Millennium Love Brian - 17

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He hugged me tighter. "Well I don't have the benefit of nice warm arms around me, do I?"

That wouldn't do. I slid out of the warmth of his arms and realized that it was cold out. Once off the chair I took Scott's hand and began walking towards the house. I led him up the stairs and into our bedroom. I closed the door, and walked back to Scott. Kneeling on the floor, I untied his shoes, then reached up to unbuckle his belt, followed by the button and zipper of his pants. He stepped out of the shoes and pants as I kicked my shoes off and took off my pants. We both had t-shirts and boxers on.

I took his hand again and walked him over to the side of the bed. I pulled back the blankets and pushed him down onto the mattress. I crawled over him to the other side, climbing under the blankets. I curled up to his back, until my body touched every part of his.

"Is this better, Angel?" I asked softly, laying my hand on his chest.

"Perfect," he sighed, and covered my hand with his.

Our breathing evened out and we drifted into a peaceful sleep.

Part 17

I woke up when I felt the bed beside me move. I smiled to myself as I remembered where I was and whom I was with. I rolled over at the same time as Scott did and we nearly banged heads. We both laughed softly.

"Morning, Love," Scott whispered to me, giving me a kiss.

I smiled contentedly. "Mmm, Angel. Do you think anyone would notice if we just stayed in bed all day?" The second I said it, I should have known it was bad luck. There was a knock at the door.

"You guys up? Breakfast is ready," Kevin's voice came through the closed door. We both giggled, hushing each other, hoping Kevin hadn't heard us. No such luck.

"Okay, I know you're up. I'm telling Aunt Jackie if you're not down in twenty minutes." We heard him walk off and giggled again.

"You know, I like your cousin and all, Brian, but does he ever stop playing mother?" Scott asked.

I sighed. "Not that I can remember."

Scott wrapped his arms around me. "We need to find him a girlfriend," he said, and I nodded in complete agreement. Then I was distracted as Scott began to run his fingers over my face, along my jaw, across my eyebrows, to my cheeks and then my lips. He looked so happy I smiled. That made him even happier.

I wanted nothing more than to stay where we were but I began to feel guilty. Eventually I rolled over and reluctantly crawled out of the comfortable bed.

"Sorry Angel, Kevin just has me trained too well, I guess," I said ruefully as I walked to the adjoining bathroom. As I took care of business, I thought about what Scott had said, Kevin *did* need a girlfriend. He'd been alone too long, afraid to get serious about anyone for fear of getting hurt.

As I walked back into the bedroom I saw Scott standing by the window, his eyes were closed and the sun was shining on his golden skin. He looked like a statue of a Greek god. I walked up behind him and put my arms around his waist. "What ya thinking about?" I asked softly.

He turned into my arms, wrapping his arms around my neck. "I was thinking how easy I could get used to waking up to you each morning," he said.

"Mmm, me too!" I agreed, giving him a hug. I didn't want to imagine what it would be like without him.

Scott left me standing by the window as he went to the bathroom. We both quickly pulled on boxers, jeans and t-shirts before going downstairs.

I instinctively reached over and took Scott's hand in mine. We walked into the kitchen to discover that most of my family was already there; my parents, my brother, Kevin, Aunt Ann, Tim, Kevin's other brother Jerold, Jerold's wife Kim and their six year old daughter Jayne. Everyone else had gone home the night before.

"Morning y'all," I greeted everyone, unconsciously falling back into the southern way of talking.

"Good morning Brian, Scott," a number of voices greeted us. We walked over to the large kitchen table, which easily sat everyone present, and found two empty seats. The family began to pass food down to us.

Once Scott sat, I went over to the counter and turned the kettle on. I knew he preferred tea, so I poured coffee for myself then pulled out a small teapot I knew Mom had. I found the teabags and put one in before pouring in the boiling water. I carried it back to the table and noticed everyone was staring at me. I had always told them how much I hated tea.

"What?" I asked them as I sat down. "It's for Scott, okay?" I said defensively. The family laughed.

"I never thought I'd see the day you became domesticated!" Harold razzed me. I stuck out my tongue before turning my attention to breakfast and ignoring Harold.

We ate breakfast and chatted comfortably with everyone. Mom and Aunt Ann had already done some of the preparations for dinner, and would finish up with help from Kim and my Grandma. Thirty family members were expected so we would rearrange the dining room, bringing in another table to seat everyone.

"So what are you two doing today?" Dad asked Scott and I.

