Drew and AJ - Valentine's Surprise

By Kenitra

Well, you guys and girls asked for it, so here it is, another little story about Drew and AJ.

This is for you, Justin!!

Disclaimer: Ya'll know it! Don't know, never met, never likely to meet any of the 'boys'. This story is completely out of my increasingly warped mind! :)

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Another Valentine's Day and I was alone again. I stared across the limo at Brian. He was so lucky. When we got back to the hotel, he had Scott waiting for him.

I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. I was happy for Brian and Scott, but wished things were different for me. Drew and I barely had time to start before I had to leave. We hadn't seen each other in almost six weeks and the way the schedule looked, we wouldn't get a chance to go home for another 4-5 weeks.

I missed him. We talked often on the phone and emailed each other regularly. We'd even had cybersex a couple of times...I still wasn't too sure about that!

But it wasn't the same as looking into his eyes or feeling his flesh against my own. I knew I was in love with him, but had managed to avoid telling him that. I wanted to wait until we were face to face so I could see whether he honestly felt the same way or not.

I didn't know what I'd do if he didn't. But I guess I didn't have to worry about that for a while.

I looked up as the limo pulled up in front of the hotel. We were just coming back from a fan promotion where five lucky fans won a date with us. Considering the girls were from 14-17 years old, it went pretty well.

I jumped out of the car first and walked quickly towards the elevator. I saw Markus, one of our bodyguards walking towards me.

"Hey Markus!" I greeted him.

He smiled. "Hi AJ. Listen, Scott needs a favor from you and wondered if you could go directly to his room?" Markus said.

I shrugged. Why not? Didn't have anything better to do. "Sure." I turned to look at Brian who was just entering the lobby. "What about him?" I asked.

Markus smiled. "I'll take care of Brian. Just head on up to the room and see what's up."

I nodded. "Okay. See ya later."

I stepped onto the elevator with Nick, Kevin and Howie. I saw Markus stop Brian and the elevator doors closed. We rode up in silence. The others walked to their rooms and I walked down the hall to Scott and Brian's room. I was curious as to what Scott was planning.

I knocked on the door and heard a muffled response. I just assumed it was Scott telling me to come in. I opened the door and closed it behind me.

Turning into the room, I could barely see anything. The room was dark, with a few candles dispersed around providing just enough light to prevent a person from tripping on anything. I could smell incense burning, but I didn't see Scott anywhere.

"Scott?" I spoke softly.

Arms suddenly grabbed me from behind and before I could react, I was pushed up against the door and my hands were cuffed behind me. I could feel a male body pressed tightly against me as a blindfold was lowered over my eyes.

"Scott?" I asked in confusion.

"You better not be thinking he'd treat you this way," A soft voice whispered right next to my ear. Despite the quiet tone, I recognized the voice; Drew. I could feel my heart start to pound faster. Drew had come all this way to see me! I wanted to see him, tell him how much he meant to me. But I couldn't. The blindfold blocked my sight and as I began to speak, he covered my mouth with his fingers.

"Shhh. No words, unless I ask you a direct question, or you feel you must say, 'enough Drew'. Do you understand?" he whispered while his hands began to roam my body, unbuttoning the top buttons on my shirt.

"Yes Sir," I replied. I quickly fell into the submissive roll and felt my body responding.

Drew turned me around and pushed my back against the door. I could feel his hands at my waist, and my pants and boxers were rapidly shoved to the floor. Drew's fingers worked quickly and before I was completely hard, he had the cock ring fastened tightly around my cock. I could feel something different about this one and realized something was encasing my balls snuggly too.

My breath was already coming in short gasps. Drew yanked off my shoes and socks before removing my pants and boxers. I could feel his tongue licking my skin. Starting at my knee, he slowly worked his way up. I thrust my groin forward, but he completely ignored my cock as he licked up my thigh, then to my hip and stomach. He pushed up my shirt, moved across my belly to my navel, and licked in and around, sending shivers through me. I never realized how sensitive my navel could be.

Slowly he moved up until he reached my nipples. His lips sucked one into the warm cavern of his mouth while fingers played with the other. Every touch, every suckle, sent a jolt directly to my groin and my cock was straining at the confines of the cock ring. He switched sides and began to suck and nibble on my other nipple. When he moved back, I moaned softly.

