Millennium Love Brian Part 21

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"Hold on! Hold on!" Drew spoke loudly into the phone, grabbing my attention. "Sorry bout that Brian, but I just wanted to make sure it was really you; didn't mean to scare you. Yes, I picked Scott up at the airport. All he could talk about was you," Drew said.

I had to smile at that. God I already missed him and it had only been a few hours. "Really? Please don't scare me like that again."

"Promise. So what can I do for you?" Drew asked curiously.

"Well, Scott's birthday is next week."

"Yeah, he mentioned that you were going to celebrate it at New Years," Drew said.

"That's what I told him, but I have another plan. Only I need some help; I need your help Drew," I said.

Chapter 21

I began to tell Drew about my plan, and what part he needed to play. Once I laid out the entire plot he quickly agreed to help. He would take care of things at his end, making sure Scott got a delivery in the middle of the week with an airplane ticket to New York.

By the time I finished talking to Drew, it was late. But I needed to talk to Scott so I called him. I loved the sound of his voice and could have simply listened to it all night. But I knew I had to be up early for last minute meetings before we packed up the bus for the month long tour. Our first stop was Atlanta, for concerts Tuesday and Wednesday night, before moving on to Raleigh for Friday.

The meetings Monday were thankfully busy and once finished, we had to rush home to finish packing and get back to the bus. We would be on the bus basically all night. We'd check into a hotel in the early hours of Tuesday morning for a little more sleep before going to the arena for routine sound checks and rehearsals.

We were all a little sluggish from the five-day vacation over Thanksgiving. None of us had worked out, or rehearsed the entire time, so Fatima was on a rampage. She worked us hard during the rehearsal so by the time the concert was over that night, I was completely exhausted. I think the others were too. We all returned to the hotel and basically crashed. I showered and crawled into bed before calling Scott. We talked briefly, but it was enough to help me relax and I quickly fell asleep.

Wednesday was another busy day. I was hyper because I knew my surprise for Scott would begin to unfold in Toronto today. I know AJ and Howie wondered what was going on with me. Kevin had some idea, because he knew part of my plan. Nick knew even more because I'd talked to him about helping me too.

We had just finished up an interview and were in the limo going to the arena when my phone rang.

"Hello?" I said.

"Hi there sexy!" a beautiful voice said on the other end. I grinned and ignored the faces the guys made. They knew immediately that it was Scott.

"Ya know, my boyfriend Scott wouldn't appreciate you calling me," I said, trying very hard not to laugh.

I could almost hear Scott smiling on the other end. "What, doesn't he like people telling the truth?"

I did laugh as I felt myself blush at his compliment. "Hi Angel, I miss you. Everything okay?" I figured he'd gotten the package but I wanted to know how he reacted.

Scott paused for a moment. "Yeah, everything is fine. I was wondering though, did you courier me anything?"

This time I paused. He'd asked the question in a way that I could answer it honestly. "No," I said slowly. "Why? Is something wrong?" I had to fight the urge to giggle.

"No, nothing wrong. Just got a strange delivery today, but if you didn't send it, I'm not going to pay any attention to it," he said. I froze. I hadn't even thought about that possibility. Then again, he loved me so why would he go meet a mystery person? I knew I would have to call Drew when I got the chance. We needed to come up with a new plan and soon.

"What was it Scott?" I asked, wondering if he would tell me.

"Brian, forget it. It's not important. I love you and I really miss you," he said quietly. I could hear the loneliness in his voice.

"I miss you too Angel," I said softly.

"I talked to Sheri about New Years, and she agreed to come. I'm having lunch with Drew on Friday so I'll ask him then," he said. Perfect. I knew Drew and I could come up with something by then.

"That's great Scott. I'm looking forward to seeing Sheri again and I really want to meet this Drew," I said honestly.

Scott laughed softly. "Yeah, well he is a unique guy, I'll say that much. So are you at rehearsal right now?"

"Yeah. We're just on our way there from a TV interview. Then after the concert its back on the bus. God Scott, I can't wait till New Years. When are you planning on flying down?" I asked.

"I thought we'd come down on the 28th, if that's okay? I guess we'll need hotel reservations or something. I doubt Howie and Kevin would appreciate three houseguests in your apartment."

I smiled at his consideration for the guys. "The 28th it is. And don't worry about anything. I'll make the arrangements, just get your butt down here!"

Scott laughed. "Yes sir!"

I realized we were stopping and sighed loudly. "We're at the arena now Scott. I'll give you a call tonight, when we're back on the bus, okay? If that's too late, I can..."

"Brian! You know that I will talk to you whenever you call. Besides, most days I make my own schedule so I can sleep in, if you happen to call at three in the morning!" he said. He was so sweet.

"Okay Angel. I don't think it will be that late. Love you," I said softly.

"Love you too," Scott replied just as softly and hung up.

I reluctantly went into the arena and managed to switch into my 'performer' mode. Fatima was a little easier on us than the day before. The concert that night went off without a problem. It was late when we filed out of the arena and boarded the bus. I hesitated for a moment about calling Scott that late, but I really needed to hear his voice again.

