Millennium Love Parts 5 & 6 - Brian

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Second, All the text in BLACK is common, but the text in BLUE is unique to that character's story. So for those that only want to read what's different between the characters, now you can.

As Before: This story is a little different. For each section, you have a choice to read the story from the view point of one of the two main characters: the fictional Scott Waters or Brian Littrell. BUT: If you read the story from both view points you'll get the entire story, particularly when the characters are not together.

I apologize if I seem to be in a bit of a time warp, but the idea for the story came to me and it fit the time line (hence the story's name Millennium Love). The story starts in October 1998 and runs up to the new millennium. Also, if some events don't coincide with real events (i.e. I moved the Much Music Awards from September to October!), remember, it's only fiction!

Legalities: This story is fictitious. It is not meant to imply anything about any of the Backstreet Boys or anyone else. No, I am not Brian Littrell, or Scott Waters. If you're offended, go away. If you're curious, keep reading, you might like it ;-)

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Millennium Love Parts 5 & 6 - Brian

Part 5

"So where do we go from here?"

I donít know if Scott was thinking the same thing, but I said it first. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. I didnít want to cry, but I didnít want things to end. Scott rolled off the bed and moved the tray. Returning to the bed, he pulled me to him and wrapped his arms around me. I sighed.

"We will make this work, Brian. Weíll rack up some hefty phone bills and maybe some air miles, but I wonít give up without a fight. Not after just finding you." He wanted to comfort me. I said something into his chest, which Scott didnít hear.

"What did you say?"

I lifted my head. "I said I get all your air miles!" I felt better knowing that he didnít want it to end yet either.

He grinned. "You may have to fight me for them," he said. Those were fighting words. Iíd been wrestling with the others almost since the beginning. Iíd learned a few tricks through the years, especially as Nick had grown taller and heavier than me. Before Scott knew what hit him, I had his arms held above his head, and I was sitting on his stomach, grinning wildly.

"Now, what were you saying Scott?" I asked innocently, enjoying the view. I leaned forward and began to nibble on his chin, the rough stubble tickling me. I released his arms, which he immediately wrapped around me. He lowered his jaw so our mouths met. If I was dreaming, I never wanted to wake. Iíd kissed girls, but Iíd never been this close to a man and it was incredible.

Scottís lips were soft, and pliant. He didnít resist anything I did. I forced his mouth open and let my tongue dart inside, running along the inside of his lips. A shiver went through him so I did it again. I just wanted to forget everything else and continue exploring this sweet and sexy man. Our kisses became more urgent, wanting more in return. My hands explored Scottís body, and his investigated mine. He ran his hands done my bare back to my ass, gently gripping the cheeks, causing me to shudder. I was reaching for the buttons on Scottís shirt when our eyes met. I could see that he wanted to keep going as much as I did, but we both knew it wasnít the right time.

Reluctantly, I rolled off Scott and onto my back. We were both out of breath and flushed. "You can have the air miles," he whispered and we both laughed.

Once I regained my breath, I decided to tell Scott what I was doing for the day. "We have three or four interviews this morning, a rehearsal this afternoon, then the music awards tonight." I sighed, what a long day it was going to be. Then I brightened, "But I am free for an early dinner! Interested?" I silently prayed he would say yes.

I rolled off the bed and went to get a shirt, knowing that Kevin would be knocking any second. I found a dark blue silk shirt and pulled it on. Then I looked over at Scott. I couldnít keep the smile from my face. I was unbelievably happy, happier than Iíd been in a very long time.

Scott slowly got off the bed and picked up his shoes, sitting down to pull them on. "Dinner sounds perfect. What did you have in mind?" he asked, watching me brush my hair. Then he added, "I thought I would go home, get cleaned up and maybe take a nap. But I can come back to the city anytime."

I walked over to the dresser and picked up some paper and a pen. I quickly wrote down my cell number then handed the paper and pen to Scott. "Write down your phone number, hereís my cell number," I said as I handed him the piece of paper. "I donít know what time the rehearsal will finish, but Iíll call you when I find out, and we can decide what to do, okay?" I suddenly realized how horrible that sounded. I laughed, "that sounded like a stereotypical morning-after ĎIíll call you sometimeí line, didnít it?" Before Scott could say anything, there was a knock at the door.

"Iíll be there in a minute Kev," I said, not even looking at the door. I looked at Scott, then walked over to where he was standing. I reached up, putting my hands along his cheeks. "I promise I will call you. In fact, youíll be so sick of hearing my voice, you probably wonít want to have dinner!" I stood on my toes and kissed him.

"I donít think I could ever get tired of listening to you, Brian, but good luck trying." Scott said and we both laughed. We went to join the others.

Remembering what A.J. had told me earlier, I wondered how Scott would react to them, and vice versa. A.J. took care of any awkwardness.