Suddenly I felt a sharp pain around each nipple and I realized he had put the clamps on me. "Oh fuck Drew!" I gasped, forgetting his earlier instructions. He pulled down on the chain and I was sure my cock would explode. The combination of pain and pleasure was so excruciating that my body wasn't sure which was worse.

Drew moved his body up against me again. "Now, I thought I said no words, unless spoken to," he whispered as his hand gradually let up on the chain and my nipples stopped hurting so much. "So, I guess I need to punish you somehow," he murmured as his lips found mine and he kissed me roughly.

My body responded automatically to his nearness and I began to grind my encased cock against his body. Drew quickly pulled back. "Now none of that!" he said firmly. He grabbed the chain between my nipples and gently pulled. I quickly followed, not wanting to feel that pain again too soon.

He stopped me after a few steps and walked behind me to undo the cuffs. While my hands were free, he pulled my shirt up over my head, not even bothering to undo the rest of the buttons. I heard the shirt hit the floor as my hands were cuffed again, this time in front of me. Again we walked a few steps and Drew raised my arms above my head. I felt the chain of the cuffs catch on something and realized my arms were fastened to something above my head. My feet were still completely on the floor, but that was all the room there was. If I leaned down or bent my knees, my arms were pulled. My body was pulled tight.

I sensed Drew move to stand in front of me. "Do you have any suggestions of how I should punish you?" he asked softly, his breath tickling my face.

I thought about giving a smart-ass response, but decided against it. "No sir," I replied meekly. I could feel sweat dripping down my body and the pain in my nipples was gradually receding, although I'm not sure if it was because my nipples were growing numb, or my body was adjusting to the pain.

Drew ran his hands down my arms and sides before reaching around to cup my ass cheeks. "I think ten strokes with the paddle should be enough, for now," he added. I inhaled sharply as I thought about the paddle. I clearly remembered the spanking I'd given him just before New Years. I felt my cock throb. At least part of my body was excited at the prospect!

Drew moved away from me and I could hear him walking quietly across the floor. I strained to hear him walking back, but he must have realized I was listening.

Suddenly I felt a slight sting on my left ass cheek. I jumped and gasped at the unexpected sensation. Drew paused. "Now after each spank, I want you to say 'Thank You Sir', do you understand?"

I nodded. "Yes Sir," I said quietly.

There was a silence in the room, then a whisper of air moving before I felt the sting of the paddle on my ass.

"Thank You Sir," I said appropriately as my ass cheeks flexed in automatic reaction.

Drew proceeded to use the paddle on alternate cheeks while I thanked him after each blow. My ass was burning and my cock was throbbing. I could feel precum drizzling down to the floor and onto my feet as I swung slightly against the handcuffs.

I thought my punishment was finished when Drew reached ten and paused. He moved up behind me and softly cupped my stinging behind. "I meant ten to each side," he whispered and licked my ear before stepping back.

Ten strokes later, I was heaving and whimpering. My knees felt weak so my body was pulling on my wrists. My ass burned and throbbed while my cock strained against its confines.

I jumped a little when I felt Drew kneel behind me and gently lick my burning skin. The warm tongue left a trail of moisture that cooled the hot flesh.

Drew stood up and freed my hands. My knees gave out but he quickly put his arms around my waist so I didn't fall to the floor.

"Are you okay?" he asked softly. That was Drew asking, not Sir.

I inhaled deeply and nodded. "Yes!" I said just as softly. My body was feeling things beyond anything I'd ever imagined. Yes some of it was painful, but the pain combined with the pleasure into a total erotic sensation.

Drew led me over and pushed me onto the bed on my back. My ass throbbed a little, but the covers were soft and caressed my abused rear. Again my arms were raised above my head and fastened to the headboard. This position was less awkward than the previous one.

I felt the bed move as Drew sat beside me. His hands began to run down my chest, tweaking the clamped nipples, sending shock waves further down my body. Drew moved again and raised my legs, planting my feet on the bed. I thought he was going to fuck me.

