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Where we left off.....

"Okay, one of you may visit with Scott, but only for a short time," he said. Before he finished speaking, I stood up and walked to the door.

"Where is he?" I asked.

The nurse led me to Scott's door and I slowly pushed it open. I gasped when I saw him. He had a tube down his throat, wires hooked up all over. His face and upper body were ten shades of purple and he had tiny little cuts all over. His right leg was in a clean, white cast. I fought back the tears unsuccessfully as I walked over to his side.

Chapter 35

"Scott, Angel, I'm here," I whispered softly. I took his limp hand in mine. "Please wake up, Angel. I can't go on without you. I have to tell you what happened. It wasn't what you think. I'd never betray you like that, Scott, you must know that." I kissed his forehead. "I love you more than anything Scott. Please come back to me." Tears trickled down my cheeks. I wiped them angrily away. I needed to be strong for my angel. I brushed some of his scraggly curls from his face. He'd said he would get a haircut soon.

I don't know how long I simply sat there, holding his hand and praying for him to waken. He didn't. The nurse came back and said it was time for me to leave. It was after two in the morning and I should go home for some sleep. How could I possibly sleep? I reluctantly stood up, wishing the nurse would leave for a minute so I could kiss him goodbye. I settled for promising him I would always love him, in a silent vow. I went back to the lounge and found the others in various stages of sleep. A.J. and Nick had both curled up on a couch each, while Howie was sleeping awkwardly in a chair. Kevin was sitting reading a magazine, and looked up when I walked in.

I couldn't keep the tears back any longer. He quickly walked over and wrapped his arms around me. "Oh, Kev. He looks so bad," I sobbed. "His face is one giant bruise, he has little glass cuts all over his body, tubes coming from everywhere." The sound of my voice had wakened the others. They were all sitting up watching me. Kevin led me over to a chair and sat me down.

"Brian, you have to believe that he's going to be okay. I called his parents and booked them the first flight in the morning. They should be here by about seven AM. I'll have a car meet them at the airport."

"I'm not leaving."


"I'm not leaving. I want to be here when his parents arrive, and I'm not going to leave him alone until then." I wasn't going to argue with Kevin.

Kevin and the others had a little group discussion, minus me. They could do what they wanted, but I was not going anywhere. They reached a decision and everyone but Nick left. Nick was going to stay until six; Kevin would come back then.

We sat side by side in silence, Nick respecting my need for my own thoughts. I knew Nick cared about Scott too. They had hit it off while Scott traveled with us and Nick had told me he considered Scott another big brother; as if he didn't have enough of us. My thoughts were a jumble. I knew things had been a little tense between Scott and I. But I swore to myself that when Scott was better, I would do whatever it took to make things right. Nick found a vending machine and brought us some coffee and potato chips. I ate and drank whatever he handed me, not tasting any of it.

Before I knew it, Kevin was back. I smiled slightly as Nick gave Kevin a report, then headed back to the hotel for some sleep. We were scheduled to do a concert that night. Kevin wandered out into the hall and asked a nurse if we could see Scott. He turned on the charm and she agreed, but only for a minute.

Kevin came into the room with me. Scott didn't look any better. In fact, the bruises had become more noticeable than the night before. This time I managed to hold back the tears. I picked up his hand and kissed it softly.

"Scott, no matter what, you have to remember that I love you. I hope you will find it in your heart to forgive me and love me again." The nurse came back, saying that the doctor wanted to check Scott, so we would have to leave.

A short while later I saw Louise and Richard walking down the hall. I didn't know what they thought, or what they knew. Kevin told the doctor that Scott's parents were here. Suddenly we were cut off. The doctor took Louise and Richard into a small office to tell them about Scott's condition. They were then shown into Scott's room, leaving Kevin and I standing there. Finally, Louise came out to talk to me. We went into the lounge.

"What happened Brian?"

I looked at her sadly. "It was a misunderstanding Louise. I did something unintentional, but it hurt him deeply. He was upset and took off in his car. A train hit him." I didn't want to tell her the entire story. It was too painful.

