Well it's official, i am a pratt! i've lost everything on my computer and by everything i mean there is nothing left, not even one single mp3. It all started with me wanting to uninstall a program on my computer, i go into control panel and click uninstall but it wouldn't work, the program was still there, i tried it a few times and then the machine started to freeze, i was thinking about leaving it there but it was a very large program and taking up a lot of disk space so i tried it one more time, this time the computer didn't freeze but the program was still there, then i get a brain wave, i now know it wasn't a very good one but at the time i thought i was being clever, anyway off i go into program files, find the folder and press delete... 'are you sure you wish to send blah and all it's contents to the recycle bin?', blah being the said program, i click yes, now i go off to the desktop, open the recycle bin see that blah is there with a load of other shit and click empty recycle bin... 'are you sure you want to delete these items?', yeah go for it... take that blah you great sodden bastard! so here i am, blah's gone and i'm happy, i go back to writing the story, about an hour passes and this chapter is finished, i decided to call it a night and go to bed, so i turned off the computer, brushed my teeth and took a piss then go to bed.

The next day i get home from work, turn on the computer and enter my password... 'windows needs to be activated before you can log on, would you like to activate windows now?', what does it mean activate? oh well it knows what it's doing so yes, activate by the internet... 'windows can not detect an internet connection, would you like to activate using a telephone?', yes, right scroll down to my country, toll free or toll number, well that's hard! i dial the toll free number and get the depressing female computer voice... 'please enter the number found on the screen', there the number is entered... 'i will now connect you to a customer service representative, please note that your call me be recorded for training purposes', sure whatever and on comes some guy, he asks for the first set of digits from the number and i tell him... 'sorry the computer is having difficulties authorising your copy of windows', yeah talking about that why is it wanting to be reactivated anyway?, 'have you changed the settings of your computer or deleted a program?', yeah i got shot of blah last night, 'if you delete a program windows questions it's authenticity' , alright i'm not exactly sure what you're on about but you're the one who knows, 'please would you click on change product key', yep done, 'now enter the product key on your label of authenticity'... oh shit! i know i should've done something about it when i bought the computer but it didn't come with any disks, not even the windows disk and i noticed the label wasn't on the tower, 'so you haven't got it sir?', nope, 'you'll have to ring the computer's manufacturer and give them the serial number to get a duplicate key, would you like the number?' 'yeah it's packard bell, he gives me the number, i thank him for his help and hang up, right call packard bell, go through all the automated menus and finally speak to someone, i tell him what's happened, he asks when i bought the computer, sometime in march this year, 'i'm sorry sir but we only give out duplicate keys within the first three months after purchase'... you've gotta be shitting me! so what do i do now? 'if you reboot the system and continuously press F11 you'll start the packard bell recovery program, choose the restore to manufacturers settings keeping all user data, but there's a 50/50 chance it won't work', and what do i do if it doesn't? 'you'll have to go into the recovery console again and perform a destructive recovery which means you'll lose everything on your computer', again i thank him for his help and hang up, do all that and half an hour later i get the wrong 50, it didn't work, so i had to perform a destructive one and lose everything.

And that's how i managed to gain the title of worlds greatest pratt! so if you don't want to be sharing this title with me, never ever get shot of a program by deleting it from program files, if it doesn't uninstall through control panel leave the fucker well alone!

Anyway i am now sat here at the computer with absolutely no more chapters of McFly & Rooster, which i am severely pissed off about, i'd started work on nine chapters which would have taken the story up to chapter fifteen, about four of these were complete, but not in order so i couldn't post them all, but know i have nothing, i've got to start from scratch but that does mean i can rewrite the story to how i originally had it. So this post was to let you know that it's going to be a while before anything else comes up but also to say that i'm open to any suggestions, let me know what you want to see in the story and i'll put it in, there's no way it could run out of sync now. I'll leave it for a week before i start writing again so you can let me know what you want.

Thanks for reading this story guys and please let me know what you'd like to see, mcflyrooster@aol.com