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By the time we were done, Nick's body was covered with glow in the dark spiders and fingernails. Scott had to cover his mouth so he didn't burst into laughter. I pulled him quickly to the door and we slipped out.

We ran down the hall to our rooms and once inside, began to laugh hysterically. If we could get Nick in the morning before he saw himself, it would be perfect! I glanced at the clock. We had been in Nick's room for an hour. Scott re-set the alarm for eight, knowing that Nick normally wouldn't get up before ten.

Scott and I returned to bed and snuggled close before drifting back to sleep.

Chapter 30

The next morning was priceless. The alarm brought Scott and I out of a deep sleep, but very quickly Scott was up, grinning as he got dressed. I was right behind him as I thought about how Nick was going to look.

Scott grabbed his digital camera. Once in the hall, I knocked on the door and Scott snapped five or six quick pictures when our bewildered little 'Spiderman' answered the door. He was so out of it that he just glared at us before walking back into his room and slamming the door.

A few seconds later we heard the scream. Scott and I sat down in the hallway and laughed until tears streamed down our faces.

The next few days were amusing. Scott and Nick continued to trade off in the pranks and jokes while the rest of us just stood back and watched. While I was rehearsing or at the concerts Scott was working. I knew he was plotting something special for Valentines but I didn't know what.

We finally arrived in Rome. We were staying for a total of five days, including two concerts. The first day off Scott had to spend with AJ. Nick and I just goofed off at the hotel. It was fun to spend some time with him.

Our second day off Brian had promised to me, but when Nick found out we were going to Vatican City he pleaded with us to let him come. Scott and I agreed. After all, we couldn't do anything 'together' while we were in public anyway.

Nick convinced us to go to the Sistine Chapel to see Michaelangelo's painted ceiling. The three of us stood in awe as we stared up at the incredible scene painted so many feet above us. Nick was entranced by the artwork and as he started explaining some of the history of the painting and building, I realized more just how important art was to Nick.

The third day in Rome was the night of the first concert. We had to rush around doing radio and TV interviews while squeezing rehearsals and sound checks in before the concert.

The following night was the 'fan dates'. I tried not to think about it too much because it just made me angry. At least Jeff had made sure the time frame for the evening was set in stone and he had used Scott's suggestion. Jive wasn't completely happy, but our guys from The Firm quickly settled things after voicing their displeasure about the last minute planning and the date chosen for the contest.

I could feel a warmth against my side as I brushed at something tickling my face. Whatever it was, moved and began to trail down my cheek and to my lips. It was then that I realized it was Scott's lips. I began to smile gently as he tried to wake me. Scott moved back.

I opened my eyes and found myself staring into Scott's emerald eyes. "Ah, the kiss of an angel," I murmured softly. I smiled broadly as I turned so I could see Scott completely. He was a sight for tired eyes! "Morning Angel," I whispered. I raised my hand and gently stroked his cheek. His skin was always so incredible soft and warm.

Scott grinned at me. "Morning Love. Happy Valentine's Day," he added.

I really wish he hadn't said that. My smile faded as I remembered the farce that would take place in the afternoon. Scott lay back down and pulled me over on top of him. His strong, gently hands cupped my face as he spoke. "Brian, don't be upset. I know you're disappointed and so am I. But we can't change things. I knew that sometimes your work would interfere with our lives. That's just the way it is right now. In this case, it truly is the thought that counts. I know you want to spend today with me." He pulled my face to his and kissed me softly, running his tongue over my lips. "And I want to spend it with you. But we will have tonight, and every other Valentine's after this. Let's just enjoy the fact that we're together."

I thought over what he had said. It was true that work would interfere with our lives. But I should also have more control over my life than that. I moved to straddle Scott's hips. I stared down at him with pure love in my eyes. I could read the same emotion on his face. It amazed me. I leaned forward and put both palms either side of his head, never breaking eye contact.

"Scott, I make a promise to you, here and now, that I will not allow my work to keep us apart on special occasions. I know it may seem kind of silly, but days like today, and birthdays and anniversaries are special to me." I leaned forward and kissed his nose. "Not that every day, every minute and every second spent with you isn't special Angel. But those other days are extra special. Today is a day when I want to spend every second showing you how much I love you." I sighed and rolled off Scott onto my back. "And I can't because I have to go on some phony date with an hysterical fifteen year old girl."

Scott rolled to his side and rested his hand on my chest. Softly he began to rub my skin, running his hand from my navel to my nipples. The sensation was wonderful and I couldn't help but close my eyes and moan softly.

