Millennium Love Parts 7 & 8 - Brian

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Millennium Love Parts 7 & 8 - Brian


"Uh, guys, the elevator is coming," Nick said suddenly.

I had an idea. I ran into the bedroom and grabbed a towel. Back in the commons, I gave it to Kevin. "You guys, block his path when the doors open. Blindfold him and take him to the balcony. I'll finish here then go get him. Okay?" They all nodded. "And guys," I added, making them look. "Thank you," I said intently.

"Just be good," Kevin said with a grin, then went to the elevator, just as the bell dinged and the door slid open.

Part 7

I began to rush around, finishing lighting the remaining candles.

I heard Scott. "Hi Nick, A.J., Howie, Kevin," he said, confused. "What's going on?"

"Hi Scott," Kevin said. "You have to let us blindfold you, okay?"

I assumed Scott agreed, because a few seconds later Kevin was leading him across the room to the balcony. Scott was wearing black chinos and a dark green shirt and looked incredible. My heart began to race.

"You have to promise not to turn around until Brian comes for you." I heard Kevin say.

Scott said, "Okay," and sat back in the chair, which was located near the railing of their balcony. I ran back into the bedroom to get the CD I wanted to play. Kevin came back inside and called out, "Brian, your date is here. See you in two and a half." Then the elevator door closed and they were gone.

I did a last minute check to make sure the room looked perfect and all the candles were lit. I put the CD, a rough copy of our new album, in the player and walked quietly to the balcony door.

I don't think I'd ever been so nervous. "Scott," I said quietly and he jumped. "Sorry, didn't mean to scare you. You can come in now." My voice had become husky as emotions overwhelmed me. Scott got up and turned around. He looked though the windows and saw the hundreds of flickering candles. He looked at me and I could see tears in his beautiful eyes.

"You did all this, Brian?" he shook his head in amazement. He walked up and wrapped his arms around me. It felt so right. "When did you have the time?" he asked as we walked into the candlelight, arm in arm. I just smiled, happy that he liked it. I took him by the hand and led him to the table. Once he sat down, I couldn't hold back and leaned forward, kissing him. The passion of the kiss took us both by surprise. I went over to the food carts and removed the lids.

I smiled sheepishly when I showed him all the food. "We wanted them to think that six people were having dinner, not two, so I think we have almost everything on the menu." I explained. "What would you like?"

Scott smiled provocatively. "I know what I want, but I don't think its on the hotel menu," he said, his voice sounding husky too. I caught my breath and felt myself blush.

I walked over to Scott. Leaning down to his ear, I whispered, "That's for dessert, angel." I walked back to the food, smiling as Scott blushed.

"Surprise me then, Bri," he said.

I began with a crisp Caesar salad, followed by escargot. As an entree for Scott, I selected bacon wrapped filet mignon with wild rice and mixed vegetables. For myself, I chose chicken Parmesan, baked potato and vegetables. I opened the bottle of red wine Kevin had secretly picked up for us and kept Scott's glass full.

I looked up from my food to find Scott watching me. Our eyes met. "I can't believe you did all this, Brian. Thank you." He choked up.

I smiled tenderly, "I wanted to show you how much you already mean to me." I hated talking across the table. I got up and walked to Scott, kneeling beside his chair. I had to tell him how I was feeling. "I know I may be moving too fast, but I have very strong feelings for you Scott," I explained as I took his hand in mine. "I don't have much time, we're leaving on Monday, but I want to find out if this, you and I, could be something."

He met my eyes and smiled, lighting up the entire room. "I'll let you know if we're going too fast. I have strong feelings for you too, Brian." How did I get so lucky?

I took his hand, forgetting about the food as I led him to the couch. We sat down facing each other. Scott reached over and stroked my cheek; I reveling in the feel of his hand on my skin. I could hear one of my favorite new songs playing on the CD. I couldn't help myself and began to sing along.

