Millennium Love Brian 22 & 23

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Inside, he saw the gold ID bracelet that I had bought the week before. Scott smiled shyly at me as he pulled the bracelet out and set the empty box on the table. He looked at the top and saw his name engraved there. Then he turned the bracelet over. I watched his expression as I knew what he was reading; "My saving Angel Luv B". I could see the tears of joy as he pulled me to him again.

"It's beautiful Love," he whispered. "Thank you." Scott pulled back. "Will you put it on for me?"

I smiled and nodded. I undid the clasp and fastened it around his wrist. It fit perfectly. I grabbed his hand in mine and raised it so I could kiss the back. Our eyes met. "I love you Scott," I said truthfully.

Scott smiled. "I love you too, Brian."

Chapter 22

Scott and I stood there, staring into each other's eyes. Slowly, our bodies and mouths moved towards each other until our lips met. At the first touch, our passion erupted and Scott's arms wrapped around my waist. I put my arms around his neck and held him tightly. Our mouths rediscovered one another. Remembering Scott's sensitive spot, my tongue flicked across his lips, asking for admittance to his mouth. His lips parted and my tongue found its way inside. I licked along the inside of his lips and smiled to myself as I felt his entire body shudder at the sensation.

Scott was lost in his passion and his hands moved down to my shirt. Reluctantly, I slowly began to pull back, as I knew we couldn't take things any further. Our eyes met again and I smiled tenderly, gently stroking his cheek. "Dinner is going to get cold Angel," I murmured.

I watched as Scott blinked, suddenly remembering where we were. I couldn't help but giggle and he grinned at me. I took him by the hand and led him to the table. I walked over to the side bar and grabbed the open bottle of red wine before sitting down across from Scott. I poured some wine for myself then raised my glass.

I wanted to make a toast, but I knew it would sound corny. I smiled and felt myself blush. "Now don't laugh, okay?" I asked. Scott nodded. "Here's to your birthday Angel, and hoping that I am by your side to celebrate your next eighty or ninety birthdays," I said as a toast. I know it sounded silly, but I meant it. I watched Scott's reaction.

He smiled at me. "Love, I will definitely drink to that." Our glasses clinked and we each took a sip of wine.

We dove into the food and ate in silence for a few minutes. I couldn't help but keep glancing at Scott. I loved to just watch him. I noticed him looking at the bracelet.

I grinned. "You like?" I asked him.

"I love. But I love you more," he said softly.

I'm not exactly sure where the question came from, but suddenly I asked, "Why do you love me?"

Scott stared at me across the table. I had to explain that a little better. "I'm not doubting you love me Angel, but why?" For some reason, it was important to me.

Scott smiled slightly. "How do I love thee, Let me count the ways," he recited, making me laugh softly.


He smiled and looked at the table. "I don't know if I can put it into words Brian," he said softly. I waited patiently for him to find the words. I simply watched him until finally he spoke.

"The first thing I noticed about you was your eyes, Love. When you looked at me in the felt like you were looking right into my very being. Then you smiled at me." Scott looked up at me. "Do you know that right from the start you have had a way of smiling at me, that I've never seen you use for anyone else. Its like you're smiling about some secret that only you and I know." He was right. I did have a special smile for him alone, because he was the one who held my heart.

He ran his fingers through his black curly hair and took a sip of wine. "That first night we spent talking, I felt a connection. It's hard to explain Brian. You were so sweet and funny, and even a little naïve. The more we talked, the more I realized that we were looking for the same thing... love. The original, forever and ever, kind of love. No one-night stands, or a relationship that lasts for a month or a year." Scott paused. I really didn't need to hear any more, but I wasn't going to interrupt him. "You are the most sincere and genuine man I've ever met, Brian. I know you have to be 'Brian Littrell, the Backstreet Boy' when other people are around. But when it's just been you and I, or even the other guys or your family, you are just Brian, the cute, smart and sexy man. When you are with me there are no pretenses. You know who you are and what you want." I saw him smile to himself. "And for reasons I sometimes can't understand, you want me," he said softly. "And now I can't imagine my life without you in it," he added, and our eyes met across the table.

