Disclaimer: The X Men are owned by Marvel Comics & 20th Century Fox. I Haven't met rooster and i don't know them, although i have met McFly, i don't know them and this story isn't in any way implying that either bands are gay.

I can't believe i'm doing this, i know carl said they miss me and regret doing it but they still did, i was only seven and they chucked me out of the town, how am i meant to forgive them? if i'd done something wrong it would be one thing but i didn't

"are you alright?" carl asked, man i'm so glad he found me

"just nervous"

"hey we don't have to do this yet..."

"no it's alright, i'd prefer to get it over with"

"as long as you're sure", he's the best, this is so stupid! i'm only seeing my parents again so why the heck am i nervous? carl opened the door and walked in, "jake?"... damn it i can't move, alright just calm down, you've got you're little brother and even without telepathy you know he loves you, well last night i did take a quick look in his mind to make sure it wasn't a trick, yeah i know that's harsh but it just seemed too good to be true, anyway back to now, i don't wanna do this but carl spent weeks trying to find me so it's the least i can do for him, "mom, dad, i'm home", oh god here they come, man they haven't changed much

"you found him?"

"yeah it's great, jake's in a band over in england he..."

"we didn't think you would", crap i knew this was a bad idea


"it's alright jake..."

"no it's not, they don't want me here"

"don't be stupid bruv..."

"he's right son" dad replied, why does it feel like my heart's been ripped out again? "we didn't like to see you upset the way you were, that's why we agreed to let you go, we didn't think you'd find this trash", that's a new one

"you guys are joking right?", why did they do this to him? "please tell me you're joking?", now carl looks like his heart has been ripped out, "mom?"

"no sweetie, we thought you'd give up and come home... alone"

"so you're not content at getting shot of me, you had to do this to carl, what the hell is wrong with you? he's your son!"

"don't talk to me like that you scum" dad replied punching me, bugger that hurt, i forgot how strong he is, that's made a nice cut on my lip... oh well logan to the rescue, i let my claws out and the cut started healing

"i wouldn't try that again bub", mom and dad looked astonished, "if you'd let me stay you would've found out i copy the powers of any mutant i stand near, my telepathy's telling me you're about to call the cops but i wouldn't bother, they could fire a hundred rounds in me and i'd heal, besides they'd never be able to see where they're going in this weather", i started creating a massive storm

"your eyes!... you demon!"

"actually mom you couldn't be further from the truth, can you remember that god that was pure fire? school's never went into much depth about it cause not much was known", time to call on the bird, the flames started surrounding my body, "i am fire and light, i am phoenix!", dad started heading for the phone, i used my optics to blow it up, "i just told you there's no point"

"get out of our house", well i've made my point, i stopped everything and came back to the ground, i don't even remember raising up

"you can't stop me seeing jake"

"not while you live here you won't"

"dad please he's my brother", this is insane! [danny?] [you alright?] [not really, long story but they don't want me back, they tricked carl] [you're fucking me?] [not yet], alright emmerson stop messing around, [seriously though if it's alright with you guys i'd like carl to move in with us, i can't leave him here now] [we all agree] [thank you, tell the guys i love them]

"carl, if you want you can come live with me"

"don't be absurd, how can you look after him?"

"if you'd let carl finish earlier you'd know i'm in the music industry, i've been performing solo for a year and i've just formed a band, i live with them and another band in a ten bed house"

"what company would let a mutant work for them?"

"universal island records, anyway i was talking to carl not you"

"what about the guys?" carl asked

"are you kidding? mcfly and rooster are family, they want you to come as much as i do", he's sacred, hell i would be too [it'll be okay little bro, i promise]

"yeah i want to come, just give me time to pack"

"sod that you're starting a fresh, we'll go shopping later"

"carl, sweetie, you don't have to do this"

"are you gonna let me see jake?"

