Millennium Love Parts 11 & 12 - Brian

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Millennium Love Parts 11 & 12 - Brian

(Last time...)

About halfway there, Scott put a CD in the player, fast-forwarding it. "Brian, would you tell me about this song?" he asked quietly. I listened as the first notes of my song began and I smiled. "It's yours, isn't it?"

I nodded. "Yes. How'd you know?"

He shrugged. "As soon as I heard it, heard your voice, I just knew. The words sound like you, love, respect, gratitude."

How well he knew me already. I smiled over at him. "That's basically what it's about. Most people think it's about my heart problem and surviving the surgery. In part, I guess it is. But it's more than that. I realized that I was gay about a year after the band formed. I don't know if you can imagine what I felt like. My family is very religious and I was sure that they would turn their backs on me if they knew. So, I didn't tell anyone. For almost five years, I lived the lie everyone wanted. Eventually it started to eat at me. I became nervous, stressed out. I wasn't eating or sleeping properly. About a month before the surgery, I had a mini breakdown. I left the band and went home. Obviously, Mom knew something was wrong. Finally I told her."

I paused to take a deep breath. "I told her and waited for her to yell at me, throw me out. But I underestimated her." My smile returned as I remembered very clearly that day. "She was surprised, and disappointed. But the first thing she said was 'Brian, I love you and I always will, no matter what.' It took a little while for her and my Dad to come to terms with it. But never once did they say, 'You're sick' or 'it's not natural.'" I looked over at Scott. "THAT'S what the song is really about. She continued to love me." The tears had formed in my eyes as I remembered the unbelievable relief that I'd felt having finally told Mom the truth. Scott reached over and took my hand, holding it for the rest of the drive.

Part 11

I looked at the house when we pulled up. There were too many cars in the driveway for two people. Scott soon confirmed my suspicions. "Brian, I think some extra relatives showed up today," he said lightly. I could tell he was waiting for me to make the decision. I wasn't about to disappoint Louise.

"Well," I said with a rueful grin, "that is what Thanksgiving is all about, right?"

Scott quickly looked around before he pulled me close for a kiss. "Thank you for telling me about your song, love," he said softly. My heart surged.

I smiled brightly, "I'm happy that you know. And that you like the song! Now, are we going to do this?" Scott nodded and got out.

Before we reached the front door, it opened and a little boy came running out. "Uncle Scott, Uncle Scott!" He came running and Scott picked him up, tossing him in the air. He giggled and Scott laughed. This must be his nephew Andre, I thought as I laughed at the joy on Scott face.

"Wow Andre. I think you've grown another six inches since I last saw you," Scott said as he raised him over his head so the boy could sit on his shoulders. From what Scott had said, it had been a long time since he'd seen his nephew. We walked up the front steps. Scott brought Andre down before going through the door, and the boy ran off to find his Dad.

A woman came out of the kitchen as Scott was hanging up our coats. "Scott, you made it!" She smiled. I knew that this was Louise. She kissed Scott on the cheek, then turned to me. "You must be Brian. Welcome," she said and kissed my cheek too, taking me by surprise. Scott grinned and I blushed. I suddenly became nervous about meeting all of Scott's family. It was a big step, but I knew it could be a long time before I had the chance again.

"Mom, who all is here?" Scott asked.

She ran through a long list of people. "Oh Charlie and Carrie, Sheri, your Dad, your Aunt Eve and Uncle Frank, Liz, Denis and Andre. Come on in to the living room and say `Hi' to everyone." She escorted us in where the family was. "Dinner will be in half an hour so make yourselves at home. There are some snacks on the sideboard if you're hungry." She turned and went back into the kitchen.

"Hi Scott," almost everyone said in unison. Then stopped as they noticed me standing beside him.

"Hi everyone. This is my *friend* Brian Littrell. Brian, this is everyone." Scott went through the room introducing me to each member of his family. From his descriptions, I recognized most of the people. I noticed his sister, Sheri, taking pictures. She looked up when Scott introduced me and immediately I knew she knew. I was momentarily concerned, but realized that Scott knew his family. He would make sure everything was okay. I felt everyone watching me, wondering exactly what our relationship was. It was making me nervous, something I rarely felt among a group of people. Scott noticed.

