Millennium Love Drew and AJ

Well, here it is! This is a little bonus story for those loyal readers of Millennium Love.

Notes: I hope this story is self explanatory, but it will probably make more sense if you have read Millennium Love also. This story spans the time period covered in chapters 23-26 of Millennium Love, from the time the characters of Drew, Scott and Sheri arrive in Orlando on December 28, until New Years Eve.

The story is told from AJ's point of view and is somewhat different from the slower pace of Millennium Love, just to warn everyone.

Disclaimer: This story is complete fiction. I do not know anything about the orientation of any of the Backstreet Boys and the other characters in this story are completely fictitious.


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Part 1 - Virgin Territory

I watched the pretty brunette girl step into the limousine. I could instantly see the family resemblance to Scott, Brian's boyfriend. The girl looked up in shock upon noticing the five of us in the car. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed and we smiled at her.

My attention was drawn to the next person to get in to the car. I knew this had to be Scott's friend Drew. He had short red hair and bright green eyes. God he was gorgeous. I found myself staring at him, but I couldn't help it.

Drew quickly smiled at the bunch of us and I felt my body twitch. Shit he was even cuter when he smiled. I barely paid attention as Scott got into the limo.

He tried to break up the awkward silence by introducing everyone, so I cracked a joke, making his sister blush. Everyone relaxed and I found myself staring across the car at the red head. I think Drew noticed but I was too tongue-tied to say anything.

Howie saved me by asking Drew about the financial business he ran in his home city of Toronto. Drew began to explain the business and I found myself joining in the conversation.

I listened intently as Drew talked and before I knew it, the limo had pulled into the driveway of the large house we were staying at over the Christmas and New Year holiday.

Howie quickly disappeared with his girlfriend Melissa, while Nick dragged Sheri off to give her a tour of the mansion. The rest of us carried the luggage into the house and up the stairs to the bedrooms. Before anyone could comment, Brian dragged his boyfriend Scott into their bedroom and slammed the door. It had been three weeks since they'd seen each other and they had some catching up to do.

I laughed. "Come on Drew, I'll show you where you'll be sleeping," I said as I walked along the hall. I pushed open the bedroom door and walked in. Drew followed.

"Wow! Nice place. How many bedrooms does this place have?" Drew asked as he placed his suitcase on the king size bed in the center of the room. I could only stare at him. Then he turned around and I felt myself blush at having been caught. I tried to answer his question. "Um, I think it has eight, but there might be another couple in the other wing of the house."

Drew just laughed and shook his head. An awkward silence took over for a minute.

"Um, Drew, why don't you change into a swim suit and we'll go down to the pool? Take advantage of the warm weather while you're here," I finally suggested, wanting to get out of the bedroom and away from him before I decided to simply jump him.

"Good idea, AJ. I'll meet you out the back?"

I nodded and began to leave. "By the way, my room is right next door, if you need anything," I casually commented and left Drew alone. I don't know why I added that last comment. Maybe I wanted to see if he was interested. I walked next door to my room and dug out my swim trunks and quickly changed. I momentarily wondered what I was doing. The only time I'd ever been with a guy, I was fourteen and we were just experimenting. Sure, I'd wondered about sex with men, but until Scott came into the picture, I never thought about acting on it. Scott and Brian were so happy, so passionate. I wanted to find that. I needed to know if the reason I didn't have that type of relationship was because I needed a man and not a woman. I'd suppressed that side for so long that my response to Drew was frightening. I knew he would be a good person to experiment with, if he'd agree.

A few minutes later, I walked out of the bedroom and Drew almost ran into me. We laughed at our near collision and continued down the hall. As we passed Brian and Scott's bedroom, the unmistakable sounds of passionate sex emanated through the closed door. We glanced at each other and quickly ran down the stairs where both of us burst into laughter.

"Oh, we're going to have fun with that," I exclaimed.

Drew nodded. "Definitely! Scott embarrasses so easily!"

We continued through the house and out to the back yard where the huge swimming pool was. We were the first ones there and grabbed a couple of the lounge chairs. Drew pulled off his t-shirt and looked at me.

"Hey, AJ, could I bother you to put some sun block on my back for me? If I don't, I'll be fried in less than ten minutes," Drew said, holding up a bottle of SPF 50 sunblock. I couldn't believe my luck. The man was asking me to touch his well-developed muscles and rub them.

I grinned. "Wuss!" I said, but stood up and took the bottle from Drew. I poured some of the liquid into my hands and began to rub it over Drew's milky white flesh, covering his shoulders and slowly working my way down. "You're not kidding, are you?" I commented as I worked. "I don't think I've met anyone as fair skinned as you." I also noticed a few tattoos, a couple on his lower back and on one arm.

I slowly worked my hands down his back then back up, pretending to double check that all exposed skin was covered. Really I just wanted to feel the smooth skin and solid muscles for a little longer.

My work was interrupted by a door banging closed and voices approaching the pool. I patted Drew on the shoulder. "There you go man. All covered," I said quietly and turned back to my seat, trying to will a suddenly growing erection to disappear.

"Thanks AJ," Drew said and proceeded to cover the rest of his body with the skin cream. We looked up to see Nick, Sheri and Kevin approaching.

"Oh, man! Did you guys here the noise coming out of Brian's room?" Nick asked with a huge grin.

Before either Drew or I could answer, Howie and Melissa walked up, both of them laughing hysterically.

Nick looked at them. "Brian's room?" he asked. Howie managed to nod.

Everyone settled down onto a lounger or jumped into the pool to enjoy the afternoon sun. Drew sat in the lounger next to me. Neither of us spoke aside from the occasional comment or question. After a little while Drew pulled his t-shirt back on to protect his skin and I regretted the loss.

A couple of hours later, the recently reunited couple came down to the pool. Howie was the first one to comment. By the third comment about the sounds, Scott had had enough and threw his sister into the pool. Kevin came to her defense, which was a big mistake. Together, Brian and Scott picked Kevin up and he joined Sheri in the pool.

Once the laughter died down, everyone lounged for a while longer until Nick's stomach growled. Brian mentioned that he'd made reservations and every moved back into the house to shower and change.

I walked back in next to Drew. We were in the last two rooms by the front set of stairs. As Drew paused to open the door to his bedroom, I stopped beside him.

"Drew?" I said hesitantly, deciding to take the plunge.

Drew turned and met my direct gaze. Once I met his eyes, I couldn't break away.

I stared at him for a minute, wondering whether I should make a move or not. My courage deserted me. "Never mind," I said softly, breaking the eye contact and moving to continue down the hall.

Drew took a deep breath then reached out and grabbed my arm. "AJ," he murmured, pulling me into the bedroom and quickly closing the door.

No one else had been in the hallway to witness the event.

Once inside, Drew dropped his hand and waited for a reaction from me. I was stunned and incredibly nervous. Finally I raised my eyes to meet his emerald eyes. "I've never…but I want to…with you," I stammered. I knew I wasn't making any sense to him, but I could feel my heart racing at the nearness of the other man. I swallowed and tried to continue. "No strings…I just want to know." I held my breath but didn't take my eyes from Drew's.

Drew smiled and reached out a hand to gently brush his knuckles down my cheek. I thought I might cum right then. "I'm flattered," he said honestly. "Can we talk about this after we come back from dinner?" he asked softly. At least he wasn't brushing me off. We were expected for dinner and the decision was more than a simple yes or no response.

I realized that, and nodded. "I think I can wait," I said softly, and began to return to my room to get ready.

Before I could leave, Drew grabbed my arm again and pulled me against his body. He leaned forward and kissed me passionately. I'd never been really kissed by a man but found my mouth opening willingly as his tongue probed inside the warm cavity. I impulsively wrapped my arms around Drew's back as the kiss continued, both our tongues doing battle for the ultimate supremacy, but neither giving any ground. A few minutes later, Drew pulled back and gazed at me. I knew my face was flushed. We both smiled shyly.

"Wow!" I breathed.

Drew grinned broadly. "I'll say! That's to hold you until we can talk again," he explained.

I reluctantly moved away and silently walked to the door, my hand automatically touching my now throbbing lips. I smiled to myself as I opened the door and walked the few feet to my own room.

I sat down on my bed, stunned. Drew certainly wasn't what I was expecting. I absently pulled out some clothes and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. All I could think about was Drew's lips and the taste of his mouth.

As the water washed over me, I found myself growing hard as I pictured Drew. I imagined Drew as he'd been down at the pool. He didn't have as many tattoos as me, but enough to pique my interest. I wanted to spend time looking at, tracing and tasting all of the body art he had. Reluctantly, I forced myself back to the present, and quickly finished showering. Hopefully more exciting things would happen later that night. I quickly dried off and dressed in relatively conservative clothes, at least for me. I knew Drew had some of the rebel in him as well and I wondered when I would see that part.

We went to the restaurant, all nine of us piled into one limo. I forced myself to participate in the conversations, but my attention kept returning to Drew. I couldn't wait to get back to the house and talk to him, privately.