"no" dad replied

"then i do have to do this, he's my brother and i love him", why did they have to drag him in like this, "i'll call you"

"don't bother if you're living with that", i can't believe they're being like this to him, he's done nothing wrong, i put my arm around him and we started walking to the door

"how are you getting home?" mom asked, actually i'm not sure she's happy with this, tough she's got a choice

"the same way we got here", by now we were standing outside, i activated my com device, "scott we're ready", the jet lost it's cloak and started coming down, mom and dad looked shocked, "you hate mutants but there's not many humans who could afford one of these babies", the jet landed and we got inside, mom started crying and that made carl cry, i hope he doesn't regret this, [mom i know you hate me but i promise i'll look after him], she's smiling so i guess she heard, i held carl tighter and kissed him, "i love you"

"love you too", i wish i could make his pain go away... what's that noise? oh it's tom's phone

"watch out it's the boss", he answered the phone and put it on speaker "where the hell are you guys?", "america", "you what? tell rooster to get their arses back, we've arranged a press conference for them and it starts in half an hour", ah man this sucks!

"fletch dude now's not a good time, we've got plans"

"like what?" danny asked

"i need to go shopping for carl"

"we'll do it, if that's alright?" tom asked carl

"yeah that's fine"

"sorted, they'll do it", "nice one guys, it's at hyde park, nick, jake take your guitars so they can see you play your own instruments and take the music for staring at the sun so they can see you write too, i've got a meeting in an hour so i won't be there but i'll catch you at the gig tonight", bugger forgot about that... man i don't wanna do this now, "stop looking at me like that emmerson" danny said

"well i wanted to spend the day with carl"

"sorry bruv i'm with danny, we can hang another day"

"you sure?"

"yeah, this is more important", bless him, i looked to the others and then teleported us home, we need to change before this.


I don't understand why mom and dad done this, why didn't they just tell me they didn't want jake back instead of letting me find him... hell i would've gone anyway but at least i wouldn't have put him through all this again, it must be killing him

"bugger, the idiot forgot to take us, scott could you swing this baby by england please?", the jet started turning and we nearly fell over, "i didn't mean literally you daft bast..."

"so where are ya'll performing tonight?", that's a good save by... the really pretty girl with white stripes in her hair

"wembley", isn't that like the biggest arena in england?

"alright we'll be there in about ten minutes", damn this thing is fast! "where do you guys want dropping?"

"home will do" dougie replied, "hey i've just had a thought", he looks pleased, "this means sam and me aren't the youngest in the house anymore"



"shut up"

"hey leave him alone" i replied, he came up to me and put his arm around me

"yay i've got a new best mate, screw you guys", he's an idiot, "do you know how to play guitar or bass?"

"haven't a clue"
"i'll teach you then we can ditch this lot"

"you wouldn't ditch us, you love us too much" harry replied

"he's got a point, besides mcfly wouldn't be the same without you"

"how do you know? surely our stuff doesn't get played over the states?" danny asked

"of course it doesn't but i was on your side there you moron"

"yeah that was my yearly dumb moment", what's he on about?

"you used that last night"

"no that was sam, nick, greg and jake", he's thinking about something, "it's official, rooster are dumber than mcfly"

"cool pop gets one point and rock gets nil" tom replied

"ya'll aren't gonna start having a music war are ya?", she really is pretty

"yeah... hey we'll have to release a single on the same day and see who gets the highest chart position"

"and then argue for the rest of our lives"

"nah think about it, we're best mates, we live together and we're signed to the same label, neither of us will lose" dougie replied, he's got a good case, he turned to the x men, "you'll buy our single right?"

"well normally we'd support jake but..."

"see we're in the winning already"

"don't get cocky, normally we'd support jake but with this we'd stay well out of it"

"bugger!", i really like dougie, he's so cool, "well my new best mate will buy ours, right little dude?", little dude? i've been called many things but that's not one of them

"best mate or brother? sorry but i'll choose rooster"

"you get ours or we don't let you move in", what the hell? is he serious, "shit carl i'm sorry i didn't mean that", thank god

"don't worry about it", why's he looking at jean like that? no one in here is moving!.. well expect for dougie and me, "what's happened?"