She nodded. She could tell there was more to the story, but didn't push. "The doctor said he's stabilized, so we're going to have him transferred back to Toronto." She left and went back to Scott's room. I knew she blamed me for what happened; I blamed myself.

There was nothing I could do and I felt so helpless. Kevin convinced me to leave the hospital and go back to the hotel. He led me to my room and pushed me down on the bed, covering me with a blanket. I tried to tell him I wasn't tired; there was no way I would sleep.

"Then just close your eyes and try to relax a little," he ordered.

Despite my objections, I drifted off into a fitful sleep. Visions of Scott lying in the hospital plague my dreams. The next thing I knew, Nick was gently shaking me awake. I had to eat and then we had to leave for the arena. I went through the motions. I simply executed automatic responses as I dressed for the show, ate a light dinner, then followed the guys down to the car, to go to the arena. I don't even remember the concert. I know I sang when I was supposed to and danced when I had to, but the entire night is a blur.

When we got back to the hotel, I called the hospital to check on Scott's condition. They weren't going to tell me anything but when I explained who I was and that Scott was a good friend they relented and told me he'd already been transferred to Toronto. I didn't even get to say goodbye. I hung up the phone and sat there.

Sometime later Nick found me.

"Frick, what's wrong?" he asked softly as he sat down beside me and wrapped him arms gently around my shoulders.

All I could do was shake my head and tremble violently. Then the tears began to fall. I sobbed hysterically into Nick's arms. It felt like my entire life was being ripped to shreds and I couldn't stop it.

Nick leaned back against the headboards, holding me tightly. "Shh, B. everything will be okay, I promise." I wanted to believe him. Nick stayed with me the entire night and held me as I finally drifted off to sleep.

The next few days were a nightmare. We moved on to our next concert in Cincinnati. I called the hospital in Toronto but they absolutely refused to give me any information; family orders. Kevin tried to find out and even had management make some calls. AJ contacted Drew, who was overseas for three weeks on business. Drew was able to find out that Scott was alive and in intensive care. But that was the only information he could get. I tried calling the Waters home but no one ever answered. I didn't know if they were screening my calls out or really weren't home.

Sometime during that period, Ray was fired and threatened with massive lawsuits if he revealed anything about Scott and I, or anything else about the band. It didn't even matter to me.


On the fourth day after the accident, when I thought things couldn't get any worse, they did. I was in Kevin's room for a group meeting when Scott's Dad called.


"May I speak to Brian."

"This is Brian."

"Brian, its Richard Waters." My heart stopped as it flashed through my mind that Scott was dead.

"Yes," I managed to whisper as I sank to the couch. Everyone stopped talking.

"Brian, Scott woke up briefly today." My hope peaked through. "He asked me to call you." A little more hope slipped out. "He asked that you not contact him again. He doesn't want to see you."

I dropped the phone and slid down to the floor. I curled up into a ball and began to rock. My angel, my angel, angel angel angel angel. Oh god, oh god oh god. This was worse than if he had died. I never saw Kevin pick up the phone. I didn't hear what he said to Richard. None of it mattered. I began to shake. I couldn't understand why I was shivering. Someone lifted me up and put me in a bed, somewhere. I was covered with blankets. The tour medic came to check me. I drifted in and out of awareness for the next twenty-four hours. I would wake up and find Howie sitting next to me. Then waken again to see A.J. I missed the concert that night, due to *flu*.

When I came to again, the guys were all sitting in the room talking quietly. Kevin noticed that I was awake and sat down on the side of the bed.

"Brian," he said softly yet firmly. "Look at me." I did as ordered. "I know it hurts, B and I'm sorry you're hurting so much." I could see tears in his eyes. "But, you can't give up hope." I looked away. There was no hope. Kevin grabbed my chin, forcing me to look at him. "Listen to me, Brian. I was talking to Sheri. She knows her brother better than anyone." I listened. "She hasn't been to see him, but she thinks he will want to see you again. We all know how easygoing Scott is. He's hurting right now, and maybe he's been listening to his parents. But he loves you." Did love me until I broke his heart. "Sheri was positive he would give you a chance to explain. And if not, Sheri said she would explain it to him." Kevin smiled sweetly thinking about Sheri. Despite my head saying it was all wishful thinking, my heart grabbed onto the sliver of hope Kevin had given me. I sat up and hugged Kevin tightly.