What I remember of the meal was good. The food was excellent and it was nice that Brian and Scott didn't have to hide their relationship for once. I guess that's one of the main reasons why I've forced myself to focus on women instead of allowing myself to fall for either female or male. I didn't know if I could deal with the secrecy and having to hide who I was dating or in love with. I admired Brian for his determination to make the relationship work and I really hoped they succeeded.

But increasingly, the desire to know, to find out what I've been missing, has been gnawing at me. I hoped Drew would give me the chance to discover those hidden secrets without any complications. He seemed to be a really sweet guy, and he was certainly cute.

The dancing that had occurred before the meal, resumed afterwards. This time though, Scott mixed things up by dancing with Kevin. Everyone decided to get involved and we all went to the dance floor. It gave me a chance to dance close to Drew, without attracting attention from my band mates. The music wasn't quite 'dirty dancing' style, but I could dance close, and I could smell his subtle cologne and his male scent. I found myself licking my lips at the tantalizing odor. To allay suspicion, I danced with Nick and Sheri too, but kept returning to Drew.

The alcohol I'd consumed during the evening wasn't enough to make me drunk. But it helped chase away any reservations I may have had about my proposition to Drew.

I was relieved when we decided to leave and return to the house. The trip back was short and we spilled out of the car. Brian and Scott were absorbed in each other, as were Howie and Melissa. Nick and Kevin were both vying for Sheri's attention, which left Drew for me. We walked into the house, our bodies close and occasionally touching as I purposely bumped his arm. I glanced at Drew and found him smiling softly. I felt my body respond as I thought about kissing his soft, full lips.

Brian and Scott quickly went upstairs to the bedroom. Kevin and Nick invited Sheri to have a drink with them in the living room. Howie and Melissa joined them. I took another quick glance at Drew and decided to make my exit.

"I think I'm going to go to bed now, guys," I said, pretending to yawn. I hoped Drew would take the hint. "Good night!" I said as I left.

A chorus of "goodnight" followed me as I walked out of the room and up the stairs. Once I reached the top, I turned and sat down, staring down the stairwell, waiting and silently willing Drew to follow me.

I was just beginning to think he'd changed his mind when I heard a footstep on the bottom stair. I waited where I was until the person rounded the curve in the stairs and looked up, noticing me.

My eyes met clear green pools and he smiled at me. I could feel a slight nervousness begin to stir in my gut, but I pushed it away. I wanted this; I wanted Drew.

Drew reached my position and looked down at me, a gentle smile played across his face. He held out a hand, and without words being spoken, I took the hand and followed him down the hall to his assigned bedroom. We walked in and Drew closed the door behind us.

Our hands were still entwined and Drew pulled slightly, turning me to face him. His free hand came up and cupped my cheek, pulling my face closer to his. I inhaled his scent again as I closed my eyes and our lips joined.

My restraint completely deserted me as my arms snaked around Drew's body and pulled him tightly to me. My kisses were hard and intense, delving into his mouth as though I were trying to crawl into his body. The feeling of a male body against mine was driving me wild. I wanted to feel his bare flesh and my hands reached up to the collar of his shirt and began to fight with the buttons. My lips never left Drew's as my hands worked their way down. Damn, I didn't know shirts had so many buttons. I pulled the shirttails out of the waist of his pants and finally reached the last button.

My hands quickly returned to his shoulders and shoved the material away from his skin. The shirt dropped silently to the floor and I paused to catch my breath. I moved slightly back from Drew so I could admire his smooth, toned flesh.

I realized that despite the sun block he'd used in the afternoon, his skin had still burned slightly and the normal creamy color had a pinkish tinge to it. I could hear his breath coming in short gasps and could almost see the flush of passion flood his body, deepening the pink color.

I lowered my head and my lips found his neck, licking the smooth, sensitive flesh there.

"Oh god, AJ," Drew gasped, as his hands reached for my head and stroked my wild hair. The entire length of our bodies was now touching and I could feel his hardness straining against the confines of his black pants.

I became like a man possessed and frantically struggled to undo his pants and slide them down his body. Drew suddenly reached down and pulled me back up to him.

"What do you want AJ?" he panted as I found myself face to face with his chest and began licking along his collarbone.

I finally pulled back and met his green eyes. Without wavering from my resolve, I told him. "I want you to fuck me Drew. I want to feel your cock inside of me. I want to know what I've been missing." With each sentence, my hand found and roughly massaged his fully erect cock through the confines of his boxers. I didn't want him to waver or doubt my intent.

Suddenly his hand grasped my probing fingers and pulled them away from his groin. I looked up into his face in confusion. He smiled at me.

"You gotta stop or you'll have to wait for me to recover before I can fuck you," he explained. I felt a wave of relief wash over me, relief that he wasn't going to back out or try to change my mind.

I quickly began to strip out of my own clothes and again Drew stayed my hand. "Let me," he said softly.

I dropped my arms and stood silently as he unbuttoned my shirt, pushing it off me, before undoing my pants and letting them drop. In no time, I was standing before Drew in my boxers.

Drew stepped up to me and slowly walked around me, his fingers softly trailing over my body, along my shoulders and across my back. I shuddered and felt my cock surge in response. He was standing directly me behind me and I jumped when I felt his two strong hands cup my ass cheeks.

"Mmmm! That feels good Drew," I whispered as his fingers massaged my ass.

I felt his breath on my neck as he leaned forward. "Tell me one more time what you want," he whispered.

I reached around behind me and grabbed his covered cock again. "I want to feel this throbbing piece of flesh in my ass, pounding into me, making me cum!" I panted. Just feeling his hard rod made me even more excited.

Drew stopped moving his hands and I froze. Unexpectedly, I felt my boxers yanked down to my ankles. Fingers pushed my ass cheeks apart and I suddenly felt a moist, warm probe licking down through my crack. I though I would die from the sensations. "Oh fuck!" I gasped, nearly falling forward onto my face.

One hand released my butt and wrapped around my waist, keeping me on my feet. Drew's tongue returned to my ass and began licking, up and down one cheek, then a quick swipe down the center before moving to the other cheek. I steeled myself to remain standing. I could feel my cock rapidly growing. I thought the sensations Drew was creating were incredible, but nothing compared to the jolt I felt when Drew's fingers separated my cheeks and he ran his tongue over my hole. My entire body convulsed and I would have fallen if Drew didn't stand up quickly and grab me.

He led me over to the bed and I collapsed weakly on it. I was on my back staring up at Drew. My breath was coming in short gasps. He was looking down at me with a grin. I watched as he walked over to his suitcase and rummaged around in it for a few seconds before pulling a couple of things out. When he returned to the bed, I realized he had grabbed some lubricant and condoms.

I couldn't believe that I was actually doing this. But I was consumed by my lust and didn't allow myself to second guess. I licked my lips in anticipation as I watched Drew pull off his boxers, revealing his fully erect cock, standing at attention. The sight of him sent a little shiver of apprehension through me as I realized how large he was. How the hell was that going to go into me?

Drew crawled up the bed between my legs forcing me to spread them. I couldn't tear my gaze away from his manhood. I raised my knees, placing the souls of my feet on the bed, exposing my ass to Drew.

He began to run his hands up my legs, starting at my feet, over my shins and down my thighs. I remained on my back and panted as my cock throbbed for attention. I could feel the precum dripping down into my pubic hair. He ran his fingers through the coarse hair but didn't touch me. I moaned softly in frustration. I began to reach for my cock, but the look in his eyes told me not to. I moaned again.

Drew sat back on his heels and opened the condom. He rolled it down his engorged sex and then opened the lube. Taking a glob on his fingers, he rubbed the tips of his fingers together before moving toward me again. I could feel my pulse quickening as I watched one of his hands disappear below me. I gasped loudly when I felt the cool slickness touch the sensitive flesh below my balls. His finger left a trail of lube as it slowly moved down approaching my hole. The touch was a gentle torture on its own and I began to writhe on the bed.

His fingers reached the tender area of my ass and began to spread the lubricant around. Every so often one of his fingers would directly touch my hole sending shivers through my body. I began to pant and gasp, wanting more. My cock was dripping constantly and the precum was beginning to trickle down around my cock and balls and down to Drew's hand.

After countless minutes of this, I suddenly felt something new as one of Drew's fingers slid inside of me. There was so much lube that I didn't feel any pain, just a very weird sensation. It felt incredible and as Drew began working the finger in and out of me spreading the grease, I began to thrust against his hand. Before long I felt a new tightness and realized that he had inserted a second finger into me.

Suddenly he touched something inside of me that sent my body into spasms. I vaguely realized he had found my prostate as I cried out. "Oh god, Drew!" My eyes were barely open but I looked down at Drew's face. He was watching me with a slight smile on his face. He ran his finger over my prostate again and I thought I would cum right then. I reached for my cock again, but Drew pushed my hands away.

"No," he said quietly, but firmly. "Wait." I groaned in frustration, but grabbed the bed sheets to occupy my hands.

I felt a little discomfort as a third finger entered me, but I was so lost in a lustful haze that I barely noticed.

Drew suddenly leaned forward and found my lips, kissing me passionately. "Are you ready for this?" he asked softly as his fingers continued to play with my hole.

I was ready to explode and nodded quickly. "Please. Drew. God, just fuck me!" I told him hoarsely.

