinda high. Cause now i'm done
Cause you took everything while i was staring at the sun

Yeah, staring at the sun.
You took everything while I was staring at the sun.

Yep that definitely went down well, the audience are going nuts [you could've told me you were here] [i wanted to surprise you] [i guess i'll let you off then] [thanks, love you] [jake] [yeah?] [the guys are now leaving the stage], shit! i'm standing here like a right prick, time to run, i put the guitar down and ran off stage, as i got off danny, tom, harry and dougie were then going on

"we're now doing all about you and then we're finished, do the others know you're..."

"yeah that's the first thing i told them"

"what about..."

"second and they're fine with both, obviously or they wouldn't be here"

"cool, see ya in a few minutes", they went onto the stage and i went to find the others, oh there they are

"that was great, roll on tomorrow night!"

"what do you guys think about releasing that as our debut?"

"hey you're the boss"

"yeah we're just the add on's"

"it's up to you", pratts

"don't make me kick your asses, we're in this together no one's boss"

"we're in this together? you make it sound like hell"

"living with mcfly is hell, they're nuts"

"we've only been together for a few hours but it's easy to see we're not completely sane ourselves"

"good point, anyway back to the debut?"

"i'm up for it"

"me too"

"me three"

"i have got a question though" nick said "when did you want us to move in?"

"tonight if you want, you've got some stuff from last night and we can sort out the rest in the morning", man these guys are great on agreeing with each other, we walked off to the dressing room to wait for the others "anyone else need nicotine?"

"yeah go on" sam replied, only him? cool cheap round... bugger i'm out! danny will have some, i levitated his jacket over to me "i take it that's danny's?"

"technically it's mine he just claimed it", ah crap he hasn't got any... oh hang on "all we got is tobacco"

"that's fine", i started to use my powers to roll a few, i figure the others will want one when they're done "has he got any dope in there?"

"samuel i'm shocked!" greg replied

"yeah you're only seventeen, you shouldn't be asking for stuff like that" nick added

"just cause i'm the youngest it doesn't me i'm all innocent and stuff"

"don't take any notice of them sam, they're just old and boring"

"hey emmerson i'm only a year older than you"

"and i'm only a few months"

"you're still boring" i replied getting stuff thrown and me from nick and greg, i raised my hand and stopped it in mid air "didn't your mother ever teach not to throw stuff at a telekinetic?", i levitated a roll up over to sam and when he sparked up his lighter i stole the flame to light mine

"hey!", once i was alight i sent it back to his lighter "thieving git", that wasn't very nice, "have they got any beer?", we gave him a strange look "bollocks, i started drinking when i was nine!"

"nah the label don't like us drinking before a gig, the lame brains think we'll get pissed"

"jake, i'm not sure the label would like you calling them lame brains", bollocks!

"fletch! what're you doing here dude?"

"i'm your manager, why wouldn't i be here?"

"yeah alright don't get smart", oh crap it wasn't in the program for us to perform tonight "we're not gonna get a bollocking for singing just then are we?"

"you personally are gonna get a bollocking for not finding these guys sooner, that was brilliant, who wrote that song?"

"me with the help of JB"

"who's JB?" nick asked

"james bourne"

"as in from busted?", yeah they're as dumb as me, "you know busted too?"

"you're all under the same management" fletch replied

"don't you mean were under the same management"

"the record company are trying to work on charlie"

"it's obvious he is leaving, he hasn't spoken to any of us for weeks", ah man the silence, there's more to fletch coming here than we thought, "alright what do they want?"

"they'd like you to talk to charlie"

"you mean they want me to manipulate his mind to make him stay, i knew there had to be a reason why they'd put a mutant on the books"

"no jake it's not like that..."

"i'll talk to him but that's it, i'm not gonna get in his mind for anything, not even to find out why he's all of a sudden wanted to quit the band", not another silence... ah great! "you want me to go now?"

"if you would", bloody hell, "his new band are performing at this place" fletch replied passing me a leaflet, at least i know where the joint is, "just do what you can"

"alright but you can call the lame brains and tell them i'm not doing anything to his mind", bugger the others haven't come off stage yet, "can you tell the guys what i'm doing and i'll meet you all back at the house", alright let's get this over with, i teleported to the joint charlie's playing at, i walked in and took a seat at the bar, charlie's seen me and if looks could kill! mother fucker why do i let myself get talked into these things? hey at least the barman has come to me "could i get a beer please", he turned around and got one, "what time do the band get off?"

"i think this is their last song", thank god for that, at least i don't have to wait for long, charlie knows i'm here so if he doesn't come up to me i'm not gonna go chase him, i don't know why i let fletch talk me into this... damn it i've finished the beer already! "want another one?" i nodded, he got another beer and i soon downed half of it, man why am i so nervous? this charlie i'm gonna talk to not the queen! alright emmerson just calm down. The band finished and after about ten minutes some guy came up to me "jake emmerson?"

"yeah that's me"

"the band want to talk to you out back", i got up and followed him around the back, he led me up to a door "they're through there", i went outside, charlie and the rest of his band were standing outside, damn here some the nerves again

"why are you here jake?" charlie asked

"i just wanted a chat"

"you mean you wanted to convince me to stay in busted, it's not happening i've had enough of them"

"what james and matt? what'd they do wrong?"

