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Well i've packed some shorts and stuff, professor x wants me to go on a mission with storm, all he said was it's undercover and i'll need beach wear but at least it gets me out of the house, staring at the sun hits the charts today and we're all nervous... oh god i've just remembered something, when i made the new jet i put a cd player in it, i know i forgot a lot of things that day but how the hell could i forget that, i mean i done it after i absorbed jean... anyway that means i can finally listen to fightstar's ep, right where did put it? oh yeah it's under staring at the sun, i hate this cover, it's got to be the most unflattering photo of us ever, there that's all i need and good timing too, storm's above the house, better say bye to the others, i ran downstairs and they were all sat in front of the stereo, man i thought i was nervous but the charts aren't on for hours "i'm now heading off"

"cool, have fun"

"yeah we'll call you" sam replied, i think he's more scared than the rest of us, although we all want this to work after that argument with his family about the band he's desperate for this to come out fine, danny got up and came over to me

"they're more nervous than we were and that's saying something"

"that's why i'm doing this, i don't wanna sit around thinking about it"

"just be careful", i gave him a kiss

"i will", he kissed me again and then i ported up to the jet, "morning", whoa storm's looking fine, she's wearing a bikini

"morning, you'll have to change"


"we're off to australia and we've got to pull, you can't were shorts like that"

"i always wear shorts"

"and i never wear a bikini but the guys we're trying to pull could be in serious danger so we need to pull them fast", bugger i should've stayed at home! "first lose the shirt", man! i took the t shirt off, "now the shorts into trunks and make them tight"

"no way!", ah man she's giving me the look, she knows if she gives me that look i'll do what she wants, that's the only way she got me to do homework, alright here we go... man this is tight! "i know i'm gay but that doesn't mean i don't want kids"

"stop complaining and put these on" she replied passing me some sunglasses, "they're the new com devices, they're thought activated and hooked up to cerebro", i put them on and then some information started coming up when i looked at storm, it said what her powers are and everything, alright so if they're thought activated if i think turning them off... the writing fades away, "neat hey?"

"yeah", oh that reminds me, i pulled the cd out of my bag, "do you mind if we listen to this?"

"how?", i pushed the button on the controls and the cd player popped out, "you mean we've been flying this thing and listening to scott run on when all the time it had a stereo? how could you not tell us?"

"i only just remembered"

"you made this heap, how could you forget?"

"it seems i forgot things after what happened to jean", bless her she forgot when i made this, "don't worry about it storm"

"can you remember anything else?"

"i don't think so, i really don't regret doing what i did but it's not fair that i lost good memories"

"how do you mean?"

"well i forgot how it felt to meet the guys, don't ask me how but i know it was probably the happiest moment of my life so why did i have to forget that? why couldn't i have forgot the day i got chucked out of town or even better my parents?"

"maybe it's cause you don't need the happy memories, you became good friends with them and you've got the rest of your life with them but not with your parents, maybe you can still remember that cause you'll never get the chance to be there again"

"yeah i guess you're right", still it doesn't make this any better, "anyway who have we got to protect then?"

"it's a long story, this guy called miles warbeck was murdered, he was reputed national crime lord and, presuming there's a struggle for power, we think his children may be next in line"

"how did he die?"

"that's the thing we're not sure of, it seems he was suffocated but there's no sign of force and, this is why we got involved, gambit was found in the room next to his body"

"nah i absorbed gambit's psyche, no way is he a murderer, besides the death is inconsistent to his power and style"

"exactly, the rest of the team are working on proving his innocence, we've got to protect the children until they do, another thing that's getting us is warbeck was a expert marksman, he fired fifteen rounds but hit nothing" storm replied, this is a one of a kind mission

"so who are they?"

"heather and davis cameron, she's twenty three and he's twenty one"

"so i've gotta pull him?"

"no i'm taking him, you take heather"

"i don't think danny would like me turning straight again"

"and he'd like you pulling another guy?"

"oh you're good", hang on, this is confusing, "if this dude was such a good shot how come there was no body or even traces of blood?"

"we think it might have been a telekinetic, they could have put up a shield and taken him out long distance"

"you're right about the shield but it would've been more efficient to telekinetically stop his heart"

"sounds like you're talking from experience"

"no just as a telekinetic", this really doesn't make any sense, why would a telekinetic stop oxygen flow? unless "something to consider storm, maybe we're dealing with someone who traffics in illusions, they could've made him think there was someone there and that he was suffocating"

"looks like the professor was right"

"what he thinks the same?"