"Thanks, Kev." I whispered.

"You're welcome." Both of us had tears running down our cheeks and I noticed the other three wiping their eyes.

I looked over at them. "Group hug?" I asked, and they all jumped on the bed. I was so lucky to have them.

I wasn't my old self, but at least I was communicative. I still broke down and cried almost every night. I couldn't eat or sleep. But I managed to keep going. Kevin helped by getting me out of doing extras such as interviews, claiming I was still trying to fight the flu and needed extra rest. I lost track of time as I fell into a routine of concerts, rehearsals and travelling. I slept most of my free time.


Two weeks after the accident, we had a couple of days off and Nick was trying to get me to go out. We were in Indianapolis. My phone rang.

"Hello," I answered quietly.

"Hello, Brian?" I fell back onto a chair as I heard the voice of an Angel.

"Angel, oh god, I'm so sorry. It's all my fault. If you had just waited and if…" I couldn't tell him everything I needed to. I began to cry and Nick quickly took the phone from me.

"Scott, this is Nick," he said, watching me. I couldn't hear what Scott was saying. "Scott, don't you remember what happened?" Nick asked and I wondered what was going on. Nick listened to Scott's answer, looking a little confused. Nick sighed and said, "I can't Scott. Brian and I will fly up to Toronto tomorrow and if you still want to see us, we'll visit. Okay?" Nick finally said, "I'll do that Scott. Get some sleep and get well. See you tomorrow." Nick hung up the phone.

I was trembling. "What Nick? What did Scott say?" I demanded.

Nick sat down beside me. "He doesn't remember what happened. He said he's confused." Nick looked directly at me. "He said to tell you he loves you and misses you." That little sliver of hope that Kevin had given me days earlier suddenly exploded. Scott didn't hate me!

I jumped up, my adrenaline suddenly on fire. "Come on Nick, we gotta go. Call the airport. I'll get packed. Let's move." I ran to the closet and pulled out my suitcase. Nick picked up the phone, I thought to call the airport, but he called Kevin instead. Then he called the airport. There was a flight out later that evening. We would arrive in Toronto around midnight. Nick left to go to his room and pack. Kevin stopped by.

"Brian," he said solemnly. I stopped to look at him. He sighed when he saw the light back in my eyes. "Brian, just be careful, okay. Be careful of the media, and don't push Scott too hard."

I grinned and ran over to hug him. "Thanks for everything Boo. I don't know what I would do without ya." I finished packing then went to say goodbye to Howie and A.J. They grinned at my excitement, and wished me luck.

We arrived at the airport early and had to wait. We were shown to a VIP lounge and I began to pace. I went over everything in my mind; what I would say, what I would do. Finally, our flight was called. I was so excited that I didn't even pay attention to the takeoff, a first for me. When the stewardess brought food around I ate everything she offered, and then stole some off Nick's plate. Normally, that would have been the start of war, but he was so happy to see me eating again that he didn't say a word. I realized what a true friend Nick had been to me.

"Thanks Nick," I said suddenly.

He looked over at me. "For what, B?" he asked.

I smiled. "For being you. You've been such a good friend, always there when I need you. I don't know how I would have made it through these past couple of weeks without you."

He blushed. "That's what brothers are for, B," he said.

I leaned over and hugged him. "You're right, little bro."

The flight seemed to go on forever. Finally, we were told to fasten seatbelts for landing. We collected our luggage and took a taxi to the hotel Nick had booked. I wanted to go directly to the hospital, but Nick talked me out of it. It was one AM after all.

The emotions of the day had hit me hard, because as soon as we got to the room, I flung myself across one of the beds and fell asleep.


The next morning I was up and showered by seven. I ordered room service and got dressed while Nick showered. I wanted to be at the hospital by eight. Nick arranged for a rental car and got directions to the hospital. He insisted on driving.

