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We've been at this for over three hours!.. nothing we throw at it is having any effect, i've seen storm control the weather like she's mother nature, and i'm helping her but we can't stop this! heather and davis are doing a great job helping the people down there, it's like they're born to be x men, i guess it's time to report in, [professor? i'm sorry but we can't stop this... why the hell are you in washington?] [the president has called a global press conference, with the help of the x men he wants to bring all the mutants across the world out of hiding] [why?] [it seems global warming has taken affect, the entire northern hemisphere will be under ice within two days] [oh shit] [my thoughts too, i've asked the boys to help, maybe coming from celebrities will help mutants come out of hiding] [so what do we do when they do come out of hiding?] [we help everyone get to the southern hemisphere... i just pray to god that mutants will come out] [there's only one god sir, phoenix will make sure they do, i know it goes against everything we stand for but it's that or millions of people die] [thank you jake] [we'll be with you soon, there's nothing else we can do here], damn this is bad! [guys head into that building to the right], they started heading to it and i followed him, man it's good to be safe inside

"i just spoke to professor x, the reason this is all messed up is cause the world is facing another ice age, apparently within two days the entire northern hemisphere will be under ice, the american government are holding a global press conference to get people to head south, the x men are in washington with them, we should go too"

"what about these people jake? we can't just leave them"

"storm between us we can give mother nature a run for her money but we're not having any affect, i hate to say it but we're done"

"i didn't think the day would come when we'd be beaten but you're right... davis take us to washington", there he's opened up the warp wave and we all jumped in... on the bright side this is a fun ride... shame it doesn't last too long, we're here already... damn jean's got a shield up, [jeannie let us in], there a nice little opening and touch down... man am i pleased to see the guys are safe... oh no! [where's carl?] [it's alright honey he's at the school in the danger room], thank god for that!

"i'm sorry professor but we're done... the best we can do now is melt the hail with a lighter"

"it's alright storm", it's not alright, i hate not being able to help people, "danny?"

"the weather isn't going to get any better, it won't stop until half of the planet is under ice, these four x men, storm, slipstream, x man and lifeguard have just spend the past few hours in hong kong trying to stop it, storm has complete control over all the elements, x man copies powers making storm's his too and still they couldn't stop this, the only thing left is for everyone to head as far south as possible, we're asking all mutants to come out of hiding and help your brothers... those of you without powers, let them help you... it's time we all put this hate between the races behind us, we're all human... we're all supposed to be on this planet, work together so we all have a world to live in", he's good, i can't believe the world has come to this, i'm supposed to be a god of creation and yet all i can do is stand by and watch people die... i can't do that, i'm phoenix and more importantly i'm human, i can't let this happen to my home... i get it now! after all this time i finally realise why i copy the powers of mutants... jean can't do this, it'll kill phoenix but i'm not truly phoenix, i have it's power but i don't have it, jean can't stop this but i can... but at what cost? i lose the people i love and my life... but my life over everyone else who won't make it? well it's not a hard choice, i just don't know how i tell them all... i guess the truth [goodbye], "jake?", i'm sorry danny... god i love you so much

"it won't work, there's no way everyone will manage to get south"

"but it will save millions of people"

"but what about the ones that don't make it? and the ones that do, their homes will be under ice, there's another way", this hurts so much, i wish mom and dad were here

"jake i know what you're thinking, i won't let you do this, it's not your place to", sweet thoughts jean, but you know the truth, "i'll do it"

"jeannie you're phoenix, you do this, you and phoenix both die but i just copied it's power, i can do it too"

"exactly you copied the power, you're not the one who should face this i am", time to stop her from trying

"if you do this and die, phoenix will be gone forever, it won't be able to find a new host, the universe will be screwed without it"

"that's a risk i'll take... i am phoenix... what the?... i can't... jake what have you done?"

"i've blocked you're knowledge of phoenix, you can't call on it"

"give it back to me now!"

"forgive me sis but it's the only way, the universe needs you", this isn't fair, why does this have to happen? i'm not afraid of dieing but i am afraid of losing them all


What are they talking about? if jean is this phoenix thing surely she should do whatever it is they're thinking? why won't anyone explain to us newbie's what the heck is going on?

"when i'm done you'll get phoenix back"

"please don't do this jake, give me my powers back now... don't leave me"

"i love you", he's going to die! he can't!, "promise me you'll look after carl?", who's carl? "i will cleanse the earth...", what's that mean? "i am fire and life, heart and soul, incarnate now and forever..." [I...], what's happening? [AM...], jake's rising in the air like a bird, [PHOENIX!!]... oh my god that light! it's almost blinding...