"no he wanted you to do this cause he knew you'd be able to piece it together better than us"

"whatever, i'm as dumb as shit"

"hey he's got a lot of faith in you, we all have, you may not be the most intelligent person in the world but you use common sense more than most people, even scott, hank has spent hours trying to figure this out, he's used loads of theories with words i can't pronounce but you used common sense and cracked it"

"we don't know that it is an illusionist"

"but we do know that it's not a telekinetic, that only leaves an illusionist and they're nearly as common as telekinetics", i suppose she's right, "who is this? it's good"



"charlie's new band, it's different from busted"

"how's your album coming along?"

"ready to record and staring at the sun debuts in the charts today, we're against kylie and eminem"

"why didn't you say? i love that one"

"it's mild compared to the rest of the album, imagine busted and fightstar and we're in the middle of them"

"i never thought of you in a band, you deserve it", yeah i just hope it works out, "oh we're here", that was quick, storm put the jet on auto pilot and i teleported us down, we started walking down the beach "found mine, have fun" she said walking off towards the ocean, if she's going to who i think she is i'm glad he's not mine, yeah he's good looking but he's not danny, i guess that shows he is the only one for me... i wonder if i let him know how much he means to me [i love you], right where's heather? these glasses are helping, she's a lifeguard... [not that i want to complain but where'd that come from?] [i just want you to know i'll always love you] [jake are you alright?] [yeah just nervous and missing you] [i'm kinda bored just sitting here so why don't i come with you?] [you don't mind?] [of course not] [cool i'll be there in a minute], thank god for that! right if i use telepathy to make everyone look the other way... i can port back home and i'm wearing trunks, it's always dougie that notices these things

"what the hell are you wearing?"

"don't it's too easy, i feel like a bloody extra in baywatch"

"seriously why are you wearing that?" nick asked

"a couple of people are in serious danger, we're supposed to be 'pulling' them so we can protect them, storm's in a itsy bitsy"

"oh can i come?"

"yeah and me?"

"no" i replied

"i hate you"

"you love me, anyway we better get going, if storm finds out i'm skiving she's gonna create a hail storm in my intestine... again"

"i'm not wearing that though" danny replied

"it's alright my shorts are in the jet"

"don't you mean my shorts?", that's a point, i permanently borrowed them from him... oh but look at what he's wearing

"in that case i better have my shirt back"

"alright your shorts are in the jet", that's got him, i took his arm and ported us into the jet, he went to the back and started changing, oh there's a spare pair of shades, better give them to danny in case he needs them, i walked to the back and he was then putting the shorts on, i came behind him and placed the shades on him, "what's this for"

"it's our new com devices"

"i'm not an x man"

"no but i am and you're mine so you get a pair of shades"

"are you sure you're alright?", i leant down and kissed his neck

"i am now"

"i worry about you sometimes", i don't know why, i'm fine when i'm with him, "we better get going", he's right, i made everyone near heather's stand turn around and ported us down, we walked up to her station, man she's pretty

"excuse me"


"my name's jake and this is danny, we're new in town"

"i noticed... your accent", i'm a yank in australia and i say i'm new in town, way to go moron! "how can i help?"

"we heard surfer's paradise has the best beach, best waves, best clubs and the best people in oz, we were hoping to find our own trusty native guide"

"and that line gets results?"

"not sure, first time i've used it" [whoa i didn't know storm could surf!] [she's the goddess of elements danny, she's one with the water], what the hell is that? "what's that alarm? what's happening?"

"shark!" heather replied, that would be a good reason for an alarm, "those surfers are helpless in the water! i've got to get to them fast!", she said jumping from her station, we ran to the ocean with her [jake davis hit his head on his board, i need some help], right my glasses are livelinked with storm's, what she sees i see... damn that mother is closing in fast! i'll have one decent shot, i waved my hand and sent an explosion out hitting the shark, davis is sinking fast, storm and heather are swimming after him but they'll never make it in time... good no one's looking, that means i can teleport into the water right next to davis... crap looks like i didn't get that shark, davis is bleeding so he's coming straight for us, that would be a major problem if it wasn't for scott's optics... that's definitely frightened it away i just hope nobody saw the light show, i got hold of davis and swam for the surface, once i reach it i could fly us to the shore.... man we're caught in a current and i can't brake free! and storm's caught in it too, it's as if heather is pushing us but how? oh who cares we're at the shore! i picked davis up and ran to the beach, this is bad!

