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We leisurely ate the large bowl full of berries and drank a glass of wine while we talked. I told Scott about the fan date and how the only way I could smile was to think about him. Scott blushed. We talked about the next few weeks of the tour. It was going to be hectic. I tried to pry out his plans for my birthday with little success.

In order to silence further inquiries, Scott leaned forward and kissed me. Very quickly the passion was re-ignited and the wine and food was forgotten. I stood up and pulled Scott to his feet, fully intending on getting my turn to pleasure him. We walked over to the bed and I pushed him back onto it, before I straddled his waist.

"You, my Angel, are definitely over dressed!" I whispered as my hands pushed his shirt off his shoulders. I lowered my mouth to his chest and I was lost.

Chapter 31

I could feel a gentle stroking motion on my hair that brought me awake. I knew it was Scott and opened my eyes.

"Mmm. You feel so good Angel," I murmured. Scott leaned forward and kissed me tenderly.

"So do you love," Scott whispered. I was more than ready to remain snuggled against him all morning, but he spoiled that plan. "But, we have to get up and dressed soon, Bri. Yesterday I invited Drew and AJ to join us for breakfast this morning."

I pouted, but leaned forward to kiss him so he knew I wasn't that upset. "Well, if it were anyone else, I'd say lets just lock the doors. But I won't." I rolled over and started to get up then turned back to look at Scott. "Besides, I'm curious about how their night went. Ours was pretty damn fantastic!" I said as I remembered the activities from the night before.

Scott laughed and jumped up to follow me into the bathroom. We did get a little…sidetracked in the shower, but still managed to get dressed before there was a knock at the door. Scott opened the door and signed for the breakfast. Before he got the door completely shut we heard a voice down the hall.

"Hey! Hold that door!"

Scott opened the door wide, admitting Drew and AJ. Brian walked over to greet the men, noticing their held hands.

"Hey AJ! Good to see you again Drew," I said and shook Drew's hand.

"You too Brian," Drew replied.

The room we were in had a small table with only two chairs, so as everyone grabbed some breakfast, Scott offered the chairs to Drew and AJ.

AJ looked at the wooden chair and began to blush. "Um…Would you mind if I sat on the bed instead?" he asked.

I lifted my head at this and looked at him closely, then over at Drew who was blushing too. "Hmm…Angel, I think they had a little more fun last night than we did!" I commented with a smirk.

Scott laughed. "Could be love." Scott sat in the other chair and AJ sat down carefully beside me.

Scott and Drew caught up on what was happening in Toronto. AJ and I just listened for the most part. I did ask AJ if he was okay because he looked like he was in some pain. He smiled and assured me that he was fine.

After a leisurely breakfast, Drew and AJ decided to return to AJ's room. They had the rest of the day until the concert to enjoy each other. Drew was scheduled to fly out later that night.

Scott and I returned to the room on the band floor. We let the others know we were back, but kept to ourselves for most of the day until the concert.

The concert was typical. No one screwed up too badly and the fans were happy. I caught Scott and Drew sitting in the wings. Once in a while they peeked out at the crowd they started laughing. I reminded myself to ask Scott what they were doing after the concert.

After the concert, Kevin, Nick, Howie, Scott and I gave AJ and Drew about an hour of time alone to say goodbye. In order to avoid a riot at the airport, Marcus and Scott took Drew to catch his flight.

After they left, I walked down the hall to see how AJ was. As I suspected, he wasn't very good. His strong, 'in control' image was gone and he was sitting on the bed crying softly. I sat beside him and he turned into me, crying against my chest. My arms went around him and I held him, letting him release his emotions. I found myself crying a little too as he talked about how much he missed Drew already, and I thought about how I would feel if Scott were leaving.

Finally he regained his composure. He told me how they had each admitted to being in love with the other, which made the separation even harder. We talked more until I was sure he'd be okay. He really was a strong person and I knew he'd be fine.

I walked back down to my room figuring Scott would already be back. He was.

"Hey Angel," I said softly as I walked over to him. Scott was sitting on the bed typing on his laptop.

He smiled up at me. And I felt so grateful that he was with me. "How's AJ doing?" he asked as he set the computer aside.

I was a little surprised, but I shouldn't have been. He knew me too well. I smiled sadly. "He'll be okay. AJ is very resilient." I sat down on the side of the bed. "Did you know that they admitted their love to each other?" I asked softly.

Scott nodded. "I thought so. Drew was awfully quiet on the drive to the airport." Scott wrapped his arms around my shoulders and I relaxed against him. "I'm happy they found each other, and I'm sorry they have to be separated for so long," He murmured against my cheek.

