Millennium Love Brian Chapter 28

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Too soon, we had to leave for the concert. Scott decided to stay at the hotel and do some more work.

I returned to the room afterwards and quietly opened the door. The TV was on, but Scott was asleep on the bed. I slipped into the bathroom then returned to crawl onto the bed beside him. I leaned over and softly kissed his cheek.

"Love you," he murmured.

I kissed him again. "Love you too, Angel," I whispered. "The guys said to go ahead with your plan," I added softly.

I curled up against my Angel and drifted to sleep thinking about what we had planned for Nick.


Chapter 28

The planning began in detail the next morning. I sat back and watched my Angel at work. He called the papers in Vienna and some of the outlying areas. Once he told them what he wanted, they were quite willing to help. The little notice would be printed in the next day's paper. Fortunately, Nick didn't normally read the local papers, so he wouldn't see the article. I could tell Scott had really thought about the whole thing and I was impressed. It was sweet how much effort he was putting into Nick's 19th birthday.

Once he was off the phone, Scott and I joined the others for breakfast in Kevin and AJ's room. The others looked to us and we secretly let them know everything was underway. Nick was too into his breakfast to notice anything. We were finding it difficult to keep straight faces, knowing what was going to happen.

I noticed none of us said a word about his birthday. I could see that Nick was a little upset. He wanted to say something to us about his birthday, but he didn't want to appear childish. It was hard not to say something. In the six years we'd been together, we had never forgotten January 28th before.

Before we left for the stadium in the afternoon, Scott checked his email and found that Nick's mom had sent the pictures he had asked for. I looked at them as Scott downloaded them to a disk. It amazed me what a sweet and cute man Nick had grown into.

The night before, I had mentioned to some of the crew to pass the word around, not to mention anything to Nick about his birthday. It was a little cruel, but if anyone said 'Happy Birthday' while the rest of us were around, we'd have to explain why we forgot. While we rehearsed, Scott took care of setting up the video feed with the pictures.

The concert was typical. We made it through without any major disasters. The six of us relaxed in Kevin and AJ's room for a while afterwards, but finally Scott and I said goodnight and went to our room. I wanted to spend some time alone with him.

I followed Scott through the door and slammed it shut. I reached out and grabbed him, pulling him back and pushing him gently against the door. My lips sought out his, and we kissed passionately for a few minutes. Finally I pulled back a little.

"Do you know how sexy you are, when you're being devious and plotting things?" I asked seductively. I began to walk backwards, pulling Scott over to the bed.

Scott smirked and shook his head. "Nope. I think you better explain it to me," he said.

I laid back on the bed, pulling him on top. "How 'bout I show you?" I whispered, rolling over and straddling his hips.

I knew I would be tired and sore the next day, but it was worth it!

The following morning, Nick's birthday, Scott and I forced ourselves out of bed. We threw some clothes on and met the others in Kevin's room again. Once again, not a word was said about Nick's birthday. I could see his disappointment as he looked at us occasionally. Once or twice I thought he was going to say something, but he didn't. By the end of breakfast, I knew he thought we'd forgotten. I felt badly. After all, it had been Frick and Frack for so long, I was the one Nick could always count on. I hoped the surprise would make everything right.

After breakfast, Scott made some phone calls to check on the plans, while I showered. We snuck downstairs to the hotel lobby to buy the local papers. We wanted to make sure they had printed to notice. We flipped through each paper, and although we didn't speak the language, we found the name Nick Carter enough to know that they had kept their word.

Finally, it was time to get ready to go to the stadium.

Scott was in the bathroom fixing his hair. "Scott, Angel? Are you ready?" I asked as he walked out of the bathroom.

He smiled and walked over, giving me a hug. "You better believe it!" he replied with a grin.

I laughed. "You do realize that this is going to cause a war?" I asked, running my fingers through his curly hair, pleased at the shivers coursing through him.

Scott nodded. "But it will be worth it." He paused. "Didn't you feel sorry for Nick this morning?" He asked as he leaned forward to kiss me.

I nodded. "I did. It was really hard not to wish him a happy birthday. He even asked me if I knew what day today is. I just kept playing dumb."

Scott laughed. "You are bad!" he said.

I laughed. "Yeah, but you love it!" I said, kissing him again.