"busted was never more than just a pop band, i didn't want that", he went distant for a second "get the hell out of my mind freak", what the heck?

"i'm not in there..."

"don't act dumb with me! i know someone's in my mind"

"you know i'd never read your thoughts dude...", oh god he looks in pain, "charlie?"

"leave him alone" one of his band shouted punching me, man that hurt! hang on there's a shadow coming from behind those crates, i waved my hand and sent the creates flying out of the way

"what are you doing to him?" i asked

"he's caused pain to a lot of people, he deserves to feel that, i'm making him feel what all his fans have felt"

"not while i'm here you wont", i got into the guys mind and started attacking it... man this guy is strong, thank god i've got phoenix, once i'd given the guy a headache i stopped attacking his mind and he ran off, what a wimp! i turned back to charlie, he looks like he was in a lot of pain "are you alright?", damn it another punch! man now the others are having a go

"never come near charlie again you mutant filth", man why is charlie just standing there? they're still punching me, alright i've had enough of this, i sent out a burst of telekinesis and they went flying away from me, i looked at charlie and walked off, it's only about a half hour walk to the house from here and it'll give time for the cut on my lip to heal, i don't wanna explain this to the guys, man what's got into charlie?

Alright the half hour walk turned in to fifty minutes, for some reason it was taking a while to heal so i had to walk slower, when i got home james and matt were there

"hey how'd it go?" sam asked

"not too good, he didn't wanna talk"

"are you gonna try again?"

"am i hell as like, he seemed like a different guy", i guess that's not what james and matt wanna hear "sorry guys but i don't think he's coming back"

"it's not your fault jake"

"yeah thanks for trying dude", i sat next to danny and he passed me his beer

"thanks", doh i've downed another one... oh the door, greg got up to answer it and came back with charlie, man could this night get anymore crap? "what the hell are you doing here? fuck off!"


"it's alright matt i deserve that", damn right he does, "i take it you haven't told them?"


"told us what?"

"you should've let that telepath carry on"

"i'm not like you, i don't like my friends getting hurt"

"guys what's going on?" dougie asked

"charlie's band don't like mutants and it seems he doesn't either"

"i do like mutants..."

"you called me a freak"


"you just stood there while your band kicked the shit out of me"

"jake i..."

"i don't give a shit! get the hell out of here", so much for not telling the guys what happened and charlie is just standing there, can't he get the message [now!], crap i didn't mean to project that and my eyes have flamed over, well he's now leaving, good! no not good, he looked really sad, man he's my friend "i was hard on him"

"no you weren't, did his band really do that to you?"

"yeah but he done nothing"

"exactly he didn't try stop them, he deserved that" matt replied

"no he didn't, i know he's the one who's quit busted but this must be hard on him too, you guys have made something and he's risking it all to follow his heart, in a way i admire him for it, i know if rooster make it big i wouldn't risk it for anything", i shouldn't have shouted at him... bugger! "i'm gonna find him"

"just leave him"

"james deep down you don't mean that, there's no stopping him from leaving the band but it doesn't mean we can't still be friends"

"his band don't like mutants"

"i don't wanna be friends with his band" i replied "if he comes back you've gotta promise me you won't be off with him", well they've all agreed, except james and matt, this has really got to them "guys?"

"yeah alright"

"but if he says anything against you i'll deck him"

"deal", i left the house and ran down the street, jeez he's a fast walker! bugger for all i know he might have come in a car... nope there he is "charlie", ah crap he's been crying, man i'm a dick "i'm so sorry mate"

"you've got nothing to be sorry about, i'm the one that's fucked up"

"you haven't fucked up"

"yes i have, i've fucked my whole life up, my best mates hate me"

"no one hates you"

"i let them hurt you"

"it doesn't matter, i don't care what they think of me charlie, you're my friend and i love you and no one will ever stop me loving you"

"you really mean that?"

"of course i do", i pulled him into a hug, man he's cold "you're freezing, lets get back to the house"

"no i can't go back there"

"yeah you can, you'll always be welcome there", i pulled away from him, why doesn't he believe me that i don't hate him? i wiped a tear from his eye "i mean it charlie i'll always love you"

"i love you too", what the? he just kissed me, well it was a friend kiss not like a lover kiss "i'm sorry i... man i'm still fucking things up!"

"no you're not"

"if danny finds out he'll kill me..."

"no he won't, if you'd kissed me like he does then yeah he'd kill you but that wasn't anything more than a sign of the love between friends now stop beating yourself up about nothing", he still doesn't believe me, i leant in and kissed him again "see just friends"

"and you really want me to come back?"

"yes, like i said you'll always be welcome there... just, no offence but not your band"

"hey i'm gonna have words with them later"

"no don't"

"there was no need to do what they done"

"i know but don't risk it, the last thing you need now is to have an argument with them", we started walking back to the house, man it's cold tonight!

"you're a great guy", no i'm not, "jake you don't hate me do you?"

"of course i don't, even if i wanted to i couldn't hate you", we soon got back to the house, man it's warmer in here!... why's james sat on the stairs? "james?"

"can i borrow your car please?"