"don't ask me how it works but we're hooked up in jean's mind, no one can hear us, not even her", well that's strange, "i'm sorry, that was a really dumb thing to say"

"it's one all now"


"danny used up a dumb moment and so have you, that makes it one all"

"i shouldn't have said that, i'm sorry"

"seriously it doesn't matter"

"we do want you to move in, i promise", he's really cutting himself up about this, "you do want to move in right?"

"yeah it's just strange that's all, the rooms at your place are like the size of mom and dads house, i'm used to a tiny little room"

"you've just given me a deliberation"

"i gave you a what?"

"it means a thought, don't worry it's a standard mcfly word, you'll be using after a while", i hope not, i don't think i could pronounce it, "anyway why don't we share a room"

"what share again tonight?", oh yeah with that other band staying last night i was going to crash on the sofa but dougie let me stay in his room instead

"every night, you don't like the idea of a big room and last night was fun"

"don't be stupid, you don't wanna share with me"

"yeah i do and i've got to make up for that dumb comment earlier so from now on we're sharing"

"why are you being so nice to me?"

"cause your brother is one of the most powerful people in the world"


"oh we're home"

"how do you know?"

"jean just asked me if we're done" he replied, "are we done?"

"there was no need to do this is the first place, i know you didn't mean it"

"you're so much like jake, it's kinda scary", he's got a point, yeah we're brothers but we hardly know each other, "jean we're done", cool everything's back to normal again, we got out of the jet and then got the car and went shopping, i'm glad they're letting me stay, i could never go home again now.


Thank god today is over! apart from the gig we've got nothing planned tomorrow so i can spend the day with carl... that's a point where the hell is he? i walked back to the living room, harry and danny are the only ones in here

"have you guys seen carl?"

"he's gone to bed" harry replied, lazy bugger, "and that's where i'm now going, see ya in the morning", man everyone's being lazy tonight... then again it is midnight, i sat down next to danny and put my arm around him

"love you"

"you too", man it's not often we get alone time anymore, "is carl okay? i didn't like leaving him after what happened"

"he was more worried about you, he felt bad about taking you home"

"why? it wasn't his fault"

"that's what we kept telling him, but like you he wouldn't listen"

"hey i listen!"

"not often" he replied, cheeky bastard, "i think it's time we went to bed"

"yeah i guess so", we got up and walked upstairs, man i'm shattered, just as we got to our room sam was then coming out of his, he looks really down

"sam? are you alright?" danny asked

"yeah fine" he replied going downstairs

"maybe you should talk to him"

"he doesn't look in the mood for talking"

"he'll either talk or tell you to fuck off", that's true enough, "go on you're good at this stuff"

"alright, see ya in a bit", i wonder what's up with him, he looked angry but sad at the same time... hang on was that the front door? telepathy's telling me sam's outside so i guess it was, i ported out and he was sat on the step, "sam?"

"leave me alone", well he didn't mean that

"are you alright..."

"i said leave me alone", still didn't mean it

"if you can say that again and mean it then i'll go", well nothing, i sat down beside him and he passed me a ciggie, "thanks", i made a ball of fire so we could light, "what's up?"

"i just.... it doesn't matter"

"yeah it  does"

"no it's nothing important"

"come on you can talk to me, we're...."

"no i can't talk to you!" he shouted, well i wasn't expecting that, i managed to argue with danny the day after we met and now i'm doing it with sam.... what the heck is wrong with me? why do i have this affect with people?, i got up and started heading inside, "jake"

"it's okay, sorry for pushing"

"you didn't push"

"well i done something wrong"

"it's not you jake, you just don't need to hear this after what you've been through"

"no offence but don't you think i should decide that?", this is bothering him, "try me, it takes a lot to break me sam"

"i just got off the phone to my parents, with everything that happened i didn't tell them i'd got in, they thought auditions were still on, they don't want me to be in the band.. can you believe it they want me to be a doctor i mean me a doctor? how dumb is that!"