His words delved right into my soul and I felt a calm envelope me. I looked across the tables and our eyes silently communicated. I could read my love for him, expressed back to me in his gaze.

I decided it was my turn. "You know," I began softly. "When I was running from that mob of fans, I was praying; praying for help, or a sign of some kind. And then you were there, Scott." I grinned and leaned forward in the chair. "I'm not going to get all fanatical religious on you, but I do believe you were sent to me. And then you smiled and I thought 'Wow'. But I think I knew you were really something special when I saw the recognition in your eyes, yet you didn't change. You took my public image in stride, and didn't change how you treated me." I paused. "The first time we kissed, outside the restaurant, do you remember?" Scott nodded and smiled. We both could clearly remember that moment. "My entire body felt...I guess the best word is recognition. My heart and soul recognized yours and I knew you were the other half of me."

"Where did all this come from, Brian?" Scott asked me curiously.

I sighed and smiled ruefully. "I guess its being back on tour, Scott. I don't know if you realize just how chaotic its going to be. I got spoiled over Thanksgiving," I added with a grin.

Scott smiled back at me and poured us both more wine. "Tell me about it Brian. I know we've talked about it a little, but tell me what the schedule is like for you." I could hear the sincere curiosity in his voice. He really wanted to know about my job.

So I told him. I didn't gloss it over. I told him about the boredom of riding on a bus for hours at a time. Getting trapped in hotels because hundreds of fans had the hotel staked out. Europe was especially bad because we were more popular there than in North America. I told him about the serious threat fans could pose. Our meeting had given him a glimpse of that. I wasn't being conceited when I told him that Nick and I were usually the main targets of overzealous fans. I would have preferred otherwise, but I really didn't get a say in the matter.

Then I told him about the positive. I couldn't help but smile. "I love the performing. Being on stage is one of the best parts. And meeting special fans, like terminally ill children...that part is amazing. The fact that just by meeting me and talking to me can bring a smile to the face of a child who is suffering so truly is awe inspiring. It's stuff like that which makes putting up with everything else worth while."

I glanced at Scott and decided to break the serious mood. I grinned at him. "Of course, once in a while we meet a fan who doesn't get all hysterical on us...and may even help us out. We sleep with those fans!" I told him.

I noticed him raise his eyebrows as he stared back at me. "Well, I'm afraid that practice is going to have to stop on this tour." Damn, I couldn't phase him at all!


He nodded, trying to look serious. "Yeah. I don't think the bunks on a bus would be big enough for three."

I wasn't ready to admit defeat and laughed aloud. I stood up and walked around the table. I pulled Scott up and gazed up into his emerald eyes. "Well, I suppose I could wait till we get to a hotel. The beds would be bigger," I said, trying to maintain a straight face.

Scott leaned down so our faces were only an inch apart. "Let me put it this way, Love. If I find anyone but me, in your bed...this is what you'll be missing..." He lowered his mouth to mine and held me tightly against his solid chest as he ravaged my mouth with his lips. The last time he'd done that was outside the mall in Lexington. And once again, when he finished I could barely stand. I was gasping for breath and leaning against him for support. Wow, could he kiss. I slowly opened my eyes and gazed at him, my passion clearly burning in my eyes.

"Okay," I whispered. "No sleeping with helpful fans," I managed to gasp out with a slight giggle. Scott simply smiled and continued to hold me until I could stand on my own feet.

I reached up and ran my fingers through his thick, wavy hair. "I wish I could stay all night with you Angel. I want to kiss you and feel you next to me. I want to make love to you half the night...then have you make love to me the other half." God, I wanted to feel his skin against mine.