"Brian, every second, every day I know how much you love me," Scott said softly. "I don't need fancy dinners or big presents. Just a simple glance or a gentle touch and I can feel your love. Yeah, the other stuff is nice, but don't feel you have to give it to me." He gently slapped my stomach and rolled off the bed. "Now, enough of this moping Love. Lets shower and get dressed and just spend the day together until you have to go. You won't be gone long, and tonight," Scott knelt back on the bed and pressed his lips to mine. "Tonight, you are all mine," he whispered.

I loved the sound of that and smiled. "I like the sound of that." I stood up and began to walk towards the bathroom. I stopped in the bathroom doorway when I realized Scott hadn't moved from the bed. I turned to look at him. "Care to wash my back?" I asked with a grin. Scott scrambled across the bed and ran over the floor, flinging the bathroom door closed behind him.

I walked out of the bathroom later that afternoon. "So how do I look?" I asked Scott as I looked at him working at his laptop.

He looked up and smiled. "God you're gorgeous," he said.

"That good huh?" I asked with a grin. I glanced down at what I was wearing, plain black dress pants and a midnight blue silk shirt. I hadn't put any cologne on because I knew Scott loved that scent and it was for him alone.

Scott grinned back. "Better than good, Love," he replied and I smiled more at his flattery. I just wished it were him I was dressing up for.

I walked over to the dresser to pick up my watch and I looked at Scott in the mirror. "So you'll be here at eight when I get back?" I asked hesitantly. I thought I was being unfair making him stay in while I was out socializing, even if it was with fifteen year old girls.

Scott just grinned at my reflection. "Where else would I be?" he asked.

That made me smile again and I turned around. "Can I have a good luck kiss?"

Scott put his laptop on the table and walked over to me. "You don't need luck, Love," he said and gave me a quick kiss. "Try to have fun okay? I'll see you in a few hours." He stepped back but that wasn't good enough for me so I followed and pulled him back to me for a better kiss.

It was Kevin knocking on the door that broke us apart. I straightened my clothes and wiped my mouth while Scott grinned at me.

I walked over to the door. "I'm having Markus stay here so if you want to go anywhere he can take you. See ya soon Angel," I added as I walked out the door. I didn't want Scott going anywhere alone, just in case any fans recognized him. I knew I could count on Markus to stick close to him.

I made my way along the hall where I met up with the others. We were escorted out of the hotel to a waiting limo. None of us were overly talkative. I know I really didn't have as much to complain about as the others. At least Scott was waiting for me back at the hotel. But knowing he was there made it worse.

We arrived at the restaurant and were shown to the private banquet room. The local radio personality talked to us about the contest and introduced us to the photographer. A few minutes later we could hear a commotion outside the room and knew our `dates' had arrived.

The door flung open and everyone took their places. The photographer began to take pictures as the VJ greeted the girls. I quickly looked them over and groaned to myself. None of them were over sixteen, maybe seventeen tops.

One by one the VJ called us over to meet our special `date' and have our photos taken. I didn't quite catch the name of the girl I was stuck with; it was something like Tara. I forced a smile and tried to talk with her despite the fact that I thought she was going to hyperventilate. Most times I don't have a problem with meeting our fans. Normally I enjoy talking to them for a few minutes. But these were not normal circumstances, and I had to force myself to pay attention as she gushed about how much she loved me.

I was finally saved when the station executives decided to arrange everyone for group photos. Once that was done it was time for dinner. I was sitting beside my 'date' and Kevin. Fortunately Scott's idea had been used and everything had been pre-planned so the food was brought out very quickly.

Despite my best efforts, I found it hard to keep smiling. I tried to carry on a polite conversation with Sara or Clara or whatever her name was, but my heart wasn't in it. The photographer continued to roam around the table taking candid shots. A couple of times I noticed him frowning at my expression. Kevin did too.

Finally Kevin leaned towards me and pulled me to him. "Brian, smile," he whispered.

"I'm trying Kevin," I whispered back.

He sighed. "Well, just think about what you have waiting for you back at the hotel, okay?" he suggested.

That thought did make me smile.

I heard the click of the photographer's camera start to go like mad. He asked me to move closer to my `date' and keep smiling. I just thought about Scott and did as I was told.

Finally the torture ended. The time allotted for the fan `dates' was over. We all stood beside the girls for a final photo op, then the girls were whisked away in a limo to be returned to their homes.