Drew pulled back again and I felt his fingers withdraw. But before I could even miss them, I felt the thick, hot head of his cock pushing at my hole. Despite the loosening up Drew had done, when the wide head popped through the ring, I gasped in pain. I knew it was going to hurt, but the sharp stabbing was still unexpected.

Drew reached down and rubbed my stomach and a few seconds later the pain eased as I relaxed. "Good boy," Drew said softly. "That was the worst of it. Just try to stay relaxed and you'll enjoy the rest," he said as I felt him move deeper inside. God, the feeling! I don't think I can really describe it. It was a full feeling, but more and different. Drew drove in slowly, but steadily until I could feel his balls against my ass cheeks. He was all the way in.

It was on the first withdrawal, that his cock brushed my prostate, sending a jolt through my body. My cock, which had started to soften from the pain, suddenly sprang back to life, harder than ever. I moaned my pleasure. Drew bent down to kiss me again as he thrust forcefully back into me.

"Oh, yeah!" I gasped. That was what I'd been looking for, imagining about it. I was in ecstasy. My body responded to Drew's thrusts as I pushed down towards him, meeting his body as it returned deeply into mine. "Fuck! Harder Drew," I demanded and he quickly complied. It was so much better than I ever thought it could be as he increased his speed while shoving into me harder and deeper each time. The bed was shaking from his motion. All I could do was twist and turn on the bed as I felt myself approaching release. I wondered if I would cum without ever touching myself.

Drew suddenly stopped moving and I looked up at him, pleading silently with my eyes. I was so close. He pulled his member out. "Turn over," he ordered, and I quickly complied, rolling over and pushing up onto my hands and knees.

Drew grabbed my hips and used his strong fingers to spread my ass cheeks. I barely had time to feel the tip of his cock probing at my hole before he pushed his entire length in right to the base. I gasped loudly, but the pain was mingled with such extreme pleasure I wasn't sure which had made me gasp.

This position allowed Drew to do as he pleased and his pace picked up until he was moving like a locomotive, drilling in and out. I could hear quiet grunts coming from him as his balls slapped my ass. Every stroke grazed my prostate and I knew I was about ready to explode. Only a few thrusts later, my entire body tightened. I arched my back and released a low, animalistic scream, as my load was fired into the bed sheets. I don't think I've every shot so much cum before.

Drew felt the clenching of my muscles around his cock. "Oh shit you are so tight AJ. Here it comes baby!" Drew shoved in one last time and I could feel him growing within the confines of my chute as he reached his release, filling the condom with multiple loads of cum.

My arms gave out and I collapsed onto the bed and the wetness of my own load. Drew withdrew from my ass. I heard him pull off the filled condom and toss it into the garbage, before he collapsed beside me. I turned my head to look at him. He was lying on his back panting for air. I could see the sheen of sweat covering his chest.

He turned his head and grinned at me. "Like that?" he asked.

I smiled back, "That was fucking amazing!" I said.

"Ever cum without touching yourself before?" he asked as he rolled onto his side.

I felt myself blush as I shook my head. "Nope."

Drew reached out and ran his hand down my back to my ass. He stroked each cheek softly. "You okay?" he asked quietly.

I shivered suddenly, but nodded. It suddenly hit me what we'd done. I had been fucked for the first time. I didn't regret it, but it was still a little overwhelming. Drew watched the emotions play cross my face. He moved up on the bed until his head was on a pillow. Then he reached down and pulled me up to him. I put my head on his shoulder and threw an arm across his chest. I relaxed against his warmth, as I wondered what he was feeling. I didn't want to think about the morning, and the awkwardness that we might have. I decided not to worry about it and simply made myself comfortable against Drew as I drifted to sleep.

Part 2 - Trust

I woke up feeling remarkably relaxed, but as I stretched, my body reminded me of the activities from the night before. My ass was sore. I glanced over and saw that Drew was still sleeping. I silently crawled out of the bed and pulled on some boxers before slipping out the door. I was partly asleep and wouldn't wake up until I had some coffee.

As I reached the kitchen I found Scott and Kevin already there. With nothing more than a nod to them, I grabbed a mug and poured some coffee before going back upstairs. As I reached the hallway, I paused, wondering if I should just go to my bedroom, or if I should go back to Drew. A slight smile came to my lips as I thought about last night and decided to see Drew again. I quietly opened the door not wanting to wake him. As I entered, I noticed the bed was empty and I could hear the shower running. I set the coffee mug down and silently walked to the bathroom. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but when I saw his outline through the shower curtain, I impulsively decided to join him. My boxers were quickly discarded and I slipped in behind him. His eyes were closed as he rinsed shampoo from his hair.

I tentatively reached out and stroked his chest, causing his eyes to pop open. When he realized it was me, he grinned and stepped closer. He leaned forward and kissed me.

"Ever make love in a shower?" he whispered. I pulled back a little and shook my head. I didn't think my butt would take it again and I said so.

"I think I'm a little too sore for that Drew," I said quietly.

He just grinned and reached down to grab my cock. "What, your friend here doesn't want to go exploring?" he commented and I realized what he meant.

I hadn't really thought about me fucking Drew. After all, the arrangement had been a one night only for me to experiment. But as I stood there under the flow of water and Drew's hand continued to massage my growing erection, the thought became very appealing. I looked up at Drew and smiled.

"Well, if you put it that way. A little exploration might be good," I said as I reached forward to rub his distended nipples.

Drew pushed open the shower curtain and reached over to grab his shaving kit from the counter. He reached in and pulled out a condom and some lube. Tossing the kit back on the counter, he returned his focus to me.

As I stood there, Drew knelt down in the shower and suddenly engulfed my cock in his mouth. "Oh shit!" I closed my eyes and reveled in the incredible sensations. His hot moist mouth was doing things to me I'd never experienced before. His tongue lapped up and down before running over my slit. I thought my legs might give out, but then he stopped. He leaned back and opened the condom, unrolling it over my aching cock. He glanced up at me to see my reaction. I was biting my lower lip and breathing heavily. He opened the lube and rubbed it over my sheathed cock.

Standing up, Drew reached behind him, using his greased fingers to lube himself up. He recapped the lube and tossed it out of the shower. He grabbed my face and kissed me passionately, leaving me breathless.

Finally, he spun around and leaned against the shower wall, his legs spread and his tight ass facing me. He glanced over his shoulder. "Do it, AJ," he commanded. "Fuck me! Hard."

I stepped closer to him and ran my hands down his back to his ass. Spreading the cheeks slightly I found his hole and slipped a finger inside. Drew shook his head. "No! I want your cock! Now!"

I felt my cock twitch in anticipation at the command. Using one hand to guide my tool and the other to spread his cheeks, I placed the head at his entrance. Before I could even thrust forward, Drew thrust back, impaling himself on my hard cock.

He gasped loudly as he paused to adjust to the large invader. After a few seconds he was ready and began to move forward and back. I followed his movements and we quickly established a rhythm. I'd made love to girls before, but the feeling of his tight channel hugging and squeezing my cock was completely new. I could feel my body quickly approaching the end and my thrusts increased in speed.

I grabbed his hips so I could drive deeper into him and Drew moaned in ecstasy. "Oh fuck AJ! Harder!" It didn't take long before I felt my balls tighten and I began to fill the condom. As my body exploded, it came to me that I'd never experienced an orgasm like that before in my life. I'd never experienced the pleasures of sex the way I had with Drew. That scared the hell out of me.

When my body stopped firing, I pulled myself out of Drew's tight ass and tore off the fill condom. I didn't know what to say. I'd never thought things would get this far. I couldn't meet Drew's eyes.

"I…I better go to my room and get dressed," I said lamely as I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel to wrap around me.

"AJ?" I heard Drew call me, but I ignored it. I slipped out of the room, grateful no one was in the hall. I closed my bedroom door behind me, and leaned against it.

"What the hell's happening to me?" I asked the empty room. Fuck. This was just supposed to be a simple experiment. I just wanted to know what it was like. It never occurred to me that it would be better than with any girl. So, what did it all mean? I shook my head and walked over to the dresser to pull out some clothes.

Once dressed, I stared at my reflection in the mirror. What was I going to say to Drew? He fulfilled his end of the deal. There was nothing else between us, was there? I thought about him, his red hair and smiling green eyes, his incredible body. What he could do with that body. What he could do to me. I shivered.

I knew I couldn't hide in my room. I wasn't a child. Sighing deeply I opened the door and stepped into the hall. I looked up and noticed Brian in the hall. I couldn't help but blush and look away. Brian walked towards me.

"You okay, AJ?" he asked quietly. That was the question, wasn't it? I stood there without answering him. "AJ? Drew didn't do anything to you, did he?" he asked.

I was surprised that Brian would ask that. I looked at him and quickly shook my head. "No! Nothing like that. I...I asked know. He was really good about everything. I'm just..." I sighed. I couldn't explain it. "I don't know what I am Bri. I'll let you know as soon as I figure it all out."

"You know I'm here for you, any time you want to talk okay? I do have an idea what you're feeling," Brian said.

We both heard footsteps coming up the stairs and I looked down the hall to see Scott standing there. I couldn't face him yet.