"you want to leave?"

"no of course i don't! it's just they're saying that the band will never make it, that we'll be like other bands and split after one hit... what if they're right?"

"well we won't know if we don't try"

"they said if we don't make it then they won't take me back"

"i don't think they mean it sam"

"yours did", ouch! that was kinda low... no don't be an idiot that's probably why he didn't want to talk to you about it, "sorry"

"i won't lie, it does hurt what they done to me but i've got carl now and you, you guys are my family now and no matter what happens as long as you're about i'll be okay, as long as you guys are there when i get home at night... i can say screw the world, nothing else is important"

"how can you be so calm about it?"

"i've had twelve years to get used to it"

"what?!", hang on didn't he know? "twelve years?"

"i was seven when they did it first, although mutants weren't as common as they are now they were still feared, the town wanted to try remove my powers, which wouldn't have worked, but my parents decided they should give me the money they received from the government to cure me and make me leave town"

"and you just left?"

"sam i was seven, i wasn't even sure what was wrong with me, all i know is i thought of moving a car and then it flew down the street"

"sorry i didn't realise, i'm slow at picking things up"

"it doesn't matter mate"

"i really don't know what to do" he replied, why do parents make it hard for us?

"what's more important, rooster or your family?"

"this time yesterday i would've said my parents but after hearing what you've been through... you guys are more important"

"are you sure?"

"yeah, i don't give a shit about rooster i just want to be with you guys, it feels like i've known you all for years"

"i know what you mean, i thought we'd all be nervous of each other or something but it's been really great... so far"

"hey it's always gonna be great between us", he's right, nothing's gonna break us now, "thank you", huh?

"for what?"

"arse, for being here"

"i'll always be here dude", well at least he feels better now, "man i think it's time we got some sleep"

"yeah you're right", we got up and put our ciggies out then i ported us to his room, "thanks jake", whoa a hug, poor kid was really down about that

"you're welcome", i kissed his neck and pulled away, "try not worry about it, everything will turn out fine in the end"

"as long as you're around they will" [yo jake?], bloody hell! what's he want? [johnny? long time no thoughts] [yeah tell me about it, but do you realise how hard is to think all the way over the pond?] [good point, wanna come over?] [that'd be awesome] [get ready for teleporting] [ready when you are], "jake!"

"sorry i was talking to an old friend"


"i'm now porting him over", alright Mr Storm, over you come....

"jakey boy! man it's good to see you again dude"

"yeah you too, how's sussie?"

"dude you haven't still got a crush on her have you? that was like five years ago!", great now sam's laughing at me, "oh hey i'm johnny"

"sam, nice to meet you", man is there a fire drill or something? it sounds like everyone's just come out of their rooms, "what are they up to?", we left sam's room and they were all in the hall, "what's going on?"

"news flash on every channel, jake you may wanna port us into the centre of london... up high", what the hell? "don't ask just do it", alright... man it takes a lot of concentration to port ten people but we're here on the tallest building... what's going on? "our government have followed the yanks, they've released sentinels", we looked over the side of the building at a group of sentinels

"those guys need help" johnny said, he's got that look in his eyes

"you've never fought sentinels have you?"

"no but...."