I grabbed Scott's hand as we walked out into the hall. The others were there waiting. As we stepped onto the elevator, I released Scott's hand and stepped away. It was a concession I'd made to management in order to allow Scott to room with me. We were never supposed to be touching in public. The elevator reached the lobby and the six of us walked out to the waiting limousine, which whisked us across the city to the huge outdoor stadium.

I went backstage with the others and when Nick was delayed in costume, I told the others the final details of the plan. Everyone knew what was going on except Nick. We proceeded as usual until near the end. We were halfway through a song when the lights suddenly dimmed. Our headsets went dead. I could hear Nick asking the others what was going on, but no one said a word.

Suddenly the lights came back and a spotlight focused on Nick. The nearly 40,000 fans in the stadium began to sing Happy Birthday.

Nick stood there stunned, as we gathered around him and sang too. His expression was priceless.

As the crowd sang, the video screens flashed the baby pictures that Jane had sent. Nick was turning a bright shade of red in embarrassment. But it wasn't over yet.

The elevator in the center of the stage started to move up and suddenly the audience could see the giant birthday cake Scott had ordered. The cameras zoomed in so the video screens could show it.

Then the lights dimmed again. That wasn't part of the plan, and now all of us were looking around in confusion.

Suddenly I heard Scott's voice. "You might want to look up Nicky!" he said. Nick did and so did everyone else. Overhead a small plane was circling, pulling a lit banner behind it. The banner read Happy 19th Nicky!

I couldn't believe Scott had gone to so much trouble. I lowered my gaze and found Scott's figure in the control booth. Our eyes met and I smiled broadly.

Nick walked over to the cake and blew out the giant candles. The crowd screamed. I handed Nick a hand held mic. Nick's face turned even redder. He waited until the crowd calmed down a little.

"Well, this was a huge surprise!" Nick said, still completely flustered. "I thought that everyone had forgotten my birthday, but obviously I was wrong!" I was the only one close enough to see the unshed tears in his eyes.

The audience roared.

"I want to thank these four guys up here with me, my four best friends ever and the rest of the crew. And especially all you people out there in the audience!" The crowd roared again and Nick paused. I took that opportunity to step closer. I whispered in his ear that the entire plan was Scott's. I didn't want to be the receptor of Nick's payback.

Nick started speaking again. "And I guess I better thank my newest friend, Scotty," I grinned knowing that Scott hated that. "Apparently all this was his idea. I don't know how I'm EVER going to thank him or repay him for what he's done!"

The crowd went wild, cheering. All of us knew that Nick had just declared war. We knew the tour was going to get interesting.

The concert finally resumed, with a few more songs. I was anxious for it to end, because I knew we had the next three days off.

We disappeared off the stage and made our way to the dressing room. Nick led the way. He flung open the door and ran over to Scott, who was sitting on the couch. Nick pounced on my man and started to tickle him. Scott began to scream and laugh.

I saw him look my way expecting me to help. Not a chance. I laughed at him. "I told you so!" I said with a grin.

A few minutes later, Nick stopped but remained sitting on Scott. "Don't you know how much I hate people calling me Nicky? And now you have half the city doing it!"

Scott just grinned. "I know!"

Nick glared at Scott, then a smirk crept onto his face. "Well, SCOTTY, I'll just have to figure out how to get my revenge!"

Scott shuddered. He hated 'Scotty' almost as much as Nick hated 'Nicky'.

He finally crawled off. "So how did you guys do all this?" he asked curiously. We were all sitting around watching Nick's attack.

"And what about that plane?" Howie asked. I was wondering about that too.

Scott grinned and shrugged. "I just wanted to give you a nice surprise for your birthday Nicky. Nineteen is a really big one and we thought it should be special. The idea came to me and I told Brian. He talked to the others," he explained. "Yesterday, I called the local papers and asked them to put a little notice in for all the fans coming to tonight's concert. When they saw the countdown on the video screens, they were to start singing. The rest was easy." Scott glanced at me and cocked his head. I smiled to myself and stood up. I walked over and sat down beside him, reveling in the feeling of his arm around my shoulders.

Scott continued. "I'd already called the bakery about the cake. I emailed your Mom a few days ago and she sent me the pictures. So you have her to blame for the baby pics. The crew was more than happy to help...I guess they've been on the receiving end of a few of your pranks," he said with a smirk. How true that was!

