Millennium Love Part 15

Kentucky Thanksgiving - Scott

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IMPORTANT Part 15 is completely different for both characters - so read both!!!

As Before: This story is a little different. For each section, you have a choice to read the story from the view point of one of the two main characters: the fictional Scott Waters or Brian Littrell. BUT: If you read the story from both view points you'll get the entire story, particularly when the characters are not together.

If some events don't coincide with real events remember, it's only fiction!

P.S. (Having never been to Kentucky, I may have made it a warmer place than it should be for the time of year that the story takes place - but it fit with how I wanted the story to go - so deal! ;-D)

Legalities: This story is fictitious. It is not meant to imply anything about any of the Backstreet Boys or anyone else. No, I am not Brian Littrell, or Scott Waters. If you're offended, go away. If you're curious, keep reading, you might like it ;-)

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November 25

Drew locked the car and grabbed my suitcase. I don't know what I would have done without his help. He had driven me to the airport and explained the basics of flying to me.

I was excited and nervous. I'd never flown before, which by itself can be quite an experience, but this was more so because I was finally going to see Brian. It had been over six weeks since he'd left. We talked every day on the phone and through emails, but I was aching to feel his arms around me, to see those loving blue eyes. Just thinking about him sent shivers through me.

I looked up and realized that we were almost inside the terminal. I simply followed Drew, since he'd flown numerous times before. We checked my luggage and found seats close to my gate. Brian had made all the flight arrangements, insisting on paying for a first class ticket to Kentucky. I kept my laptop as a carry-on, hoping to get some work done during the flight. We had over half an hour before boarding, so Drew walked over to a nearby vending machine for some munchies.

"May I help you with your luggage Sir?" A voice suddenly said from behind me as hands reached over and picked up the laptop sitting on the seat beside me.

"Hey," I said as I grabbed for the case and spun around, about to accuse the man of robbery. I stopped dead and looked at the tall, thin man facing me. The baseball hat and glasses couldn't hide the dark hair and goatee, or the smile on his face. "Kevin," I whispered loudly, then looked around to make sure no one had noticed.

He walked around the seats, still grinning. "Hey, Scott, how are you?" he asked, giving me a big hug.

I laughed. "You know, I almost had you arrested for robbery. Now how would that have looked," I scolded.

Then my brain finally registered that Kevin was here. I became dead serious. "Kevin, what's wrong? Has something happened?" I thought my heart would stop beating, until Kevin shook his head.

"No, Scott, calm down. Everyone is okay." He sat down and I joined him. "Originally, B. had planned on surprising you. He said that you were nervous, never having flown before. So, he booked a flight here, then a seat on the plane to Kentucky. Unfortunately, at the last minute the producers had some problems with some of Brian's tracks and insisted he finish them. He said he would be at the house tomorrow." I finally relaxed, sure now that Brian was all right.

Kevin continued. "He was devastated and began to rant. He didn't want to make you fly alone - so I volunteered. I was heading to Kentucky anyway so this was just a little detour," he grinned.

I laughed. "Do you have any idea how sweet your cousin is?" I asked and he made a face. I then realized that someone was standing beside us. I looked up to see Drew looking perplexed, wondering whom this stranger was that I was talking to.

Then Kevin looked up and Drew's jaw dropped. The pop in his hand would have fallen too if Kevin hadn't caught it on the way down. I began to laugh. "Drew, sit down before you fall over," I said, offering him my seat. "Drew, say 'Hi' to Kevin, Kevin, this is my dearest friend, Drew."

Kevin held out his hand, grinning at Drew's immobility. He reached over and put Drew's hand in his, shaking it. "Nice to meet you Drew," he said.

Drew finally snapped out of his daze and blushed. "Uh, nice to meet you too, Kevin," he managed to say.

I had just finished explaining to Drew why Kevin was here, when the P.A. system announced the first class boarding for our flight. I stood up, grabbed my laptop and gave Drew a big hug.

"I'll see you in a few days, okay?"

"Okay, Be good," he said slyly.

"Oh, I won't do anything you wouldn't do," I promised.

He laughed. "What does that leave?"

I grinned and waited as Kevin and Drew shook hands again, before we turned and walked towards the gate.

"Your friend seems nice, Scott," Kevin said.

"You're his second favorite, you know Kevin, after A.J." I told him, knowing Drew would have killed me.

Kevin stopped. "Really?" I nodded.

I could see a glint in his eyes as he turned around and jogged back to where Drew was standing. I watched as he pulled Drew into a bear hug and kissed his cheek, whispering something in his ear. Drew laughed and blushed deeply. Kevin gave him a quick kiss on the mouth, then turned and trotted back to me. He grabbed my arm.

"Come on, Scott, we don't want to miss our flight." He refused to tell me what he'd said to Drew, but I knew I'd get it out of Drew when I came back.

Kevin let me have the window seat, and I found the entire flight exhilarating. The sensation at takeoff was like a giant roller coaster. Once we were in the air I turned and grinned at Kevin. "That was amazing! I could get used to flying."

He laughed. "Uh oh, Brian's not going to be happy. He was hoping you would hate flying." I was confused. I knew Brian didn't like it, but why wouldn't he want me to. Kevin saw my confusion and leaned over the armrest. "I think he was hoping the two of you could, uh, comfort each other during takeoffs and landing." We both laughed; Brian was a devious boy.