"jake, is he alright?" storm asked running to us, time to check... ah crap!

"he's not breathing! i can't hear a heart beat", storm knelt beside us, "you handle compressions and i'll take breath cycles", i started giving him a couple of breaths, i hope storm caught on to what i meant [clear] good she did, i raised up and she gave him a small bolt of lightning... yes it worked! he's awake! and heather and danny are here

"i thought i saw... what did you two just do?"

"what was necessary"

"man what happened?" davis asked sitting up

"you hit your head and your heart stopped, we had to get it going again"

"dude i totally owe you one!"... oh i'm absorbing a power... it's heather! [guys heather's a mutant] [are you sure?] [danny i know who i absorb powers from, it's her, her body can produce what ever it needs to rescue people, must be why she's a lifeguard and a damn good one too] [lets not say anything for now but it will come in handy when we come clean about who we are] [yeah about that can't we just be friends instead of trying to pull them, i don't feel comfortable with it] [yeah i'm feeling like that too], thank god for that! [jake why is danny here?] [sorry storm, for some reason i didn't feel right without him] [don't worry about kiddo, as long as you're okay] [yeah i'm fine], "hey?" damn it forgot about them being here, good thing about being a telepath is i can reach into his mind and find what he just said

"yeah meeting for a drink sounds good"

"cool, what time do you get off sis?"

"right about know, how about we meet at that club house over there in about an hour?"

"that's fine with me, danny? ororo?"

"wait a second, i know you two know each other but you too?"

"yeah we've been friends for years"

"anyone else here you know?"

"nah just danny and ororo... well, and you two hopefully"

"you're a right little charmer", oh god not another one, why does my body ache when i absorb powers? "we'll catch ya later then" heather replied walking off with davis

"we've got double trouble, davis is a mutant too although he doesn't know it yet"

"and heather does?"

"yeah she's known for a few years but davis mutant genes are latent, he can ride something called the warp wave, he can travel to anyone just by thinking of them and even take some passengers but he'd need a telepathic 'jump start' first"

"you thinking about giving him the jump?"

"only if it was necessary and he was willing for it, anyway we better find somewhere to get ready, we've still got a job to do"


Alright we couldn't find anywhere to get ready so we just had a quick clean up in one of those showers on the beach and then headed back to the jet to change. Heather and davis aren't here yet, are we early or are they late? man i'm nervous, how do we approach them? hey guys your lives are in danger but never fear two members of the x men and one forth of a pop band are here to protect you... yeah well that doesn't work! maybe i should just let storm do the talking, i know i'll put my foot in it, what if the people who killed their father turn up here?

"will you calm down jake"

"storm's right there's no point worrying about something that may not happen", they're right i'm just being paranoid, nothing will happen here it's too public, "here they come", doh! "calm down", i'm calm... not! this is stupid, i've known the x men most of my life, this should be second nature to me... stop day dreaming, they're here "can we get you guys a drink?", danny always knows how to break the ice, i love him so much

"i'm kinda in the mood for dancing, what about you ororo?" heather asked, please say no

"yeah let's leave these boys to it", damn it! they went off to the dance floor and we made our way to the bar, alright i suppose i better talk

"how's your head?"

"don't worry it's the only part of my body that's too thick to feel pain"

"hey with wit like that you must be fine", cool the guy's serving us already, "three beers please", davis is taking his wallet out, what's he on? "it's alright i've got it"

"don't be daft i owe you one"

"no, you buy a life saving situation and get a free beer, it's for a limited time only and terms and conditions apply"

"what would they be?"

"you just have to tell your heroes a little bit about yourself... that would be us", what the heck is that? ah man there's some soldier looking guys burst through the door! and they've just fired at me!

"jake!!", man that hurt! [jake, are you alright] [give me a second storm], man if they done that to wolverine he'd jump up and kick their asses... time to call on him for some help, that's better

"you know what gets me the most bub? not just the fact that we're were trying to have a quiet drink but it's always me who gets a cap popped in his ass first", they've aimed their guns at me again, i pulled them from their hands and crushed them into a ball

"he's right, sure he can heal from what ever you dish out but that is a bit unfair", good storm and heather are here, "oh i'm being rude, i'm storm"

"and i'm havok, we're the x men and we're about to kick your ass"

"x men? well we have our own mutant here", everything's turned to looking like hell, there's pools of lava everywhere

"looks like you were right", i hate illusionists, right if i walk forward through this pool of lava.... ouch!