"sure", he finally looked up, man he's crying "what's wrong?"

"kara's finished with me", she's done what?


"all she said was she wanted a clean break and never wanted to see me again, i'm gonna talk to her"

"you can't drive like this, let jake take you"

"i'll be alright"

"charlie's right, let me take you", he got up and took my hand, i teleported us to kara's house.



I can't believe she's finished with me, i didn't think anything was wrong with our relationship, i guess charlie and jake were right, me driving wouldn't have been a good idea, i can't even think straight... hang on, why is jake standing at the bottom of the steps?

"what are you doing?"

"i'll wait here for you"


"you don't need me in there dude", yeah i do, i'm nervous and need a friend, "i'm only a thought away", i wonder if one of his powers is to be the ideal friend? somehow he always knows what to do and say... okay bourne get on with this, you can tell jake that he's great later, i walked up the steps and knocked on the door, it was a minute or two before she answered

"you better come in", i followed her into the lounge

"what the fuck did i do wrong?", well that's not how i wanted to start it

"you didn't do anything wrong james"

"why have you ended it then?"

"it's cause with busted splitting i can't see us going anywhere", did i just hear her right?

"you what?"

"i can't see us going anywhere..."

"no the first part", she's gone quiet... i did hear right, i don't believe this! "it's because busted have spilt? are you saying all this time we've been together didn't mean anything to you? you were only with me because of the band? i thought you loved me kara!"

"i did..."

"bollocks!", this can't be happening... oh god! "when we were in america you were up for coming out until i said things weren't going well and then you wouldn't have any of it, you just used our relationship to further your own career"

"james it wasn't like that..."

"the hell it wasn't, you were nobody until you met me and now you've got on the showbiz ladder and my band have split you don't need me anymore", when i walked in here it felt like my heart had been ripped out but now i... hell i don't know how i feel! i turned around and walked out of the door, man jake's been standing in the freezing cold for no reason

"james!" kara shouted as she followed me out

"don't bother kara!"

"but i..."

"just leave him alone kara" jake replied

"keep out of this, it's got nothing to do with you, you radioactive freak!", why have people got it in for him tonight?

"hey you can say what the hell you like to me but leave jake alone", we started to walk away

"james don't go", as if i'm gonna stay now, "if you leave i'll tell the press jake's a mutant, it'll be on the front page of every paper in the morning and ruin any chance his band has of making it", oh fuck i don't wanna stay but if i don't it'll fuck the guys careers... man i've got no choice i've got to stay, i turned around and started to go back to her

"no james don't", hasn't he been listening? "kara you can tell the papers what you want, i'm one of the strongest telepaths in the world, i'll erase it from the minds of the whole country and implant my best homemade nightmares in your brain for the rest of your natural existence, by next week you'll wish you were never born", he was about to take my hand [no don't teleport, i don't trust the bitch], we started walking off, i can't believe kara involved jake like that, she's already messed my life and she was gonna do the same to him...

"i thought you don't do things like that?"

"i don't but she doesn't know that, you saw her face she was scared, there's no way she'll go to the papers now"

"you crafty sod", he's only nineteen and he's probably the smartest guy i know, i suppose after living with super heroes most of your life you pick up a few tricks "hey do you wanna grab a beer before we go back?"

"yeah we might as well" he replied, cool i need a bit of time to get my head around this. We decided to run to the nearest bar cause it's so cold, "you find a seat and i'll get the drinks", what's he mean find a seat? the place is half empty! too late to ask he's gone to the bar, i went and took a seat, it wasn't long before he was back "here you go", now how could he remember what i drink? in the whole time we were together charlie and matt could never get it right, "wanna talk about it?"

"it seems she was just using me to get famous, she said the reason she wanted to finish with me was because now busted have split she couldn't see us going anywhere", actually this is now starting to sink in, i can't believe i was so blind, "this really hurts jake, i thought she loved me"

"hey you're one of the nicest guys i've ever met, if she couldn't love you as a person only as someone famous then that's her problem", man i can't help laugh a bit, "what?"

"you're great", his mood has changed a little, "what's wrong?"

"i'm nobody special, i'm just an ordinary guy, i wish people wouldn't keep saying i'm great"

"hey have you ever thought that maybe we tell you're great cause you are?"

"but i'm not"

"yes you are jake, we all love you a lot so stop complaining boy", that's lightened him a bit

"you're not the boss of me"

"oh i am too" i replied throwing a coaster at him, see he doesn't realise that just doing stuff like this makes him great, in those few minutes i totally forgot about kara... well i've just reminded myself but that's not the point and jake's humming staring at the sun, he's doing it again and he doesn't even realise it, i guess that's another thing that makes him great, he doesn't say and do what he thinks you want him to he just acts himself all the time "but i don't need this kind of high cause now i'm done, cause you took everything while i was staring at the sun", why didn't i notice it sooner? "man i've been so blind!"

"love does that, you wrote the song so learn from it, run away from this messed up place and forget about kara, i know you loved her but she's not worth beating yourself up for dude, if she was only with you because of busted then she's gonna lose in the end, as much as i love matt and charlie, you're the one who wrote the songs and out of the three of you you're the one who's most likely to make it after busted, she thinks your career is over now but she's wrong and in time when someone mentions kara tointon everyone will be like 'who?' but when they say james bourne, everyone will still know you"

"but what if i can't make it on my own?"