Butterflies began soaring in my gut as we pulled into the parking lot. My mouth was dry. I told Nick I would go in alone. He agreed to wait in the car. I asked at the desk for Scott Waters room and was directed to ICU on the fifth floor. I found his room easily and stood outside for a moment gathering up my lost courage.

I knocked softly on the door. Before I could push it open, strong arms grabbed me from behind and spun me around.

"What the hell?" I said loudly, and found myself face to face with Charlie and Richard Waters.

Charlie looked at me angrily. "There is no way in hell that you're going in there. Haven't you done enough to him yet?" I was stunned.

"Scott called me," I tried to explain. Mrs. Waters appeared.

"I don't care what Scott did," Richard almost shouted at me. A couple of nurses heard us and came to see what was wrong.

Louise looked at me sadly. "I think it would be best if you left, Brian." I looked at their angry faces and wanted to beg them. I turned and walked back to the elevator.

Nick was still sitting in the car and looked up in surprise. He saw the look on my face and pulled me into a hug as soon as I got in the car. "What happened, B?"

I lost my battle with the tears. "His family won't let me see him," I sobbed. Nick held me for a few minutes until I calmed down.

"Brian, stay here, okay. I have an idea." He walked into the hospital and I waited.

He came back out about twenty minutes later. "Let's go get something else to eat, Brian," he said. He wouldn't tell me what happened inside.

We found a McDonalds and ordered at the drive through. We both had ball caps and sunglasses on to try and keep ourselves disguised. I didn't feel like eating, but Nick drove to a park and insisted I join him. We sat on a bench looking at the water. I didn't even realize I was crying again until Nick handed me some kleenex.

My cell phone began to ring and I glanced at Nick. He shrugged.

"Hello." I said weakly.

"Brian." It was Scott. I was afraid to say anything in case I was imagining it. Finally, he spoke again. "I'm in room 212 now. My family won't be back till later this afternoon." He hung up. It was my move now. I didn't know how much more I could take, but I knew I had to see him, no matter what. Nick had already gathered up our food and was heading back to the car.

We were only a few minutes away and made it to the hospital quickly. This time I asked Nick to come with me. I didn't want to face his family again if they were still there. We walked into Scott's room, and removed the hats and glasses. It looked like Scott was sleeping.

"Nicky, would you excuse us for a little while?" Scott suddenly said quietly, causing both of us to jump.

Nick smiled at Scott. "Sure, Scotty. I'll go find some food." I laughed knowing we had just eaten. Nick was always thinking about his stomach.

I watched as Nick left then looked over at Scott. We just stared at each other. I could read in his eyes everything that I was feeling. I loved him, but I also felt grief, and fear and pain.

Then Scott held his hand out to me. It was all the encouragement I needed. My fears burst out of me as I ran to him and held tightly. I sat down on the chair and sobbed into our clenched hands. "God, if you had died, I would have died too, Scott. I wouldn't want to go on living without you."

"Brian," Scott said softly and I raised my tear-streaked face to look at my beautiful angel. "I'm okay. I'm going to be fine," he said. He did look so much better than when I'd seen him in Detroit.

I sniffed and wiped the wetness from my cheeks. "We need to talk about what happened in Detroit, Scott." I had to explain before anything else was said.

"I know."

I just jumped in; all my planning vanished from my mind. "He, Ray, was kissing me. He knocked on my door, drunk. I stepped into the hall to talk to him, find out what he wanted. He grabbed me and kissed me. You must have stepped off the elevator at the same moment." I looked deeply into his emerald eyes trying to see if he knew I was telling the truth. "As soon as my brain registered what was happening I pushed him away. I heard you gasp and I called out to you but you got back on the elevator." The memory came rushing back to me causing me to tremble. My voice dropped to a whisper. "I tried to follow you, but Ray grabbed me. I yelled until Kevin and Nick came out. They pulled him away and I ran downstairs, but you were gone." I desperately wanted him to hold me, but he had to know everything. "About ten minutes later, someone came into the hotel talking about a train running into a car that had been seen racing away from the hotel. A car with Ontario plates. I was sitting in the hotel lobby, praying you would come back. I knew that it was you in the accident."