Scott leaned down and gently kissed my forehead. "Me too, Love." I watched his practical side kick-in as he checked his watch and knew what was coming. "We'll just have to hold those thoughts for three weeks. I'll see you on the 28th and we'll have almost a week to 'catch up'," He kissed both of my eyelids softly. "Thank you for my birthday surprise Brian, I never expected it. I never expected you. I will always remember this, and always wear this," he added, as he held up his arm and new bracelet. "Its time," he whispered and I knew what he meant.

I stood on my toes and kissed his mouth softly. "I'll miss you, Angel," I whispered. I forced myself to move away from him and I walked to the door. I heard Scott follow a few steps behind me. I found the waiter and paid for the meal, room and left him a large tip. I was happy that my plans for the day had worked out. It wasn't nearly long enough, but at least I'd been able to see my Angel. I walked across the lobby to Scott, and smiled at the man who owned my heart.

"You ready to go, Angel?" I asked softly.

He smiled. "No. But do I have a choice?"

I knew how he was feeling and simply grinned. We both walked out the front doors. The doorman hailed a cab and I walked with Scott over to it. He paused in the open door to glance at me again.

"Love you and miss you," he whispered so only I could hear.

I smiled again. "Love and miss you too, Angel," I whispered back. Scott climbed into the cab and I stood on the curb watching it drive away.

Chapter 23

"Are you guys read yet?" I yelled for about the tenth time as I paced anxiously around the large living room. The five of us were staying at the home of some friends who were on the West Coast for the month of December. It was a mansion actually with a security fence, 8 bedrooms and a large pool. We decided to use it over the holidays so family and friends could visit. Now I was just waiting for the other four guys to finish getting ready so we could go to the airport and pick up Scott, his sister Sheri and his friend Drew.

Finally I heard footsteps on the stairs and Nick and AJ came running down. I glanced at them, realizing both had spent a little more time than usual getting ready. I hadn't mentioned to Nick that Sheri had a little crush on him, but I did tell him what she looked like. She was a stunner...if you were into girls!

Melissa, Howie's girlfriend was going to stay at the house in case other friends arrived or there was a phone call. The five of us climbed into the limo and sped off to the airport. I kept glancing at my watch.

"A little anxious B?" AJ asked with a smirk.

I just stuck my tongue out at him. "Well if you hadn't spent so much time looking in the mirror, we wouldn't be cutting it so close," I told him.

I know three weeks wasn't that long, but since Scott's birthday, all I could think about was him. I was glad the mini tour was over, and we had a couple of weeks in Orlando before Millennium was released and the new tour began.

I was lost in my own thoughts until the limo pulled up outside the airport terminal and the driver got out. I hadn't told Scott we were all coming to get them, so I knew he would be surprised. A few minutes later, I heard the trunk open and realized that they were here. I waited anxiously and finally the limo door opened.

Sheri was the first one to step in and she glanced at us. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed as she sat down on one of the seats. A red haired man was the second in and I realized that that had to be Drew. Finally, my Angel climbed in and the door closed behind him.

Scott glanced at us as we grinned. "You know," he said casually, "I thought the giant limo was a little overkill for just the three of us."

Everyone laughed and I stood up, stepping over outstretched legs to squat down in front of Sheri. She had that 'deer in the headlights' look. "Sheri, nice to see you again," I said giving her a smile, hoping to make her feel more comfortable. Then I looked over at Drew and held out my hand. "And Drew, it is very nice to finally meet you, my co-conspirator!" Everyone laughed, having been filled in on the details of my birthday plot. Then I reached the one I'd been waiting for. I climbed across and sat down beside him. I absently began to lightly stroke his arm.

Scott noticed the surprised silence and decided to break the ice. "Sheri, Drew, let me introduce you to Chris, Justin, Joey and J.C." I watched my bandmates stare at Scott in shock. I simply sat quietly and laughed to myself. "Oh, sorry, wrong group. Let me try this again. That's Howie, A.J., Nick and Mother Hen." I knew he would pay for that at some point.

"Hey!" Kevin objected, blushing slightly and throwing an empty water bottle at Scott.

"Oh, sorry, wrong again. That would be Kevin."

