Disclaimer: The X Men are owned by Marvel Comics & 20th Century Fox. I Haven't met rooster and i don't know them, although i have met McFly, i don't know them and this story isn't in any way implying that either bands are gay.

I can't believe we're doing this! why did he die? and why the fuck did we agree to this? the president asked that we held his funeral in washington and show it to the world.... he wanted the world to see why there's this mutant rights charter but it's not fair on jake, he deserved something more peaceful than this! i just hope the send off will make him proud, i still remember the conversation we had when we found out about phoenix, he knew he wasn't truly phoenix but he made me promise that when something happened to him not to put him the ground... man it's like it was yesterday... "when i die, i don't want to be buried", "you're a morbid freak bro!", "ben i'm serious, the ground is cold, i want to fly around the world as ash... please don't let them bury me", "i'd do anything for you bro you know that, but please don't talk like this again, we're gonna be old guys sitting in the mansion telling the x men that they don't know they're born, that in our day magneto would try kill us every other hour, we're gonna die moaning old bastards", "i look forward to it bro"... and here i am, my twenty first birthday next week and i'm carrying out my promise to my best friend... my brother and it's the last thing i'll ever be able to do for him... i love you so much bro

"ben?", oh god, "baby it's time", i don't wanna do this... jake... you've got your wish bro, you'll be ash but not from some cremation machine or whatever they're called... i use my teke to raise his coffin up in the air... it's up to jean and storm now

"you're phoenix jake... you always will be kiddo", here she goes... [phoenix force!!], and now it's happening... my brother is really going, "ororo?", it's done

"winds rise!", and now he's leaving us forever, "goodbye my friend", he's gone! [fire and life, heart and soul, incarnate now and forever... god speed jake alex emmerson, in our hearts you will never die], god bro if only you could see what you've done... you've guaranteed a life for all mutants, made magneto see how wrong he was, brought your parents here with your little brother... hell and you'll be really chuffed that you've made the wolverine cry... i swear bro i will never forget you, i'll tell my children all about their uncle jake... i know i could never love you like danny does but you are my soul mate, i'll carry you in my heart until the day i die... the day i see you again, i love you jake i always will.... goodbye bro.

I know that's a really short chapter but it was a good place to stop, there was nothing else to be said... nothing else could really be said.

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