I paused. I needed to know. "Scott, it wasn't intentional, was it?" I asked him quietly.

"No Brian. It was just my own stupidity. It was an accident," he told me, trying to alleviate some of the guilt I felt. "Brian, tell me the rest, please."

I inhaled deeply before continuing. "We went to the hospital and the doctors confirmed that it was you. We told them you were part of our staff." I looked at him, begging for forgiveness at the half-truth. "They finally let one of us see you, while we waited for your family. You looked so fragile," my voice broke as an image of Scott lying in the hospital bed came to my mind. I tried to get air into my lungs. "You were badly bruised and had little cuts all over from flying glass. I talked to you but you didn't wake up. They said you were in a coma. When your parents arrived, we weren't allowed back in. I told your Mom and Dad that we'd had a misunderstanding; I'd done something that had hurt you. All they knew was that you were hurt and I was the cause of it."

I looked into Scott's eyes again. "All I wanted was to see you get better. Your parents had you transferred back here to Toronto. They forbid me from seeing you. After a few days, they said you had wakened briefly, and didn't want to see me again." Scott inhaled sharply.

I lowered my eyes feeling guilt and shame. "I didn't blame you. I felt like I'd betrayed you. Ray was fired. But I couldn't explain things to you; couldn't apologize for causing you so much pain; couldn't beg you to forgive me," tears were flowing unchecked down my face as I opened my heart to Scott, "couldn't beg you to love me again."

Scott reached over and put his hand on my lowered head. "I still love you Brian. I never stopped. Why do you think I reacted so drastically when I thought you had another lover?"

I raised my eyes and then gave him my soul. "Scott, there has only ever been you and only will ever be you."

Scott smiled so sweetly at me that my heart ached. His hand stroked my cheek and I reveled in his touch. "I know that Brian. I've always known it, but once in a while, the irrational part of my brain takes over. As you can see, it's not a pretty thing." I had to smile slightly at his attempt at humor. "My Love," He said aloud for the first time in over two weeks, and my pulse leapt.

"My Angel." I responded and stood up to hug him gently, not wanting to hurt him.

"I won't break, you know," he whispered in my ear. I smiled and squeezed tighter. I heard him sigh in contentment. We held each other until a nurse interrupted us.

"Uh hem. Mr. Waters, the doctor left orders that you're to get out of bed for a little while today." She said and we reluctantly separated. The nurse, thankfully, didn't know who I was. She helped Scott out of bed and into the wheelchair she'd brought. She was an astute lady though and quickly realized that I wasn't going to leave Scott's side. "Perhaps your friend would take you for a *short* ride. Nothing too strenuous, though," she lectured.

I nodded. "I'll take very good care of him, ma'am, I promise," I said solemnly, anything to stay with Scott.

I moved to the back of the chair and pushed Scott through the door. We moved slowly down the hallway. I watched Scott from the back in awe that I was here with him again. I knew I had a lot to make up for; I wouldn't risk losing him again.

I watched as he tried to loosen up his muscles. Two weeks of immobility was hard on a body, and I knew it would take time for him to regain his strength. We reached the end of the hall and stopped by a window overlooking the street.

"Two weeks," Scott said softly.

"What Angel?" I asked, not sure I'd heard him.

"I've lost two weeks of my life," he said.

Tears instantly welled up as I realized what I'd cost him. "I'm sorry," I whispered. Scott looked up at me, grabbed my hand, forcing me to squat down beside the chair.

He looked at me intently. "Love, I'm not blaming you. No one is to blame. We can't move forward carrying all this guilt about `what if ` and `should haves'."

I sighed and brushed some hair from his forehead. "I know its going to take some time to get back to what we were; time for both of us. But I'm going to do whatever I can. Right now, I do feel responsible. I can't help it. But knowing *you* don't blame me, helps." I tried to be as honest as I could about how I was feeling.

Scott cupped my jaw in his hand and raised my face to his. I closed my eyes and savored the taste of those lips I thought I would never feel or taste again.