Kevin was sitting closest to Sheri so he leaned over and shook hands with her. "Hi, Sheri. Nice to meet you," he said with an easy smile, then nodded at Drew. "Nice to meet you Drew."

Sheri returned the smile. "Nice to meet you too Kevin, and A.J., Nick and Howie. Thanks for letting me tag along."

"Hey, a beautiful face is always welcome," A.J. said with a grin. Sheri blushed and A.J. continued. "It gets very boring when we always have to look at the same ugly mug." He nodded in my direction. "Are you sure you two are related?" He joked. Scott tossed the water bottle at A.J.

I noticed the quick glance that AJ directed at Drew. I wondered if Drew would be the one to get AJ to admit what I'd suspected for a while...that he swung both ways. This could be an interesting few days.

The comments had helped the two newcomers relax and they began to chat with the guys. Scott finally turned all of his attention to me. I grabbed his face in my hands and pulled him to me, kissing him. I leaned back against the side wall of the car and Scott leaned over me, resting his head on my shoulder. Everyone else simply disappeared.

"So, Angel, miss me?" I asked him softly.

Scott raised his head and our eyes met. I could see the strong desire burning there and I gasped. "Yes," he whispered. "Did you miss me?"

I kissed his forehead and whispered, "I'll show you how much when we're alone." I promised him.

The car sped through the city. Scott turned and leaned aback against me as I wrapped my arms around his chest. We listened to the conversation simply enjoying being together. Nick and Kevin were talking to Sheri, asking her questions about university and her courses. She answered and asked questions of her own. Howie and A.J. were talking to Drew about his finance business. They were both impressed at how successful he was, particularly because he didn't look the part.

I felt Scott stir in my arms, and I knew he was wondering where we were going. I answered his question before he could ask it. "It's a surprise, Angel." I said softly. That seemed to satisfy him and he relaxed back against me.

A few minutes later we pulled up outside the large gated house. The gates rolled back and the car pulled around to the side of the house. The car door opened and we all let Sheri step out first. I think all of the other guys were a little enthralled by her.

"You guys live here?" Sheri asked, staring at the mansion.

Howie laughed. "No, actually Kevin, Brian and I share an apartment in the city. Friends of ours are gone for a month and gave us the use of the house. This way we can all have friends and family visit without overcrowding."

"Cool!" Sheri said.

Nick grabbed her hand. "Come on, Sheri, I'll show you around." They disappeared into the house but not before we heard Nick ask, "You don't play video games by any chance?"

I grinned to myself. I helped unload the suitcases from the car. Melissa came around from the pool, and Howie wandered off with her, after introductions. The rest of us took the suitcases into the house and up the stairs. Kevin took Sheri's suitcase into a bedroom, while A.J. showed Drew where he would be sleeping. I led Scott to the end of the hall into the room we'd be sharing. I dropped what I was carrying and spun around. I slammed the door shut behind Scott, and tackled him onto the bed. I didn't want to wait any longer. I needed to be with him.

I straddled his stomach and worked my hands under his shirt, quickly pulling it over his head.

I think Scott was a little surprised by my urgency. "Brian," he gasped as I lowered my mouth to his bare chest and grabbed a nipple between my teeth.

I didn't want to talk. "Mmm?" I muttered as I moved my focus to the other nipple. My hands were working at his belt buckle. I finally got the button, and zipper open, and reached inside. My hand slid beneath the waistband of his boxer-briefs and found my prize.

"Oh god Brian," Scott gasped, as he felt my hand around him. I squeezed gently. I ripped off my own t-shirt and Scott reached up to run his hands up and down my heated flesh. Both of us forgot that there was anyone else in the world.

I lowered my head to find his delectable lips and teased him. My tongue darted quickly in and out, licking his lips, nibbling them, simply driving him wild. Finally, I gave him my tongue and Scott welcomed it. Our mouths entwined, our tongues danced, giving and taking, while hands roamed everywhere.