Once the introductions were done, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the hallway, ignoring the bewildered glances from his family. He pushed me gently against the wall and leaned forward, kissing me. I felt better already. Then he whispered, "the only thing they eat from Kentucky is fried chicken." I couldn't help it; I burst into laughter and Scott joined in. He had succeeded in chasing away the nerves. He took my hand and held it as we walked back into the room and over to the snack food. Scott took a plate and piled on the hors d'oeuvres, vegetable sticks, cheese (for me!) and crackers. We walked back over to the empty loveseat and sat down, sharing the plate.

"So," it was Scott's older brother Charlie. "Brian, how long have you known Scott?" I immediately thought of my brother Harold. It was exactly how he would start given the same situation.

I answered truthfully, if a little obtuse. "It's going on forty-eight now," I said.

Scott's brother looked confused, and I sensed everyone in the room turn to listen. "Forty-eight? Forty-eight weeks?" Charlie asked.

I shook my head.

"Forty-eight days?" Carrie piped in.

I shook my head and Scott began to laugh, bailing me out. "Forty-eight hours, okay?" he said through the laughter. I grinned at him, then looked back at Charlie. He wasn't laughing.

I didn't want to turn the man against me so I became serious and told exactly what I was thinking. "I've known Scott since Friday, but it feels like we've known each other forever. I think Scott feels the same way?" I hoped, but didn't want to speak for him.

Scott looked at his brother and said softly, "He's right Charlie. I don't know how to explain it to you, but our souls have always known each other, and it took fate to bring them together."

I was speechless. All I could do was look at Scott with tears of joy and love. He leaned over and kissed my cheek.

I could see Charlie trying to digest what Scott had said. He was obviously not entirely comfortable with the fact his brother was gay, but still loved him and wanted the best for him. Sheri suddenly stood up and walked over to us, giving us both a hug and kiss. "I'm happy for both of you," she said, and meant it.

I looked up and saw Louise standing in the doorway. Scott saw her too, and went to her. They hugged and I heard her whisper, "I could see it as soon as you walked in the door, Scott." I smiled to myself, Scott had been right, he couldn't hide anything from his Mom.

Then Scott turned back to the room and asked for their attention. "I have to ask everyone here to do Brian and I a favor." He said, and I immediately knew what he was doing. He was protecting me again. He continued, "You can't tell anyone Brian's name." Everyone looked perplexed, except Sheri. She had recognized me so knew why we wanted to protect my identity.

"Why?" Scott's Aunt asked.

"Brian is in a music group. A very popular group that's known around the world," he explained. "No one, except his immediate family and bandmates know that he's gay. And now you all do too." I instantly could see looks of doubt on their faces, wondering what type of man Scott was involved with. Scott obviously saw the same thing. "I knew from the beginning what was involved. We can't go out in public as a couple. We'll be apart a lot of the time while Brian is on tour. But those are acceptable costs to me," he said bluntly, not willing to broker an argument.

"Why?" Charlie asked. "Why is that kind of relationship acceptable to you Scott?"

Scott looked at him and once again caused my heart to flutter, with his response. "Because the only alternative is no relationship with Brian at all, and that is just not acceptable. In fact, it's incomprehensible."

I needed to explain things too. I reached over and took Scott's hand before looking around the room at his family. "We didn't plan this. I know what a nightmare my life is and I think Scott has had a glimpse into that." I had to give them more, so they would understand what Scott means to me. "I've never had a relationship before, then into my life walks this incredible man." Scott blushed when I looked lovingly at him. "I know I'm asking a lot from him and from all of you. All I can ask is that you support us and give us a chance. I think we both deserve a chance at some happiness."

The room fell quiet for a moment as everyone contemplated what I'd said. I simply held onto Scott's hand and waited. Finally Charlie spoke, "if this makes you happy little brother, then I'll help anyway way I can." Scott stood up and hugged his brother. We'd won the toughest battle, and thus the war.