"I am so grateful that you are here with me," I said softly as I fought back my own tears. Scott held me tighter.

"Me too, Love. Me too."

Six days later we arrived in Venice. Since Valentines Day, we had performed in Naples then flown to Athens for a concert. I enjoyed our day off there as Scott and I acted the part of tourists and visited a number of the ancient ruins. After two days in Athens, we flew back to the mainland and bused up the coast to Venice.

The bus pulled into the hotel at three am local time. Everyone stumbled into the building and up the elevator to the rooms. No one bothered to worry about luggage until the following morning. We had a concert the next night, then were off for my birthday, before a concert the day after.

I knew Scott was planning something for my birthday. We'd already talked about it and I told him I didn't want anything to extravagant or expensive. I just wanted to be with my friends and family. We decided to have dinner with the entire crew. I thought that was excessive, but Scott insisted. He didn't want people to think he was consuming all my time.

I knew Scott was very conscious about people's perceptions. So when Nick asked me to play a new video game with him after rehearsal the next day, I agreed. Scott was sitting with Howie and AJ when Nick and I went back stage.

"So what does Scott have planned for your birthday?" Nick asked as he set up the game system.

I shrugged. "Not too sure. I know he's plotting something. We are all going to have dinner though. I do know that," I told him.

"Sounds good." Nick paused and looked at me seriously. "Ya know B, I know I haven't spent too much time with Scott, but I think you got yourself an incredible guy. I really am happy for you," he said.

I grinned. "Thanks Frack." I walked over and gave him a hug. "I'm sorry if I haven't been paying too much attention to you lately. I hope you haven't felt too left out," I said with some concern.

Nick smiled and shook his head. "Nah. We have done some things together, and I know you and Scott need some alone time. I think Scott has really fit in well with all of us."

That was really nice to hear! We sat down and began the game.

A while later Nick shouted in victory, as if there was ever any doubt! I saw Scott walking towards us and stood up to greet him. He walked over and surprised me by kissing me passionately, leaving us both breathless.

"That's your consolation prize," he said with a grin.

"Hey!" Nick objected.

Scott turned to him. "What? You want one too?" he asked as he started towards him.

Nick scrambled away. "No! That's okay. I don't need a prize," he said quickly. Scott and I laughed. Scott turned back to me.

"I'm going to shopping for a while, love. I'll meet you back at the hotel before the concert, okay?" he said, as he stared into my eyes.

"What are you shopping for?" I asked softly as I started to stroke his arm.

Scott grinned. "Sorry. That's classified," he replied.

I pulled his face closer to mine and kissed him again. He wrapped his strong arms around my body and I soaked up the feeling of him against me. Eventually I pulled back.

"Tell me," I whispered seductively.

Scott pushed me back and laughed. "No way! You'll just have to wait," he said, resisting my charms.

I sighed and stroked his cheek. "Okay, I'll wait. But take Marcus with you, okay?" I said, always concerned about his safety.

Scott gave me one more quick kiss. "Will do! See you later love," he said and turned to look for Marcus.

"Bye Angel," I called after him.

Nick was watching me as I watched Scott disappear.

"So, do you think I'll ever find that?" he asked wistfully.

I turned and smiled at my friend. "Nick. I guarantee that someday you'll find that. In fact, you'll probably be worse than Scott and I are right now!"

Nick laughed. "I find that hard to believe!"

I smirked. "Just you wait," I said knowingly. We resumed rehearsal for a while then returned to the hotel.

Back in the room, I was waiting for Scott to return, but soon found myself falling asleep. I'm not sure how much later I could feel someone lying next to me. I knew it was Scott, and I could feel his hand on my stomach.

A few minutes later I rolled over and I found his green eyes staring at me. "I missed you Angel," I said softly, leaning forward for a kiss.

Scott smiled tenderly. "Missed you too," he whispered.

"So what did you buy?" I asked, as my hand began a distracting motion on his chest, lightly brushing over his nipples.

"Would you believe me if I said nothing?" he asked softly as he closed his eyes to enjoy the motion of my hand more.

"No," I whispered right next to his ear.

"You have to wait till tomorrow," he told me. I pouted. I loved surprises, but I hated them too! Without opening his eyes, Scott reached out and stroked my hair. "Stop pouting! It's only a few more hours," he chastised gently.

"How did you know I was pouting?" I whispered.

"I know you," he whispered back. Then my lips found his. It was a tender, soft kiss. Our lips lightly tasted each other. Neither of us wanted or needed the kiss to go further. It was simple intimacy, no need for sex.