"I'm not ready to talk about it Bri. Maybe later," I said quickly before walking towards Scott.

"Morning AJ," Scott said as I approached.

"Hey Scott," I replied quietly without looking up. I continued down the stairs. I made my way to the kitchen, where I got into a pointless argument with Nick. It was typical of us, but I needed to feel that normalcy as I tried to sort out my feelings. I couldn't stop myself from stealing glances at Drew. Once in a while, our eyes would meet and we'd both quickly look away.

After breakfast, Howie suggested Disney World. I really didn't feel like going and made the excuse that I always was recognized, which was basically true. Drew decided not to go as well. Not wanting to talk to him yet, I went up to my room and grabbed a book before heading out to the patio to read.

I tried to read, but my mind was too confused as I kept thinking about Drew. I set the book on my lap and stared into the backyard as I tried to figure things out. A little while later I noticed Scott walk out of the house and sit down in the lounge chair beside me. Neither of us spoke for a few minutes.

When I realized he wasn't going to leave, or start the conversation, I turned to look at him. He was the reason, indirectly, all this was happening.

"You know I hate you," I said softly. It wasn't true and I think Scott knew that. I tried to explain what was going on with me. "Before BSB, I had a friend and we experimented, but it was only messing around, the type of things all boys do. After that it's always been girls. Sure, I'd wonder once in a while what it would be like with a guy, but I figured that it was because I was open minded. I certainly didn't have a problem with Brian. I thought he was so brave for finally admitting his true self." I paused and looked down the backyard.

"Then you come along and make Brian so incredibly happy." I turned to look at Scott again. "I don't know if you really realize how much of a difference you've made in his life. I know I've never been that happy with any of the girls I've dated. But I told myself that was because I hadn't found the right girl. Yet, since you've been around I've found myself wondering more and more what it would be like with a man. And then you bring me Drew." I didn't want to sit anymore so I began walking down the path on the lawn. Scott joined me and we walked in silence for a few minutes.

I tried to explain to Scott what I was feeling. It was hard to put it into words. "I saw him and thought, 'wow, this could be an opportunity'. I knew he was gay, and he was a close friend of yours so I knew he could be trusted." I continued. "I figured I didn't have anything to lose. So I asked him." I paused as a vision of the night before flashed through my mind. "In fact, I propositioned him and he accepted, although he hesitated at first." We were at a small bench at the far end of the property and I sat down. Scott sat beside me. "I thought, 'I'll do this, I'll find out what its like. It'll be fun and then it will be over.' Of course things are never that simple." I turned to look at Scott and smiled ruefully. "I never expected it to be so…incredible."

"AJ, I'm not quite sure what the problem is. Are you wondering if maybe you are bisexual? Is it bothering you?" he asked.

I shook my head. "No, I can accept that I'm bi. But…I don't know if it was so good because it was my first time or because of who it was with," I said, finally voicing my greatest concern. Was last night so good because it was with a man, or because it was with a specific man?

Scott was quiet for a moment then tentatively touched my arm. "AJ have you talked to Drew about this?" he asked quietly.

I sighed deeply. "No. What am I going to say Scott? He has his life in Toronto and I have my life here. My life is too chaotic for something like that. Besides, who said he was interested? I mean he had his one night of fucking a pop singer. Its something he can write in his memoirs or something," I said angrily.

Scott looked at me sadly. "AJ, nothing is impossible if you want it enough, you know that. Look at Brian and I. No, its not easy, especially having to hide our relationship in public, but I'd rather that than not see him at all. And don't you think you're being a little judgmental about Drew? You propositioned him, so you really don't know how he feels about what happened. You owe it to both of you to talk about it and get it resolved, one way or another."

I thought about what he'd said. It was true. I hadn't given Drew a chance to say yes, or no. I just assumed that we were done. Maybe, just maybe we could see if anything was there.

I looked at Scott and nodded. "Okay Scott. I guess I'm being a little childish. Let's go talk to Drew and see how Brian is making out with him," I said as I stood.

Scott looked up in surprise and I had to laugh. "What? You think I didn't figure it out? I'm smarter than I look you silly Canuck," I said.

Scott laughed and stood up. "I already knew that, AJ."

We walked back to the house and up to the sliding doors. Brian and Drew were on the couch and looked up when Scott knocked. Brian waved for us to come in.

After greeting the others, Drew finally spoke up. "Um, guys would you mind if AJ and I talk alone for a little while? I know you just want to help, and you have but I'd rather he and I talk alone. If that’s okay with you AJ?" he added, looking hesitantly at me.

I nodded and smiled at Drew. "Yeah, I think that would be a good idea," I said softly.

Brian and Scott left, leaving Drew and I alone. It was a little awkward.

I broke the silence. "So did Brian give you the third degree?" I asked quietly.

Drew smiled slightly. "Something like that. And did Scott?" he asked.

I smiled and nodded. "Yeah. They're both really sweet."

Drew stood up and walked to the couch. He looked at me, inviting me with his eyes to join him. I did.

"Drew, I…."

"AJ, I…."

We both spoke at the same time. Drew smiled which made me smile. "You go first," he said.

I inhaled deeply. "I'm sorry about the way I acted this morning Drew. I'm just…confused, I guess," I said quietly.

Drew nodded. "I know AJ. I'm sorry if I've added to that confusion. I didn't mean to. But I don't regret what we've done. I really enjoyed last night and this morning. I liked it, a lot."

"So what does this mean?" I asked hesitantly.

Drew shook his head. "Why does it have to mean anything? Did you have fun? We're both unattached, so what is wrong with enjoying each other while we can. Just let things happen, see where things lead," Drew suggested.

I was quiet for a moment as I thought about it. I thought about what we'd done and knew I wanted to experience that again. And Drew was right. Why shouldn't we enjoy ourselves if we were both willing? I looked at him. "So we just do what we do and see what happens?"

Drew nodded with a smile. I liked that idea and leaned forward, till my lips touched his. It was a gentle, friendly kiss, but it was enough. I was relieved that we were basically on the same page, and I would get to learn more about Drew without complications.

I sat back and Drew put his arm around my shoulder. It was an amazingly comforting action and I leaned into him. We sat and watched TV, and talked. I wanted to hear about his childhood, how he knew he was gay, about his life in general. In return I told him about growing up without a father, how wonderful my Mom was, and about my life as a member of Backstreet.

I'm not sure how long we'd been sitting there, when the phone rang. I reached over and grabbed it. It was Kevin calling to let us know they'd be home within the hour. I hung up and resumed the comfortable position within Drew's arms.

At some point I went to the kitchen to grab us some drinks. Just as I was sitting back down, Drew reached up and grabbed my ass. Not that I didn't like it, but I wasn't expecting it and I spilled my coke all over him.

"Oh, shit Drew, I'm sorry!" I apologized, blushing in embarrassment.

Drew just stood up and shook his head. "Don't be AJ. It was my fault. Don't worry about it. I'll just go change." He began to walk out of the room for the stairs.

I glanced at him. "Need any help?" I asked coyly.

He stopped and grinned at me. "Sure. Come on!" he said and held out his hand. I walked over and grabbed it, then we walked up the stairs to his bedroom.

He pulled his wet shirt over his head and tossed it onto a chair before proceeding into the bathroom to wash off the sticky soda.

"Hey AJ, can you grab a t-shirt out of my suitcase for me?" Drew called out from the bathroom to me.

I walked over to his suitcase sitting on the chair and opened the lid. I rummaged around until I found a shirt for him. Then my hand hit something. Reaching down, I pulled out a ping-pong paddle. At least, that’s what it looked like. I wasn't quite sure why he'd have one in his luggage, but…. I reached back into the suitcase and at the bottom found a couple of other things that started to make more sense, handcuffs, leather wrist bands with hooks, a blindfold, and a leather contraption with a lot of snaps on it. I sat down on the arm of the chair and looked at the stuff, intrigued but also hesitant. Drew had never mentioned that he was into anything 'different'.

I'm not sure how long I sat there, but suddenly I realized Drew was standing beside me. "AJ?" he asked quietly.

I looked up at him in embarrassment. "Um…sorry Drew. I didn't mean to snoop…I…I just found them while I was looking for a shirt," I apologized.

Drew just smiled. "Don't worry about it AJ," he said as he put the stuff back on the bottom of the suitcase. Then he paused and looked at me. "Unless you want to try some of it?" he asked.

I'd never really thought about it before, but once he mentioned it, the idea was very arousing. I felt my body respond to the thought before I answered him. "Yes," I replied huskily, surprising myself.

I looked up at Drew to find him watching me intently. I felt myself blush under his scrutiny. "It won't hurt, will it?" I asked innocently.

Drew knelt down in front of me. "Only if you want it to," he said seriously. I definitely had never thought of that. "But it doesn't have to. The equipment I have can be used simply to prolong the pleasure, make it much more intense. It's entirely up to you, AJ. In case you're wondering, I am into some bondage and domination, but nothing too radical. But I also enjoy just plain sex, like what we did."

Drew waited for a reaction from me. The idea of being handcuffed and at Drew's mercy truly turned me on. I smiled at him. "Can we try some of this stuff tonight?" I asked.

