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If this is death it isn't so bad... man this place is so beautiful, guys i wish you could see this! is this heaven? it's like a wonderland, there's so many people just wandering around... there's two people now coming towards me... it can't be

"grandpa.... nana?"

"hello jake", dear god

"it's really you!" i ran up to them and hugged them, this is great... i think, "i take it this means i really am dead?"

"i'm afraid so child", my god i'm never going to see my friends again, "what you done was very brave"

"i couldn't live knowing i could've saved millions of people... please tell me it worked"

"it worked, the world is safe now... you've made your parents proud"

"like they'd even know"

"they know jake, they're with carl now at your..."

"my funeral? i can't believe i'm dead"

"you don't belong here in heaven", what? surely i wasn't that bad, "don't be afraid", they've stepped aside... that light!

"so there really is a god?"

"you know that answer my son", that voice, it's so pure


"hello jake"

"but i thought you're a bird...", it's just like a ball of pure white

"i am creation my son... but more importantly i am whatever you wish of me, let me assume the form of someone you hold dear", oh god.... i love you so much, i'm sorry for leaving you baby


"only in looks"

"i want him back", i didn't want to break, death is something i've never been scared of but seeing danny, even if it is only phoenix taking on his form... i can't hold back my tears anymore, i love you danny, "please phoenix i need him"

"you are phoenix, you can have your hearts desire"

"i'm not you, i only had your power"

"your power made you and your friends assume that you weren't me", huh?

"what do you mean?"

"you are fire and life, heart and soul... you are phoenix", i don't get it, "as with jean grey, i have been with you since conception... your mutant genes would've made you exactly the same as your friend rogue"

"you mean i'd have to touch to absorb powers"

"yes but my power altered that to make you what you are, you've died but you will rise from the ashes and live again"

"so i'm going back to my friends?"

"yes my son, but not to where you left them, you'll rise at the turning point of your life"

"when the hell is that?"

"only you know that answer", what? i'm confused, "you'll rise to when you feel was the most important place in your life, i don't know where that will be, all i can tell you is you will remember your previous life"

"so i'm gonna rise from the ashes but you don't know where that will be and i'll remember everything?... how can i live like that phoenix? some of the choices i made, like this one, have hurt the people i love, i can't make them live that again"

"you'll know what to change my son", how will i know? "it's time jake, from the ashes you rise, you are the creator of stars, once more the earth will feel your power of pure light... you are phoenix!", my soul is being consumed in flames... bye grandpa.... bye nana, i love you!

Another short chapter, don't worry they will be getting longer again now. I signed on the internet about an hour ago to post this part, but my email! god! it said twenty one new messages, i thought damn spam robots but when i opened the inbox only two of them were spam, the other nineteen were from readers, another three or four from people who have just read part seven but the rest were about part eight, i wasn't expecting that much from just one part, especially being so short! but to answer the question most of you asked, yeah it was hard to write that, although it was short it actually took as long, if not longer to write that some of the bigger chapters, first i was stuck with who to be the voicing character, using a main character like jake is easy but when that character has gone you're stuck, at first i started with danny i mean it was so easy, it started something like 'how am i supposed to live without him?' but then i pressed delete, danny was too easy, how could i use him when he'd only known jake for a couple of years, so along comes carl... delete again (handy button), they're brothers but they've known each other for even less time than danny, right so not danny or carl which meant none of mcfly or rooster so who could i use? oh jean, she's phoenix and more of a main character... nah phoenix talking about losing phoenix? it doesn't seem right. At this point i'm getting pissed off, i haven't even decided on who to use let alone how they'll feel, so i'm about to rename this part as part eight and forget about the funeral but then i get a deliberation, ben! why didn't i think of him first? he's the perfect choice, i haven't covered this in the story, yet, but he came to the school about a year after jake, he'd gone through the same hell, his parents disowning him, they were room mates and best friends, ben had known jake the longest, obviously with the exception of professor x... so yeah ben it is. Then it got harder still, i'm using ben... how the fuck do you write about a funeral? so now i don't know what to write, how would ben be feeling? well i haven't used his thoughts in the story before so no one knows how he thinks, not even me, so that makes it easy, unlike danny or carl or jean i don't have anything to try keep true to so i imagine how i'd feel if i lost my best friend and it starts flowing, after another few attempts i finely had chapter seven. So that's why i chose ben and no one else.

Anyway back to this part, i've got three different chapters written already as to where jake could rise to, all three could be turning points in his life, but i'm not going to post until i hear what you guys would like, plus i need to change a few things in all of them too... and i'm gonna shut up now, this is becoming longer than the story! Please let me know what you want to see next, xman@phoenix-force.co.uk and thanks for reading!

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