I remembered where we were and reluctantly broke away, quickly checking to see if anyone had seen us. Scott sighed. "We should go back, love. I'm feeling a little tired." I immediately jumped up and began to wheel Scott back to his room. Nick caught up with us along the way. Scott smiled up at him. "Hey, Nicky, Thank you."

"For what?"

"For everything. For taking care of Brian, talking to me." Nick just shrugged and grinned. Nick stopped at the door and I continued into the room with Scott, helping him into the bed. He looked exhausted and I was angry with myself for tiring him out.

Scott saw my concern. "I'm just tired, love. The doctor said it would take a while to regain my strength." I just nodded and sat down beside him.

He needed all the rest he could get. "Get some sleep, Angel. I'll be here when you wake up, I promise." I took his hand firmly in mine. I watched as Scott closed his eyes, and his breathing evened out. He drifted to sleep.

I just sat and stared at the beautiful man sleeping. I was so relieved that his injuries hadn't been any more serious. A little while later, Nick came in. I'd forgotten all about him. I smiled apologetically, but he waved it off, and took a seat by the window. We sat there in silence for a long time. I just watched the rise and fall of Scott's chest.

Eventually the door opened and Louise and Richard walked in. I immediately tensed up and Nick looked over sharply. I could see the look of disapproval in their eyes, but I no longer cared. Scott wanted me with him and I was not going to leave. I acquiesced and gave Louise the chair beside the bed. I moved over to a chair against the wall, my eyes never leaving Scott.

I tried to go over in my mind the past few months when things began to go wrong. I replayed events in my mind; Scott and Howie going out to a movie, Scott and A.J. going to the gym, the five of them going to a concert. Once I started, I immediately saw the pattern. I swore at myself. The others had told me what I was doing, but I hadn't been paying attention. I'd grown so paranoid about the media and rumors that I'd stopped going out anywhere with Scott, keeping him hidden like a dirty little secret. What a fool I was. Everything would be so much easier if I could just come out publicly.

Once that thought went through my mind, it wouldn't leave. Why shouldn't I come out? Because you would destroy the group, a little voice said. Would it? What about your family? They would hate me if I told the world. Would they? Arguments for and against kept swirling around in my mind. I wasn't getting anywhere. Nick left for a few minutes and returned with four cups of coffee. Louise and Richard thanked him softly. He sat down on the floor beside me.

"Thanks, Frack," I said quietly as I accepted the coffee.

As time went on, everyone gradually changed positions. Nick pulled me over to the door and we talked quietly.

"Bri, maybe we should go get some dinner, or go back to the hotel for a while. We'll come back later." I know he was trying to help, but I shook my head.

"No. I'm not leaving, Nick. I promised Scott I would be here when he wakes. I'm not breaking that promise."

A voice suddenly spoke aloud. "Hey, the star of the show is back." It was Scott and all eyes turned to look at him. I noticed Richard standing by the window, and Louise was in the chair.

Louise spoke first. "Scott, how are you?" I could tell from the inflection in her voice that the question had more to do with me than Scott's condition.

Scott smiled at his Mom and looked over at me by the door. I immediately moved to the other side of the bed and took his hand. Richard sighed loudly and Scott shook his head slightly.

"Could I get everyone in the room to move so I can see you all at once? I have something important to say," Scott announced and everyone moved. Richard moved to stand beside his wife and Nick walked to the foot of the bed. I intended to join Nick but Scott held tightly to my hand. I stayed where I was.

Scott began to talk. "Okay, we're going to go through this once, and once only." He looked around at each of us. "I saw Brian kissing someone else, and was hurt. But instead of finding out what was going on, I ran. It was my own fault that I wasn't paying attention to where I was driving. The crash was an accident. No one is to blame." He looked at his parents and continued. "I know you love me and want to protect me, but please, don't ever lie to Brian again. I love him as much as life itself, and I love both of you. I will not be forced into choosing between you. I know there are hard feelings all around, but I'm asking, for my sake, that you realize I love all of you and want and need you all in my life. Please find a way to make peace and forgive each other." He looked at each face in the room. I saw Nick give him a little nod of encouragement and Scott smiled.