Our time together was short, as it always was. A few minutes later the phone rang. It was Kevin's reminder that we had to get ready for the concert.

As I began to wake the next morning, I could feel a feathery stroke down my spine. The movement repeated and I could feel my skin twitching. Then I felt a new sensation as a warm wetness enveloped my earlobe. I moaned at the feeling. I was lying on my stomach and rolled over, immediately wrapping my arms around my lover and pulling his mouth to mine.

It was a slow, gentle kiss as I continued to wake. Scott pulled back and gazed into my eyes. "Happy Birthday Love!" he whispered.

I smiled broadly. "Mmmm, I wish every day was my birthday," I said, my voice still husky with sleep.

Scott softly kissed me again. "Everyday can be, Love," he murmured. I liked that idea!

I tried to pull Scott back into bed, but he resisted. "Un-uh, Love," he said, moving back.

I pouted, but Scott ignored it. I watched him walk over to a room service cart and pick up a tray of food. I grinned and pushed myself up into a sitting position, leaning against the headboard.

"Yummy! Breakfast in bed," I said happily.

Scott set the tray on my lap and crawled in beside me. My eyes lit up when I saw what Scott had ordered - a cheese omelet! There were also glasses of orange juice and a bowl of fresh fruit.

Scott picked up the fork and cut a piece of the omelet, then held the fork to my mouth. I giggled and accepted the food. Scott fed me the entire omelet, occasionally taking a bite of food for himself.

It was a nice leisurely meal and for once, we weren't interrupted. Of course, I didn't know at the time that Scott had threatened the others with death if they interrupted us. My hero! We lazed around in bed until close to noon. After a lengthy shower together, we dressed in casual clothes and went out to the lounge to join the others.

Kevin spotted us first. "Happy birthday Cus!" he said, walking over to give me a hug. The other three followed suit. They were just ordering lunch so Scott and I ordered some light food to eat with them.

No one had any major plans for the afternoon. Kevin and Howie were going down to the hotel gym to work out. AJ and Nick planned to do some shopping and sight seeing. Scott and I voted to relax and watch movies until dinner. By staying in the hotel suite we could be ourselves. That was all I wanted to do for the entire day was snuggle with my Angel, be able to kiss him when I wanted and whisper words of love in his ear.

Dinner time rolled around and the six of us went to our respective rooms and dressed. I put on brown pants and a dark blue shirt. Scott was dressing in black pants and a deep red shirt. After I finished dressing, I walked to my suitcase to pull out a small box. The box held the small cross necklace that my parents had given me when I got my highschool diploma. I only wore it on special occasions because I didn't want to lose it.

"Love?" Scott said as he walked towards me.

I turned to look at him and noticed the small gift wrapped box in his hands. I looked up at his face. "Is that for me Angel," I asked, my eyes twinkling. I loved presents!

Scott smiled and nodded. "I was going to give it to you later, but I think now is the right time."

I took the box and ripped off the paper. I popped the lid and looked inside. I was stunned and smiled at his thoughtfulness.

"Its beautiful, Angel," I murmured as I carefully pulled out the 24k white gold chain with a small cross hanging from it. I looked closer at the chain itself and a huge smile crossed my face. The links were in the shape of a fish. I was a Pisces. I pulled Scott's head down to me for a kiss.

"That's so unique," I said, when the kiss ended. The chain was stronger than the other one and I could wear it all the time.

Scott blushed. "Well, I couldn't decide between getting you a cross, or your birth sign. This way, you have both."

"I love it! I love you! Will you do it up for me?" I asked as I turned around and put the opened chain around my neck. Scott locked the clasp and I turned around so he could see. It hung perfectly, just hitting the hollow of my collarbone. Scott reached out to run his fingers down my cheek and I noticed that he was wearing the bracelet I'd given him for his birthday. I grabbed his wrist and pulled it to my lips. "I guess we're both ready then," I commented. Scott grinned and we proceeded to join the others in the lounge.

Once we were all ready, the six of us took the elevator downstairs to the banquet room.

Dinner was a great deal of fun. There was about forty or fifty people, and everyone was enjoying themselves. Throughout the evening different people came to the table to wish me a happy birthday. Nearly three hours after dinner began, Scott and I were able to sneak off for the rest of Scott's plans.

We crept out of the hotel without any fans spotting us. The city was beautiful. Lights highlighted the ancient architecture of many of the buildings. The numerous bridges spanned the multitude of canals as we walked along the road.

We didn't have that far to walk, until we reached a dock along one of the canals. Parked at the dock was a large gondola. The narrow boat had a large enclosed section for passengers that enclosed three of the sides, leaving the front and the top open. The gentleman that owned the gondola was waiting for us.