Drew grinned. "Of course. You decide what you want to try, and we'll talk about it tonight."

I nodded. "Okay," I said before standing up. "Thank you for being so patient with me Drew," I said softly.

Drew pulled me into a hug. "Hey, don't forget that I'm getting something out of it too!" he whispered before releasing me.

We walked back downstairs and resumed our previous position, sitting on the couch watching TV. A few minutes later Scott and Brian came back in from outside.

"Everything okay guys?" Scott asked as they noticed our position on the couch.

Drew and I glanced at each other and nodded. "Yeah. Thanks Scott, and you too Brian," I said. "We're just going to see what happens over the next few days then see where we're going."

"That sounds like a good plan," Brian commented as he sat on Scott's lap and tucked his head against his chest.

I remembered the phone call. "By the way, Kev called. He said they'd be home in about an hour. Four hours non stop at the park is about all any of them can take."

"So what should we do tonight?" Scott asked.

The rest of us shrugged. "I dunno. I'm tired of watching movies or going to clubs. What about board games or cards or something," Brian suggested.

Scott looked over at Drew. "How many decks of cards do you guys have?" he asked.

I shrugged. "Dunno. Maybe four or five, I guess. Why?"

"Ever played asshole?" Drew asked. I hadn't. Scott and Drew explained the game briefly to Brian and I.

A few minutes later everyone else arrived back from the park. They were all hyper and talking excitedly. Suddenly the conversation ceased and I looked up to see what was wrong. They were staring at Drew and I.

Nick spoke first, with a huge grin on his face. "Uh, anything you want to share Bone?" he asked.

I realized I was still sitting in Drew's embrace. I noticed the smiles on Brian and Scott's faces. I pulled forward a little to turn and look at Drew.

"Anything you want to say, D?" I asked casually. Drew shook his head. I shrugged and leaned back against Drew and looked back to Nick. "Nope. Not really Nick," I said casually, trying hard not to laugh at Nick's shocked expression. Everyone else gave into the impulse.

Nick suddenly lunged at me, but this time I had Drew to help and we soon had him pinned, and began to tickle him.

Gradually things calmed down and they began to tell us about their adventures at the park. We finally turned our attention to food. After a short discussion Chinese was decided and Brian began to write down everyone's order.

The gate buzzer went off, but Scott ran to answer it. Shortly after that Scott walked back into the room with a young woman. The rest of us stopped and watched as she walked over to Brian, with Scott and asked how her favorite couple was.

Once everyone picked their jaws up off the floor, Scott introduced their friend Nora to us.

The rest of the evening went by quickly. The anticipation was growing as I thought about what would happen upstairs with Drew and his 'toys'. As the card game finally ended, people began to disperse. We said goodnight to Howie. Melissa, Kevin and Sheri then slowly walked up the stairs.

My anticipation had reached a high point as I could feel butterflies in my gut. I could feel my own erection growing with each step closer to the bedroom. As we reached the top of the stairs Drew paused to take my hand. We walked down the hall side by side.

He paused outside the door and turned to look at me.

"So how do you want to do this?" he asked softly, staring into my eyes.

"I don't know," I replied honestly.

Drew reached up and stroked my cheek. "Will you trust me?" he asked quietly.

Without hesitation, I nodded. Drew leaned forward and kissed me gently. "Wait here." He slipped inside the room and I waited. Less than a minute later, he returned carrying the blindfold. He walked behind me and slipped it over my head, covering my eyes and blocking out all sources of light. I felt him lean closer. "I promise you will enjoy this AJ," he whispered. I shivered.

Drew grasped my shoulders and turned me towards the door. It was a very strange sensation, walking without seeing where I was going. I could feel my heart rate increase as I anticipated what was to come. I was nervous too, but tried to prevent Drew from noticing.

Drew led me across the room, then stopped. "Stay," he whispered, and I did.

I felt his hands at my clothes, unbuttoning my shirt slowly, one button at a time. Suddenly I felt his tongue at my chest, licking and nipping the flesh sending shudders through me. I moaned softly. Drew moved back and slipped the shirt off my shoulders. I shook my wrists free.

I could sense that Drew had moved away from me and I waited anxiously, wondering what was next. I heard the clinking of metal. Then Drew was behind me, running his fingers down my spine. His hand reached around and pulled my arm behind my back. I felt the padded ring of the handcuffs fasten around my wrist and my entire body trembled while my cock throbbed. Reaching around, Drew grabbed my other arm and pulled it back, fastening the other cuff. I was effectively helpless to stop him now and a shiver coursed through me.

Drew leaned close to my ear. "Anytime you want to stop, just say 'enough Drew', and I will stop. Repeat it," he commanded softly.

"Enough Drew," I said quietly.

"Good," he whispered and ran his hands down my back to cup my ass cheeks. I clenched the muscles there instinctively. "You have such an amazing body AJ," he whispered.

I could sense him walk around to my front, trailing his hand over my shoulder, then down my chest to the waist of my pants. All I could hear was my heavy breathing and Drew's quiet breath. I felt his hand pop the button and unzip my pants. I tried biting my lower lip to keep from moaning. My hips instinctively thrust forward, trying to find some release. Drew's hands pushed my jeans down to my ankles. "Step out of them," he ordered quietly and I obeyed quickly. I was standing there blindfolded, wearing only boxers with my hands handcuffed behind my back, and my body had become one giant erogenous zone.

As he had with my pants, Drew slipped his hands into the waist of my boxers and pushed down. I felt the cool air brush my engorged penis as it rose to attention with its new found freedom. I stepped out of the boxers and stood still, waiting, wondering.

Drew was quiet and not touching me. I imagined him looking at my nude body. I could also feel the precum oozing out of my hardon and drizzling down the shaft and my leg. Minutes passed and still nothing. Finally Drew spoke.

"This won't do," he said. Before I could ask him what he meant, I felt a warm, moist enclosure, engulf my entire erection right down to my pubic hair.

"Oh god," I muttered as I felt my knees weaken. Drew's hands came around me and grabbed my ass, holding me steady. His mouth, tongue and lips were working quickly and ceaselessly on my cock and balls. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer.

Somehow sensing that I was close to orgasm, Drew increased the suction of his mouth and began to move back and forth over the head of my shaft bringing me to the brink and over. "Oh…oh… Drew! I'm cumming," I managed to gasp out as I felt my cock erupt sending ribbons of cum into Drew's waiting mouth.

My knees were weakening from the sexual high and I thought I was going to collapse. Drew stood up and put his arm around my waist, walking me over to the side of the bed. He moved away again for a moment but soon returned. A gentle shove on my chest and I lay back on the bed, my feet still on the floor. I could feel Drew's legs against mine and wondered what was coming next.

"Now the fun begins," he said softly. I felt his hand at my cock and felt something being wrapped around it. The silence was punctuated by the occasional 'snap' as the contraption was fastened into place. I wasn't sure what it was.

Drew pulled me up into a sitting position and suddenly lifted the blindfold. "It's called a hell's gate cock ring. I wanted you to see what you look like wearing it. God, you look so sexy in it," he whispered as he stroked my cock with a finger causing it to swell. I could feel the straps tightening around me as the blood tried to rush to the head but was slowed by the five straps wrapped from the base to just behind the head.

Drew lowered the blindfold again, shutting me back into darkness. I felt him at my hands and one of my wrists was uncuffed. "Move back on the bed AJ," he instructed me. I complied, pushing myself back towards the headboard. Drew gently pushed me down so I was on my back. He raised my hands above my head and I heard the click of the lock. Testing it out, I gently pulled, trying to move my arms to my body. I couldn't. He had looped the cuffs behind one of the bars in the headboard. I was trapped and at his mercy. That thought caused more blood to rush to my groin, only to be met by the cock ring.

I could feel Drew beside me on the bed. Suddenly I felt his hand on my chest, lightly tracing shapes as it moved down to my navel then back up to my throat. "How does it feel AJ?" he whispered to me. "To be totally at my mercy? To not know what is going to happen next. Does it turn you on?" he asked.

The motion of his hand and his soft, sexy voice, were combining with the effects of the cock ring to drive me wild. I was already beginning to twist slightly on the bed. "Answer me!" he demanded.

"Yes!" I gasped out when his fingers suddenly squeezed one of my hardened nipples. "Yes, it turns me on Drew. You're driving me wild," I breathed out.

I could feel the bed move as Drew moved closer. His warm breath cascaded across my cheek as his lips began to suckle on one of my ears. As his lips sucked and kissed, his hand continued to run over my chest, stroking and pinching first one firm nipple then the other. Every part of my body was on fire, and I began to wiggle on the bed, trying to find some unattainable relief.

Drew slowly began to work his way down the side of my neck and over my collarbone. He licked across my adam's apple sending bolts of pleasure through me. My cock was throbbing against the confines of the cock ring and I began to pull on my arms. I wanted desperately to free my hands so I could touch myself, bring myself to release, but I couldn't.

He finally reached my chest and began to work over my sensitive nipples, rubbing and twisting one with his fingers, while his lips sucked and teeth gently chewed the other. God I wanted to cum! I thought my body was going to explode into a million pieces, but still he continued. He switched sides and chewed on the other nipple.