"mr president", who's that guy?, "we've got reports flooding in, the weather, it's easing up!", dear lord jake's doing it! he's cleansing the earth!.. but the light is fading... he's falling! [phoenix force!!], what the hell? she's got her power back! she's caught jake and lowering him down, she's ran up to him

"no!", [phoenix force!!] oh god, "come on!", [phoenix force!!] "no jake you can't die!", [phoenix force!!] "i won't let you... come on!", [i... am... phoenix!!], "don't leave us kiddo!", she can't do it!, [phoenix force!!] [phoenix force!!] [phoenix force!!], oh god danny! that poor kid he's walking up to her

"jean? you can't do this", [phoenix force!!], "you'll burn yourself up too", [phoenix force!!], "please", [phoenix force!!], "please jeannie... i couldn't stand to lose you too", she's calming down

"i am phoenix", oh god her tears, "why couldn't i save him?"

"you can't do everything jean"

"bullshit! i'm supposed to be the god of life so why couldn't i save the life of my best friend?!", she's cracking up

"professor?" danny asked... he's the leader of the x men, and a telepath... no that's not fair on her

"no sir, not that way, she's already lost too much, you can't make her lose her right to grieve", what's that tingling in my mind? [do what you can heather], i walked up to her and leant down beside her and danny stepped back, "jean?", she's not in the mood for listening, "jean it's not your fault"

"i'm phoenix, i should've done this"

"no neither of you should, this shouldn't have happened but jake wouldn't want you to blame yourself, he made a choice..."

"he shouldn't be dead", i know he shouldn't he... dear god i'm kneeling right next to his body... he's so young! he had his whole life ahead of him and now he's gone... jake why'd you have to do this you wallas?... "how can you say this is right?..."

"i'm not saying it's right... it's not right! jean i hate him! i've only just meant him and he saved my life, i never got to thank him and now i never will... it's like i've lost my brother", my god i was supposed to be making her feel better and i've cracked up myself... danny's back, god we should be helping him... he's the one that's lost his soul mate

"mr president?.. sir the cameras?"

"oh.. yes... thank you general fury", oh god i forgot this was a press conference.... how does this telepathy work, [jean? if you can hear me, it's not fair on jake to leave him here so the entire planet can see him] [you're right... thank you heather], i can't believe he's gone... danny's just given jean a nod, [phoenix force!!], well jake has just been wrapped up in flames... [i've put him the jet for now], all three of us got up... my god the tears coming from danny, i wish i could take his pain away for him

"what you've just seen is... it's a damn miracle, our planet was doomed but a young man just saved us all", he done more than that you wallas, "these three people... lifeguard and phoenix of the x men and danny jones, he's not a mutant but he too is an x man, they've just lost a part of their lives... danny and his friends could see past the cliché of mutant and human, they could see there's no difference... something i failed to do... these young men could see something that i couldn't and i'm supposed to being running a country... from now on that all will change, no longer will i allow mutants to live in fear, this planet belongs to us all... from this day on mutants will have the same rights as everyone else, i pray the other world leaders will follow me and make our earth open to all..."

"no!", what does she mean no?, [phoenix force!!], who's that guy floating towards us?

"not now erik... not after..."

"charles give me a little credit, i'm here to pay my respects to jake... i've been as blind as the humans, this planet does belong to us all... it's hard to imagine that jake has accomplished more in his death than you and i have in our entire lives"

"he done more than you ever will magneto... the thousands of people you've killed and jake just saved the lives of millions, he's more of a man than you'll ever be"

"you're quite right emma... i wish i'd seen the errors of my way a long time ago"

"do you honestly expect us to believe you could change like this?"


"it's alright charles i..."

"enough of this!", oh god danny, "jake just died to give us all a future and all you can do is argue? in one way or another we've all done something in our lives that's wrong!.. a few years ago my best mate killed himself because he was mutant and couldn't handle the shit that was tagged with it, i was wrong for not noticing how it was affecting him... and i was wrong to hide from the world the love i shared with jake... we didn't go public for the sakes of mcfly and rooster, that was a mistake! love is the kind of thing that should not be hidden... we've all fucked up somehow but now jake has made sure we can learn from it... magneto has killed but he knows how wrong he was... the world has been given a new lease of life... let's make the most of it cause there is no way we'll be given another chance!"

I've had a few emails saying that i'm not holding true to the phoenix and i apologise for this, to be honest i totally missed the whole phoenix and dark phoenix sagas so i've made them my own... well this is based on x men but it's my work not marvels, i don't want it to be exactly the same, it wouldn't be as much fun! Thanks again for all the suggestions you've sent me, i'm always open to them and please send me feedback! lots of feedback! it doesn't matter if it's to say i suck ass and should quit, i'd just like to know what everyone thinks to this. mcflyrooster@aol.com

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