"What? Are you still here?" he looked around at the guys. "I thought we got rid of you." He was looking at me. "Oh, hi Scott!" he continued as he finally looked at Scott. I punched his shoulder and we all laughed.

We walked to the elevator. Scott and I stepped on first so we were at the back. I reached over and took his hand, giving it a squeeze. I held it until the elevator dinged and the door began to open. I whispered, "Iíll miss you," before we stepped off the elevator into a crowd of about twenty-five fans who had managed to sneak into the parking lot. I immediately lost track of Scott in the confusion. By the time we got into the limo, Scott was gone. I looked at my watch. He said it took him ninety minutes to get home, so I would call and make sure in exactly ninety minutes, assuming I wasnít in the middle of an interview.

We drove ten minutes to a television studio. I really didnít pay attention. We were shown to a room, and the interviewer came in. We were asked all the same questions and each gave our well-rehearsed answers. All I really wanted to say was that Iíd met a man who completed me. But I couldnít. The interview went for an hour.

We had a short break before the next one. We were sitting in a room waiting, while Kevin was off talking business with someone. I dialed Scottís number, no answer. I hung up as an answering machine clicked in. I wanted to talk to the real thing. I tried a few minutes later, and someone picked up.

"Hello." I recognized Scottís voice immediately, and my heart raced.

"I miss you," I said, not even saying Ďhelloí.

"I miss you too," Scott said with a laugh. "How did you know I just walked in the door Brian?"

"You said it was a ninety minute drive, so I waited ninety minutes and started calling." I was so happy I had reached him.

"How are the interviews going?" he asked.

I made a face and sighed, "The usual - Whatís your ideal girl? Whatís it like touring? Do you guys ever fight? - We always give the same answer."

"So what is your *ideal girl*?" he asked me sweetly.

I grinned. "Well, Iíd have to say my ideal *girl* is over six feet tall, has curly, shaggy black hair and beautiful green eyes," I said in my most formal drawl.

"You donít say," Scott said. I think Iíd caused him to blush again. Then Kevin stuck his head in the room, indicating it was time for the next round.

I sighed. "Damn, Iím being paged, Scott. I just wanted to hear your voice and make sure you got in safe. Iíll talk to you later, okay?" I still didnít want to assume too much.

Scott put my fears to rest. "Brian, you can call me anytime, day or night - no matter what. Just to talk, unload, or Iíll talk if you just want to hear another voice. Alright?" Somehow, he knew how to make me feel better.

I relaxed. "Thanks Scott. Bye."

"Bye Brian," he said.

The interviews dragged on all morning. Even though I knew it was important for the press to be on our side, Iíd always disliked the phoniness of our image. These people didnít know the real Brian, Nick, A.J. Howie or Kevin. They just pretended they did. What I really wanted to do was find Scott and kiss him. I smiled at the thought.

"Care to tell us what youíre smiling about Brian?" the reporter asked.

Part 6

"Care to tell us what youíre smiling about Brian?" the reporter asked.

I quickly returned to reality and found everyone staring at me. "Sorry," I said. "I was just remembering something. Itís nothing important. Did you have a question for me?" I turned on the charm to distract her. I kept my focus for the rest of the interview. Once back in our little waiting room I sighed. I wanted to do something special for dinner with Scott. I had an idea but I would need a lot of help. I looked at the guys.

I told them my plan, and they grinned. Kevin got on the phone and called a couple of our assistants to help buy what I wanted. I sat back, feeling better and decided to call Scott again.

"Hello." It was not Scottís voice.

"Scott?" I asked tentatively.

"No. Whoís this?" The man said.

Then I heard Scott grab the phone away. "Hi, this is Scott."

"Hi," I said quietly, "its me." I didnít want to ask, but I wanted to know who was there with him. I didnít like how I was feeling.

"Iím sorry about Drew. We had plans last night but I got Ö distracted. He stopped by to check on me." Drew. That was Scottís old boyfriend.

"Oh," was all I said.

Scott was quiet for a moment, then came back on the line. "Brian, Iím alone now. Are you okay?"

I sighed and told him the truth, "I was a little surprised to find Drew there." I paused, "I guess maybe Iím a little jealous that heís there with you and Iím here taking a quick break before another interview." I went quiet as another thought came to me. "Scott, what are you going to tell him? About where you were last night, about me?"

"Bri, Iíll tell him enough, but no names, I promise. I told Kevin last night that I wouldnít do anything to hurt you or the others." Somehow, I knew he wouldnít tell, but I felt better hearing him say it. Kevin came back in the room, indicating that the next interviewer was ready for us.

"I know you wonít Scott," I said confidently. "Iíve got to go, Kevinís calling me. Next time I call I should be able to give you details about dinner, okay?"

"I canít wait," he said. I heard the truth in his voice and smiled to myself. "And BrianÖ"


"I miss you."

"Me too."