Scott glanced at me. "I'm not sure yet, Dad," I said as I met Scott's gaze. "I think we'll just stay here and explore the ranch, maybe go riding and hang out by the pool." I shrugged. "Unless someone has a better suggestion?"

When breakfast finished, people began to go their separate ways. I took Scott's hand and we walked to the main entrance. "I thought I'd start with a tour?" I suggested and waited until he nodded.

I explained the layout of the house. As you come in the front door there is a small library/office to the left. To the right is the huge living room and immediately in front is the main staircase upstairs. Walking around the stairs to the left led to the kitchen we'd just left. From the kitchen we walked into the formal dining room, this could also be reached from the living room. Scott walked into the dining room and stood staring at the dining room suite. The solid, polished wood table could easily seat twenty people. The chairs were made from the same fine-grained wood, as were the two giant floor-to-ceiling china cabinets.

"Wow," he said, touring the room, "My mother would love this."

I grinned. "She has the same taste as my Mom. I had this all custom made after I bought the ranch."

I led Scott back into the kitchen and up the back staircase to a small room. I didn't admit it to people but I was secretly proud of this little room where my Mom displayed all the awards I'd won dating back to high school. I grinned sheepishly. "I was keeping them in a closet, but Mom wanted them displayed, so we compromised."

We went into the hall. The central stairs rose up the middle creating a circular balcony type hallway. Doors leading to the bedrooms lined the walls, six bedrooms total. Over the entranceway, at the front of the house was the small study and I took Scott there.

"I watched you arrive yesterday from here." I told him as I pulled him into the room and closed the door. I pushed him back against the wall and leaned against him, loving the feel of his body against mine. Our lips met in an explosion of passion. I wanted, I needed, to be closer to him so I wrapped my arms around his neck and one of my legs behind his knees. Our tongues began to dance around each other, darting in and out. Scott took my face between his strong hands and kissed it all over, stopping to kiss my neck and throat. My hands wandered all over Scott's body, urging him on. Scott suddenly picked me up and I curled my legs around behind him. We walked over to the leather couch and Scott sat down, me on his lap. His hot seeking mouth continued to run over my sensitive flesh. I threw my head back and moaned at the delicious sensations, as Scott kissed down my throat and across my chest. I pulled his head up so I could taste his lips with mine again. My tongue sought his sensuous lips, and ran around the inner edge of them. I remembered the first time I'd done that and Scott had shuddered with pleasure, he did this time too. He ran his hands over my back.

The phone suddenly rang and we both jumped apart. Someone in the house must have answered the call because it only rang the one time. Breathing hard we looked at each other and began to laugh.

"Think someone is trying to tell us something?" Scott asked pulling me close to his pounding chest. I sighed and laid my head on his shoulder. I knew we wouldn't get much privacy in the house so decided we should go out.

"So do you want to go riding? I'll show you the rest of the ranch," I suggested, running my fingers absently through Scott's thick maze of curls.

He grinned. "It's been a very long time since I've ridden, but I'm game."

We went back to our room for shoes then walked down the stairs. Kevin and Tim were sitting on the front veranda.

Scott and I looked at each other and I nodded. "You guys want to come riding with us?" Scott asked.

They agreed and we all headed for the barn. Kevin and Tim were both expert horsemen, but I knew Scott didn't have much experience. I talked it over with my cousins before deciding on a white mare called Beau for Scott. Beau was short for Beaujolais Nouveau. Scott hadn't ridden western before so I helped him put the saddle and bridle on, before saddling my red gelding, called B-Rok's Boy. Scott laughed at the name and I had to grin.

"I didn't name him that!" I protested. "One of my little cousins did."

Kevin and Tim led their saddled horses out, and we mounted up. I watched as Scott muttered to himself, trying to remember instructions from years old riding lessons. I smiled to myself. The mare was very tame and as long as we kept to a walk, I knew he would be okay.

The ranch was big, over two hundred acres. We rode through fields of genuine Kentucky bluegrass, following a worn trail. We crossed a number of streams before entering a forest of huge trees. The path zigzagged around the base of the trees; the canopy above was so thick that there was very little underbrush. I saw Scott finally relax as he adjusted to the motion and I knew he was enjoying himself.

Kevin was leading, followed by Scott and I, with Tim close behind. Kevin turned to say something, then stopped. He waited until we reached his position. He was looking at me intently, and then he looked at Scott, a grin on his face. I soon learned why.

"You know, B. you may want to wear a turtleneck to dinner tonight," he said bursting into laughter. Tim had caught up to us and looked at my neck, seeing what Kevin saw.

I looked at Scott accusingly, trying not to smile. "Scott, you didn't!"