I sighed and leaned back against the nearest wall while we waited for our limo to pull up. The five of us climbed into the car and we were finally headed back to the hotel.

"See! That wasn't so bad," Howie commented with a smirk. I quickly looked for something to throw at him, but there was nothing close by. I settled for scowling at him instead.

As we pulled up to the hotel, I glanced at my watch. We had five minutes to spare.

In the lobby I saw Markus walking towards us. He paused to talk to AJ for a moment before continuing on to me.

"Hey Brian. How'd things go?" he asked casually, falling into step beside me.

"Not bad. Not great either, but its done," I added with a rueful smile.

He nodded. "Good. I have a message for you," he said as we reached the elevators. I turned to look at him. "Room 918. Just knock," he said.

I wasn't sure why Scott had changed rooms but I didn't care as long as he was in the same room with me.

I took the elevator up to the ninth floor and walked down to room 918. I had barely knocked at the door when Scott opened it and slipped out into the hallway.

He smiled at me and glanced both ways down the hall to ensure we were alone.

"Hi Love," he said quietly and gently kissed me.

"I missed you Angel," I murmured.

Scott smiled and held out his hands, showing me a blindfold. "Do you trust me?" he asked.

I didn't need to respond to his question. Without a second thought, I took the blindfold and put it on. I stood calmly and waited for Scott's next move.

He led me into the hotel room and across the floor. I could smell scented candles or flowers, maybe both. It was a strange feeling, losing one of your senses. Scott stopped me and turned me to face him. I felt his hands at my throat and realized he was unbuttoning my shirt. Feeling his hands and hearing him breathe, but not being able to see him, I found very erotic and my pusle increased.

His knuckles softly brushed my nipples and I moaned. "I've been thinking about you all evening," I murmured.

I felt one of Scott's fingers against my lips and realized he wanted me to be quiet. My shirt was pushed off my shoulders and dropped to the floor. I waited in anticipation and suddenly felt his warm mouth at my throat. My pulsed throbbed. A movement at my waist indicated Scott was unbuttoning my pants. Quickly they were shoved down to my ankles leaving me in my boxers only.

I felt Scott's hand on my chest as he pushed me gently. I could feel something soft behind my knees and realized it was the bed. I sat down. Scott moved to my feet and one at a time removed my socks and shoes. Then he completely removed my pants. Scott pulled me to my feet and I began walking again. I could feel the bed in front of me and laid down, stretching out on my back. I was getting more turned on by the second.

Scott gently raised my arms over my head. Suddenly I could feel something soft and heard two quiet 'snaps' around my wrists. I slight tug proved that he had tied or cuffed me to the bed. I gasped softly in surprise and felt my anticipation grow.

I sensed Scott move away from the bed and tried to follow him with my hearing. My breath was coming in short gasps and I could feel a fine sweat begin to coat my body as my excitement grew. I was anxious to know what he was going to do next.

I felt the bed beside me move and figured Scott had crawled up beside me. Suddenly I felt a feather light touch at my toes and it slowly worked its way up my body over my hips and chest and out to my fingertips. I shuddered at the feeling. Then Scott repeated the motion and my skin was almost overloaded in sensations.

Another pause before I felt his hands at the waist of my boxers. I could feel him moving the material downwards and lifted my butt to help him out. Ever so slowly, he moved the boxers over my thighs and knees before finally pulling them completely off. I heard them hit the floor a moment later.

My entire body was turned into a million sense centers as I waited for his next move. I could feel my own erection throbbing in the cool air of the room, waiting for attention.

Finally Scott moved and I felt his warm, coarse tongue brush across one of my sensitive nipples making me gasp in surprise. I shivered, and then he did the same thing to the other nipple. I moaned loudly. Scott was driving me wild.

I wanted to return the pleasure he was giving to me but I realized that this was his gift to me. I knew I would have a chance to reciprocate later. And I knew we would both enjoy it! Scott began to torment me further, his tongue and hands were everywhere on my body, stroking, touching, licking and biting me. My body reacted of its own accord, thrashing around on the bed. I needed release from the sexual tension that was growing non-stop, but my bound hands prevented it.

Then, unexpectedly, a hot, wet vacuum engulfed my manhood and sent electric jolts through my body. I couldn't remain silent any more. "Oh God Scott!" I shouted as his mouth began to suction my cock.

My body went into overdrive, twisting and turning on the bed, trying to escape the pleasurable torture. Scott moved up my member and slowly released it before moving back to the base and licking his way back to the top.

