Hey this is just a quick not to say that i've decided to end this story, since part 8 the email has been very dry and there's nothing worse than writing something that readers don't like. To be honest when i first started this story i wasn't expecting to get any more than two or three chapters out so it's been a high for me but like i said there is nothing worse for writer than not knowing how your work is going down with people. I would like to thank everyone that did email me and give me suggestions, it meant a lot to me.

This may be the end of McFly & Rooster but i'm going to start working on other stories, i've got quite a few ideas spinning around in the hell that is my mind and hopefully some of them will make something decent. If you'd like to know about these stories and when they're posted drop me a line and i'll email you to let you know when and where they've been posted.

Thanks again for your support with this story and please don't hate me for finishing now.

I hope to hear from you soon

Jake xman@phoenix-force.co.uk