I immediately realized what we were doing as we approached the small craft and I began to grin. The man helped us onto the boat and we settled into the protected enclosure. We sat down comfortably on the soft cushions. I sat in front of Scott within the warm circle of his arms. We could see out the front of the canopy to see where we were going, but no one along the shore would be able to see us. Even a person on another gondola would have to look closely to see us in the darkness.

We silently settled back and waited for the craft to move. It began to glide smoothly across the water.

"This is so incredibly romantic Scott," I said softly, snuggling back against Scott more. "I've always wanted to ride on one of these, with the right person," I added softly.

"And do you have the right person?" Scott asked quietly.

"Without a doubt," I whispered.

Scott kissed my ear. "Good answer."

The gondola slid across the smooth water of the canals as we traveled around the city. We caught glimpses of other historic buildings and bridges.

The driver was at the back, far enough behind us that he couldn't see into the enclosure. As the ride continued, I turned towards Scott so our lips could meet. Before long we were both stretched out on the soft pillows, Scott beneath me. I pressed my lips against his soft mouth, occasionally sliding my tongue into his mouth.

A while later, I tucked my head against Scott's shoulder as we lay, watching the buildings pass us by. "Being in one of the most romantic cities in the world, with the man I love more than anything; this is the best birthday I've ever had Scott, thank you," I said sincerely.

Scott hugged me. "Anything for you my love," he replied honestly.

We fell silent and enjoyed the rest of the trip. Over two hours later the small boat pulled back into the dock we had left from. We stepped onto the dock and Scott discreetly paid the man and thanked him for the ride. Scott and I returned to the hotel through the dark streets of Venice.

The day after my birthday the tour kicked into high gear. There was nine more cities spanning from Zurich when we left Venice, working our way to Dublin, Ireland, before we had a scheduled week long break.

The time went by quickly as everyone fell into a pattern. There were concert days, when I had to be at the venue, or meeting press or fans. Scott often stayed at the hotel working on the websites or doing work for his other clients. Travel days were the best. Scott and I would spend most of our time together on the bus just cuddling or talking to the other guys. We rarely left the sight of the other. It took me a little while to adapt to the free days that Scott had to spend with one of the other guys. The remaining guys would try to keep me occupied and I appreciated that. On days Scott was completely free, often a group of us would try to go out for dinner or to a movie or a park. Something to get away from the grind of hotels, media and hysterical fans.

Each night after Scott was out with one of the others, he would tell me about his day. Despite missing him, I really was happy he was getting to know the others better because they were such an important part of my life, just as he was. In Frankfurt, Scott and Kevin went to see the Lippizan horses. That didn't surprise me at all. If Kevin hadn't got into show business, I know he would have been happy doing something with horses.

A few days later Scott and Kevin spent their second day touring Brussels. I know later that evening, Scott told me he was impressed by Kevin's dedication to a number of causes. I knew my cousin had a deep interest in cancer research because of his Dad, and it didn't surprise me to find out how involved he was with environmental causes as well. My cousin is a smart man!

>From Brussels, we moved across the English Channel to London. Scott and Howie spent one day touring the fashion district of the city before attending the theatre in the evening. We all knew about Howie's varied interests ranging from real estate he owns in Orlando, to a serious desire to act. Although I was a little surprised when Scott told me that Howie thought he would probably get out of the music business completely once Backstreet ended.

Continuing our tour of England, AJ dragged Scott around Liverpool to visit some famous Beatles sites. I was happy that they talked a little about Drew, because I know it made AJ feel better about the long distance relationship.

Finally, the first leg of the tour wrapped up in Dublin. Scott and I had discussed our plans for the week off. Scott had to return to Toronto for a few days and I was going to visit my family in Kentucky. We agreed to meet in Orlando on Friday so that everyone could fly out on the Sunday together. It was going to be strange back at my home without Scott. We had been sharing a bed for over two and a half months. I knew I would have trouble sleeping.

AJ decided to fly to Toronto with Scott to visit Drew for a couple of days before going to Orlando to see his mom.

AJ and Scott were flying out in the morning before the rest of us left. We drove to the airport in silence. I had my arms wrapped around Scott's chest and my head tucked in against his shoulder.

"I'm going to miss you Angel," I whispered very quietly.

Scott softly stroked my hands on his chest. He turned his head slightly. "I'll miss you too. I probably won't sleep for the next seven days," he said quietly.

"Seven days sounds like such a long time," I murmured.

The car pulled up at the airport. The deal was that I could ride in the car, but couldn't get out at the airport. I had to say my goodbyes now.