"well you'll always have something with rooster, look at staring at the sun, i had the idea but couldn't turn it into a song, you done that and we'll probably always need you to turn our ideas into music"

"hey stop putting yourself down, you wrote the chorus and second verse"

"yeah but you started it off, once i could see the first verse the rest came to me but if you hadn't got that far staring at the sun would still be an idea in my head, so face it rooster will be screwed without you"

"obviously you can't see how good you guys really are, i was at the concert tonight with matt, we came in just in time to catch the end of danny's solo, there's too many pop groups and dance acts in the industry at the moment and you guys will be like a siren to all the rock fans out there who have been longing for a band to come along with some honest to goodness musical talent and personal charisma, it's been a long time since a young, new group has come along with with a rock 'n' roll heart as big as rooster's and i know you guys will be going for a very long time", he's going to say something, "don't even think about arguing emmerson"

"what makes you think i was gonna argue?"

"cause you never except any praise, you're too modest for your own good"

"i grew up with people hating me because i'm a mutant and now all of a sudden there's you guys who can see past my genes and it's just strange, i'm used to people telling me i'm scum not saying i'm great"

"well get used to it because we're not stopping"

"right back at ya!", what's that mean? "you're great too"

"you're an idiot"

"that's why you love me"

"thanks for this jake, when we left the house i was upset and when we left kara's i was angry but now i'm just... content, most people would only say what they think i'd want them to say but you're just being you and stop blushing you tart"

"leave me alone", he's blushing even more now

"ah little jakey's embarrassed", i think that's enough winding him up for now, "so where the hell did rooster come from?"

"that was nick's input, when we stopped for lunch he placed a bet on a horse called rooster booster and came back 500 better off, crafty bastard"

"damn he should be here buying the drinks"

"he's already spent it", he's what?

"how'd he manage that?"

"when i told him he's in the band, he bought a new guitar... this is so crazy"

"how do you mean?"

"well this time last year i never imagined i'd be forming a band, this is such an amazing feeling and... and i'm being a idiot again!", is he? "you really don't need me going on about starting a band when yours is splitting"

"hey it's alright...", he just took a mouthful of beer and totally missed his mouth, it's gone everywhere, "you dirty twat"

"i forgot to swallow"

"why do i get the feeling you often say that to danny?"

"now who's being a dirty twat?", what's he on? it was only an innocent question, "same again?", well the dick's gone off to the bar already, he really is a pratt sometimes... well most of the time actually, if he'd given me chance to open my gob i would've said we better be heading back soon, the others are probably wondering where we are... talking of being back, jake is already, man he doesn't waste time when it comes to beer

"cheers", still can't figure out how he remembered what i drink, smart git! "we better go after this one"

"you're right it's getting late" he replied downing his pint in one go "come on down yours"

"if i didn't know any better i'd say you're trying to get me pissed so you can seduce me or something"

"nah there's only one pop star i wanna seduce"

"yeah danny"

"don't be daft, lucie silvas", he wants to seduce lucie silvas?

"i thought you were gay?"

"yeah i am, sort of, i love danny more than life but he's the only guy i like, i can honestly say i've never found another man attractive or anything and if we were to spilt up i'd never get with another guy"

"danny's really lucky to have you"

"he'd probably be luckier if he didn't have me"

"i'm serious, it's so obvious that you love him and you're not just with him because he's attractive or cause he's famous..."

"hey don't go there mister! kara was a bitch but you'll find someone decent and if it's lucie silvas give her my number"

"what makes you think i'd want to share?"

"cause you love me and i love lucie silvas"

"i can see we're going to have to find you a hobby or you'll start stalking her"

"come on dude she is a goddess", he's got a point

"yeah but that doesn't mean you can start stalking"
"shut up and drink your beer bourne" he replied, typical yank, they're so polite, and now the barman has shouted they're closing in five minutes and to drink up, "it doesn't matter where you go there's always someone telling you what to do", alright i'm confused

"how do you mean?"

"well this jerk telling us to drink up and there's always people telling you make something of your life and stuff, it does my head in, i mean i don't need no advice it's my life and i'll wreck it if i want to", he's got a point here, when i was at school teachers were always telling me to study hard if not i'll never get a job, bollocks! look at me now i've made enough money with busted to last the rest of my life... that's an idea

"you could be on to something here jakey boy", now he's confused, "i suppose it was different with you cause you're school was for super hero's but the teachers here are always telling kids what to do, i didn't really listen much but there was a lot of my old friends who did, i love my job but i know some that hate theirs, kids should know that they don't have to listen to everything adults tell them"

"you're right, what are you doing tomorrow?", strange question


"you are now, we were gonna start on the album so we could do with your help"

"are you gonna start selling yourself down again?"

"no but i told you that you'll always have something with rooster"

"jake i'll be fine, you guys can write an album on your own, you don't need any help from me"

"i think we will but even if we don't, i want your help dude, when the album comes out i want everyone to see your name underneath every track, please do this", man how can i say no when he asks like that?