Louise announced that dinner was ready and we all streamed into the dining room. It looked wonderful. A giant turkey sat on the huge, wooden harvest table, with all the trimming - stuffing, cabbage salad, potatoes and more. Scott showed me to a seat, then sat down to my left. Sheri sat on my right. I knew she was still a little star struck and I would have to work on that. The table easily sat the twelve of us. Everyone bowed their heads as Scott's father said a short prayer, then everyone began to eat. I was happy to see that his family was very much like my own. Everyone was polite, but worked to get their favorite foods, laughing and talking the entire time. I realized Scott was watching me, to see what I thought. I just smiled and kept filling my plate. Once everyone had filled their plates, things calmed down.

Liz finally asked, "So Brian, how did you meet my *nerdy* little brother?" I laughed, thinking I certainly hadn't found anything nerdy about her brother. I remembered Scott mentioning the age differences between his siblings. Charlie was ten years older than Liz, eleven years older than Scott, and sixteen older than Sheri. It was natural then that the two closest in age would have developed a childhood rivalry.

I thought for a minute before saying, "He almost ran me over." Scott almost choked on his food, but I ignored him and continued with *my* version of the meeting. "But once I saw that mop of hair and those green eyes, I forgave him."

Part 12

I thought for a minute before saying, "He almost ran me over." Scott almost choked on his food, but I ignored him and continued with *my* version of the meeting. "But once I saw that mop of hair and those green eyes, I forgave him."

Scott finished his mouthful of food and interrupted me. "That's not quite how it happened." he said, and everyone turned their attention to him. "It was hardly my fault that I almost ran you over, you were the one running through the streets of Toronto. Not only did he make me rescue him; but he also made me drive him all over the city. How's that for gratitude?"

This was beginning to get fun, until Scott's confused father asked, "What are you two talking about?" Scott and I laughed. I then told the real story of how fate brought us together, leaving out some of the more intimate details such as last night.

Dinner was quickly devoured and everyone pitched in to clear the table. Everyone decided to wait a little while before returning for dessert of pie, cheesecake and other sweets. We walked back into the living room and I sat down in one of the chairs. Scott joined me, sitting on the floor between my legs, leaning back against the chair. Sheri sat down beside her brother.

"Can I ask you something Brian?" she asked. She was still a little nervous and I wanted her to relax.

"Sure, Sheri," I said, smiling at her.

"Um, are any of the other guys gay too?" she asked as she blushed a little in embarrassment.

Scott reached back and pulled my ear down to his mouth. "I think she's asking about Nicky, love," he whispered.

"Oh!" I said. I was happy I wasn't her favorite because she would have been disappointed. "No. I'm the only one." Then I grinned at another thought. "Fortunately for me, or else I may have had some competition for this one," I patted Scott on the head.

He laughed. "Not a chance, love. It wouldn't matter if they were all after me. I got the one I wanted." He rolled his head back so I could kiss his mouth upside down.

I heard Sheri. "Awe, that's sweet. Could I take a picture of you two?"

Scott looked back at me, letting me know that it was entirely my decision.

I looked at Sheri. "Where do you get the pictures developed, Sheri?" I asked.

"Oh I do that myself. I have a darkroom set up in my apartment in New York," she replied, then realized why I was asking. "What if I develop the picture, send you each a copy, then destroy the negative? That way you guys can remember today, but no one else will know."

I would love to have a picture of Scott, so I nodded and Sheri grabbed her camera. We remained sitting where we were as she took a couple of shots, then sat down beside Scott again. Scott closed his eyes and began to doze as I talked to his sister.

"So Sheri, Scott said you were away at school. Where?" I asked wanting to know more about Scott's family.

She looked up at me. "Actually, I'm going to university in New York. I'm taking performing arts and communications."

We chatted for a few minutes about New York; some of our favorite places there, the things we hated about the city. By the time Sheri got up a few minutes later, I thought she was over her nervousness. Scott was leaning against me sleeping so I gently replaced my leg with a small pillow and went into the kitchen. I found Scott's Mom and older sister making coffee.