Just as I thought I couldn't stand any more, he move down my body, kissing and nipping before swirling his tongue into my navel. I couldn't stop the soft whimpers and moans that escaped from me.

Drew didn't remain very long on my navel, instead he continued down, kissing his way through my pubic hair. I thought I was finally going to get my release, but I was wrong. Drew licked around the base of my entrapped organ, but didn't touch it. Moving lower, he took my balls into his warm, talented mouth and I thought I would certainly cum, but I couldn't. My hips instinctively began to move up and down, seeking release.

Drew swung around so he was between my legs. He grasped my thighs and raised my legs until my feet were resting flat on the bed, my knees spread. I felt vulnerable knowing Drew had access to every part of my body. He worked my balls for a couple of agonizingly long minutes. As before, when I thought I couldn't stand any more, he moved on.

He began to lick below my balls and I inhaled sharply at the new sensation. His wet tongue left a trail of moisture as he licked from the base of my balls down through my crack to my hole. He pulled back a little and blew softly sending shivers up my body.

Returning to my butt, Drew's tongue began to lap voraciously at my hole, leaving saliva around the edges. I felt his tongue begin to push at the entrance. He grasped my cheeks in his hands and pushed back, giving his mouth better access. After a couple of failed attempts, the ring relaxed enough allowing his tongue entrance to my hole.

"Oh my god, Drew! What are you doing to me?" I asked as my body shook in pleasure, yet my cock still couldn't release the build-up of cum. I tried to squirm away from the hot, moist probe but Drew held tightly to my legs, immobilizing me.

Most coherent thoughts were leaving me, as the only thing I could think about was cumming. Drew suddenly stopped and I moaned loudly. I felt him move on the bed and held my breath as I waited to see what was next.

Soon I felt something probing at my entrance again. It was a lubed finger. It slid into me without a problem. I could feel Drew moving it around and knew I was going to die from the pleasure. His finger grazed my prostate and I screamed hoarsely. My head was thrashing from side to side and my hips were thrusting up and down as my cock strained in its cage. A second finger joined the first and I was lost.

I almost screamed again when the fingers left. But quickly I could feel something larger knocking at my entrance and I begged for it.

"Please Drew. God, please fuck me!" I pleaded. All I could think about was having him fuck me, surely that would bring me release.

The bed shifted as Drew moved. He leaned over me and I could feel his hand at my groin. "What do you want AJ?" he whispered in my ear.

"Please! Fuck me Drew. I need to cum, please," I panted.

Then the world exploded. Drew drove his cock into me in one thrust and at the same time used the quick release on the cock ring to free my cock. I screamed into the mouth that quickly covered mine. Drew pumped into me quickly as my cock erupted and began to spew cum between our sweaty bodies. The cum poured out of me as my body twitched. I thought I might lose consciousness. Never in my entire life had I had an orgasm that lasted as long or as intensely as that one.

Drew continued to kiss me and thrust slowly in and out as my balls continued to unload. When I thought I was finally done, Drew suddenly tensed and I could feel his organ throb within me as he reached his own climax. The sensation of him cumming in my channel started me cumming again. I didn't think there would be anything left, but I was wrong.

I don't know how long it was before I could remember who I was and where I was. My body was still tingling but my breathing had calmed to nearly normal. I discovered my arms had been released from the handcuffs and the blindfold removed. Rolling my head to the side, I found Drew lying on his side watching me.

"Oh my god!" I whispered and he grinned. He leaned forward and brushed his lips against my forehead. "I…I…." I gave up trying to speak. I couldn't find the words.

Drew rolled off the bed and walked to the bathroom. He returned with a cloth and towel. Gently he washed my drying cum from my abs and chest, before patting me dry. Tossing the towel and cloth onto the floor, Drew crawled back into bed, pulling me to him. I lay in the circle of his arms as he lightly stroked my chest.

He kissed my forehead again. "Goodnight baby," he whispered.

Part 3 - Reversal

I woke up the next morning feeling strange. I remembered what we'd done the night before and began to worry. So much had happened in the past couple of days I wasn't sure my mind was keeping up.

I didn't regret being with Drew, but now I had to come to terms with the entire idea of bondage and domination with sex. The sex was truly incredible but I could still feel a little part of me screaming 'deviant' at me. What would my mother think? I was sure she would be okay with my sexuality…but the other?

I sighed and rolled out of bed, leaving Drew sleeping. I took a quick shower and went to my room to get dressed, before returning to Drew. I didn't want to leave things like the day before. I sat on the chair looking out the window until I heard him stir. He opened his eyes and smiled at me.

"Morning," he said quietly.

I managed to smile slightly. "Morning Drew," I replied.

Drew noticed my hesitation and sat up quickly in bed. "AJ?" he asked as he walked over to me. He knelt in front of me. "What's wrong?"

I reached out to touch his cheek, and sighed. "Honestly, I'm not sure. I'm… I'm just having some moral questions running through my head. I just need some time to sort it all out," I said.

Drew continued to stare at me intently, waiting for more. "Drew, I'm not pushing you away. It's just…" I struggled to find the words. "It's just that everything has happened so quickly and so intensely that I'm having trouble keeping up. I need to process everything. Does that make sense?" I asked as I met his gaze again.

Drew nodded. "Of course. I know I can be too intense sometimes. That’s the way I am. Just tell me to back off a little, okay? It won't hurt my feelings as long as you tell me why you need the space."

I smiled. "Fair enough. I'm going to go get some coffee. I'll meet you downstairs?" Drew nodded again and stood up. I left the room and went to the kitchen.

Drew was true to his word and gave me space. Once in a while I would glance at him and find him staring at me, but he didn't push me or crowd me. The morning was quiet and relaxing. We headed to the arena for rehearsal, which went off without any problems after Scott helped Brian put one of our pushy dancers in his place. I was glad no one knew about me yet, because I knew Ray would start coming on to me like he did with Brian.

I still hadn't found any answers, despite thinking most of the day. As we returned to the arena for the concert, I finally decided I would talk to Bri. He'd been 'out' for a while and he might be able to give me some answers.

We were in the dressing room changing in to our costumes when I went and sat beside Brian. He finished getting ready and looked at me.

"Something you want to talk about?" he asked seriously.

I frowned. "I'm not sure." I looked at Brian and had second thoughts. "Maybe now isn't the time," I said and stood up.

Brian grabbed my arm and made me sit back down on the couch. We sat facing each other. "Talk," he said gently.

I sighed. "Okay. Have you and Scott ever done anything…kinky? You know, when you're making love and stuff?" I asked shyly. It was strange to be talking about it with someone else.

Brian was quiet for a moment. "Not really. We've never talked about it. Why?" He paused. "Has Drew done things you're uncomfortable with?"

I sighed, but smiled when I thought of the pleasure Drew had given me. "No. That’s not the problem really. What we've done, I've enjoyed, but is it normal? I mean…hell," I ran my fingers through my hair. "Hell, I don't know what I mean." I was frustrated.

"AJ, listen to me," Brian said, making me meet his gaze. "There is no such thing as normal. Whatever two consenting adults do in the privacy of the bedroom, is no ones business. As long as both people are happy with what is going on, then who is to judge. And," Brian held up his hand to stop me from interrupting. "Don't say God, AJ. We all will have to face him in the end. But if you live your life with no regrets, …" he left the sentence unfinished.

I pondered what he had said. I didn't regret what had happened. And Brian was right, what Drew and I did wasn't hurting anyone so it was no one else's business. I looked at Brian and smiled. "Thanks Rok," I said and gave him a hug, before walking out of the room. I felt much better after our talk and knew I would have to talk to Drew later.

The concert was great and we were all dead on. As usual, we were also all wired afterwards. We decided not to shower at the arena, just wanting to get home instead. After a short debate with Melissa, and the others, we all climbed into the limo for the ride back. I started thinking about Drew and our fun the night before. Drew had been so great to me, and I decided I wanted to return the favor. I began to go over the toys I'd seen in his suitcase. I wanted to test them out on him.

Back at the house, everyone went swimming for a couple of hours. Afterwards, Drew and I went upstairs. I was a little calmer than earlier, but still had adrenaline pumping through me. I stopped Drew outside his bedroom.

"Drew, are you always the one on charge?" I asked bluntly. I grinned at his surprised expression.

He looked at me intently, then shook his head. "No. For me, the objective is pleasure, so however that is obtained, is fine. Why?" he asked curiously.

I knew I had been passive in our relationship. I wanted that to change. I didn't want to dominate, but be equal. I knew I had to take the initiative. I leaned forward and kissed him forcefully. "Because it's my turn to give you pleasure!" I said.

Drew smiled. "Yes sir," he said quietly. I liked that!

"Wait here!" I said and started to open Drew's bedroom door. He reached out and touched my arm.

"Don't be afraid to go further with me than I went with you. But the same rule applies. 'Enough AJ' stops everything, okay?" I nodded and went into the bedroom.

I looked through his suitcase and pulled out what I could find. As well as the cuffs, blindfold and cock ring, I found the paddle and a chain with metal clips at either end. I realized they would go on nipples. That thought made my own nipples harden. I set everything on the table beside the bed, with the lube, before picking up the blindfold and cuffs. I returned to the door and found Drew exactly where I'd left him. Fortunately, we wouldn't have many clothes to remove as both of us were still in swim trunks.