"yeah alright i'll help", i hope he doesn't regret this

"i won't regret it", damn it! "and i wasn't reading your thoughts..."

"i know that you fool, i projected it right?"

"yep, i think telepaths in new york heard you", ah crap, "and that", shit, "that one too"

"yeah shut up", i downed the rest of my beer and got up, "let's get outta here", we walked out of the bar and jake was about to teleport us home, i pulled him into a hug "thanks for tonight"

"anytime dude, i'll always be here for you"

"cheers mate", he's like a little brother, he's the best friend you could have but annoying at the same time [i heard that!] [well it's true, you're the best] i've gotta learn to control my thoughts [damn right you have bourne], damn it! alright it's still bloody cold out here "teleporter to maximum mr emmerson"

"aye aye captain"

"engage", see it's more fun when you pratt around

"how'd it go?" matt asked

"she's a bitch" i replied

"not just a bitch, she's the bitch" jake added

"she loved busted more than me, she just wanted to get famous, now we're done she wanted to finish with me", oh no charlie's face, he feels bad "it's not your fault charlie"

"but if i hadn't quit you'd still be with her"

"yeah and i'd never known why she was with me, in a way you've done me a favour"

"no fair! you guys went to a pub!", how'd tom know that?

"hey i'm the telepath of the house"

"i don't care, how come we weren't invited?"

"cause it was a spontaneous decision" i replied

"jake you're slowly becoming my least favourite mutant" matt replied

"who's your favourite then"

"fuck if i know, but it's not you"

"alright tomorrow night we'll all hit a club or something", well he hasn't thought this through very well, "yes i have", fuck! shit! bollocks! "do you kiss your mother with that mouth?", this is getting annoying now, why the fuck am i projecting my thoughts? i don't even realise i'm doing it [hey it's alright, it's probably just because you're wound up about kara, if it doesn't pass in a few days i'll help you with it] [thanks mate] "anyway don't worry sammy, you'll get into a club"

"how?", bless him, i suppose it will take a while for them to get used to being with a world class telepath "yeah we're all allowed a dumb moment"

"it doesn't matter how dumb you are we'll always love you little guy"

"why is everyone talking to me like i'm a kid?"

"you are", we all replied, bless him... ah man it's getting late, we should go soon, this sucks there's no telling when we'll all be together like this again, why is life never simple?

"hey this is a ten bed place, do you guys wanna crash here the night?" danny asked, that's freaky! it's like he read my mind

"think about it danny" matt replied

"there's eleven of us" charlie added, not like them to be on the ball like that

"dicks, there's still three spares", he must have failed maths

"how'd you work that out?"

"oh for the love of god" jake replied pointing to danny then back to himself, oh yeah they're together... duh! "not that hard is it?"

"do you want a slapping emmerson?"

"bring it on mattie boy", matt put his beer down and pounced towards jake, i don't think jake was expecting it, he half jumped and raised his hands... and froze matt in the air "bloody hell i thought toad was the only one who can leap like that!"


"one of the brotherhood lackies, he's like a toad, slimy little creature", jake raised his hands again and unfroze matt who fell flat on his face "sorry"

"you will be you do that sod again" matt replied getting up, he then pounced at jake again but this time he got him, he got jake on the floor underneath himself then jake teleported out and onto mantle piece "hey no powers you cheat!"

"face it matt you'll never beat a god" danny replied

"i'm not a god"

"yeah you are"

"no, just cause i've got the powers of a god it doesn't mean i am one, jean's the god"

"and you kicked her arse so you're just as good if not better", i think they're gonna start arguing in a minute

"hey who wants a coffee?" i asked getting up, well they've all said yes, damn it i only asked to stop jake and danny, i wasn't serious

"i'll give you a hand", sam replied following me into the kitchen, "what was that about?"

"jake's finding it hard with us praising him all the time"

"but he's a great guy, i only met him yesterday but he's like a big brother already"

"i know and i feel the same but he grew up in a school for mutants, it was a miracle if they went a week without some anti mutant group destroying their home, he wasn't called a human or even a person, he was called a freak and in the past year his life has changed so fast he can't keep up, everytime one of us open our mouths he's preparing to be called a monster again and danny calling him a god isn't helping"

"but in a way he is god" sam replied confused

"jake was born in a small town that was very religious, god was never called a freak and he can't see how he can be a god"

"he called jean a god and people must've called her a freak too"

"he may have been through more than most people will go through in their whole lives but he is only nineteen, he's still a kid and doesn't understand everything, jean was like a big sister to him and so he will see her as a god", i just had an idea, "maybe if he was to talk to jean he might feel better about himself"

"she lives in america"

"and there's a cool little invention called the telephone", i got my mobile out and dialled the school, i can't even remember why we've all got it but it's handy now, they don't take long to answer "hey could i speak to jean grey please?" "who's calling?" "james bourne, i'm a friend of jake emmerson" "i'll just get her for ya sugah" "i think that was jake's ex"

"what's his name?"