I felt a cool slickness at my hole and one of his long fingers slipped inside, spreading a lubricant. He worked the finger in and out before adding a second one. He pushed and twisted, brushing over my prostate and making me buck my hips. I thrashed on the bed, trying to impale myself on his fingers hoping they would make me cum.

Too soon, his fingers were pulled out and I moaned. Then I felt something new. A smooth, cool and large object slowly began to work its way inside of me. I gasped as the head popped through causing a slight stab of pain. Quickly I realized that this was not living flesh, but a large dildo. Drew began to work it into me until I felt completely full.

By that point I was so desperate to cum that I didn't care what was in me. I thrust back against the object, wanting it to relieve me. Drew slowly withdrew the dildo, before pushing it quickly back into me. A few strokes later and I thought I was going to die.

Suddenly he stopped moving. Then, the clamps were released from my nipples. I screamed as the blood flowed back into them bringing a piercing pain.

Just as quickly, Drew began to move the dildo and released the cock ring. His mouth enveloped my cock. I was beyond delirious as his hot mouth suctioned my hardon, and his hand slammed the dildo into me, stroking my prostate repeatedly. His other hand found my abused nipples and rubbed them.

My body overloaded and exploded. I screamed Drew's name as I came, and came. I had no control over myself. I know I blacked out from the sensory overload.

When I came back to myself, I opened my eyes and realized the blindfold had been removed. My arms were by my sides and Drew was lying beside me, gently stroking my chest. I rolled my head to the side to look at him and could see the concern in his eyes.

"Thank god! You okay AJ?" he asked anxiously.

I wasn't sure if I could talk. My entire body was still tingling, and I could feel my muscles spasming now and then. I smiled at him and nodded. He pulled me over to him and my over-sensitive nipples rubbed against him making me gasp.

He quickly released me and looked into my eyes. "What's wrong?" I could see tears shimmering in his eyes. "I'm so sorry I went too far," he apologized.

I knew I had to say something to calm him. I shook my head. "Drew," I whispered. My throat was dry and it sounded like a croak. He turned and grabbed a glass of water from the bedside table. I drank it gratefully. "Drew," I started again. "I'm okay. I'm just...My body...I've never...I'm okay." I couldn't find the words to describe what I was feeling. My entire body ached, but it was a pleasurable ache. What he had done to me was indescribable. But I wouldn't change any of it.

I could see that he still doubted what I'd said. I decided now was the time to take the plunge. "Drew," I said softly and made sure he met my eyes. "I love you!" I said intently.

His eyes widened. He slowly reached out and stroked my cheek. I closed my eyes to revel in the feeling. I felt his lips against mine and he kissed me tenderly. I pulled back and opened my eyes. He kept his hand on my cheek.

"I love you too, AJ," he whispered. "I know we weren't going to get too involved but I can't help how I feel."

It was my turn to stroke his cheek. "I know," I said softly.

He smiled finally. "Do you feel like taking a shower?" he asked.

I thought about it for a moment. My body was still throbbing and my muscles were weak. I shook my head. "I'd rather just lay here with you for the night. We can take a shower in the morning," I said quietly and leaned up to kiss him. "Together," I added, making him grin.

"Okay baby, whatever you want," he murmured as he lay back against the pillows. I carefully moved so I was lying against his side, with my arm over his chest. His arm came around my back and rested on my shoulder.

I sighed in contentment.

"Happy Valentine's day AJ," Drew whispered against my forehead.

"It is now," I murmured before drifting off to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later and could feel Drew lightly stroking my back. My body and mind had both calmed down and I felt relaxed. I could still feel a slight throbbing in my butt and I knew my nipples were still sensitive but overall I felt good.

"Hey," Drew said softly, realizing I was awake.

The candles must have burnt themselves out because when I lifted my head I couldn't see Drew in the dark.

"Hi there!" I murmured as I reached up to kiss him. I could feel his lips smiling against mine.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked me.

I reached across Drew to turn on the lamp beside the bed then turned so I could see his eyes. "Drew, I'm fine. That was so intense...I totally lost myself in the pleasure and the pain." I kissed him again. "I'm not saying I want to do it again tomorrow," I said with a smile. "I don't think my body or mind could take it. But I hope we will do something similar in the future."

I waited to make sure he knew I was telling the truth. Finally I saw the acceptance in his eyes.