I rolled off of Scott long enough to tear the rest of my clothes off. I reached over and pulled Scott's jeans down before returning for the boxer-briefs. His body was so incredible I paused for a moment to admire it. My eyes ran over his form before stopping and focusing on his erect member. Scott's eyes took in my body as well. Suddenly he reached out and softly stroked me causing me to moan loudly. I had missed the touch if his hands.

I leaned forward and engulfed his manhood in one motion. Scott's body throbbed and he thrashed on the bed in ecstasy. "Oh yeah love, god your mouth is magic," he murmured. Scott reached down and pulled my head up to kiss me. "I want you, Brian, make love to me, fuck me, please?" he pleaded. Who was I to deny him?

I kissed his passionately, leaving his lips slightly bruised. I reached over to the bedside table and pulled out the lubricant I had placed there earlier. Scott moved up on the bed, using some pillows to prop himself up so he could see what I was doing. He reached out and grabbed the lube from me, squeezing a large glob onto my cock. He spread it around. I raised his knees and gently massaged a greased finger into his ass. Scott was even more anxious than I was. He pulled me closer to him and raised his legs so they were resting on my shoulders, giving me complete access. "Now, babe, please," he pleaded, squirming on the bed.

I moved into position and slowly pushed into him, allowing him to adjust. I tried to go slow, but he moved his legs around to my back and pulled me into him. My shaft sunk completely into his body. He gasped and I was momentarily concerned but then he sighed.

"Oh yeah." He moaned and I knew he was okay. I leaned forward to kiss his mouth again, teasing him with my tongue, driving him to further heights of exquisite pleasure. My hips began to move as I pulled back, almost completely out before sinking all the way back in, stroking his prostrate as I did. I felt the shudders course through his body. My movements were slow, long strokes that made Scott beg for me to slam back into him. Our bodies were covered in sweat and we were both breathing hard. Our eyes locked. I couldn't believe how erotic it was to watch my Angel's face as I slowly pulled out then drove back into him over and over again. It brought both of us closer to the brink.

I could sense that Scott was approaching orgasm so I balanced on one arm and reached between our bodies with a greased hand to grab him. My hand slid up and down his hard shaft. I could feel Scott's body begin to tremble and knew he was close. He began to moan louder, but never broke eye contact.

"Oh, god baby, I'm gonna cum, Brian, love, I'm cumming," he panted as my hand continued to run over his cock. He finally exploded, his load shot up between us and covered both of our chests.

I felt the tightening of his ass muscles as he came, and as I watched Scott's face, with one more deep, hard drive into him, I began to unload my own juices deep into him. "Angel, I'm cumming angel, can you feel me, shooting my load into you?"

>From the reaction of his body, I knew he could feel me. His body spasmed even more as I came inside him. As my orgasm subsided, I collapsed on Scott's cum-covered chest. Our arms instantly wrapped around each other and remained locked, as our breathing slowly returned to normal. I heard Scott moan softly as I gently pulled out of him. I knew that empty feeling too, and held him tighter.

We lay there silently, both coming down from our highs. My head was tucked in against Scott's shoulder and he began to rub my back.

It felt wonderful. "Mmm," I sighed contentedly, and raised my head to smile at my Angel. "That was nice," I said softly.

Scott looked at me. "Only nice?" he asked.

I grinned and kissed him. "Okay, that was the best lovemaking I've ever had, so far. Of course, its all still very new, so I still need some practice before I can say positively that it was the best," I added with a smirk.

Scott grinned back. "Oh, well, I'm sure we'll get some more practice in, love," he said.

Scott glanced to the side of the bed. "Do you think we should see what the gang is up to?" he asked. I realized we had been in the bedroom for quite a while.

I sighed and rolled off his comfortable chest. "Yeah, I guess we better. I think showers are in order first, though," I added with a laugh as I looked at our cum-encrusted bodies. We showered together; simply washing each other's bodies. We changed into swim trunks and t-shirts before heading back downstairs.

To Be Continued...But not until June 4th! I'm taking a weekend off to get some inspiration! :-))