I glanced up and down the hall to make sure no one was around. I looked back at Drew. "Turn around," I instructed. Drew complied. "Hands." Drew put his hands behind his back and I fastened the cuffs. I put the blindfold over his head and covered his eyes. I was completely running on instincts, but sensed that Drew really enjoyed the more submissive part, when he was playing it.

I grabbed his shoulders, turned him back around and directed him into the bedroom. I released him long enough to close and lock the door behind me. Drew was standing quietly in the middle of the room. I could feel power course through me as I realized I had complete control over him and his body.

I walked up behind him and trailed a finger lightly down his spine. He shivered. I stepped back and walked around to his front. Glancing down, I could see a large bulge in his swim trunks and I smiled. I leaned forward and ran my tongue across one of his nipples, before pulling back and blowing across it. Drew moaned softly. I repeated the move with the other nipple and was rewarded with another low moan.

Reaching out with both hands, I grabbed both nipples firmly then twisted and squeezed. Drew gasped loudly, and his body tensed. I could see his cock pulse through the fabric of his shorts.

I stroked down his firm chest and abs, moving to the waist of his swimsuit. My hands worked inside the elastic and moved down to find his throbbing erection. I wrapped my fingers around it and squeezed, eliciting a groan. One hand moved back up to his chest, and I began to alternate between clenching his cock and twisting a nipple. His breathing quickened and little moans matched every touch.

After a few minutes, I stepped back, completely releasing him. He sighed. I stripped off my own swimsuit, then reached out to push his down to the floor. He lifted one leg, then the other to step out of the material.

I stood there and stared at his pale flesh. He had a few freckles across his shoulders, but the rest of his skin was milky white and flawless. His muscles were toned to a perfect proportion. My eyes trailed down his body till I was staring at his red pubes and his solid erection. It amazed me still that that organ had gone into me and given me such pleasure.

I looked over at the stuff on the bedside table. I didn't really have a plan, but I picked up the chain and returned to Drew. Stopping directly in front of him I looked at the brown nipples standing out from his chest. Grabbing a clamp in each hand, I raised the chain. At the same moment, I release both clamps and they seized his sensitive flesh.

Drew gasped loudly. "Oh fuck, oh fuck," he murmured, flexing his muscles and relaxing them. I leaned close to his ear.

"You like that huh?" I whispered. Drew nodded. I grabbed the chain connected the clamps and pulled. "Pardon?" I said.

"Oh, fuck, yeah, I like it," Drew panted. I looked down at his erection again and could see that he was leaking precum profusely. He was close to the edge. I realized at that moment why he had blown me the night before…It was easier to put the cock ring on before the erection. I didn't want it to end before I had even started, so I knelt down in front of him. I'd never given a blowjob before.

But remembering what Drew had done to me the night before, I tried to copy his actions. I licked across the wet head, tasting his precum. It wasn't too bad. I licked down the side of the shaft like an ice cream cone, then back up to the tip. I could hear quiet whimpers coming from Drew, so I knew he was enjoying it. I reached up and cupped his balls in my hand as my tongue continued to work over his penis. Finally, I moved to the tip and wrapped my lips around the head. I was only able to take a couple of inches, before pulling back. I continued this back and forth motion, running my tongue along the underside as I pulled back. Drew's breath was coming in short gasps. The muscles on his legs were spasming. I didn't want him to collapse so I stood up and gently directed him to the nearest wall. He leaned back against it and I resumed my position on front of him. It only took another minute before his entire body tensed.

"Uh…Uh, AJ…I'm gonna cum," he gasped. I pulled back as his cock began to eject the milky liquid. I savored the salty sweet taste on my lips as I swallowed his load. Drew collapsed back against the wall, but I wasn't done with him yet.

I stood again and pulled him by the chain across his chest. He gasped and quickly followed. I turned him around and pushed him back on the bed. I walked to the little table and picked up the leather strapped cock ring. It took me a minute to figure it out, but then I walked back to Drew.

I knelt down and picked up his semi-erect cock. I began to snap the leather bands closed around his member until all five straps were fastened. He'd been right. It did look sexy. I couldn't resist leaning forward and licking across his cock head. I watched as the cock tried to grow and fought against the restraints of the leather bands.

Now what? I wondered. I glanced to the table to see what was left. The paddle. I quickly looked around the room and noticed the overstuffed chair by the balcony doors. Hmmm. I grabbed the paddle, lube and keys from the table before returning to Drew and pulling him to his feet.

I walked him over to the chair. "Stay," I said firmly. I put the equipment down on the chair seat. I turned the chair around so the back was in front of the door. I moved the stuff to the floor then walked over to Drew.

I directed him to the chair. His shins touched the front of the chair. "Kneel on the chair," I directed and he complied, spreading his legs wide so they were touching either arm of the chair. I undid the cuffs and moved his arms around to the front. Pushing his upper body forward until his underarms were resting on the back of the chair and his arms were outstretched in front. I ran the cuff through the large handle on the door before refastening it to his wrist. Then I stood back to examine my work.

The sense of power flowed through me again. His arms were tied and his ass was spread and exposed for my use. I stepped over to his restrained body and ran my hands over his exposed flesh, grinning as a shudder went through him.

"So now what should I do?" I asked rhetorically. I allowed a finger to stroke gently over his exposed hole. "I could fuck you," I commented as my finger teased his entrance. "Or I could spank you," I said as I raised my hand and slapped one of his ass cheek firmly. Drew's ass muscles tightened and he moaned loudly. "Or, I could do both," I added as I spanked him again. I walked around to his head. "What shall I do?"

Drew had his head tucked in between his outstretched arms and raised it. "I think I've been bad and should be punished," he murmured. I grinned. He really was into this.

I picked up the paddle and began to rub it over his back and butt. He tensed momentarily then relaxed again. "How bad have you been?" I asked softly as I continued to rub his body.

"Very bad," he whispered.

I wasn't sure how hard to swing so I decided to start out lightly and see what Drew had to say. I raised the paddle and spanked one of his butt cheeks.

"Oh!" he gasped in surprise. I could see a slight pink tinge spring up on his pale flesh. I swung the paddle and hit the other cheek. His muscles flexed but he remained silent.

I began to alternate between cheeks, gradually increasing the strength. After ten strokes to each side, I moved behind him and reached between his legs to grab his restrained cock. I was amazed to find it completely hard and leaking lots of precum. My own cock was leaking too. I reached under his chest to pull on the chain and he groaned.

I picked up the lube and moved back to his red ass. I took a large squirt of lube and rubbed my cock, before moving my fingers to his hole. They slid in without objection and Drew thrust back against me.

I moved two fingers in and out, liberally greasing him before withdrawing. Planting my knees between his spread legs, I leaned forward and drove my cock into his ass in one quick movement.

"Oh fuck!" he gasped sharply. I was lost in my own lust and began to ram into him hard and deep. I still had the paddle in my hand and began to spank his cheeks as I withdrew, before driving deeply back into him. Drew began to twist and writhe on the chair. He pushed his hips back to meet my incoming thrusts.

Drew was moaning and gasping as I continued my assault. I knew it wouldn't take me long to reach orgasm and I thrust harshly into his willing hole. My body soon tensed and I released my load into him, before collapsing on his back. I knew Drew was ready to explode too, but the cock ring was slowing him. I leaned over his body and released one of the handcuffs.

I pulled back and withdrew my cock. I grabbed his waist and flipped him around, making his sit on his stinging ass. In a couple of quick movements, I released the nipple clamps and ripped off the cock ring causing him to scream in agony and pleasure as the blood rushed to all three erogenous zones. I lowered my head and took his sensitive cock in my mouth. A couple of swipes by my tongue over the slit and Drew exploded. He thrust his hips upwards, forcing his cock further into my mouth. I milked it, sucking and swallowing everything he offered.

I'm not sure how long his orgasm lasted, but eventually his body collapsed onto the chair and cum stopped flowing. I continued to suckle gently on his cock until he begged me to stop. "Please," he whispered.

I tenderly released the limp organ and looked up at his clear green eyes. His skin was flushed and his eyes were a little glazed. I reached up and took off the cuffs, before pulling him to his feet.

He walked unsteadily to the bed. I gently pushed him down onto his stomach and crawled in beside him. He wiggled over so he could throw his arm across me and rest his head on my chest. I put my arms around his back. I glanced at the clock and realized we'd been at it for nearly two hours.

"You okay?" I whispered, noticing his unusual silence.

Drew nodded against my chest. "You sure you've never done that before?" he asked softly. "That was good…really good. You took me to the edge with pain then took me the rest of the way with unbelievable pleasure. Thank you," he said quietly and softly kissed my bare chest.

I hugged him tightly. "You're welcome," I replied as a calm overtook me.

Part 4 - Surrender

I woke up to the smell of coffee. My eyes slowly opened and I saw Drew sitting on the side of the bed staring at me. I think it was at that moment that I realized I was falling for this remarkable red head. He smiled broadly and held out the mug of coffee.

"Morning," he said brightly.