"johnny don't even think about it"

"never do"... man he's jumped over the edge.... "flame on!!", actually he looks cool when he ignites... shut up emmerson you're meant to be pissed with him

"if the sentinels don't kill him i will", time to follow... doh! why did i jump over the edge? i'm going too fast to slow down with telekinesis.... [phoenix force!!], looks like johnny's going to fly straight through them, well i guess that'll soon destroy them [jake the news flash said that the sentinels are made from adamantium], the idiot!, [thanks danny], damn it, come on phoenix we need to get in front of him... i stopped between johnny and the sentinel and used to telekinesis to slow johnny down... shit he's going too fast! time for phoenix to help... that's stopped him, "next time listen to me", i threw him back up to the others, right if they're made of adamantium how the hell am i going to destroy them? alright if i call on kitty's power i can phase right through them and fuck up their circuits... thank god it's working, this one's now falling over on top of a group of people, bugger! i reached out with my mind and stopped it, man these things are heavier than normal... fuck and i just got hit by a car one of these bastards threw at me! man who'd have thought getting thrown into a building by a car at about 40 miles per hour would leave such a dent... or hurt this much! damn these sentinels, not only are my favourite t shirt and jeans now ripped to shreds and my chest, arms, face and legs sliced open in god knows how many places but my back is fucking killing me! right time to finish these fuckers! well that was boring, i've phased through them all already! man at least we can have fun with the american ones, right time to meet the others, i ported back up to them... man i feel weak, duh i'm loosing a lot of blood, come on healing factor do your job... yeah that feels better

"that's gross", alright as much as i wanna kick his ass from here to new york, i'm gonna be nice... "why did you stop me from melting their metal asses?"

"cause they're made of adamantium"

"what's that?"

"a totally indestructible metal, you wouldn't have even scorched them"

"dude... that could've hurt"

"it did, why the fuck didn't you just listen to me? you had no idea what you were up against! you should've let me deal with it", bugger i'm getting arsey

"jake i'm used to saving peoples lives..."

"no your used to going into battle without thinking things through and if it wasn't for reed you would've got yourself killed years ago"

"hey no fair!"

"what's not fair is you constantly putting yourself and team mates at risk"

"jake... dude you've changed! what the fuck is your problem?"

"my problem is i've had enough of the people i love dieing, if it wasn't for phoenix jean would be dead, peter died saving all mutants from a fucked up scientist and last night i found out betsy died and if danny hadn't just told me they were made from adamantium, we'd be standing over your dead body", fuck i'm shouting

"perhaps you're right, i don't think things through when i should but when i see innocent people in danger the only thing that goes through my mind is helping them, i know that i could've got myself killed on many occasions but to me other people's lives are more important than mine, maybe you don't like that but it's who i am and i'm not changing", man i never thought of it like that but he's gotta realise that we love him and don't wanna lose him, "could you port me home please?"

"johnny you don't have to go"

"yes i do, you've completely changed jake and i don't wanna know this you", ouch! have i really changed that much? "please port me home, reed will be pissed if i call him out", man i can't let him go like this, he's just got his cell out, alright time to stop his body functions, "what the hell are you doing dude? you've got no right to stop me like that", yeah that was harsh, alright i let him go, man i have changed, i would never do something like that on a friend, "flame on", why has he ignited? oh god he wouldn't?... shit he's throwing flames at me [phoenix force!!],just in time, another second longer and i'd be toast, there he's stopped now

"well that pissed on your chips", but he's still alight... and now he's flying into me! fuck we've both fallen off the side of the building... did phoenix just let out a cry? damn we're not far from the ground, i used telekinesis to stop johnny and threw him back up to the roof, i can't believe he just done that! fuck it i'm not gonna leave it alone now, he needs to be taught a lesson, i flew back up and hovered above the roof, johnny's on his ass, let's see if his body can withstand flames other than the one he creates.... well it would seem he can, alright then a good old punch up will have to do, i started flying towards him and then danny stepped in between us

"stop it", shit no not while i'm phoenix [are you trying to control a god] "jake i'm serious, snap out of this now", man no fair! i let phoenix in a dropped to the ground, "what the hell has gotten in to you?"

"the guy tried to scorch my ass! he's nuts!"

"perhaps next time you'll think before stopping people from moving!" johnny replied getting up

"fuck off i wasn't talking to you"

"you know what jake i will fuck off, you're not the guy i used to know", thank god for that! he's calling reed

"no!" danny shouted, well neither of us were expecting that one "johnny the only place you're going is to ours..."