"And the plane?" AJ asked.

Scott smiled. "I'm not sure where that idea came from. I just thought about, and called around. I found a small airplane company that agreed to do it. I knew the concert was outside so it was perfect." he paused. "I'm sure the entire city enjoyed it!" he added.

Nick groaned. "Oh great!"

Nick looked at Scott intently then. "Seriously Scott, thank you! I honestly thought that all you guys had forgotten about it," he said, looking around at the rest of us.

I couldn't have him thinking that and walked over to him, hugging him. "Not a chance, Frack! Not a chance ever!" I said intently.

"And its not over yet, Nick!" Kevin said suddenly. We all looked at him; this was news to me.

Kevin stood up. "Come on guys. We have to shower and change. The rest of the crew is going to be waiting."

We headed to the showers, while Scott resumed reading a magazine. As was becoming tradition, I was the first one done and I joined Scott while we waited for the others.

I sat down and kissed Scott's cheek. "You really are sweet, you know that?" I said softly.

Scott turned to look at me. "Not as sweet as you," he whispered back. He continually amazed me and I couldn't get enough of him. We started to kiss. Everything about him was perfect. And the things he could do to me....

A few minutes later the rest of the guys came out. We walked back out and onto the stage. By then, the stadium had been emptied of fans, leaving only the BSB team.

All of the crew and dancers were there with the cake and a table bursting with food. We looked at Kevin in surprise.

"Hey, I couldn't let you be the only one to plan things!" he said to Scott with a grin.

A radio was playing and everyone clapped when they saw Nick. A table off to the side was covered with presents. It was so cute to watch Nick's eyes light up when he saw it. He may be nineteen, but he would always be a kid at heart.

Everyone began to mingle, dance and eat. Nick worked his way through the people, thanking everyone personally for their thoughts and gifts. Scott and I stood quietly to the side, arms entwined, and watched.

"You did a good job with him," Scott whispered.

I turned to look at him. "What do you mean?"

He nodded in Nick's direction. "Nicky. Most people think Kevin took on the parental role and I guess to a degree he did. But I can tell from the way you and Nick interact, that your role as big brother, best friend and confidant has been a major force in his life. He really loves and respects you," he said. His words made me love him even more.

I looked over to Nick with an affectionate expression. "It's mutual. We both helped each other grow and mature. But I guess that's what brothers do." I looked back to Scott and kissed his cheek. "I'm so happy you and he get along too."

Scott nodded. "Me too. I always wanted a younger brother!"

We laughed and watch the activities. Nick was over by the table unwrapping presents. A small crowd had gathered and everyone laughed and talked about each gift. Most were gag gifts but some were CD's and video games. After a couple of minutes, I could tell something was bothering Scott. I turned to look at him and noticed him staring across the stage. I followed his gaze and saw Ray standing there. He was watching us. I knew there was nothing I could do about Ray, but it made me angry that he bothered Scott. As long as Ray kept his distance from both of us, hopefully we could ignore him.

I quickly turned back to Scott and gently grasped his chin. "Angel?" I said softly. He looked down at me with those incredible emerald eyes. "Forget about him! It's just you and I. We have three days off. What are we going to do?" I asked as my hands ran up and down his back, feeling his muscles.

Scott grinned and softly brushed his fingers across my cheek. "I can think of one or two things," he murmured. The length of my body was pressed against him and I could feel the response from him. My body was having a similar reaction.

I knew I needed to get out of there soon. "Excuse me for a minute Angel," I said softly. I walked over to where Nick standing.

"Nick, do you mind if Scott and I disappear? He's got me all hot and bothered," I whispered with a smirk. Nick looked at Scott and grinned.

He nodded and gave me a hug. "Have fun!" he whispered. "And thanks!"

I returned to Scott. "Let's go Angel," I said, holding out my hand.

He grasped the outstretched hand and we headed off the stage. As we walked we heard footsteps fall into step behind us. I knew who it was.

"Is there a car we can take back to the hotel, Marcus?" I asked without turning around.

"Yeah, there are a couple out the back," Marcus replied from behind us.

The three of us walked to the back exit and after a quick check by Marcus, climbed into the car. Marcus joined the driver in the front seat. I closed the blackened glass window between the sections.

I turned to Scott. "Now where were we?" I asked as my hands worked under Scott's shirt.

To be continued...