"her name's marie, although most people call her rogue"

"his ex is a she? i thought he's gay"

"just danny...", oh jean's here "james? is jake alright?" "yeah he's fine, well sort of, this is gonna sound stupid but he's finding it hard to have people loving him" "you're right honey that sounds stupid" "what i mean is he still thinks of himself as a freak and i was wondering if you'd maybe come talk to him or something" "i can but maybe it would be better for his old roommate to come instead" "no definitely you, he's always talking about you and he nearly got into an argument with danny earlier, he has your power but he's sees you as the god and himself as monster" "oh right, i'll get kurt to teleport me over, see ya in a minute" thanks, bye", man i hope this helps jake "she'll be here in a....", oh she's here, "that was quick"

"where is he?", she's really worried

"he's in the other room", she started to walk off "no jean not yet, if you go in now he'll know i called you and he'll go nuts, he doesn't realise there's anything wrong"

"alright i need a reason to be here", that's a good point, she wouldn't come all the way from america for the hell of it "i've got an idea, i'll just tell him i've been on a mission", oh she can do that clothes changing trick too and that uniform moulds to her body! "i'll give it a few minutes then knock on the door" she replied walking out of the back door. We finished making the coffees and went back to the others, oh there's a tension between jake and danny you could cut it with a butter knife... ah the door bell, jake was about to get up

"i'll get it" sam said walking to the door.



I hope james is right, it's easy to see jake cares about us all but we're not his family, these x men are and i hope that jean being here will help him to see he's not a freak or a monster... anyway i better let jean in, she must be freezing out there... there's some kind of pink shield around her

"it stops me from feeling the cold", alright perhaps she wasn't freezing, "remember to act like you don't know who i am", that's a good point, we went back to the others, jake was reading a magazine and didn't look up, jean walked up to him and sat beside him

"jean! what the hell are you doing here?"

"we've just finished a mission and i thought i'd drop in"

"what kinda mission?"

"let's not talk shop sweetie, i haven't seen you since..."

"it's alright dark phoenix is gone"

"and i've got you to thank for me being alive, hell the world needs to thank you for still existing, you're a god"

"you are jean, not me" jake replied, [i see what you mean, he really doesn't like it]

"you've got the powers of phoenix too jake and you're heart is pure, that alone makes you a god", she leant down and kissed him on the forehead, "besides even without any powers you'll always be my little god",  well that's got a smile on his face, hope it lasts a while, "what's a girl gotta do to get a drink around here?", tom held his beer up and jean brought it over with her mind "thanks honey"

"so what's been happening at mutant high?"

"quite alot actually, we're getting new students every week, the danger room has had an upgrade and sage is now an x man.."

"sage? as in tessa?"

"yep, charles could finally see her as more than just a spy, she's fit in very well considering who she had to replace"

"replace? who left?"

"psylocke but she didn't exactly leave as such she... she died in battle", the smile didn't last

"betsy's dead? why... why didn't anyone tell me?", jake's eyes are like fire

"calm down jake, there's nothing we can do"

"you know as phoenix we can do anything, even bring people back from the dead"

"and you know as humans it's not our place to do so, she died saving people, she wouldn't have wanted to go any other way", his eyes are back to normal but he's crying... hell i wanna cry and i haven't got a clue who they're talking about

"when's it gonna end jean? first peter and now betsy"

"i know how you feel sweetie but peter went out saving the entire mutant race from a disease and betsy saving a little human girl from some evil mutants"

"if only i'd been there, i've got a whole catalogue of powers, i might've been able to help betsy"

"it's not too late, psylocke loved being an x man, you used to love it too", this doesn't sound to good, is she trying to get jake to leave us?

"i was never actually an x man and my home is here now"

"the x men are family, we share a dream, a common goal, a world where mutants and humans live in peace, i can see in the past year you've managed that here, we could use you for the rest of the planet, we need to be together, it's the best way"

"i love you all but while i was there i copied the souls of everyone who entered the gates and i've got the powers to show for it"

"and professor xavier helped you to control those powers, in the old days, when we both first started at the school, mutants were a comparative handful, now they're everywhere, our numbers can't be ignored and we refuse to hide, mutants need to be taught how to handle themselves and their powers, not simply in practical terms, they must learn the ethnics of being a mutant", what the heck? there's like a pink image of people in uniforms in the middle of the room... one of them is jake "these kids need teachers and more importantly mentors, they need role models, people who have been through the same hell they have", man she makes a strong case

"it's not just about me jean, today we formed a band, how the hell can i give that up before it's even started?"

"hey you've got to do what you want to jake, you can't worry about us" i replied, where'd that come from? i don't want rooster to finish before it's started

"even if i did wanna come back i couldn't as a teacher, i can't even control my own powers so how the hell can i teach others to do it?"

"you can control your powers"

"no i can't, i can't even control myself, i was about to bring betsy back from the dead, i can't teach others how to live in peace when i can't control myself from interfering with nature"

"alright what's with this putting yourself down kick at the moment? you're a great person"

"no offence jean but that line is really pissing me off"

"so the truth is pissing you off now? what happened to the jake emmerson i grew up with? the one who taught me how to use telekinesis to open a locked safe? the one that fired dirty jokes in our heads when the professor was trying to be serious?"

"people change phoenix"

"phoenix? you found it hard to call me that in danger room sessions, why now?"