"That was a wonderful meal. Can I help at all, Mrs. Waters?" I asked, then seeing the look she gave me, I quickly added, "I mean, Louise,"

"Thanks Brian," she said, patting my cheek. "Seeing the smile you've put on my son's face is help enough."

I grinned and felt myself blush. "The smiles are mutual, Louise. Scott is a great guy. Men like him are few and far between."

"Thank you Brian," she said turning a little pink herself.

"You ladies sure I can't help?" I felt bad that they were working while the rest of us were sitting around.

"We appreciate the offer, but it's easier when it's just the two of us. Now go back out to your boyfriend and keep him company," Louise ordered and I grinned as I left the kitchen.

As I approached my previous position I heard Sheri ask Scott, "So you've met the others?"

"Yes, I met Nick, Sheri," Scott told her with a grin.

She blushed. I had an idea. Once I sat down I said, "You know Sheri, sometime when your brother here is flying out to spend a weekend, you should come along." I saw Sheri's eyes light up.


"Sure. You can keep Frack occupied while I spend some time with my Angel," I said, leaning down and wrapping my arms around his neck, inhaling the scent of his shampoo and his body.

"Who's Frack?" Denis asked from across the room.

It was so nice to talk to people who didn't know who I was. "He's another band member, Nick Carter. The others call us Frick and Frack. Nick was only thirteen when the band was formed and we became best friends. He's like my little brother," I explained.

"I don't think I caught the name of your band, Brian," Denis said.

"We're called the Backstreet Boys, Denis," I told him and heard Liz began to cough from her position standing in the doorway.

"Lizzie, you okay?" Scott asked from his seat on the floor.

She looked at him and smiled. "I'm fine Scotty. I just didn't realize who Brian was until now. I can understand why you didn't want anyone telling his name."

"Thanks Liz."

"Dessert and coffee are ready for whoever wants it," she announced.

Before I could think of moving, Scott and Sheri jumped up and bolted back to the dining room. I sat there shaking my head. I liked desserts as much as the next person but Scott obviously liked it more. A minute later Scott came back carrying coffee for me, tea for himself and a plate with almost half an apple pie on it. He was grinning wildly and before I said a word, he shoved a forkful of pie into my mouth. The taste buds in my mouth went wild.

"Now you understand?" he asked as he sat down on the floor again.

"Wow! Don't ever tell my Mom but that's even better than her pie." I said truthfully.

"Thank You," Carrie said from across the room.

"You're welcome," I smiled at her before stealing the fork and another mouthful of pie.

We stayed at his parents' home until about eight just enjoying the company. His family was very much like my own and I found myself completely relaxing, something I rarely did anywhere but at home. Most of the family was staying overnight, so once Andre went to bed Scott looked over at me and nodded at the door. I liked his way of thinking and grinned. Scott stood up.

"Well, I think we're going to go now Mom, Dad. Brian has a plane to catch tomorrow."

Scott shook hands, kissed everyone, and waited while I did the same. At the door I turned back and said, "Thank you all for making me feel a part of your family. It meant a lot." I smiled and Louise came over.

She took my face in her hands. "Brian, you come back anytime, okay?" I nodded.

Once on the road, I reached over and took Scott's hand. Nothing needed to be said. We just enjoyed being together. We both lost ourselves in thoughts about the future. I had words, emotions and music floating around in my mind and I tried to sort through it all. After a few minutes off frustration, I gave up, realizing that it would become clear when it was meant to.


When we reached the house and parked the car, Scott remained where he was. I could see that he was trembling and realized he was feeling overwhelmed. I got out and walked around to the driver's side. I opened the door and gently pulled him out, wrapping my arms protectively about him. We walked into the house, and I kept Scott walking right back into the bedroom. I sat him on the edge of the bed and took his shoes off, then his shirt. I gently shoved him back against the pillows then took off my own shirt and shoes. I crawled up on the bed beside Scott and pulled him into my arms, wrapping around him, sheltering him and comforting him.