"jake!", danny, storm, heather and davis yelled, hey that was in unison

"don't worry guys, if i just throw a punch here", yep there he is, "i now see a man that wasn't there before", he's got up so time for a high kick, "the face is strange but the talent unmistakeable, sebastian shaw better known as mastermind, remember him storm? a mutant with the ability to cast hyper-real illusions, if he wants you to feel pain you feel it", and this is pain! "but i absorbed your powers and have the training and focus of mind to overcome them", not quite, this still hurts, alright jake focus, focus, focus! "you've got better shaw"

"and you're still a snotty nosed little brat"

"actually i'm a snotty nosed little brat who's absorbed the powers of a god", come on phoenix do your job, "i may not be able to stop your illusion, which by the way is pretty lame, but phoenix amplifies my telepathy tenfold, i can get in your mind and block your abilities", there everything's back to normal, i picked them all up in flames, "i'm now sending you all to the local police and you'll confess about killing miles warbeck"

"and if we don't?"

"phoenix will haunt you in your dreams every night for the rest of your natural existence", right time to send them off, that'll learn them

"havok, while you're packing phoenix heat could you..."

"yeah i know storm, erase this from the minds of everyone here, man i hate this part of the job!", alright erase all this... actually i better leave davis and heather, it's time we came clean. Once i'd done i went back to the others and everyone in the joint continued with what they were doing before all this, right better tell them the truth, i'll take this one, i'm best at cocking up but i'm better and correcting the cock ups, "look guys i'm sorry about all this, your real father was head of a crime syndicate and he was murdered, one of the other x men was suspected of his death and while the team worked on finding the real killer we came to protect you, i guess we should've told you from the start"

"no it's alright, by the sounds of it you just saved our lives"

"and in my case again"

"so you don't hate us?"

"of course we don't, are you all x men?"

"no i'm just a friend" danny replied, we all went back to a table

"i can't believe how much better shaw had got" storm said, she's right he was better

"yeah when i absorbed his power he couldn't really do that much"

"you absorb powers?" heather asked

"yeah any mutant i stand near"

"then you probably know"

"you're a mutant? yeah i got that back at the beach, but it's not only you", i looked to davis

"i'm not a mutant"

"you are but your powers are latent, you need a telepathic jump start, it means i can't use them either, which is a pit cos yours are great"

"what are they"

"you can ride something called the warp wave and take people with you, although the ride would seem like an hour long you could go from here to england in about three seconds", there i think that explains it... oh god my phone's ringing "it's carl", man i don't wanna answer it, alright don't be a puss "hey little bro" "can you get to a radio?", i guess i could make one or something, "yeah" "cool, hurry up bruv, see ya later", why do i need to hurry? "he said get to a radio"

"hey they can pick up international radio from here, if we ask they'll tune it in"

"you sure?"

"yeah, what station do you want?"

"radio one in england"

"hey billy, could you pick up radio one in england for us"

"sure thing h", well he's now tuning it in... man i feel so sick! okay they're on the top five, number two is kylie, ah man we didn't make it to the top five, what a pit! i know eminem is good but... oh god they just said rooster are number one

"did he just say?.."

"yeah you guys made it", crap they've got sam on and asked if we'll go into the studios later... actually sod it we're done here [nicky, tell sam we'll do it], i hope he heard! sam's said yes so they must have, and now they're playing it! this is such a good feeling

"jake are you alright mate, you look ill" davis said, yeah i feel ill too

"we beat kylie"


"we're number one"

"are you telling us you're in a band"

"yeah, i'm lead singer"

"no way was that you!"

"it was"

"alright prove it, sing that song"

"what now?", heather and davis nodded, "give me a guitar and i'll do it but no way am i singing without"

"there's one up there, come on mate", davis replied pulling me up, we went over to the guy they just spoke to, "hey billy, this is jake emmerson and he says he's the lead singer of that band we just heard..."