I pushed myself up in the bed and accepted the cup. I took a large swallow and met Drew's gaze. "Morning," I replied with a smile.

He watched me intently for a minute. "No regrets today?" he asked seriously.

I shook my head. "Nope! Not a one. You?"

Drew smiled ruefully. "Well, aside from a slightly sore butt, no regrets. I really had a good time," he said sincerely.

I smiled mischievously and set the coffee beside the bed. "If you come here, I could kiss the sore spots and make them better," I offered.

Drew moved a little closer and I grabbed him, pulling him on top of me. I found his full lips and kissed his firmly.

I released him a minute later and he was flushed. "What happened to the meek, shy AJ?" he asked with a smile.

I shrugged. "I decided I didn't like him. He didn't know what he wanted and was too afraid to find out."

"And this AJ?" Drew pushed.

I knew this was the crux. "This AJ, knows what he wants," I said clearly.

Our eyes met. "And what's that?" Drew asked hesitantly.

I lost myself in his emerald eyes. Reaching out I pulled him back to me. Our lips met in a truly tender and intimate kiss. When we parted, both of us were panting and very much aroused. I found his gaze once again.

"You," I whispered. I held my breath waiting for his reaction. He stared intently for a moment then a smile spread across his face.

"Me too!" he whispered.

I grinned. "Oh? You want you too, huh?" I asked, making him blush.

He gently slapped my arm. "No! I want you, although maybe I should reconsider that."

I shook my head and pulled him back to me. "No, I don't think that would be a good idea," I said softly before kissing him again.

Our lips parted and we both sighed, making us both giggle. I glanced at the clock and was surprised to see it was after 11.

"I guess I should get up huh?" I said reluctantly. Drew nodded and pulled back.

"Yeah. Get dressed and we can have a late breakfast together before you have to go to rehearsal," he suggested.

I climbed out of the bed, oblivious to the fact that I was completely naked. At least until Drew whistled at me. I blushed and ran to the bathroom.

I took a quick shower and got dressed.

I found Drew in the kitchen and we sat quietly, eating breakfast and enjoying each other's company. I realized it was New Year's Eve. No one had made big plans for the night but I didn't mind just enjoying the evening at home with good friends.

I wished Drew and I had a chance to talk, but the day was just too busy. We had to rush off to rehearsal, then only had a couple of hours free, before the concert. The concert was great, but I just wanted to get back to the house and spend time with Drew.

As the limo returned to the house, I discovered that Kevin and Brian had planned a surprise. Kevin instructed everyone to change into nice clothes then return to the dining room. Without really thinking about it, I picked up Drew's hand as we walked up the stairs. I released his hand when we reached my bedroom.

"See you in a few minutes?" I said softly, gazing into his eyes.

Drew leaned forward and kissed me. "Definitely," he said and walked the short distance to his room.

A few minutes later we were both back in the hall. We joined the others in the dining room where we discovered a catering company had prepared a gourmet meal for us.

It was fun talking and eating with everyone. My gaze kept drifting back to Drew, but I knew he was doing the same thing.

After the meal, Kevin directed us up to a balcony where a TV was set up, with chairs and snacks. We watched the ball drop in Time Square to ring in 1999. Across the city, fireworks exploded and we stood by the stone railing to watch.

By one, everyone began to disperse and Drew and I walked back into the house and to his room. We needed to talk.

I sat down on the chair where I'd tied Drew the night before. I watched him take off his jacket then sit on the side of the bed. We stared across the room at each other.

Drew finally broke the silence. "Did you mean what you said this morning?" he asked softly.

I nodded and stood up. I joined him on the side of the bed. "Yes. What you've made me feel these last few days, I've never even imagined. I know we haven't known each other very long, and I'm not about to say I love you," I paused. "Not yet, anyway. But I do want you in my life." I sighed and turned to look out the window. "I know I'm not being very fair to you. I'm leaving for Europe in a few days and you're going back to Toronto. So where does that leave us?" I asked, realizing the futility of it.

Drew turned my face back to him. "AJ, you are a remarkable man, and I would like to know you better. I know we aren't in the same place as Scott and Brian but I do know that having a long distance relationship of any kind can be difficult." 'Here comes the dump', I thought. "I know we started this whole relationship as an experiment but my heart didn't listen to my brain. I care about you, a lot. So if you are willing to try, so am I." I looked up at Drew in surprise. "Maybe being apart for a while we can get to know each other better. So what if we do things backwards. Neither of us are what anyone would call conventional!"

I laughed at the truth of that statement. "I'd like that," I said softly.

Drew smiled. "Good." He moved a little closer to me and leaned forward to softly kiss my lips and pull me into a hug. "I would like to start the New Year off right, by making love to my boyfriend. I wonder what he thinks of that?" Drew whispered. 'Boyfriend'. I liked the sound of that, and the part about making love. I enjoyed the games and the fucking, but making love sounds just so much more personal and intimate.

"I think he'd like that very much," I whispered back.

Drew pulled back a little and began to unbutton my shirt. I reached around his hands and started doing the same. We each pushed the other's shirt off. I ran the palms of my hands over Drew's toned chest. His hands caressed my neck and shoulders, sending shivers through me.

I leaned forward again, wanting to taste and feel his lips again. Drew turned on the bed and I joined him, stretching out half on top of him. We spent a long time simply kissing and running hands over bare flesh. I moved more on top of Drew and began to grind my body against his. I could feel his erection through our pants and I moaned softly.

"Drew, will you make love to me?" I whispered into his ear as I nibbled the earlobe. "I want to feel you again."

Drew grasped my head and pulled back to look into my eyes. "Yes," he said softly.

I rolled over onto my back and began to unbutton my pants. Drew helped me shed the rest of my clothes, then I assisted him. Before long, both of us were naked on the bed. I couldn't help but stare at his incredible body. I started to kiss his chest, gently licking his still-sensitive nipples. I smiled against his skin when he moaned in pleasure. Slowly I worked my way down his body, and before I knew it, I had reached his groin.

Drew pulled my legs to turn us into a sixty-nine position. At the same time I began to softly lick across his slit, Drew pulled me into his mouth. I let out my own moan of pleasure.

We were in no hurry, instead wanting to enjoy each other's body. We sucked and licked, slowly bringing the other to the edge then over. I swallowed everything Drew gave me, then carefully cleaned off his slightly softened cock.

I turned around on the bed to lay back on the pillows. I glanced at Drew, letting him know I was ready. Drew leaned over to kiss me passionately and I could taste my own seed on his lips. Drew began to lick and kiss his way back down my body. My legs automatically parted and I raised my knees, giving him open access to me. In only a few days, this position seemed so natural, I knew I would never be able to go back to women. That thought no longer bothered me as it had the first night I'd been with Drew.

Drew moved between my legs, stroking my erection with his hand while moving his lips and tongue lower. Finally, I felt his moist tongue licking around my entrance. It was the most amazing feeling.

"God, Drew, you drive me crazy when you do that," I murmured. At some point, Drew had grabbed the lube from the bedside table. He moved his mouth up and took my cock into his throat, as one of his fingers began to loosen me up. I thought I was going to cum, but forced myself to hold back. I wanted to cum while he was inside of me.

A second finger joined the first and continued to spread the lube and stretch me. I began to thrash slightly on the bed. Drew's mouth continued to work my erection.

Finally, I couldn't take it any more. "Please Drew. I want to feel you in me, make love to me," I pleaded.

Drew's lips released my organ and he moved his own pulsing cock to my hole. Slowly, he began to enter me. Again, I felt that first stab of pain. It wasn't as bad as that first night, but it still made me inhale sharply. Drew stopped moving and rubbed my abdomen until I adjusted. When the pain subsided I nodded and Drew began to slowly push into me. The pleasure was greater than the first time because I better knew what to expect. I was able to relax more, allowing his entire length to enter me. Drew bottomed out and leaned over me, kissing me passionately.

I wrapped my arms around his back and my legs around his waist. In slow, deep strokes, Drew began to move. Every stroke grazed my prostate, sending little jolts of exquisite pleasure through my body. I was in heaven. Drew continued to kiss me as he pumped in and out. His hand reached between us and grabbed my penis. Matching his own slow pace, Drew began to jerk me, running his hand up and down my cock. My hips started to thrust up to meet Drew's strokes.

I couldn't believe how much pleasure Drew was giving me and it only increased as Drew began to move faster. I could have handled him making love all night, but as with most good things, I knew it had to end. Drew started thrusting faster and his hand moved quicker. We were both approaching orgasm and I was thrilled when I felt my cock explode, to be followed seconds later by the searing touch of Drew's cum in my channel. Both of us were out of breath and Drew collapsed on top of me. I continued to hold tightly to him, not wanting him to pull out yet.

He planted kisses over my face as he held me. "That was beautiful AJ," he whispered.

I returned the kisses. I so much wanted to tell Drew at that moment that I loved him. But I knew there would be time for that in the future. "Thank you," I said instead. Drew squeezed me tightly then kissed my lips, before rolling off me. I moaned at the loss, feeling empty without him.

Drew quickly moved up beside me and wrapped his arms around me. "Happy New Years, baby," he whispered before I drifted to sleep.