I know the reason why I am alive
And the world is so beautiful tonite
It's a place I've never been
And it comes from deep within
And it's telling me I'm about to win first prize
Knowing all I have to do
Is reach out my hand to you ...

Our eyes locked and I stopped singing. We both leaned forward until our lips met. I thought I was in heaven. I never knew a simple kiss could promise so much more than words. Our arms wrapped around each other and Scott leaned back on the couch pulling me on top. He ran his fingers through my hair before pulling my face to his.

"Brian," he whispered, "I've only known you for a day, but my heart has known you forever."

I had never felt emotions that strong before and began to tremble. Scott held me closer. "I feel the same Scott. I've never felt this way before and its overwhelming," I whispered.

We remained in that position for a long time; holding each other, both coming to terms with our feelings. Finally, I had to break the silence as I began to think about reality.

"I wish we had more time right now. I just want to be near you Scott," I said sadly.

"I know, Brian."

"We fly out Monday afternoon, but we're free all day tomorrow." I pulled back so I could see Scott's face. "I want to spend every minute I can with you," I said intently, meaning every word.

Scott smiled sweetly and touched my cheek. "Good. Because if you had said you had other plans tomorrow, I was going to demand my air miles back!"

That made me laugh and I hugged him tighter. We just stayed that way, enjoying the closeness.

It seemed like only seconds later that the elevator dinged and the door opened. Nick, A.J., Howie and Kevin walked in as we remained in our embrace on the couch. They each went to their respective rooms, with Kevin stopping along the way.

"Sorry guys," Kevin said sincerely. "But we have to get ready for the show and be out of here in forty minutes," he paused. "Brian?"

I sighed and forced myself to roll off the couch. "I heard you Kevin. I'll be ready."

Kevin went into his room and closed the door. Scott grabbed my hand. "Why don't you get ready and I'll put out these candles. Then we can be together until you have to leave."

"Okay," I said with a smile. Then a thought occurred to me. "You could come with us tonight, Angel," I suggested. He was my angel, I realized. He had saved me from the mob of girls, but more than that, he'd saved me from loneliness.

Scott shook his head. "No my heart, one look at me and people would see how I feel about you. I need some practice at hiding my feelings in public. I'll just watch you on T.V. Now go get ready," he ordered.

"Yes Sir," I said, grinning and went into the bedroom.

I changed as quickly as I could, wanting to spend as much time as possible with Scott. An idea occurred to me and I picked up my cell phone, dialing Kevin.


"Kev, its me. Could you do me a favor?" I asked as I threw on the Armani suit. We were all wearing the same suit, just different shirts.

"Sure. What is it?"

"Could you do an Internet search for Scott Waters or S. Waters in Ontario. I want to find out his address. I'm planning a surprise. I can give you his home phone number if that will help." I ran the brush through my hair as I waited for Kevin.

"Okay, I should be able to find it using a site called Canada411, give me the number and I'll let you know."

"Thanks, cus," I said, then went back out into the commons. Nick and Scott were sitting on the couch talking. When Nick saw me, he gave up his seat with a grin. I noticed his eyes were a little red. He'd been crying. I decided to ask him about it later. I curled up against Scott on the couch, just wanting to feel him.

All too soon, everyone was ready and it was time to leave. We started for the elevator. I thought of something and pulled Scott back. I darted over to the stereo and took out the CD, putting it in a plain cover. I walked back to Scott, and whispered, "Tonight I'm singing to you my Angel." I kissed him tenderly and put the CD in his hand. We joined the others on the elevator.

Before the elevator stopped I whispered to Scott, "I'll see you tomorrow, Angel." We got off on the main floor. A limousine was waiting for us and we had to dash through a crowd of fans. As we exited the elevator, I asked Kevin, "Were you able to help me with that plan Kev?"

Part 8

As we exited the elevator, I asked Kevin, "Were you able to help me with that plan Kev?"

He waited until we were in the car, then handed me a piece of paper. "This has his address and the instructions on how to get there from the hotel. Want to share what you're planning?" I could tell he was curious, but didn't want to push.