"i am"

"yeah, anyway we don't believe him, could he use the guitar and prove it"

"go for it", cool, davis went back to the others and i went over to the stage, i wish i had my acoustic here, oh well this one will do, "right listen up everyone, we've got a once in a lifetime moment here, this is jake emmerson, he's the lead singer of rooster, or so he says", why will no one believe me?, "but none of us believe him so he's gonna perform their number one right now!", alright this will shut them up

Daylight, on my shoulder, it makes me feel alive

You kept me standing, in your shadow, and it's a cold, cold place to hide

I'm running away from this messed up place, i'm breaking free, yeah, yeah

I'm tired of staring at the sun

Can't stand the way you burn my eyes so i can't see

You're stealing every breath i breathe

You pushed me in to overdrive, but i don't need this kind of high

Cause now i'm done, you took everything while i was staring at the sun

I know, you won't let me, just turn and walk away

You'll tie me up kick me around, try to kill my dreams and break me down

But i won't hang around

I'm running away from this messed up place, i'm breaking free, yeah, yeah, yeah

I'm tired of staring at the sun

Can't stand the way you burn my eyes so i can't see

You're stealing every breath i breathe, Right the guitar solo is gonna sound shit in acoustic

You pushed me in to overdrive but i don't need this kind of high, so do i stay with that and guarantee a shit sound

Cause now i'm done, you took everything while i was staring at the sun, i was staring at the sun, or try botch a new solo and risk having a shit sound? botch job!

Hey this doesn't sound too bad

Daylight, and it's over... well i know it's time to run, yes i know it's time to run

Yeah, yeah, i know it's time to run

You pushed me in to overdrive, i guess that i was just too blind to overcome

You can't see anything, while you're staring at the sun.

That was fun, and by the sounds of it everyone believes me now, if we get the chance i want to perform here again, this place is great... man they did enjoy that, they're all screaming more, alright what should i do? i know, to die for.... shit! i just remembered!



Man that acoustic version was great! why the heck didn't they put it on the single? everyone here seemed to love it, which they should do

"more!", although i think heather enjoyed it the most

"yeah come on ya wallas!", and davis, they're making jake blush, which isn't hard, he's always blushing "hey do you think we might be putting him off?"

"no chance, we're used to screaming fans"

"besides he's cute when he blushes" storm replied, she's got that right, "jake we love you!", here he goes again, "see?"

"you're right, has he got a girlfriend?"


"damn why are all the cute guys gay?", now how the hell did she know that?

"come on sis just cause he's good looking and hasn't got a girlfriend it doesn't mean he's gay"
"actually heather's right" i replied

"not you too!"

"are you sure you're not telepathic?"

"what a waste!", it's not a waste... "what's he playing?"

"fuck!", he hasn't done this one since...


"adrienne", yeah now i sound like i've lost it, "he performed this at our gig the day after we met... but he forgot about it!"

"he remembered something else earlier too" storm replied, shit this is great!

"so you think he's finally getting his memory back?"

"it seems so but no one knows how much he lost, i just hope he remembers the most important one"

"what's that?"

"the feeling of meeting you guys", the what? he doesn't remember it? "you didn't know?"

"no he didn't say anything, he seriously can't remember meeting us? how the fuck could he forget that!"

"he remembers meeting you but he just can't remember how he felt and in theory he shouldn't have been able to do what he done, holding another persons mind inside yours is impossible, even for an omega level mutant like jake, there's nothing to explain how he managed it"

"he's a god, he can do anything"

"according to jean he would only have been able to use phoenix to absorb her mind, not hold it, she's the same god but even she can't explain it"

"guys if you don't mind me asking, what have we missed?" heather asked

"one of our teachers is a god but for some reason it turned evil, the only way to stop it was to kill her, jake absorbed her whole mind in his and managed to kill the god but he lost some memories because of it..."

"yeah like meeting us"

"danny it wasn't his fault and he feels bad because of it, earlier he said he would've preferred forgetting about his parents if meant he could remember how he felt that day"

"i just don't get why he didn't say anything"

"he didn't wanna hurt you" storm replied, man he's a tool he could've told us, we wouldn't have been pissed with him... what's that noise?, oh it's these shades, "storm here" "storm it's cyclops, we've got unconfirmed reports of hail stones the size of soccer balls in hong kong, we need you and havok to check it out please", "do you think it's a weather mutant?", "possibly but cerebro isn't picking up any high mutant activity there", "alright we'll get there as soon as we can, jake's now finishing his set", "what set?", "long story but tell the guys rooster's debut made number one", "will do, cyclops out"