We both hung up, and I joined the others for the next interview. I thought about what Scott had said. ĎI miss you.í I hoped he meant it because it was becoming clear to me that I really missed him. The feeling was stimulating and frightening at the same time.

After the interview, we grabbed a quick bite to eat, and I checked to see how arrangements were going for tonight. The candles had all been bought and were in our suite. It would be up to the five of us to light them. We proceeded to the venue where the awards would be. We had to run sound checks and go through our presentation lines.

I had a new idea, and approached Nick about it first. "Nicky, could I ask for a big favor?" He looked at me and nodded when he saw how serious I was. "Could we switch parts for tonight?"

"Why?" he asked.

I blushed a little, but answered him truthfully as I always had. "I want to sing the first verse because of the lyrics." He wanted more. "I want to sing them for Scott," I said softly.

Slowly a grin spread across his face. He grabbed me into a bear hug and whispered, "You got it bad, Frick."

I hugged him back. "I know."

We were in the middle of a break from rehearsal and I decided to call Scott again.

"Hello," he said, sounding out of breath.

"Scott? Are you okay," I asked wondering what was wrong.

He laughed. "Oh yeah. But you just interrupted the best dream, Bri."

Interesting. "Was I in it?" I asked curiously.

"Most definitely!" he replied, his breathing gradually slowing down.

Now I was intrigued and wanted to know what this perfect man dreamt about. "Mmm, sounds good. Tell me about it."

"Are you alone?" he asked.

"No," I said, wondering why that was important.

"Then I think Iíd better tell you some other time," he said with another laugh.

"Oh!" I just clued in. It must have been one incredible dream and I felt myself turn a deep shade of red. Of course, the guys had to notice and started to laugh.

"Brian, tell them I said theyíre to leave you alone." Scott said. I told the guys what heíd said, and then Nick grabbed the phone from my hands.

"Sure weíll leave him alone - if you tell me what you said that made him turn such a *purtty* shade of red!" I could hear Scott laugh as I grabbed the phone back.

I apologized. "Sorry, Scott, weíre all getting a little giddy. Itís been a long day. Weíre just getting through rehearsal and should finish up soon. I was wondering if you would come back to the hotel for about four thirty?"

"No problem, Bri. What are we doing for dinner?"

"Itís a surprise," I told him. Then I asked, "You sure you donít mind driving back?"

"Brian!" he said, exasperated.

All I could do was laugh. "Okay, Okay! I just didnít want to assume anything, thatís all."

"Iíll be there at four thirty Brian. Um, how will I get in?" Scott asked.

I thought about it for a few seconds. "You have photo I.D.?" I asked.


"Iíll leave your name and description at the front desk. Youíre our new friend we made while playing basketball, and are coming for dinner. Sound good?" We were known for making friends on the courts. And no one could dispute the fact that Scott actually did play basketball.

"Okay Brian, see you then," he said, before adding, "Miss you."

I smiled to myself. "Miss you too," I said softly before hanging up.

We finished up the sound check and rehearsal soon after, and went directly back to the hotel. I was stunned when we walked into the suite. Our assistants had placed the candles *all* over the place. There must have been a least four hundred of them. I turned to Kevin, and found all four of them grinning at me.

Howie shrugged. "You said you wanted a bunch of candles, soÖ"

I was touched. "Thank you all," I said, trying not to get too emotional. These guys were amazing.

"We thought weíd get changed and then light the candles before going out for dinner," A.J. said. "You get changed and order room service for *six*." I smiled. Smart thinking. The hotel would think we were all here for dinner, and not think anything about someone joining us. The others went to their respective rooms to shower and change. I went down to the front desk to make arrangements for Scott. Then I went back to my room and called in the food order before taking a shower.

I could feel a knot starting in the pit of my stomach. I wanted everything to be perfect. I asked myself why this was so important; there were a million other guys out there. The answer was simple, Scott was *the* one. My entire heart and soul felt it. Once showered, I went through my wardrobe trying to find something to wear. I finally settled on dark blue pants and a white shirt. I looked at the clock to discover that Scott would arrive any minute.

I went out into the common room and stopped in my track. The others had rearranged the room, setting up a dining table where the coffee table had been. Room service had already arrived and there were four different carts around the table. The guys were still lighting candles.

"Wow!" I said in awe. They all looked at me and smiled.

"Guys, why donít you go on, Iíll finish lighting candles," I offered, feeling guilty that I hadnít done any work.

"Uh, guys, the elevator is coming," Nick said suddenly.

I had an idea. I ran into the bedroom and grabbed a towel. Back in the commons, I gave it to Kevin. "You guys, block his path when the doors open. Blindfold him and take him to the balcony. Iíll finish here then go get him. Okay?" They all nodded. "And guys," I added, making them look. "Thank you," I said intently.

"Just be good," Kevin said with a grin, then went to the elevator, just as the bell dinged and the door slid open.


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