We only talked briefly. I had to stifle yawns as I spoke until finally Scott told me to hang up and go to bed. I told him I loved him and took his advice.

On Thursday, I called Drew.

"Hello, Drew Taylor Investments, may I help you?" a secretary answered the phone.

"Yes I need to speak to Drew please," I said.

"May I ask who's calling?" she asked.

"Um," I didn't want to give her my full name. "Could you please tell him that Brian is calling about that project we're working on? He'll know who it is."

"One moment please," she said and put me on hold.

A few seconds later the phone was answered. "Brian?"

"Hi Drew, I think we have a problem." I told him about my conversation with Scott. He wasn't sure what the answer was. Then an idea came to me.

"Drew, did you hand write the note you put with the plane ticket?" I asked him, feeling my excitement growing. I thought this would work.

"Yeah, why?" he asked.

"What time are you having lunch with Scott on Friday?"

"Right at noon," he replied.

"Perfect!" I told him I had a plan. Scott had a real eye for details. Drew gave me his cell phone number and I told him I would call about 12:30 or so on Friday.

Thursday, I went to a local mall with AJ to buy Scott a birthday present. I hadn't really thought about what I would get him and I knew I shouldn't have left it so late. AJ suggested a number of things, but it was a jewelry store that caught my attention. I walked inside and began looking. It was definitely too soon for any kind of ring. Despite knowing Scott was 'the one' for me, we hadn't been going out for two months yet. I tried to remember if Scott wore any chains and decided he didn't. It was AJ that spotted the perfect gift; a gold, chain-link ID bracelet. It was masculine and simple and reminded me of Scott. I made my decision quickly and asked the jeweler to engrave it. Once my credit card was accepted, he happily obliged.

Scott and I talked for two hours that night. We simply chatted about things that had happened or that we'd done. I had to watch everything I said because I didn't want to give anything away.

I was more hyper than normal on Friday as I waited for 12:30 to roll around. I really needed my plan to work and this was the only way I could see it happening without Drew having to reveal more details.

I dialed Drew's number and waited.

"Hello" he said.

"Hi Drew, its Brian" I told him.

"Oh, how are you?" he asked casually. I knew he couldn't say too much, if he was at lunch.

"Good. Are you at lunch with Scott?" I asked to verify.


"And he's sitting right there?"

"Yes, that's right," Drew replied.

"Good, now take out some paper and a pen and write down something," I told him.

"Excuse me?" I hadn't told him precisely what my idea was.

"Write down something so he'll see your hand writing," I explained. "He'll recognize it and realize you sent the note...then he'll go to New York."

"Oh, I see. That makes perfect sense," he said and I knew he'd got my idea. "Just let me get a pen. Okay. So you want me to buy more high tech shares but not Microsoft, then fax a copy of the transactions to you in New York?"

I was impressed. "That's good Drew. Is he looking?"

"Yes I believe it looks good," he said.

"You know he's going to kill us when he finds out?" I said with a laugh.

"Yes, I'm well aware of that," Drew replied, without any emotion.

"Have you ever considered taking up acting Drew?" I had to ask.

"No, that was never an option." How he managed not to laugh, I'll never know.

"Oh well, let me know if he doesn't fall for it. I'll have to come up with another plan. Thanks for all your help Drew," I told him sincerely.

"I will do that. That's what I'm here for. I guess I will see you before the New Year?" he commented. I realized that Scott must have mentioned New Years to him.

"Oh, so he told you about New Years?"

"Yes, I'm looking forward to it as well. I'll let you go now. Everything looks good, but I'll let you know if I have problems."

"Thanks Drew, Bye."

"Bye," he said and hung up the phone. It looked like everything was going my way.

Drew called me on Saturday to tell me Scott had taken the bait. He was sure he would be meeting Drew, so he was going to go to New York. That was one of the longest weekends I can remember. I know I wasn't concentrating during the Sunday concert in Baltimore, but I was so excited about Monday.

Nick had agreed to fly to New York with me. He was going to meet with some friends for a few hours, then fly back with me late that night. Kevin was not really pleased with our plans, but he knew better than to try to talk me out of it. I think he felt better knowing that Nick was coming too. I'm sure he thought I would be more apt to skip the concert Tuesday, if I went alone. Nick was sort of an insurance policy.

We caught a one PM flight and arrived in New York, less than an hour later. I reminded him when and where to show up and we parted company. Since I had time, I visited some of my favorite places in New York as I made my way downtown. I arrived at the Empire State Building about twenty minutes early. I found a hidden spot across from the entrance and watched.

I caught my breath when I saw a tall, black haired man walking the street towards the entrance. I had to force myself not to dash over and take him into my arms. I watched him disappear into the building. I remained where I was, checking my watch. When it was just on six I began walking across the street. I noticed a familiar figure step out of a car, directly in front of the building. I quietly followed the man inside. I'm not sure if he noticed me, but I remained inconspicuous. We rode up on the same elevator and he never noticed.