"it's what you are, it's what makes you a good person and an x man"

"then it's what makes you one too and scott's optics, logan's claws, john's ability to control fire and everything else you've absorbed"

"at the gig tonight there was so many mutants out there i'm not sure what i've got, how can absorbing people's souls make you a great person jean? you taught history, when we spent a whole semester on myths and legends you taught us that something that stole souls was a demon, how am i different from those things in text books?"

"well for one you don't steal souls jake, you just copy them and that does not qualify you as a demon or monster or any other crazy thing you think you are, what've we got to do to convince you that you're a great guy?"

"i told you that is pissing me off", oh no his eyes are fire again [i think i know what the problem is, he's absorbed the psyches and powers of so many people he can't tell which one is his anymore, he needs to release some of that excess energy, if i piss him off enough he'll do that but it might get dangerous, it's probably safer if you guys leave] well i don't wanna leave him and i guess the others don't either [i think i speak for everyone when i say we wanna help] [alright i'll put a shield around him to contain his powers but i'm not sure if it'll hold] who cares? jake needs some help here, jean said he needs to be pissed off, well that's an easy one, my sister's always telling me i piss her off

"jake you're great"

"stop it!"

"why? i was brought up to respect a god"

"sam stop it"

"you're beautiful and everyone loves you"

"i am not beautiful"

"yes you are babe"


"we all love you"


"i wish i was half as great as you"

"harry! all of you stop it now!"

"i'd choose you over life any day"


"you're my little god jake"

"phoenix! what the heck is wrong with you lot? i am not great!" [i think this is it, everyone say it together and get ready for hell]

"yes you are!", we all shouted, jean's right that's got him... man am i glad she's got that shield up! i can't even see jake, it's just a blur of powers... oh the powers have seemed to stop, that was quick

"mother fucker! i can hear my own thoughts again, thanks jean"

"when did you last use you're powers?"

"i use telepathy, teleporting and telekinesis nearly every day but i haven't really used the rest since dark phoenix"

"you haven't used them for a year? that's where the problem is, you've been constantly absorbing powers but not releasing them, i understand you don't want to come home but i think it's best if you do come back at least once a month and hit the danger room", i wonder if he'll be alright with us telling him he's good? [jean?] [yeah?] [will he be alright now?] [i think so, give it a try, he won't hurt you, i won't let him]

"jake, you're great, i love you", oh god he's smiling, that's a good sign

"i love you too sam", yay that's better, "and guys i'm sorry for being such a dick"

"it's alright, we're all allowed to be a dick once a year"

"yeah and you've just used your turn"

"hey guys is there a pizza place around here, i didn't get a chance to eat before i came over... for the mission"

"hold it right there miss grey, you were about to say something else"

"no i wasn't", oh he's giving her an evil look, "alright i came over here to make sure you were okay"

"so there was no mission?"

"not today"

"so why are you in uniform?"

"to make you think there was a mission"

"that'll do, come on" jake replied getting up and walking to jean, she changed back into normal clothes "do you guys want anything in particular?", that was a dumb question, "as long as it's grub right?", we all nodded and he teleported out with jean, well i don't think he hates us for calling her.



Man am i glad to her myself again, i love being a mutant but hearing other peoples voices in my head all the time is annoying... oh sam's thinking i hate him and james, what a fool!.. oh they called jean... well i still don't hate them, [i don't hate you sam] [you sure?] [of course i'm sure, i love you and thanks for calling jean] [actually james called her] [whatever, i'm just pleased the voices have gone] [don't let it get bad like that again, i was worried about you] [i won't] [good and i love you too] bless him

"so why didn't you eat before you came out?"

"i was about to but the boys were worried about you... i was worried about you"

"well thanks, i didn't realise how bad i'd got"

"i'm serious jake you should hit the danger room to release the pressure"

"yeah i will... well if i get a chance"

"what do you mean?"

"like i said i'm in a band now, we're gonna start writing an album tomorrow and hopefully record the debut single in a couple of weeks"

"i never thought of you as a pop star"


"come again"

"we're more of a rock band than pop"

"you aren't gonna be one of these bands that get a major sulk on if you're called pop are you?"

"no but i will give anyone who says that a major headache"

"does that include me?"

"of course not"

"knew ya loved me"

"no it's cause you can give me one back twice as bad", she just smacked me, "ouch!", oh we're at the take away already, we walked inside and there was only a couple of people in, we got up to the counter and looked at the menu... cool ben is on tonight, he's another a guy who likes mcfly for their music and not their looks

"hey jake, how's the auditions going?"

"done and we performed at the guys gig tonight"

"what'd you sing?"

"staring at the sun, we're gonna use that as the debut"

"cool, i swear i'll be first in line to buy it", he's such a cool guy, "so i take it you need more than the usual?"

"yeah, we'll need eleven"

"bloody hell! how many guys have you got in this band?"

"there's just four us but busted are staying the night and jean", duh he doesn't know jean "oh yeah this is my sister jean", i just called her my sister! although she is like a sister that's the first time i've ever called her that

"didn't realise you had a sister", i'll leave it at that instead of trying to explain, "oh i'm ben"

"nice to meet you" jean replied

"you're american too... hang on that's a stupid comment, if you two are related it's obvious you're a yank too"

"yeah i'm just over for the... a few days"

"it's alright, ben's a mutant too, he's a male kitty", oh yeah the grub! "what you having jeannie?"