"no way is he coming..."

"jake shut up", what the hell? "johnny is coming home and in the morning you guys are gonna sort this out"

"not a chance"

"don't do this"

"do what?"

"you know what, port us home now", no way, i'm not having him come home with us, "jake have you lost your hearing as well as your mind?", this sucks [i'm only doing this cause i don't wanna argue with you danny, but i really don't want him around] [well it's obvious you guys are mates so your gonna sort this out, it's not worth falling out over something as pathetic as this], i guess he's right, i concentrated and ported us all home and started heading upstairs, and danny's following me

"please leave me alone"

"so what you're saying i can't come to bed?"

"no it's just i can't believe you made me do this, even though i've got all these powers, if i hadn't have let phoenix out he would've burnt me to hell"

"i know but there was no need to retaliate like that baby"

"danny it wasn't me, i was phoenix at the time and you know how phoenix makes us, johnny really pissed it off and i couldn't help it"

"let's get some sleep and sort it out in the morning"


What the hell was all that about? i didn't think jake could ever get that pissed off with someone, if danny hadn't stopped him i think he would've killed this guy... talking of him, the guys have gone upstairs and i'm on my own with him, fuck this i'm going to bed! [nick could johnny stay in your room tonight please?] [no chance in hell jake, he pissed you off] [i'll explain better in the morning but he pissed phoenix off not me] [so your not mad with him] [only at trying to take on the sentinels, phoenix is mad at him about the rest of it] [i'm not gonna pretend i know what you're on about but i trust you] [thanks nick] [anytime, night mate], i'm insane!

"i guess that means you're crashing with me, if that's alright?"

"yeah, thanks... sorry i didn't get your name"

"nick", this argument has got to him a lot, "do you wanna beer or something?"

"fancy going to a club?"

"it would be great but this is england, all clubs shut in about half hour and we've got a gig tomorrow so we need sleep"


"we're a band"

"all of you?"

"well four of us are in one band and the other four in another and the kid is jake's little brother"

"he's made up with his folks? he didn't say anything"

"not his folks, just carl and he didn't really get the chance with the sentinels and... yeah"

"me being a dick? man i shouldn't have attacked him like that"

"johnny i love jake but he started it, he had no right to stop you the way he did", where'd that come from? i don't know this guy

"he's done that before, i mean he was only messing about at the time but even if he wasn't it wouldn't have bothered me, it's just the things he said about me not thinking and putting my friends in danger all the time.. that hurt a lot, he's right i do but when you hear it... it's like someone's driving a knife through your heart"

"he only said it cause he loves you, he was scared of losing you"

"how long have you known him?"

"since we formed rooster", oh yeah he doesn't know us, "that's our band"

"when was that?"


"how do you know him so well?"

"all of us just seemed to click and besides this is jake emmerson, the most open guy ever, it wasn't a case of we all auditioned and got in, jake formed us, he decided who was good enough but all the time he was worried about how we'd react to him being mutant and gay, dumb ass"

"jake formed you guys? well that figures only he could give a band such a strange name"

"actually i chose the name"

"shit dude i'm sorry" he replied

"don't worry about it, to most people it will sound strange but when we had a break at the auditions i went to the bookie's and won 500, the horses name was rooster booster"

"it makes sense now... hang on what did you say?", strange question

"i won 500"

"not that part you idiot, did you say jake's gay?", shit didn't he know? i guess he wouldn't, "man i never thought of jake being gay"

"i thought you knew, i shouldn't have said anything"

"why not? it doesn't bother me at all", thank god for that! "well as you've got a gig tomorrow we better hit the sack"

"good thinking", we went upstairs and into my room, "ah, didn't really think this one through", at my old house i had two beds in my room, "i'll sleep downstairs"

"on what?"