I took the first step. I looked at Scott's parents. "I can never apologize enough for causing your son, or yourselves, so much pain. I never intended it. I love Scott with my entire soul and just want him to be happy. I think I am the man to make him happy." Scott squeezed my hand and I looked down at him, all the love I felt pouring out of my eyes for the world to see. Scott's parents watched our silent exchange and looked at each other.

Richard spoke first. "Brian, I'm sorry I lied to you," he apologized.

Then Louise spoke up. "We were just so worried about Scott. His life has changed so much since he met you, and we thought maybe it would be better for him to return to his old life." She looked at Scott before continuing. "But that's not our decision to make. I can see that you love him Brian, and I know Scott loves you. We all want the same thing for Scott. We all want him to be happy."

I was incredibly relieved and walked over to Louise. "I will make him happy, Louise," I promised.

She stood up and hugged me. "I know you will, Brian."

I shook Richard's hand. Nick just stood there and grinned. Then the nurse came in and declared that there were too many people in the room. She said only family could be visiting now.

"We're all family here," Louise said and I smiled to myself.

Once she left, Scott's parents said goodnight. Scott had slept most of the afternoon and they still had a two-hour drive ahead of them. They promised they would be back tomorrow afternoon.

When they were gone, Scott looked at the tray of hospital food that a nurse had brought in earlier. It was pretty sick looking. He looked at Nick and smiled mischievously. "Nicky, do you think you could find me some real food in this place? I'm starving."

Nick laughed. "I'm sure I can find something. If not I'll go to McD's." He left Scott and I alone.

I sat back down in the chair and took Scott's hand. I couldn't get it out of my mind how much I'd cut myself off from Scott because of my paranoia.

"When do you have to go back, love?" Scott asked, startling me out of my thoughts.

I looked at him. "Oh, I think Nick has us seats on a flight tomorrow. The tour has moved on to Dallas." I could sense a plan forming in the back of my mind, but I needed some time to work through it.

"Brian, listen to me." Scott said, and I looked at him again. "I'm going to be okay. I'll be out of the hospital in a couple of days and back on my feet in no time. As soon as I'm able, I'll join you on tour and we'll really talk. In the meantime, you have to take better care of yourself. You're so thin, and look like shit."

He made me grin. "Gee, thanks!" I said sarcastically.

He was worried about me and wouldn't let it go. "I mean it Brian. You have many people depending on you. If you get sick and can't perform, too many people will be disappointed. I know you don't want that to happen."

I didn't want to talk about this and came up with an idea. "You know, you sound like someone I know. Now who was that again? Oh yeah, Kevin."

I succeeded in making him laugh. He raised my hand to his lips. "No need to get insulting, love. By the way, how is your cousin?" I knew what he was asking. How had these past few weeks impacted Kevin and Sheri?

"Kevin's fine, and so are he and Sheri. They've been talking almost every day. They really love each other. Your parents still don't know?"

He shook his head. "I think Sheri is planning on springing it in November when the band is here." God, I wonder if Kevin knows, I thought.

Nick returned a few minutes later, his jacket bulging. He pulled out three bags, containing hamburgers, fries, and milkshakes. We grinned. No one could find food the way he could.

"Oh, Nicky, will you marry me?" Scott asked in a little girlish voice. "You're my hero."

We all laughed and devoured the food. I realized how much I'd missed eating food.

I knew Scott wanted to stay awake and talk, but he couldn't keep his eyes open. It had been a big day for all of us. Nick sat quietly by the window, and I sat beside Scott.

"Go back to sleep, Angel. I'll be back tomorrow before we leave." I kissed his cheek and he hugged me tightly to him.

"I love you Brian, my love, always," he whispered in my ear.

"Love you too." I said softly before following Nick out the door, turning off the overhead light as I went.

Nick and I returned to the hotel. I called Kevin to let him know everything was okay, but he wasn't answering so I left a message. Nick started watching a movie on T.V. I tried to watch it too, but fell asleep during the first ten minutes.

To Be Continued.........

Kenitra ;-)