When the doors opened on the 102nd floor, the ten people in the elevator stepped off. I remained near the exit watching the man walk to the edge of the building. He looked side to side, and obviously spotted who he was looking for. He walked up behind Scott and touched his shoulder. Scott slowly turned around and when he recognized the man his face clearly expressed shock. He broke into a smile and pulled the man into a hug. My heart fluttered.

To be continued...


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I broke into a grin as I watched Nick and Scott together. Adding Nick to my plot was a good idea. Knowing that Scott had figured he was meeting Drew, the mystery was gone. Having Nick show up deepened the plot. I remained carefully out of their view as they chatted for a few minutes. Finally they began to move towards the elevator. I quickly walked around a rack of postcards, ensuring neither would see me. I had promised Nick I wouldn't come up, but I hadn't been able to resist. I needed to see Scott every second I could. I waited until they stepped onto the elevator and the doors closed. I took the next elevator down.

I had booked a small, private dining room at a local hotel and I knew that was where Nick was taking Scott. I hailed a cab and gave him the address, trying to contain my excitement. I walked into the hotel and was given directions to the private dining room. As I walked down the hall, I saw Nick walking out of a room. He closed the door behind him. He saw me and grinned.

"Perfect timing B," he said quietly. "Everything is going perfect. He is sitting with his back to the door, so you should be able to sneak in without a problem."

I grinned at Nick and hugged him tightly. "Thanks Frack for your help. Does he suspect anything?"

Nick shook his head. "No. I told him I had to go talk to the hostess to ensure our privacy. I didn't want any fans sneaking in unexpectedly," Nick told me.

"Sounds good. Your friends meeting you here?" I asked. His friends had dropped him off at the Empire State building and were supposed to pick him up. They were going for dinner before Nick had to meet me back at the airport for our midnight flight.

"Yeah. I'll see you at the airport," he said and began walking down the hall. He stopped and turned. "Oh, by the way, next time, step over to the railing and you might get over your fear of heights!" he said and continued walking.

'Damn, the boy is good,' I thought. Somehow he'd seen me up on the 102nd floor. I turned back and looked at the closed door. I silently opened it and slipped inside. As Nick had said, Scott was sitting, sipping a glass of wine, with his back to the door. He hadn't heard me come in because a soft music was playing in the background. I walked slowly up behind him.

I slipped my arms around his waist and kissed the back of his neck.

"What the hell?" Scott shouted and jumped up, spinning around, thinking I was Nick. I fought a failing battle not to grin. His eyes widened as he registered who was standing in front of him. He blinked a few times, then slowly raised his hand to touch my cheek. I was in heaven and closed my eyes, tilting my head into the warmth of his fingers.

"I do hope that this is the last of the surprises for today," Scott commented softly. I opened my eyes and smiled at my Angel.

"Well if you don't like it I can always go back to Baltimore," I said.

Scott's arms suddenly reached out and wrapped around me, pulling me to him tightly. My arms instinctively went around Scott's waist. We stood there silently, holding each other. I rested my head on his shoulder.

"Did you plan all of this?" Scott asked quietly. "Drew and Nick?"

I nodded against his chest, then pulled back so I could see his expressive green eyes. They were brimming with tears. "Scott, I love you. And as long as I have a say in it, I'm going to be with you for as many special occasions as possible. If I hadn't been able to make this plan work, I would have flown you to Baltimore, so I could be with you," I explained.

Scott smiled his wondrous smile, making my heart race. "Brian, Love, I know you love me. And I know that we can't be together all the time. That you went to all this trouble amazes me. You amaze me."

A knock on the door prevented me from saying anything. "Hold that thought Angel," I said softly, stroking his cheek. I left his arms and opened the door, admitting a waiter pushing a cart loaded with food.

"Your food as requested Sir," he said. He stopped the cart beside the table and set the main entrees at each place setting. "Will there be anything else?" he asked.

"No, thank you. I will notify the hotel, when we are leaving," I told him. He nodded and closed the door as he left. I walked over and flicked the lock, not wanting any interruptions.

I quickly returned to where Scott was standing and reached up, pulling his lips to mine. I needed to feel him against me. As we finally pulled apart, I pulled out my birthday gift for Scott. He looked at the small wrapped box then up at me.

He shook his head. "You are going to spoil me you know," he whispered with a smile. That was my intention. He took the box from me and ripped off the paper. He slowly opened the lid.

Inside, he saw the gold ID bracelet that I had bought the week before. Scott smiled shyly at me as he pulled the bracelet out and set the empty box on the table. He looked at the top and saw his name engraved there. Then he turned the bracelet over. I watched his expression as I knew what he was reading; "My saving Angel Luv B". I could see the tears of joy as he pulled me to him again.

"It's beautiful Love," he whispered. "Thank you." Scott pulled back. "Will you put it on for me?"

I smiled and nodded. I undid the clasp and fastened it around his wrist. It fit perfectly. I grabbed his hand in mine and raised it so I could kiss the back. Our eyes met. "I love you Scott," I said truthfully.

Scott smiled. "I love you too, Brian."

To be continued...