"that doesn't sound too good"

"yeah tell me about it, could you call the guys and tell them jake can't make it"

"shit, forgot about that", alright it'll cost a fortune to call them from here, i have the best boyfriend [harry? jake can't make it to the studios] [what? why not? he needs to be there] [i know and he's gonna be pissed but scott just contacted us, apparently there's hail in hong kong the size of footballs] [can't storm do it on her own?] [i don't think so, scott actually sounded worried, you know that's not summers] [alright i'll tell them], "they know"

"you didn't even get you're phone out dude"


"i thought you weren't a mutant?" heather replied

"actually how can you do that?" storm asked

"my mind's linked to jake's, his powers are my powers, in essence he makes me a mutant"

"all his powers?", the floating glass has answered that one... [dan mate, you still online?] [yeah what up?] [we've just put it on the news, tell summers his unconfirmed reports can be confirmed and it's not just hong kong, the whole planet seems to be a mess, it started raining here just after you guys left but we put it down to british weather] [okay thanks haz]

"that was harry, they put the news on and the weather's gone nuts all over the planet"

"can you tell the school?" storm asked, right i may have jake's powers but not his experience, there's no way i'm gonna reach scott [professor x] [danny! how are you... never mind, we were about to call you, we need storm and havok immediately, this isn't...] [just hong kong? i was about to tell you] [great minds] [do you know what it's about?] [we're not completely sure yet, i've just scanned the president's mind and what they're fearing is bad, could you ask storm and jake to do the best they can, and i need you to take the jet and pick up your bands and... is it busted?] [yeah but why do you need us?] [i fear we're going to need the support of stars like yourselves to dramatically change the world for mutants and humans a like] [sir what can we do? we're just ordinary guys] [never believe that daniel, you may not be mutants but you have the power this world may need] [alright sir, but i don't know how to pilot the jet] [we both know that's not true, it's alright danny i've known for a long time and i would never have been 'pissed' with you or jake]



Alright something's wrong, the guys look scared and danny has been working my brain overtime, i managed to catch something about the weather... alright nearly done

Adrienne you used me, well yeah you used me used me up

Well at least everyone here seems to love me, time to find out what's wrong, i got down from the stage and walked over to them, but danny's now leaving, "danny?"

"i'll let storm explain, the professor wants me and the others", why does he want them? "jake, be careful"

"i will"

"right long story short, the planets weather system is fucked up, there's large hail stones everywhere and we need to try stop it, or at least calm it down"

"sorry guys this is where we leave and the x men come, we'll wait until you've left before we do anything"

"we want to help" heather replied


"jake give me this jumpstart"

"davis there's no reverse, you'll be like it forever"

"you think i don't know? just do it", alright here goes... there done, "man i know how to use my powers and everything, thank you", at least it'll make it a bit easier for him, "oh my god", what's he looking at? they've put the television on, we ran over to it, man this is really bad! "jake? storm?"

"welcome to the x men", i used my powers to change us all into uniform, and now the whole joint is looking at us in a strange way, "lifeguard those people are in danger", well her body's just grown wings, at least she can handle her own, "slipstream, let's ride the warp wave", there he's opened up the portal, where's he going? he went up to some guy and took his surf board

"my board's outside, you can have that in exchange", he isn't gonna do what i think he is? whoa he is! he ran up to the portal and jumped on the board, "surf's up!", now heather's turn, she looks beautiful in flight, now storm

"winds rise!", my turn, this looks fun, i ran up to the portal and jumped in, right if i don't tell her i'll regret it [at the risk of sounding like a pervert, you look beautiful] [why thank you], she turned and smiled at me, [jake, you look like a god, i've never seen so much glory in one person] [give it a few days and you'll think i'm a dick] [not a chance]

"guys i can see the end of the portal, we're gonna get hit by hail the second we get outta here"

"keep going, i'll put a shield up", shit we're out already!

"jake where's that shield dude?", crap i wasn't expecting to leave the portal this soon, and davis board's been hit by hail, "shit, wipe out!!", i put a shield around us and flew down to davis and caught him, "if i didn't know any better i'd say you're letting me get in trouble so you can save me, do you fancy me or something?"

"you wish surf boy", right we've all landed, "storm try stop this and i'll blow these bastards up, lifeguard protect those people, slipstream try get people inside, whatever this is, it needs to stop"

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