"the same as you guys"

"man you're brave, i wouldn't wanna eat what they do" ben replied, it isn't that bad

"why what is it?"

"everything and i mean literately every topping we've got"

"hey we're growing lads"

"lame excuse and still i'll go for that"

"must run in the family, anyway eleven mcfly specials coming up", he went off and started making them

"he's a nice kid" jean said, she's right he is cool "why did you tell him i'm your sister?"
"well you're like a sister and it just slipped out, sorry"

"don't be sorry you fool, that's sweet and you're like a little brother down to the last detail... you've even got the annoying bit right"

"am i really annoying? james said that earlier"

"of course you're not, i'm just messing with ya and he's probably messing too", oh ben's back

"it'll be about twenty minutes", some guy's asked him if he's got an order ready, "it's always the same around here, do this do that", do this do that? man i see where james was coming from

"ben have you got some paper and a pen, i've just had a deliberation", damn harry and his strange words, he passed me a pen and the lid of a pizza box, that'll do

"what's a delib... thing"

"deliberation" jean replied

"what she said"

"it means an idea and you can blame harry, he's always saying that", right here we go, well i've got the first line, oh james said about teachers going on all the time "jean you're the teacher, if we were normal kids what would you tell us to do?"

"i don't know... get a job?", oh that's a good one... now it's flowing! "what are you doing?"


"that's obvious, writing what?"

"a song", woo hoo i'm up to the second verse already... right who else tells me to do stuff? oh the label! first was get a band... that'll do.... that's all they've really told me to do... oh there was that movie premier, i wanted to wear my normal clothes but they told me to get a suit, it's amazing how you can turn real things into music, right so shove the chorus in again and... bugger i can't think of anything else... sod it first verse again and finish with the chorus "done!"

"you're done? you just wrote that in less than ten minutes"

"well it's not completely finished, i need to write the music but the lyrics are sorted", oh ben's disappeared, i can't see him anywhere, "where'd ben go?"

"that guy shouted at him again", there's always one bastard, "it's alright i've given him a headache"

"no fair i wanted to do it", i don't know why ben doesn't find a better job, these guys don't appreciate him and he can do alot better than make pizzas... oh talk of the devil, he's back with ours "look for a new job, you're too good for this place"

"jake i'm still at school"

"yeah and?"

"no one will take me on until i finish school so i'm stuck here for a while"

"alright once you finish school i don't wanna see you here again"

"thanks alot"

"you know what i mean"

"yeah alright i will then", he better, "see ya tomorrow?"

"damn right", we got the pizzas and left, we walked down the street and i was about to teleport us but jean stopped me "what up?"

"we didn't pay"

"it's alright we're in most nights so we pay at the end of the week"

"you're in there most nights? don't you guys ever cook?"

"us lot try cooking? we'd burn the house down", oh she's giving me one of those looks, she's gonna say something

"i'm trying to imagine you guys cooking... evil"

"you're no chef yourself jeannie" i replied taking her hand and porting us home "hey jean reckons the thought of us cooking is ev... il", who's that kid? he looks like an older... nah no way could it be... he wouldn't.... "carl?"

"didn't think you'd recognise me after all these years", i levitated the pizzas into jean's hands and ran up to him and hugged him

"are you kidding? how could i not recognise my little brother", man this is so messed! i can't believe he's here!... that's a point, he was a baby when i left "what're you doing here?"

"i missed you"

"you were three"

"i know but i could still kinda remember you and the photos were a give away that i had a big brother"


"yeah there's photos of you all over the place, mom and dad miss you"

"that's funny"

"i'm serious"

"the town got that money and they were gonna try get rid of my mutant gene but mom and dad persuaded them to make me leave"

"they told me that but they also said they regret it, they said they'd do anything to see you again and that's what finally made me decide to find you"

"carl i'm sorry but there's no way i'm going back there"

"i know it's hard but i'll be there with you... please at least think about it bruv", god i didn't think i'd ever be called that, he's come all this way to find me and all he wants in return is me to go home but i don't want to, i've finally started to make something of my life and if i go back i'll just be digging up a very painful past... but god knows how long it took for him to find me

"i'll go back to see them but that's it, i'm not moving back there or anything", am i totally insane? "is tomorrow okay?"

"whenever", yeah i'm insane but if it makes carl happy i'll do it, "i love you", who knew three little words could make you feel so happy?

"i love you too", why have the others got up? i raised my hands and stopped them from moving , "hold it right there dipshits, where're you going?"

"you're calling us the dipshits? you guys haven't seen each other for years" tom replied

"alright so you wanna be with me when i'm having psychic attacks and could be really bad ass dangerous and kill you all and now i'm the happiest i have been in my life you think i don't want you about... yeah you're dipshits, sit!", pratts have saluted me, "again with the dipshits"

"you wouldn't want us any other way", well they've got that right. We spent the next couple of hours chatting and then i teleported jean back to the school, i didn't stop long cause we're gonna head that way tomorrow before we go to see mom and dad, i still can't believe carl's here! today has been the best ever, i formed a band with three of the greatest guys alive and then my little brother turns up, things are finally looking up.


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