"the sofa"

"don't be a prick, it's a king size bed", is he suggesting what i think he is? "come on nick i'm 21 and you're..."


"exactly, we're both sensible grown men, just cause we share a bed doesn't mean we're gay"

"yeah i guess you're right.. besides there must be uglier people to wake up next to than you"

"bastard!" he replied throwing his shirt at me

"hey!", twat... hang on he's just turned around, "johnny... your back"

"what about it?"

"it's bruised like fuck"

"yeah i guess getting hurled onto a building twice hurt more that i let on", man i can't believe jake done that, i turned and started walking out of the room, "whoa, where you going?"

"i'm gonna talk to jake"

"don't worry about it"

"look at your back, he shouldn't have done that"

"nick dude, seriously it's alright, it doesn't hurt anymore", how can that not hurt? it's massive! "please trust me dude, i'm fine now", i can't believe jake would hurt him like that, "come on let's get some rest", man i give in too easy, we both got undressed.. well down to boxers and then got into bed, "so you got a girl?"

"not at the moment"

"why the hell not? a good looking guy like you must have loads of girls queuing up"

"a good looking guy like me?"

"yeah you are", what a dick, "hey stop laughing, i'm serious"

"it's just i can't believe you're saying that about me"

"why not?" he replied

"well you're johnny storm, probably the hottest guy on the planet, every girl wants to be with you and every guy wants to be you"

"yeah, and?"

"you're saying i'm good looking, that's like a major compliment"

"well it's true", that really is a compliment!... this guy is great! and i'm starting to fall asleep, man i must be shattered! "nick i'm not sure how but..."


"i... er... i think i love you"

"you what?", please tell me that wasn't what i think it was!

"i said i'd love to see you perform"

"that's not what you said"

"yes it is"

"please don't lie to me", why is he nervous of me? "even if it's what i think it is, i won't be pissed"

"alright, i'm not sure why... well i know why i'm just not sure how, but i think i'm falling for you", how the heck did this happen? i hardly know the guy! "nick could we..."

"johnny i'm not gay"

"neither am i... at least i didn't think i was", this is started to scare me, in a way i do like him but i'm not gay... then again danny and jake weren't and it just happened with them, "please say something"

"this is kinda scaring me, i've never thought of guys in that way"

"you're right i'm sorry", he's starting to get up, "i'll ask jake to take me home"

"no johnny that's not what i meant", what's happening? what's wrong with me? "where i come from, being gay isn't excepted, i mean i don't have a problem with it but that's how i was brought up, my parents will kill me"

"i'm sorry i shouldn't have said anything, for some reason i just feel really connected to you"

"johnny listen to me, my parents will kill me"

"i know and i promise after i go you won't see...", i think the penny's dropped, still not sure what i'm doing but it feels right, i think, "and by will kill you, you mean?"

"if they don't get over it then it's their problem", should i make the next move or let johnny do it? man why does this have to be so hard? with girls it just happens!

"so if i kiss you you're not gonna punch me?", well at least it's not just me who's shitting himself, oh god and i'm kissing him! what the hell am i doing? there's no way i can do this! my parents will never speak to me again! i... i really like him, do i risk everything to be with johnny or stop this now and never know what'll happen? i can't let johnny go, i know i'll regret it, "man this is totally better than a punch"

"you prick"

"hey!", ah crap he's tickling me, bastard! thank god he's stopped... and now he's looking at me like i've got two heads or something, "do you realise you're a god?", yep he's a prick! "nick stop laughing i'm serious... you're perfect, everything about you is perfect... i love you", man they're strong words, how can he know that? we've only just met

"i love you too", alright i guess this is different and scary for us both but we mean it, "johnny i know it'll be hard with you living over there and me here but can we make this work? or try at least?"

"i'd find a way to pull the moon down if you asked me to, you never have to worry about anything like that", what's he mean? i'm confused "you've got my soul", we're gonna be fine!

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