I couldn't help but grin. The adrenaline was beginning to flow as it always did before a performance, and I was even more pumped than usual because of Scott. "I told Scott I would see him tomorrow. By the time we get out of the awards and I drive to his place, it will be tomorrow." I said excitedly.

The others grinned at my excitement.

"So you're going to spend the day with him?" Howie asked.

I nodded. "If he'll let me. I won't see you guys until Monday when we're leaving."

A.J. rolled his eyes. "If he'll let you? B., that man has it as bad as you if not worse. Just make sure we don't have to come and pry you apart," he said with a grin.

"And be careful in public," Kevin added. I wasn't going to let him bring me down, so I just stuck out my tongue.

We arrived at the show, waved at the fans as we entered, and took our seats. I barely paid attention to the awards being handed out. Finally, we were told to go backstage and prepare for our song. I was flying, I hoped Scott made it home in time to watch.

We walked on stage in the dimmed lights and waited for the announcer.

"Ladies and gentlemen, The Backstreet Boys!"

The crowd screamed and the music started. It was like we all became different people. Our years of training and performing kicked in and *almost* all other thoughts disappeared, except the song and choreography. The crowd cheered even louder when I began to sing the first verse, usually performed by Nick.

Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine
I'm leaving my life in your hands
People say I'm crazy and that I am blind
Risking it all in a glance
How you got me blind is still a mystery
I can't get you out of my head
Don't care what is written in your history
As long as you're here with me

I put everything into the words, looking into the television cameras whenever I could. I wanted Scott to know how I felt. My movements on stage were automatic, the dancing and the routine with the chairs was second nature we'd performed it so often. When the song ended, we ran back stage. My adrenaline was in overdrive. We stood in the wings as a few more awards were presented, before they arrived at the Best International Artist award, which we were up for.

"And the award goes to ... The Backstreet Boys!"

We walked back onstage. Taking turns, we thanked god, our families, friends and especially our fans. I wanted to shout to the world, `Thank you my Angel,' but didn't. As we left the stage, I noticed we had to walk right past a T.V. camera. I was last in line and watched as the guys each smiled and waved into the camera. Without even thinking, I approached the camera, smiled and mouthed the word `angel', before continuing past.

The awards finished and we did a brief post award show interview before dashing past the hordes of fans outside. My excitement kept growing as I thought about seeing Scott, soon. Once back at the hotel I quickly threw some clothes into an overnight bag. Kevin gave me the keys to a rental vehicle in the underground parking. I didn't even ask how he got it. I grinned and waved at them as the elevator door closed and took me to the basement.

I found the rental and drove out of the hotel without any fans noticing. I kept an on my rearview mirror for a while to make sure I wasn't being followed. It wouldn't be the first time. I managed not to get any speeding tickets as I drove. The directions Kevin had given me were clear and I found Scott's house easily. I saw his car in the driveway. I was on a complete adrenaline high. I walked up to the front door. I was going to knock, but for some reason decided to try the door. I couldn't believe my luck; it was unlocked.

I walked quietly through the door, closing and locking it behind me. The house was dark but I could make out the living room, kitchen and a hallway. I crept down the hall, listening for sounds. I could hear Scott snoring softly and followed the sounds. The back room was his bedroom. I slowly pushed open the door and looked in. He was sleeping on his side, facing away from the door.

I softly walked over and lay down behind him. I began to lightly kiss his ear, working around to his eyelids and soft lips. I ran my fingers through his hair and whispered, "Angel." Scott eyes flew open and he turned his head to look at me. I smiled and ran my hand down his chest, across his taunt stomach, and down to his groin. "I told you I would see you `tomorrow', Angel," I said seductively, the adrenaline fueling my desire. "And it's now `tomorrow'."