He tried to look innocent, but failed. "Hey, it wasn't me, must have been one of your other boyfriends." Yeah right angel.

I pulled Beau's bridle until Scott was beside me. "You know you'll have to pay?" I whispered wickedly.

Scott raised his eyebrows. "You promise?" he asked sweetly. I grinned and shook my head. He was incorrigible.

We worked our way back around to the house again. The sun had really begun to heat up, so once we rubbed down the horses and turned them into the paddock, we decided to take a swim. The four of us walked back to the house, changed into swimsuits and met back by the pool. A few others were already there. I grabbed a towel for Scott, and myself, which he put on a chair before diving into the pool. What a beautiful body he has. I watched as he swam a few lengths, then climbed out to stretch out on a lounge chair. Tim, Kevin, my cousin Mark and I played our own version of water basketball. It had been a long time since we'd goofed around like that. I glanced over at Scott occasionally to find he had fallen asleep. It was over an hour later when I got out of the water and walked over to where Scott was. It was only then that I realized he'd turned a bright shade of red.

I gently shook him awake. He squinted up into the sunlight at me. I winced as I realized just how burnt he was. I was holding a t-shirt in my hand and handed it to him. I sat down in the next chair. "Maybe you should put this on Angel, before you turn into a lobster," I said with concern.

Scott glanced down at his hairless chest. He looked at his watch to see how long he'd been asleep. He grimaced as he sat up and I quickly reached over to help him put the shirt on. "I'm sorry Scott, I should have wakened you earlier. I didn't realize that you would burn so quickly," I said softly, feeling terrible.

Scott grabbed my hand and raised it to his lips. "It's my own fault, Love. I know I burn and I just wasn't thinking." He stood up. "I think I'll find some shade to sit in for the rest of the day." I reached down and folded up the lounge chair, then took his hand and led him to the shade of a nearby coffee tree. I set the chair up and gently pushed him on it, careful not to hurt him.

I had an idea. "I'll be right back," I said and ran to the house. I went to the kitchen and found my Mom.

I poured two glasses of lemonade. "Mom, do we have any skin cream that would help sunburns?" I asked.

She looked at me, then looked again. I realized she saw my neck. I blushed. "It's not for that, Mom. Scott's been sleeping in the sun."

"In the bathroom, Brian," she said. "There's a jar of aloe vera cream, it will cool the burn and take any stinging away."

I walked over to her and kissed her forehead. "Thanks Mom." Then I grabbed the lemonade and stopped at the bathroom under the stairs before going back outside. I walked back over to Scott, and set the glasses on the ground, telling him to take off the shirt.

I knelt down in the grass beside the chair and began to gently rub the cream from the jar onto his burnt flesh. I could see he felt the effect immediately as he closed his eyes and relaxed, letting me take care of him. I spread the cream over his entire chest then moved down to the sunburns on his legs. I moved back up to his face and put some on his neck, face and the tips of his sweet ears.

I couldn't help but stare at his handsome face. He opened his eyes and smiled. "This isn't going to turn me blue or something, is it?" he asked. I smiled gently, and kissed his nose.

"No. My revenge will be much more obvious," I said softly, kissing his delectable lips, "and sweeter." I turned around and sat down on the thick grass, handing Scott a glass of lemonade.

"Thanks, Brian." Scott said softly, and curled his arm over my shoulder, resting his hand on my chest. It felt possessive, and it felt good.

We stayed there for the rest of the afternoon until it became obvious that people were gradually moving into the house to get changed for dinner. At the same time, we stood up, looked at each other and laughed. I put my arm around his waist and we walked back to the house.

We showered separately; deciding it would not be good to arrive late for dinner. While Scott was showering I put on a midnight blue silk shirt to go with the black pants. I pulled a box out of my suitcase, took out the same silk shirt, in a dark green, and set it with Scott's black pants on the bed. I wandered down to the study to look outside, trying to determine who was here and who was yet to arrive.

When I came back, Scott was just buttoning up the shirt and looked awesome. I whistled and gave him a kiss. "I knew that shirt would look good on you." I said as I brushed my hair, looking in the dresser mirror. "You know, it's a good thing that we're the only gay people here or I would have to lock you in the room for the evening." I only half joked, a little insecurity slipping through. He hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek.

"Thank you for the shirt, Love, but you wouldn't have to worry even if everyone downstairs were gay." He said and we both laughed at the image his comment created.

Walking hand and hand, we went down to join my family in the living room before dinner.


Sorry this one was a little boring. But coming up in part 18, just to inform or forewarn...Brian and Scott's first time!