Scott turned in my embrace and found my eyes. "One week Love. Its not that long," he tried to convince us both, then he smiled. "Just think about all the fun we'll have next Friday night, catching up!" he said and kissed my nose.

I pulled him back for a deep, mind-numbing kiss. When I released him, Scott wasn't sure where he was. I grinned at his stunned expression. "That was to hold you until then," I said with a smile, as I unsuccessfully tried to hide my sadness.

I could see Scott was trying not to cry too. He quickly opened the door and took one more look at me. "Love you, and miss you," he whispered.

"Love and miss you too, Angel," I whispered as he stepped out of the limo and closed the door.

The ride back to the hotel was lonely and too quiet. It gave me too much time to think. Nick was waiting for me when I got back and without saying a word he gave me a tight bear hug. I really needed it!

A couple of hours later we returned to the airport as Howie, Kevin, Nick and I, were all catching flights. Kevin was taking one after us because he wanted to fly to New York and visit Sheri for a few days. I was grateful for Nick and Howie's company though as they occupied me so I couldn't think about my dislike of flying, or about how much I missed Scott. Our flight landed in Boston and we separated. Nick and Howie continued on to Orlando, while I took a flight to Kentucky.

It was nice to be at home with the family again, even for a few days. I spent time with my young cousins, and my brother, as well as talking to my parents quite a bit. Everyday I was so thankful that my parents had accepted me and I could talk to them about how happy I was with Scott.

Scott and I talked for over an hour each night, but it wasn't the same as holding him in my arms. I managed to sleep fitfully each night, but I knew I wouldn't get a full night of rest until we were back together.

I returned to Orlando early Friday so I could be at the airport to pick Scott up, even though I told him I wasn't sure I'd be back. I did promise to have someone pick him up.

I heard the PA system announce Scott's flight had landed so I staked out a position so I could see him. I watched him pick up his luggage and start to walk. He paused so look around right near where I was hiding.

"Pssst!" I whispered loudly from behind the large pillar.

I knew Scott would be looking around.

"Pssst!" I whispered again, not quite hiding myself completely.

I heard him walk over to the square pillar and lean against it.

"So, you looking for a good time?" I asked quietly, not showing myself completely to him. He didn't look in my direction but I saw him shrug.

"Could be. What are you offering?" he played along.

I moved closer to him. "How about a night of wild sex, with a cute celebrity?" I suggested slyly.

Scott pretended to think about it. "Nah, I don't think so. Thanks anyway." he said and waited for my reaction.

That wasn't exactly what I was expecting so I was quiet for a minute. "So what are you looking for?" I finally asked.

"Well, I had been hoping to spend the night making passionate love with my boyfriend, but I don't know if that's possible," he commented.

I laughed softly. "Anything is possible Angel. You have shown me that," I said as I walked around the corner to stand in front of Scott. Scott was wearing basic khakis and a black shirt and looked delicious. I wished we were somewhere less public.

I grabbed one of his suitcases and we walked out to my car.

As soon as we got in the car, I reached over and grabbed his hand. "I want to kiss you so badly Angel, but I can't," I said sadly. "Not here. It takes about twenty minutes to get to my place, so we'll have to wait."

Scott smiled over at me and squeezed my hand. "I can wait. I'm just so happy to see you! And you smell so good!"

I grinned and started the car.

We arrived at my apartment complex twenty minutes later. We carried Scott's luggage into the building and up the elevator to the tenth floor. As soon as we walked into the apartment, I threw the luggage down and spun around to pull Scott into an incredible kiss.

I lost all track of time as I wrapped my arms around him and delved into his mouth. God, I'd missed his taste and scent so much. Our hands were roaming over each other as we tried to get closer to each other, despite still being fully clothed.

Over five minutes later, I became vaguely aware of voices around us. Reluctantly I let Scott pull back from me and we turned around to find Kevin and Howie grinning at us. Scott blushed in embarrassment.

I put my arms around him from behind. "Are you guys about ready to go?" I asked as I nibbled Scott's earlobe.

"We were just on our way out, when you guys decided to block the door," Kevin said pointedly.

I moved Scott and I to the side. "There you go! Door is free. See you two on Sunday!" I said.

Howie and Kevin laughed.

"Okay Brian, we get the picture!" Howie said. "Good to see you again Scott, but as you've probably noticed, we are being kicked out of our own home!" he said with a grin.

"Thanks for giving us this time together guys!" Scott said sincerely.

"No problem Scott," Kevin said as they walked out the door.

I flicked the lock and spun Scott around, grinning at him. "Now, where were we?"

To be continued...