Then I moved up over him, laying full length on his naked body. I started to nibble on his chin. "Until then," I whispered between nibbles. "I...would like...the man...I love..." I moved up his jaw until I reached his ear. "To make love to me," I finished softly. I sucked his earlobe into my mouth and Drew moaned with pleasure.

His arms wrapped around my back as we began to kiss passionately. I found the taste of him, his mouth, intoxicating. We could both feel our members starting to lengthen and harden between us.

My hands started working down Drew's body. His smooth skin glided beneath my fingers as I caressed his shoulders and collarbone. Sliding down on the bed, I reached for his nipples and grasped them between my thumbs and forefingers. I gently twisted and pulled them until Drew was moaning and panting. Bending down, I licked across one, then blew softly until the red nub was standing erect.

I knew Drew hadn't cum while he was pleasuring me so I wanted to make him explode, preferable inside me. I worked my way down his body, licking and nipping until he was thrashing. Finally I reached my prize. He was fully erect and I reached below to gently grasp his balls, giving them a squeeze. Drew arched his back off the bed.

I swiped my tongue across the red swollen head, making him cry out. I wanted to feel his living flesh inside me. Raising my head, I glanced around the room and spotted what I wanted on the bedside table.

Leaning across Drew again, I grabbed the lubricant and knelt down beside him. I poured some of the liquid onto my hands and grasped him lightly, spreading the slickness over his hardness.

I moved up and kissed his lips firmly. "Please D," I breathed, "I want you in me."

Drew suddenly moved and I rolled onto my back. He leaned over me and continued to kiss me. I could feel his hand raising my legs and I quickly helped. His finger probed gently at my hole and found that it was still relaxed and slick from our earlier fun. Drew moved between my legs, raising them up to his shoulders.

Our eyes met. With out breaking the gaze, Drew guided his manhood to my opening and gently pushed. Without any pain, the head slid in and Drew continued to move forward until his entire length was inside. I felt complete. Drew grasped my hands in his and leaned forward to kiss me as he began a slow, gently thrusting motion into me. I could feel the wide head brush my prostate and my own cock throbbed to attention.

It was a completely new erotic sensation staring into Drew's emerald eyes as he pulled back then drove into me again. It was quickly driving both of us to the edge. I thrust my body up to meet him and he soon began to increase his speed. I could feel his length growing even more as he approached his orgasm. His eyes began to glaze over slightly and his breathing was coming in short gasps, as was my own.

We both reached the exquisite explosion at the same time and I shouted out my love for him as he did the same. His seed burst out of him and into me in waves. Each wave caused my own seed to shoot between our bodies.

Drew collapsed onto my chest, his cock still inside. I held him tightly as our breathing gradually returned to normal. My body was now completely exhausted. I barely had the strength to hold him. I knew Drew could sense this and gently pulled out of me. I moaned in complaint.

I don't even remember Drew going into the bathroom to get a towel to wipe off my cum, but he must have because it was gone the next morning.

It was bright outside when I finally returned to the land of the living. I moved slightly and my body protested. All my muscles and abused areas throbbed making me moan softly.

I rolled over and felt around on the bed for Drew, but he wasn't there. Opening my eyes, I sat up and looked around. Drew was sitting in the chair by the window and looked up at me with a smile.

"Morning baby," he said softly.

I smiled back. "What are ya doing way over there?" I asked him, patting the bed beside me.

He grinned and walked over. He reached out to the table and picked up a glass of water and two white pills, which he handed to me.

"These are for you," he said. I didn't even ask what they were. I simply swallowed them.

"Thank you," I said softly as I pulled him to me for a morning kiss. "I love you Drew," I whispered as we moved apart.

His hand brushed against my cheek. "I love you too," he replied. "So feel like having a shower? I promised Scott we'd join Brian and he for a late breakfast this morning."

I pouted. "I wanted to spend the day alone with you," I whined slightly.

He grinned. "I'll make a deal with you," he said. "Come have breakfast with Scott and Brian," he leaned forward to whisper to me, "and I'll let you fuck me silly when we come back."

I grinned and jumped off the bed, my aches and pains forgotten. "Deal!" I said as I ran into the bathroom.