I lost all sense of time and place as my thoughts became dominated by my sexual pleasure. I lost count of how many times Scott brought me right to the edge, only to stop and bring me back down. He repeated this over and over again until I was nearly incoherent. My body was covered in sweat and I was gasping for breath as I moaned softly.

Finally I begged. "Please Angel," I pleaded hoarsely, "Please let me cum!"

I wasn't sure if Scott was going to pay attention to my pleas or not. Once again I felt his hot mouth envelope me and he began to suck, hard. His throat teased my head and his hands worked over my balls and nipples.

Very quickly I reached the brink and finally he allowed me to have release. I knew it was going to be an incredible orgasm. As my body began to fire, Scott moved up and covered my lips with him. His hands pumped my cock and pinched my nipples driving me wilder as my body convulsed.

I cried out in ecstasy, but my cries were swallowed by Scott's mouth kissing me deeply. Slowly, the spasms stopped wracking my body. I could feel Scott's hands gently stroking my body, calming me. His kisses softened until I could barely feel his lips on mine. I could feel Scott laying beside me as my body gradually relaxed.

He moved on the bed and I heard a slight click as my arms were released. Scott tenderly moved my arms down to my sides. I remained still waiting to see what would happen next. I felt Scott's warm hand tenderly caress my face before he pushed the blindfold up and off my head.

I opened my eyes and turned my head to gaze at my Angel.

Scott smiled tenderly at me. "Happy Valentine's Day," he whispered.

I still could barely move, but I grinned at him. "Wow! I'm glad everyday isn't Valentines," I whispered. "I don't think I'd survive!" I added with a laugh.

Very gently Scott pulled me up against his chest and I was finally able to see the room. He had spread rose petals over the bed and the floor. Scented candles burned throughout the room and a dozen red roses were in a vase on the table.

I noticed the red satin sheets we were laying on and ran my hands over the soft material. "Nice!" I said in approval. "Can we keep them?" I asked wickedly.

Scott laughed and nodded. "Anything for you Love," he murmured.

I turned to look at him and stared into his eyes. He was so sweet and generous I wanted him to know that. "This is amazing Angel. Thank you!" I said sincerely.

Scott just leaned forward for a kiss. "I love you," he whispered.

As with all perfectly timed events, there was a knock at the door. I suddenly remembered that I was naked and quickly pulled the covers up over my head. Scott laughed softly as he walked to the door. I waited until I heard the door close again.

"All clear?" I asked as I peeked out from the sheet.


I climbed out of the bed, pausing to pull on my boxers, which I found in the corner. I walked over to Scott where he was setting out food, strawberries and melted chocolate, and wine, on the table.

I put my arm around Scott's waist and leaned forward to smell the roses. Red roses were my favorite.

"I adore you Scott," I said softly as I kissed his cheek.

Scott just smiled that little smile and held the chair for me. I grabbed a strawberry as I sat down and watched him open the wine.

I decided to ask the question that had been bothering me. "So, why the room change?" I asked curiously.

Scott poured the wine then sat down, pulling his chair so it was right beside mine. "Well, you weren't the only one getting a surprise tonight," he said vaguely.


Scott grinned and leaned closer. "Where do you think I got the handcuffs and blindfold?" he whispered.

I knew instantly what he meant and laughed softly. "Drew!" I exclaimed. Scott laughed too.

I watched as Scott grabbed a strawberry and dipped it into the chocolate. He brought it to my lips. Our eyes locked and I leaned forward to bite the berry. Scott popped the other half into his mouth. We continued to feed each other the fruit, and enjoyed the efforts to keep the chocolate from dripping from one another's chins. Soon both of us were aroused, but in no rush to return to the bed.

We leisurely ate the large bowl full of berries and drank a glass of wine while we talked. I told Scott about the fan date and how the only way I could smile was to think about him. Scott blushed. We talked about the next few weeks of the tour. It was going to be hectic. I tried to pry out his plans for my birthday with little success.

In order to silence further inquiries, Scott leaned forward and kissed me. Very quickly the passion was re-ignited and the wine and food was forgotten. I stood up and pulled Scott to his feet, fully intending on getting my turn to pleasure him. We walked over to the bed and I pushed him back onto it, before I straddled his waist.

"You, my Angel, are definitely over dressed!" I whispered as my hands pushed his shirt off his shoulders. I lowered my mouth to his chest and I was lost.

To be continued...