I began to run my hand over his growing cock as he looked at the clock. Then he looked at me intently. I'm not sure what he saw, but I sensed him make a decision. He sat up and began unbuttoning my shirt. My heart was racing and I was breathing hard. When Scott was finished removing my shirt, he moved to my pants. I stood up and stripped off the rest of my clothes. I know I wasn't thinking clearly. All I wanted was to be with Scott, be close to him, to feel him beside me. Scott looked admiringly at my body. Then he pulled me down to him. A little shot of fear raced through me. I was beyond the point of caring about consequences. I wanted him. Our eyes met, and locked.

"Brian," he said tenderly, slowly running his hands down the length of my body while our eyes remained locked, "Just relax. You're so wound up; you're about ready to break. But I think I can help with that," He added softly as one of his hands found my completely erect member and gently wrapped around it. I let out a gasp. I'd never had another man touch me like that; it felt like electricity ran through me.

I realized what Scott had said was true. I was wound tight. I let out a deep breath. "Oh God, Angel," I whispered and closed my eyes, giving myself over to the sensations.

Scott's hand remained wrapped around my pulsing cock. His mouth found mine and began kissing. Covering my jaw and working back to my lips. He forced my mouth open and our tongues met, dancing around each other. My body took control and began to tremble at the overwhelming sensations. He kissed me until we were both panting for breath.

When I thought I couldn't take any more, Scott began to slowly work his way down my body. He licked my shoulder and throat, then trailed kisses straight down the middle of my chest. When he reached my stomach, he stopped. I arched my hips, silently begging him to go further. He didn't. Instead he returned to my chest and grabbed one of my now sensitive nipples between his teeth. I let out a moan, and began to plead, "Scott, please." He ignored my pleas and moved across to the other nipple. The pleasure was immeasurable. I ran my hands through his hair, never wanting it to end.

Finally, he began to trail kisses downward. He reached my groin and kept going. Suddenly I felt a second hand join the one already wrapped around my distended cock. Both hands began to move slowly up and down. I clenched the sheets in my hands trying not to scream aloud. Scott lowered his head and I shuddered as I felt his tongue run across the tip of my cock. His hands continued their movements as he moved lower. Then his tongue began to dance across my balls. I thought I would explode. Nothing any girl had done or I alone had done could compare to the intensity I was being consumed by.

I began to moan louder and my body began to spasm. Then Scott returned to my tool and wrapped his lips around it. I felt myself slide into his hot mouth and into his throat. His mouth continued sucking as he pulled back before engulfing me completely, again and again.

I couldn't hold back any longer. "Oh, god! Scott," I cried out. "Scott, I'm going to explode. Please Scott," I begged for release.

He began to move rapidly up and down my cock. My entire body went rigid as the orgasm exploded from my body. Scott kept his mouth wrapped around my spewing cock, swallowing every drop of my cum. All I could do was moan as I lost control of my body.

I thought I would never stop cumming. Gradually, I felt my cock soften, but Scott kept his mouth around it, sucking everything out. I was completely spent. My emotions were out of control. I had never imagined anything like what had just happened to me and I wasn't sure how to react. Unexpectedly, tears began streaming down my face. Scott looked up and saw them. He crawled back up the bed and wrapped his arms around me. I clung to him. He didn't say anything, but the sound of his pounding heart and the motion of his hand rubbing my back gradually calmed me down.

"Scott," I whispered.

"Yes, my love?" he whispered back.

"Thank you. I had no idea it could be like that. So intense, so erotic, so ..." I couldn't find enough words to explain what I was feeling.

Somehow, Scott understood. He hugged me tighter and said, "It will get better, you know."

I pulled back to look at him. "Is that possible?" I wondered aloud. Scott smiled and wiped the tears from my face, kissing me gently.

"Yes," he said simply and I believed him. I put my head back on his chest. All the adrenaline that had been coursing through my body, suddenly fled, leaving me exhausted. I remembered wondering why god had allowed me to find my soul mate, before I drifted into a dreamless sleep.


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Lyrics are from Spanish Eyes (Millennium) and As Long As You Love Me (the Canadian CD Backstreet's Back or the first U.S. CD) respectively.