While I wished Brian could have made the trip, I was grateful for Kevin's company. We talked further about my ideas for personal web sites for each of the guys. Neither of us had mentioned it to Brian yet.

I'd been busy establishing my new clients during the past month, so it hadn't been possible to get too involved. But now, we agreed that Kevin would present the idea to the others first, then approach management. I would tell Brian myself. If everything worked out, I hoped to be able to spend some time in the new year, touring with the band and working with each of them individually to create their own personalized site where they could put almost whatever they wanted.

Enough people in the world knew who they were individually that the official BSB site just didn't give fans enough or the guys enough freedom to express themselves. The result was sites loaded with rumors and speculation.

Kevin's cell phone rang and while he answered it, I pulled out my laptop. When he was finished, we wrote out some ideas, as well as a brief proposal outline. The time flew by (no pun intended). We were about twenty minutes out of the airport when I remembered that I'd wanted to ask Kevin something.

He was leaning back and his eyes were closed. I realized he'd been flying all day, having left Orlando early in the morning for Toronto.

"Kevin," I said softly, not wanting to wake him if he was asleep.

He opened his eyes and smiled. "Just taking a cat nap," he said.

"I have a favor to ask."

"Okay, Scott, What is it?"

"Well, if we get the okay to do these web sites, I'll be spending some time with each of you, individually." Kevin nodded. "Well, I was wondering, when we're working together, if," I was embarrassed to ask, but it was too late to stop. "Could you teach me how to dance, slow dance?"

He reached over and put his hand on my arm. I looked up to meet his gaze. "I'd be happy to, Scott," he said with a smile.

"Thanks." I returned the smile.

The plane landed without incident and Kevin and I collected our luggage. We were walking through the terminal when suddenly someone jumped on Kevin's back.

"Hey, Bro, what took you so long?" the man asked laughingly, as Kevin tried to dislodge him.

Finally succeeding, Kevin spun around, laughing and pulled the man into a hug. "Tim, man, how are you?"

The two brothers hugged each other. I stood to the side smiling. I knew it had been a long time since Kevin had seen most of his family and I was happy for him.

Finally the two moved apart and Tim noticed me, offering his hand. "You must be Brian's Scott. Nice to meet you." Wow, I loved how that sounded - Brian's Scott.

"Thanks. Pleasure to meet you too, Tim."

He reached down and grabbed one of Kevin's suitcases, then mine. "Let's go guys. Everyone is back at the house waiting for you."

We followed him out to a black Mustang convertible. It was quite warm for the time of year so I took off my sweater. It had been close to freezing in Toronto, but was about 65'F in Lexington.

I drank in the scenery as we drove along the outskirts of the city before turning down a dirt road. A short way down it there was a gated driveway. Tim paused by a keypad, entered a code, and the gates opened. The driveway was long and lined with tall majestic trees. The house was invisible from the gates. As we drove, I could see fenced fields of lush grass and some horses frolicking by a pond. We rounded a bend and the trees ended, revealing a huge stately home.

It was when I saw the dozen or so cars parked along the driveway, that some serious nerves began. The nicely manicured lawn was dotted with people, adults and kids alike, lounging and playing in the late afternoon sunlight.

I began to feel queasy at the thought of meeting all these people without Brian by my side. Kevin looked at me and smiled sympathetically. "Don't worry, its not as bad as it looks," he said in support.

Tim glanced back at me and grinned. "Yes it is!" he said and Kevin punched his shoulder.

Tim parked the car and the three of us got out, pulling the luggage out of the trunk. My stomach continued to turn. Kevin and I carried the suitcases, as Tim disappeared. Some of the family members looked up and waved as we walked up the front steps into the house. I followed Kevin up the magnificent central staircase and down a hall.

He nodded in the direction of a closed door. "That's Brian's room. He said to put you with him. Is that okay?" He looked at me. "If not, I'm sure we can scrounge up a cot or something, somewhere."

I shook my head and smiled. "That's okay, Kevin. I'll stay with Brian." I opened the door then watched as Kevin walked further down the hall to the next room. "What time did you say Brian was arriving tomorrow, Kevin?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

Kevin just smiled. "His flight should be in by noon, Scott."

I walked into the empty room and set my suitcase down on the double bed. The room was simple yet classy, decorated with dark hardwood accents, greens and browns.

I didn't bother to unpack. The room felt too empty without Brian so I left everything and walked back into the hall, almost running over another man.

"Oh, sorry," I apologized.

"No problem," the man drawled. I looked at him closer and immediately saw the family resemblance.

"You must be Harold. I'm Scott," I said, offering my hand.

Harold quickly sized me up then shook my hand. "Nice to meet you," he said, then continued walking. It didn't appear that he was happy I was here. Great, Brian's family already disliked me.

I sighed then walked down to the room Kevin had entered. I knocked, but no one answered. "Kevin?" I inquired. No answer. He had obviously gone elsewhere. Looking around, I decided he'd probably gone outside to see his family and wandered back to the staircase and down. I noticed a sliding door opening onto a veranda at the side of the house and walked around to the back where laughter and voices were coming from. I could see a group of kids playing in a pool and four men playing horseshoes. I stood by the railing watching all the activity and not seeing Kevin anywhere.

Just as I began to feel completely alone I felt arms move around my waist and a voice whispered in my ear, "Miss me, Angel?"


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