After a while I felt him relax. A short while later I felt his lips nibbling on my chest. "Mmm, feeling better angel?" I murmured, running my hand down his back. I felt a shiver run through him.

Lifting his head, Scott looked into my eyes and I lost myself in emerald pools. "I was thinking about a promise someone made earlier today," he said mischievously. I blushed, having momentarily forgotten our earlier conversation. I looked at my angel and decided it was my turn to give him what he'd given me the night before. I pushed all fear and hesitation out of my mind, knowing that this was right between us.

I rolled Scott over onto his back. "A promise is a promise," I whispered and lowered my lips to his. I was feeling surer of myself this time, more confident in how we felt about each other. I let that confidence and my passion for Scott find an outlet through my lips. My tongue darted into his mouth finding that soft spot I'd discovered before, the inner edge of his lips. Scott responded to every kiss and every touch but he let me keep control. I remembered our earlier activity before going for dinner and began it all again. I moved slowly down his chest, kissing, licking and tasting this wondrous man. I lightly flicked Scott's nipple with my tongue, and was pleased when he shivered in pleasure. I took the nipple between my teeth, gently sucking and biting. All I had to work with was instinct and Scott's responses to what I was doing. My only goal was to pleasure him. I licked my way across his toned chest to find the other nipple. While my mouth was busy, my hands were active too. I moved them down Scott's body until I found the button and zipper of his pants. I undid both before moving my lips to his firm stomach.

My hands continued their work, pushing the pants downward. Scott helped by raising his hips then kicking off the annoying clothing. I continued planting kisses over his rippling skin as I moved down. I found his boxers and kept going kissing his erect penis through the material. I felt his cock jump at the contact.

"Oh yeah, Brian love," Scott murmured in encouragement. I continued sucking, kissing and licking his cock though the ever-wetter material. His scent was intoxicating. Noticing a slight salty taste, I realized I was tasting Scott's juices. I'd waited my entire life for this man I realized and reveled in the taste of him.

My hand moved to the waist of his boxers and pulled down. His cock leapt at its newfound freedom. All I could do was stare at the swollen head and shaft, incredulous that I could cause such a reaction. "I do that to you?" I asked softly in awe.

All Scott did was nod and smile, too lost in his own pleasure. I let my instincts take over and bent to kiss the throbbing tool. I worked my lips over every inch of it, adoring it, worshipping it. I found his cum-filled balls and moved the shaft forward to reach them. I wrapped my lips around them and sucked. Scott began to move his hips up and down, wanting to be set free. I wasn't ready to oblige, enjoying myself too much.

I kept my mouth sucking and licking his balls but let my hand explore. It delved under Scott's ass and ran along his crack. I knew I'd found his hole when his entire body spasmed, bucking up. I returned my finger to the spot, keeping it there a little longer to prolong the turmoil I knew Scott was feeling. My instincts told me that Scott wouldn't last much longer.

I moved my mouth back to his cock, taking the head in my mouth. "Oh, god Brian, I'm going to cum," he whispered hoarsely. I just continued sucking, taking as much of the pulsing flesh into my mouth and throat as I could, before pulling off completely and repeating the motion. I could tell from Scott's body that the sensations were driving him over the edge. I kept my hand stroking the crevice between his ass cheeks.

When I felt Scott's entire body become rigid, and the cum began shooting down my throat, I pushed a finger into his hole, causing him to cry out my name and sending him into oblivion. I was amazed that I managed to swallow everything he offered. I'd never tasted cum before and because it was Scott's, loved every drop of it.

When I was sure Scott had nothing left, I released his softening tool and kissed my way up his damp and trembling body. As I reached his face I leaned over to his ear and whispered, "So, did *I* give *you* pleasure, my angel?" I wanted him to have enjoyed it as much as I did.

My angel simply rolled his head over to look deeply into my eyes. He smiled. "I love you Brian," he said simply and my heart did somersaults. My angel, my heart, my love loved me.

I smiled tenderly back at him and wrapped my arms around him. "I love you too, Scott," I said softly.

We each held the other part of our soul as we drifted into slumber.


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